this mixtape was dope af

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LMFAO. Scotty getting everybody hyped about his new mixtape called "The Sounds of the Enterprise" and he records things while strolling the halls, on missions, etc. And everybody just kind of assumes that he's making this dope af mixtape w/ their voices in it, etc. And then he finally releases it, and people pay for it, and it's LITERALLY the sounds of the Enterprise. He's gone all Steve Irwin, doing check ups on things like "Aww, lassie. Ye really are beautiful." he's talking to a wall comm.

oh my gosh imagine everyone making fun of him at first (scotty takes it in good nature of course, they just dont understand)

but when crewmembers are on shore leave, or they finally retire after years of service and they cant seem to sleep

they listen to scottys tape and the sounds of automatic doors, engines softly roaring, and communicators buzzing puts them right to sleep