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Sadly i have to agree with anon who hates kl@nce even tho i ship it, im a person who hates discourses and a multishipper, i ship everything, i love Hunk and Shiro and Allura but i have to agree that kl@ance shippers mostly are hateful creatures, im genuinely embarrassed because of them, and i hope anon understands that not everyone who ships it is bad, im just not engaging in discourses thats why im insivible

Of course not every kl//ance shipper is bad! And honestly they’re not bad, they’re just… extreme? Kl//ance shippers who thinks they’re superior because their ship is “””safe””” tho, those people are kind of awful. The ones I’ve encountered anyways!

It’s good to know there are kl//ance shippers like you who are up to talk about this rather than yell at us tho :’D

I miss you before 2 AM.
I miss you before the alcohol passes my lips.
I miss you before I’m in my bed with nothing but cold, empty space to roll over to.
I miss you whether I pour cereal for breakfast or grab a yogurt on the way out.
I miss you when I’m out for lunch with my friends. When I’m looking over notes for that big exam.
I miss you when I’m happy. When my day is going great, the sun is shining and my favorite song is blasting from my car radio.
I miss you when I’m hours from my deadline. I miss you when I’m doing nothing at all.
I just miss you.
—  That’s how I know-RLM

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LOL! The funny thing about JLM putting his hands on GG and CP was that Barry and Iris always give Joe the drama. JLM then tried to put his hands on KL and KL backed away like "I don't want no drama!"

Haha I missed the KL bit. That’s funny. 😆

It’s already Eid-al-Fitri/Aidilfitri in Australia and Malaysia, so here’s a messy card from me and my OC son Zeynel. 🌙



Dress: Nasty Gal Collection

Jacket: Karma Loop / Miss KL
( ,

Moon Ring: Vanessa Mooney