this might seem sudden

Does your story have a plot hole?

Consider whether you can work the plot hole into the story’s deeper meaning. 

Does one of the characters call out the oddness of your plot hole? In doing so, do they find a good, logical reason for the plot “hole,” thereby making it just a plot point

For example, I had a character die, and I thought it might seem unrealistic or sudden. Then, I realized there was the potential to weave in angst throughout the earlier chapters between 2 of the living characters surrounding this death. In other words, I foreshadowed the death.

text // semma
  • Silas: Listen, there's something I really need to tell you. I know this might seem sudden and it's probably not the right time to say it but I feel like if I don't I'm going to explode. Seeing you every day? Watching you smile and laugh, the way your eyes light up... I haven't felt like this in so long I almost forgot that I even knew how to feel it. But I do. I love you. I know it's crazy and honestly I wouldn't be offended if you just decided that you never wanted to speak to me again after this but I couldn't keep up pretending that I don't feel this way about you. So... sorry if this makes things awkward. I'm not asking you to feel the same or to do anything because of that. I just feel like you're the kind of girl who deserves to know that--at the very least--someone out there loves you and probably always will love you.
  • Silas: That was all. Thank you for listening.
Glassy Sky | phantom-of-the-desert


W-Will you go to the festival with me?!
Sphintus held out a small bouquet of violet roses to the other and smiled nervously. Well, he decided to wear his causal clothes as ever, but somehow he was sparkling excited.
It was the first time ever, he actually asked someone out on a date and it might come a little sudden but the magician seemed confident about it.

In the wake of all these updates and while we wait for the last one, a thought crossed my mind.

At first I was all like “ehhhh I dunno tho, Jack suddenly being like “I have feelings” seems a bit rushed” but then I remembered this comic is from Bitty’s POV (with like minor exceptions here and there) meaning we, the readers, do not see ALL of Jack’s development and we, the readers, also are not aware of Jack’s feelings and thoughts.

Therefore, if Jack does confess to some type of “feelings” (anything from “hey I’ll miss you too bye” to “I like/love you”) in tomorrow’s update, sure it might seem sudden, but then again, it’ll be whiplash for Bitty as well, because he’s been blocking it out himself. (Never fall for a straight boy, etc.)

Whatever is in store, it’s gonna be grand.

Stay strong, friends.