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deal | pt 1 (m)

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summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 6,366 

part two | part three 

Eyes like ice, cold and calculating narrow over the rim of a wine glass. Soft lips press to the polished glass, the crimson complimenting tan skin. If it weren’t for the soft dent between his brows you would have assumed he had not heard you. He takes his time allowing the wine to caress his palate, eyes closed as he savors the taste.  As always, he makes you wait until the wine glass is drained of it’s dark contents. You ponder on the taste, if it is bitter upon his tongue much like his words.

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mine || dylan o'brien

word count: 4113

warnings: fluff

prompt: based on this song

author’s note: Y/D/N = Your Daughter’s Name, Y/S/N = Your Son’s Name (not my gif)


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comic // peter parker

summary: peter parker meets you and is given a new vision of what girls can be when he sees that you fearlessly stand for what you believe in and that you don’t sit around waiting for your prince charming. mild dc universe references.

word count: about 2k

a/n: hey! wrote this lil thing for 4 hours today! unedited as per usual. i just went to see Wonder Woman for the first time recently and got a little inspired. warning for WW spoilers and mild profanity. not very angsty or anything but i wanted to switch up that trope of a girl being hopelessly in love with this cool ass guy! and I thought it’d be cute to see him fuss over little things she does, just like the usual trope but switched around. also i needed a break bc writing simple took a lot lot of work lol love you guys!! ok this is getting long so enjoy this fic and give me feedback <333



“Hey, Penis Parker!” Flash yells at the top of his lungs as he hits the gas and speeds past Peter.

Sighing, Peter turns away. He knows Ned would want him to do something about the prick, but he knows better than that. It’s not as if it doesn’t get infuriating sometimes, because it fricking does. But he can’t do anything but keep letting Flash punch him, trying to get a reaction.

Sometimes, he just wants to hit back. And by “hit back”, he means metaphorically of course. He just wants to say, Here’s your reaction, Flash. And then totally roast him. He thinks that would be the coolest thing ever, but pissing off a dude like him is dangerous territory that Peter just doesn’t want to get into.

Peter picks up the earbuds hanging from the top of his sweater to slide them into his ears when he hears low laughter. He glances up and turns to see who it was. He frowns a little when he sees no one, turning back to find you on the bench nearby. He jumps a little, surprised.

You’re sitting with your legs crossed and a book held in front of you. Correction, not just any book. A comic book, Wonder Woman. By the looks of the cover, it dates to just after the bronze age of comic books, late 80s maybe. Who are you? You look up to see Peter, his expression a synthesis of confusion, curiosity, and excitement. Gently, you close the comic and set it beside you. He’s glad you’re being so careful with it, because that thing looks like it might just fall apart.

His expression turns a little serious. You say, “Oh, sorry. Was I not supposed to laugh? Flash hardly seems threatening to me, that’s all.” A few seconds of silence pass. You look away, and then back at him. “So…do you speak, or…?”

“Uh, sorry. I just, um…Flash isn’t threatening. To me, that is. So…just to set that, like, straight…” Peter fumbles over his words, his eyes still on you.

“Really? Then why don’t you do anything about him? I hope you’re not waiting for Spider-Man to swoop in and punch him or anything.”

“I’m not. I think Spider-Man has better things to do, like beating up actual bad guys and hoping to be apart of the Avengers,” Peter says, sounding a little too annoyed. He quickly tries to take a step back, though. “Uh, I mean, that’s what I’d guess. Not that I would really know, though.”

You raise your eyebrows and tilt your head to the side slightly. “Please, you’re not fooling anyone.”

His eyes widen, and he slides his hands into his pockets to try and look more casual about it. “W-What are you talking about?” How could you know? There’s no way you know anything if he’s never even seen you, right? Maybe he should tell Mr. Stark about this. Oh, who is he kidding? He can’t lean on Mr. Stark forever, he has to deal with his own problems here. He has to prove to him that he can be an Avenger.

“You know what I’m talking about. You’re a fanboy for Spider-Man. Head over heels, I’d say. You couldn’t be more obvious.” Peter almost breathes a sigh of relief, his tension gradually draining away.

But this doesn’t stop a mad blush from flushing his cheeks and ears. “I dunno, I just think Spider-Man is cool, that’s all. I’m not crazy over it or anything.”

“The body betrays the mind.” You give him a lopsided smile, which practically melts him inside. It makes him want to make you laugh, just to see how it would look. “It’s okay, I don’t really care. But between you and me, I think Spider-Man isn’t as impressive as people make him out to be.”

“Why not?” Peter shoots back almost immediately, getting a little defensive.

“I mean, he can cling to walls and ceilings and can shoot a few webs. Big deal. Come back to me when he turns out to be an Amazonian princess that still stands today as a feminist icon. Or when he uses his powers to beat up the Axis Powers in World War Two. So tell me he’s amazing when he saves the world. Then he’ll be a hero worth regarding.” He watches you, seeing your passion for Wonder Woman practically radiate off of you. There’s a glint in your eyes, and for a second, Peter’s almost convinced.

Almost. “That’s not a fair comparison. Wonder Woman spent her whole life training for the threat that she overcame. Antiope was, like, this crazy good general! So she had basically the best training she could receive until she had to go and kill Ares in the war. Not to mention, she’s a goddess! How can you blame a kid like Spider-Man, who just started out, for not being like her?” And just like that, Peter is caught. His cheeks flame up again as he curses himself internally for not being able to handle a hit on his pride. You’re better than that, dude.

You look genuinely surprised at all of this. Slowly, you start laughing. It’s a joyful, sweet sound that lights up your whole face. Peter looks like he might just faint, both out of embarrassment and from seeing you laugh.

“Well, well. Looks like I might not be the only Wonder Woman stan around here,” you grin playfully and straighten out your legs. “But I have a question for you. How do you know that Spider-Man is a kid?”

Peter is in stunned silence at first, but he quickly scraps together a lie to save himself from exposure. “I-I…saw pictures, and his, uh, physique isn’t…one that you’d see on a grown man.”

“He should call himself Spider-Boy, then,” you snort.

Don’t say anything, Peter. Just laugh and be done with it, don’t do anything stup- “Just ‘cause he’s young doesn’t mean he’s not manly!”

You look slightly taken aback. “Okay, okay, sorry for insulting your golden boy. But anyway, I gotta go home.” You open up your backpack and slide in the Wonder Woman comic. Before you close it, you pull out another comic and hand it to Peter.

“…Justice League?” Peter asks questioningly.

“Yeah. Read that, and then you might not think the Avengers are so cool anymore. The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, and the rest. And if you ever get the chance to meet the guy in the spider costume, give it to him too.” With that, you zip up your bag and slide it onto your shoulders, starting to turn away.

“Wait,” Peter calls out. You turn back and look at him. For just a moment, he gets lost in your E/C eyes. He doesn’t know what you’re doing to him, but he doesn’t want it to stop. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. What about you?”

What a beautiful name. But instead of voicing his thoughts, he just says, “Peter Parker.”

“Peter Parker. That’s a cute name. If you ever need someone to throw a punch at Flash Thompson, I’ll be there if your Spider-Man can’t.”

He grins a little, trying to play it cool even though you just called him ‘cute’. “Thanks, but I think I can handle myself.”

“No offense, but with what arms?” He glances down at his worn blue sweater, which is just baggy enough to hide the lean muscle underneath. He smiles modestly and shrugs.

“Exactly. See you later,” you give him one last smile and get going. He watches you walk, and then stop as you pull out earphones and untangle them before setting them in your ears. He wonders why his face is starting to hurt when he realizes he’s been grinning like an idiot the whole time.

That night, you occupy Peter’s thoughts for the longest time. He loves that you fight for your opinion, and what you believe. Because after all, it’s about what you believe. He reads the Justice League comic, which is practically a relic. It gets him thinking about the Avengers, and who he is as Spider-Man. In ways, the League is similar, but also radically different. He kind of wishes the characters could pop out of their stories and be apart of his world. Wouldn’t that be cool, having Batman on the Avengers? You were right, and now Peter wants to read more.

He still reminds himself of the distinction between fictional superheroes and the real ones. The Justice League doesn’t really exist, but the Avengers do. So he has to make the best of reality. Maybe he could even take a page or two out of the fictional characters’ books and become a better Spider-Man. Inspired by these thoughts, Peter falls asleep.

The next day is rushed. Peter practically darts from class to class, trying to get all of his work done so he can stay out longer as Spider-Man. On his way to his math class, he passes through the gym as a shortcut.

“Ninety-four, ninety-five, ninety-six…” A group of students chant, making him glance over. The whole class is crowded around a single student doing pushups. Her arms effortlessly move up and down, and he can’t help but admire her muscled biceps and forearms. He takes mental notes on her form. Looking a little closer, the face looks familiar.

Is that…you? You momentarily lift your head and give him your lopsided smile, your forehead pouring sweat. Peter stares in shock, and the only thing that jolts him back to reality is the late bell. He sprints out of the gym to get to class.

Was that really you? Of course it was, there’s no mistaking that smile that makes his heart pound. You really could throw Flash a mean punch. He flinches a little thinking about it, but now he has a whole new admiration for you and your strength. A girl with both a comic obsession and probably a six-pack? Peter’s heart flutters. With enough convincing, maybe he could get you to believe in Spider-Man, too.

After school, he sees you on your bench again. You’re in the same position, but this time, your hands hold a dated Superman comic. “How was Justice League?” You ask just as he opens his mouth to speak.

“It was really good, actually. I liked it.” He takes a seat beside you, suddenly nervous as you set the comic aside. You stare at him, and he gets even more nervous, not knowing what to do.

After a long silence, you say, “So…where is it?”

“Oh. Oh! Right, sorry.” He sees your patient, awkward smile and quickly digs around his backpack. “Uh, here.” He hands you the comic, hands shaking slightly. He stares at you, hopelessly lost in memorizing your features until you snap him out of it again.

“Peter, you realize that you have to let go of it for me to take it,” you say slowly.

“Right!” He quickly lets go and tries to give you a smile. He swallows, trying to calm himself down.

You smile back. “So you liked it. I thought you would. Do you want to read more?”

Peter grins a little. “That would be awesome. Oh yeah, I saw what you did in the gym today.”

“I know. Impressed?” You grin back.

“Not embarrassed to admit that I am,” Peter nods, starting to break free of his anxious shell as he sets an arm around the bench.

“Good. There are too many guys out there that take it as a challenge to their masculinity and get worked up over it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I don’t really like those kinds of people, honestly.”

For some reason, this makes you smile widely. You tuck away the comic and turn to look at him. “Hey, do you want to, like, go out sometime?” You ask directly.

Peter blushes for about the millionth time, but he looks a little confused. “Uh, we met like yesterday -”

“Do you like me?”

“W-What?” He stutters slightly.

“I said, do you like me?” You gaze at him intensely.

“I-I…yeah, I do,” he admits, thrown off guard once again.

“Pete, there’s no time like the present. I’m not exactly the kind of person who waits for things to happen. I’m the one who goes out and does them. So do you want to go out or not?”

Peter realizes you’ve nicknamed him and is internally fanboying. There are so many things he admires about you right now. Your initiative, your straight-forward and non-hesitant manner. You’re so…strong. You’re what he aspires to be as a person, but instead he’s shy and can hardly speak in front of you.

“Yeah, I do,” he finally responds, blinking a few times.

You give him that crooked smile that he likes so much, nodding. Things are about to get a lot more interesting for Peter Parker.


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Request for 404! Requests for everyone (including V and Saeran) reacting to an MC who is in love with the ocean (like to the point that if they see the ocean, their first thought is to jump in) and stars!

A/N: Did you mean: ME? because holy shit just ask anyone i flip the fuck out over the ocean and E S P E C I A L L Y THE STARS *slides tons astronomy textbooks across the table* I got the hook up ~Admin 404


               -He loves the ocean too!

               -He remembers going to the beach a few times as a kid and how much fun he always had with his family, so he wanted to share a similar experience with you!

               -Everything was planned out! He’d share a nice picnic lunch with you first, then the two of you would relax before taking a long walk hand in hand-

               -Except you threw that out the window in an instant

               -The moment you got there, you stripped your clothes to reveal your bathing suit underneath

               -(The action which was innocent but Yoosung still practically fainted because w o w you’re a beautiful person)

               -You ran towards the water despite his protests

               -But he can’t actually get that mad because watching you jump into the water made him want to get in too? Might as well do something really fun together right??

               -Besides, isn’t spontaneity way more fun than following a plan?? He didn’t want to turn out like /Jumin/ after all

               -So he jumps into the water with you! The two of you spent the whole day in the water and passed out the moment the two of you laid on the beach towel, the picnic completely forgotten


               -The Curse of the Beauty™ stops him from going to the beach very often

               -But you wanted to go and he was so ready to take you!

               -(Totally wasn’t because he wanted….to see you…. in a swimsuit…)

               -The ocean breeze was sure to feel amazing after all of the stress of practicing for his latest play

               -He kept trying to get you to take selfies with him but you just?? Kept playing??? In the water???

               -You looked so adorable just running and splashing around that he took selfies with you in the background anyway

               -Totally the type to pick you up and throw you into the water, but did you like it? Yes

               -He felt really bad when you got tears in your eyes when he said it was time to leave

               -Had to carry you out of the water while you were kicking and throwing a fit because you just! Wanted! To stay! Longer!

               -You were adorable and he loved it but please MC you’re going to pass out from exhaustion, you’ve been out there all day!


               -A day of relaxation???

               -With a nice ocean breeze????

               -Where she can just sit with you and read a book or two???

               -She couldn’t pack the car fast enough. She was Ready to Go™

               -Except she… didn’t get to relax?

               -The moment you got there, you ran straight for the ocean and that scared her

               -“MC! Don’t you think those waves are a little.. high? Shouldn’t you come rest?”

               -She did not get to rest. She was worried about you the whole time. It didn’t help that you kept letting yourself wash up on the beach hoping she’d give you mouth to mouth *wink wonk*


               -You even pulled her into the water a few times, against her will. She just wanted to read, MC! You felt her wrath every time she practically tackled you into the water, though, it wasn’t really a punishment for you?


               -He thinks your fascination with such simple things is amazing

               -Things you can see every night, and things you can simply just travel to, it was all so common but your love for it was just extraordinary

               -So he decided to mix the two. You like the ocean? You like the stars?

               -He rented and entire beach resort for the two of you fuckin rich kid

               -Watched as you ran immediately to the water, body guards following a little bit behind to make sure you don’t hurt yourself

               -He joined you after a little while, watching as you ran around, splashing, laughing and smiling like a child at heart

               -Couldn’t help but laugh whole-heartedly when you jumped onto his back and made him run through the waves, or when you kept sneaking up on him like a shark and splashing water in his face

               -The two of you laid together on the beach once night fell, watching as the moon and stars started to rise

               -He watched you in amazement as you listed off and pointed to each and every constellation. He knew you were smart so it shouldn’t have been much of a shock but he couldn’t help himself

               -The small smile on your lips as you explained the back stories to all of the star formations made his heart skip a beat. He placed his hand on your cheek, pulling your face close to his before kissing your cheek. He could lay there all night if it meant he could hear you talk so passionately like you have been


               -Space Nerds™

               -The two of you try to outsmart each other when it comes to anything space related

               -You’ll constantly take trips up to the mountains to relax and stare at the sky

               -That’s when the two of you have a contest on who can name the most constellations

               -You guys have even gone to the closest planetarium enough times that the staff there knows your names

               -As often as you two get in passionate debates, he loves to keep it going as long as possible??

               -Not because he likes arguing, but he loves to see the fire in your eyes and the smug little smile on your face when you know you’re right

               -More often than not, you guys have pushed Saeran out of the way trying to race each other outside

               -You love putting up glow stars in the bedroom with Saeyoung, switching the constellations every other week

               -That’s how he asked you to marry him too, spelling it out in stars on the ceiling for you to find when you went to bed

               -Because he knew anything that didn’t involve your guy’s favourite thing was completely subpar


               -Taking aesthetic photos with flowers in the daytime

               -Taking aesthetic photos with the stars and fireflies at night time

               -The starry sky is one of his favourite backdrops for you

               -And he’s always taking pictures of how soft and happy your face gets when you look at them

               -Always his background. Always. 10/10

               -Your favourite picture of him is one where his hands are cupped around a firefly, the light glowing softly against his face, thousands of stars in the background

               -When he asked you what made it your favourite, you told him there’s three different stars and you loved each one of them

               -From then on he made sure that there was always time for star gazing. He even made photography trips solely to explore different landscapes with you, so you could see different variations of stars and star quantities

               -There’s a whole gallery full of you running around, looking up at the stars, even a few when your face is as red as could be, after realizing you’ve rambled for hours about the stars, but he loves them

               -“This gallery may be full of stars, but this person, right here, is my favourite one.”


               -He knew you always disappeared at night for hours at a time but didn’t know where? He pretended like he didn’t care but it actually started to worry him

               -A few nights, you would leave and wouldn’t come back until the morning and that /scared him/

               -So one day, he followed you. Completely ready to follow you to some sketchy place, but all you did was walk to the back yard?? What???

               -He watched as you set up a ladder to the roof, climbing to the top and disappearing

               -Not far behind you, he climbs up and pops his head up just far enough to see you sitting there, hugging your knees and looking at the sky

               -“Saeran you can come up here, I’m not gonna stop you,” you said, but you scared him so bad he almost fell off the ladder. He scrambled onto the roof to pretend it didn’t happen

               -He sat next to you in silence for a solid hour until he asked why you were up here. You told him the stars were one of your favourite things and sometimes you just wanted to sit and soak it all in. It comforted you

               -He knew you liked the stars, he always say you reading books related to space, your space related things around the house, and your nerdy space themed clothes. He didn’t know your love went this far though??

               -Could definitely agree that it was comfortable up here, looking at the specs of light in the sky. He asked you about some of the constellations and even about a few planets that were visible

               -“You don’t have to leave me alone every night anymore, MC. I’m going to come up here too. Not because you like it! It’s… nice. It’s cool. No, I said it wasn’t just because I can sit with you!”


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It's been to long, hun. <3 I was wondering if you would write a modern sonamy fic based on the song "If I Could Tell Her" from Dear Evan Hansen because this song literally makes me cry when I hear it. It's not perfectly canon but gosh it's a beautiful song


Missed you too, lovely!!! 

For those who don’t know, Nikki was in the Sonic comics wwwayyy back in the old days! He would be pretty pathetic… but then, when wishing to be strong, he turned into-! DA-DA-AAH! Sonic The Hedgehog! The hero and everything! Amy was dating Nikki, but she secretly also had a crush on Sonic.

So, Nikki IS Sonic! :D It’s a ‘split personality’ that Nikki is unaware of.

But because you want Modern, I thought of a great twist! What if Modern Sonic puts on glasses and wears one of Tails’s old sweatshirts? Amy runs into him and thinks she’s made a mistake! I think this’ll go nicely together :)

I hope this ‘twist’ will be better than what you wanted! :D When I heard the song, it was the first thing I could think of! If not, I’ll happily rewrite it more to your preferences :)


Sonic, after feeling Amy bump into him, at first wanted to act his usual way. He was wearing this type of ‘disguise’ mostly to go unnoticed without getting stopped by spectators wanting an autograph or other crazy fan girls chasing after him on what should have been his leisurely stroll around the place.

Lots of buildings had been taken down and remastered into beautiful new locations for tourist attractions and the like! Sonic had to get in on it! But with all the people… especially people only used to seeing him on the news, he wanted to avoid publicity.

Taking Tails’s old sweatshirt and getting fake glasses, he tried to blend in as a tourist or civilian.

Amy was gonna blow his whole cover!

He shied away and tried to wave his hand down, about to tell her to quiet down before she pulled back, and looked embarrassed.

“Oh! I’m so sorry! You just reminded me of someone else!” she patted his back which launched him a bit forward. Stumbling, he was suddenly reminded as he flailed his arms about that this was similar to his encounter with her when he was a big, hairy beast.

But there was no excuse for this other than the Superman disguise effect…


Sonic looked up, balancing himself from the impact of her hand’s force upon his back and center of gravity.

It was all in the glasses this time.

That, or Amy really needed a pair of her own.

Feeling a bit offended at first that even now she couldn’t tell it was him, he folded his arms and tapped his foot, hearing her spout out her apologies as if rehearsed for moments like this; and especially play the cute card.

“I’m really sorry about that!” She closed her eyes and scratched the back of her head slightly, sticking her tongue out before giving him a closer look, putting a finger to her mouth…

“But you really did look an awful lot like…”


He leaned forward, smiling. He figured she may just need a second look.

She blinked a few times, before grinning nervously and turning away, putting a hand up in a fist by her face. “Nah, it was just my honest mistake.”

He frowned.

Pulling back, he put his hands on his hips.

“Still! You could pull of Sonic The Hedgehog if you lose those glasses and tacky clothes.” she tugged on his sweater, looking over it as he flinched back.

Sweat dropping, he silently thought of how Amy could kinda tell it was him, but couldn’t put two and two together… so it seemed.

He sighed, and smiled, thinking he could have fun with this, he gestured a hand out and continued the conversation; acting completely innocent to the reality around him.

“It’s okay, miss. And you’re name is..?”

“Amy!” she happily piped up, and he realized she totally fell for it. Even after hearing his ‘softer’ voice, she couldn’t tell it was him. “Amy Rose!”

He decided to act like a shyer boy, hoping to throw her off even more as he leaned forward and put his hands behind his back.

“Not THE Amy Rose?” He innocently leaned back, as if surprised.

“O-oh… you… you haven’t heard of me, have you?” She blushed, and covered her face, swaying back and forth. “I didn’t realize I was so popular!”

“Oh, of course! I know all about you!” Sonic continued to act it up, pleased by her reactions. “They say you’re the cutest girl in Sonic’s team.” he winked.

“Ahhh~ The press can be so darling~!” she chimed, getting more animated before fluttering her eyes to him and placing a hand out in front of him. “And you are?”

“M-me..? Uhh..” his glasses slopped a minute, symbolically showing his disguise slightly loosen a little, before he pushed them back up and smiled back down to her. “I’m … Nikki! Nikki The Hedgehog.”

“Ah! I knew you were a hedgehog!” Amy pointed, and grinned as the two shared a rather precious moment, before Amy continued on, thumping her chest. “Well! I mustn’t falter in finding my precious Sonic! Hope you enjoy the sights, Nikki!” she waved to rush off, but Sonic wasn’t done with her just yet…

“H-hang on!” he called out, holding his arms out as she turned around, curious as to why he had stopped her from leaving.

“Is something wrong?” She looked over her shoulder. “You lost or need directions or something?”

“More like something.” he continued to play the sweet boy and looked shyly modest and humble as he ducked his head down a minute.

“The truth is… I once met Sonic.”


The evening was spent with Sonic (Nikki) walking around and exploring the sights with Amy, keeping up his disguise. He liked how she didn’t fawn so much over him when he was Nikki, and rather enjoyed her ‘normal’ company, which he didn’t see so often.

He didn’t pull any moves or anything, but there were moments where he would look over her shoulder, and smile, thinking her calmer self more desirable than the Amy he always encountered as himself.

They ended up getting ice cream, “My treat!” Sonic winked, thumbs up’ing in his signature way which almost blew his cover as his glasses slipped again when she stared at him suspiciously.

She shrugged it off though, to his relief.

“You sure do act like him, how long did you say he stayed with you on your farm with your grandpa before taking off after saving you from the fire started by Eggman?”

He had dug a pretty deep hole of a backstory… so he realized.

Sweat dropping again at having forgotten his fake story of how he met himself, he sat down by a bench near her as she accompanied him; giggling and grinning the whole way as she happily ate her ice cream.

Her little but frequent licks made him raise an eyebrow but think it rather humorous. She would never eat that way in front of him. To her, it was too messy and unlady-like around her one true love!

He kinda mocked at that. Liking her more when she ate naturally, and without restraint.

“Oh, that’s right. I think he stayed till his feet were cooled down from all the running.” He looked away, faking remembering, before he got a wicked idea pop into his head.

“Hey… I think I just remembered.” He looked forward then.

“W-what?” Amy looked concerned, as he looked away, trying to avoid her curiosity but secretly feeding it.

“I-It’s nothing… he might not want me to tell you about it..” he closed his eyes and folded his arms, “Hmm..”

“T-tell me! Tell me, tell me, tell me! Was it about me?!” Amy tugged back and forth on him, making him laugh internally while pretending to be startled on the outside.

He weakly smiled up at her after she stopped shaking him. “I-It was about you… yes.”

“W-what did he say… Sonic talking about me?! Eeep!” she let him go, totally in shock, before looking forward and then covering her face, blushing and squee’ing as she rocked side to side.

Sonic looked over his shoulder, smirking wickedly, before looking back to her as kind as any manipulator in a golden opportunity to prank his friend could be.

“He said you’re rather pushy.”

Her whole face flinched into white.

A single leaf rolled by in the wind, before she shook him again. “That’s not funny! Tell me the truth!”

“Wha-ah-ah! Okay, okay! But you have to promise not to tell!” he squinted his eyes, before thinking that was enough and he should probably say something kinder to her.

“He… He said…” before he could think of another comeback, he suddenly noticed her eyes slopping down and the genuine concern in them.

He realized his error was more than a few simple nice words could fix, and sweat dropped a moment as he thought more sincerely about what to retort back with.

“He said…”

He saw her eyes sparkle with hope, her mouth slightly open, the anticipation of something kind from her hero’s lips made him realize this had to be something that would last with her…

Or screw her up.

“Ehem.” Actually growing truly shy, Sonic looked away, a faint pink on his cheek as he put his hand over his mouth, lifting a leg stylishly up on his knee, something he would naturally do, but his character, Nikki, wouldn’t.

“He thought you were… Awesome.”

“..He thought I was awesome? Sonic?” Amy rose an eyebrow, before scoffing.

“Definitely!” Sonic turned back to her, growing in confidence a bit with the help of the disguise…

“How!” Amy leaned forward, pouting demandedly as she was fully paying attention to his next little ‘story’.

“Well…” Sonic rolled his eyes to the side, now getting kinda awkward and nervous.

“…He said… There’s nothing like your smile. Like sunshine you could feel.”

“Really?” she pulled back, amazed.

This reaction gave Sonic even more confidence, though he was still leaning back away from her.

He looked away, thinking again.

“He said… you never knew how wonderful that smile could make someone feel.”

“..Like sunshine?” She cutely tilted her head.

All of a sudden, Sonic’s eyes dropped slightly and he leaned up, becoming more straight-backed and speaking even softer.

“And he noticed… when you get bored,… you puff up a corner of your cheek. It’s so discreet. But really sweet.”

“He said that? Honestly?”

“He said you still read those silly stories. Trying to get ideas on how to make your own, a real, reality.”

He suddenly smiled, moving more towards her.

“But he kept it all inside his head. What he saw, he left unsaid. And though he wanted too. He couldn’t talk to you. He couldn’t find a way… but he would always say…”

He leaned more forward.

“If I could tell her.. exactly what she meant to me. If I could tell her… that the way she laughs, it always gets to me. But you’re ideas of love were worlds apart. But he always wanted to tell you… just how… um. I don’t remember.” He suddenly grew nervous about being so ‘honest’ in his lying and nervously put his hand to his chin, looking away and kicking his leg back up, trying to dodge the conversation any further.

“Did he say he anything else?” Amy was completely infatuated with his words… as she placed a gentle, but pleading hand for him to continue on his knee.

The sensation shot him off in a quick comment, not even thinking about it, just impulse.

“Anything else? Well, of course he did! He said so many things I’m just trying to remember the best ones…” he shrugged, again, his smile turning more sheepish but realer by the second…

“He thought… you looked really pretty-ER.. Cool! When you mastered how to swing that hammer of yours!” He kept swishing his arms around, pretending to hold her hammer and swing it around.

She giggled, “He really did?”

“Oh, of course! And he… wondered how you learned to be so graceful on the battlefield!”

“Sonic..” she looked down, holding a closed-hand to her heart, looking deeply touched. “But he thinks our idea of love is two world’s apart?”

He seemed to be lost in how adorable and touched she looked… If only he could…

“But what can you do… when there seems like such a great divide… Between what you want and what would be… or seem… too… much.”

“He just seems so far away…” Amy looked away, slightly arching her back and bringing her knees closer to her sides, her legs wrapped a little over the other in a lady-like manner, as if she was withdrawing herself in insecurities for a moment. “I never knew he felt that way…”

How did he even begin to tell her?

“And what could he do when the distance seemed so wide?” he moved closer.

“How could he say he….” he stopped himself a moment, his eyes widening.

(AU moment. If this was true canon, he would turn away here and I’d end it… but since we’re going off a song that isn’t ‘perfectly’ canon anyway~ >wn>)

“I love you.”

“Huh?” she turned back to him.

“…I love you…” he suddenly seemed to be realizing it himself. A huge open smile coming on his face.

“I love you!”

“W-woah! N-Nikki…” she got up, holding her hands out, “I.. I should go.” She lowered her eyes and scanned the ground, before taking off.

“W-wait-!” he held out his hand before twitching and stopping himself.

He pulled it back, shaking his head and gripping it.

“..Don’t be stupid… Just stop yourself now, Sonic.” he sat back down fully upon the bench, staring at the ground as he slowly…


His face…

“But we’re a million worlds apart.. I don’t even know where to start… If I could…

           …………………………………………   Tell her.”

                           He took off the glasses and placed his hand on his eyes.

(Hope you enjoyed it! :D The song is gorgeous, haha!)

Forgiven: 707/MC

based on a prompt someone on AO3 gave me where Seven and MC get into their first big fight

Summary: Saeyoung says something incredibly stupid in a fit of rage, now he has to redeem himself.

Words: 2740

Rating: T (some swearing)

This was bad. He was allowed to hate himself, for many years he did just that, the reality of it never really bothered him but this … no this was too much to take in. It started with a snide comment, one of his own regrettably, that was spoken out of jealousy and worry. She had returned late, as she had done more frequently as of late, and Saeyoung was beside himself with desperation. Even though she’d told him that day’s meeting would be at one of the benefactors private cottages out in the countryside, meaning no chance to peep on security feeds, Saeyoung had tried anyways. All day he spent trying to worm his way into personal home security feeds, or the cameras installed in the chauffeur vehicles she’d be riding in to no avail. In fact he’d ignored his own work completely in an attempt to track her down; he was unaccustomed to not seeing her for long periods of time. Not to mention that her cellphone was seemingly out of battery or she were in a no-service zone for she’d neglected to respond to any of his text messages. In truth he was beside himself and as each minute passed his aggravation and irrational frustration swelled.  Saeran, who was almost entirely normalized to his brother’s oddly possessive behaviour was even slightly taken aback. When he came in to tell him he’d be going out with Yoosung and Zen in a while Saeyoung barely paid him any heed.

“Oi, did you hear what I just said-” Saeran grumbled, eyeing his brother as his fingers worked speedily at his keyboard.

“Be quiet for a moment would ya?” Saeyoung grunted in response, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture, screen glare reflected in his lenses.

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Run To You // Sam Wilson x Reader P4

Pairing: Sam Wilson x POC Reader, Bucky Barnes x POC Reader
Word Count: 2.6k+
Warning: fluff, language, angst, FEELINGS 

Summary: Time Skip: A year and a half! Moving in with the Avengers was the best decision you’d ever made. Things between you and Sam are absolutely wonky. Thor doesn’t approve of anything less than complete honesty. It looks like there’s someone else who might want a chance to earn your heart.

A/N: I have no self-control. None. Not even a little bit. If no one stops me I might end up writing 200k words and 20 chapters lmao. This whole thing is already 10k+ in my docs There’s definitely going to be more parts to this.

Inspiration: “Over You” ~ Daughtry

“I’m slowly getting closure,
I guess it’s really over,
I’m finally getting better
Now I’m picking up these pieces,
From spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together,
‘Cause the day I thought I’d never get through,
I got over you…”

Originally posted by adamisstillinhellthankstoyou


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fuckmeharryhart  asked:

26/44 either/or for Hanzo or Widowmaker?? ^^

First of all, thank you so much for your nice messages earlier! They were so sweet <3 Second, to all of my followers, I’m so sorry requests are taking so long. College getting… complicated. But I will try my best to get through them! In any case, I loved both of these ideas so much? So I’ll include both! They’ll be a bit short, but I really liked the idea of each of these prompts.

26 w/ Hanzo: “How Dare [You]” -

               It took quite a bit of convincing to get Hanzo to come to this club, since he wasn’t really for such noisy and crowded venues, but you finally got him to come. Granted, it was mostly puppy dog eyes and your sweetest ‘please’, but it worked nonetheless.  You wanted to try something different. He seemed to be mostly hanging around you, however. “You know, you can go look around or dance, or get a drink, if you want…” You look to him as he sat next to you. However, he simply shook his head.

               “I would rather stay here with you…” He spoke calmly. A hand rested upon yours. He gave it a gently squeeze, smiling to you. “But, you can go dance if you wish. I would not want to keep you here if that is what you wished to do.” You thought this over for a moment. It was true… besides, they were playing your kind of dance music. You had been itching to go onto the dance floor for a little bit now.

               You nodded back to him, standing up from your seat. “Okay. But I want you to watch me, alright? Maybe that’ll inspire you to come join me~.” You say with a bit of a teasing tone in your voice. Hanzo cracks a little smirk, nodding. “Perhaps so. Enjoy yourself, my love.” He lifts your hand to his lips, planting a gentle kiss on the back before letting you go. You couldn’t help but blush a little. No matter how much he did that, it always made your heart skip a beat. You turn and head toward the dance floor, making big and confident strides. You were sure you were gonna look great.

               You spent so much time today getting a cute outfit together. You were set to dazzle. Though you were fine if you made an impression on the other club-goers, the main object of your attention was still Hanzo. Even if he didn’t dance, you wanted him to enjoy coming here with you. So you were intent on putting on a show. You step into the center of the club, and begin to put on the moves. You hit every beat, getting into the rhythm of the song. You lost yourself to the music, closing your eyes and simply feeling it. Everything seemed to be going well, until…

               You bump into another club goer. Turning to the man, it seems you had spilled their drink on them. You froze, face going blank. “Oh… oh god, I’m SO sorry!” You try to explain to the man. However, the look on his face made it clear that he was not having it. His clothes were nice, and you just made him spill a drink all over it. “I-I, I’ll help you clean that off, I’m sure it’ll be fin-“ You continued to try to diffuse the situation, but he catches you off-guard, and his hands suddenly shove you away and onto the ground. You land with a thud.

               “Or maybe you should watch where you’re going!” He replies angrily. He stands over you, a bit menacingly, as if to try and make you regret the accident. You rub your back as you sit up, now sore from where you fell. “I’m really sorry, I’ll pay for your dry cleaning-“ However, he interrupts you once again. “Too late for that.” He seemed ready to stomp on you, lifting a foot up. He wasn’t able to complete the action, however, as a fist slammed into his face. Suddenly he was flat on the floor.

               It was Hanzo, now standing over you. “How DARE you!” He shouts at the man, glaring down at him with daggers. The man’s nose was now bleeding as he whimpered and sniffled. He tried to eke out a response, but Hanzo verbally overpowered him. “Don’t you dare touch them again or I will break the hand you do it with!” You rarely saw him this angry, but it was clear he was livid at the man. Considering you asked him to watch you dance, he likely saw the entire conversation. As the man scrambled to his feet and ran, Hanzo turned, helping you up.

               “Are you alright, my flower?” He bring you in close with his muscular arms, holding you tightly against his chest. You nod gently, looking up to him. “Yeah… I-I’m fine, he only managed to push me before you got here…” Hanzo noticed you looked shaken up by the confrontation, petting your hair. He leaned in close. “Maybe we should head home, okay?” After a moment of considering this, you nod. You figured this was enough excitement for one day. As Hanzo leads you out of the club, you hold his hand tightly, leaning in close.

               “My hero.”

44 w/ Widowmaker: “Cheap”-

               You held the small package in your hand gingerly, sighing nervously. It was a small box, no bigger than your palm, with a little ribbon wrapped around it. It was very simple, and that’s what made you worry so deeply about it. It seemed too simple, too plain, too… cheap, perhaps. It just seemed like it may not be good enough for her. How does that saying go? What do you get the person who has everything? Well, that’s how you felt.

               Today was Amelie’s birthday, and you had been working on this present for her for a long while now. You poured your heart and soul into it; it took several weeks, and at least several attempts, to get it just right. It was hard to hide what you were doing, as well. Being a trained sniper, she spotted the little discrepancies. But you did your best to deflect the suspicions. But now you had second thoughts. Amelie was so rich, so sophisticated. What if your simple gift wasn’t up to snuff? She was so used to having the finer things in life; it might be garbage by comparison.

               You stopped nervously in the hallway outside the room she was currently relaxing in, your hesitation growing stronger as you grew closer. Maybe you should just forget it, you thought. And try and get her a nicer gift. Though… you did not know how you would really afford one. But didn’t she deserve more? That thought weighed the heaviest on you. You felt like this wasn’t good enough for her, or inadequately expressed your feelings. However, it seemed your decision was made for you. Your presence had not gone unnoticed, it seemed.

               “Hmm? Is that you, chérie?” Amelie spoke up from the other room. Crap, you had been noticed. It was too late now. You enter the room, a nervous smile on your face. “Yeah…” You trail off as you approach, the gift box behind your back. She cants her head, looking slightly around you. “Do you have something?” She questioned, looking back up to you with a curious look. Now it was definitely too late, you thought. You look away shyly, and give a very subtle nod. Your hand slowly moves out from behind you, holding out the box.

               “Y-yeah, it’s… for you. Happy birthday.” She looks down and takes it quietly. Amelie delicately unwraps the ribbon, opening the box with gentle diligence and quiet anticipation. Inside was a locket: clearly home-made. “I-I made it, actually… with some spare metal and parts I had found. I did my best to etch a design onto it…” The locket was made of a silver colored metal, with a rose design etched onto the front that was, while not professional, not crude either. Manipulating it in her hands, she opens it, revealing a picture of the two of you that you had taken in the French Riviera.

               “I… I know you’re probably used to much more expensive gifts, and something much more fancy and elaborate, but… I thought I would try to make you something, I hope you don’t-“ Before you could finish the thought, you felt her lips against yours. As she pulls back, you see she has a warm smile on her face. “Mon chérie, I love it.” Lifting up her ponytail she clasps the locket around her neck. “I will wear it on every mission, to remind me of you.” She spoke with genuine warmth and happiness. You were stunned into silence that she actually liked the gift. You supposed maybe the price of it wasn’t the important thing after all.

               She wraps her arms around you, bringing you into a warm hug. “This is the most thoughtful gift I have received in a long time… thank you, Y/N.”

Gajeel of the Shinsengumi: Epilogue Part II [Gajevy Love Fest 2017]

by Impracticaldemon
Written for no particular prompt:  Rated M for sexual content
Words:  ~3800 (and yes that’s all one scene!)

Can also be read on AO3 HERE | FFNET HERE

Gajeel of the Shinsengumi—Epilogue, Part II

For the fifth night in a row, Gajeel watched Levy fall asleep curled around his arm and then spent a frustrating half-hour trying to convince himself to ignore her scent and touch and go to sleep.  It had all seemed so simple when he had convinced Levy that she was safe with him—and that he could wait as long as it took for her to be comfortable before they did anything more than cuddle and kiss and, well, sleep together.  They had been sharing a room for several weeks now, and were considered a couple by those around them who knew their true natures—which was more or less everyone that really mattered.

Gajeel knew that he could be patient, but lust had begun to gain the upper hand lately in a way that he hadn’t experienced in a long time.  Unfortunately, he had fallen for a young woman with an ingrained and perfectly understandable distrust of men, and no experience with either romantic or sexual relationships except to know that the former were not to be trusted and the latter were generally disastrous.  If he pushed Levy past what she wanted and was ready to accept then it would damage something both fragile and precious.  It would also be wrong, and Gajeel’s female comrades—especially Erza and Kana—would most likely kill him long before Vice Commander Jellal could order him to split open his gut. [1]

“This is what happens when someone like me wants to be with someone like her,” he muttered to himself, trying not to wake Levy as he shifted position and tried to ignore the insistent throbbing in his groin.  He could deal with it himself, of course, but even that was awkward, since he spent most of his time either in his role as the Seventh Division Captain of the Shinsengumi, or in close quarters with Levy.  Privacy in the crowded compound was as much a matter of mindset as reality.

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*Rises from the dead to bring you 10k words of Zelink fanfiction*
Chapter 2 of my Zelink Week Master Quest is here!

Prince Link must escort Princess Zelda to the Ordon Village Harvest Festival. Understandably, neither is very happy about this.

Light | Forest | Fire | Water

Princess Zelda thought it would happen sooner than this. Six weeks was a pretty long time to wait considering how adamant King Clement was about moving this courtship and marriage along quickly. Maybe their parents had hoped their children’s heads would calm down a bit. But if Prince Link was anything like Zelda, he would still have a quiet layer of seething anger just below the surface. But as it stands, her first official outing with Prince Link would take place in two weeks’ time. It would be a warm-up to the first public declaration of their courtship, a way to see how people will react when they see Link and Zelda together, and Zelda was at least glad it would be on her home turf.

The Ordon Village Harvest Festival was always a staple for the beginning of fall in Hyrule. The small village had grown from producing quality milk and cheese from their humble goat ranch to the a rather well-to-do farming town that supplied half of the country’s wheat and cotton as well as herding cattle along with the famous Ordon goats. It was a pleasant festival filled with none of the stuffy rules, tight corsets, and political masks of a Royal Festival; it was truly one of Zelda’s favorites, and she was going to damn Link to the Dark Realm and back if he ruined it for her.

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Misunderstandings Pt. 2

Pt. 1

Member: Got7 Yugyeom x Reader x Bts Jungkook

Genre: Angst, Fluff


“I like you..”

3 words is all it takes, really. 3 simple words can change everything, anything. Whether it be a certain relationship with another. Where you live, who you meet. Basically in general, words may change your life. But sometimes, it’s not necessarily words or actions, it can simply be the presence of someone. That someone??  

Kim Yugyeom.

A/N: Honestly, this was the worst I’ve written, and I sincerely apologize for this. I found this part kinda boring…so haha…but for all I know, part 3 will definitely be better than this one! Enjoy!

“Do you mind if I crash in Kook? You might be busy…”

“It’s totally fine trust me. Don’t even worry about me, it’s you who I need to take care of first.”

It was Jungkook’s idea to let you sleep in his dorm for a while until you’ve calmed down and moved on, or at least attempt to move on. Once he opened the door, a pang of body spray hit your nose. You chuckled as you set down your limited stuff (a tee and leggings) and found your way in the room. It was surprisingly clean, since 7 boys have to share one dorm so you thought how they manage to stay tidy. “Hyungs are in Busan right now. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind if you stayed for a while.”

“Why aren’t you with them?” You asked.

“Well, because a friend called and I’m always willing to help her whenever something’s wrong”

You almost choked. “You stayed because of me?! You should’ve told me then I-” He came up and held a finger up to your lips, “I didn’t tell you because i was afraid of you freaking out like what you did just now.” He gave you a half bunny smile half smirk until winking at you and you scoffed. Removing his finger from your lips, you scanned Jungkook’s room and yawned. “It’s getting late, we should probably sleep soon. Where should I sleep? I’m fine with the floor.” You suggested. You were the guest, it would be rude to take the members’ beds without their permission, so you didn’t mind where you slept, as long as you weren’t disrupting Jungkook.

He went past you, shirt gently grazing on your bare skin and sat on the bed, patting the seat right next to him. “Here….”

“…You’re sleeping here.”

You furrowed your brows. “Don’t you sleep there?”

“I’m sleeping on the couch.”

You widened your eyes, surprised. The last thing you wanted to do  was make Jungkook uncomfortable, so of course you rejected his offer. It was his room, meaning that it belonged to him, surely he should sleep there as well, right?

You aggressively shook your head, declining. “No….I’ll sleep on the couch and you sleep here. In your bed, in your room.”

A laugh escaped from his breath as he pulled you arm, not to harsh, but enough to tumble in the middle of his bed face first. “You are the guest after all, so I have to treat you like one.”

“Kook, I come to your dorm all the time and we always sleep on the couch.”

It was true. Whenever you, Jungkook, and Yugyeom were free, all of you would plan some sort of hangout in each other’s dorm. You all pick a movie, make food and sleep on the couch. It’s been a big habit for the 3 of you.

“That was when Hyungs were here with us. And I slept next to you.”

“Is there a problem sleeping next to me on the bed?” You protested.

He knew you had a point. There was no mutual feelings between the two of you, and you slept with him on the couch all the time without complaining, why not?

Surrendering, he lifted his hands up “Ok you win.”  you gave a smirk.


You woke up to the smell of something sweet and the sound of metals clinking together. Jolting up, due to your rumbling stomach, you made your way toward the kitchen, stumbling upon Jungkook, who was too busy making breakfast to notice you enter. Thinking that it was a good time to give him a scare, you quietly snuck up behind the boy and screamed at him. You felt him flinch, clutching his chest area,followed by a deep scream coming from him. But his expression changed immediately once he saw you on the floor laughing.

“Yah…I’m gonna get you one day.”


You were surprised by Jungkook’s cooking skills, you never really saw this side to him, it was normally Jin who basically ruled the kitchen. Although the strawberries and the extra fruits were a bit too much, you really appreciated all of his hard work that he spent just for you.

As you were busy happily munching, a ding was heard from your phone, you dropped your fork and picked up your device checking who it might be.

Yugyeom: Y/n-ah? Are you ok? Do you want me to come over?

You froze in place. You have tried your hardest to forget about your feelings with Yugyeom, by ignoring him. But the past few days were torture, not being with him is something you don’t want to get used to. For years it has always been “Yugyeom and Y/n” But now, you’re not sure anymore. You don’t want to keep suffering like this.One sided love sucks.

“Earth to Y/n. Are you full??” A hand was waving at your face, snapping you back to reality. Jungkook stared at you blankly while his eyes traveled down to your half eaten food and then back up to you. He knows.

“It’s him, isn’t it?”

You nodded, guilt quickly took over you.

He got up, grabbing your wrist and taking you in the car, leaving your food out, uncovered and to be left stale. “Jungkook W-where are we going?” You asked, unsure of where he was taking you.

“You need to forget about him Y/n..”

“He’s my best friends, kook. As much as it hurts..I don’t want to leave him..” You stared at him mindfully and he deeply sighed. “I’m just looking out for you..”

You smiled, as he started the engine of the car, drifting you away from your worries.


‘And we are heeeere!” You heard Jungkook sing song as he unbuckled his seat belt and exited the car. You looked around, uncertain to where you were. You glanced in front of you and the first thing you noticed was a fresh smell of caffeine. You knew it all too well.

It was the place you and Yugyeom used to go to when you were in 10th grade. It was the place where you confessed. It was the place where your heart shattered.  You decided not to tell Jungkook about this, since you knew he was trying his best to cheer you up. The irony of the situation made you laugh, he had brought you here to make you forget about him but it ended up making you think about him nonstop.

“What do you want to get? It’s on me.” Jungkook said. You jumped, too busy thinking about Yugyeom, to be aware of the boy next to you.

“A frappuccino with extra caramel drizzle and whipped cream on the top, please” You always ordered the same thing whenever you came here. In fact, you and Gyeom came in this restaurant far too often you became great friends with the waitresses/waiters. You said your thank you’s and exited the place to sit outside, under the umbrella for fresh air. Jungkook quietly followed, holding his own drink, which was a simple mocha. “You ok?” You heard him say.

You were gripping onto your drink tighter than usual, and you could see he was worried once more. You couldn’t help it, the past few days for you have been like hell without Yugyeom by your side.

“Can I tell you something Kookie?” You asked, finally giving up on hiding.

“Hm?” He said as you set your drink down, ready to spill until your heart’s content.

And so you told him, about the place and its background with you and your best friend. You don’t know why you did it, but it somehow made you feel emptier, as if spilling your problems was a method to make you feel more free. “I’m sorry for taking you here, Y/n. Now I feel guilty for doing this, I just wanted to make you feel better.” He sighed. By staring at him, you could feel his guilt physically. And you felt extremely bad for affecting him like this. You knew how hard it was to be in Jungkook’s place, dealing with your heartbreak about his best friend and balancing his idol life simultaneously. “No Jungkook.’’ You said.

He looked up, slightly confused.
“I’m the one who should be sorry, and yes, I know I have apologized several times before but this time, I truly, truly mean it. I mean, without you, I would’ve been a mess right now. You were the one who would always find a way to cheer me up, whether it meant to risk your career or just simply spend dollars to make me happy. These days, your first priority has been me and it gets me worrying sometimes. Yugyeom is your best friend too, and I don’t want to be the cause of you two to split up. I hope you also give me the chance to take care of you. So thank you.”

Jungkook gave you a warm smile before standing up to wrap his arms around you. You were buried in his chest, inhaling his scent while embarrassing his warm hug. You missed this. It’s been a while since you felt loved. Suddenly he pulled away from your grasp and held onto your cheek, placing a deep kiss on the tip of your head, before giving you a cheeky grin.

You blushed, hiding your face under the sleeves of your shirt, embarrassed.

You heard a familiar ding behind you, caused by the store’s doorbell, which signals someone entering. Behind you stood a towering boy, and you suddenly came back to your senses.

It was Yugyeom.

He aggressively entered the store, obviously furious, but you didn’t have a clue to why he was so mad. But his current state wasn’t what caught you off guard.

It was the girl next to him, holding his hand.  

A/N: I had no time to edit this, by the way (no it’s just b/c I’m lazy LOL)!

The Green-Eyed Monster

Daesung | First Fight / First Morning After

1,201 words

Requested by Anons

A/N:  Combined requests!  This is also slightly suggestive and there is a bit of dirty talking too haha!  I hope this turns out well hahaha.

Originally posted by daengerous-af

“Oh, so it was my fault then?”  

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anonymous asked:

Hello you beautiful person!!! ^w^ Hope you have a wonderful day. How would the main 4 propose to their beloved? (I'm new here, so I'm sorry if I just repeated a question that you already answered *offers sweets and got chocolate.*)

I accept this offering… Since you offered me something sweet, I will give you something even sweeter in return!

  • You and Noctis had decided to go on a much needed break; just you and him on a small and simple vacation.
  • Of course the two of you ended up some place by the beach. No surprise to you, you figured it might have a little to do with fishing. But surprisingly he seemed to abstain from that.
  • Instead of that, he would spent his time being on the beach with you, walking and enjoying the water washing up against your legs, or getting to see the small barnacle pools along the shore. But eventually the two of you sat down and started to build a sandcastle. Nearly complete, and the moment you looked away Noctis had put something up on one of the tallest towers. Looking back, the shine of something caught your eye immediately- a ring…
  • “Before you ask if it’s what you think it is, the answer is ‘yeah’, it is. And yes, I am.”

  • At the beginning of the day you had already known something was up by the way Ignis started to randomly pamper you extra by serving you breakfast in bed, and the fact he had already gotten everything ready for you that day.
  • Not only that, but it also seemed like he was in somewhat of a hurry to get you outside of the house. Very rarely did Ignis hide his plans from you, but seeing as how this time he wasn’t telling you anything, all you did was try to roll along with it the best you could. After all, if he had a plan then it couldn’t be too bad. Of course… you’d find what it was soon.
  • You came back later in the night, the house completely dark save for the candles. Little dim lights trailing through the house, leading you along to the den where there’s a circle of votives positioned around a ring. And beside it is a note from Ignis, it’s a little on the lengthy side; it goes on reminiscing about the history you two have had, and all the reasons and ways in which he fell in love with you in the first place. “For all those reasons, and so much more, I would love for nothing more than to spend my life with you. Will you marry me?”

  • Gladio wasn’t one for too much romance, at least not an abundance of it. Even for something as important as this… So the idea of this proposal didn’t come with much planning, and it came suddenly.
  • You and him had been enjoying a weekend of camping. Seeing as how he loved the outdoors, this was sort of a common thing. So there’s no suspicions roused out of you when he offered you to come with him, somewhere deep out in the middle of nowhere for a little getaway because this had happened all too many times already- but then again why would there be? He didn’t even plan on doing such a thing, even while on the travel over. He didn’t even have much time to even start acting suspicious over it.
  • The two of you had been lying together in the tent, post coitus with you cuddled up to him, when he had been really getting to think about it… “You know, we’ve been through some pretty amazing journeys together so far. And… I’d like to take the next step in that journey. I think we’re ready for that next step.”
    “What are you saying, Gladio?”
    “What am I saying? Something I never thought I’d be saying; I’m hoping you’ll do me the honor of marrying me.”

  • Prompto actually spends a long while of thinking how to do this. If he’s going to spend the rest of his time with you (or so he’s hoping to) then he wants to make sure that it’s perfect and that this moment is memorable; he plans a little treasure hunt with you.
  • The first clue is a simple one, a hand-written clue, and it starts off in your very home, and it’s a hint to the location of the next clue and so on and so forth. Eventually it all takes you out, leading you to around some of your most favorite places around town and even further out.
  • The last stop finally ends with a small little box. “Go on, take a look.” He encourages. And just as you start to reach for it to open, he starts talking. “You know, I’ve been thinking about this for a long while y/n, and all the time we’ve spent together has brought me nothing but happiness… And I was wondering if you’d do me the honor of making me the happiest man forever more-” but it’s as soon as you open it and get a good look at the ring inside that he finally pops the question… “Will you marry me?”
Apollo Pt.2

Part 1 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a “muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever. ModernAU!

Warnings: Mostly fluff at first, angst. Mentions of drug use (as a joke), swearing.

Words: 2644

A/N: Instead of referring the reader as “She” I’ll change the pronoun to “you”, since the last one is neutral and can be used for both genders. 

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Bucky bit his lower lip as he tried to find a proper answer, answer that he himself didn’t even know. When he was thinking about a new life in Europe, he forgot he would have to deal with losing boundaries, saying goodbye, and kick them from his life. You found yourself static and stiff, trying to process the idea of him grabbing a suitcase and escaping from your life. You laughed at the idea, because he was not yours; he wasn’t an object you could own. Yet, not only was he your inspiration, but also your anchor to the real world, since, as a writer, you’re likely to spend more time dissociating yourself from the real world than actually living in it.

“I guess I’d have to do sacrifices.” He gave (y/n) a tight smile, trying to find an instant solution to a problem that hadn’t happened yet. He pulled you closer and hid his nose where your neck and shoulder connected, just to take a deep breath and mumble “don’t think about that right now, I’d never leave your side even if you punched me in the face multiple times while begging me to get my ass out of your appartment.” He squeezed you in his arms. “We’re like those conjoined twins. You’re like my sister.” That declaration made you feel a pit in your stomach.

“Man, that’s the creepiest and weirdest comparison you’ve ever made.” The wrinkles in your nose showed up, trying to distract yourself from that bad feeling “remember that time you were so high you asked me that if someone was killed in a living room wouldn’t it be called dying room afterwards?” you scoffed, grinning as you could see embarrassment reflected in his eyes.

“Oh god shut up.” he retired himself as he thrown you the crust of the last slice, while you tried to hide a smirk by taking a sip from your beer. “I’m never smoking pot while drinking again. I’m not a college student anymore.” James complained.

“I still can’t believe you did that to impress that girl… Molly? Mary?”

“Mindy.” He remembered “I had a thing for young bad girls during a short period of time…” He covered his eyes while biting his lip.

“Short?” You lifted your brows “Buck, you dated her for a year and after splitting with her you hanged out with her best friend for like, 2 years more? If it wasn’t because I wanted to steal wifi from your house your car would have “Motherfucker” writt…”

“Okay, okay, you’re right. Just… Stop reminding me that phase.” Bucky shook his head, trying to get rid of those memories.

“Welp, that tattoo you got does the job for me” You teased as he groaned, lifting up his shirt.

With grey lines which were supposed to be black years ago, a pin-up style girl with a pork head showed up on his hip. It was the clear representation of why you shouldn’t get a tattoo drunk and mostly, for a girl. You dared to press your fingertips against his firm skin, feeling goosebumps as you could feel this eyes staring down at you and his warm touch. 

His sight scanned your face, searching for some expression while he felt like he was craving for your touch somehow. Maybe he was just turned on, impatient for seeing his new girlfriend again this night.

“Like what you see?” James teased this time with that cocky smile, making you feel overwhelmed. Of course, you wouldn’t let your nervousness take over your behaviour. 

“In fact, you need to lose some weight.” (y/n) tapped his abs. Bucky, open-mouthed looked at you like you just offended his ancestors, pushing you to burst into a laugh. “Now get out of here, miss inspiration is knocking on my door and I need to answer.” You stood up, grabbing his arm as he moaned and complained. “Stop being childish, and go with Hope. I know she’s waiting for you.” You added, seeing with sadness how his eyes turned bright as you mentioned her.

And with your daily dose of Bucky Barnes, you started to type again.

Months passed and your book improved, at the same time James improved his relationship with Hope. Nonetheless, your inspiration issue was the same. You still needed him by your side, and the seriousness of his relationship with his girlfriend didn’t help. You could feel how his time with you was starting to be reduced, and how his attention was escaping from your fingertips. Stress and sadness was taking over your life and in consequence you spent more time daydreaming and using those lapses for your book in development. The quality of your work, however, decreased.

“Honey, you need to take a break. It’s been awhile since you went outside your home.” Advised Wanda. 

“I need to finish this bloody book, I need the money, I’m broke.” That had been your excuse. Economical problems, and deadlines.

“Broke my ass.” You heard Natasha in the background. You saw her putting on her jacket on the screen of your phone. “We’re picking you up in 20 minutes, be ready and don’t you dare to escape, ‘cause we’ll find you.” She threatened while getting close to the camera.

With resignation you throw your phone and decided to fix your aspect a little. They didn’t know how you felt about Bucky, and you were seriously questioning if you should tell them.

The warmth of the coffee was melting your frozen hands, and the smell brought you memories from that happy time when your social life and health were more important than ending a novel. It was surprising how could our jobs absorb what we used to love to do.

“C’mon girls, it’s not like we’re on an intervention.” You said, rolling our eyes.

“In fact.” Natasha took a sip from her coffee. “It is.” Wanda nodded.

“Why are you girls doing this? I’m fine, what’s the problem of being dedicated to your job?”

“(y/n), you’re not dedicated to your job, you’re using it to evade yourself. It feels like years since you’ve been hanging out with us” Wanda took your hands and pressed them together firmly. “Is there something wrong?”

You looked at them, guilt pressing your lungs, and fear crossing your mind. It was not a secret how close you and Bucky were, but there was no need for nobody to know your feelings towards him. It was something really common, and a simple crush like that one could be just temporal. At least that’s what you kept saying to yourself all these years.

“Its- It’s nothing.” You focused on your cup, hoping them to forget about it and start having a good time together, like the good ol’ days.

“(y/n)…” Whispered Wanda.

She knew something was hunting you, she always had this ability of looking inside your mind, and you knew it. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she figured out your crush on Buck by just staring at you.

“I- I think I started developing feelings towards someone I shoudn’t.” You summarised. 

At that moment, you could see how Nat and Wanda shared an understanding look. You frowned. 

“She fell for Buck.” Added Natasha, giving you a mother-like glance. “Oh dear.”

“It’s… It’s nothing like that.” You sighed. “It’s just that somehow he helps me to write easily, and I need him so I can do my job.” You justified, trying not to lose it in the Need Him. “It’s been awhile since we’ve spent time together. Hope is such a great person, and they’re going serious in the couple thing. It’s getting more complicated for me to keep on going with the chapters when he’s not here, but that’s not something I can tell to my editor and expect some deadline delay.”

“(Y/N/N), spit it out.” Demanded Wanda, getting impatience.

At some point, your walls started to crack and, slowly, you felt weight falling on your shoulders, and how a lump was forming in your throat.

“I miss him.” You finally declared, not being able to look at your friends in the eye. “I- Okay I fell for him, long time ago.” Something warm was rolling down your cheek, but you refused to believe you were crying for him. You couldn’t. You had no right for being sad. “Months ago when he told me about his new girl he said he would leave the country for her. He would leave all behind for her.”

Your words tasted bitter in your tongue, because saying it out loud made you realise. He was in love. Hell no, he was crazy in love. With Hope. He found his soulmate, and you were the one who was always represented as the girl left behind, the one who would find her home in him, but not being corresponded.

“Honey, don’t think about that. He’s still here, only a phone call away. Call him, tell him to come around, let his vibes help you on your writing, enjoy some time with him again.” They encouraged. “It might be hard, but If his presence is all you need, you should do it.”

And with that, you three started to talk about other issues, making you forget for a moment you were in love.

“Pizzaman is here!” You heard him say like a record. You closed your eyes, relieved, after not hearing his voice for a long time.

“I Missed you so much!” You repeated. But this time was different. This time your body was searching for him, avid to press your chest against James’.

“(y/n) I swear to god if you’re saying that to the pi… Oh” He mumbled, surprised that your arms wrapped around him first. He smiled, pressing his nose against your hair and smelling your scent. God, he felt like home. “Missed you too little marshmallow.” He kept you hugged around him. He had no problems with it.

Time was irrelevant for you both. It felt like it was yesterday when you had a long night talk, eating pizza, drinking beers, binge watching Netflix. It felt like it was yesterday you two found out you were that close together.

“You gotta be kidding me (y/n)” He said, completely surprised and honoured. “Don’t play with my feelings like that, you know I’m sensitive.” He acted like he was wiping tears from his face while you grinned like a little kid finding out how handsome boys were for the first time. In fact, he loved the idea of you finding a story behing his existence, because he felt like he was art for you.

“I swear it’s like my brain refuses to work if you’re not around.” You gestured, exaggerating your moves. “It’s like you’re my muse.” You joked, hiding a little bit of truth in every word.

“Muses are only for women darling.” Bucky corrected. “I’d be like Apollo or something like that.” His cocky smile appeared.

“Don’t attribute yourself all the effort.” You punched him sightly on his arm. “I’m the writer, remember?” You two laughed until a comfortable silence settled in the room.

“(y/n)…” James called. You looked at him. “Hope is coming here in a few minutes, we want to tell you something important.” Your smile faded, your chest felt heavy with every breath you were taking.

“Is she pregnant?” You asked, feeling partially relieved as you saw him shake his head.

“No, not yet.” That yet. He wanted to. “Remember when I told you I would move to The UK if she had to… Leave?”

You wished time had some effort on you again. Make the moment faster, emotionless. You wished every damn second to be minutes so time could pass faster and leave this situation behind. With all your will, you nodded.

“Her visa ends in a week and… I think I’m moving with her.” You could see his lips curving up a little bit at the idea. Of course, it was difficult for him to tell you that either. She’s your best and closest friend, of couse you’re feeling like shit leaving her here. He mumbled to himself.

“Bu- Bucky, I just told you you’re the one who’s actually helping me to end this shitty novel.” You stuttered, without any idea of how to act anymore. With a frowned face, he looked at you confused.

“What are you trying to say?” He felt a little bit annoyed. He wanted your support and your approval, only to get a nonsense mumble about your job.

“I mean, It’s my job, I need to keep going and earn a little bit of…”

“I can’t believe what you’re saying.” He stood up, without breaking eye contact. “I came here to tell you that I’m starting a new life in somewhere new, and all you care about is your fucking job?” He gestured showing indignation. 

“I can’t do anything about it Buck, It’s a job!” This was your way for asking him to stay. You were new at showing strong emotions, and you didn’t know how to deal with it.

“I am not an amulet, (y/n)! Stop being so selfish, all I needed was your support!” He shouted at you. “You’re acting like a spoiled brat!”

“Do you think I like my creativity to be bounded to you like this? Do you think I’m happy with the idea of my closest friend leaving to an island?” You stood up next to him.


“DO YOU THINK I HAVEN’T TRIED THAT CRAP?” You screamed, tears running down your cheeks like waterfalls “ HAVEN’T YOU THOUGHT THAT MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU, ASSHOLE?”

You froze. He froze. You were scared, he was surprised. You wanted some reaction from him, but he didn’t move for what it felt like hours. And then, you finally got it. He moved. He walked towards the door. He opened it, ready to leave, only to find Hope standing still in the corridor. You gasped when you saw him wrapping his arms around her the way he used to do to you, whispering something to her ear, and kissing her lips shortly after leaving you with his girlfriend. 

You couldn’t find any strength to keep yourself up, so you let your body hit the couch, tired. Hope walked and sat next to you, resting her hand in your thigh, rubbing it, trying to comfort you. You looked at her, confusion dripping from your eyes.

“Have you…?” You didn’t need to complete the question, she just nodded. “I’m sorry.” You apologised.

“Don’t be, dear.” She smiled at you, showing empathy. “We can’t control our feelings, It’s not your fault.” You kept yourself quiet, still impressed by the way she was treating you. “It happened to me once, too.” She confessed, staring at the white wall. “But the feeling fades. And we move on.” She took your hand. “Right now Bucky and I are in love. Well, at least I am.” She laughed softly. Even her laugh was something angelical. “He’s the type of person you would fall easily in love with.” You agreed at that, even though it took you years to realize how much you loved him. “That doesn’t mean you can’t find someone out there. I’m saying this because I don’t want to be the type of woman pictured as a bitch anywhere. I understand how you feel, and I know the pain.” You closed you eyes, drowning a gasp. “I don’t really know you, (y/n), but I feel like you’re an incredible woman, and finding another man won’t be difficult to you. And, I truly hope you find one as good as Bucky is for me.” With that, she took her purse, gave you a warm look, and left.

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Omg I love your writing both of you guys ❤️! I was wondering if you'd take a request if not I totally understand. It would be a simple one about ryuji getting a crush on Ann's friend from America that comes to visit her. And the friend instantly falls for ryuji but of course only tells Ann. Maybe they kiss before she goes back to America. (Reader insert not oc)

This is such a cute idea and I feel like I 10000000% butchered it and I’m sorry anon. Thank you for your request, and I hope that this fulfills all your wishes! Life has been quite busy lately, but please accept this really late Ryuji cuteness!

-Admin Mishima

“F/n!” Ann’s voice carried through the airport, startling a nearby couple. Her blonde pigtails bounced around her head as she all but tackled the h/c that was grabbing her luggage. F/n turned and dropped her bag quick enough to catch Ann, but the pair fell to the floor with laughter filling the air around them.

“Ann! I missed you!” F/n’s face lit up with a smile as the pair stood. “I wish I could have visited sooner, but life isn’t always that easy ya know?” She brushes off her clothes and goes to grab her bag, but a particular blonde had swooped in to take it.

“Nah, I got this. F/n, right?” Ryuji rubs the back of his head as he chuckles. “You’re way prettier than our girl Ann over here.” Moments later, he had a blazing red hand mark on his cheek.

“Ann don’t be so mean to him!” F/n threw an arm around Ann’s waist as the pair walked away from Ryuji and Akira, who had held his tongue.

“Who, Ryuji?” Ann looked back at the two who were trailing further away than necessary (Can you blame Ryuji? Rip his face). “Nah, this is typical for him.” F/n looks back once more and catches his gaze before turning around with a slight pink dusting to her s/c face.

“Ryuji, huh?”

Unfortunately, good times do come to an end. The gang spent the next two weeks together doing their typical antics, with another added. Ryuji, however, seemed a little eager to have her around. The last day of F/n’s trip is one that she won’t soon forget.

“Ann, it’s so hot here.” F/n said while fanning herself with her hand. “How can you manage this heat?” The two were sitting upstairs with Akira and Ryuji, who were arguing with Morgana about something trivial. Ryuji’s eyes, however, were elsewhere. Ann laughed and turned to look at F/n.

“Well, there are a lot more people here than in America I think! Maybe that causes it!” F/n shakes her head and sighs.

“That doesn’t even make sense.” F/n throws herself onto the floor from her seated position and fans her arms out. “Isn’t there somewhere to cool off around here? What about the beach?” Ryuji, who had been quite interested in F/n all week, jumped in.

“Hell yeah! We have nothing planned for the day, so let’s get going!” F/n laughed at his antics and all but hopped up.

“What he said!” With that, the group made their way to the beach. It was a chaotic day to say the least.

“Ann! I can’t wear this!” F/n had forgotten a bathing suit. Ann, being the loving friend she was, had noticed the looks Ryuji and F/n gave each other throughout the week. She lended F/n the most revealing, I mean appealing suit she had. It was a f/c lace two piece that accentuated F/n’s American curves quite well.

“Come on, it’ll be fine!” Ann leaned on the girl’s shoulder and smiled at her in the mirror. “Ryuji’s going to love this on you.” F/n’s face lit up as she looked away.

“Ryuji?! W-Why are you bringing him up?” Ann’s laughter filled the changing room as she led the h/c to the exit.

“You can’t even deny that you have a crush F/n. I’ve known you for tooooooo long.” F/n sighed in defeat and nodded.

“I might have a tiny crush.” The blonde next to her smiled with glee.

“I knew it! I knew it!” F/n had to calm Ann down before they could leave the building. “I think you two should exchange numbers before you leave F/n.”

“Nah, he probably wouldn’t do long distance.” Ann scoffed and crossed her arms.

“Don’t say that. You never know if you don’t try.” F/n hummed in reply as they exited. The quiet surrounding the pair was short-lived. Ryuji’s eyes all but fell out of his skull upon the sight.

“Damn F/n, who knew you looked so good in a swimsuit.” Akira’s elbow in his side stopped Ryuji from going further. Ann giggled at F/n’s sudden bashful look.

“Ah, thanks, Ryuji.” F/n walked by the guys as she made her way towards the beach. Akira gave Ryuji a nudge towards the h/c. Ryuji quickly jogged towards her.

“Hey, F/n, wait up!” F/n stopped and turned towards the blonde. He caught up quickly and put an arm around her shoulders. “Wanna take a walk?” With bright red cheeks, F/n nodded.

“Where are we going?” F/n looked at the strip around them and was surprised at the size of it. Ryuji shrugged his shoulders and checked to make sure Akira and Ann weren’t following them.

“Who knows? Just a walk down the strip is freaking fine with me.” His reply made F/n chuckle, sending a grin around Ryuji’s face. The two made their way through the shops and stores, making jokes and chatting the afternoon away.

After looking at every store, F/n was ready to go in the water. “Let’s head back. I can’t wait to go in the water.” F/n looked up at Ryuji, waiting for a reply, but was met with an intense gaze instead.

“Say F/n.” His tone was suddenly serious. F/n felt her heart skip a beat as she looked into his dark brown eyes.


“I really had fun with you today.” He flashed the girl a smile as he squeezed her shoulder, where his hand still rested. F/n returned the smile and tentatively rested her head on his shoulder.

“I had a really good time with you too, Ryuji. Thank you for this.” His breathy chuckle vibrated through F/n’s body. Ryuji stopped moving for a bit, and F/n turned to look at him once more.


“Let me kiss you.” F/n’s cheeks flared up as she looked at the blonde. Ryuji moved his free hand behind his head and looked away. “Please.”

F/n laughed at his forwardness and nodded. Without another second’s delay, Ryuji pressed his chapped lips against F/n’s. He pulled away a few moments later with a smile from cheek to cheek.

“Man you’re cute as hell F/n.” Ryuji started walking towards the beach once more, but F/n was the one to stop their movements.

“Ryuji?” His eyes moved from the waves to her h/c locks.

“Yeah?” F/n swallowed her nervousness and cleared her throat.

“Can we, uh, exchange numbers? I don’t know if you’re interested in a long-distance relat-”

“Hell yeah we are! I don’t just kiss every girl you know!” Ryuji cut F/n off quickly with a thumbs up. “We’ll see where it goes. No freaking way am I letting this end with just a quick kiss.” F/n laughed at his eagerness and the pair finally made their way to the beach.

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“I want to get married. Right now.” W yama-chan please.

Secret Relationship⎢Always Accepting

“Let’s get married.”

And, that’s how your day began. You had spent the night over your boyfriend’s house and planned to head home in the afternoon, only to hear those three words come from his mouth right before you even opened the door. Ryosuke had always been a little hot-blooded, giving small thought before taking action, but this was taking it to a whole other level.

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Skeleton Kisses

[So I’m not even sure I’m doing this right. However it’s a little fic I made up and wanted to put it here. Um, yeah. Enjoy?]

Nearly three months had gone by since we monsters had earned our freedom. It should have been rather easy to just enjoy everything. But uh, when you expect everything you have to suddenly vanish…it made relaxing a bit hard.

At least everyone was happy. Couldn’t get much better honestly. Actually…that was a lie. One of the biggest ones I ever dared to say or think. Frisk could have at least told me when she was going to reset. Sure no one else would remember when things went back to the start.

…And then there was me.

Frisk knew I wouldn’t totally forget. Hell she was probably the only one who even had any idea as to what some of my nightmares were about. So then why was she doing this to me? It was like torture I swear. Suppose asking her was always a choice. But it always felt like I was interrupting something big going on in her life when I attempted.

So guess I would just wait patiently for the inevitable to happen.

“Seat taken?”

Her voice snapped me back to the present. She had this gentle smile on her soft looking lips. My head shook for an answer. Frisk turned her attention to the horizon in an attempt to see if perhaps something had captured my attention this entire time. Unknown to her this allowed me a long moment to just take in the sight of her. God she looked really good with her hair pulled back like that.

Never before had I ever considered a ponytail to be a tease. Until now that is. Seeing it brush against her skin made me a bit jealous. After all I couldn’t help but wonder how soft that skin might be under my bony finger. Or the sounds she’d make if I dragged my tongue over the nape of her neck. Wait, how long had she been looking at me for?

Rather than worry about it I chose to simple flash her a grin and motion for her to sit next to me.

“I don’t see no BODY so I guess you’re in the clear.”

“Damn it walked into that one. Heh.” She produced a glass bottle from under her tank top. “Here. Just don’t tell mom I slipped it to you.”

“Kid your secret’s safe with me.”

“So…everything good? You’ve been out here a few hours. I know it’s most likely nothing but well, consider me worried is all Sans.”

Heh, that was so like her. Always fretting over everyone else in the house. Made it a little hard to hide things from her. She knew us too damn well.

“Na I’m fine.”


“Hm?” I glanced over while twisting the cap off my drink.


She used her hands to speak to me. I just waved it off with another smile. But this time I didn’t get the chance to say anything. Her hands captured mine, tenderly. Frisk was careful about where she put the glass bottle. Felt my face reflect my confusion as she did. This hadn’t ever happened before.

And suddenly her own hands were using mine to form the works she wanted to say to me.



Had to give her props. She’d figured out a way to speak not only silently but in a way I couldn’t ignore even if I wanted to. I also couldn’t just leave at the blink of an eye. Seems all her bases were really covered this time. But the subject in question…couldn’t just be talked about in the open so carelessly.

So it just boiled down to an uncomfortably long silence between us. All I found myself able to do was look at my hands which were currently in my lap. Her hands they’d been so…Soft. Would the skin over her shoulders and neck be this way? Maybe it was softer. If that was possible.

“Should we go to the hill and stargaze?”

A nod was my answer. Frisk offered me her hand and together we walked towards the large hill. Couldn’t have been more than a five minute walk away from the house or so. Made it a perfect place to just sit and relax during the day. Or set up a spot to camp at night. And the incline wasn’t even that bad so I didn’t mind the short walk.

“I never thanked you for our two dates.” Frisk said after we were out of ear shot of the house.

“D-dates?! What? When?” My heart nearly must have doubled in speed.

“Sans, like it or not I’m pretty sure you asking a girl out to have something to eat with you – which you did twice – is a date to some degree.”

“W-we just hung out!” My face blasting bright blue now.

“It’s okay Sans no need to be shy. You were a perfect gentleman. Can’t wait for our third date.”

That was all I could take. My hood was yanked over my face to muffle the sounds I was currently making. Wish I knew what to call them aside from sounding like I was just flubbing for something to say. Hated how easily she could fluster me sometimes. Though she did have a small point, to others it would seem like I’d taken her on a date. Which didn’t help my current state of being.

Thankfully she was patient with me. Carried me the rest of the way too. Meant I was given enough time to sort myself out. But that didn’t stop the heat which settled primarily in my face.

I felt the grass cushion us as she placed me between her legs. What was I a baby now? Gently her hands worked the hood off my face. With it gone the night sky was open to my viewing pleasure. Don’t think I’d get over how amazing this sight was for some years. After all my whole life had been spent underground. Our form of stars couldn’t even hold a candle to these ones.

When Frisk just started to sing I could hardly believe it was happening. But there it was. A lovely delicate melody just flowing into the night air. Like a silk ribbon being brushed against my face. The tornado of worries and stress which had run so wildly through my mind began to die down. Felt nice to be this relaxed again.

Like I…I could…could just slip into the deepest sleep I’d ever had…


There was a sudden warmth that washed over me as I slowly started to come to. Birds were chirping ever so softly. And the smell of flowers tickled my nose ever so slightly while I lifted my head up. Must have fallen asleep on the floor and didn’t even realize it. Rubbing the last bits of slumber from my eyes I briefly wondered how long I’d been asleep. The sight before me was one I should have expected yet felt foolish for even being remotely surprised at.

Gold and red tiling checkered the floor before me. Seems a large stone pillar had served as my back support. For a long moment I just sat there uncertain as what to do. Because deep down I’d known this had been coming. That much had been obvious. And yet…

Ah forget it. No point in getting worked up over what clearly had already been done. Besides if I was here it meant she was close. Might as well get into position. Kid would be here at any moment. Like now.

Funny I didn’t recall her footsteps sounding so…heavy last time. Nor was there a massive chill in the air. Or a feeling of dread setting deep in my bones. This wasn’t right. Frisk was harmless. Granted she had a hell of a left hook but she avoided using it.

So then what was with these feelings?

“Asleep on the job?” A mocking laugh rippled through the air. “Well this explains how come your brother died so easily now doesn’t it?”

Oh. Shit.

My sneaker covered feet scrabbled against the tiled floor. I couldn’t be sitting down, not now, not with that monster so damn close to me! Hadn’t he gotten board yet? Try as I might to regain some sense of control over my emotions it was pointless. This kid – no this fucking monster – was the one thing which had killed me. And not just once.

Oh no. That would have been too kind coming from him. Almost merciful in fact. I had lost count at eight. By that time I’d been too broken to want to fight back. All I’d done was just run.

“Where is Frisk?” My own fears had to be suppressed, for her sake.

“Frisk? I don’t know a Frisk. But I know a cowardly comedic skeleton. Perhaps you’ve seen him?” The footsteps drew closer. One at a time with an agonizingly slowness to them. “About five feet high. Wears a blue jacket, a white shirt under it. Some slippers – though I suppose they could be sneakers now – and he has this stupid red RAG around his neck.”

My own hand flew up to my neck. Sure enough there it was. Papyrus’ scarf wrapped firmly around me only confirmed what my mind had silently been dreading. But this made another question come to mind. If he was here with me where was Frisk? Realizing that she very well could have been one of the countless victims of his murdering spree all my fears vanished completely.

Replaced with an unchecked rage my heart and head flew into a blur. Nothing mattered except for beating this punk’s face right into the marbled floor. One for each friend he had killed. Thrice for Papyrus. Five for me. And a few more for Frisk.

Everything was going to be fine. He would die. And I’d walk out of here to find Frisk. No way I was going to loose her and my brother all at once. She could reset and everything would be fine once again. Just had to stay focused on this abomination of a Human.

But that damn determination of his. And knowing my attack patterns. It all worked against me. Every second I had less and less magic to use. Not to mention my body was starting to become heavy like a brick. Damn it he was relentless!

“Just DIE!”

It was an order he shouted at me boiling with every last drop of determination he had. I’d run out of steam. My magic was too low to rely on even a simple attack for protection. And now my back was against the wall. This was going to hurt. We both knew that.

And just before the damn thing could hit me someone else took the blow for me. All I saw was the movement before hands slammed into the stone pillar above my shoulders. A set of mismatched eyes looked down at me. One a normal emerald green hue, the other glowing a vivid purple as smoke wafted from it. Then a smile stretched over the face of the young woman I knew so well.

I’m not sure how long everything about the sight before me took to set in. But when it had finally processed in my head I realized several things. The first was that the sound of Human flesh being sliced apart by a knife was one of the most terrifying things I’d ever heard. Second was that Frisk had taken a killing blow which should have been meant for now. And because of that she now had this massive bleeding gash in the middle of her chest. Despite all the crimson which splattered onto me the kid still managed a smile.

“…Love you…” She whispered.

No sooner had they left her lips did her soul simply shatter. Corpse still cooling she toppled into the ruble littered floor in front of me.

Oh god no. Please don’t take her from me. It was like my heart had just be smashed to a million tiny bits. This was just as painful as loosing Papyrus. Yet the pain echoed through out my heart in a different way than it had with my brother. She just…just couldn’t be gone!


It was like I hoped calling her name would just instantly wake her up. Like this was all some sort of horrific mistake. Or one messed up prank. But she just lay there smile on her face refusing to get up. Denial set in rather quickly since I found myself shaking her. She just couldn’t be dead not now.

“How sweet.” He stepped up to me again. “How about you join her?”

As my gaze turned up to meet his the blade of the still warm weapon plunged into my left eye socket.


I felt the scream of crippling pain rip it self from my throat in the same instance my hands flew up to cover my face. A heavy weight suddenly settled upon my body as my body thrashed about wildly. God it felt like a fire or something was just writhing around my socket. For several seconds whatever had pinned me down struggled with me. Their hands couldn’t get a solid grip on my face I made sure of that. Not with the fear of a knife being plunged into me again still lingering in my mind.

“San! Hey it’s me! You’re safe I promise to you.”


A dream? No. A nightmare. Honestly I shouldn’t have been shocked by them by now. But that had been the first time Frisk had ever been in that dream. Normally ones with her were a lot…happier.

I felt like a fool for not realizing it was a dream sooner. Frisk, saying she loved me? Yeah. Only in my dreams. Kid could have any good looking Human she wanted. And I was a Monster.

It was no brainer on who she’d choose.

Upon realizing that I was in fact fully awake Frisk relaxed some. Let go of my shoulders so she could sit back. The look of concern wasn’t hard to miss in her eyes. Just what had she heard I wondered silently. For a bit we just sat there the two of us. Me under her flat on my back. Her at pelvis level a mixed look of pain and worry on her face.

“Sans. What did you want to ask me back at home.”

“…Heh this again? Told you it was nothing.” I bluffed.

“Right…just like the dreams I have about me stabbing Papyrus and you are nothing?”

My eyes blinked at her slightly taken back. How had she even been having those dreams? She wasn’t anything like the first Human who came down. Or the second. They had both been boys but…she clearly wasn’t. This complicated things a bit more than I’d have liked.

Right. No more lies.

“Alright.” I gave a deep sigh. “You got me kiddo. Something has been eating at me a bit.”

“Sans you shouldn’t ever be worried about talking to me.”

“Then why are you holding off on resetting?” My voice lashed out with all my mixed pain and anger.

“W-what?” Frisk blinked at my question. “Re…reset? Wait are you serious?”

“Kid I can’t keep fighting this.” My entire body shook lightly under her from all this. “I need to…to know when you plan on resetting.”


“You know what’ll happen. Everyone will forget, they go back to zero l-like nothing ever even happened.” I smiled around the tears I felt threatening to blind me.


“But that’s fine. They get to enjoy their happy ending. And then they don’t have worry about things when It all starts over again right? But…but then there’s me. You know I won’t just forget Frisk.”

“SANS! Listen to me!” She snapped cupping my face in her hands.

“Please, Frisk…I just want to know when. Can you tell me that much?”

Her thumbs cleared the tears from my eyes, then locked my sight with hers. An unreadable expression crossed her face.

“Never.” She answered.


“I’m never going to reset again Sans. Never. Ever.”

“But…but what about your eye?”

“What about my eye?” Frisk almost sounded offended.

“Don’t you want to fix it?”

“Sans do you really think I’m so shallow that I’d undo everything just because of how I look?”

“Well no but…”

“Can I remind you I was the one who was stupid enough to drink an unlabeled can from a refrigerator in Alphys’ lab before asking if it was alright?” Frisk just shook her head. “It was my fault. No sense in punishing everyone for my silly mistake right? Besides I’ve grown rather attached to it.”

“N-no more resets?”

“Ever. Cross my heart Sans.” An x was made over her heart. “I just…I can’t stand the thought of sending the one I love forget me. Especially when I’m pretty sure he has everything he’s ever wanted right here and now. Right?”

“…One you love?”

“Ones! As in plural!” Instantly her face turned the darkest red I’ve ever seen it.

“No I’m pretty sure you meant one.”

“You must be delirious from not sleeping well. It’s okay though I forgive you.”

Frisk got off me in order to start heading back home. Call it stupid or maybe just a spark of insanity but I didn’t let her. With a whistle she turned around quirking a brow to look at me curious as to what I might want from her. As skilled as she was in running around and dodging it was impossible to fight against blue magic you weren’t expecting. It wasn’t going to hurt her, just enough to bring her to the ground.

Made a cute little sound when she flopped over too. Though as to be expected she was less than pleased with me. Especially since I didn’t let up on the magic as I got closer to her. Had to give her props though. She managed to struggle to her knees.

“Alright look I’ll be quick with this so neither of us embarrass ourselves. Kid how long have we known each other?”

“D-do you really not remember?”

“I do. Just asking you so you can remember.”

“Sans I was 12 when I went to Snowdin I’m almost seventeen now. You do th’ math.” she huffed. “A-and let me go too!”

“Promise you’ll stay here and talk this out with me?”

“About what exactly?”

“Why you haven’t told this fella you like him.”

“I-if I do will then you have to let me go.”

“Sure. So how you want to go about this kiddo.”


“You ain’t getting’ up until-”

“K-knock knock!”

“Eh? Wait, what really? Is now the best time?”

“Sans! Knock knock damn it!” She looked even redder if that was possible.

“Alright. I’ll bite. Whose there?”


My head tilted a small bit. I didn’t know this one. That was new. Given my wide arsenal of bad puns and knock knock jokes. Bet she was too embarrassed to say out loud who it was. This kid sometimes I swore.

She could knock over the biggest baddest monsters, never give up hope, save us all…and yet she was all flustered over asking someone out. Heh. Cute. Absurdly so.

“Olive who?”

“O…Olive…Olive you!”

“Eh?!” My face burst to life with color.

It caused my magic to falter. Frisk shot up to her feet. She…really had just said that right? No that had to be a prank to throw me off the trail. Seems she was still extra flustered over asking the guy out.

“Not a bad one kid. I think he’ll like it.” My thumbs up showed my approval.

She simply stood there clutching one arm with the other. And damn she looked so freaking vulnerable right now. But why was she looking at me so intensely?

“…I’m serious you know.” Frisk confessed. “That was me telling the guy in question.”

Everything just clicked all at once suddenly.

“Wait…y-you mean me?!”

Her eyes shut closed tightly. Tears spilled down her cheeks.

“I got it off my chest okay? B-but I’m sorry I said anything! I never wanted to wreck what we have. Sans. Please just forget it okay? I don’t…I don’t want to loose the best friend I’ve ever had because I was stupid and fell for him.”

“You do mean me.” The heat was back in my cheeks again.

“I do.”

“B-but we’re on the surface! You…you don’t HAVE to choose me kid.”

“Sans. I didn’t choose anyone. It just happened. Love is funny that way you know? One day you’re sitting with a skeleton swapping jokes. Enjoying life. And the next next? Well, you just wonder ever so slightly what it’d be like to kiss him. To hold his hand, t-to have the courage to tell him exactly how you feel.” She shifted a bit in place. “To say you know, that I love you Sans.”


She took my silence rather hard. It wasn’t that difficult to tell as she plastered on a smile for my sake.

“Well there is it. I just hope you can forgive me and we can go back to being friends okay?” She offered a hand to me.

“Frisk.” I held my tone very steady.

“Y-yeah Sans?”

“I can’t tell you how much I hate it when a joke goes unfinished.”

“Don’t jerk me around Sans!”

“I’m not. You didn’t finish the joke.”

“Didn’t finish…? Sans the hell are you on about! That was the joke. 'Olive you!’ what more could you possible add to that? It’s a pretty done joke if you ask me.”

“You won’t know until you start over again will you kid?”

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“Don’t look like a goat to me.”


“Easy now!” I held up my hands hoping she would relax a bit and put her fists down. “Hey…your eye is glowing.”

“It does that Sans. Remember it was Skeleton Determination I drank. Lights up when I’m under stress or feeling overly emotional. Sort of like right now…” There was a highly tense moment I thought she might just walk off. However Frisk surprised me by taking a deep breath.“Alright. Fine. But I really don’t see a point to this anymore.” Her left eye which had been a roaring fire of flashing purple and ghostly flames died down to a small flicker of color. “Knock knock.”

“Whose there?”

“Olive.” She grumbled.

“Olive who?” I rocked back on my heels a wide grin on my face.

“Ugh, Sans sometimes I swear…Olive you.” That lovely red came back to her face.

“Huh, really? Well…Olive you too.

“You.” She stopped having to take everything in for a moment. “You what?”

“See didn’t finish the joke.”

This had to be one of the most interesting yet nerve wracking things for me. Just standing here hoping that she would react positively at the end of all this. It had been a little mean as far as execution went. But Frisk was forgiving right. That much I had faith in.

“You can’t play off my confession! It’s against the rules!” Came her blurted response.

“What? Since when?” I asked half offended half baffled.

“Since like…always!” She tossed her arms up in the air.

“Oh is that so?”


“Then why are you blushing so hard?”

“T-that’s besides the point Sans!”

“So you want me to confess in my own way?”


“Sure Frisk. But remember you asked me to do this.”

“Wait what?”

Her heart turned blue once more. In the same moment she started to fall towards the ground I was at her side. Catching her in a low dip a tender smile on my face as I placed one of her hands on my shoulders. She gasped softly at the action. And color hit her face so hard it reached the top of her ears. Tenderly my free hand pulled back the stray strands of hair from her face.

“Frisk. I love you alright? No joke, totally serious here. Got that?”

“Uh-huh.” She nodded very slightly.

“Good. Now if you excuse me I’ve been waiting a few years to do this.”

Once I tipped her head back a slight bit her lips touched mine. Well, if I’d had any that was. But seeing as how I didn’t she at least understood what I wanted enough to go along with it. I’d been right though. These lips were softer than they looked. Sent small jolts down my spine to even brush them.

Shyly she would allow her mouth to open a bit more. So I could kiss her a bit deeper. That’s when it just got intense for us both. How did I know that? Well with how hard her hand was grasping – nearly clawing really – at my jacket it was a dead give away. Didn’t stop us from continuing what we already had going.

Her tongue was addictive. Sweet and crisp like a freshly bitten apple. She trembled in my grasp as my magic held her safely above the ground for the entire ordeal. When she broke away for air it left her neck exposed. And welp, I was never very strong at resisting temptation. Or being lazy.

So it was a safe bet that I jumped at the chance to just latch onto her there. It’d been teasing me all night after all. Time for some pay back. Oh that sound she made was not helping me want to stop. In fact I just found it easier for me to lower her to the ground so I could continue my exploration. Now free of the blue magic Frisk was free to squirm as much as she liked.

Or grab my jacket and hold on for dear life. Which ever she wanted. I was sort of busy at the moment.

Were all Human women this sweet to taste? I doubted it. Only Frisk could be this delectable. And heck I hadn’t even started trying to nibble on her. It was all just sampling so far. Time to change that me thinks.

Alright so to be honest I’m not entirely sure what I expected. However it was rather hard to stop once I’d started. She didn’t exactly protest…more like just silently encouraged me to keep going. It’s all that made sense with how the fabric of her shirt slipped off her left shoulder. But no reason to question it. After all we were both enjoying this.

Was easy to tell when she had her fill. Because I was yanked into another kiss rather quickly. Her hands quickly occupied themselves once more. One slipped under my jacket to tug desperately at my jacket. The other captured my hand locking our fingers together. Okay this was starting to get me a little hot under the collar.

“H-hey Frisk…?” My free hand grazed her side tugging up her shirt up a slight bit.

Her answer was a silent nod. And in turn asked wordlessly if she could also touch back. Not that I’d stop her. But once she got my answer I busied myself with exposing more of her torso to me. Felt my heart beat skip a little bit when her shirt finally slid up past the bottom of her rib cage. Though her fingertips gliding up my spine most likely added to it.


My eye flickered off as the two of us shot up to make ourselves a bit decent. Not that we really had much time. Saw Papyrus com bounding over to us as Frisk was partly sitting up. At least her shirt was back in place. Though I was sit between her legs and it didn’t help anything really. Had my brother been anyone else the entire situation would have been easily understood.

As it was he just looked at us slightly curiously.

“H-hey bro. What’s up?” I couldn’t keep the blue from painting my face.

“What are you two doing on the ground like that?” Papyrus inquired.

Think. I needed a cover before the cat got out of the bag.

“W-we were just playing around and Sans tripped. Then gravity had it’s way and well this is what I get for trying to help him.” Frisk laughed it off nervously. “Sorry Pap, we didn’t even think to invite you.”

“That’s alright! I was busy cooking your lunch for tomorrow. So it is I who should be apologizing for not making time for you two.”

“Nah it’s okay bro.” Now I was more relaxed. “I’m sure your cooking is waaay more important.”

“Totally is. That’s my lunch he was making.” Frisk nodded. “Thanks for being so thoughtful Papyrus. I totally had spaced off I’d be needing one for the field trip tomorrow. You’re amazing.”

“But of course! I am the great Papyrus after all!” He picked me up and placed me on my feet. “You’re lucky I came to check up on you. Other wise you wouldn’t have gotten home in time for eight hours of sleep Frisk.”

“Oh! H-have I been out here that long?” She jumped to her feet. “Sans this is totally your fault you know.”

“I didn’t hear any objections from you.”

“THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT YOU KNOW I HAVE SCHOOL!” She was so cute when she was flustered.

“Hey bro can you give us a few moments? I need to ask her something.”

“Alright but you need to hurry up. Toriel asked me to come find you two.”

“We won’t be long I promise. Better go make sure that pasta don’t burn though bro.”

“Nyeh! Not so long as I the master chief Papyrus have anything to say about that!” He bolted back to the house at top speed.

“…Nice one.”

“Hey just returning the favor Frisk.” I shoved my hands into my jacket. “Now then…where do we go from here?”

“Best not say anything to mom. Her and Asgore will become ungodly over protective. And neither of us needs that.”

“Agreed. But, uh, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or anything. We…are a thing?”

“Yes Sans. We’re dating.” She chuckled. “Though now I have a question for you.”


“Would you like someone to hold you while you sleep tonight?”

“…Heh. Yeah. I think if we do that we can chase each others nightmares off.”

“So…see you in my bed in half an hour?”

“Sure thing Kiddo.”

“One more thing Sans.” She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Love you.”

“L…love you too Frisk.”

Boy was that going to take some getting use to.

‘Till death do us part

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Sasuke got home one night and, as his wife, Hinata, served dinner, he held her hand. “I want a divorce.”

She wasn’t annoyed by his words. Instead, she sighed and asked softly, “Why?”

He avoided the question and this made her upset. So he admitted that he was having an affair with a woman named Sakura at work.

He looked away from those questioning lavender tint eyes. “I am no longer in love with you.”


The next day, with a deep sense of guilt, Sasuke drafted a divorce agreement that stated that Hinata could keep the house, the car and 30% share of his savings. She read the paper then to his shock, the paper was burnt to ashes. Damn her chakra nature.

The woman who spent 10 years of her life with him had became a stranger. He felt sorry for her wasted time, efforts but he could not take back what he had done and said.

She can’t take it anymore. She finally cried loudly in front of her husband. “W-we took vows to each o-other…”

Hinata was heartbroken and that was Sasuke expected to see. The idea of divorce felt more real now.


Sasuke went home very late the next day; he spent some naughty time with Sakura. He opened the door of their house, went to the kitchen to drink some energy juice and found Hinata writing something on a piece of paper on the dinner table.

She noticed his presence so she presented her divorce conditions.

He read the condition that she doesn’t want any shares and anything from him but requested that for the next 30 days, they will be living a normal life as much as possible. He glanced at her after reading this statement. He noticed that she was just staring blankly at him.

He glanced back to the paper. He read her reason. Her reason was simple: their daughter, Chikara, will have her Chuunin Exams in a month, and Hinata doesn’t wanted her to be distracted because of their broken marriage. He glanced back at her again then his lips parted. She answered a fake smile.

He returned his focus to the paper again. She still have a little request though. But before he could read it, Hinata coughed.

“Recall how you carried me on our wedding day.”

Sasuke’s brows narrowed. “You request that I carry you out of our bedroom every morning in 30 days…”

She nodded.

He thought that she was going crazy but to make their last days together bearable, he accepted her odd request. “Ah.”


They were both pretty clumsy about it when Sasuke carried Hinata out on the first day, but their daughter was joyfully clapping her hands behind them, singing, “Papa is holding Mama in his arms!”

Chikara’s words triggered a sense of pain in him.

He carried her from their bedroom to the living room. He let her down there then before going to the kitchen, she waited for Chikara to be out of sight then she closed her eyes. “Don’t tell our daughter about the divorce.”

Sasuke nodded and left for work.


They weren’t as clumsy on the second day. Hinata leaned on his chest and he could smell her fragrance of her shirt. He realized that he hadn’t really looked at this woman for a long time. She wasn’t young anymore.

There were fine wrinkles on her face . Her hair was graying! Their marriage has taken toll to her.

For a minute, he wondered what he had done to her…


On the fourth day, when Sasuke lifted Hinata up, he left a sense of intimacy returning. “This was the woman who had given 10 years of her life to me.”


On the fifth and sixth day, Sasuke realized  that their sense of intimacy was growing again. It became easier for him to carry her as days passed by and he suddenly realized that she was getting extremely thin.


One morning, it hit him on how she was suffering so much pain and bitterness in her heart. And with out really thinking about it, he reached out, touched and pat her head.

Chikara came in as Sasuke pat Hinata’s head. She playfully jumped on their bed and greeted them. “Papa, it’s time to carry Mama out!”

To her, seeing her father carry her mother, had become an essential part of every morning.

Sasuke’s wife gestured to their daughter to come closer, then hugged her tightly. He turned his face away for he was afraid he might change his mind.

He then carried Hinata in his arms and her hands were naturally wrapped around his neck. He held her body tight just like on their wedding day.

“Yay! Papa is holding Mama!”


On the last day, when Sasuke held her in his arms, he could hardly move a step. He knew what he had to do. He drove to Sakura’s place, walked upstairs and found her almost naked.

“Hey, you’re early today… So you wanna have some-”

“I’m sorry, Sakura. But I don’t want to divorce my wife anymore.” He interrupted.


It all became very clear to him. He had carried his wife into their home after their wedding day and I vowed to her, “Until death do us part.”


Sasuke got home, cinnamon rolls on his hand, her favorite, and miraculously, a smile on his lips. He entered their bedroom then dropped the box of cinnamon rolls.

His wife was dead.


It turned out that Hinata has been fighting a severe illness for a few months. And Sasuke was too busy with Sakura to not even notice.

Hinata knew that she would die soon.

“So that’s the reason behind her odd request.”

The odd request was so important to her. She wanted their daughter to see how Sasuke was a loving husband and that they were together. “Death do us part.”


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