this might have been the best song live

What your favorite TAZ campaign says about you...

Here There Be Gerblins: you’ve just started listening to the podcast.

all of the Lunar Interludes combined: you are very patient, intelligent, and see the best in everyone.

Murder On The Rockport Limited: you have a rare coin collection.

Petals To The Metal: u gay (also might have a tentacle fetish)

Crystal Kingdom: u also gay and a witch. U write the best meta.

Eleventh Hour: ur full of regrets or just forgetful (probably also nb). Your friends are grateful to have you in their lives.

The Suffering Game: you write fanfiction

The Stolen Century: y-….you’ve been through some shit,,,,,,,,,haven’t you? Can I make you some tea? Hold you gently?

Story and Song: a literal jar of harvested souls 🌈

What to expect at the Oscars 2017

8. Lin-Manuel Miranda

Generally, hosting the Academy Awards is a hiding to nothing. Better to be magnificent in minutes then talked up as the genius MC that might have been. If Kimmel disappoints, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s name will inevitably come up. The actor-composer will be on stage with Auli’i Cravalho, performing his Moana ballad How Far I’ll Go, up for Best Original Song: if it wins, the Oscar will sit nicely alongside his Emmy, two Grammys, three Tonys and Pulitzer.

But even if it doesn’t, Miranda’s Broadway charm is flavour of the month in Hollywood: he’s currently filming Mary Poppins Returns in the role of lamplighter Jack and is songwriting with Alan Menken for the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Earlier this week he brushed off The Hollywood Reporter’s suggestion he might host in future. But either way, you sense this won’t be a one off.


We don’t know if our time right now seems like much of anything. Everything we have might be nothing and trivial, but as a great poet once said, ‘The most magnificent poem hasn’t been written yet; the most beautiful song hasn’t been sung yet; our best days are the ones we haven’t lived yet.’ So that’s why the present and everything we do is precious. We still have our best hit coming.
—  The Best Hit

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hi pauline, I was just wondering if you have any places in edinburgh you find particularly interesting/enjoyable/that you'd recommend to someone visiting there? I'll be there for 4 days with a friend, and we're trying to make the most of our visit. (also I hope you're enjoying the ma and living there, and apologies if this has already been asked!)

Hey love, sorry for my late reply! 

First things first, I have to say that I’m still pretty much a tourist in the city, and that I keep to the old part of town anyway, which might make things a bit boring for you. But here are the things I like doing best here:

Walk the Royal Mile up and down over and over again. It’s terribly cliché, but it’s such a lovely street, cobble-stoned, full of overpriced, archetypal scottish products, but resonating with the song of bagpipes, buoyant with street artists, surrounded by old, tilting houses, peppered with fairy lights; at the top, you enter a strange, time-travelesque, gothic slope that will bring you up to the castle, which is absolutely a must see. You can stay within the castle walls for hours on end—magnificent view, multiple museums and chapels, stony benches, a strange step in the Middle-Ages.

Tour the university campus—there, you’ll find Walter Scott’s house, the beautiful Old College buildings, the modern Library and its art collections. In the Student’s Union House, you’ll be able to take a drink and walk through rooms upon rooms of comfortable armchairs, hushed whispers and loud laughters, impressive ballrooms and tiny writing offices. Down the Middle Meadow Walk, you’ll find a large, green park too. 

Really, it’s a strangely scaled city: it feels like an out-of-time town, small and twisty and labyrinthine, yet it’s the capital, full of historic sites and cultural spots. 

St. Giles Cathedral is exquisite, and solemn, and full of hushed light; of course the National Gallery is lovely if you’re interested in British art, but my favourite is the National Museum, which is a wonderful bric-à-brac of knowledge and playful activities and delightful treasures. There you’ll find fashion designs as well as medieval war weapons, dinosaur skeletons and Art Deco tapestries, the Lewis Chessmen, and even space stones. The National Library is worth a short visit, with its whacky museum and a bunch of beautiful maps and books. Grab a coffee in the charity coffee-shop of the Storytelling Centre, enjoy the view of its lush, secret garden, and its folktales bookstore. Near it, you’ll find my favourite jewellery shop, full of Scottish stones, Highland Gems. I also love to walk in the Greyfriars and the St. Cuthbert cemeteries, which are gothic and yet full of whimsical life stories, ornate benches, strange, twisted trees; and of course, try and go climb Arthur’s Seat—the climb is painful and the view is spectacular, and it’s so strange to see this ragged, wonderful, green, ocre, beautiful hill in the corner of your eye, wherever you are, alien in the center of the city. 

The light, here, anyway… The light on Arthur’s Seat, on Calton Hill (another nice climb!), on the Castle; rich and golden and extraordinary.

In Grassmarket, you’ll find Armstrong Vintage store, which I recommend wholeheartedly, especially if you want a Scottish wool cardigan for an affordable price, or even just to take a look at the ancient ecclesiastical and victorian garments hanging from the ceiling. There’s also this wonderful shop with a lot of dinosaur’s bones, fossils and star stones, Mr. Wood’s Fossils. From there and up to Westport, you’ll find Mary’s Milk Bar (great ice-cream), cute antique shops, bookstores, and the Art Library.

Now for my favourite bookstores, I’d recommend you go to Armchair Books (the absolute best, a twisting labyrinth of new and second-hand books, with a great antique section); Southside Books; Waterstones on Prince’s Street, where you’ll find beautiful modern editions and will be able to get some great coffee/tea and nice gluten free (or not) cakes; the OldTown bookshop, where victorian copies neighbour old maps and antique drawings of the old Edinburgh, and which is incidentally located on the lovely Victoria Street; and of course Blackwells, which features a very cool Harry Potter window. 

Now for the real Tourist Experience, I do recommend you take one or two of Edinburgh’s walking tours, because they’re wonderful. One of them would be the writer’s museum book-lover tour, which starts at the museum (very small, but super nice, with a lot of Scottish’s writers memorabilia) and takes you around Old Town—to the university where Conan Doyle studied, the hospital where J. M. Barrie invented Wendy, wrecking the myth of J. K. R’s Elephant House (Harry Potter was NOT written there!), etc. The other tours I’d recommend are the ghost tours (usually guides dress up and play morbid jokes on your group, and it’s a very fun way of learning about the actual old Edinburgh) and the underground tours (the underground city being full of morbid legends, spooky closes, twists and turns). 

Here you go, it’s mostly stuff you can find online, I’m afraid, but I hope you have fun!

Kindly Calm Me Down

I posted yesterday that I write fluff on demand for my wonderful mutuals who might need a pick-me-up. 

So, just for you @adorkablephil, have Phil comforting Dan during their trip to Singapore. Because who doesn’t need a Phil taking care of them when they’re feeling less than their best?

This might have been inspired by some of my own experiences. The title is from a the Meghan Trainor song of the same name. Because its beautiful and encapsulates this well I think.


AO3 Link
(1k, fluff, comfort, hints at social anxiety I guess?)

Singapore is hot, and crowded, and full of constant interruption. It’s seeing pictures of themselves taken at a distance in their own social media tags and posing for them every couple of hours. It’s feeling that trailing presence wherever they are and while they wouldn’t change their lives for the world, it does have a wearing effect on Dan as the day goes on.

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I am so stoked for a "diverse" album. I think it's incredible that 1989 feels like she sat down one day with one mindset, one standpoint, and created one single complete project. But I find it just as incredible that you literally have to pep talk yourself into handling some of the transitions between songs in red (looking at you, all too well into 22) also love the concept of not being able to pin point exactly who she is, because the whole point is no one really knows.

people are complex, our lives are complex. Tuesday might look nothing like Wednesday and Friday might be an entirely different experience than the first four days of the week. January and February might have been the *best months* but July might have been the *worst*, but they are all part of the same year. We might be having a great time at work, but a terrible one with a friend. Or happy with school, but trouble at home. Or outwardly seem like we’ve got our shit together, but internally facing demons. Life isnt always cohesive, maybe an album that reflects how life - or a year - or a person - is not always just ‘one thing’ how one ‘perspective’ does not define them - how their path does not flow down a crystal clear blue creek every day but rather gushes over rocks and careens off waterfalls and takes sharp twists and turns every once in a while, while at the same time having calm waters and peaceful lakes, would be more representative. 

I am so sick of setlist bitching. I am so sick of setlist bitching. I. Am so sick. Of setLIST BITCHING

– spoken as someone who should probably stop visiting the boards and following certain accounts on twitter, but HONESTLY I’m seeing, like twelve posts about HERES HOW TO MAKE THE SETLIST BETTER;  how about sit DOWN? “21 SONGS? HOW LAZY????”


You know who it wasnt tired for? This sad little Australian who had never heard it played live and had been waiting all her life to hear it played live. You best believe I cried my ass off. And god, don’t even get me started on my reaction to Fade to Black. DON’T EVEN GO THERE.

But enough about Metallica, because you know who is happy with U2’s setlists? The thousands upon thousands of fans who have likely never seen them live or have but it might have been years ago, or it might have even been recent but still they’re going into these concerts thinking God when I hear them play One I’m going to cry, I know I am–because that song means the world to them–or God if they play SBS it will be chilling… I’ve been waiting ALL MY LIFE TO HEAR SBS LIVE IMAGINE FINALLY HEARING IT IN PERSON     PLAYED BY FUCKING U2 …that’s what they might be thinking. Maybe not that aggressivelike, but you know …

These concerts aren’t just for you, they who complain on forums after seeing your bands perform live oh so many times. They are for all of the audience. SO SIT DOWN, have a nice cup of chill your shit, and stop making countless threads about HERE’S WHAT U2 NEEDS TO DO TO FIX THEIR SHIT because you know, at this stage in their lives, I really do not think U2 need such helpful guidance. They’re doing juuuuuuust fine.

Also while we’re at it, lets stop talking shit about how MU-U-U-U-U-U-UCH Bono has aged in the past couple of years oh my god, hush the shit up, he looks great, and bitch even if he didn’t, you try breaking half your body in a devastating accident and see how you end up on the other side, after all that stress and pain and heartache you silly little wanks.

(this is not directed at anyone on here, you know I love you all, but I am tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired of hateraters)

I spend a lot of time thinking about how Supernatural would be different if Dean or Sam had been a girl and we’d had a brother-sister relationship instead. 

I imagine that John would have raised them to be equally tough and capable of hunting, but Dean would still look around nervously when he brings Samantha to a seedy bar (one time a guy tried to grab her ass and left with a broken nose and two missing teeth). Sam would keep a close eye on Deanna and possibly stay overnight in the Impala outside the house of whatever guy she went home with, just to make sure she’s okay. The siblings always have each other’s backs; that wouldn’t change. But they’d have new threats to look out for, and that would give the show a different type of edge and a really amazing opportunity to deal with various issues women face in everyday life, especially with the type of life the Winchesters lead.

But that’s not all. Charlie and Deanna would have had a field day LARPing together. You know Gabriel would have been flirting like mad with Sam every chance he got. Instead of various suits and ties, Deanna would have this massive array of little black dresses cause she knows she’s got a smoking hot body and she plans to use it to her advantage whenever possible (demons still warn each other about what happened to Travis after spending the night with the elder Winchester). The siblings would be constantly mistaken for a couple so they eventually just roll with it and develop this really elaborate backstory if somebody asks. At Stanford, Samantha might have been a cheerleader and certainly the top of her class. Dudes would always try and offer Deanna help when she worked on the Impala but then she would stun them by knowing more about cars than they did. Samantha would work out a ton and guys everywhere would be constantly shocked that this oddly tall girl is kicking their asses in fights. Deanna would spend half of her time complaining about periods. Samantha and Jo would have been best friends.

After Swan Song, maybe Deanna went back and lived with Lance and they had a child together. Can you imagine her learning how to be a mother after having virtually no role model for that growing up? Sam finding out that he’s an uncle after returning from hell. Bobby finally hearing about their baby and insisting on receiving constant updates and pictures. The two of them crying just as much as Deanna when she returns to hunting and has to go through the guilt and pain and turmoil of leaving behind this tiny, green-eyed baby.

Imagine Kevin, newly minted member of Team Free Will, being an awkward high school kid and trying to figure out how to act around Samantha, who is this super tall, super gorgeous, super terrifying girl who can kick his ass but also has a smile that shines like the sun and a laugh that fills the room. Just think what a massive crush he would have on her, and maybe those feelings are returned just a little bit, but there’s an understanding that hunting is the kind of lifestyle where you just can’t become attached like that. Imagine Samantha realizing that Gadreel killed Kevin while using her as a vessel and going and shutting herself in his room for a week, only coming out after Dean makes her favorite food and promises that they’ll track down the angel for revenge.

Picture Demon!Deanna, a stunning girl with red lipstick who dresses all in black leather and lace-up boots, winking at men and getting them to follow her outside of the bar, then her eyes flicking black right before she kills them. Imagine Crowley trying to make her stop flirting with the waiters and bartenders until he realized that they could get free drinks that way. You just know that all of the demons in hell would have been gossiping about Crowley’s new girlfriend until he hears about it and throws the biggest fit any of them have seen in a long time.

Samantha would have gorgeous long wavy hair that somehow never gets tangled in fights. Or maybe Deanna would be rocking a pixie cut and constantly getting mistaken for a boy because she wears John’s leather jacket (it’s about four sizes too big but it smells like the Impala so she refuses to take it off).

I have a lot of feelings about the female!winchesters

Pentatonix is Amazing

Okay so yesterday, November 10th, I went to my first ever PTX concert. And I just really want to write this while everything is still fresh in my head, because it was honestly a life changing experience. 

When the lights came up on them for the first time my breath literally caught in my throat and my heart skipped.


I mean, obviously they’re real, but it was still so surreal. Seeing all of them standing there on the stage in front of me, even though I was about a mile away, was such an insane feeling.

Now about each member…

Kirstie is so tiny. She’s like a little fairy on stage, and she gets so into it! She kills all the choreo and slays all the vocals. I’ve never been a huge KirSTAN, but the amount of dedication she puts into what I’m assuming is every performance is beyond inspiring.

Kevin is definitely a fan favorite. I always used to think he was the neglected member, and social-media-wise he kind of is, but the amount of people screaming for him was insane. AND THE FREAKING BACH PRELUDE, total highlight. The amount of talent that one man has is ridiculous.

Scott’s riffs are heavenly. They are so effortless and wonderful and are somehow even more incredible live. You can also tell that he’s absolutely living on stage. Every once and a while, usually while someone else is talking, I saw him standing in the back just staring out at all of us with the most amazed expression. I love him.

Mitch is my queen. Mitch is everyone’s queen. Mitch is queen. I don’t even have to talk about his voice, because I’m sure ya’ll already know how absolutely completely flawless it is. But it’s not just his voice that makes him so amazing. He was acting on stage, for every song. I was living for his little side comments and sassy expressions. Love love love him.

And finally Avi. If you hate rants you might as well skip this paragraph lol, because I’m about to go off. Avi has always been my favorite human being ever, so seeing him live was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. First of all, his voice is stupid amazing. You can feel his bass notes inside your chest, all around you. He made the entire room shake during Christus Factus Est, and I’m not exaggerating. The seats underneath all of us were vibrating like crazy, and the middle-aged guy next to me audibly screamed, “What the shit!?” His higher register is like silk. I was sobbing not only during Light in the Hallway, but Hallelujah as well, because of him and the beauty that is his voice. He is also the most humble and genuine person ever. When he spoke to the all of us, he just seemed so overwhelmed with gratitude. It was touching. And finally, he’s adorable. His straight-faced humor is hilarious. One of my favorite moments was when Kate came to get the phone from him after Misbehavin, and he bowed to her. Except I don’t just mean bowed, I mean he did this cute little jumpy step and then basically got on one knee while he handed it over. I was so mad I didn’t get it on video, because it was so adorable. I love Avi Kaplan so freaking much.

Anyway, that was my PTXperience. I know not that many people are going to see this post, but in a few years I want to be able to look back and remember that night. Love you all!! xx 

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Challenge: scene/context + song = musical moment. What are your top 3 musical moments in MMFD?

Why are you doing this to meeeeee … Ok, I’ll rate it for the decibels of my screams. AND I WILL DO FIVE BECAUSE 3 IS NOT ENOUGHHH

1) Ok, my favorite music/context moment was this…

Because I thought it was awesome that they cut the music as soon as “things got serious” and you could hear the rain tapping on the windows, the sash of her robe opening, the robe falling and just then when you’re holding you’re breath because that’s the moment we were waiting for it fades to black and forget wonderwall YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME STARTS!!! kill me…

2) This one hurttttts. Remember when we saw episode 3 (s2) and then at the end we breathed because it was over right? Stacey was out of the picture and Rae had survived, things looked a little better and THEN…


No joke I was shaking and the song just hit me right there in the feels…

3) What about this?


4) The moment we were FUCKKKKKKKKKK….

It was the hope of all we might have been
that fills me with the hope to wish
impossible things…

Rae and Tix were living/wishing their own impossible moment but Tix ‘s wish wasn’t going to be fulfilled. 

5) This was priceless. One of the few songs that were more about the sense of humor than showing the golden era of brit pop and it was PERFECT!

MR LOVER LOVERRRR… Finn has the guts to say he has the best taste in music but it’s the only one dancing on the pub to the rhythm of Boombastic!

Which one would you add/change?!
And sorry for the delay but I had to make the gifs with a slooooow machine. 

(ajttk)  what if   - this is the same 1 i posted over the weekend  w faux bass and 2nd guitar added - it has been well established that i am lazy as fuck (see song of same name) - it was ez r to post from sc than scroll down to find - 

might b the best thing i have recorded

primary track  - cascade on garageband - heavy echo some reverb  

2nd guitar track wide wide wah - full on - used volume and tone knobs on guitar for “swell” efx - virtually all notes tapped or hammered - almost no plucking (right hand busy manipulating controls -  the challenge will be figuring out an arrangement i can play live (may not b possible) 

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How would Sungyeol + Hoya + Myungsoo + Dongwoo react when you listen to their songs and turn up the volume when their part comes (and you're not aware that he's watching you)?

Sungyeol would try to stay quiet so you don’t notice him watching. As soon as he saw you turn the volume up at his part, he would tease you about it. He would be happy and show that by laughing about it with you.

Hoya would see this happen and startle you by suddenly speaking up. He would commend you at recognizing the best part of the song and do so while putting his arm around you and laughing a little.

Myungsoo would watch quietly and not be able to contain his smile when he saw you turn it up. He might just stay quiet and let you notice on your own that he’s there; let you wonder how long he has been watching.

Dongwoo would announce his presence by singing over his part out loud. He would then tell you how you can get a live version of his parts anytime, and that you just have to ask him, dancing included.

~Admin B

JYJ and TVXQ: a summary of 2014

To the ever awesome Cassiopeia-Bigeast tandem:

I know that some of us or maybe quite the majority is not sold with our 26-million votes down the drain. But here’s a breakdown of what happened this year to cheer us up!

It’s been a pretty fucked up year for other groups, but it’s been quite a year for Cassiopeia and BigEast. We waited for two years for a Korean comeback, and finally we had our 7th album. Omg. The songs are awesome, we slayed the charts, and everything was a blast!

And off we went for Tree album. It’s real good! The album was followed by Hide & Seek / Something, Sweat / Answer, and Time Works Wonders" as singles which were heaven and a pain in both heart and pockets.

Toho Tree Tour started and TVXQ gathered 600, 000 fans just from Japan alone with only 11-dome tour. How’s that right?

And who would dare forget Ti Amo? Like omfg. HoMin’s so handsome. *heavy breathing* No one should dare contend the power of the two.

And the brusque maknae made us laugh when he surprised us with Shim JangMi.

They all acted in various dramas; Mimi for Changmin; Three Days for Yoochun; Triangle for Jaejoong; Dracula for Junsu; and Night’s Watchman for Yunho. Congrats to our boys for a job well done!

Moving on to some rated x smexy jyj comeback, every fangirl heart screamed when they released Just Us album. And who would not swoon over…

Here’s another story of our success.

JYJ nearly got mistreated by IAG. After being promised to participate in the opening of Incheon Asian Games, they were suddenly withdrawn from the list, and Cassi-East fought for their position! And fuck yeah. We fucking did it. They got their performance which is due of their title as IAG ambassadors. They were banned for years on tv, but any Korean channel couldn’t do anything but to air them. How’s that for a big fuck you?

On the other hand, is there anybody who’s not impressed when they froze traffic due to their 50, 000-attendees street concert? la la la la

This list won’t be complete without mad congratulations to Junsu who was crowned as the best male musical actor with the highest box office draw and to Yoochun who won best new actor at Daejong festival. Loud clap and shoutout to Junsu who opened his luxurious Tuscana hotel.

And I might just add on how JYJ chose RED as their color for Ichigo Chie? Um…stans just went uh-oh. lol

Now, here’s the deal breaker. Who would dare forget heart-wrenching ot5 moments of the year? How Junsu sang ot5 songs? How Yunho admitted that he watched Jaejoong’s drama, and acknowledged his hard work? And how Jaejoong replied with a “Yunho-yah” and a loooooong speech filled with heartfelt message.

Here’s more, do you remember Yoochun’s interview?

“The two that wished to stay and the three that wished to leave. I just wish that we could all be happy now. I’m really looking foward to Yunho’s new drama ‘The Night Watchman.” ‘The Night Watchman’ is the follow up drama to JYJ Jaejoong’s drama ‘Triangle’. I wish the five of us could all earn great success. And although I don’t know exactly know when, I just wish that we could come together and share drinks as a five. That itself would be great. “

And do you remember how JYJ surprised us with an emotional tearjerker performance when they sang their old tvxq songs?


And before this list comes to close, please don’t forget how Toho won Tohoshinki Best Asian Artist, Time Album of the Year (Asia), Best 3 Albums (Asia), "Catch Me -If you wanna-” Song of the Year by Download (Asia), and Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~ Best Music Videos in Japan Golden Disc Awards.

So, yes. Basically, 2014’s been good to us.

Other groups might have a fucked up year, and although we lost MAMA, but we generally had a good year. I’m raising my middle finger to anybody who would dare say that we do not deserve these things after everything that we’ve been through.

Here’s to the past decade and to the future decades!


I’d like to dedicate my last post of 2014 to this woman right here.

I had the honor to see her live, in concert, for Born This Way Ball & artRAVE. She may not have saved my life, but she definitely made my life a whole lot bearable. 

I don’t just speak for myself when I say this, but this woman is an incredible soul. Witnessing first hand, the people who come to her concerts, especially on the floor, these people come to free their minds. I was one of those people. Every time I see her perform and leave the venue, I feel as if a new me has come out. I feel so free and refreshed. She has changed my life for the best, and I could never thank her enough for that.

Some people think idolizing over someone is flat out “stupid,”like my mom, but I don’t.

Idolize the good people, make them known.

Make them known so people who are struggling in life, may find their idol and have something to look up to and motivate them to get up in the morning.

The years 2011-2013 were really hard years for me, and if it wasn’t for this woman, I don’t even know where I’d be right now. She makes life worth living for me. Seeing her happy makes me happy.

I made my goal for 2014 to always try my best to be positive and be happy. And I freaking accomplished that goal. But all that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Gaga. Her songs get me through the bad days.

This post is probably cheesy, and I might regret this later, but for right now, this is how I feel.

I feel amazing.

2015? Come at me.

Hello guys o3o)/ this is Lucy’s Public service announcement :3 (lol) XD just something to catch yer attention.

anyways, i’ve noticed that my comic “That Random Story” got a few good feedback :3 and well, it was enough to encourage me to get more into it :)

So here’s how it will go:

- I will start posting chapters on May 21. The first chapter :) (i jsut want to let my sem to end before working on it for the rest of my summer) – if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to post it earlier.

- It will take me 1-2 weeks to complete each chapter :)

- I’ve conceptualized the story last night so I have a clear basis- it won’t be cut off in the middle just cos “I don’t know what to do” cos I’ve already planned :) if good happens, the story will be even more developed with extra tidbits :)

- There are three narrators in this comic. There’s your Lucky Charm Lucy <3 There’s Levy & there’s Gajeel. Why Luce? Obviously because Levy for her chapter & Gajeel for his. Luce is there for the chapters that centers THE BOTH of them. :) cos she’s basically the one who sees this love blossom from beginning to finish. (i want to say why but– SPOILERS hngg)

- expect some sibling action :3 and a few raijinshuu clips. I barely see much of them OuO so I want to give them credit for it

- For the readers of my first pilot chapter– which is like a prologue or something– The setting is the Apartment– Lucy’s apartment :3 Therefore there are floor plans and designs of these rooms that each person stays in :D (I especially like how me and my friend designed Gajeel’s– yes I asked help from a friend :) )– You guys will see these floor plans as soon as i finish it :D I’m starting off with references from Google, then actualizing the floor plan and room structure via Sims & then sketching :3 (i use sims 3 for this XD)

-  YES! EXPECT SKETCHES OF THEIR ROOMS XD :3 – you guys will find out who lives with who :> - or you can also try guessing now!

- I will try my best to make my drawings consistent. i tend to get lazy but hopefully– i won’t ;v;)/

- I won’t bee too keen on “precise places” in seattle since I have never been  there personally ;v;. I’ve just dreamt of stepping onto that beautiful Seattle pavement. <3

- Progress might become slower once June steps in again since it’s back to the university for me (i am currently at 4th year – college OTL)

- These chapters are Heavily based on songs :) like the chapter titles themselves are song titles (except ch.1) so you can expect a few mellow drama moments if you know my type of music :3

here’s a few:

  • Skinny love (Bon Iver)
  • Team (lorde)
  • Chocolate (1957)

So yeah that’s as good as a spoiler & preview :3

- How lucy got that apartment will be explained in th story– first few chapters :3

- if ever something else came up, i’ll post about it again as “Lucy’s Public Announcements” :3 Lucy will be our Muse for this story ^u^)/

- I’ll try to cover each characters’ story & past since this is a modern time AU. I want to make it less depressing ;v;)/ – i placed a lot of tenants in Lucy’s apartment you see :3

That ends this Announcement! A big warm of applause for our muse Lucy ^u^)/ she is an attention getter <3

Ever since I watched their Vampire TV show, U-Kiss have been the K-Pop group I admire the most. Yeah, not every song they put out is the best thing I’ve ever heard…but their personalities and energy more than make up for it! Even if they never win a single award, I’ll always look back on their videos with happy memories :3 Keep going, U-Kiss! I might never get to see you live but I’ll always support you guys 1000%

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are u thinking of leaving the fandom since ure getting over 1d?

can you ever really escape the fandom? lmao i don’t think i ever really made a big secret out of that i’m here for zayn and liam. i wish them all the best and i’ll always be ot5 trash, but things changed for me ever since zayn left. i just don’t get this pure joy of excitement anymore, i don’t really follow the tour, this morning i woke up, saw the new single had been released and i was so scarily chill about it? when fireproof dropped i was screaming for a week straight lol. i like the song, no question about it, but i’m definitely not freaking out. i also have yet to hear it live and this might change my perception of the song, which i think sounds a little overproduced? only my opinion though. 

back to he question! i’m going to keep following liam’s career (still praying for solo music because i think we’ll never hear his full potential otherwise and i’m simply done with how a big portion of the fandom is treating him, he deserves better, the end) and there’s still a concert i have to attend in september, but after that, i think i’ll make big changes on who i follow and what to blog. you could say i might become a more casual 1d fan, just enjoying their music and that’s it. if they really drop management and things start feeling genuine again, i might change my opinion. though the fandom will keep being terrible and that’s where my real problem is. i will always be ziam af and i’m here for zolo and whatever liam chooses to do, but i will never feel ot4 and i accept that, hope you can too. xx