this might go down in history as the hardest show to color ~ever

Frosted Lines [3/?]

AN: So here you are, part three. So there’s probably one more after this one. I know I said that last time but my writing as a tendency to sprawl longer than I always intend (If you can believe it, Under A Pink Sky was intended as a one-shot. Ha.) Here’s parts one and two. Unbeta’d. Typos my own.

Eponine Thenardier has taken the ice with her new partner Gabriel Enjolras. What can we expect from them today?

Tough to say. Comebacks are a tough thing, especially when you’ve had an injury like hers and switching disciplines? I don’t know. 

But if anyone could do it, it’s her right?

You’re absolutely right. But remember, this is their first outing together in competition. Their coach Fauchelevent says they still have some work to do but that they’re ready.

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