this might change opinions

Not long after we started spending time together, he came over one night and said he had something very important to tell me, something that might change my opinion of him. Shaking with nervousness, he told me that he was illegitimate. His mother gave birth to him in a home for unwed mothers in the East, he said, and they moved to Tacoma to live with relatives when he was very small. Then she married Johnnie Bundy and had four more children. Johnnie Bundy had adopted him, but Ted knew nothing about it until he was a teenager.

It had come as a terrible shock. A cousin had been teasing him about it, and Ted had refused to believe it. The cousin had taken Ted up to the attic and showed him proof: his birth certificate. Ted was upset by his cousin’s cruelty and furious with his mother because she had left him unprepared for humiliation at the hands of his cousin. “She never even had the decency to tell me herself,” he said bitterly. He asked if I thought he should confront his mother about it.

I told him no. I could sympathize with her. She had made a mistake when she was young, as I had, but had overcome it and had gone on to make a life for herself. It could not have been easy that many years ago - harder, I was sure, than it was for me when I was pregnant with Tina. “I’m sure it’s a source of a lot of pain for her,” I said, “and that’s probably why she didn’t talk about it. It’s not important anymore. What’s important is that you’ve got a lot going for you. I love you because you’re wonderful.” Ted put his head in his hands and cried. - The Phantom Prince : My Life with Ted Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall

Hugh Aynesworth : I talked to Liz. (….) She asked me, very frankly, “Does Ted want to live?” and I said, “Hell yes, he wants to live. You bet he wants to live. Why shouldn’t he?” I don’t know why she asked the question. She did say something that was interesting, though. She said that when you told her about being illegitimate, you cried. Do you recall that situation?

Ted Bundy : I don’t recall it. I could have been emotional about it. I can’t say for sure. I wouldn’t say… I wouldn’t….

HA : She said she thought it really bothered you, more than, you know… Naturally you’re going to say it doesn’t bother you, but she claimed it bothered you - and deeply.

TB : Well (long pause), that’s just her… that’s just her opinion. I just, uh, I can imagine it being something that, uh, you know, was and is of a certain amount of concern to me - although not as much now as it was ten years ago even.

HA : She told me, also, that you had mentioned that you’d been disciplined… or that you were, as a small child, disciplined rather harshly. Do you recall that?

TB : I wasn’t disciplined harshly as a child. I can’t imagine I told her that!

HA : You’ve never had any harsh discipline?

TB : Oh, I mean spanking, or like that. But that’s, I didn’t consider… I would not now, and did not then, consider it to be extreme.

HA : Maybe she’s reading too much into a lot of things.

TB : She’s probably looking for some way of saying, “Well, why?” you know. And who knows? - Ted Bundy, Conversations with a Killer by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth

Christmas Spirit - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Jason doesn’t really care about celebrating Christmas but he see’s how much the reader loves it so he eventually gives in and ends up surprising the reader by decorating the whole house for them.

“Merry Christmas Jay!” You squealed enthusiastically. Jason was sitting on the couch minding his own business when you wrapped your arms around him from behind and put a pair of reindeer antlers on his head.

“Babe what are you doing? It’s November first.” Jason pointed out, unimpressed by the jingling headband.

“Yeah! It’s basically already Christmas! Isn’t it exciting?” You said with a bright smile illuminating the room. Typically, Jason wasn’t the type to celebrate Christmas. He never had a reason to or anyone to truly celebrate the holiday with, but seeing you so giddy and excited for Christmas made him think that his opinion just might change.

For the next month Jason struggled to rein in your holiday cheer. You were ready to decorate the apartment in November but Jason was able to convince you to wait until at least December. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around you were practically itching to sing Christmas songs while you hung tinsel and decorated a Christmas tree. But you agreed that you would wait until December so you didn’t pester him about decorating early.

Seeing how eager you were in the few days leading up to the first day of December so he decided to surprise you by going all out and decorating the apartment. You had gone out shopping with a couple of friends and it took the entire time you were gone to finish the decorating.

The look on your face when you walked in to see was the best gift you could have gotten him for Christmas. Jason stood there silently in a Santa hat and ugly Christmas sweater as you took everything in with wide joyful eyes.

“You did this? For me?” You asked with unshed tears sparkling in you eyes. “Oh Jay! I love it!” You squealed throwing your arms around his neck and embracing him tightly.

“Merry Christmas, babe.” Jason said with a genuine content smile.

“This is great and all, Jay, but where’s the tree?” You asked looking around in search for the obvious missing decoration.

“I figured we could do that part together. What do you say we go pick one out?” Jason prompted already reaching for his jacket. You gasped in delight and bounced up and down while still embracing him. Jason couldn’t help but to chuckle at your enthusiasm. “So I take that as a yes?” Jason questioned with a smirk.

“Yes! A thousand times yes!”

Favourite places in Finland -  11/??

“My favourite place: Ilmajoki!

Well, I haven’t been to many places, I’m an exchange student and this is where I live. Well I also really love Helsinki and I will be visiting Lapland soon, so the opinion might change but for that time: Ilmajoki!”

Well, since I keep misconveying my opinions on copyright, to the point where I keep coming off as sounding like I don’t want copyright at all (Which is not actually my opinion), I might as well make a post detailing my opinions on what changes I’d want to copyright in plain and simple form.


  • Copyright duration in the US should go back to its pre-1976 duration of 56 years.
    • For clarification’s sake, that would mean that everything up to 1959 as of now would be Public Domain, which I think is pretty fair.
    • An exemption would be made for characters who are major “Mascots” and “Logos” of their companies, to throw a bone corporate entities to keep them from whining, but it would need to be super carefully designed without allowing for loopholes for corporate abuse to take huge swaths of characters out of the public domain because “They’re logos now!” with a key target of we-do-not-want-to-let this-happen being the hoarders of Conan’s trademark despite all the original Howard stories being Public Domain
  • Our orphan works laws should be changed, but mainly against large corporate entities who either hoard works without re-releasing them or cannot use them due to rights tanglery, not via forcing smaller creators to have to register everything like some bad proposals have said.
    • My idea for a nonprofit to buy up such works & cult classics would be a stopgap in the meantime, but I would stress that it would be from corporate rightsholders, not vulture-ing off smaller creators
    • Also, more protection for authors who archive and circulate works that are under copyright but would almost certainly disappear if not for that such archival, such as wildly out of print books or ROMs of games left to rot (Like, as Superbunnyhop mentioned as an example; old Pong roms), or even fan translations of works never brought over to a certain country, though there needs to be a “transition process” when that work gets re-distributed by their rightsholders, or (again) a way for it to go into the Public Domain if that redistribution will never come.
  • More protections for non-profit fanworks, or even money-making works like Let’s Plays that don’t do much in effect to harm the actual licensing of the original work, to avoid stuff like NIntendo’s persecution of all those fangames.
  • Less “law” and more ‘ideology,” but I do wish creators felt freer to release certain elements of their work into the Public Domain. and by elements I mean more akin to beasts or materials or artifacts or multiversal entities or versatile characters rather than works as a whole
    • Not under obligation to mind you, lord knows a lot of creators have very good reasons for the keeping of their stuff closed (The cases of Candle Cover, Slender Man, and Pepe the Frog being key examples), I just wish more would consider that as a viable way to let people play in their sandbox.
  • My examples for this going well would be the way nerd culture has inadvertently done this with Frank Herber’ts Sandworms and Spice or everything in the Cthulhu Mythos.

So yea, not so much “Down with copyright entirely” as “An expansion of the creative and archival commons, keeping copyright more to protect small creators rather than huge corporate behemoths”

Just clarifying, and god do I hope I didn’t say anything stupid…

Survey for my Followers and Blog Visitors

Hello everyone! ^_^ This blog is currently celebrating its second anniversary so I’m really curious about what you all think about it. I’ve been thinking about making some changes lately but first I want to hear your opinion.

So I created a survey to collect your thoughts and it would be great if all of you reading this could take part in it and give your honest opinion. It only takes a few minutes and it’s completely anonymous. If there are any questions or things unclear in this survey please contact me. I’ll collect your responses for 2 weeks (until March, 26) and let you know about the results after I’ve analyzed them.

Here’s the link to the survey.

Thank you very much for taking part. Your opinion helps me decide what I might change or keep doing. :)

Please don’t reblog this post since this survey is for my followers and the visitors to my blog only!

anonymous asked:

(same anon from before) don't you think the whole "bad man turned good because he fell in love with the lady" trope may send unhealthy messages to people stuck in toxic relationships? people who think their abusive partner might change because of them?

im not sure. in my opinion, karamel never was & never will be abusive. & i think that when youre with someone, and you love them, you will do everything in your power to be a better person when youre with them. you want to give them everything you have to offer. and that is exactly what mon el is doing. kara has changed him for the better & that is SO important. she has showed him what it means to be kind & be a hero instead of a prince who got everything handed to him. i truly think that when you love someone, you strive to be the person you want them to see you as.

- taylor

Just some possible Scales changes-

// I kind of want honest opinions on the following changes I might be doing for the scale crew (design and possibly personality!) It’s okay if you don’t like them… I’m just curious if y’all think it’s a good change or a bad change. (Keep in mind they are androids!)

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Whatever the Future Holds

Request - Omg, could you pretty please do an imagine where y/n is in a relationship with Dan but she finally comes out and says how she doesn’t want kids and it’s all really intense because she’s sure that Dan does? <3 thank you!

A/N: Thank you for the lovely request anon :) I’ve been having horrible writers block, so I’m sorry if this isn’t very good.

Word Count: 991

Your POV 

You and Dan have been in a relationship for a long time now, like 5 years long. The topic of kids has always been brought up in the past, but you always avoided answering it because truth is, you don’t want kids. Your opinion might change at some point but for the time being, having a kid is something that you just don’t want. Except you’re 90% sure your boyfriend, Dan, wants kids. Every time you guys pass a kid out in public he can’t help but to just say “aw”, which then leads onto the topic of both of you having kids. You have to tell Dan at some point, and that point was today. 

“Hey (Y/N)! I’m home!” You hear Dan yell down the hallway while you’re sitting on the couch, watching (your favourite tv show) 

“Hey Dan! I’m in the lounge.” You yell back. 

Your tall boyfriend enters the room, with a big smile on his face. He sits down next to you, and kisses you softly on the cheek. 

“How was your day?” He asks, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you in closer. 

“It was good I guess. I just sat here all day watching TV.” You turn your head toward him and smile. 

“Should have guessed that’s what you were doing.” Dan chuckles, and looks over to the TV.  

“How about you?”

“Mine was alright, filled with work at BBC though.” He shrugs. 

“Oh, stressful I guess?” You reply, resting your head on his shoulder. 

“No not really. I’m used to it by now." 

You nod your head, and continue watching the TV. You both sat in comfortable silence while you both stared at the glowing screen. 

"OH!” Dan jumps up in his seat. You look at him smiling.

“You alright there?” You ask laughing.  

“Yeah I’m fine, I just forgot to tell you.” He smiles, staring into your (E/C) eyes. 

“Hm?” You furrow your eyebrows, and tilt your head to the side confused. 

“Somebody was visiting the BBC today, and they brought their really cute baby with them.” Oh no here it is, the conversation you always dread. “They let me carry it, and play with it. Have you ever thought of having a kid love?”

You sit there in silence, your eyes widening, processing his question. No I don’t want kids, they’re little balls of stress. “Um… I-" 

"I’ve thought about it a lot. You know we’re financially stable, and we both have pretty steady jobs. I don’t see a reason why not to have one.” Dan interrupts you before you can answer. You mind is everywhere, should I tell him or should I just avoid the question as per usual?  

“I’m gonna go…to the washroom I’ll be back.” You get up from the couch and quickly walk down the hallway. You walk into the washroom, and lock the door shut. Your mind is racing with worried thoughts. Will he leave me if I say I don’t want a kid? No he can’t, he loves me doesn’t he?  

You sit on the ground, back rested against the door. You let out a frustrated groan, and bury your face in your hands.

“Fuck, what do I do?” You mumble to yourself. A few minutes pass and you hear knocks at the door.  

“Are you okay in there love?” You hear Dan’s worried voice through the door. Tell him. NOW

You get up from the floor, unlock the door and open it fully. You look up into Dan’s eyes, which show so much worry and concern.  

“No.” You say softly, looking back down at your feet. 

“What’s wrong?” He takes a step closer, and engulfs you into a hug.  

“I don’t want kids.” You mumble quietly into his chest. I said it, doesn’t mean he had to hear me right? 

“I’m sorry I couldn’t hear what you said. What?” He leans back slightly, his eyes scanning your face.
“I don’t want kids Dan.” You repeat yourself, louder this time. A tear rolls down your cheek as you see his facial expression drops, he looked hurt. “Please don’t leave me.” Your voice cracks, you’re still staring down at the floor out of embarrassment.  

“Oh (Y/N).” Dan pulls you into another hug, running his fingers through your hair. “Why would I leave you?”  

“Because you want kids so badly, and I don’t want to ruin that dream for you.” You sniffle into his chest, more tears running down your face.  

“I would never leave you. Yes I want kids, but we can wait for that until you feel you’re ready. I love you so much, remember that.” Dan kisses the top of your head. 

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” You ask, still worried he might leave you.

“Of course I’m okay with this love. We’re still pretty young, we don’t need kids right now.” He pulls away, placing both his hands on your cheeks wiping away your tears with his thumbs. 

“I love you too.” You smile at him. He pulls you in and kisses your lips gently. 

“But would you want kids in the future?” He asks, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Of course, I just don’t feel ready right now.”  

“Okay love.” He kisses you again, this time more passionately. “Is this why you’ve always been avoiding the kids topic with me?”

“Wait you noticed I’ve been avoiding that topic?”  

“Well yeah. Every time I bring up kids you either leave the room with some lame excuse, or you attempt to change the subject." 

"Hey! My excuses aren’t lame.” You laugh, hitting him gently on his chest. 

“Admit it they were pretty lame.” He says chuckling. 

“Fine. They were pretty horrible excuses.”  

You were happy you got that off your chest. It has been eating away at you ever since children got brought up the very first time. But now, you knew whatever the future holds, Dan will love you no matter what.

A drabble (1)

Pairing: Sans/Gaster (Sanster)

Words: 512

Across the table, Gaster catches Sans’ eye as the skeleton attempts to stifle a yawn. “BORED?” He signs, glancing around to see if anyone has noticed. No one does, of course, just about every monster in the room is facing the presentation in the front, and they’re sitting near the back.

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Elijah Mikaelson | Imagine

Request: Elijah and (Y/N) have obviously feelings for each other, but the latter is too stubborn to admit until an incident might change (Y/N)’s opinion… - by anon

A/N: This plays at the end of season one. (Y/N) is human here. 

Warnings: injuries 

You sighed as  you made your way back home. Today, you were willing to do the groceries. Going through New Orleans lately was kind of troubling since there was a fight between werewolves, witches and vampires. Being human had its advantages - they wouldn’t focus on you since your weren’t a threat to their plans of gaining reign. 

The Mikaelsons were more than happy that you got some things for them done as they were thinking of a solution for this mess.

But that wasn’t a reason for you leave, not at the first place at least. Everytime you were near a certain suit-wearing, charming vampire you almost lost it. You couldn’t bear him and it confused you everytime how much he was able to mess up with your mind. 

You couldn’t explain the feelings you had. You remembered meeting the Mikaelsons months ago, when all the fuss started. You were trying to help Marcel and Klaus who were attacked by a strange man. You didn’t know what was going on, didn’t know they were vampires and Tunde was a witch. So, it wasn’t a surprise you had some injuries afterwards.

Impressed by your courage, Klaus offered you to take care of you as long as the war may go on. And your stay in their house lead to meeting Elijah, of course. You couldn’t describe the first time you saw him, really.

It was like he mesmerized you at the very beginning. Klaus told him what you did, explaining your lived in the center of everything and so not being safe at all. Elijah looked at you and you thought your heart was imploding. His gaze was so … curious, admiring and warm at the same time.

No, stop it! You instructed yourself silently, shaking your head rapidly, focusing on the here and now. Yes, he was very fascinating. But that might be because he is a thousand year old vampire! You casually reminded yourself. Falling for those is self-destructive and dangerous. You wanted a normal life, you were stuck in your humanity. Supernatural things weren’t something you could handle.

You could never admit he was the one making your heart race.

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anonymous asked:

isn't it convenient that hillary switched to supporting gay marriage in 2013; just when it was becoming "mainstream" to do so?? unlike stein or johnson (who are long time supporters); she just follows public opinion; rather than holding and staying true to her own beliefs.

My grandma switched to supporting gay marriage in 2015. I switched to supporting the legalization of weed in 2012. My mom switched to support abortion in 2013. Are you saying that a politician, unlike a regular human, is obliged to hold the same stance on all issues their entire lives or else they’re “following public opinion”? Isn’t it a good thing that she’s able to learn from her mistakes, realize she might be wrong, and change her mind?

Was Obama also following public opinion when he changed his mind on gay marriage in 2012 and said he fully supports its legalization ? Did leading Republicans follow public opinion when they unendorsed Trump after the scandal? Am I following public opinion if I decide I want a new haircut because a friend mentioned it would look good short and I think she’s right? Why are we dead set as a society in condemning politicians for bad stances, then condemning them anyway if they change their minds because “they’re just following public opinion”? It leaves no room for growth, no room for change, and discourages politicians and people in positions of power from changing their minds and doing what’s right and being better.

And on the subject of Johnson and Stein, Johnson is a libertarian. Libertarians support the legalization of nearly everything because they don’t think the government should be very involved, so that means less funds for things like education and welfare, no public healthcare, no minimum wage, less discrimination laws, less environmental laws, and yes, gay marriage (and weed). Honestly, I’d rather have a civil union if it meant keeping a high level of government involvement. And as for Stein, if you’re going to condemn Hillary for following public opinion, literally educate yourself on Jill Stein. Her opinion on vaccines has shifted all over the map, she’s not only changed her mind but gone back and forth several times, from “they’re good” to “they’re bad” to “ehhhh” to “well there’s no evidence they’re bad” and back to “ehhhh” again. Most telling of all, she originally called the Brexit vote results a victory and said we should build on that momentum, then, after realizing the “liberal” point of view was that they should have remained, immediately changed her website to fit that, now calling Brexit the result of xenophobia and neoliberalism. So if you’re going to regurgitate what Bernie-or-bust voters like to spread about Hillary Clinton, at least educate yourself on what the third parties are actually up to.

There’s a reason Bernie endorsed Hillary and not Stein or Johnson, and in an election with such a dangerous Republican candidate, voting for them is downright stupid, because it could potentially cause a repeat of the 2000 presidential election. Ask anyone who voted for Nader, the Green Party candidate, instead of Gore, the Democratic candidate, splitting the liberal vote and allowing for Bush win by 600 votes. They’ll tell you that you don’t want to vote third party, and that you don’t want to be the reason Trump gets elected on a fluke, because your vote does matter and voting third party can and did mean the difference between a Democratic and Republican president.

tl;dr: Changing your mind doesn’t mean you’re following public opinion. If you’re looking to vote for a liberal candidate with firm and unwavering stances on issues, Johnson and Stein are actually far worse, and voting for them could fuck over the entire country for at least 4 years.

my fave is "problematic"

I’m usually not one to rant about other people’s opinion but I’ve seen tons of “your fave is problematic” posts and it’s PISSING ME OFF!!!!

like I said I don’t want to disrespect other opinions but the next time you want to judge an actor/singer/… on her/his actions or statements please consider these:

  • they are just human beings
  • humans make mistakes
  • everyone is entitled to her/his own opinion
  • their opinion might change over time (a change of opinion doesn’t mean they want to “cover up their shit” or “improve their reputation”)
  • still supporting an actor/singer/… after they fucked something up doesn’t mean their fans are ignorant 

(I just needed to get this out)

I wrote this. Stay alive.

We’re all hopelessly tired.
We’re all hoping that the pink bags under our eyes will fade and we’re all hoping to be taken into a deep sleep that some of us will never awaken from. At 3 AM, after a long night of staring at your ceiling, never awakening sounds quite pleasing. Some would do anything to never wake. We’re all hopelessly tired.
We’re all hopelessly searching for love.
We’re all hopelessly searching for love, as in we’re all hopelessly searching for a tool to bring our half-dead lazy hearts back to life. Love can grow flowers in the most dry places of our hearts, no water or sunlight needed. Isn’t that what we all want?
We’re all hopelessly silent.
Making a sound might change someone’s entirely irrelevant opinion on us, God forbid that. God forbid someone reject what we have to say because what we have to say just might not be enough to cover their expectations. Speaking up might cause a distraction from the quiet, God forbid.
We’re all hopelessly relying.
We’re relying on someone, something, maybe anything to get us through the days ahead. We rely on anything we can grasp ahold of to get us through the times we aren’t strong enough to carry ourselves through.
We’re all hopelessly black and white.
When you’re sad, the world seems to lose all of the color it had yesterday. Your eyesight sees nothing but the two simplest colors- black and white. There’s no room for grey or a shade of anything less than white, anything more than black. Sadness steals the color you once saw, the glimmer that once was in your eye.
We’re all hopelessly trying.
We’re all hopelessly pushing ourselves to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. We’d rather run out of breath on the way to achievement than give up and earn the title a quitter. You’re only a quitter if you allow yourself to be, no other person can give you that title, or any other title. That’s only for yourself to decide.
We’re all hopelessly, human.
We’re tired, we’re searching, we’re silent, we’re relying, we’re black and white, we’re trying, but most important we’re human. We’ll always be tired, we’ll always be searching with tired eyes, we’ll always be silent, though we have a million and one things to say, we’ll always be relying, no matter how much we believe we can do on our own, we’ll always be black and white, no matter how many shades of color are hidden behind our eyes, we’ll always try no matter how fast we get to the finish line, if there even is a finish line, we’re human, and no matter how much we all hate to admit it,

we all feel.

anonymous asked:

Why is it the responsibility of minority groups and people who get discriminated against to prove their human and deserve to live to racists? Sounds like racists need soft words, and kiddy gloves, which is sort of pathetic, why can't racists just simply read a book and choose not to be racist? Are racists that unimaginative? are racists that unable to relate to people who aren't them?

No one said that. But if you want people not to be racist, punching them doesn’t change their mind; in fact it might validate their opinion in their own minds.

How I Met Your Mother: Barney Stinson (ENTP)

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by thoughtful-bunny 

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Barney is a man who constantly needs new input. Challenge accepted! New ideas, new experiences are needed to get the rush of excitement. His playbook is giving out hundreds of possibilities to get what he wants. He tries to keep his options open. He is spontaneous and might change his opinion about things if it’ll benefit him in the long run. But as quickly as he gets excited for a new challenge, as quickly the next distraction will come by.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Barney is a charismatic person who can process new information quickly, structured and use it for his own benefit. It’s easy for him to point out inconsistencies (and ignores it whenever other people lay out his own logical flaws when he comes up with new ideas). He can think outside the box and use this creativity to make people  think that he can give them what they want and need; which will get him his own will eventually.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Barney’s impressive number of dates already gives an impression of how talented he is in reading other people. He knows what they need and want and is willing to use this information to manipulate people for his own desires. Besides this, his need for external validation is clearly visible. He accepts challenges that nobody dares him to accept; he needs to prove everything to everyone. He needs Teds blessing to marry Robin, the love of his life; because the bro-code tells him that this is the right thing to do.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Barney handles his Si quite poorly. He tends to go for extremes; sex, alcohol, partying, women in general. He doesn’t get over the fact that his father wasn’t around in his childhood and he romanticized every father figure in his life; be it random popular celebrities or the birth- father of his black brother. When his first love broke his heart, this caused a breakdown which turned him into a totally different person; from a peaceful, harmony-seeking hippie to a suit-wearing, profit-focused yuppie. He remembers what happened to him and uses this to (over)compensate from that point on; using women in a way he never wants to feel used again.

anonymous asked:

I thought you would ship snowbarry since you ship riarkle

Just by looking at the gifs, westallen seems like they have more chemistry than snowbarry. Once I watch the show my opinion might change, but so far I’m rooting for westallen.