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Quit playing games

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This has been stuck in my head for daaaays! 

“Are you going to eat that?”

Draco frowned but shook his head and pushed his plate across the table. Potter attacked it as if he hadn’t just stuffed his face with three servings of scrambled eggs and croissants.

“Thanks,” he said, beaming at Draco. Clearing his throat, Draco had to look away, otherwise Potter might have noticed how pink his cheeks had suddenly gotten. He really didn’t understand Potter. He didn’t understand this whole strange situation they were in. Who would have thought he and Potter would become the kind of friends who would meet on Sundays for brunch? As much as Draco had always fantasised about becoming friends with him, this was an unexpected outcome. But not as unexpected as what had happened a few days ago…

“Potter, I think you’ve had enough to drink.”

“Dracoooooo! Don’t be such a drag!”

Draco blinked, the sound of his own name still ringing in his ears. Was this the first time Potter had said his given name to his face? Draco hated how much he enjoyed it. Watching Potter sway as he tried to make his way to the bar, Draco grabbed his arm.

“No more drinks for you,” he said resolutely.

“Dracoooo.” Potter knitted his brows together and started pouting. He actually pouted. Draco felt like he was going to faint.

“No, you’ve had enough.” His eyes darted down to Potter’s mouth. His lower lip was trembling and Draco wished he could stop the trembling by softly biting into it. “This won’t work on me,” he said, mentally cursing his voice for sounding so unsteady.

“Are you sure?” Potter said, his mouth stretching into a smile. “Then maybe this will!” With childish enthusiasm, Potter threw his arms around Draco’s neck. Their bodies were suddenly flush against each other.

“What are you-?” Before Draco could finish his question, Potter’s lips were on his, moving slowly and softly. Draco was too stunned to push him away. And honestly, he didn’t want to. Potter was kissing him! And the way he was kissing him… He didn’t seem as drunk as Draco had thought. Or maybe, he was just an exceptionally good kisser.

Against his better judgement, Draco closed his eyes and tentatively placed his hands on Potter’s hips. Potter let out a deep sigh that send a delicious shiver down Draco’s spine. But wait… this wasn’t right. Potter wasn’t in his right mind.

Reluctantly, Draco detached his lips from Potter’s and stared at him. He was not prepared for the sight that met him. Potter was gazing at him dreamily, a wide smile plastered on his face.

“See? I know it would work on you,” he mumbled, before his head collapsed on Draco’s shoulder. The added weight, from Potter going completely limp in his arms, made Draco stumble.

“What in Merlin’s name was that?”

Draco had asked himself that question a lot over the last couple of days. He still had no idea. Potter had acted like nothing had happened when they had seen each other again. Maybe he didn’t remember. But something was definitely off; Potter kept finding excuses to touch Draco in seemingly innocent ways and whenever he thought Draco wasn’t paying attention, he kept giving him these looks.

At first, Draco had thought he was just imagining things, but it kept happening and it left Draco confused and frustrated. What was Potter doing?

“Hey, I thought we could go to the movies tonight,” Potter said, completely nonchalant.

“The movies,” Draco repeated flatly.

“Yeah, you know, the Muggle-”

“I know what it is,” Draco snapped. He took a sip of his coffee and slammed the cup back down on the saucer.

“Is that a no?” Potter asked. Draco looked away, not sure what to say. As much as he enjoyed spending time with him, the way Potter was behaving made everything so hard. Draco wasn’t sure he could do it for much longer without exploding. Maybe it would be better to pause this friendship thing for a little bit. When his eyes found Potter’s again, his mouth opened involuntarily. Potter’s eyes were piercing and there was an odd expression on his face.

“Hold on, you’ve got some crumbs-” He leaned over the table, his hand outstretched. Draco blinked as Potter’s fingers brushed the corner of his mouth. They definitely lingered there longer than necessary. This was it! Draco had enough of this teasing.

Slamming his hands down on the table, he pushed himself out of his seat and stormed out of the café. What did Potter think they were doing? He acted like they were just friends, just friends, and then he did something like that. Seriously, it was all Potter’s fault. If the git hadn’t kissed him-


Draco stopped in his tracks, a warm feeling spreading inside his chest. Stupid, stupid! He shouldn’t be feeling that way.

“Draco, wait!” Potter caught up to him, grabbing him by the shoulder and turning him around. “What’s going on? Why did you just leave like that?”

Draco scowled at his feet, not wanting to look Potter in the eyes.

“Is it something I did?” Potter asked, sounding genuinely unsure. Draco snorted. “What is it? Talk to me?” Potter lowered his head to catch Draco’s eyes and Draco suddenly felt fingers brushing the hair out of his face.

“This! This!!” Slapping his hand away, Draco finally looked up. “You’ve got to stop doing that!”

Potter looked shocked. He clearly hadn’t expected such an outburst.

“You can’t just do that all the time. Touch me like that.”

Draco watched as Potter’s face fell. He bit his lip and started wringing his hands.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t know it made you that uncomfortable.”

Wait, why did Potter look so crestfallen? That didn’t make any sense.

“It does,” Draco said through gritted teeth. “It would be much easier if you could be… a little more decisive.” Draco really didn’t want to have this conversation. He was pretty sure he’d just end up humiliating himself. And maybe, it would even mean the end of his friendship with Potter.

“What do you mean, more decisive?”

Draco sighed. Maybe his friendship with Potter was already over. Draco couldn’t stand to be around him like this.

“Maybe you behave like that around your friends. I don’t. There’s a line between- It’s not something you just- There’s a difference between-” Draco didn’t know how to explain it to Potter without sounding like a lovesick fool.

“Do you mean- I-… Are you talking about the kiss?” Potter sounded extremely nervous. Draco gaped at him.

“You remember? I thought you didn’t remember.”

“No, I remember,” Potter said quietly.

Draco’s mind reeled.

“Then why- What are you doing? I can’t even tell if that was accidental or not? If you regret it or not? What is this- What are we-”

“I don’t know, okay?” Potter interrupted him. “I don’t know.”

Draco studied him, taking in the insecure expression on his face.

“Even if you don’t know, you can’t just do that to me,” he murmured. “I have no idea what to think anymore.”

Potter bit the inside of his cheeks, before taking a step towards Draco.

“But you like me, right?”

Annoyed, Draco clicked his tongue.

“I’m pretty sure the answer to that is painfully obvious.”

Potter took another step, so that their chests were touching. Reaching for Draco’s hands, he interlaced their fingers and peered up at him from under his lashes.

“Would you…” His voice quivered slightly. “Would you want to kiss me again?”

Draco opened his mouth but no sound came out. Had Potter really just asked him-

“Potter, what are you doing?” he said, almost choking on the words. His eyes darted down when Potter licked his lips in one swift motion. “This is what I’m talking about. You can’t just keep playing these games with me.”

“It’s not a game,” Potter said, his expression turning serious. “I have no idea what I’m doing, okay? I have no idea how to handle… this.” He gave Draco’s hands a squeeze and guided them to the small of his back. “I’ve never fallen for a bloke before. Not like this. And you’re not just any bloke. It’s a little overwhelming, alright?”

Draco was glad Potter had stopped talking. He wasn’t sure if he would have been able to hear anything else over the ringing in his ears.

“Did you just say- You… What?”

Potter laughed, loud and wide. It made Draco weak in the knees.

“Can we please not dwell on this? This is embarrassing enough,” Potter said, pressing his body against Draco’s. “So, you still haven’t answered my question. Would you kiss me again?”

Instead of answering, Draco made a deep gurgling sound at the back of his throat. Before Potter had the chance to comment on it, Draco grabbed his face with both hands and started kissing him like he had wanted to for as long as he could remember.

“I swear to Merlin, if you take back what you just told me and we go back to being friends, I’m going to hex your testicles off,” he growled against Potter’s lips.

“Oh, I think we can make use of them in a much better way,” Potter chuckled, burying his hands in Draco’s hair. Draco groaned. He couldn’t believe this was really happening. After all this time. Finally!

how to tackle dreadful classes

yes im back at it again with the horrible intros masterposts!! (honestly im not even gonna try bc the title is self explanatory and im just gonna ruin this post if i go any further oh no i already did it rip)


1. figure out why you hate this class. is it because you find it boring? you’re not doing so well/you don’t like the challenge? do you dislike the teacher? do you dislike your seat/the classroom/setting? whatever it is, figure it out and then work to eliminate it.

1.a. you find the class boring. this is inevitable because there’s always that one class ;; BUT! you can beat this! throw yourself into the class. find something about the class that you actually like and focus on that for the whole period. examples of this are: your seating (do u sit next to someone cool/nice? maybe a cute person that u rly wanna talk to? [uh don’t let this distract u tho!!]), the benefits of the class (if it’s an ap class, youre earning college credits!! might even help with your major; if its a language class, learning a language is SO important), the setting (is the room aesthetically pleasing? do you get to look out of the window at the blue sky when you’re done with your work?) or even the teacher (lmao i have more teacher friends than student friends). maybe it’s even the fact that it’s’ the first class in the morning, so if you do well in it, it’ll set the tone of your day? idk, just find something that’s not boring and focus on that all period. !!

1.b. you’re not doing well/it’s too hard for you. honey, this isn’t an excuse. even if you suck at a class, YOUR EDUCATION IS HELLA IMPORTANT. once again, throw yourself into the class! find people who are good at the subject and form study groups with them (or just ask ur own friends if ur too scared to talk to new people). TALK TO YOUR TEACHER. dont just sit there crying because you dont know how to solve that equation! ask for help! go on youtube, go on khanacademy, go on kuta, DO SOMETHING. even if you still continue to struggle, your teacher will appreciate the effort! 

1.c. you dislike the teacher. this is probably one of the worst ones lol. why do you not like the teacher? is it because they never call on you? is it because you think they’re too hard on you/they grade things viciously/too much homework and tests? do they always seem to be after you? well, some of these might actually be your fault. many students think that the workload is more than it actually is, simply because they don’t plan and aren’t prepared. or, some teachers target students for being bullies or for talking in class. these are things you can change. however, if it’s something like your teacher never calling on you or coming at you for no reason, that’s something you and your teacher have to discuss. ask them (POLITELY) “i feel like i am targeted/ignored by you during class and it makes me uncomfortable. is there anything i can do to change this?” chances are, your teacher will like that you’ve taken initiative to not only fix your relationship, but ultimately do better in their class. BAM.

1.d. you dislike the setting/your seat. quick fix: if you don’t like where you sit, ask your teacher to move you (dont forget to give a valid reason!! this does not mean lie. i see u) however, if you dont like the actual room…there’s nothing u can do about this; sorry bub! MAYBE if you and your teacher get close, you can help them redecorate one day? this is unlikely but worth a shot.

1.e. if it’s really THAT bad, switch classes, my dude. i know lots of schools have the option to switch classes at a certain time.

2. work to solve whatever the reason is that you hate this class. (mentioned next to each cause above ^)

(i just realized that i didn’t need to number this because there were only two main bullet points)

ok this is literally the worst masterpost ever but !!!!

also: what do do about classes you hate by @tbhstudying!!

[[i really hoped this helped + sorry for the crappy masterpost (’: ]]


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Gah! It's always the exams!! Is it some twisted universal fact that around exams, everything bad will spontaneously happen? But in all seriousness, I really hope your ok! Feel free to take a break anytime if real life's not going too well! Good luck with your exams and I hope your hip feels better soon ^-^!

lol to be honest, may bad things are happening at once! It’s all the exams’ fault, I just KNOW this!!!

Ok maybe not hahaha xD

But really, semester is ending at last and I must do my best! That, added to some life problems… well. I think I might take this weekend off and do my best to keep up with the world. Sorry for the trouble!!

I’ll do my best >:3c

S7 Sanrion Parallels

-Both have intense reunions with their siblings
-Both are accused of killing their dads (Tyrion did kill Tywin tho)
-Both are painted has a villain. We all know Arya was ooc but she did think Sansa worked with Lannisters and help kill Ned lol and might betray Jon for power. Cersei always blames Tyrion for everything and says it’s all his fault for what has happened.
-Sansa watches Arya train with Brienne with worry and fear. Tyrion watches Jaime attack Dany with fear and worry too.
-Tyrion tells Dany not to kill the Tarlys. Sansa tells Arya they can’t just cut off heads. Seem both are in the mindset that you can’t just kill everyone in your way. There are other options.
-Both are worried about Jonerys
-Both are yelled at by Jonerys
-Jonerys consider their counsel but don’t really listen to them anymore lol
-This is from S6 but Tyrion is left in charge to take care of Mereen and Sansa is left in charge to take care of the North.
-Both say positive things about the other. ‘He was always kind to me’ ‘She is smarter than she lets on’

Add more if I missed anything else!

  • Wizard101 Commercials: Oooh look at all the bright colors and whimsical magic! This is a fun game with no blood or guts or gross stuff that will scare you children! This is totally rated E for everyone!
  • Wizard101 Game: Yea, it's like that up until you get to Dragonspyre. You're literally surrounded by spikes and lava throughout the entire world. Then you have to kill a man in cold blood and reunite him with his dead wife he was trying to revive. It's kinda nice until you realize the guy you killed's brother has now just lost both of his only two surviving family members, and is now alone forever. Then you got this new evil chick named Morganthe who's a general villain until you get to this placed called Avalon and find out her Brother died, and that he kinda of forced her to kill the king after he died ahaha. Oh also later on you find out she was/is suicidal b/c she told her brother she might kill herself he dies lol. Have fun defeating all the monsters who want to drink your blood and eat you alive. But don't worry, you get this really cool companion named Dyvim, until he dies. Yea, he dies, and it's all your fault. Did i mention you failed to save an entire world? Yea, they're all dead too. You fucking asshole wizard you let an entire civilization die, how could you. Some Wizard you are. Now go defeat and collect some shit from those scary ass mobs over there ya whinny bitch.

Ok, but taking an antihistamine because you’re sniffly is absolutely not the same as telling yourself and others that you have X mental illness without a diagnosis.  

The self diagnosis diatribe ends at the part where ‘they talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist.’  That’s it, it’s no longer self diagnosis, doesn’t matter what they told themselves and others before.

Too many people want to tell themselves they have something when it might not even be the right thing because they’re just looking for an answer, something to explain why they feel like shit.  That, in itself, is not a problem, but that can’t be where it ends.  All the deep breathing ‘self care’ bullshit in the world isn’t going to correct a chemical imbalance that is literally preventing you from feeling better.  The problem is that people see shit like this and assume that they can just drink tea, toss a bath bomb in, turn on some music and melt the fuckery away, end of story, I don’t need to see a doctor lol I’m treating myself.  They see a blanket statement that makes them feel like what they’re doing is going to help.  The problem with mental illness in the first place is that it’s not your fault and you can’t just talk yourself out of it.  Those ‘healthy coping mechanisms’ might be ok for some conditions, they might exacerbate others.

Go ahead, ask me how I know.

In the long run it makes shit all difference and can even cause a crash when all of those feel good fuzzies wear off and you’re left with being unable to deal.  Again.  It creates a cycle of wondering ‘why I can’t just feel better, what’s wrong with me, why can’t I just be happy’ causing more problems than it will ever solve.  Trying to solve a problem that is out of your control with limited information and skills is a horrible, horrible idea.  Do your research, educate yourself as much as possible, but for the love of fuck, don’t stop there.  Self care only works in tandem with right medication and counseling from someone qualified to offer it, if needed.  It’s a way to build yourself a foundation of stability, it’s not the solution.

Some people on this site actually want to sit and wallow in their mental illness, they actively advocate staying ill and encourage others to do so.  All you have to do is take a quick stroll through any mental illness tag.  When you post shit like this, you’re giving them a sounding board to strengthen that incredibly harmful argument. 

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OK SO I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS what's with the "falls in love every 5 minutes but only for 5 seconds?" And the "it's not my fault it's yours" (I never thought of that being an sx blind thing??? how does it relate?) and "checks are your bf/gf's text messages" bit? Altho you might not have insight on the last one, bc you're ace, yeah?

It makes sense you have questions about that bc those things are legit and I’ve cringed over those types of sx-blinds for forever. No wonder nobody gets soc, people are too busy being horrible examples of it lol

“Falls in love every 5 min but only for 5 seconds” = a case where an sx-blind idealizes people very easily bc a lot of their exposure to the “ideal” relationship is one where the couple is obsessed with one another to an unrealistic degree. They’re lonely, don’t know how to fill the gap, and think that most people can fit the profile they might be looking for. Then after 5 seconds they realize that person may still not fit the image they think they need for themselves and move on to the next victim. Conclusion: bad, and they never will be satisfied, common in both so/sp and sp/so; in sp/so, at least they generally can keep their weird fantasies to themselves though

“It’s not my fault it’s yours” = a case where an sx-blind is so unaware of themselves or their actions that they default to blaming other people for not doing things right. Their sx blindspot is so sickly that they have no perception of what lines shouldn’t be crossed besides their own, so when they make a mistake they don’t see it as one. More rare in my experience, but so/sp is more aggressive while sp/so is more snobby. You’re right that it’s not a purely sx-blind thing, but when it occurs in an sx-blind, that’s what I’ve concluded as the main reason

“Checks your bf/gf’s text messages” = even if I wasn’t ace I wouldn’t do this bc I hate people reading over my shoulder or looking at my texts, and I despise it when people send screenshots of their private messages into a group chat. My sister’s friend and her friend’s ex did this though and it was crazy, especially since I’ve seen/heard of situations similar to theirs. This is much more common in so/sp - although I’ve seen this in so/sx too - bc this goes by the principle of “when you trust each other you share absolutely EVERYTHING!!1!1” when so-blinds and sp-doms know that’s not how sharing works.

Her friend and the ex shared all the passwords for every social media account they had, looked in each other’s texts, and screenshotted stuff and sent it to everyone they knew. It was……..disturbing. And then after they broke up (partially bc she saw he was cheating on her by looking through HIS INSTAGRAM DMS) he still didn’t change his password and she kept logging in to his account??? And wouldn’t?? Move on???????? And I wouldn’t share this story in this much detail if they hadn’t done it themselves, bc their breakup was so messy and public and they wouldn’t stop asking my sister to mediate for them when???? It’s their problem???????????

Conclusion: by far the worst and unfortunately one of the most common and messy sx-blind affairs I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing

Taking A Bath With BTS


<3 you! ~Admin Hedgehog

Jin/Seokjin: Jinnie would take a bath with you when he came home from practice, or when he was feeling particularly stressed out. He would have come home from practice all sweaty and gross and be chasing you around the house for a kiss and you would squeal and(fail) to push him away, claiming he was stinky and he would declare it time for a bath. You would agree and he would say that if he smelled so bad you should come help him so that you could make sure that he didn’t smell bad. You would come to an agreement to draw a bath for him if he made food for the both of you, and he would come in the bathroom carrying a tray loaded with enough food to feed all of BTS, when he saw you laying in the tub, just submerged enough so that you didn’t hear him walk in, and your hair floated around you like some kind of ethereal mermaid princess.

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BWAHAHahaAHA! [evil laugh intensifies] welcome to the TLK/Aethelrik void of sadness, Laure! NOW:

And why do we keep shipping doomed pagan x princess pairings???? ? ? We poor mofos never learn lol

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Don't be mad at me, but fuck/marry/kill: Javi, Whiskey, Oberyn fucking Martell🤓

Alright, this might become a giant shitpost so I apologize in advance but this is your fault beautiful anon. So… I will base my answers on;

  • Personality
  • Profession
  • Knowledge 
  • Connections
  • Health
  • Environment/Location

Fuck: So here’s the thing, all three of them seem passionate in the bedroom, Javi would treat me like a woman and respect me, be total GGG (giving, good and game) He’s done it a lot of times before which makes him skilled in the field. It’s just that women he usually sleep with die so that’s a downside. Him being a DEA agent would mean we can do roleplay with his handcuffs and gun and I am game for it if he wants to.
But then there’s Whiskey who is a statesman who I would definitely ride and save a horse and I bet we’d also play around on a horse cause I have no doubt that he can ride it like a pro. He doesn’t seem to be active after his high school sweetheart’s death and even though he seems devoted and true to a woman, he honestly seems to have a lot of baggage. Though he would probably be a little rough in bed (but not a psychopath) and get it done but still be caring and tend to me before and after. Also a lasso and a whip, hello!?
Then there’s Oberyn, dear lord. He would treat me like the queen I am and be a skilled, talented lover, show me an eagerness to listen, an ability to take direction and criticism without taking it personally. He’d pay attention to my pleasure and we’d probably have a great time. Also with us both being bisexual we’d have others join in. He’s a prince for god’s sake, he has all the knowledge in the world when it comes to sex. 
I will pick… Javier to fuck.

Marry: So Javier doesn’t seem like the type of man who settle or marries, he’s a very reserved, almost reclusive man, a workaholic and at times a person who would put too much at risk. If he really wanted to marry me I am sure he’d get comfortable enough to let me in eventually and I am sure he’d be a great father. He has a stable income but also he could die anytime and that’s not very assuring. I’d also probably live with him in Colombia and I’d be forced to wait at home while he travels around I am not sure I would be up for that. He smokes like a chimney, drinks a whole lot and that’s not good for you. 
Whiskey as I said earlier has a lot of baggage from his past marriage but that’s the thing too, he’s been married. Even to his high school sweetheart. He had a long and serious relationship with her and was about to become a father. He’s definitely a family man and would treat me as his wife, very very well. He must earn one hell of a living working as a statesman so we’d never have to worry about that, unless he go and get himself killed that is. He drinks, obviously, his name is f*cking Whiskey, though I don’t think he’s abusing the privilege because of it. We’d live in America, either New York or Kentucky and if it is the latter, then I would say pass cause I am as far away from a farmer’s girl as you could come.
Oberyn is of high status and I am not saying I am a gold digger but it’s always a positive thing. Even if he enjoys sex and f*cks people left and right - I would be his actual wife and he would treat me accordingly and we’d have sex a lot, with a lot and I am always up for that. We’d have children, since he had six girls in got and wrote them poems and raised them with care, so we’d raise them in Sunspear, Dorne which means a lot of tanning, swimming and just walking around the beautiful place together. He’s traveling a lot too though the GRRM world seems neat and I would love to come with my mans to see it. 
I will pick… Oberyn to marry.

Kill: This means that i’d have to kill Whiskey, even though I don’t want to.

There we are, a massive rant on a hard choice. I think I dug myself a hole that is too deep for me all I can think about now is how I would want mine and Oberyn’s wedding to be like, and what it is like to get fucked into the mattress by Javi… and ways to keep Lasso Daddy safe from ANY harm. Thank you anon, thank you for this.

Send me three characters and I’ll choose who to fuck/marry/kill


Your Armand: *exists*

Me: *literally prostrating myself in front of him*

Me: My Demanding One, My Painful One, mon Le Spinx Rouge. Sometimes I swear I hate you with all my might. And yet – if you think that hate is enough of a reason to stop loving you, think again. In my greatest anger, in my most devastating pain, I’d seize mountains for you without a word of complaint. I’d rip out my heart from my chest, if that’s what brings you peace. If you send me to hell, I’ll find a shovel and start to dig.


also just to have this on the record, even tho im very against using it and promoting it, i dont think you or i should judge anyone who does these things, it might be their fault for getting into it but its not entirely their fault how fucked their brain chemistry is because of it. they are not themselves. all you can do is show mad love and inspire them to want to not use by being a good example, acheiving your goals, etc. 

you dont have to entirely cut those people off either, just dont trust them not to lie to you or steal from you lol 

Cannibal Actually ;)



Put me on Santa’s naughty list cos I only went and wrote the thing….I don’t give any kind of fucks that it’s July I am a prompt freak this week! Although it was meant to be a fun little ficlet and then turned into 1700 words of the fluffiest fluff this porn princess ever wrote LOL

@color-division I apologize for stealing your hilarious dialogue, and thank you for the inspiration <3

@victorineb @artbyvictoriaskye @hannigram-hell @lecteronthelam@allegralovelace this is all your damn fault!

December 23rd and Abigail was hovering around the kitchen as Hannibal pre-prepared food for the next day. They were hosting a Christmas Eve dinner party – their first as a “family” now that she was living there until she decided what she might want to do next. She wasn’t exactly helping, but her presence always made Hannibal feel lighter so he indulged her endless stream of musings and questions. He had a lot on his mind and it was a welcome distraction.

“Are there going to be many guests for the party?” Abigail asked

“Only close friends” Hannibal replied.

She thought for a second, figuring this definitely included Will, “You can hang mistletoe” she said, earning herself a glance up from the chopping.

“What’s going on in that mind of yours?”

Abigail picked up a spice jar and pretended to study it, “You need help with Will.” She said. It wasn’t a question, merely an observation. One made having lived through countless hours in their company whenever Will came over. Which was always. Watching them stare at each other and make their little jokes was vomit-inducing. They were worse than twelve year olds, dancing round each other, and she was getting exasperated.

Hannibal actually stopped and considered her bold statement, which although possibly true was not something he thought widely known. It was Christmas though, and he felt particularly warm towards his surrogate daughter.

Here we go again, watch him deny it as usual, she thought as he half smiled and leaned over the counter towards her, “Will only needs to be alone with me.” he said. Although this gave nothing away, Abigail realised that he had technically acknowledged, out loud, that he was trying to kiss Will Graham. An impressed smile spread over her face. She was actually excited now.


The dinner was going splendidly. The wine was flowing, the food was – unsurprisingly – delicious, and everyone was fully in good spirits. Even Frederick had cracked a smile when Alana had nudged him and told him about the weird, lone mistletoe she’d seen hanging in an odd part of the hall. It was definitely in stark contrast to the elaborate décor that adorned the rest of the ground floor. Clearly a gaudy attempt to get his hands on Graham, he thought. Never one to miss an opportunity to be a pain in the ass he cut through the chatter, “So there’s only one mistletoe in the house, isn’t that weird?”

Clearly Abigail wasn’t the only eagle eyed one in the group, as Jack agreed, “Not subtle, Hannibal”

Picking up on the fact her husband obviously knew Hannibal was up to something, Bella joined in the teasing, “Oh you have someone in mind, Dr. Lecter?” she said and there was a smattering of laughter.

Blunt as a spoon, Frederick snorted, “Graham, of course”. Will practically choked on his dinner.

He set his glass down pointedly, not sure if he was angry at Frederick, or embarrassed that people had picked up on their mild flirtation. I mean that’s all it was, wasn’t it? It was just banter. I mean yes, Hannibal and he had a lot in common, very alike, but it didn’t need to be made a big deal out of. It certainly didn’t need dropped like a bomb over dinner.

Not in front of Abigail either. When he checked to his left to see how she had reacted, he was a little startled to see her with a look that said she was as fully aware as the rest of them. Hannibal for his part, didn’t help matters, but simply sat there with his expression unreadable and said nothing.

Will refocused on the anger and without looking at anyone in particular he said, “You’re sure paying a lot of attention to that mistletoe, Frederick…” his tone frosty. The awkwardness spread. Alana took a sip of wine to hide her giggle, Jack raised his eyebrows, Bella fixed a smile on her face and Bedelia shook her head at the lot of them. Frederick had been shut up at least, looking suitably sheepish.

“You’re being rude, Will” Hannibal finally broke the silence. Will opened his mouth to retort but Abigail quickly cut across to defend him, desperate for them not to start sniping at each other.

“Maybe we should just change the subject…..” she said hurriedly. They all slowly went back to their dinner, noise level rising once more. Will chewed sulkily and Hannibal almost imperceptibly frowned. This might be difficult.


Will was just going to leave. Under the guise of going to the bathroom he was going to get his coat quietly out of the pile, say goodbye to Abby - maybe Hannibal too - and go home to his dogs. The prying eyes he had felt on him since dinner were exhausting and he wasn’t really feeling in the same raucous mood as the rest of them. As if on cue, roars of laughter rang out from the lounge. Will sighed and opened the bedroom door.

As he was fishing out his coat, he sensed a presence behind him.

“Where are you going, Will?” Hannibal said softly.

Will didn’t look round, “Home. I have a headache I think…must be all the tension.” He said, the last bit partly under his breath.

“If you are referring to Frederick’s crass remark, then I think you’re over reacting.” Hannibal said as he made his way slowly over to him, placing his hand soothingly on Will’s back. “I had been under the impression you were staying here with us tonight,” he added sadly. Will wanted to shrug him off, now paranoid about how they were coming across despite the empty room. It felt nice though, and no different from Hannibal’s usual lack of regard for personal space.

“I just don’t like being the butt of the joke, feels like high school” Will admitted quietly.

“That moron aside, they don’t mean to make you feel that way. In fact, Abigail is the one who hung that mistletoe…I think she might have been hoping we would kiss” Hannibal reassured him. He knew fine that her feelings on the matter were what was really getting at Will, and this might be the thing to make him stay.

Will turned into him and looked up at Hannibal with wide eyes, searching for the truth in his face, uncharacteristically soft, and found it. Hannibal’s hand was still resting on Will’s shoulder and he slid it up to his flushed cheek. Will’s heart felt like it grew in his chest at this soft, new touch. Suddenly a question he never even knew he wanted to ask came tumbling out, “Were you hoping that, Hannibal?”

Hannibal lowered his gaze to Will’s lips and then back to his hopeful blue eyes, before pressing his mouth softly on Will’s in answer. Will hesitated for just a breath, and then gave in. He kissed Hannibal back, clutching at his waist. As Hannibal tried to press himself closer, Will’s legs got trapped against the bed and buckled. They fell onto the coats of everyone at the party, one or two sliding to the floor in a heap.

“Isn’t this a little cliché for you, Dr Lecter?” Will teased between kisses, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Hannibal‘s weight on top of him.

Hannibal chuckled into Will’s mouth, “Oh do be quiet, William, I am the host after all and can do as I please” and leaned down for another kiss.


After a few minutes, Will suddenly remembered why they were even there and scrambled to stand up. Hannibal perched on the edge of the bed.

“Maybe we should go back to the party.” Will said in response to Hannibal’s confused look.

“They are all far too drunk to notice, Will, it hasn’t been nearly long enough” Hannibal said. Will wondered if he meant their absence or the kiss, but gathered up the fallen coats nonetheless.

“Yes but it’s rude…” Will mocked. Hannibal just shook his head and made to follow him back downstairs, towards the sound of merriment.

Hannibal had been wrong. As soon as they walked back into the room, all heads turned to them. Maybe it had been longer than it seemed….or maybe it was the fact they both had hair messed up, clothes out of place and red, kiss-swollen lips; and hadn’t even thought to straighten themselves up. In the light of the lamps and the fire they might as well have been wearing a neon sign reading “just been making out”.

Jack and Bella gave each other a knowing look. Frederick all but spat out his brandy, “Oh God… finally!” he exclaimed theatrically.

“Took them long enough.” Jack laughed.

Alana started giggling, throwing herself back into the cushions, “Have you two seen yourselves?!” She managed to say. They looked at each other. Hannibal couldn’t help but smirk lovingly at Will as he blushed right to his cute little ears.

Bedelia rolled her eyes so hard at this, she almost toppled off the arm of the chaise, “I was beginning to wonder if they were ever coming back down…” she said, slurring slightly, setting Alana and Frederick off again. With a nudge from Hannibal, Will finally moved to join Alana, and with Hannibal settled on his other side, he finally felt the love in the room. It was everywhere. They were actually happy for them.

Abigail was sitting on the floor by the fire just beaming at them. Her TWO dads, together at last. Her Christmas wish for them all to be a family had come true.

Also on Ao3

“Everything is about balance, the dark and the light.”

Out of every that happened on Sunday, this was my favorite part. Instead of simply putting the camera on the Dragon’s face, they zoomed out to show Swanqueen side by side as the Dragon spoke. Everything is about balancing the dark and the light. Swanqueen is literally that balance. They’re yin and yang. Yes, they have to balance the light and dark within and Regina is still learning that, but as a whole they must balance themselves with their opposite but equal counterpart.

From the beginning, OUAT highlighted the constant struggle between Emma and Regina, or the light and the dark. It was a constant tug of war. Then we saw Regina grow and balance herself through the seasons. Along the way, Emma slipped into the darkness. Both of them had to balance their light and dark side and they’re the reason why the other found balance. Of course Henry played a huge part in Regina’s balance, but he was in her life a whole ten years before Emma showed up. Emma was the one who tipped the scales and forced Regina to balance herself. Then in 4B and 5A, Regina was constantly there to put Emma in check. She talked her out of shooting Lilly, didn’t fall for her Dark One tricks. With Hook, it was different. Emma went to his ship to steal the dagger. It was a manipulation. Emma went to Regina in 5x05 and 5x08 to talk and see their son. Might I add that nothing Hook said during 5A really bothered Emma, but she was triggered whenever Regina called her Miss Swan. Lol. But anyways, Regina was the one who protected her from using black magic as well. She was always trying to keep her balanced.

That’s exactly why the episode was entitled I’ll be your mirror. Sure, EQ posed as Regina, but we all know the Justin Timberlake double meaning to this. There’s no hiding between Emma and Regina. They’re each other’s mirror. When faced with the other they know exactly what they’re missing and where their faults are. In essence, they show each other what they must do to achieve BALANCE. And we see it in canon! Swanqueen magic works on everything because (it’s true love) and it’s balanced, the light and dark.

Seeing an actual representation of Swanqueen’s yin and yang qualities was really beautiful for me.

aishakami-arts  asked:

your icon keep switching between Kirino and Kurama and if i start to ship them it's ALL YOUR FAULT lmao

THIS MAKES ME LAUGH SO MUCH!! What a crack ship, lmao! that said I totally own some Kirino x Kurama doujin lol Honestly, I want these two to be friends. They sit together in one episode! Ranmaru might be a bit too pretty and gentle for Nori, and Nori is a little too sarcastic and aloof for Ranmaru. But I still want them to be friends. I think Nori is jealous of Ranmaru’s pretty face. But Ranmaru needs more second year friends when Shindou goes to fight aliens.

celiawhatsherlastname  asked:

virgil, patton, logan!! :)

Okay, I would definitely want Logan as my lab partner. He’s really efficient and I love working with people who don’t dump all of the work on me

Virgil for the elevator because he’d be making sarcastic comments and jokes (well maybe, he might panic but that’s not his fault) at the very least it’d be a great nap lol

And Patton for the job trainer, cause who else would you want training you for a job? He’d be so nice and help you fix your mistakes!

beriala  asked:

Hiii!!!! I'm your Sastiel Love Week anon!!! Lol I thought I might have screwed up the secrecy when you started following me but I suppose that's my fault for liking and reblogging your (high quality!!!) posts while I was on your page to submit a thingy. Anyway, I had so much fun with this week, I hope you did too! Sastiel is a such a pure ship, I love how it brings folks together like this.

Hi!!! Thank you for all of your wonderful headcanons and fics! I’m so flattered that you think my blog is qualityxD I had a lot of fun, and Sastiel is just…the sweetest ship, I agree. It makes me smile every time I think about them together!