this might be one of my new favorites ngl

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i need some good queercore bands, i recently found out that one of my favorite bands turned out to be shit and i've been feeling pretty down about it

Shit I’m sorry man. Here are some of my personal favorite queercore bands!
Against Me! - The two most recent albums are about the lead singer being trans and out and I love her. There are also sporadic references to her being trans before those albums and her coming out such as The Ocean and a few others I can’t think of lmao

Pansy Division - These guys are super gay, I think there might be one straight member??? it’s gr8, they’ve been around for 20 years and the new album that came out last year is fucking adorable, I love it. I have it on vinyl and it’s even cuter. Fem in a black leather jacket is probably about me tbh.

Limp Wrist - ok at this point these bands are bands I don’t know much about ngl. They’re rlly good, I like them, but they’re harder than the previous two so if that isn’t your jam you probably won’t like them too much, my favorite song by them is Just like you

The Max Levine Ensemble - Softer than the previous bands, I haven’t listened to a lot of them but I think Aren’t All Songs Political? Aren’t All Songs Vaguely Self Referential? Is a jam

The Spook School - Talks a lot about q*eer issues, lots of nonbinary and trans things, not really punk but I love them anyways. I wanna kiss you is gr8 I love that song

Daddy Issues - Veronica is a super gay song but that’s the only one i know of, I like the rest of their songs tho so whatever.

I hope you found something to help you get started!
-Mod Cha