this might be my favorite scene of the whole show

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do you think sheith will be canon or at least heavily hinted in the series?

looking at it objectively, i’m going to say there’s a really high probability at this point. as good a chance as there being any romance for either keith or shiro at all. this is why:

their relationship has always been defined as the emotional heart of this series. we see no other relationship this strong, and this is consistently shown, from literally their first scene. we see keith set off explosions, take out an entire room of garrison operatives like they’re tissue paper, and then melt when he sees shiro:

it’s actually one of the biggest mysteries of the series so far. like here we have two totally independent, strong people that have this incredibly deep bond, and we have no idea how or why. it’s really a unique relationship no matter how you look at it. long, long meta under the cut:

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#watchfuturama meme [8/10 scenes]: Greatest Opera of All Time Sucks

“Your lyrics lack subtlety! You can’t just your characters announce how they feel! That makes me feel angry!” 

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STORYTELLING TIME (bc the riverdale hiatus is boring): tell me about 2 of your fav riverdale ships, 2 of your fav characters, 2 of your favorite scenes out of all 7 episodes, and tell me about the pairing you last shipped/just started shipping. a detailed analysis, 10 paragraphs, i don't care. just tell me.



2 fave riverdale ships

  • let me tell you about BETTY AND VERONICA

listen, okay

l i s t e n

i was not going to watch this show.

(and then i saw josie mccoy’s face and was like BUT BUT BUT and a friend had to tell me she’s barely in the pilot and to calm down, and then i didn’t plan to watch it anymore)

and then i saw it

the world’s fucking tenderest kiss to maybe ever be on television, which is JUST UNFAIR FOR EVERYONE DON’T YOU THINK??

camila mendes has a talent, is what i am saying, and that talent deserves so much appreciation that it actually got me to watch this show


anyway. my favorite thing about the beronica kiss is that it has absolutely nothing to do with how much i ship it. it’s just a weird fever dream bonus to everything about them that i love.

VERONICA IS JUST SO INCREDIBLY IN LOVE WITH BETTY. FROM MOMENT ONE. the train to the rest of my life speech is legit some of the gayest shit i have heard in my damn life.

i love how dedicated they are to one another. i love how they balance each other out. i love that riverdale took the classic “naughty and nice” dichotomy they had from the comics and turned it upside down and shook it, and this is what fell out

they just so clearly thrive off of each other’s energy. i love that.

but you know what i also love?

  • let me tell you about VERONICA AND CHERYL

i honestly thought for a hot minute there that i wouldn’t have interest in this show beyond beronica

and then 1x05 blessed me and watered my crops and cleared my skin and SHOWED ME THE LIGHT

it turns out, veronica directing her attentions at literally anyone is kind of all i need, and cheryl’s my GOTHIC HOT MESS OF PURE EXTRA and i adore her, and i hope one day they move into a new mansion that has a name and adopt war orphans or something.

2 fave characters

obviously you can tell i have a lot of feelings about veronica lodge, so maybe this doesn’t need saying but sorry too bad buckle up because


ironically, i spent most of my life solidly team betty.

“but Leah,” you say, “you love poor little rich girls who are POPULAR but SAD ABOUT IT and SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. cordelia chase! quinn fabray! glinda upland! summer roberts! you very clearly Have A Type!”

i know. i know i do. but i was BLINDSIDED man

i would die on a battlefield for veronica lodge.

because not only did this show give me “REGRETS HER MEAN GIRL PAST” veronica lodge. it over corrected so hard it gave me the bounty of MOM FRIEND VERONICA LODGE






the one thing i am weaker for than a sad popular girl is a girl who dances on the edge of the selfish/selfless line, who has such a big heart that she loves EVERYONE but maybe not quite as much as she loves herself. the rose tylers and rachel berrys of this world

oh wait there’s another thing i’m weak for and that is TINY BRUNETTES

veronica lodge was engineered in a science lab to hit every single one of my buttons, is what i am saying

now. i want to be very clear. i adore betty cooper, and no one on this show is more entertaining than cheryl blossom, and kevin keller is the most represented i have ever felt on television, but there was really only one other person i could say is my fave:

  • let me tell you about MY HOMELESS ASEXUAL SON, JUGHEAD JONES

“but Leah,” you say, “Jughead’s not canon ace in this show”

to which i say they can pry jughead’s lack of libido from my cold dead hands, until he says aloud on screen “i, forsythe pendleton jones the third, love doing the sex and it is my preferred method of having intimacy with my romantic partner” he can date whomever the heck he wants because, ASTONISHINGLY, ace people date! and kiss!

besides the point but aNYHOW

this kid is a fucking trainwreck and i love every inch of him

i love his ridiculous dedication to his aesthetic, i love his shitty novel, i love how much he loves his sister, i love his fwoopy bangs, i love how his reaction to being told his best friend is fucking their teacher is “wow dude sounds like you’re the victim of a sexual predator, do you need help?” rather than a high five, i love the way he delivers one-liners like he’s kind of trying not to laugh at his own jokes

riverdale isn’t riverdale without juggie

2 fave scenes out of all seven episodes


honestly, and i truly have no excuse for this, you said “what is your favorite scene” and the VERY FIRST THING that popped into my head were these moments with ronnie and kev in the back of his father’s truck, which is ridiculous, mostly because they’re not even really a scene

but it’s just. it is so fucking satisfying, man. look at these precious babies. look at how many blankets they’re under. not only is her head on his shoulder (HERE’S ANOTHER LOOK FROM THAT ANGLE) but EVERY PART OF HER is touching EVERY PART OF HIM. he is SITTING on her CAPE. do you have any idea how much trust that entails?

what strikes me about this moment is that Riverdale is succeeding at convincing me that these kids–any of these kids, really, not just kevin and veronica–are friends. that they all enjoy spending time together, that if there weren’t a murder going on they would still see each other, and that they care about each other. ironically, on a lot of teen soaps the friendships are the first thing to be ignored or cut for time, because they’re not juicy and “don’t lead to conflict” (untrue). kevin isn’t even in the core four, and yet, here he is: taking out his best girl because there’s no other out kids except veronica at his school and this show cares about kevin and what kevin does! they could have had veronica suspiciously follow hermione to the drive in and start her conflict with her mom over fred andrews early, but no. they wanted her to have a night out with her gay husband buddy.

kevin and veronica are the kind of friends who made a marriage pact two days into knowing each other. kevin and veronica are the kinds of friends who meet each other’s eyes when they find the same things funny but it would be impolite to laugh. MY KINGDOM FOR AU WHERE KEVIN AND VERONICA BEARD FOR EACH OTHER BUT THEN, WHILE FAKE DATING, BECOME BEST FRIENDS. 

and like yes, unless veronica is actually queer (which she is) her calling kevin her best gay and–more than that–interrupting his interruption to be like “GAY THANK GOD LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS” is a little bit abhorrent. but looking past the ridiculous stereotyping, what strikes me most is that when veronica says let’s be best friends she means it. she’s team kevin now, ride or die. 

this moment shows riverdale at its best: taking a shit ton of cliched tropes but blending them in a new way and showing them with a lens of kind of delightfully unexpected compassion.


it occurs to me that, despite finding my way back to it at the end, this is much less a rant about an actual scene and much more a rant about how much i love the friendship between veronica and kevin, but i’m sorry i love it that much. 

so i’m gonna try harder now on the next one

there are a lot of one-liners and moments i almost picked, even though, once again, those are not scenes (when jughead narrated that there were really only three kids in that booth and we all went IS JUGHEAD A GHOST, “slut shaming is when SLUTS get SHAMED,” “train to the rest of my life,” veronica’s face when betty comes out in the dominatrix gear, “that doesn’t SOUND like complete freedom,” PUSSYCAT RONNIE, fp jones saying he doesn’t want jughead to look at him like he’s garbage anymore….)

but then a dark horse candidate emerged:

  • let me tell you about the moment i realized ONE DAY I WILL BE ABLE TO LOVE ARCHIE

this show has an archie problem. so dedicated were they to proving that they weren’t going to do the classic love triangle, they made it so that archie barely interacts with half his friend group at all. isolating archie from everyone else with the grundy plot set this show back ages, and made archie almost totally irrelevant to the ensemble he ostensibly leads

but then we got this moment of hope:

“okay Leah yes we get it you like it when these idiot teens are friends”



this was the first hint that this show would succeed at gaining my love beyond betty and veronica. and i didn’t appreciate it at the time aside from OH LOOK ARCHIE HAS A PERSONALITY I LIKE TODAY, THAT’S NICE, but in hindsight it really is quite significant. archie and jughead are supposed to be the heart of this show; it’s good to see them act like it.

and jughead is also a sarcastic little shit and he’s my son and i love him


third place goes to the scene with betty, jughead and kevin rebuilding the murder wall and then trev shows up, which hilariously of all three of these might ACTUALLY be my real favorite scene of the whole show, for all the reasons i listed about a) the other two above and b) what i’m about to say below. sadly, though, this makes my love for it redundant and i’ve already repeated myself so much, so i’ll move on to…

the pairing i last shipped/just started shipping

  • well, let me tell you about BETTY AND JUGHEAD

i’m gonna be real with you i adore these two. i’m not fandom-y about them at all, because right now what the show is giving me is JUST RIGHT: two kids with chemistry who care about each other! we’re watching them take it slow and feel it out!

i dig the gentle vibe between them, and how they are interested in each other but mostly because they are both interested in JUSTICE and THE TRUTH and MYSTERIES

bless these idiot teen sleuths! i hope they get married and betty becomes a lawyer-slash-journalist and jughead becomes a private-eye-slash-novelist and together they start a firm called COOPER JONES INVESTIGATIONS and they solve crimes and are married, like Hart to Hart

anyway the point of this ask is that a few months ago i made a viral post about hatewatching riverdale because it’s trash but now i’m legitimately in love with it on every level so the joke is on me i guess

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oh man thanks so much for that post that (sort of?) defended kid/ teenager characters. i am so sick of people bagging on teenager characters for being teenagers like guys do any of yall even remember being teenagers... anyway i just saw your post about that au where vlad wants jack and i'm kinda curious? if you have any more headcanons or ideas for that au? just wondering! : )

No problem. I’m always here to defend kid characters, especially ones that act like actual kids. DP has a lot of issues, but I’ve always appreciated how the kids felt real, whether it was intentional or not. Sam reminds me of so many girls around that time who wanted to reject everything popular and felt they needed to stand out as individuals. Tucker’s a laid back flirt and a slacker, but overall a nice kid. Danny reminds me of myself a lot of the time. I was an awkward nerd at that age, too, and I made my fair share of mistakes, though I meant well.

Even the other kids make me think of real kids. There are definitely those kids who think they’re way more mature than they really are and try to be the boss of everything, like Jazz. There are girls who can be harsh and a bit shallow like Paulina. There are plenty of bullies out there like Dash that take out their own insecurities on their peers. Even Danielle’s big whammy line when she turned on Vlad was “you are not the boss of me!”

I won’t act like the show was perfect. It was far from it. But so many shows make the mistake of writing teenagers to be too innocent or too mature. It’s actually rare to find those shows that make kids who really feel like kids, stupid mistakes and all. I love that about DP, and I’ll always defend them.

Ahem, now for your actual question, I noticed that post was going around again. I suppose I should’ve expected that someone might ask about it.

It’s not an au I think about a whole lot. It’s mostly just me looking at different scenes and episodes and wondering how they would’ve gone differently.

Maternal Instinct is one of my favorites to think about.

Assuming everything else in this au is the same, the episode would still open with Maddie reminiscing about when Danny was younger. The difference would be that, instead of her getting the invite for a mother/son science exhibit, it’d be Jack getting a father/son invite. Ouch. Talk about harsh irony for an already gloomy Maddie.

Trying to imagine where the episode would go from the time they get to Vlad’s manor is pretty wild, though. Jack is so oblivious to Vlad’s malicious side, and he’d be even more oblivious to his flirting. Of course, any ghosts attempting to kill Maddie for Vlad wouldn’t stand a chance. Everyone would be fine in the long run, but it might take a bit longer for Danny and Jack to get home since Jack would be having too much fun with his favorite college buddy.

The Million Dollar Ghost might not happen, or at least nowhere near the same way. Most of that plan was geared specifically toward Jack’s obsession with ghost hunting. In this AU, he wouldn’t be so eager to make Jack look like an idiot. All he’d need is to get them out of the house, so hey, maybe hire someone to interview the leading ghost experts. Force them to take a trip out of town for a day. An episode like that would end quite differently, but eh. They’re not all gonna be winners.

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head, but I’ll be glad to post more about this au if people are interested. It’s a fun but sad idea to think about. Vlad’s suffering brings me joy, but you can’t help but pity him in this.

ok but honestly one of my favorite things about teen wolf is that it does air on MTV so the music that’s selected for each prominent scene is that much more important and impactful - i swear every choice is so perfect, calculated, and thought out. the music might be the most continuously perfect thing about the show if you think about it as a whole.


God this scene always gets to me. It’s one of my favorite scenes throughout the whole series. Its just something so important and sweet. AND GOD I JUST FUCKING LOVE RUMPLE’S REACTION. Its just that you can FEEL what he is feeling but then again you just cant even imagine how this might be for him.

Robert is an amazing actor and this shows that. *Sigh*

Thats it. Just wanted to share that.

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SO TEMPTED TO REWATCH BORGIAS FOR CESARE/LUCREZIA, which episodes would you recommend for the most ces/lu centric?

you know it comes down to asking which episodes are my favorites, don’t you?

well, here is a list:

  • the poisoned chalice, because our babies were depicted as star-crossed lovers from the start
  • the moor; “i shall never love a husband as i love you cesare” (enough said i’m out)
  • lucrezia’s wedding (that carry-the-bride scene alone makes the episode worth a watch)
  • nessuno (the way he looks at her as if she were the virgin incarnate makes me weak in the knees EVERY FUCKING TIME)
  • the beautiful deception (because i’m more of a tragic kind of girl and the way cesare copes with lucrezia’s distress in that episode gave me shivers)
  • day of ashes —> the ambiguous “i promised you a heart” scene (cesare always reminds me of a cat in that episode, you know, bringing back mice to his mistress… ok i shut up)
  • the confession, for the bedroom sequence, but chiefly for their dancing together (i somehow understood at that moment that he would never give up on her and that alfonso was screwed already)
  • the purge (do i need to elaborate on that one? do i?)
  • siblings, more for the “i will make you happy” and kissing scenes because of reasons
  • banquet of chestnuts (FAVORITE EPISODE IN THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW THEY’RE SHINING IN IT their star-crossed lovers trope is showing like never and yes i might be somewhat masochistic)
  • the prince, because she’s his and can’t fight it; “is it all i am now brother? borgia.”

my very favorites: 3.4 / 3.2 / 2.6 / 2.10

hope i haven’t bored you to death… anyway, enjoy your borgiacest rewatch, dear anon!

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Your tickling headcanons for Osomatsu-san were really cute! I enjoyed reading all of them! :) How about some headcanons for the Osomatsu/Karamatsu brotherly dynamic? I enjoy the interactions between those two. The first part of episode 10 is one of my favorite scenes from the show. XD


i have a bunch of hcs that i actually was talking about with another person about this! so imma show you those and then write some more!

cutesy stuff below!

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Favorite Japril Scene #1 - Jackson and April’s first time

There are three parts that make this scene my all-time favorite.

1. This is the first time that Jackson picked April up. I love how he walks her backwards into the room and closes the door. It shows that while she initiated the kisses he still knows what he is doing. He’s the man and he’s got this.

2. I find their time on the bed extremely hot. It’s almost kind of X-rated. You can see April rocking on top of him and Jackson’s hands were clearly on her waist, guiding her the whole time. Plus the kiss was just perfect. I’m not gonna lie I spent way too much time rewatching this scene on YouTube.

3. I think the final part of the scene might be my favorite (although Jackson’s hair gel leaking is a bit distracting). It is the sweetest moment in their relationship. April was all scared and vulnerable and Jackson goes and gives her a soft kiss on the lips. It shows how deep his feelings for her are. It’s so obvious that this is not just a one-night stand for him. There are other emotions involved than lust. And April, April looks all misty-eyed like she adores him. In my own little world, I like to think that their feelings for each other started around the same time.

Ali’s apology might just be one of my favorite scenes of this season and maybe of the whole show. I’m so glad it happened. Hanna deserved an apology, and in a way I’m glad Alison didn’t let her apologize because she realized that she has a lot more to apologize for than Hanna does. She’s not holding grudges against her and finally realized her mistakes. I hope that they do have a chance to start over and I hope that this time they’ll work things out. Yes, I’m team Halison. Yes, I needed this.

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That moment was a moment of pure love for DE. It had nothing to do with SE other than as conflict. People who watched the scene with even a tiny bit of objectivity could see that it was an important DE moment. The fact that you couldn't see it then and refuse to acknowledge it now, just shows how much you don't get what has been going on all along. It's so funny watching you all cry "retcon" and "rewrite" just because you missed the whole point of the show all along. This was ALWAYS the story.

What show are you watching? Really? From the START, this has been STEFAN’S STORY. Stefan and elena’s. Even casual viewers were stumped the other night. I would be pissed if I was a Delena viewer because you know what, nothing about that ship was organic at all. It was all compromised and fan service. It was not real and they had to duplicate it in a horrible way. I actually almost feel bad for that. 

This was the point of the show all along?

Paul: Elena is his only reason for living at this point, because he doesn’t really have any hope or joy, so when he sees this girl it’s the one thing in his life that gives him purpose. source

Paul: He’s so protective and in love with Elena that, if her life was in stake or if her life was jeopardized, I think he would take a human life for her. source

Paul: My character, he’s been like dead for hundreds of years and then this girl is one thing that wakes him up and he’s alive, so it’s like he’s experiencing love for the first time… source

Kevin Williamson: This show is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They’re soulmates. source

Paul: He’s in love with Elena; that’s his true love. No doubt about it. source

Paul: I think Stefan’s the good guy, but my biggest interest is Elena and her love. He lives for Elena. Without her, he’s nothing. If he loses her to Damon, he will resort to something else. source

Kevin Williamson: One of the most important things Julie and I wanted to do this season is cement the love between Stefan and Elena. It’s that love story that will be the anchor of this entire show. We have to earn that. source

Julie Plec: In the beginning of the series it was very important to have the journals because the two of them didn’t have anybody to talk to about their deepest feelings. Stefan is alone and caring this huge secret and needed an outlet for that. Elena was spiritually alone in that she’d lost her parents and didn’t feel like anybody really understood what she was feeling and where she was coming from, and so they were able to express themselves on paper. But the minute they felt in love they had each other. He doesn’t need to write something down if he doesn’t keep secrets from her, and she can express herself to him, she can open herself up to him, so the actual dramatic need for the journals diminished just by definition of putting those two into a relationship. source

Kevin Williamson: The look on her face, the way they connected in this moment, that’s what worked for me. source

Nina: Elena’s in love with Stefan. And she really was not searching, but it sort of came to her. He’s like this spirit, this person, this thing that fills the emptiness and the loss in her life. source

Julie Plec: We always said in the pilot it’s a girl who feels dead inside and a boy who is dead inside and how they bring each other back to life. source

Paul: Stelena will always be the core of the show, the show revolves around Stelena. source

Julie Plec: There is a scene in “The Reckoning” which I think might be my favorite absolute of the whole year, where Klaus compels Stefan to turn off his emotions. It’s a very intense scene. […] It seems so ridiculous to say that moment should be romantic, but in a way it was the most romantic moment of the series. It’s a guy trying so hard to hold on to his humanity through his love for this one girl, and then watching as this get ripped out from him… And so we went back in and said you know what, take out all the tension music and make it epic, make it sad and beautiful, use the love cue that Stefan and Elena have, use that cue, not the scary cue. source

Julie Plec: My cups overflow with Stelena love and alway will. source

Julie Plec: I know in my mind I felt very strongly that Elena could not and would not separate from Stefan and fall in love with Damon until she was a vampire. […] I didn’t feel comfortable letting her let go of what is pure in her heart, which is Stefan, to explore the darker sides of her impulses until her entire life had been turned inside out. source

K. Williamson: This show is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They’re soulmates

Caroline 4:7: Stefan is your soulmate

Also going to note that JP said. “Caroline speaks the truth”

K. Williamson: The thing that works so well about this show is that’s a serialized mythology genre love story. It’s about these two lost souls, these two dead souls, one human and one a vampire, who are together, their love for each other brings them back to life. I mean that’s epic.

K. Williamson: At the end of Season 2, Katherine uttered that one line, ‘It’s OK to love both of them.’ We’re gonna sort of watch that play out. And what does that mean? It meant one thing for Katherine. What’s it going to mean for Elena? You can love someone brotherly. You can love someone as a friend. And I just think romantic love — it may not be OK to love both of them. I think that’s the journey. She’s got a big journey, because 100 percent, yes, she’s attracted to this man [Damon]. Yes, she loves Stefan unbelievably — I mean, it’s an epic love that’s never going to change

The writers NEVER say anything beautiful like this about DE no matter the choices they use. So what were you saying again?

Ok, I’m just in tears!

Couldn’t even watch the rest of the episode after Brienne swung her sword at Stannis, I am too heartbroken and of course Stannis was back in character this episode, all badass, calm and collected yet utterly broken inside. Everything went so bad for him and he really tried his best, he really fucking did nothing but try to do what is right, to do what he felt was his duty to everyone else.

These douchebags ruined my favorite characters in one scene, by having Brienne kill Stannis like that, when he was just on the ground, visibly broken and injured to boot. I love Brienne but I can’t enjoy watching her anymore after this. 

Also, they might have written Stannis poorly at times and that whole fiasco last week , but Stephen Dillane added to the character(both the book!version and its show!twin-version)with his acting, with how he managed to show Stannis’ depth of character and feelings just through body language, facial expressions, the look in his eyes, etc. I will always see Stannis with his face and mannerisms and I am double as upset by his death on the show because it robs me of this very good visual representation of Stannis. Stephen deserved more screentime with better written, more meaty scenes that he could submit for an Emmy, to at least get a nomination, particularly this season but also in the 2nd season when Stannis had his Blackwater arc.