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What new skins would be great for each hero? (but you could talk about your favorite skins too)

oh this is hard..

some more casual skin could be fun, also some skins that might be relevant to the country they come from could also be awsome.

so far some of my fav skins has been event related, santa torb, the new one for dva ive forgotten the name for, nutcracker zen, to name a few

what would be yours anon?

beauty and the beast sentence meme

feel free to change the starters and things to fit your muse!

  • “who could ever learn to love a beast?”
  • “well, it’s my favorite! far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!”
  • “here’s where she meets prince charming. but she won’t discover that it’s him ‘til chapter three.”
  • “my father is not crazy! he’s a genius!”
  • “i’m not really sure i fit in here. there’s no one i can really talk to.”
  • “oh _____, have a heart!”
  • “you know, there’s not a girl in town who wouldn’t love to be in your shoes.”
  • “is he gone?”
  • “for once, it might be grand to have someone understand. i want so much more than they’ve got planned.”
  • “______, there’s a girl in the castle!”
  • “take me instead.”
  • “please spare my daughter! please!”
  • “told you she was pretty, _____. didn’t i?”
  • “cheer up, child. it’ll turn out alright in the end, you’ll see.”
  • “try to be patient. the girl has lost her father and her freedom all in one day.”
  • “it’s no use. she’s so beautiful and I’m…well, look at me!”
  • “please attempt to be a gentleman.”
  • “i don’t wanna get to know him! i don’t wanna have anything to do with him!”
  • “she’ll never see me as anything but a monster.”
  • “promise or no promise, i can’t stay here another minute!”
  • “by the way, thank you for saving my life.”
  • “true, that he’s no prince charming. but there’s something in him that i simply didn’t see.”
  • “i’ll tell you when you’re older.”
  • “could you read it again?”
  • “you don’t have time to be timid!”
  • “and when the moment is right, you confess your love!”
  • “are you happy here with me?”
  • “you mean…i’m free?”
  • “after all this time, he’s finally learned to love.”
  • “______, why’d you go away? don’t you like us anymore?”
  • “if it’s a fight they want, we’ll be ready for them!”
  • “what’s the matter, ______? too kind and gentle to fight back?”
  • “at least i got to see you one last time.”
  • “are they gonna live happily ever after, ______?”

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I must ask this question... Have you ever felt like giving up on the comic?

Actually this is really funny because this is one of our inside jokes. Before we had Anna helping us with grammar/spelling, we usually spotted mistakes (and they were pretty big ones!) after posting a pageset. Which did cause some distress and a rush to fix it before it got too many reblogs with the mistakes on it. Our reactions were like this:

After the first two or so times, we started screaming “That’s it, we’re deleting the blog. I quit!” And it just became our joke for every time we made a big mistake.

We’ve had other inside jokes. But this one is probably my favorite just because of how stupidly dramatic we made it out to be.

((if you see a mistake on an old reblog, check the originals first. It might be one of those mistakes that weren’t found until it was far too late… but we fixed it anyway.))

But to answer your question, we never seriously considered quitting the comic. We want to see our stories through to the end. Or where ever we decide the end is!

…so here’s this lol :3

um. So!! This was one of my favorite moments from @therealjacksepticeye​‘s play through of Night In the Woods! I really, really love this game so far and I’m really glad he decided to play it or else I might not’ve ever heard about it! And that would suck! Because this game is really cool!!

I strongly recommend watching his playthrough here! The moment I based this lil illustration takes place here, (but like why just look at that when you can watch all of it lol). This episode in general really just got me in the heartstrings, between this ~magical~ moment and the one with Gregg later on… Idk, this game just has so many angles and discusses so many really important topics in a way that really just– ah, I just really love it lol. also the artstyle and music are freaking amazing aaaah

short story shorter, this game is amazing and I love it take my trash art and be happy haha

Southern Style

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,069
Warnings: none
Song: Southern Style - Darius Rucker
A/N: Here is my entry for @impalaimagining‘s 1K Follower Challenge! My prompt was the gif above along with the song Southern Style by Darius Rucker. Italics are a flashback. This might be one of my favorite things I’ve ever written so I really hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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some of my personal favorite Yoonmin fics i gathered from the past few months.I might be doing a few more of these,depends ;D,but warning that nearly all of these have smut in them so please read at your own risk~ these either:

A) Really killed me
B) Made me start squealing and emotional 
C) Both of the above

You Spin Me Like A Record,Baby by yah94 (Rated M)
This fanfiction isn’t very well known yet,it also isn’t completed (it has only one chapter so far,and unfortunately is on Hiatus.But i swear this chapter made me feel so,so happy!  I really recommend~!!)

who ever said i gave a shit about you by namalumicent (Rated M)
I love,love this fiction so much i can’t even express it! the chapters had me jumping from this one,(3/?)

Say Hi,Yoongi by  i_ship_us
It isn’t well known once again,but this author deserves much more!beautiful and cute story.(Completed 1/1)

The world,as viewed from a park bench by  takakoyaki 
Holy hell this story is literally one of the best i’ve read in a long,long time,,it really made me feel the Yoonmin TT 

Drying Tears by  keopi (Rated M)
This was such a feels trip it was so amazing,one of my personal favs because it’s so long and takes it’s time to build up the relationship between Jimin and Yoongi..

maybe when we say love, we mean a safe place to fall apart by solstices (Rated Explict)

ten things i love about you by  jonghyunslisterine (Rated Teens and Up)
And finally,the cutest,and very fluffy story that i enjoyed so much,still demanding some kid of sequel 

Gorillaz Ask!

Go ahead and ask me questions if you like! If this goes well, I might make another one of these. I want to see if I could answer all of this. Feel free to re-blog this if you like! :)

Re-Hash: What is your favorite phase?

5/4: What is your favorite Phase 4 picture so far?

Tomorrow Comes Today: Who is your favorite character in Gorillaz?

New Genious (Brother): What do you think about Murdoc?

Clint Eastwood: How did you get into Gorillaz?

Man Research: What’s your favorite album?

Punk: What was your first Gorillaz music video you’ve seen?

Sound Check (Gravity): Do you own any Gorillaz albums? If so, what are they and how many do you own?

Double Bass: What’s your favorite G-bitez episode?

Rock The House: What’s your favorite interview?

19-2000: What’s your favorite music video and storyboard?

Latin Simone: Which character do you relate to the most?

Starshine: Do you think 2D and Murdoc will ever get along in Phase 4?

Slow Country: Which song do you think would make a great music video?

M1A1: Besides Gorillaz, who else are your favorite band or musician?

Dracula: Does Gorillaz inspire you in any way?

Left Hand Suzuki Method: Do you prefer 2D’s singing voice (Damon Albarn) or speaking voice (Nelson De Freitas) 

Dear Future Wife,

You might not realize it at first, but I can be incredibly sappy. I cry whenever I watch videos where dogs have been rescued. I have a soft spot for rescue Pit Bulls, given that I was raised around them.
Proposal videos make me smile – Justin Baldoni’s is one of my favorites; well-crafted and elaborate, if a little long. Rose and Rosie warrant a mention, too.

If you ask me to marry you, there will be tears. If I propose, you might worry that something’s wrong, because I won’t be able to get through my speech.
I’ll cry at our wedding. I won’t be able to believe how beautiful you look when you walk down the aisle, and that we’ve come so far in our relationship. My wedding squad will need to have tissues on hand.

I’ll probably tear up again when I say my vows, and when you say yours. I hope our wedding photographer is amazing at photoshop, and has some brilliant filters to work with – no one wants wedding photographs of their face glistening with tears, their eyes a lovely shade of red. I’m as vain as I am sappy, and I want to look good in the photos, even if I’ve been tearing up all day.

My speech at our reception won’t be on par with Tom Fletcher’s. I’m much more of a writer than I am a musician.
But I’m going to get teary-eyed. Yes, again (and hopefully, so will everyone else).
No, it won’t be the last time. There will be tears on our first wedding anniversary, during the birth of our children, and, well, pretty much at every milestone we hit.

And that’s okay, because I’m proud of you – of the person you are, of every single aspect that makes up the woman I love: how professional you are at work, how tender, understanding, and loving you are with our children and our pets, and with me, how you never stop working towards self-improvement, how utterly brilliant you are.

I’m proud of us; how much we would have weathered to be there together, standing in front of the people we love the most, telling each other that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together, what we mean to each other.
A love like ours is one I have wanted and waited for my entire life, and I will be in awe of the fact that it is within my grasp. Finally.


I actually really enjoyed this one. I love every song on the soundtrack, but this might be my least favorite only by definition of “one I don’t love quite as much as the others.” But in a weird twist, this might be one of my favorite songs I’ve done for the Ballad of Mount Ebbot so far.

Part of the Ballad of Mount Ebbot

Made with SoundCloud

More YOI merch I got in the mail today! Like the Joy Can keychains, I actually paid for this stuff way back in January but just had it shipped just this week. I wish I’d shipped it earlier because the gloves might be out of season now, but who the heck knows with midwest weather (hell it snowed randomly earlier this week). Either way, I’ll have them for next winter! 

The acrylic keychains (bottom picture is the entire set on its own) are the El Cute Yuri!! on Ice Trading Acrylic Keychains by exrare. One box gets you all nine. This is one of my favorite sets so far because there’s just not a miss in the entire box. Plus it’s one of the only pieces of merchandise of BABY YUURI that we have so far. The quality is so good and the coloring is so rich and bright. 

The big, floppy keychains are Big Felt ‘Felton’ Mascots by Union Creative. I found them super adorable??? They’re very large, so definitely something you’d hang on a bag instead of put on keys. They also came with post cards featuring the art, and the Yuuri one is my favorite because lol the posters: 

Lastly is the Victor and Yuuri gloves, which are made by Chugai Mining. There is also a Yurio pair for sale which are, as predicted, bright yellow (lol). I admit I got these because I thought they were kind of gimmicky and fun, and well, gloves for this series are appropriate. They are smartphone gloves too which I appreciate. What I didn’t expect is for them to actually be really high quality gloves! I thought they’d be sort of like those cheap gloves you get for a couple of dollars at Target (when you inevitably lose your old pair like me), but these are sturdy, thick, well made, and warm gloves. I also expected them to be kind of small because Japanese sizes. This would not have been a problem for me, because my hands are ridiculous small, but they’re pretty decently sized and should fit even slightly larger hands I think. 10/10 highly recommended gay figure skating gloves. 


My spread for the winter break! Heavily inspired by my use of coffee for all the AP world history assignments I had. By far, my favorite spread I have but the one I’m planning for next week might blow it out the water!
Currently planning a bath and I’m hyping myself up, I encourage everyone to take a bath after a stressful day or like me…week. I have a vlog on my YouTube channel of the stress I went through yesterday (Wednesday) but I love making mistakes so I can learn from them!

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I wonder as a fellow Servamp fan, what do you think of Kuro`s lion form? I find is pretty cool, still wonder if it can use other attacks or and what the Creator had in mind while making such big lion. Anyway I would love see you try drawing that lion form. *somehow imagine Mahiru riding on Kuro the lion* xD

Kuro’s lion form is really cool, the comeback of Mahiru and lion Kuro is one of my favorite scenes in the manga. In his big form he must be very mighty and his attacks might be very strong, I think their creator, as far as I can think about it, might have liked creating something so monstrous and dangerous yet elegant. Could feel great to create the king of all animals? Now I wonder if the other Servamps have the ability to transform as well.
Okay, me drawing this big and dangerous lion capable of destroying whole cities and a brave Mahiru riding him ? Sure Thing!

Dyanne Scholvin, 1943-2017

Yesterday I offered a remembrance of my mom at the memorial service we had for her and my grandmother. I spoke extemporaneously, but it went something like this. (Yeah, it’s kinda long by tumblr standards, so it’s under a jump. Sorry if that doesn’t work on your platform.) 

(And please don’t reblog. Thanks.)

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Aftershocks Part 7

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Captain America

Warnings: PTSD, ALL THE FLUFF, and a bit of smut too ;) (This is just the beginning, the smut storm is coming)

Word Count: 3625 (I know, I’m a wordy mother fucker) 

Summary: After your first mission you seek comfort in Bucky, finding more than just reassuring words. 

Authors Note: Uggg this might be my favorite bit so far but I feel that way about every new piece. This one is a little longer than usual and part 8 will be as well but that’s because part 8 is gonna be smut city. Thank you so much for reading this and all the lovely words of encouragement, let me know how you all like this one, feedback is deeply appreciated. Tagging is open, just ask <3

Tags: @crapythings @buckyismyaesthetic @endless-dawn

Aftershocks: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8b, Part 9, Part 10, Part 10b, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Post Credit Scene

You finally arrive back at the compound and everyone goes their separate ways to shower and recover. “Any injuries go to the medical bay,” Cap orders, “The rest of you, get cleaned up and get some sleep, we’ll debrief tomorrow. Good work today team.” You move forward, slightly dazed, gliding down the hallway. It is only when a slight pressure is applied to your hand that you realize your fingers are still interlocked with Bucky’s. 

He moves you forward down the hall until stopping in front of your door, “You alright doll?” He questions, noticing your vacant expression, concern etched across his face. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just tired. Need a break. Shower.” He continues to look at you, trying to read your face, you smile weakly. “Ok…” he says tentatively, squeezing your hand gently. “If you need anything, I’m right down the hall,” he smiles, that perfect little half smirk, “we both know I don’t really sleep so don’t hesitate.” 

“Thank you” you sigh, giving his hand a tight squeeze, your arms aching to be wrapped around him again, your chest wanting nothing more than to be pressed against his, your eyes swim with desire and confusion. He gently raises your hand to his lips, brushing a small kiss across your knuckles, his blue eyes not moving from your face, “Goodnight.” 

The moment is over before you even realize it happened, he leaves you, standing there with your heart pounding in your chest, watching his perfect form as he strides down the hallway. You sigh, retiring to your room and to a much-needed shower.


You sob gently into your pillow, your wet hair adding to the saturation. Sleep is not something you are afforded tonight, your head battling with painful memories, making your heart race and your body shake. You get up to go get some water from the kitchen, walking down the hallway you stop to stare at Bucky’s door, a light shines underneath the crack between the door and the floor. 

You take a deep breath, debating whether or not to knock. You bite your lip, throwing caution to the wind as your knuckles gently rap against the wood. The door creaks open slightly at the force of your knock but there is no response on the other side. “Bucky” you whisper tentatively, stepping cautiously into the room. 

The light is on in his bathroom and you can here gruff and strained noises coming from him. You step warily towards the noises, taking a sharp intake of breath as you catch site of his shirtless form in the mirror, as he digs at a hole on his back. 

“Bucky” you splutter, identifying the mark as a gun shot wound, “Y/N” he stammers out, his face flooding with shock and embarrassment, “are you ok, what’s wrong?” He abandons his medical instruments and moves quickly to you, taking your hands gingerly in his. 

“You’re hurt,” you whimper, “You got shot. Why didn’t you… why didn’t you say anything, or go to the medical bay?” He smiles slightly at how concerned you are about him, his face flushing with joy, but then breaks your gaze, eyes moving to the floor sheepishly. “You… you got shot protecting me, didn’t you?” “It’s fine doll, it’s just a bullet wound, it’ll heal, just have to get the damn bullet out.” 

You stare at him for a moment, his eyes focused on the floor, his shoulders hunching slightly in shame. You nod and release his hands, moving forward into the bathroom and picking up the tools that he had left abandoned on the sink. “Come here,” you instruct him, your voice firm, almost scolding. 

He smiles at your tone, “I’m in trouble now, huh” he laughs guiltily at your stern expression. “Sit” you instruct, pointing to the toilet, he lowers himself onto the closed lid, straddling the cold porcelain, his sweatpants straining across his thick thighs. You move behind him, noticing the perfection of his carved shoulder muscles, peppered with scars and burns. 

You set to work on his right shoulder, gently cleaning the wound before digging in it with forceps. He sits very still, not making a sound, not even flinching. You hear the steadiness of his breathing and try to take a deep breath yourself to steady your own hands. Your palms grow slick as you feel the intensity of the heat radiating from his bare back.  

You finally make contact with the bullet and with a smooth pull you are able to extract it. “Thanks” he sighs; making to stand up, you push him back down “Sit. I’m not done with you” he grins at your firmness, “As you wish” He chuckles quietly, resting his chin on his forearms as he leans against the water tank. You clean the wound once more before stitching the skin together; you then wrap it carefully with gauze and tape. 

“There” you finish, washing your hands off in the sink. “Good as new” He smiles standing to admire your patch job in the mirror. “So help me god Bucky,” you turn round to face him, aware of your uncomfortably close proximity to his bare chest, “if you ever get hurt and lie to me about it again, I will kill you myself” He smiles at your concern, “Understood” he says, wrapping you in a gentle hug, his hand finding it’s way into your hair again. 

You breath deeply taking in his scent as your arms wrap easily around him, as if they already knew their place. You feel your whole body slacken into his warmth, your muscles relaxing for the first time since the mission. 

“Now,” he continues, hands moving to your hips and suddenly applying pressure, picking you up and plopping you down on the bathroom counter at his eye level, “Why did you come over?” He asks, hand moving to your cheek, his thumb pressing small circles into your smooth skin. The tip of it grazing the dark circles under your reddened eyes, he looks so worried, so gentle, how could this be the same man who lost his temper with Sam, who tore through so many Hydra agents earlier.  But it was, he was the same man that held your hand on the plane and helped you keep control. “Couldn’t sleep?” he asks gently, interrupting your thoughts. 

You nod your head, softly pressing your cheek into his hand. “Come on.” he says, picking up your hands as you hop off the bathroom counter, he leads you back into his bedroom. “Here,” he pulls back the thick navy comforter on his mattress, motioning for you to get in the bed. “Bucky, it’s fine, it’s just a few nightmares, I’ll just watch some tv.” You insist, feeling as if you are encroaching. 

“You know,” He sits on the foot of the bed, holding back the comforter to expose soft gray sheets, “when Steve first found me I couldn’t get through the night without screaming, he would sleep in my room every night until it started to get better.” You stare for a moment before nodding calmly, you slowly move forward towards the bed, towards him. “Sometimes it just helps knowing you have someone here with you.” He finishes, gazing up at you. 

You stand in front of him, hands shaking slightly as you steady your breathing. “It just feels so real sometimes. It feels like I’m back there, trapped again.” You whisper as his warm fingers find your hand once again, sending a jolt to your stomach at his touch. “I know. It will get better in time, I promise. But you should get some sleep,” he pats the exposed sheet next to him, you nod, grateful for his offer. 

You move forward and sit on the bed, lifting your legs onto the soft mattress as he stands and draws the blanket up around your shoulders, his fingertips gently grazing along your curves. You take a deep breath, biting your lip at his touch, your head swimming, his sheets smelling of his intoxicating scent. 

He moves around his room as you lay there, heart pounding, waiting for his presence in the bed. He sets a glass of water beside you and goes to rummage in a drawer, pulling a tank top gingerly over his head “I won’t ever let them take you.” He confesses, turning around to make eye contact with you as he settles into the chair beside the bed, leaning forward to cradle your face gently in his warm palm.

“I told you, I will always protect you, I promised you that…” You bite your lip, gazing up at him, heart pounding quickly as heat radiates from his palm on your face down through your stomach and between your legs, you inhale sharply as you feel your clit twinge slightly. 

He gazes at you, something flashing in his eye as he abruptly pulls away, clearing his throat awkwardly as he settles back in the chair, “Humf, I mean… ahem… We all will. All the Avengers. We’ll protect you. You’re safe here.” He finishes awkwardly, fingers tapping uncomfortably on his thigh, his eyes looking around the room, looking at anything but you. 

He suddenly pulls a blanket from beside the chair and raises the footrest, making to settle into a sleeping position, continuing his campaign to look anywhere but at you. You feel a sinking feeling in your stomach as you realize that he will sleep on the chair, not with you. Never with you. 

He would rather sleep on a chair than share a bed with you. “Goodnight” he grumbles, closing his eyes and feigning intense exhaustion. “Goodnight” you whisper, a lump hard in your throat. You curl up in a ball, forcing yourself to stay in the bed and not make it more awkward. You squeeze your eyes shut, confining the stinging tears.

Bucky’s POV:

His fingertips glide over her skin, his brain whirring as he feels the soft heat of her every curve. His eyes flicker up from the progress of his hands to her face. Her delicate face, the rosiness of her cheeks making his own flush, he groans internally as she bites her lip, that plump bottom lip, how I wish I could bite it, suck on it, taste the perfection of her mouth.

He felt his cock twitch warningly in his sweatpants and turned quickly away from her, bustling around his room, trying to regain control. He brings her over a glass of water, stealing one more glance at her perfect features, watching her face curl into his pillow and wishing that it were him beneath her soft cheek. 

He turns away once more, pulling a tank top from his drawer and stretching it over his head.  “I won’t ever let them take you.” He confesses, turning around to face her, her sparkling eyes, wide and staring, he falters slightly, noticing the red tint now flushed in her pouted lips from her biting. 

He breathes shallowly, giving into his urge to be near her again and positioning himself in the chair next to the bed. I wish I could hold you, wrap you in my arms and make you feel safe. He thought, wishing to climb over her body and sink into the bed beside her. 

In a hope to satisfy his craving to be near her he leans forward and gently places his right hand on her exposed cheek, letting his fingers slide softly into her hairline. “I told you, I will always protect you, I promised you that…” He implores, looking for some indication that that was what she wanted, that she needed him, wanted him. 

She bites her lip again her heart rate quickening beneath his hand, her wide eyes stare up at him. He thinks about curling his fingers into her long silk hair and crushing his lips against hers, drawing redness too them with the pressure of his kiss. She inhales sharply; he quickly retracts his hand, fearing that he’s scared her. 

It’s too much for her, he thought, cursing himself for pushing it, Of course she’s scared of you, how could she not be scared of you? “Humf, I mean… ahem… We all will. All the Avengers. We’ll protect you… You’re safe here.” He finishes awkwardly, tapping uncomfortably on his thigh, hoping that she’s ok, but unable to look at her. Unable to control himself if he saw those eyes again. 

He moves swiftly, drawing a blanket around himself and shifting into a sleeping position, forcing out a fake yawn. “Goodnight” he grumbles, squeezing his eyes shut. “Goodnight” she whispers, her soft voice causing his stomach to tighten, as he imagines her whispered word at his ear, her breath against his skin and her small form wrapped in his arms.



“NOOOOO!!!! PLEASE!!!!” Bucky sits bolt upright, quickly turning to see your thrashing body in the bed in front of him, your sobbing cries gurgling out of your mouth. He moves quickly until his hands are at your shoulders, gently shaking you, “Y/N! Y/N honey wake up, it’s just a dream, it’s just a dream!” Your eyes finally flash open, your breathing ragged as you focus on the man in front of you, his eyes two glowing blue specks in the dark, you start to sob, shaking and bending forward into his arms. 

In one swift motion his arms are under you, lifting you out of the tangle of blankets and into a cradled position. He sits back down on the bed, bringing you to rest in his lap, holding you closely and making gentle shushing noises. “It’s ok, you’re safe, I got you. It was just a dream. You’re safe.” You cry softly into his shoulder as you melt against him, your heart rate beginning to slow as you regain control of your breathing. 

“Bucky” you whimper pathetically as you grip at his shirt, pulling yourself more securely into his grasp. “I know, I’m here doll. Not going anywhere.” He answers softly, moving the arm behind your back up slightly to cradle your neck and rub gently at your scalp. 

You shiver slightly and he moves backwards onto the bed, pulling you smoothly with him, as he wraps you both back in the comforter. “You… In my dream… my nightmare… I lost you.” You sputter, trying to explain your distress. “Don’t worry love, I’m not that good at hide and seek.” He jokes, you feel the rumble of the small laugh in his chest and you can’t help but smile slightly at the sound. 

“No,” you continue, tilting your head up to him, seeing his eyes staring down at you. “You died. There was nothing I could do, I lost you.” You choke on another sob as a beaming smile spreads across his face, his hand moving up to cup your jaw. “I’m not going anywhere doll” he reassures you. “It was just so real” you continue, shaking slightly, your fingers gripping tighter on his shirt. 

He moves to shift you, sliding you off of his lap and to his side, keeping his right arm wrapped around your shoulders as he slides you both into a laying position in the bed. “Here,” he says as he gently repositions your head onto his hot chest, pulling you even closer to his body. 

Your heart speeds up as you lay on him, every inch of your body pressing against his smooth, muscled, form. “You hear that?” he asks, his hand reaching up around you to knot in your hair again, pulling soothingly at your damp locks. “That’s my heartbeat, I’m alive. I’m right here next to you.” He sighs gently as you swing your arm over his torso, encasing him in your own embrace. 

“I’m not going anywhere” he whispers, his lips gently ghosting over your hairline as you curl into him tighter still. Feeling safe in his arms. Feeling warm. You smile softly as your mind relaxes, reveling in the feeling of his rough fingertips gliding over your soft skin, breathing in rhythm with his rising and falling chest. You sigh contentedly, and allow yourself to drift off again, knowing, that you are safe.  


Thump. You move slightly, adjusting the pressure of your hips, hearing the sound of fast movement through the hall. You curl in deeper, the warmth of the bed swallowing your relaxed body, feeling a slight pressure of heat against your back and across your stomach. 

You stir more actively now, rolling your shoulders and motioning to move your hand, finding it interlocked with the warm, long fingers of the arm stretched underneath your head. You shift slightly, causing Bucky to stir behind you, his metal arm curling tighter around your abdomen, pulling you closer. You stretch cautiously, rolling your hips back against him, not wanting to wake him but needing the movement. 

You hear him moan quietly behind you, his hot breath tickling your neck. Something jumps in the pit of your stomach, forcing your legs to squeeze tightly together in response to the heat rising at the apex of your thighs. His metal arm moves down your stomach, sliding under your shirt, fingers lightly playing at the waistband of your shorts. Your breath catches in your throat, the heat in your core begging for his fingers to travel lower. 

He pulls you tighter to him, his hips curling up against your backside. You can feel the stiff pressure of his thick cock, hard against your ass, straining against his sweatpants. You concentrate on the pressure, him grinding against you ever so slightly. His breathing growing slightly labored as his heavy breaths brush against your neck. You feel the wetness pool between your thighs, forcing your awareness of how badly you want him, how badly you need him. 

You can’t help but imagine the satisfying feeling of his thickness sliding into you, wanting his hands to dig into your skin as his hips slam against you. You moan inaudibly, arching your back slightly, forcing the curve of your ass to grind harder into his swollen member, you are met with a sharp intake of breath behind you and an increased pressure on your abdomen. 

He clears his throat, finally starting to wake up and come to full attention. His shoulders tense beside you as he becomes aware of his actions, dislodging his hips from behind you and distancing your bodies except for his arm still trapped underneath your head. 

You wince at the sudden cold now tickling your skin, the lack of his heat not being the only thing you miss, you exhale slowly trying to regain control and frustratingly aware of the wetness between your legs. You make to turn to face him and meet his closed eyes and furrowed brow. “Bucky,” you whisper with concern, he purses his lips opening his eyes and looking down at you. 

“Morning,” he says politely, redness rising in his cheeks. “Morning…“ you repeat back slowly, confusion etched across your face. You thought for a moment that he wanted you, that he needed you the way you needed him, the distant expression on his face now told you otherwise. You were just a warm body to a sleepy man. 

“Buck?” you hear a knock on the door and Steve’s anxious voice radiates through the walls. You tense, freezing in bed, eyes wide, staring at Bucky as his arm stiffens under your shoulders. He slowly presses a finger to his lips, you nod in understanding. “Yeah pal?” He answers, eyebrows rising, gaze locked on the door. “Have you seen Y/N this morning, I can’t find her anywhere and I wanted to check on her before debrief.” 

Bucky looks down at you smirking slightly, you slowly shake your head, and he suppresses a chuckle. “Can’t say that I have, bud, sorry. Try the training room, she sometimes likes to workout around this time.” He finishes, barely keeping his composure. “Ok, thanks, let her know I’m looking for her if you see her.” Steve finishes, disappointed. 

You hear his footsteps pad heavily down the hall as you sit up in the bed, dislodging yourself from Bucky’s warmth. He smiles behind you, eyes locked on your curves, your tight shirt drawing attention to your hard nipples, exposed in the cold air. “Steve is looking for you.” Bucky laughs moving slightly to drag an arm back around your waist. 

Not noticing his move, you stand up, removing yourself from the bed. “Thanks,” you roll your eyes, reaching for a sweatshirt on his desk chair, “Kinda got that impression.” You slide the sweatshirt over your head; it’s size swallowing you whole. Bucky snickers at the site of you, “By all means borrow my clothing, no need to ask.” His joke elicits an eyebrow raise from you. “It looks better on me anyway,” you grumble, pressing your ear to the door. 

“That it does, can’t argue with you there” Bucky smiles, eyes scanning the exposed skin of your thighs peaking out under the hem of his sweatshirt, “What are you doing?” he questions noticing your curious actions against the door. “Making sure that no one is in the hallway” you respond, preoccupied with your listening. 

His face falls, the smile quickly slipping off it as he gets up quickly from the bed, “Right,” he grumbles, “wouldn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.” You turn around to say more but only catch the whisper of his steps as he walks into the bathroom and shuts the door behind him. You feel a sinking in the pit of your stomach, “Bucky,” you whisper, as you hear the shower turn on. You sigh as you take your leave, quietly slipping out of his room and into the empty hallway.