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How to improve your life

1. Find your resources whether you listen to music, go jogging or do creative writing.

2. Meet friends once a week even if it’s just for a short coffee break.

3. Search after a new hobby you can do on your own such as drawing or learning a new language.

4. Save money and travel to new places inside and outside of your own country.

5. See the beauty in every little thing no matter how tiny it might be.

6. Talk to a childhood friend and reminisce in old memories.

7. Have an hour me time every other day.

8. Ask for help without feeling guilty afterwards.

9. Cut toxic people out of your life.

10. Before you make any decisions, imagine what your 80 year old self would want you to do in that situation.

Imagine sleepy mornings and the struggle to drag oneself out of bed. Senarad sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly dragging on his boots and stifling a yawn, Dorian sleepily leaning against his back and braiding his long hair for him. Afterwards, Sen applies Dorian’s kohl for him as they talk. Then they both help each other with the various belts, sashes, and other accessories their robes require (require in quotation marks in Dorian’s case of course lol), all just to prolong the contact with one another, finally holding each other close before they are forced to part ways for the day. Mornings used to be pretty miserable, something to dread, but there’s something to look forward to now, little intimate details that a shared routine creates, integrating each other completely into their lives.


Second batch of expressions! Dang these are fun

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Still taking requests btw

Soon this will be over and you’ll count the days till the holidays and you’ll count the days till the weekend. When it’s over and you begin with something new, you’ll do the it exact same thing. So stop wishing for the future by counting days and make the days count.
—  ck.writes (on Instagram) // enjoy every day

estelofimladris  asked:

I just have to say I'm losing my mind about this whole Defenders book thing. New Avengers (Vol. 1 & 2) is my favorite book in large part because of these characters and your writing of them. Its the series that brought me back into comics many years ago now. We might not have gotten you doing Heroes for Hire, but I'll gladly take this. I can't wait.

It was never going to be called heroes for hire. One of the delays was coming up with a name that wasn’t heroes for hire because as you will soon see they are very rarely hired :-)

 thank you. And I’ve got so many notes here because of my long ass defenders post. we will start to do press next weekend the free comic book Day story launches on the 6th of May.

here’s another sneak because I’m plotting over here!~

Things I want to do: play D&D with my friends

Things I dread: being the DM and having to give descriptions of things. Also talking with the guy I don’t like again.

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I recently moved and found a rose growing in my back garden. It's clearly having a hard time: some sort of insect has been at the leaves, and it's trailing like it might be a climbing rose, but has no trellis to support it. Despite all of it's problems, it's trying it's best- even has a hot pink flower in bloom (how I found it amid the hostas). I'd like to try to help it. Any advice or books/websites you'd recommend? I can do vegetables, but I'm new to roses, and worried I'll kill it.

Is it getting enough sun? The ‘found it among the hostas’ thing indicates it might not be. Roses like full sun, the more the better. If it’s shaded a lot it might be good to move it somewhere sunnier. 

Now, I’m not going to link you to a website because most of them will make it way more complicated than it really is. Roses like sun. They like rich soil with some compost in it, but will tolerate clay. They like to be kept moist, but don’t like to stand in a pool of water all day and will tolerate some drought if they’re tough own root roses. That’s it. If yours is tough enough to survive neglect like being lost in a hosta patch, it’s tough enough to not need fussing or special fertilizing every 2 months or surgically precise pruning. 

(Actually, no plant I grow needs much fussing. I’m a firm believer in Darwinian selection in my garden; if you can’t hack it, you go to the Big Compost Pile In the Sky. Also, the actual compost pile.)

As for the insects…Neem oil will take care of most chewing insects, is harmless to bees and butterflies, and is biodegradable. Smells like old onions, but that dissipates quickly once applied. You can let climbing roses sprawl if you have a space with room (Which Felony is currently doing; I moved the coral bells and Widow’s Tears so she could have the whole area, and she’s happily sprawling out over it) or you could tie it up against a trellis or stakes or a fence. 

A brand new day to start anew,
the things that brought me down
broken pieces of yesterday,
in this God-forsaken town.

Nothing I can ever do,
turns out ever right,
no matter how hard I try,
and work with all my might.

But today I will try,
just a little harder you see,
for I know in my heart,
He has a better plan for me

—  A New Day

I have finished the color. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to make a new character!


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For the prompt thing, how about either 51 for Gency, 33 for Bunnyribbit, or 12 for Hanmei? I'll let you choose which one you want to do most. ^v^

For you I might just do all three but I’ll do the Gency one for now

Check ups were frequent when Genji first joined Overwatch. The work of Blackwatch was no easy task and almost every time he returned, Angela would have something new to repair. Sometimes it was one of his prosthetic acting up or jamming and other times it was a bullet in the arm. Either way, he refused to let any other doctor treat him, insisting that Angela was the only one he trusted with his new body. And she did everything she could to make sure he was properly treated. 

“I won’t always be here to patch you up Genji,” she finally said one day.

“What do you mean Doctor?”

“I do have to go on my own missions, I won’t always be here when you get back from a mission. You should learn to take better care of yourself and to let other doctors see you.”

“I can just wait until you return.”

He was starting to frustrate her. Angela liked Genji’s company and didn’t mind being his primary doctor. But she knew he would not make any recovery if he continued to close himself off. He was making some progress, Genji would sometimes joke with her during his check ups, some jokes bordering flirting which showed her a glimpse of his former life, and she would sometimes see him at lunch with his fellow Blackwatch members. But he was closed off to anyone else. 

Maybe getting him to see another doctor would could be a start.

“What if I don’t come back one day?”

He didn’t respond. Angela wasn’t really expecting a serious one from him. She finished wrapping his arm and started to sign off the forms on her desk saying he was good to go. 

When she turned back to him, she found him kneeling on the ground.

“Genji what are yo-”

“I wasn’t planning on asking you, but it appeared to me that life is short. Will you marry me?”

Angela was caught off guard by his the seriousness in his voice. She almost believed him until she noticed the corners of his mouth picking up into a smile. A laugh escaped her lips.

“Honestly Genji, if your sense of humor has returned I think you should be fine with trusting a doctor other than me. I’m sure they would all love your jokes.”

His little prank sent her heart racing, but he was making progress and that meant more to her than anything else.

101 Fluffy Prompts

A lot of people always asking if I’m continuing (had me feeling like a) ghost and I am, but I’m super slow because school and other things. I’m at 8k now, but here’s a super short teaser to prove I really am writing.


“I get having to do things by yourself,” Gladio continued. He adjusted Prompto’s weight on his chest. “Just give us a warning next time.”

“I will,” Prompto promised. He pulled out of Gladio’s neck to look him in the eye. “No worries. See, I’ve got a phone now and everything.”

He squirmed so Gladio could feel the outline of the phone in his pocket. Gladio breathed out through his nose. A chuckle.

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I agree that eventually ppl lose interest in bangtan. Not that they'll flop cause they'll always have new fans but sometimes ppl lose touch w fandom. They'll still like the music and support it but after a while you might not be interested in knowing every little thing they do. I used to be very involved in another musical group (not kpop) but now I only care to know when a new album comes out. One day I'll find something I enjoy more than bts but till that day comes I shall be a dedicated army

yes!! and it’s ok, that’s normal. i used to feel bad for stopping enjoying something but as sad as it is, that’s just what happens when you grow up and change. also losing interest in something doesn’t mean you can never pick it up again

anonymous asked:

Omg I just found your story from a reblog and I read the whole thing yesterday afternoon! IT WAS SO GOOD JUST AMAZING!!! I was literally on my toes the whole time waiting for the bad thing to happen lol They are the best OFC and it was so different to stuff I've been reading. I'm sad it's over lol So I just came by to tell you thanks for writing an amazing story 👏🏼👏🏼 but Also since I'm new here, do you plan to write a sequel or do some novellas??? I'll take anything really 😂

You made my day! I have been smiling since I saw this.  I have a couple of ideas for some one shots about them in the future.  Just to update their story.  Who knows?  I might try to write Kacey’s books next.  Cook’s Postulates might be fun to write.

Welcome to the crazy world of Tumblr! We’re all kind of fun. 

If you need some Harry fics, you can’t go wrong with @niallandharrymakemestrong.  She wrote one of the hottest things I’ve ever read (Midnight Memories of a Temporary Fix–Narry).  Plus she’s just lovely.

@whoopsharrystyles  just finished Steam (it was just effing super heated Steamy), Snog Me Senseless is sweet and wonderful and she has tons more.  Masterlist

@melissas173 has some lovely pieces (check out Parking).  I wish she would write more. (Yes I did, in fact, just call you out)  Masterlist

@aggresivelyfriendly has some wonderful pieces (Views is smoking as is Divide)  Masterlist

@the-well-rested-one has a magnum opus that she is re-releasing a bit at a time.  It’s a wonderful and timely epic book about going on tour with Harry called 25 tickets. (First rule of book club is we don’t talk about book club). 

And if, by chance, you are a Niall fan as well, @lucyvanpelt78 has written the funniest, wonderful, great OFC Zoe in her series Unlikely.

Thanks again!  And Happy reading!

heartofchonsin  asked:

Hello, welcome to FERP! I hope you have a good time, but please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything. It's no trouble! We've got a celebration of our 4th anniversary going on right now, so feel free to reblog the inbox meme and mingle.

Thank you for the welcome. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

I hope to do my best!

I just got home holy shit I’m so tired but my love tanks have been filled so I feel comfortable as heckie, seeing my mates helps a lot. I’m considering deleting some of my bnha blogs, and keeping things a lil more private ?? Just for my own comfort. I might just keep b.akugou, k.endou, m.itsuki, k.emuri, and my two ocs probably. I can usually keep up with blogs just, depends on the fandom tbh. Regardless, I’m gonna delete or archive, n move shit. Gonna be stricter on rules too

hey i might start doing a thing where i make semi-serious semi-not posts where i rate and review the food i take from work that i probably shouldn’t be taking. since a lot of it is new to me and vegan/organic shit so like. idk my goal is to try new things 

i’m going to do some blog cleaning.       i might re  -  organize my muse list   &   whatnot   +   write some draft that have been stuck in the same place for ages but because i also want some new things here you guys can like this   +   specify a muse n get a starter   !      length will vary.