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I want to catch jimin off guard with random kisses all the time; some short and sweet, others wet and probing, but I'm in control the whole time and I'm waiting until he breaks from either embarrassment or longing and he asks for more ☺️👌

those lips are too pretty to not kiss at random, just look how inviting they are

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your spontaneous affection might throw him off at first, causing him to blush a little, but it doesn’t take him long to warm up to it

if you give him a quick and cute one, he would be too shy to admit he wants more of you. he’d smile and let his eyes drift to the ground. you love seeing him get so adorable, so you’d decide to wait a bit before giving him another kiss.

however, if you make it a hot and lingering kiss, you’d be able to feel the way his body leans into your touch. when you pull away, his lips following you for a second, not wanting the emptiness you’re planning to leave. he’d seem so desperate it would be almost impossible not to give him what he wants

one who can only find his way by moonlight

for @nurseyweek, day 6: dreamer

The first time it happens, Derek is seven years old and having a nightmare.

He’s dreaming of the counselor his parents had made him see after the divorce, the mean one, the one who had pushed and pushed and pushed him to talk even after he’d started to cry and said he didn’t want to. He’s pushing in the dream, too, and finally, Derek, in his dream, thinks, with all of his might, I want my mom.

And then he’s not in his dream anymore. He’s somewhere else.

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Seventeen Reaction: Hip Hop Unit’s Ideal Type

Request:  What is Seventeens hip hop team ideal type?

A/N: Thanks for the request anon, enjoy! :) x


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I think S.Coups would need someone much like himself, fun, goofy but knows when it’s time to be serious and responsible. His S/O would have to make him laugh of course, and be as kind hearted as he is. Just remember, dating him= being the proud parents of 12 little goofballs so, patience might come in handy too!


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I don’t know why but I can picture Wonwoo with someone really cute and bubbly, full of energy who just lights up the room when they enter it. He’d be attracted to that type of person’s energy I think, falling for the way their infectious smile and warm personality would rub off on others and ultimately, make him a better version of himself.


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All of the wink gifs rip

I can imagine Mingyu being attracted to someone very confident and loyal, a little feisty when need be but overall someone who’s unafraid to take control of a situation. On top of that I think he’d be attracted to someone who puts others first and is willing to do anything for the people they love; to him I think that kind of selflessness would be very attractive.


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I think what Vernon would most of all need balance. Maybe someone a bit multicultural, not necessarily from birth but at least interested in other cultures. Part of me sees him running around like a kid with a hyper active, sweet S/O and the other part of me sees him with someone who takes themselves more seriously and grounds him. A balance of both could be perfect for Vernon.

A/N: Please just remember this is my personal opinion and you’re more than welcome to disagree, your opinion is just as valid as mine! <3


Keeping it Warm by Jason Ogden
Via Flickr:
Living in the Pacific Northwest requires us to bring in our lemon tree every winter to protect it from the cold…but this might be going a little too far.

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May we have some Yuma, Kou, Ayato, and Laito cuddle headcannons c:?

Admin Mawile: (๑꒪▿꒪)*


-He’s less likely to “cuddle” as he is to just pick you up and not let go. One human’s weight is hardly an issue, and he can carry you around for hours before he gets bored. It might sound kind of nice to be held by him, but do know that that most often entails being slung over one shoulder like you’re little more than a light load. 

-When he does cuddle the normal way, it’s as warm and affectionate as a cold, violent vampire can be, all strong limbs holding you close and quiet, happy noises muffled into your hair. It’s a little bit like being hugged by a bear, maybe, somewhere between comfortable and suffocating, too much strength in the arms holding you to quite be relaxing. 


-He’s clingy, holding onto you like some kind of living pillow and murmuring all kinds of empty praises. As long as you cooperate and let him do what he wants, it’ll stay nice, all hugs and nuzzling into your neck and almost purring. But, complain even a little bit, and he just might have to show you what he could be doing, and why just cuddling is nothing to make a fuss about. 

-His most loving moments are the ones that are faked, false smiles to win you over to doing what he wants. He can easily pretend to be the perfect, loving boyfriend, attentive to your every response and perfectly gentle. It’s when he’s upset, rough and nasty and forcing his way, that you really see the desperation to be close to you, the dependence that only surfaces in his worst moments. 


-Any kind of cuddling he does is more pushy than loving, half way holding you down, and far too rough. Ayato doesn’t quite know how to interact without forcing his way or making you comply to his wants, and even in the times where he’s desperate enough or in a good enough mood to try to be nice and indulge what you want, his efforts are clumsy. 

-He holds onto you like a little kid, face smushed into your chest and grasping at your shirt. His kind of cuddling is pushy and overwhelming, hugging roughly and clinging so tightly it almost hurts. Sometimes he bites when pressed against you, fangs digging in to your soft skin painfully, but, to him, one of the closest things to comfort he can let you see. 


-Way, way too touchy, whether you like it or not. He’ll hug you however he feels like, let his hands end up in inappropriate places, and any complaints from you seem to just amuse him. Laito doesn’t really take no for an answer, and even when it comes to something as “harmless” as cuddling, he’s pushing your boundaries in countless tiny ways. 

-Some nights, when you’re so out of it you can hardly remember by morning, all he does is hug you, pressing his face into your neck and breathing unsteady and shivering. He’ll pass off whatever you do recall as a bit of fun in the night that you were too wore out to remember, but there’s something very different about the fuzzy images of how tightly he was clinging to you. 


A continuation of THIS AU

This got super long and I had to split it in half again. One day I will actually write fic about this again but for now, here is more of the Monster Haus AU, featuring random thoughts on the Main Cast.  

Bitty the Kitchen Witch

  • Bitty is garbage at basically everything witchcraft that is not baking but by god he is going to learn to ride a broom if it kills him.
    • It might kill him.
    • Chowder has air powers and has been helping him try to stay balanced while he moves around, trying to get the feel of it. Like training wheels. Chowder has more confidence about this than he does. 
  • Bitty naturally runs a little hot, but he still doesn’t handle the cold very well. Baking helps though, warming spells are just about the simplest kind and he has an arsenal of cookies ready to go whenever Jack’s ready to go he gets too cold. 
  • He does contact his mother, grilling her about every type of warming and anti-frostbite spell that won’t actually melt anything he touches. 
    • It’s unbelievably obvious. 
    • His mother is taken back a little, once she thinks for more than two seconds and realizes why he suddenly needs this, but stutters her way through the first few and gets a little stronger by the third. 
    • She is happy, if a little concerned. At least he’s not seeing a demon dear god.
  • So Bitty might be terrible at most spells, but he works ridiculously hard and ends up getting a semi decent warming charm down. 
    • Jack is incredibly moved and needs a minute.
  • Bitty is slightly self-conscious since he does not have a familiar like his mother. She had a large lop-eared rabbit that goes everywhere with her and helps her with spell work. Bitty thinks maybe that’s why his magic isn’t very strong.
    • He is also very worried that this has to do with him having a human father and not being a witch at all. 

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Pokémon Gym Leader Quotes  / Starter Sentences #2

  • “You kept me waiting!”
  • “Amazing! You’re very good, aren’t you?”
  • “I might’ve said it before, but you’re really tough!
  • “Were you intrigued by the rumors going around, too?”
  • "I’m in a bit of a bind, aren’t I?”
  • “This is where it gets exciting!”
  • “If we turn it around here, the spectators will be stoked!”
  • “I won, but I want more! I wanted to battle a lot more!”
  • “I must say, I’ve warmed up to you! I might even admire you a little.”
  • “Shocking… I didn’t see this coming!”
  • “My theory about you was correct…”
  • "Now, you wait! Enough fooling around! What’s going on?”
  • “You’re impressive! And quite charming, aren’t you?!”
  • “Is it over? Has my muse abandoned me?”
  • “Wow… It’s beautiful somehow, isn’t it…”
  • “I meant to make your head spin, but you shocked me instead.”
  • “A properly dramatic victory requires a dash of danger and a pinch of peril.”
  • “I do not appreciate stubborn people.”
  • “That was unsatisfying somehow… Will you give it your all next time?”
  • “Givin’ up’s the easy way out! If I wanted, I could have given up any old time!”
  • “Don’t worry! I’ll keep being your bodyguard!”
  • “Aghhhh… I did my best, but we lost…”
  • “I won’t lose! No way! No way! No way!”
  • “Hmm… Now where would suspicious people go to hide?”
  • “I can empathize with some of what you say, but I can’t forgive the way you reject everything else!”
People You May Know - M.C.

Summary: Michael sees a familiar face online.

Pairing: Female Reader and Michael Clifford

A/N: This is my first imagine! I hope anybody who reads this enjoys it. Also, I might make a part 2 because this prompt is the perfect opportunity for it. :)

- - -


The name flooded Michael’s brain with memories, mainly sweet. He remembered soft kisses, warm embraces and loud laughter. He remembered the fresh scent of peach shampoo and knit sweaters that were a little too big. He remembered Y/N.

Michael remembered the two years of his life with Y/N, how they were the most blissful years of his life. He had the privilege of calling her his girlfriend and falling in love with her more and more each day. “Has it really been five years?” He thought aloud, voice merely above a whisper. The last time he saw her, she was 15 years old and a faint speck on the horizon as she walked away from him in tears. Now he was seeing her again, 20 and smiling as she resided in the People You May Know column. Michael wasted no time.

The cursor clicked on add friend.

To Michael’s shock, she had accepted his request within seconds. Would it be too much to send her a message? He clicked on the small envelope icon beside her name.

Michael: Hey, it’s Michael. Remember me?

He deleted it.

“You prick, of course she remembers you,” he hissed quietly under his breath. “Let’s try this again.”

Michael: Hey.

Deleted. Too casual.

Michael took a deep breath and typed out his final message.

Michael: Hey, stranger :)


Message read, 2:47 a.m. Only moments after he had sent it. Michael wondered if she was debating messaging him too, if she was sitting behind her computer, riddled with anxiety over what she’d say to him. After all, it has been five years. What if she had nothing to say?

2:49 a.m. Y/N hadn’t responded yet, and it was killing Michael. “Oh my god, too much, too much,” He murmured, leaning in and covering his mouth with his hand. While Michael was busy thinking the worst, Y/N had responded.

Y/N: Well look who it is :) Michael Clifford. How’ve you been?

Michael replied almost instantly.

Michael: I’ve been alright. Just got back from touring in Asia, I’m back home for about a week. Yourself?

Y/N: I wish I could say the same. Exams have been kicking my ass all week. I see you’re still looking good, though. Purple suits you. :)

Michael blushed and ran his hand through his freshly dyed hair. He remembered purple was her favorite color.

Michael: I haven’t gone to college yet. I’ve tried online but I really just haven’t had time. Sorry about the stress. I think I know what’ll make it better?

Y/N: And what’s that?

Michael: Are you free tomorrow?

He knew it was odd, having not talking to her for years and now asking for her time, but he missed her. He wanted to see her again.

Y/N: I mean, I have a hot date with my math textbook, but I can make time. Why?

Michael: Go grab some coffee with me?

He held his breath as he awaited her response.

Y/N: I’d love to. :)

Michael released a huge sigh, smiling in relief.

Michael: I’ll meet you at that cute little place at the corner of 7th and Madison? The one with the patio? Noon?

Y/N: I love that place. Sounds like a plan. Can’t wait. :)

“Yes!” Michael cheered, shooting his fist into the air in victory. The two signed off for the night, leaving with sweet goodbyes and lots of smiling for Michael. He wondered if she was just as excited as he was.

Little did he know, she was ecstatic.

Consigliere Part II - Kitten and the Don

This is the second part of a 3 part series for the wonderful Undertale AU ‘Kitten and the Don’ from @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff, that revolves around a 30-year old Frisk, who works under Gaster!Sans, aka Don G, as a right hand man.
If you want to start with part 1, just click here! And if you have finished this part you can click HERE to go to the last one!

I am terrible sorry for the delay, but work was screaming at me too loud and I need to take care of a lot right now. ;_; I am also sorry, that this might be a rather boring middle part and I hope the final one will be more intense. However, look out for little hints, some are really subtle but they might be important later on! ;)

I hope you enjoy it despite the delay and thanks again for the flood of kindness you guys showered me in with your understanding and enthusiasm, it keeps my heart warm and my determination high!

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i need hashirama in my life, honestly. how would he react to a very affectionate female s/o? the one that would just give him random, warm kisses on his cheeks, temples. OR like when he is talking to someone she would just look at him silently, with a tender smile listening intently. and just touching him, really. lord am i love deprived lol. i love you lots hun

Agreed my dude. Hashi is so underappreciated!!


  • He would feel soooooo grateful for an s/o who was really affectionate. Hashi as so much love in him that is he had an s/o that was similar to him in that way, they would just get along that much better. He absolutely loves little reminders of how his s/o feels about him, and random, warm kisses would be met with the sweetest smile from him. 
  • If he was talking to someone and she was looking at him like you described, he might be a little distracted and meet their eyes for a second too. He would love how attentive they would be that way
  • Hashirama would love it if his s/o liked to hold his hand or his arm. Like. he’d be thrilled. He would end up wearing that super sweet smile like a kid the whole time
  • Sunshine boy would just glow with happiness every time his s/o would kiss him unexpectedly. He is so into random acts of affection and intimacy 
  • His s/o can totally expect to be shown the same affection from him. He would give them so many tiny kisses, and if he was taller than her where their head fell right below his chin for the perfect height for forehead kisses he would give them one at every opportunity he had
  • If he’s having a stressful time due to work, if she notices and comes behind him to wrap her arms around him, it would make it feel like the world wasn’t so heavy. He’d turn around in the hug and wrap his own arms around them, making the best loving hug ever (Hashi would give THE BEST hugs out off all of founders tbh)
  • OOH if his s/o uses their pinky to link their hand with his before just slipping their hand into his, Hashi would find that to be so cute and sweet 

WIP - THE FITTING (un-mute)

To warm up for my big animation, i’m doing a little something I put together a while ago. This is just a wip of the first line.



This Valentine’s Day I learned to appreciate my friends Today was a really good day actually I was worried that it might make me think of you, but we never really did anything special, so this was nothing different for me So many of my friends got me little gifts and it really meant a lot I was genuinely happy and I am proud of myself for that It was also warm out today and that never hurts my spirits I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day too I think every day is an improvement.

A little Winteriron drabble for @beir as a thank you for drawing Bucky/Winter Soldier with will-o-the-wisps. Also, I might have taken some inspiration from this other lovely piece of beir’s.  😏

The cold fought through the Soldier’s leather and armor and bit his skin. Despite efforts to control his body, it trembled with each painful nip. His muscles ached and his warm breath was an all too powerful fire in his chest.

The blue orbs of dancing flames nudged his arms and cheeks without scolding him. They had lit his path through the blizzard and taken him to the safety of a cave where he had rested until the blizzard had died down. His handler had long since died in the harsh environment, and with no map or radio, the Soldier was unable to locate himself, so he followed the flames.

They guided him down the mountain side–his target having sequestered itself in a cabin under the false belief it could hide from him. They took him where the foliage was lush and thrived even under the weight of the snow. The longer he travelled the more orbs appeared.

Nearby humming brought the Soldier to a halt.

The humming was soft–human–and happy.

Cautiously, the Soldier followed the sound. He moved as silently as possible and hid behind a tree. He peered past the trunk at a sight that was both befuddling and alluring.

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Trigger warning: Panic Attack/ PTSD

You could feel his searching through your memories, invading your innermost self, violating your mind. It took everything in you to keep the information he was hunting for hidden. 

“Just tell me where the base is. It’ll make everything much easier for you in the long run.” Kylo said as he paused his assault on your consciousness. 

“Come on Ben, I’m just getting warmed up.” You said in between your ragged breathing. You knew using his birth name would do nothing more than piss him off and that was exactly why you said it; with him holding you captive you figured you’d get your shots in one way or another. 

He let out a fustrated yell and pressed on exploring your psyche. You were struggling to keep your eyes open; either his assault was getting stronger, or you were getting weaker. 

You felt a warm liquid trail from your nose, blood. You shut your eyes trying to remember your Jedi training; so far you’d been able to keep him away from the information he wanted, but now you wanted him out of your head. 

Your hands were shaking and your eyes snapped wide open. “Get out!” you roared. 

He stumbled backwards at the force of you throwing him out of your mind. Kylo quickly recovered, but instead of going back into your mind he let his anger take control. 

Your breath caught in your throat as he manipulated the Force in order to strangle you. He used his free hand to remove his mask, he wanted to see into your eyes as you faded away. 
“No!” You shouted as you bolted upright in bed. You eyes were wide and your breathing uneven. You could feel your heart pounding in your chest and you felt as though it bursting out would be a very plausible option. 

“(y/n)?” Poe asked as he stirred awake. 

You wanted to apologize for waking him, wanted to tell him you were fine and that he should go back to bed, but when you opened your mouth to do so no sound came out. The only thing you could think of was Kylo Force-choking you. 

You felt the warm trails the tears left as they cascaded down your cheeks. Poe looked at you and immediately went into action. 

He got up and placed himself in front of you. “Hey, hey, look at me. Focus on me. I’m right here, I’m not going to leave you, not even for a second.” Poe reassured you as he brushed your matted hair out of your face. 

“We’re gonna get through this, I know we are. You’re stronger than him, he doesn’t have any control over you.” Poe said soothingly. “Concentrate on me. I need you to breathe, alright? Breathe in… and out.” Poe urged you. 

“I-I tr-tried-”

“Shh,” Poe whispered. “There’s no need to rush. Take your time.”

“There you go, that’s better.” Poe said as your breathing returned to normal. 

“See? I knew you could get through it. I’m so proud of you.” Poe said placing his forehead to yours. 

“I saw him again.” You whimpered as you reached for his hand. Poe placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before moving so that the two fo you were laying down on the bed, and your head was resting on his chest.

“I know, but he can’t hurt you anymore. I won’t let him. Now let’s talk about something else, just to get your mind off of him.” Poe said placing a kiss on the top of your head. 

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Battle intro: “Come at me, old mech!” 

Victory: “Did you see that?! That was awesome!!!” 

Defeat: “What was I thinking? I can’t beat you!” 

Assist: “Get your hands off him!” 

Taunt: “Bark for me, doggy! Woof woof!” 

Reacting to Taunt: “Oh, you little tease.” 

Flee: “Leeet’s do this LATER!” 

Reacting to Flee: “Come back with a bigger gun! THAT might help!” 

Tie: “You uh… feel warm too?” 

Perfect Victory: “Oh come on, that was you going easy on me!” 

Finishing Move: “Get on your back!” 

Voltron Hug Headcanons

i’ve never posted a headcanon list before so here we go


-he grew up in a big family so he’s probably very used to receiving hugs from people and he loves it

-i mean he stated he missed his mom’s hugs in episode 4. he loves hugs. they make him feel Safe and Secure (’course he’d never admit it around his team because he needs to be the Cool Guy Who Doesn’t Need Hugs tm)

-Lance has long arms and will wrap u up like a burrito. his jacket is big and cozy too so his hugs are very nice. he might try to pick you up and spin you around if he’s excited


-Hunk Hugs™ are the best hugs. they’re big and warm and make you feel very safe. everyone on the team loves them (even Keith but shhh that’s a secret)

-he tends to hold ppl a little tight though, usually when he gets excited. you might need to remind him to loosen his grip a little.

-honestly one could probably fall asleep in Hunk’s arms because his hugs are so cozy and nice. i could definitely take a nap in a Hunk hug


-Pidge may be smol but their hugs are really strong. they usually give hugs if they’re feeling strong emotions (like when Shiro told them about what really happened to Matt)

-so since their hugs are usually emotionally charged, you better be ready. they will hug you with full force and never let go. 

-they tend to just kinda cling to you because they miss their family hugs, similar to Lance. they’re like a little kitten


-obviously, Keith isn’t very familiar with hugs. he won’t give you one unless he really trusts you.

-Keith’s hugs are actually pretty nice? they have a calming vibe to them, like, yeah he might still be a little tense and awkward at first because “what is physical contact”, but like, give him a moment and they become very steady and warm

-Keith IS the paladin of fire, his hugs are very warm 

-also he will totally nuzzle your shoulder/crook of your neck like a cat. you can fight me on this. get ready for a mouth full of mullet because Keith is an actual Cat


-Shiro gives the stereotypical Dad Hugs. he’ll pat you on the back or shoulder and ruffle your hair. 

-though, he kinda has some issues with close contact because of his time in the Galra arena. please be careful with him. don’t squeeze too tight or wrap your arms around his neck. (Pidge makes an exception since they’re small and nonthreatening, but everyone else needs to be extra mindful of his ptsd)

-honestly he’ll only really hug you with his real arm? he doesn’t trust his metal arm. he feel’s better about one armed hugs. they still feel very Dad Like anyways


-Allura’s hugs are very soft and gentle, but don’t be mistaken, you’ll definitely be able to feel the Altean strength in her hugs.

-Allura may have to show no sign of weakness to the team, being the strong team leader role model and all that, but she is still very compassionate and will give you comfort hugs if you need them.

-Allura has a habit of sighing when she hugs people. She can’t help it, hugs just bring a comforting relief to her that always draw out a sigh


-Coran’s hugs are kinda like dad hugs, just no hair ruffling and pat on the backs. He’ll probably rub your shoulder tho, in a comforting gesture.

-Listen, Hunk may have the best hugs, but Coran’s feel the safest. He’s quite literally the most combat experienced person on the team and has been Allura’s royal adviser for years. He is a beacon of protective influence when it comes to hugs.

-Coran gives off an enthusiastic vibe almost constantly, so his hugs often help people relax and loosen up a bit 

-It might be a thing that runs in the family, but Coran sighs into hugs too. they’re more quiet sighs though, and he occasionally hums a little too. (I know Allura and Coran aren’t blood related, but they might as well be family)


Matt Holt

-what, did you think i was gonna leave my other fav out of this? think again

-Matt is a ball of enthusiasm. like Pidge, his hugs tend to be pretty emotionally charged, but also just in general hugs? they can get pretty tight (literally) he and Pidge would have contests on seeing who could give the tighter hug

-Pidge always won

-Matt giggles into his hugs. 

-Matt’s hugs tend to be pretty quick and brief, but they still leave you with a slight giddy feeling

-i mean, who wouldn’t feel giddy after receiving a hug from Matt Holt?

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holy guac baby!jo just killed me??? i feel like jo would be the poutiest little baby who just follows nate around everywhere, and when he's not being carried around by nate he's making grabby hands at nate and demanding to be picked up, s'il vous plaît! he loves hiding in nate's chest and talking to him in soft mumbled french even though nate doesn't have a clue what he's saying (it's still adorable af either way and nate may never let bby!jo out of his arms again- he's so tiny and precious<3)

Omg yes, little baby Jo being so sweet and adorable. Nate never thought about wanting a kid before, but now he might be warming up to the idea of being a father, maybe in the future? Baby Jo loves to snuggle and he talks too much and it’s all in French and he stops in the middle of sentences for breath and it’s all terribly cute, and he likes to grab Nate’s face.

Nate’s half-afraid he’s going to drop Jo which would be terrible and devastating bc he doesn’t want to drop his baby best friend, but also Jo is so cute and wants only Nate to hold him and Nate’s a little possessive. He secretly doesn’t like it when Jo’s passed around among his teammates. The team jokes about Nate turning into an old man when he doesn’t want to go out for drinks with them because “Jo’s at home and I gotta make sure he gets to bed.” Once Nate brings Jo out with him for lunch, and the restaurant staff fell all over themselves to pinch his cute cheeks and coo at his French.