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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: Part Two -- 25/05/17

Note: In case anyone’s interested, just this part alone is my longest ever recap. In total, both parts of this recap reach almost 21,000 words. I hope this is enough detail for you all! 

I’m not going to lie. After Wednesday night I felt really weird. Not unhappy, just odd. On Wednesday it felt like I was going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but then it was just so different on Wednesday night, and there were so many things that I was apprehensive about for Part Two, that I simply didn’t know what to expect yesterday.

It’s weird sitting in a familiar theatre, about to watch a play with a script you know back to front, and characters you know inside out, and feel that you have no idea what is about to happen, or what to expect. I was nervous, a little apprehensive, and desperately in need of a hug, which @aberorca kindly provided.

But then it began, and all my fears and worries were allayed. I feel so full of joy and excitement right now. That was really great, and some of the scenes are already my favourite versions of those scenes.

If this is what an ass kicking from John Tiffany does for people, then maybe we all need one of those in our lives. It seems to inspire great things.

I’m going to start by reassessing some of the characters, and giving some impression of the characters we only saw in Part Two. Then we’ll get down to the detail (of which I’m not sure how much there’ll be, because my brain spent most of the show screaming with euphoric relief).


David is quite literally everything you want in a Snape. He was quiet in a menacing way, full of suppressed emotion, with just the right touch of humour. I enjoyed everything about his performance.


James Phoon’s Craig might be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. He sounds terrifyingly similar to Jeremy in some scenes (which I don’t think is deliberate), and he was just pretty great.


Rupert looks so young as Cedric, but he still exudes the same heroic goodness that Milligan always did. He really blew me away in the few seconds he had. It was such a touching scene.


You think you’ve seen all there is to Annabel’s Delphi, but then she captures the boys and attains her full power, and she reaches maximum creep mode. This Delphi is Bellatrix all over: laughing hysterically at the boys’ pain, revelling in mayhem, actually licking her lips when she sees she’s causing fear, like she loves the taste of it. She’s brutal and awful and gross.


This Draco is impressive and powerful, but so broken and afraid. He does things and hates himself for them. He’s terrified of the possibility of sending himself, and more importantly his son, back to Voldemort’s world. His grief seems to ache. He’s become such a good man. And as well as the weight of the serious moments, he’s incredibly funny too.


Sweet, funny, full of pain just like his father, but somehow still in love the world around him. He absolutely adores his dad, and he loves his best friend. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and he’s disgusted by the idea that any version of himself could cause pain.


Harry is so open to Albus, so warm towards him, so intent to listen. When he’s told to ‘be honest to those you love, show them your pain’ he really takes it to heart. He’s heartbroken with guilt over the people who’ve died on his behalf. I loved the tone that Jamie brought to him in this act.


I’m going to be honest, I’m still not entirely sure who Albus is, but in a really exciting way. In Part Two there were flashes of a genuinely funny, awkward, ridiculous Albus. An Albus who desperately cares about the people around him. An Albus who adores his best friend and his father. An Albus who could be so many things. Losing the establishing half of Albus’s character makes it difficult to assess, but I’m so excited by the possibility of Theo’s Albus, and I’m jealous of anyone who gets to see him do a really good Part One in the next month, cause I think that’s where you’ll find the heart of him.

And now to the detail.

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brodiequint95  asked:

In the fanfics I've read from you, mostly the "One Difference" Series, you've written Kelso as more of misogynist than he has came across as to me. Granted, It's been a while since I've watched the series and I can't deny that the portrayal fits . You seem to have really good insight into these characters and I was wondering if you could explain the basis for this portrayal. P.S. Love your writing, both fiction and analytical.

Hi! I’m glad you enjoy my That ‘70s Show stories and metas. :D

A lot of Kelso’s negative traits get obfuscated by Ashton Kutcher’s comedic timing and hilarious line delivery. But if we remove Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of Kelso from an examination of Kelso as a character, Kelso’s true nature becomes painfully clear.

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spectrefox  asked:

So I don't think I've been following long enough to see why- but what is your reasoning behind disliking Kal? (I have reasons of my own but just curious).

So I’ve been sitting on this because there’s just so much and I knew there were posts that made the point more efficiently than me. But here’s an abbreviated list with some links to my stuff and to izzyovercoffee and cassiansfuzzyjacket’s stuff.

Please note wrt the below:  there is a fundamental difference between flawed and abusive (Gena says it better here) . Also, the entire narrative is spent propping up Kal and trying to sell us on how awesome he is without acknowledging anything he’s done as wrong . He is Traviss’s “moral compass” (rivaled only by Jusik) in this set up, and that’s fucked up. ( Gena, Izzy, and Krad discuss this even more in depth here)

His entire relationship with Etain is bullshit, misogynistic, and abusive.

Etain is my heart and while she’s a flawed character, the way Kal treats her re: her pregnancy is  not “appropriate consequences or “what she deserved”

I’ve typed this three times now, but I don’t actually want this part to get too long, so here’s more specifically about him basically setting her and/or her baby up in a situation with no medical care where he thought they were unlikely to survive and about her being absolutely terrified of him and him forbidding her even the power of suggestion in the process of naming her child.

  • Also not included in those posts, but upsetting to me as I reread: the part where he tells Etain he’d be okay if Atin knocked Laseema up (who he’s known for two weeks) but that her being a Jedi means this cannot be okay.
  • Notably, while I was pulling this post together, it also came up in the group chat that while Kal is going on about Darman being an unwilling solider while simultaneously ignoring that Etain was also literally fighting as a soldier in the same war with an inexperienced and unloved background and then sending her off to die in a war zone

But if anyone has more questions about her pregnancy, shoot me another ask cause otherwise this is going to turn into 13 pages of MLA formatted, text-embedded essay. I could write a term paper on Etain and Kal, and on her pregnancy specifically.

In True Colors Kal appears to be acting kinder though Etain still admits to distrusting and being terrified of him. Then after Etain gives birth her relationship with Kal would seem, on the surface, to improve dramatically…

..but it’s important to note that Etain has spent this entire time trying to convince herself she can trust and love Kal because a) she is desperate to be loved and b) Kal has arranged everything so that her relationships and everyone else’s must, to some degree, flow through him

and his treatment of her, while less hostile, is still not respectful

  • he repeatedly infantilizes her, dismisses her ability as a soldier, and is surprised when, after others give her the opportunity to be useful and apply her skills, she achieves measurable successes towards shared goals. he repeatedly dismisses her capability, viewing her only in relationship to himself (as a child), or to Darman or her baby
  • doesn’t ever once seek to make amends for his behavior or apologize or even admit that it might have been unjust until a year and a half later when she’s dead… and it becomes a narrative prop rather than something that leads to actual change. also his “regret” is still focused on him, and not her or how he affected her life
  • makes her death all about him and his feelings, to the point where he’s the only one other than Dar whose reaction is explored in depth, and his “regret” is just used as a jumping off point for others to tell him how good a man he is

Kal is abusive in general, and manipulative and ableist towards the Nulls specifically.

 He generally doesn’t actually help his sons at all with any of their problems and infantilizes them. He also seeks out vulnerable people and manipulates them into positions where their security and relationships are centered around him. Gena and Izzy do a way better job of explaining this than me so:

Kal is a misogynist

Again, Etain’s pregnancy is plenty proof enough, but we also have:

  • Him twice accusing Etain of promiscuity in a two week period where she was very attached to Darman, once somehow (nonsensically) implying that in the space of one speeder ride she (somehow?) seduced Ordo
  • The fact that Etain telling Kal the baby was a boy was the “worst thing” she could have said because of the special bond between male mandos or w/e the fuck, and the whole naming rule
  • his “Rav Bralor was twice the man most men were, which was quite something for a good-looking woman.”
  • his entire framing of the situation with Illippi who he removed to a planet she didn’t know, surrounded by a culture she didn’t know, got pregnant three times, and then abandoned by herself for long stretches of time before trying to bring her eight year old into mortal danger
  • repeatedly viewing all the women in his life only in their relationship to a) him b) whichever men they’re fucking or he thinks they’re supposed to be fucking
  • his repeated disparaging comments about women who try to look feminine
  • Honestly there’s a lot of small moments that could go here, but I don’t want to do a complete series reread and this post is so long

And again, like… the biggest problem on top of all of this is that it’s never called out. In no small part because Kal gets used as an author mouthpiece, but the narrative does it’s best to paper over how fucked up Kal acts rather than ever condemning him.

anonymous asked:

I've seen people being critical of Cullen's character development, and the way Bioware seemingly ignored all of his potentially heinous actions against mages in DA2 by justifying it with his treatment at the hands of Uldred in Origins. I am inclined to agree with him, although, in my mind, because the writing of Cullen is so different from Origins and 2 to Inquisition, I kind of treat him as a separate Cullen (2.0). Where do you fall on this issue?

It has never occurred to me to consider the Cullen of Origins and DA2 as somehow separate from the Cullen of Inquisition. Not ever. In fact, 98% of the reason I’m going to tackle a past/present alphabet fic looking at Cullen’s entire life is to make sense of my perception (mine, mind you) of his character’s arc. All of it. 

I’m not looking to pull punches or handwave away the less-than-pleasant parts of his life or his personality or the things he has done or been a part of. There’s dark stuff in Cullen’s life–dark stuff done to him, and dark stuff he’s been a part of, dark orders he’s followed. However, I don’t believe Cullen is the kind of monster I sometimes see him made out to be (and there is at least some canonical support for this–the bit of dialogue with Samson ripped from DA:I where Samson does say of Cullen: “He did right by the mages, though. Never played rough with them.” For example). I believe if you look at Cullen as a puzzle–which I have, and which I do–there are ways to make all the pieces fit into a cohesive whole without completely woobifying him, or Disney Prince-ifying him, and without erasing the darkness, or making him smaller or less complicated than he actually is. 

In fact, I think erasing the darkness undoes so much of his character arc, and it does him a vast disservice, and… makes him less interesting. Less unique. Less whole. The Cullen of Inquisition couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t exist without his past. Both good and bad. His treatment at the hands of Uldred did happen and it was awful. Something like that would have an effect. The Cullen you meet in the mage origin and the one you talk to after his ordeal are different. Cullen does have an arc in DA2 that starts with him in a very bad place, very shortly after the bad things that happened to him. He is unstable and angry and jumping at shadows. But his arc–even just in DA2–doesn’t end with him there. Maybe it’s too little for some, or too late, but for me, when it counts, Cullen doesn’t follow orders. He breaks with his commanding officer. If she tries to have all the mages killed, he defends them. That is a complete 180 from the Cullen directly-post-Uldred, who was all for the Rite of Annulment. It doesn’t erase what he’s done, but it is a step toward change, and it’s certainly the beginning of a bridge between DA2 Cullen and DA:I Cullen, in my mind.

While I’m on timelines, something else to remember is that, by the time we meet him in Inquisition, it has been four years since the Chantry explosion/end battle with Meredith. Cassandra interrogates Varric three years after the fact. Inquisition is set a year after that. Yes, for seven years Cullen was part of–to varying degrees, and with faltering commitment toward the end–Meredith’s regime. He doesn’t end up siding with her. And for years afterward, he remains where he was and tries to make things better. He tries to help Kirkwall. He doesn’t go haring off to hunt down apostates. He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t (as Rylen says, when you speak to him in DA:I) run off into the hills like a lot of Starkhaven’s templars did. Cassandra recruits him because she sees something valuable in him, something worthwhile, something worth saving. For me, that says a lot. But even that boils down to my interpretation of Cassandra and her motivation. Character interpretation can never been an entirely black and white, right and wrong game. Because people don’t come that way.

The truth is, Cullen has always been–and will probably continue to be–a contentious character. His role as a templar, and as part of the Chantry, all but assures that. Some people will always hate him and see the worst in him. That’s their right. I would like to believe I see his flaws without having those flaws be the only thing he is; I’d like to believe I see the man those flaws are a part of. In the end, I hope my fic (especially Unshaken by the Darkness, because it’s going to be such an intense character study) will sort of speak for my impressions and my interpretation? I know that interpretation will not be universal, just as my interpretation of Sebastian isn’t universal. Or my interpretation of Anders. Or of Fenris. Or any number of characters. For my part, I do look at the source material really carefully. I do try to read between the lines. I do try to extrapolate from things that are there. Other people will read things differently. And that’s okay. We just might not have this particular thing in common. 


Anon: “snowbaz prompt: Simon finding Baz’s bucket list with his name on top - Penny figuring it out and confronting Baz - Simon accidentally eavesdrop - Simon wondering why he’s so happy about it - and finally decides to just tackle Baz with a kiss and then - CUTENESS (please, you’re wonderful)”

I really love this prompt and I had a lot of fun writing it. I hope you love it :) (sorry it took me some time to get to it though)

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maniacaltoaster  asked:

(One of the things that really gets me about the movie is that SS supposedly gets a horrific death (Technically we didn't see him get killed, it's just implied) but Megatron gets off scot-free. The guy LITERALLY brought the end of the world, along with a war that's lasted for eons, and gets to go free. SS did a lot of messed up stuff, but he went through this abusive oppression for WAY longer than M, where's his "I've experienced oppression, and as such have lost my taste for inflicting it."?)

((Tell me about it. The worst part is that Starscream is punished in the end for things Megatron did to him! The whole reason he and Predaking have a history is a symptom of Megatron’s abuse of Starscream - Starscream didn’t pick a fight with Predaking. He wanted nothing to do with him, but Megatron forced him to take over his training. Predaking didn’t need training, and Shockwave knew it. Starscream pleaded with Megatron not to make him do it. They slammed the door in his face and left him in a situation he knew he couldn’t handle. When Starscream of all people knows he can’t handle something, you know it’s bad - he usually assumes he can do anything. Yes, Starscream handled his fear and frustration like a jackass, but he was set up to fail, and his failures were presented as slapstick comedy. That’s not so bad, except that it’s cruel to present Starscream’s pain and humiliation for us to laugh at, and then use those very incidents to set up an extremely painful, humiliating, and degrading death. It’s not fair, it’s cruel, and it makes us as audience members complicit in the cruelty.

And why would Megatron do that to him? It was not going to make missions go any better - Predaking already did well, and it took Starscream out of the strategic role where he performed best. Megatron wasn’t concerned with using Starscream’s actual talents, since he had nothing but contempt for Starscream and saw him as expendable. And all of this was done while Starscream was actually trying to help Megatron. That’s the worst part. The central conflict within the Decepticons, Megatron vs Starscream, had been resolved. Starscream lost. Not only lost, but accepted it and was trying to do his part. That wasn’t good enough for Megatron though. Now that Starscream had lost, he kept pushing him further down, both in terms of his duties, making his SIC post utterly meaningless, and in terms of any real security. He remained physically and psychologically abusive, and Starscream no longer took to scheming or revenge after he was beaten or belittled - he tried more and more desperately to prove himself (again, by being a jackass but that is another question for the writers - if Starscream is supposed to be so cunning why did they write as a complete moron in so many incidents in Season 3? If it was supposed to funny (and it often was) then they shouldn’t hold the ridiculous actions they forced on him against him as reasons for him to end up horrifically murdered). 

I don’t know what the writers could possibly have been thinking having a character make such a complete 180 and not have it come to anything. He is punished for going against Megatron (though Megatron going against Unicron and Knockout going against Starscream are both rewarded), then he is punished just as much for being loyal to Megatron. They don’t even give Starscream an awareness that Megatron is being unfair, and they continue to present his abuse as something he deserves. Worst of all Starscream seems to believe he deserves it, venting his frustrations only on Shockwave while still sincerely seeking Megatron’s approval. That makes sense given that his self-assurance was stripped away when he was violated into submission and broken during the cortical psychic patch, but if that is the case he deserved a chance to heal, and not have that horrific suffering treated as something he deserved. His feelings are not considered, and he no longer has any agency to try and change his circumstances, at least in a meaningful way. Starscream becomes a non-character. He exists only to advance the plot, and becomes something for Megatron to use and throw away, which is exactly what happened. At the point where Starscream spends a whole season trying to please Megatron, gets nothing but abuse for it, and is so dependent on him that he nearly rushes into danger when Megatron is killed, then rallies to his side when he returns, Megatron does owe him something in the end. But Megatron proves himself the shitty leader Starscream has always known him to be (Starscream’s not a great leader either but he didn’t have that responsibility and Megatron did).

Megatron’s cheap redemption at the end pisses me off. Not because he changed, but because of how it was handled. He didn’t earn it by making a hard decision at a time when it might cost him, but only after he was rescued by Optimus and everything was resolved. It wasn’t courageous. He did it the way he does everything, from a position of power and security, with no thought for how anyone else is affected. His decision is immediately rewarded by Optimus’s approval, and he gets to nope out of any kind of accountability for everything he did. He experienced exactly what he’d put Starscream through, but only considered it terms of his own feelings, and didn’t recognize that Starscream felt that way every day

Starscream was punished for not instantly having the same revelation but here’s the thing - he’s used to it. He’s become used to it because of Megatron. Megatron was used to power, and sudden powerlessness hit him hard. Starscream is used to powerlessness, and doesn’t want to feel that anymore. He wants back the power that Megatron took from him. He was so powerless by the end though that he was even willing to accept Megatron’s abuse if it meant mere stability, the pursuit of his own power forgotten. You know who else was once powerless, but forgot that apparently? Megatron, way back when he founded the Decepticons. But he couldn’t put two and two together and see his fellow low caste miners in Starscream, or remember that eons of powerlessness make you desperate and angry enough to start a war. He couldn’t look down and see that Starscream was depending on him to lead, asking him to lead, really lead for once. Yes, Starscream questioned his decision, because it came out of the blue and Starscream has no idea what it meant for him or the both of them. He was incredulous and was hoping to get back to what he knew, even though what he knew was terrible. Megatron could have tried to lead him a different way, show him that changing is not the same as losing or surrendering. But once again, Megatron, ever the tyrant, rounded on Starscream for daring to question him, cut him off, and left him with nothing. Because Megatron literally can’t lead without violence and oppression. He knows no other way, and has nothing else to offer. And that is all well and good - it makes sense for his character. But that is no reason for the writers to still punish Starscream for it, when he has been punished all along, for things he deserved and things he didn’t. 

From Starscream’s point of view, this

feels no different from this

or this

And if anything it is more bewildering, given that everything else he knew is gone. Starscream is still afraid of Megatron, and still Megatron gives him a reason to be. His change of Spark evidently does not apply to his treatment of Starscream, at least as far as Starscream can tell. And I believe as far as the writers cared. I really think they somehow missed the obvious parallels. And they were once again are not concerned with how Starscream feels. He is only a plot device to them - a foil to be used and tossed aside. 

Abandoned by the only thing he could depend on anymore, of course he’d go and pick himself up and try to rally the Decepticons (a task the writers have thoroughly demonstrated he is incapable of doing). Is that supposed to be irredeemably evil? Enough to deserve being brutally ripped apart? From his point of view he has no options, and defeat is something he can’t accept - defeat to him means humiliation, and he’s had plenty of humiliation at Megatron’s hands. He never gives up, but he has shown himself to be willing to change, when he came back to Megatron. But look how well that went. Or when he saved Arcee. But that was dismissed as a selfish act. Starscream is never rewarded for a single decision in Prime, even his good ones. And at the end he is the only villain to suffer such a truly horrible punishment.))

quietsilenceus  asked:

Tsuna's s/o's parents oppose to their marrage? How would Tsuna react and what would he do to keep her? I've been watching a lot of K-drama lately so yeah... Maybe Reborn and Yamamoto too if you can (your option to do or not) Thank you ^^


“Any particular reason why you are always avoiding introducing me to your parents or mentioning them at all?” He idly asked one night as he watched you write out another wedding invitation, almost half a year early from the actual day. Your hand stuttered in surprise, making your signature a little lop-sided as you turned your attention to your fiancé warily. He was the picture of boredom, one arm propped up on the dining room table as it supported his head, the other mechanically adding his signature to the finished invitations.

His tawny eyes, however, were focused. That gave him away more than the slight crease between his eyebrows.

Unsure how to even begin to explain, you stalled, “Um…”

His lips pursed and he set down the ink pen, foregoing his pretense at being casual. “You also don’t have their names on the invite list. I know they exist and that they still live, considering that there aren’t any recent obituaries in their name, so what gives?”

“Tsuna, does it really matter?” You tried, voice pleading. “I’ve met yours and I think they’re lovely. Nana and Iemitsu are more than enough for me.”

“…Are you ashamed?” He asked after a long pause. “In beginning…” He frowned. “Actually, even now, I haven’t met anyone from before I knew you. Like your past life is separate from the one you live now, as if you’re embarrassed to —“

“That’s not it at all!” You interrupted frantically, spotting a glimpse of the hurt in his expression before he smoothed it over into a mask of detached interest. “It’s not me who’s ashamed, it’s — I — Tsuna, I could never be ashamed of you.”

“Then who is?” The don asked in frustration, having caught your slip up before you had altered your sentence halfway through it. “The parents whom I’ve never met? The crowd of people from your childhood that I don’t know about? Old friends that might not exist? Tell me. Now would be as good of a time as any.” Privately, he thought to himself that he should have asked this before now, but it really hadn’t occurred to him to press you about it, since you didn’t press him for details that he wasn’t willing to give freely.

It was only recently after he had proposed to you, that he had started noticing the glaring hole your past presented; that he only knew of the past seven years of your life, the rest being spotty and vague at best; that he realized that there were a lot of things he didn’t know beyond what you told him and what he had been able to dig up. He had to be losing his touch if it took him this long to become suspicious…

Either that, or it just proved further how much Tsuna really did love you that he would ignore his instincts to respect your decisions, trusting you to tell him.

Seeing your uncomfortable expression and defensive posture, he coaxed, “You know you can tell me anything, right? You’ve seen me at my worst, Y/n. You know that there’s nothing you could say or have done that I haven’t heard or did myself.” Standing, he strode around the table to come behind you, callused hands resting on your shoulders before slid up and down your arms comfortingly as Tsuna leaned forward to murmur in your ear, “There is nothing that the future Queen of the Underworld could have possibly done or experienced that would shock me, or make me hate you, Y/n… Even if you were a spy, that would just mean that there would be an enemy famiglia to eliminate before I take you as mine, permanently.”

Orange flames flared to life on his rings, the engagement one glowing the brightest. The one on your hand flickered briefly in response as you relaxed against him, mumbling you assent. “Okay, you’re right. I just… My parents are… Well, they’re not a part of my life. Once I moved away from where I grew up, I didn’t look back. My home is here now, you know this.”

“Yes, but I still want to know, so tell me, Y/n,” he purred, one hand slipping up your neck and cupping your face, gently tipping it back to kiss you on the lips. “For me.”

Searching his now orange eyes, you decided to relent, giving in to the beast who held your heart captive. “I ran away when I was seventeen,” you confessed. “Before that I used to get into fights or worked with small time gangs, sometimes I would sell drugs and weed for them in exchange for sampling the merchandise. Most of my friends were either in gangs or worked in clubs. I can resourceful if I want to be, and managed it hide it for years… But I got sloppy and my father caught on pretty quick after I started skipping almost all my classes. When they found out… They were so furious, wanted to reform me and ‘straighten me out’. We fought all the time, especially when they found out about my part time job as a pole-dancer at the club…”

You sighed, closing your eyes and gripping Tsuna’s fingers for strength. “…I tried getting in contact with them once, after I met you. Right after I met yours, actually.” You gave a bitter laugh. “You know what they thought? That I had gotten knocked up and was looking for a place to stay. They asked if I learnt my lesson. I hung up before it could get any further and tossed the phone in the nearby river so they couldn’t contact me again… Sorry about lying that I lost it.”

“It’s fine,” he dismissed, mind already occupied with the new information. Absently, he tugged the pen that was still clenched in one hand out of your grasp. “I say that we did enough invitations for tonight.”

Your parents weren’t mentioned again, but Tsuna took it upon himself to contact them by going through your call history at the phone company, specifically the last call you made on that day you had talked to them. No details were given, but he had told them that as your fiancé, he had taken it upon himself to cordial invite them to the wedding, on the condition that they could set aside their hostility for at least one day. And, if not, that they weren’t invited at all and better not show up to ruin what was going to be the happiest day of their daughter’s life. Or else.

You cried when the day came and your father walked you down the aisle.

Borders And Horizon Lines

Around the time Mr. Greg originally aired, @zombee made an interesting remark about how amazing it was that each line of the bridge of It’s Over sounded like the title of a Pearl/Rose fic. In an attempt to break out of an awful writing slump, I decided to use just that as prompts for a bunch of interconnected ficlets, all different but in relatively familiar and comfortable (for me) Pearlrose territory, in thematic rather than chronological order. So here they are, ten in all - nothing too polished, but hopefully effective. Only bold, precise, and experimental if you squint. ~3700 words.

War and glory

The raids and battles of the tense, packed day all go surprisingly well - it almost seems like a miracle. Their reunion is teary-eyed and giggly and just the smallest bit light-headed with relief, with hands tangled in hair and haphazard kisses. But there are no injuries to speak of, seven eager new recruits are joining the ranks of the Crystal Gems, and Pearl is humming at Rose’s side with a happy bounce to her step. Keeping the compliments coming is the easiest thing Rose has done in a long while.

“Oh, and I loved that little flourish you did at the end there, with your swords? Very precise and imposing, good for sending a message and leaving a lasting impression.” Pearl preens at that, and Rose is all too happy to continue and drive it home. “It was all very charming, too. You are charming.”

“Y-yeah? I am?”

The little sideways looks Pearl keeps shooting her are irresistible, and easily drive away any remaining doubt regarding that statement Rose might have had. “Absolutely. Look at me, I am charmed, completely won over. Can’t you tell?”

“Well, I do try to be at my best… It’s, uh… I just don’t like to presume…”

“I know you don’t,” Rose softly cuts into the reluctant stammer, punctuating her point with a peck to the hand that had been on its way to cover Pearl’s increasingly blue face before she soundly captured it in hers. “But please always presume this. Look at you. What more could I possibly want?”

“Well, a few more quartz battalions surely wouldn’t come amiss,” Pearl starts only half-jokingly before Rose pulls her into her arms.

“I’d rather have you than a thousand of them.”

Believing her is the easiest thing Pearl has done in a long while.

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Hey, I've been reading Politics and Animals, and I just wanted to say that it has the best portrayal of PTSD that i've ever seen in fanfic. I have PTSD, and it's really great to see written so accurately and empathetically. If you don't mind me asking, how did you research it? All of your fic is amazing, thank you.

Thank you! I’m going to post this link first, but there’s really not much that I can say that won’t lessen the impact of the writer’s words. Please consider reading it, and then go over to her page.

That said, I'm not an expert. I’ve been in therapy, but it’s never done a damned thing for me. I’ve educated myself, but I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I’ve experienced different traumatic events in my life. Some of the worst left me a little twitchy but had no real long-lasting impact. Others left me afraid to go to sleep with anyone else near me for ten-plus years, and with other issues. To this day, I’m hyper-aware of the potential for violence. As soon as anyone starts yelling or makes sharp movements, I find a way to leave the situation. That’s my manifestation, from my experience.

Another person I know – one who’s been in areas where IEDs are prevalent – reacts badly to things like unexpected packages. In this day and age, when everything is shipped to us from and other online stores, this person has actually set up email alerts to warn them “Hey, you have a package from UPS/FedEx/etc.” so they’re not startled at coming home to find a brown cardboard box by the front door.

All forms of PTSD are different. Different causes, different behaviors, different triggers.

Putting the rest of it under a cut, because there will be spoilers for Politics and Animals.

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e/r accidental boyfriends on valentines day stuck in an elevator witH CONFESSIONS (im sorry i've literally just shoved a bunch of my favorite tropes in a prompt) (ps you're actually and angel for doing this valentine's day thing like honestly you're so sweet and I hope your valentine's day ends up being absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!)

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Hey! I've only seen KNB fics on your tumblr, and I was wondering - do you write for Haikyuu too? If yes, could you write something for KuroKen? And if not, something for MuraMuro? Thanks!

Kenma is six years old and he has a best friend.

The first time he says, “Can I go over to Tetsu’s house to play?” his mother swats him on the head.

“You must call him, ‘Kuroo-san,’” she chides.        

Kenma puts his hands on his head and glares, resentfully. “He said to call him Tetsu! He calls me ‘Kenma’ and he said—”

He can call you Kenma,” his mother interrupts, “He can call you whatever he likes, but you must always remember the difference. You are not equals, and you must never, ever forget that, even if he does.”

Kenma is six years old and he has a best friend and he doesn’t understand why they’re not equals, not then, but he never forgets to call him ‘Kuroo’ from then on.


It’s hard to understand the hierarchy when a school like Nekoma exists, putting them all together like they belong, but by the time Kenma enters high school he understands the difference. Kuroo is a black panther, rare and precious; a large predator stronger than most any other foe.

Kenma is a calico housecat. His coloring is uncommon, but he is not special.

It is, of course, frustrating that all “cat” shifters are lumped together as if they were the same when clearly they are not. He knows large cats are so few that they couldn’t possibly have their own school, and by necessity, that’s why they come to Nekoma with the common housecats.

And he likes going to school with Kuroo, he does.

But still. He wonders what it might be like to go to a school like Karasuno, where everyone is a crow, and everyone is the same. Or even Fukurodani; there are many types of owls but when all is said and done everyone is still just, well, an owl.

The difference between a housecat and a panther is too huge. They’re literally a different species.

It’s weird to pretend otherwise.


The worst part about volleyball is the fact that the large cats at school, few in number though they are, inevitably end up flocking to sports. (They are naturally stronger, faster, more athletic; of course they come to the sports teams, of course they do.)

And if given the choice, Kenma would much prefer not to be on any kind of sports team. He knows he is the epitome of a domestic cat shifter stereotype (lazy; rather stay indoors, practically a pet; would rather someone brought your food on a plate than hunt—he’s heard it all before) but he doesn’t care.

He likes indoors. He likes sleep a whole lot, and since no one has actually hunted for their food since man invented the grocery store he sees no point in valuing an active life.

But Kuroo.

Kuroo plays, so Kenma plays.


Even when the Third Years torment him—lazy housecat has no place on this court—he still plays because Kuroo asks him to play.


Things are better once Kuroo rules; but they’re also the same. Kuroo is still a panther, Kenma is still a housecat.

“Kenma,” Kuroo says, holding onto his wrist. “You don’t need to be so distant. You know I—”

But Kenma can’t let him finish the statement—you are not equals, and you must never, ever forget that, even if he does—and pulls out of Kuroo’s hold.

“I’m not being distant,” he says. “You’re imagining things.”


A/N: Hello, anon-friend! Thank you for the prompt!! As it happens, I would *love* to write more Haikyuu fic, I just only ever get prompts for KNB (which I love and adore, but I do welcome any prompt from any fandom I’ve written for before). Since your prompt was so open ended, I decided to start writing that Haikyuu shapeshifters AU I’ve always wanted to write. A few explanations: 1) This is not connected to my Kuroko no Basuke shapeshifter AU 2) this is just the start of a longer story, probably, and 3) I have no idea why I keep writing starcrossed lover tropes with my shapeshifter AUs. 4) I really have too many AUs. I have a problem.

aaahh so I joined @curriebelle’s perc'ahlia vacation challenge, bc I love these assholes and have no other way to contribute to the fandom. this is @ravennkings on my writing blog, I’ll reblog this to my main in a little while; anyway, one of the prompts @achievemen-thunter sent me was “around a campfire”, so here we are! it’s my first time writing them, so I hope folks like this.

It is, for once, a quiet night, and each time the campfire pops, Percival feels another kink in his shoulders unwind. Quiet, of course, is relative; Grog’s snoring can probably be heard for at least a mile around, and the clanking of plate when Pike doffed her armor for the night had been inevitable. Still, it’s probably the quietest that Vox Machina will ever be, so Percy tries to enjoy it whenever he can. He settles in to keep watch, and sets out a blanket so he can begin the process of dismantling and cleaning his guns. There always seem to be one too many close calls in their recent battles, and his friends’ lives are not risks he’s willing to take.

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Imagine Poe getting injured, so Finn carries him bridal style and Poe is like "look at how strong my boyfriend is".

well I hadn’t thought this would be the way I lost my stormpilot v-card but I COULDN’T RESIST. HERE YOU GO ANON hopefully it delivers XD

This, Poe decides, might be a slightly undignified situation.

Slightly is an understatement, most probably, but he’s gonna stick with that for now, just to save face. Force, one survives a crash-landing on that forsaken place that was Jakku and blowing up the Starkiller not counting being tortured before crash-landing, and then he has to find himself with a leg broken in at least one piece and maybe two on a blasted supply mission?

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Can you write some sugamon? With bottom yoongi? I've had like the worst week and I ship this so bad but I can barely find any fics for it :(

i hope im not too late!!! here u go some sugamon porn for u dont be sad my friend everything is going to be fine!! 

untitled #35

pairing: sugamon

# of words: 1,004

warning: public sex

“are you sure,” yoongi’s question is muffled against namjoon’s neck, broken by a sudden intake of air when the younger backs him up against the thin wall of the dressing room they’re in, “that this is a good idea?”

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Hi, I'm 13 and I've recently been catcalled on. I didn't realize it then because I didnt really educate myself on these things. He kept following me, and telling me I was pretty. I didn't know what to do. Now i keep remondong myself pf this, keep thinking of what I could of done differently. Now sometimes i get scared that this will happen again, cause I live in a big city. I just thought that maybe you knew what to do. Like what to say or do if this happens. Thanks, and I love your art.

I’m sorry this happened to you/ I’m sadly not surprised that this happened to you. It happens a lot, to a lot of women, to girls, to members of the LGBTQ+ community, and chances are, it will happen again. I’m not saying this to scare you, I’m saying this because it’s true, and there is no sense in pretending it isn’t.

I recently wrote a blog post about being catcalled about a week or two ago. I’m much older than you, and I’ve read a bunch of feminist books and I call myself a feminist badass from time to time, but in that moment when this drunk old man was making kissy faces at me in the street, I froze, said nothing, then I walked away, kicking myself for not being braver. The truth is I was scared. I’ve been raised to be scared of strange men on the street, and many men get off on that fear. I think it is a combination of knowing that we are often too scared to fight back, and feeding off of our fear to make themselves feel more powerful that compels some men to catcall. Any person that tries to convince you that it is a compliment to be catcalled is either lying or a complete idiot who doesn’t realize how threatening it actually feels. The worst part is that if we do stand up for ourselves, if we fight back, we either get hurt or we’re no longer the sweet and passive victims that people are compelled to feel sorry for and we get told we were asking for it. 

So my advice to you is that if this happens again, don’t acknowledge the catcaller and run to safety. It might seem cowardly, but why put yourself at risk when these guys probably wont get it anyway. Then, when you get home, use that anger and hurt as a motivator to educate yourself, to learn more about activist groups, artists and movements who fight against street harassment and see how you can join their cause. Or write or draw or just making something about your experience and share it with others. The only way to change our culture is to speak up about what is going on, but there is value in finding the right people to speak to. Forgive yourself for being afraid, because fear is a form of self-preservation. You are strong even when you are afraid. 

The next drawing I post is for you <3

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I've been taking accounting class for around a year now.. But still it is really hard for me to study for it. I always got 56+ marks which is the worst. How do you study for it?? Thanks!

Hi there!

Accounting can be a difficult course to study for, especially when first starting out, because it’s not quite like maths (not too much theory, lots of calculations) not really literacy either. I’ll try my best to explain how I study for accounting papers down below *I apologize for the long as post in advance!*


At my university all accounting papers come with either an university-issued coursebook or slide printouts with all the notes for the course. I use these coursebooks/printouts to take notes in class. I usually just use a highlighter to pick out the main points in the notes and scribble down any notes that the lecturer says in class. If the lecturer goes through any calculations or examples in class try to follow what they are doing. Write down any pointers for answering questions to help you remember how you got the answer. 

If you’re in high school and need to write your own notes in class I recommend either jolting the notes down quickly (but legibly) or if they make the notes available after class just write down the very important points (to reference when you access the notes later) and focus on paying attention to what the teacher says in class. I find trying to understand the teacher is better than trying to get all the written notes down because a lot of the times when you’re copying notes you don’t actually read and understand the meaning and you don’t listen to the teacher and it’s counter-productive.


After class I rewrite my notes so that they are neat and compiled. While rewriting your notes test yourself to see whether or not you actually understood what was taught today and what parts you might need to reread and get some help on. Try to reword the notes in your own words when writing them to see if you fully get the concepts although be careful not to end up misinterpreting the content or screwing up definitions by trying to alter the words. 


Sometimes textbooks are compulsory, sometimes not. Textbooks are useful in accounting if you have difficulty understanding concepts because the notes given by the university is too vague or the explanations are confusing. Textbooks explains the concepts in much more detail and have examples and practices to help. I don’t outline my textbooks and only use them as reference to check my understand of the topic or to help me understand a concept better. 


Flashcards are useful for writing down and memorising formulas and definitions for accounting! There will be definitions (e.g. assets, liability) that you need to memorise as well as forumlas and flashcards are a great way to help you do that. Write the word on one side and the definition/formula on the other. Test yourself regularly or even get your friends to help!


I don’t use mindmaps too often in accounting but it can be a great way to do an outline of a chapter/topic to compile all the important information on one sheet of paper. You can use colours, arrows and illustrations to show the connection between the concepts in each topic.


Possible the most important part of studying for accounting. Accounting has a lot of concepts to learn and may of them include calculations. I personally think the hardest part in some accounting topics is that the written concepts aren’t too hard to grasp however come calculation time there are 20 different numbers and which one is the right one to use? Make sure you practice questions and examples! Understand what you’re doing with the numbers and why - this is very important for tests and exams! 


If you get stuck on a concept, don’t get a formula and don’t have a textbook try googling it! There are lots of good websites that have great explanations just like in textbooks. Keep in mind that there are slight differences for different countries (like tax rate).


If you have friends doing accounting, get together in a study group, test each other on your definitions and formulas. A good was to indicate you really know your stuff is to try to explain or teach it to another person. It’s also a good way for you to teach with each other if what you understand is actually correct and helps you pick out what you might have wrong, don’t understand or still need to work on. Things also become clearer when you say it out loud so even if its to confirm whether you’ve got it right, talk about it and check!

That pretty much rounds up all the tips I have for studying accounting. If there’s any particular part you want me to explain in more detail just send me an ask! 

If you have any actual accounting course related questions (help with concepts etc) by the end of the year I’d have done all the types of accounting and I can try help to the best of my ability. 

Hope this was useful! x

A brief and enchanting look at all the pills i've ever needed to simply keep being there

I’ve been off antidepressants for 7 months and it’s been totally lately.  I stopped taking Wellbutrin because it wasn’t really working as well anymore and if you skip doses, you can get a seizure and I’m prone to seizures and super prone to forgetting to take medication so I peaced out on that jazz.  Also, my psychiatrist was partially deaf so I needed to yell about all my sadnesses and it felt more like an audition for Les Misérables than actual therapy.

Xanax doesn’t work for me anymore.  It gives me a headache and then steals all my memories.  Not even in a cool, selective way.  Like I just forget about 30% of whatever was going on that day and then maybe I also completely forget about random people that I’d like to still think about sometimes maybe if they weren’t so gone.  Like all the sadness is still there, all the broken relationships are still there but I forget about Pablo from my Criminal Justice class who rallied with me about how boring all the professor’s slides were but then he drops out and I have the worst attendance in class and everyone else becomes cops one day and I’m writing a post on Tumblr about my relationship with pharmaceuticals and wow thanks Pablo, I blame all of this on you.  

Seroquel was a pretty bad time.  It’s cool if you to want to sleep for 17 hours but if you don’t, you might end up sleeping through your appointment with a school appointed therapist and then you get blacklisted and have to start all over again.  

There were a bunch of other antidepressants that I’ve been prescribed but I don’t remember.  I don’t remember so let’s move on.

Adderall is still pretty cool.  It doesn’t help with depression but apparently nothing does so might as well have a bunch of energy so you can clean the derelict cigarette butts from the windowsill and vacuum the weed ashes from that month where you just threw your bowl on the carpet every time you were done.

I’m not seeing anybody about depression or taking any medications right now.  I lose my health insurance in four months or I’m at the very least changing my plan so there’s no point investigating it now.  I’m happy most of the time.  I’m always frail but I’m happy.  I want it to be warm again.  I want it to be blueberry season again.  I don’t go to the grocery store enough to even know when that is or if it’s even a thing but it probably is and probably is enough or it’s enough, I suppose.

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Hey Bley, I'm 16 and fat. Not morbidly obese,but thicker than most of the guys at my school. I've always been a little bigger,but I feel like I'm a fit dude trapped in my own body.I put up a strong front, but I'm insecure as fuck and I just feel like fuckin trash whenever I see everyone else in school cus theyre all better looking and more talented than me. I know I gotta go to the gym, since I eat right most of the time, but i just can't will myself to. I feel fuckin pathetic and stuck in limbo

My man. I’m right there with you. I got my gray hair at 14 & was heavy in high school - and let me tell you, a “Newt Gingrich look” isn’t the greatest look to have at literally the most emotionally vulnerable period of your life. BUT HEY, THAT’S WHAT MADE ME SO FUNNNNNNNNY *gunshot*

Let’s get the weight stuff out of the way first, because how you look on the outside is the least important thing here. Here is the solution: Eat better. That’s what it is. You actually don’t have to go to the gym - I mean, you should, because you should be healthy and it’s good for your heart and will stop you from getting sick as much and is something positive you can do to chase the ghosts away etc etc etc blah blah blah - BUT, if you just wanna be less thick, start looking at what you’re eating. I know you say you eat right most of the time, but be more picky about it. What I learned by losing 90lbs was that what you eat is everything. The gym will get you muscles, but really it’s all about what you’re putting in your body. And by the way, being constantly vigilant about what you’re eating is WAAAAAAAY harder than just ripping out a couple reps in the gym, so be nice to yourself about it and don’t get down on yourself if you slip here or there. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

Any long term lifestyle change (which is what you are doing) starts with education. I bought “Nutrition for Dummies”, which really helped, but honestly there’s a ton of great stuff on the web that’s all free that you can read about food and how to eat healthy. I like the Fitness Subreddit Wiki (for both eating help and working out help). It’s been eye opening and life changing. The tl;dr is just focus on eating lean meats and veggies and no pizza or pop or fast food or any of that bullshit. I’m happy to answer any more questions you have about what to eat, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that you already mostly know what’s healthy and what’s not. Cool? Cool. (Also, donuts: Not healthy).

If you can’t make it to the gym, but want to get more exercise, here’s a few tricks that I do that help: I work exercise into my daily routine. Do you drive yet? If so, park in the furtherest parking spot away you can every day. Even better: Can you walk to/from school? Always take the stairs, even when you don’t have to - sometimes I’ll have to go from one side of our office to the other, but I’ll walk up the stairs to the third floor, THEN walk across the office, then walk back down to where I’m tryin’ to go. These are all little things, but little things done consistently over a long period of time yield amazing results. Just ask those dudes who built the pyramids (aka “The aliens who visited our planet in ancient times through an interstellar portal that was explained in the documentary TV series StarGate”).

So. Weight stuff: Done.

Now here’s the bigger thing I want you to know: You are not “fuckin trash”.

(Actually, you’re not even “regular trash”.)

YOU’RE NOT ANY KIND OF TRASH AT ALL, DUDE! WHAT THE FUCK! You’re just a fucking insecure guy who is in high school, going through one of the very worst times of your life. That’s what high school is, by the way: One of the worst periods in your life. In EVERYBODY’S life. You feel insecure, sure - so does everyone else. No one - I repeat, NO ONE is having a ball in high school. They might look like they are, but they are not. 10000% not. Everyone, even the MOST RIPPED AND POPULAR MOTHERFUCKER AT YOUR SCHOOL is insecure. I guarantee you this. Dollars to carrot sticks. You are NOT trash or ANYTHING LIKE IT. You’re just a normal insecure guy. Like me.


Let’s talk about the other people you go to school with: Are they more talented than you? Maybe. Are they better looking? Possibly. BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK?!! That shit will never change. As I am writing this, I am currently sitting in an office surrounded by people who are better looking AND more talented than me. SURROUNDED. There will always be people like that (and there’s an argument to be made here that you should always surround yourself with people who are more talented than you, because it will make you better), but the fact that there are people in the world who are more attractive and more talented than you will never change. What WILL change, however - because you are going to change it - is this feeling that you’re not good enough. You are, man. You one hundred percent ARE good enough. You gotta be nice to yourself here.

I know it’s tough, but try to step outside your life for a minute and think of the fact that you are just beginning your life. There is so much more to go - it’s okay if you don’t have your shit together right now! You have plenty of time to discover where your natural talents are. You have plenty of time to discover that particular hair gel that has just the right amount of shine and hold to make your hair dope as fuck so the ladies (or dudes) come flockin’. I didn’t discover how to get my shit together until I WAS IN MY THIRTIES. THAT’S SUCH A LONG TIME. Look in the mirror and take a breath. It’s all going to work out. (And by the way, those people who are good looking now? They peaked too early and will look like shit when you get older - when it actually counts. Trust me on this. Everyone I know who looked cool in high school looks like garbage now. It’s hilarious and I actually enjoy it way more than I should.)

There’s a great commencement speech by this author David Foster Wallace. It’s called “This Is Water.” I love this speech, because he talks about something I wrestle with a lot - and something that you’re currently wrestling with - which is how to deal with the fact that a lot of life can be extremely shitty. His point is that Life is going to be whatever it is going to be; we don’t have any control over that. But what we DO have control over is how we choose to respond to it.

And that, friend, is everything. 

If you can laugh at yourself when you make a mistake; if you can step outside yourself during a boring class and take solace in the fact that everyone else is as miserable and bored as you are; if you can choose to keep in your mind as you go through your day that everyone else you see walking around is at least as horribly insecure as you are, then you will have beaten the game of Life early on. You will have developed an important skill that will serve you well for the rest of your time walking this planet. Life isn’t something that happens TO us - it’s something that we are all in the middle of, participating in, every day - and we get to choose what we think about it and how we want to feel about it. We have that power. Once you realize that, and start living your life through the lens that you can control what you think and how you feel, nothing is impossible.

Also, seriously, high school fucking blows.

Hang tight, friend. It’ll all be over in a couple years. 

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How do you read so much bad fanfic and not leave a comment? I've seen you leave comments on terrible fanfic and telling them to keep writing. Why would you want to see more of that? Leaving comments like that is the reason we have so much bad fanfic don't you think?

Sigh. Ok. I’ve kinda been avoiding this but after seeing that last confession I just can’t anymore.

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