this merits further research

“I wonder why I can’t seem to find any willing karaoke partners. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think there was someone in the Smash Mansion specifically warning everyone to decline my offers.”

As men age, they lose testosterone — which some say affects their sense of well-being and sexual function. But for healthy older men, using supplemental testosterone as a remedy has been controversial. Past studies of the supplement’s use have been relatively small, and the evidence about benefits and risks has been mixed.

Now a well-designed study published online Wednesday, in the New England Journal of Medicine, confirms certain benefits in sexual function and mood for some men 65 and over, at least in the first year. Though the gains were modest, and some tended to wane in the latter months of treatment, researchers say the findings are encouraging, and merit further research.

Study Shows Extra Testosterone Might Help Some Older Men

Illustration: Katherine Streeter for NPR