this meme just keeps popping up on my dash

arkhamgenesis  asked:

[ HONESTLY, when I see your url somewhere on my dash or when it pops up in my notification IM ALWAYS SO EXCITED TBH, and just stalk your blog a little bit because god you're so talented ?? i mean okay there are so many good reasons wht you're popular and you deserve all the love... and the praise, and even more ! needless to say that you're one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE. ]

[ oh my gosh. honestly, i don’t have words or an icon to accurately depict how happy this message made me. i adore your jason AND you to pieces, and i just - reading this message - i just. thank you. thank you so much. by the way, i stalk your blog quite a bit as well, so consider the feeling mutual <3. i adore you so much and i know i’ve been quite slow lately but i do hope we interact much more frequently in the near future. and just - again - thank you so much for this, oh my gosh <3 ]

looking for new blogs to follow!

please reblog if you post any of these:

  • gmw (ships mostly lucaya, rilaya and riarkle, im a multi shipper so rucas / joshaya blogs are also welcome!)
  • teen wolf 
  • shadowhunters 
  • the 100 (ships mostly  braven, minty, bellarke and clexa)
  • arrow, the flash and legends of tomorrow
  • marvel and dc
  • disney movies / disney channel shows (including some disney latino or uk shows - Violetta, Soy Luna and the Evermoor chronicles)
  • harry potter
  • solo artist and bands (5 seconds of summer, shawn mendes, atl,  Justin Bieber, Hayley kiyoko, Ariana Grande, twenty one pilots, halsey, troye sivan, alessia cara, one direction members, fifth harmony, p!atd, fob, paramore, pvris and selena gomez)
  • the office, parks and recreation, scream, friends, pretty little liars, criminal minds, the get down, supernatural, how to get away with murder, american horror story and quantico (or any other show from here)
  • youtubers (dan and phil, josh pieters, caspar lee, mikey pierce, the maynard brothers, oli white,  joe and zoe sugg, connor franta, Kian & jc)
  • feminism, aesthetic, memes and books.

I had to unfollow multiple blogs due to them being inactive, so my dash is pretty much dead or the same posts keep popping up over and over. If i follow you, you don’t need to follow me back i just want new content on my dash.