this meme is older than i am

team voltron as things my best friend has said/done

keith: when was my emo phase? what do you mean phase, have you seen my closet?

lance: i just flirted with 28 girls, 15 boys and like 7 nonbinary people all in the span of 46 minutes

hunk: i can fix just about anything that breaks with nothing but craft glue, cotton swabs and a lot of determination

pidge: are you living? or just meme-ing?

shiro: i’m not that much older than you, but sometimes i feel like i am on the brink of death

allura: i am half disney princess, half dreamworks warrior girl, and 100% done

coran: socks and sandals are sometimes ok, ok?


lotor: i know you don’t ship this, but i am sending this you anyway, simply because i like to watch you suffer

matt: i bet you thought you’d seen the last of- *falls down the stairs* …me

SHINee latest Google searches


• why does tofu give me so much gas
• am I dead inside
• where is my baby pinee
• why is taemin growing up so fast I’m not ready


• shortest kpop idol male
• Jonghyun shinee abs & tattoos
• why do my dongsaengs bully me I’m older than them
• strip pole easy tricks


• simple but snatched makeup tutorials
• best vegan and expensive dog food
• which male kpop idol looks good in everything he wears
• how to stop being shady bc it’s ruining me


• suho cute moments compilations
• how to marry someone without them knowing
• why do people think I’m older than I really am
• shinee Minho tattoos edits


• how to hide my satanic rituals from my bandmates
• why am I called angel when I’m the devil
• does shinee know they’re not my parents
• who’s the most successful kpop group maknae

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Ok but consider time

We all know that Lance is homesick and we were shown just how far away they were from Earth at one point. But something that hasn’t been considered is that time is passing differently for them than it is on Earth. A good representation of how this is is in Interstellar, when the main character’s youngest sends him a video, something that she refused to before and only decided to do because it was her birthday. The birthday marking her the same age as her father. Another example of this is if you take a clock and you do one revolution around earth the time on the clock is different than the time on the clocks on Earth that would have previously been running at the same time. I don’t know the exact science so that might not be exact.

So like… I have an idea for an au where Lance’s family is devastated when they find out, and Lance’s 13 year old genderfluid sibling is like ‘I want to go to the Garrison’ and Lance’s parents and everyone else are like 'No, we just lost Lance, why would you want to do that’ and the sibling is like 'Lance’s dream was to make it to space and if he couldn’t get there in his life time then I’m going to do this for him’ so they take up engineering and physics to try to get into the Garrison. They try to get in at age 14 and don’t, but try again at 15 and do. They get an opportunity to be a pilot because someone quit. They have to deal with Iverson and he’s like 'You’re just like your brother, useless, a replacement because someone else isn’t here’ and they realise that this would have fuelled Lance’s anxiety and he never told any of them. They make it their personal mission to be problematic, but also the best in their class. Like, insulting Iverson everyday, becoming 50000000% more petty and salty, and even at one point challenging him to a rap battle. On a separate occasion they somehow manage to barge into a staff meeting to shout that at Iverson that he verbally abused and degraded their brother’s mental health and worsened his anxiety, before presenting a petition signed by the whole student body and some parents to get Iverson fired. Iverson is fired. After a few years the Kerberos mission is being rebooted. At age 19 they are chosen to pilot. They tell their family that they’re finally getting to see space. The team includes Mrs Holt, who had stepped up to engineering again, and another woman. They get to Kerberos, and a few weeks into their mission the Galra resistance group who rescued Matt arrive, to check that the area is still free of the Galran Empire. Mrs Holt is so happy, but also, her son looks the same way he did when she last saw him 8 years ago, though more buff, scarred and tired. The sibling convinces them to let them come with them, and when Matt explains that Mr Holt is still out there Mrs Holt is like 'There is no way that you’re leaving me behind, the communications officer is like 'The government adopted me when I was 12, and they passed me off to the Garrison immediately, two years before they were legally allowed to so I don’t have much back there, I’ll come’. The Galra resistance group meets with the Blade of Marmora to form an alliance. They then meet with Voltron. The meeting is first with Allura, then the paladins of Voltron are introduced, minus Shiro because he’s missing. There are the obvious reunions.

Matt: What the f-
Mrs Holt: Language, Matt.
Matt: Mum, I’m fighting in a war and I was a slave for a year, let me swear.
Pidge: Who are you, you’re not the short beanpole I know.
Matt: As I was saying, MUM, what the heck’s a Pidge.
Pidge: I’m a Pidge. And Mum, you look a lot older than I remember.

Lance enters with a mug of coffee or something.

Hunk: Ah, I see you’re holding true to being the 20 minutes late with Starbucks meme.
Lance: Yes, but I woke up lat this morning and I have to uphold my beauty routine so I’m not sore-why is Pidge standing next to a hot Pidge what is happening am I okay.

Lance is barrelled over in a bear hug by his sibling.

Lance: *is confused*
Keith *is alarmed, the subject of his pining isn’t allowed to die*
Everyone else: *also alarmed*
Sibling: How dare you, not tell me or anyone else about Iverson being a dick to you! You were my role model! I came out as genderfluid to you before anyone else! Before I came out to Mama! You watched my debates and you went to everyone on of Freya’s hockey games, and you taught Maria how to use makeup when she was transitioning, and yet you couldn’t tell anyone of us, or even Mum or Mama about that!
Lance: Who-w-How do you know all that who are you?
Sibling: Well, you dense traffic light after that I thought it would have been obvious. I’m *name*
Lance: Um, no, *name* is 13.
Pidge: Lance…I can’t believe I forgot…We studied this…Time passes differently in space…
Lance: So you’re telling me that they’re, that you’re, my sibling? You’re, like, my age, if you aren’t older! How old even are you?
Sibling: I’m 19.
Lance: What the f-
Matt: Language.
Lance: ????
Matt: If I’m not allowed to swear you don’t get you.
Sibling: You know what this means, right? Unless you were some sort of crazy party animal at the Garrison I got to drink before you.
Hunk: 19 is still underage though.
Sibling: In America maybe. But we live in Australia. So. Whenever I went home I got to drink. Because I was also at the Garrison from a program/branch thing in Australia I was bound by Australian rules so I was legally considered an adult and allowed to pilot the second Kerberos mission.
Matt: But more importantly. You think I’m hot? *bats lashes at Lance*
Sibling: Right, how could we forget about that beautiful gem.
Lance: How could you do this? Betrayed by my favourite little-what is is sibling? Sister?
Sibling: Sibling.
Lance: How could I be betrayed by my favourite little sibling?
Sibling: Well first of all, I’m only your favourite until Freya or Maria is in the room and suddenly you’re not allowed to have favourites, and second, you may have been born before me but I’ve lived longer than you so I’m the older sibling now.
Lance: All around me are familiar faces, worn out places-
Allura: We are currently searching for our black paladin, Shiro, which is why we wanted meet with you, aside from solidifying an alliance.
Matt: Wait, you mean Shiro like Takashi Shirogane?
Keith: Yeah. He’s missing and we can’t form Voltron without him.
Matt: You must be Takashi’s emotionally constipated adopted child-I mean adoptive brother. But more importantly, he couldn’t even be here to meet me! My boyfriend’s such a *stares directly at Mrs Holt* goshdarned flake.
Pidge: *Snorts* And what a hecking shame that is! If you being here could have stopped him from going and cheesing disappearing then we wouldn’t be in this dang situation.
Holt siblings: *snorts devolving into cackles*

So that’s my au. There’s more. There’s so much more and I might draw some of it. I’m also considering a name/names for the sibling.

Or, alternatively the time passing differently in space could just be for langst.

I unfollowed a young person recently(18 years old). What prompted it was this kink meme ao3 fight. I’m so freaked out by her attitude. She literally wrote a person who writes more then a sentence in response to her hateful post, she’s not reading it. She is constantly claiming that people who are participating in kinkmeme are “old women”. This kind of unwillingness to listen to the other side and actually educate herself and derision towards old women expressing sexually is frankly the scariest thing I have experienced on this site. 

It’s prime example of how close mindedness and bigotry can be liberal also. Just because you are not straight or white, it doesn’t mean you can’t be wrong and bigoted. I’m not straight, many women who participated in kink meme or are defending it are queer or POC or both. It’s scary to think that young people are so unwilling to listen or learn and are so dismissive of their elders.

SYABM comic 40 “Nothing is true, everything is straw”

It’s been two years and change since AC Unity came out, and many feminists are still salty over something Ubisoft never said.

Ubi said it wasn’t practical to do mo-cap, rig, model, and animate female characters for co-op (a secondary mode most players would probably never touch) in an entirely new engine, even though they wanted to. What actually got into the co-op was basically just palette swaps of Arno, the main character.

The strawman version was “Ubisoft said it’s too hard to put women in their game”. And that meme refuses to die.

And when the game came out and it was a buggy, incomplete mess, the Party just ignored it. 

I have never seen a single person admit they were wrong about the game.

Of course, when Syndicate actually included a female player character, the complainers didn’t care. Because victory gets less angry tweets than outrage.

[ Older comics | Chronological order.]

So I wanted to go to bed an hour ago but I just thought about something

Imagine the Paladins coming back to Earth at some point

an everyone starts to struggle to get with new slang words and stuff like that, to which Shiro says “This makes me feel older than I am.”

Except for Lance
Lance picks up on it quickly and just bugs the shit out of everyone with it. Pidge decides to go with it until both can consider themselves meme- and slangmasters again.

Coran tries, but somehow starts picking up slang from the ‘80s (nobody knows how that happened)

Shiro still feels old

Keith is just annoyed and all he wants is some KFC chicken nuggets

Hunk and Lance both flop down on a big meadow as soon as they see one and just…lay there, face down in the grass, enjoying the feeling. And when it starts to rain, they just stay like this. Especially Lance, who keeps hiding his face in the grass, a little sob escaping his throat as he smiles because he’s home.

Pidge gets to find out about all the technology that’s new, even though it hasn’t been that many years there is so much progress in the technology.

Allura being amazed by the amounts of animals she gets to see and by the nature in general

Coran finding a mall and falling in love with it and omfg they actually got free samples??

Keith. Keith searching and finding quiet, little spots where he can be alone for just a moment. Shiro sitting down next to him, not saying a word and just quietly looking up into the sky as the sun goes down in a calm atmosphere. 

Coran sees all of it as a big adventure and keeps showing Allura places he sees and that he thinks are beautiful. Imagine him and Allura experiencing rain for the first time. Imagine they stay on Earth for months and suddenly there is this stuff coming down from the sky, white and cold but so shiny and pretty!
They stay, even making it to Cuba and Lance gets to see his family again, telling them about all the crazy stuff that happened, tears fall and a lot of hugs get shared, everyone is just happy to see him alive and well and how much he has grown and just look at the amounts of friends he made. He convinces everyone to go to the beach because he missed it so much. 

Hunk decides to cook for them, for all of them, everyday. Trying out new things, Lance’s mom and grandmother teaching him a few things he didn’t know, showing him old family recipes. Hunk goofing around with Lance’s brother and getting along with him so well. He kinda had a feeling that would happen, Lance always told Hunk that they would get along.

And suddenly they get a distress call from someone who needs their help and everyone is sad, not trying to show it, except for Lance, who silently cries because he has to leave again. Has to leave his family behind. He doesn’t even hide it at this point. He’s sad, he cries.

And as soon as their mission is over, the Paladins, Coran and Allura cuddle up, all together. Pidge took a TV and a DVD-Player with them on the ship and managed to set everything up.
They watch a movie and being surrounded by so many people he loves, just watching a movie, makes Lance feel more like home again and he realises he still has a family with him all the time.

It’s the first time since the distress call that he smiles again.


my mom’s close friend has a daughter who’s some 7 years younger than i am. I’ve known her since she was like 5 and her mom kind of encourages her to look to me as an older sister type figure, but yknow, that’s not rly the type of thing that happens bc both of your moms want it to. anyway she made an Instagram (long deleted, RIP) when she was 11 or 12 and i followed her back on it, and at one point I remember seeing she made a meme that said something like “men are mean, boys are brats, guys are gross. this is so true am I right?” and all the comments from her other middle school friends were along the lines of “huh?” and “what?” but honestly? she was dishing out the truth that none of us were ready for

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Matthew Mercer opening not only one, but TWO Colossal red dragon aka "Thordak, the Cinder King" minis that he had been eyeing longingly for seven years (during Critmas after the 41st episode), and the joy on his face is the most adorable moment I have ever seen. He looked like the happiest person in the world and honestly in that moment I realized three things. I want to make someone that happy somehow one day, because they deserve it. I want to find that happiness myself, because it seems like something everyone should experience. And the third is that though he is much older than I am and we are at completely different points and paths in life, I really wish I could be friends with him somehow. Because everyone has that much of a child lurking within and it is time we all let them out and have our inner children all play with each other and be as happy and carefree and Matt was in that moment.

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Okay, so I found this book at my library it's pretty short It's about this girl who gets casted as Romeo for the 8th grade play and she develops a crush for the girl playing Juliette (It's called Star-Crossed by Barbara Dee) and I flipped the book when i started hearing the names Mercutio and Benvolio and let me tell you you really made reading and understanding the characters in the book so great I'm so thankful if you could read it that would be great tysm for helping me understand it!

Oh, I’m so glad I was able to help! (also lesbian Romeo and Juliet sounds like a good read for sure). The original play seems intimidating at first just because of the time period in which it was written, but at the end of the day they’re easily understandable characters who you grow to feel for. 

Romeo: emotional romantic boy
Juliet: excited to fall in love girl
Mercutio: crazy wake you up at 3 AM with a meme guy
Benvolio: worried mom friend
Tybalt: constantly angry knife man
Paris: better than you richy rich
Escalus: disappointed in his city you two STOP IT
Nurse: take no shit sassy older woman
Friar Lawrence: good intentions with bad executions man
Lady & Lord Capulet / Lady & Lord Montage: team failure as parents
Rosaline: “boy did I jump ship at the right time” girl 

ID #21531

Name: Chantel

Age: 22

Country: Canada

Hello, my name is Chantel, but I would prefer you call me Elizabeth if you don’t mind (my middle name). I spend majority, if not all, of my time on the internet when I’m not in classes; I’m currently Upgrading. I’m socially awkward, I’m very shy in person, and I enjoy reading and binge-watching TV shows/Movies. My hobbies aren’t anything interesting; I go hiking on the weekends, I read with what free time I have, study up on conspiracy theories and documentaries, and spoil my dog. It would be nice to have someone to discuss a variety of topics, someone who won’t get offended when we have different opinions, someone who IS a Grammar Nazi (maybe you can help me with my English course lol), and someone who likes;


Marilyn Monroe,

Harry Potter,

Sidney Sheldon and V.C Andrews

Poetry and any other literature,

Enjoys music immensely,

Greek mythology,

Ancient Egypt,

Documentaries (aliens, conspiracies, sharks, etc..),

Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Suits, Game of Thrones, Ancient Aliens, Top5’s, and Strange Mysteries (Don’t worry, there’s a lot more)

And Wine

It would be cool to have a pen pal in a different country, so we can talk about our cultures and/or history. But anyone within Canada would be cool too. Let’s have a fun experience that also involves learning 😊

Preferences: I don’t really have an age or gender preference; anyone is welcome, as long as you’re respectful and open-minded and are older than 16.

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You and avveh are seriously friendship goals like no joke. True friendship is when they spill your couch+cake+jimin fantasy for all Tumblr to know. Truly friendship goals ❤️❤️🤣🤣

You see, I was going to use this opportunity to blast @avveh but then she left a vaguely kind (yet not humble) reply on a post of mine. So I am feeling particularly generous.

Our friendship is special even if she annoys me and makes me question why she acts so much older than me when she is several years younger. She is my best friend and biggest ally. She’s my number one supporter and my loudest cheerleader and defender. Also our chat is full of the best memes and gifs. It’s a thing of beauty.

Oh wait, she just tweeted at me and called me a bitch so….Fuck her.

wanna one as things i’ve definitely said


jihoon: “i sneezed in a restaurant once and the waiter said bless you so i replied ‘thanks, you too’ and honestly that was the most traumatizing social interaction i’ve ever had”


jaehwan: “honestly if i don’t win this singing contest ya’ll missing out on some top quality fucking vocals man”

seongwoo: “i once had a visitor ask if i had a toilet- like no honey i shit in the backyard of-fucking-course i have a toilet in my damn house”

woojin: “i’m doing my own thing at night and i’m tryna go to sleep but i live near a train track so every so often i’ll be on the brink of sleep when suddenly hONK HONK HELLO BITCH I’M HERE that piece of shit train blows its horn”

guanlin: “wow i feel short next to you wtf i am like a colossal titan compared to some of my friends i demand you tell me why jesus decided to give you your growth spurt now”

jisung: “i am older than all ya’ll so listen to me and shut your mouths so i can finish my goddamn homework in peace please”

minhyun: “i swear to fucking god if my ass gets paired with that trash bag again i wiLL SCREAM”

jinyoung: “okay but if apple made cars would they have windows?”


no matter who debuted in the top 11, i just wanna say how amazed and proud i am of yoon jisung. this guy went from produce 101′s meme reaction boi to the charming auntie of the boys, and every episode proves that jisung is just more than his personality. he is also talented in singing and dancing and is a great leader and older brother who cares for the other contestants. he always encourages the trainees and hypes up the mood of the group and makes sure that no contestant ever feel left behind or outcasted because of other people’s views. he is literally the vitamin c in the show. and for every ranking he receives he is so humble like he just can’t believe people are out there voting for him and believing in him. and when he got hate for ranking 3rd place, he never let the negativity get to him, always working hard to continue proving to others that he too deserves to be in this competition and to debut at top 11. i know that this is just my bias speaking, because even though i really love yoon jisung, i also believe he truly deserves to debut as well. for me, yoon jisung is the glue that will hold the boys together and strengthen their morality as a group. i know for a certain that whoever is part of final 11, they will receive hate. which is why i believe yoon jisung’s presence, his ability to encourage and comfort his members, is vital to a group of young members who is yet to be exposed to unnecessary hate. i really pray that yoon jisung is part of top 11. i will be really really crushed if he didn’t. he truly deserves it, all of them do, but yoon jisung most especially.

ID #83855

Name: Hanka
Age: 15
Country: Czech Republic

 I’m awkward teen who talks too much for anyone to listen. I’m geeky, sarcastic nerd with love for drawing, reading, TV shows, anime, memes, languages, history and cats. I speak Czech (Slovak) and English, but I study French and Russian, too, and I want to start Latin and Japanese. I’m interested in learning about other languages (the perspective of a native speaker is always so interesting) and cultures. I also “occasionaly” indulge in “deep” talks about meaning of life.

Preferences:  Preferably someone of my age group, as I sometimes get really self-conscious when speaking to someone older than me. Also, I don’t like racist or anti-LGBT+ people.

Carrie Fisher Quotes Starters

In memory of Carrie Fisher

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“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

“There’s no room for demons when you’re self-possessed.”

“Life is a cruel horrible joke, and I’m the punch line.”

“I feel very sane about how crazy I am.”

“Instant gratification takes too long.”

“As you get older the pickings get slimmer, but the people don’t.”

“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

“I think of my body as a side effect of my mind.”

“Drugs made me feel normal.”

“The situation is getting worse faster than I can lower my expectations.”

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

im pretty upset and dissappointed about what happened okay

but they’re kids and im actually older than them even by just a year and i just hhnnnnggg have strong feelings about lying and i want to get savage but no

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I'm so happy the comic is coming out, not just for the fact we finally get to see more of the gang, but rather people might stop saying tf2 is dead. I was always bothered when people would post things like that because I felt like that would make people really paranoid/anxious for those who still believed in it. Also the fact that a lot of fandoms and games go through low periods to pop back up later, it's just a thing that happens. (Sorry that this isn't a headcanon btw)

True, I totally agree!

Because here’s the thing, Team Fortress 2 came out in 2007. It was created for and by the fandom of a game mod that had been out since 1996. We have been around for 21 years, folks. That’s older than I am. 

Despite being a free to play game with  large spaces between updates and comics, we have had

-Multiple viral videos

-Two famous memes

-A comic series

-An endlessly thriving community, despite the game being a ten year old game

-And that’s really not all

Team Fortress 2 is never going to die. It doesn’t matter what games try to replace it, because they pale in comparison. It doesn’t matter if we don’t get an update for an extended period of time, because we can wait. We’ve always been here, waiting, and we always will be. TF2 is alive and here to stay.

ID #90427

Name: Anika
Age: 14
Country: USA

hello! I’m just a nerdy girl from the east coast looking for a friend to talk to through email, tumblr, or kik. I love the Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Flash, Arrow, and Baby Daddy. I’m also a huge science nerd and I love physics and astronomy and rockets and robots. I also engage in ETHICAL hacking (I’m just getting started). That does not mean I don’t like the arts. I love world history and mythology as well as architecture. I like sketching buildings of my own, and I occasionally paint. I’m hella curious, always in the mood for dank memes. We can talk about everything and nothing.
I like all kinds of people, as long as you are respectful and not bigoted.

Preferences: no older than 19