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While waiting for the series, here are some BH6 Text Posts

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BH6 Text Posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Ginny, for the character writing meme, because you write her so beautifully.

Things I try to keep in mind when writing Ginny Weasley:
1. A ghost in a diary stole into her confidences, stole hours and her hands, and almost murdered her.
2. When she tried to tell people she trusted about what was happening to her, they told her to be quiet and not bother them.
3. She was eleven years old.
4. In the next seven years, she perfected her Bat Bogey Hex, befriended outcasts, kissed people who she wanted to kiss, got on the House team, became a general, and laughed a lot.
5. That she was one of the people hit worst when the dementors came.
6. That time when Harry was like “no one understands what it’s like to be possessed by Lord Voldemort and unable to trust what I see and feel and to have something this evil live inside me” and she went “excuse you.”

Haikyuu characters: a summary

Oikawa Tooru

- an actual trash but i love him
- model???
- probably owns an alien merchandise
- lowkey gay
- 3rd year but actually acts like a 7 year old boy
- eats milkbread for lunch

Kageyama Tobio

- volleyball genius but got failed exams
- lowkey tsundere
- #1 milk trash
- HARU???
- i wanna touch his haiR

Tsukishima Kei

- saltyshima
- “tch”
- lowkey nerd
- owns dinosaur figurines
- freakishly tALL
- good with kids???

Akaashi Keiji

- a beautiful setter tbh
- messy hair???
- lowkey mom
- i fucking wanna see his smirk again AGAIN AND AGAIN
- boyfriend material??

Nishinoya Yuu

- bro
- meme #2
- cute af
- talented tbh
- more hairdown noya PLS

Sugawara Koushi

- mom
- vv really pretty
- i lowkey ship him with kiyoko
- knows everything???

Hinata Shouyou

- jumps higher than my grades
- cinnamon roll #2
- toilet guy

Tanaka Ryu

- meme #1
- bro
- lowkey savage
- “kiyoko-san spank us”

Iwaizumi Haijime

- armS
- boyfriend material
- mean but nice
- has 829782 nicknames for oikawa
- have u sEEN HIS BICEPS

Tetsurou Kuroo

- kinda savage
- “ive always been a nice person”
- vv attractive

Yamaguchi Tadashi

- cinnamon roll
- “TSUKKIII !! ”
- freckleSSS
- da kewl guy
- ##underrated

Daichi Sawamura

- dadchi
- angst
- reliable
- wig

Kozume Kenma

- no game no lyf
- cinnamon roll #3
- shouyou af
- vv genius

Koutarou Bokuto

- emo
- rlly loud
- drama queen
- bffs w/ kuroo


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 1/1 king ~ jaehaerys i

Though young to the throne, Jaehaerys revealed himself from an early age to be a true king. He was a fine warrior, skilled with lance and bow, and a gifted horseman. He was a dragonrider as well, riding upon Vermithor—a great beast of bronze and tan who was the largest of the living dragons after Balerion and Vhagar. Decisive in thought and deed, Jaehaerys was wise beyond his years, always seeking the most peaceable ends. // halit ergenç as old jaehaerys, patrick gibson as young jaehaerys

HISTORY MEME | 1/10 moments: Jadwiga is Crowned King of Poland.

The coronation ceremony that took place in the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow on 16 October 1384 was truly a splendid event: Polish nobles spared no expenses and the grandeur of the coronation impressed everyone present. But the historical significance was even greater. For one thing, the young girl who was being crowned (only 11 years old at the time) was to go down in history as one of Poland’s greatest and most beloved Monarchs. And for another, the aforementioned lady was crowned not as Queen of Poland (as would be expected considering her gender) but as King.

There is no humorous tale of a mix-up: the decision was made for quite practical reasons. Polish law was very specific that the ruler had to be King – but it did not state the King had to be a male. And so instead of re-writing the law and to emphasise the fact Jadwiga was a ruler in her own right, it was decided she should be crowned as Hedvig Rex Poloniæ (Hedwig, King of Poland) and not Hedvig Regina Poloniæ (Hedwig, Queen of Poland).


YA LIT MEME: [1/8] FRIENDSHIPS » rose hathaway & lissa dragomir

Lissa and I had been best friends ever since kindergarden, when our teacher had paired us together for writing lessons. Forcing five-year-olds to spell “Vasilisa Dragomir” and “Rosemarie Hathaway” was beyond cruel.

Y'all know I stan but……..WHAT’S JANET GONNA DO IN A SING OFF? Whisper us to death? I won’t even dignify her inclusion in this tbh. But anyway…


Beyonce – No. She is obviously the best combination of stage presence, dancing, and vocals that we are likely to ever see in our lifetimes, but individually, she is not number 1 in any of those categories.

Brandy – Yes. She might be known as Queen Hmmmmbreath Backgrounds, but Brandy live is a true experience and very few can match her runs.

Monica – No. I love Miss Thang, but she just doesn’t have the range. The actual range, not the figurative meme version.

Keke – Yes. Ketara will casually outsing all your faves on their best day while sitting on a couch holding seventeen of her babies and making faces at the camera. It’s unreal, truly.

Jazmine – Yes. Jazmine has been literally outsinging everyone in R&B since she was 10 years old doing The Wiz in Philly.

Yolanda – Yes. Look up any performance from a gospel awards show around the time “Open My Heart” came out.

Janet – Rude.

Fantasia – No. Fantasia really can out-holler anyone, but it still sounds like hollering this many years into the game. She and Jennifer Hudson both just keep screaming at me and I need more nuance and variety.

Tamar – Yes. Anybody who can hit “Love & War” at 5am earns eternal respect.


You can just match em up by voice type.

Brandy vs. Jazmine….Brandy wins.
Keke vs. Tamar….Keke wins.
Yolanda is out because whoever made this put her there instead of the umpteen other gospel singers who should’ve been in that spot instead.


And Brandy vs. Keke…….I'ma put my money on Brandy, because a lot of Keke’s wow moments are dependent upon how well she does up there at the top of her range. One minor cold, and you can’t do that. Brandy can consistently deliver down in the basement and make magic in every performance. So that’s where I’m putting my (non-existent cause I’m poor) paycheck.

I was thinking about the conclusion to the 100% gratitude arc, and I was reminded of one of the main praises I’ve heard for Neon Genesis Evangelion. 

There are plenty of jokes floating around about Shinji being a crybaby (some people even hate him as a protag because of it), but I’ve seen a lot more people point to it as a strength of the show, characterizing Shinji as a real, ordinary, scared 14-year-old child. Shinji Ikari is in the same “chosen one” position as most shonen protags, but he doesn’t rise to the mantle with the precocious maturity of someone twice his age (as most shonen protags seem capable of doing), instead he buckles under the pressure. He resists, and he cries, and does terrible things to his mental state when he forces himself to carry through with what the adults have put on him. 

They force a responsibility on him that no 14 year old should have to handle. And like a real 14-year-old he CAN’T handle it. There is no other option. He carries through, at the sacrifice of his mental, physical, spiritual well-being.

This is exactly the kind of situation Mob is forced into during the season 1 finale. You could copy-paste any “Get in the fucking robot Shinji” meme here and have it work. You’ve got everyone that Mob relies on and trusts telling him to do something beyond what he’s emotionally capable of handling. Because there’s no other choice. Because they’ll die otherwise. And Mob, like Shinji, is willing to destroy himself to carry through with what  everyone else demands of him.

But Mob Psycho 100 has something that Neon Genesis Evangelion doesn’t–it has Reigen.

It has the authority figure, the adult, who takes Mob’s face in his hands and says, “No. You’re 14. You’re a child. What these adults are trying to do is not your responsibility. Protect yourself, Mob, and let me handle it instead.”

And in no uncertain terms, this saves Mob.

MP100 and NGE are unusual in their choice of creating a shonen protag who’s as vulnerable and anxious and fragile as a normal 14 year old would be in their shoes. NGE still forces Shinji to follow through on the things that destroy him. MP100, through Reigen’s character alone, doesn’t give in to that. ONE could so easily have ended the arc on an all-out fight, a bloodbath, an emotionally potent and traumatizing turning point for Mob, who’s coming to accept his terrible position. ONE refused to do that. Instead he drives home the point that  this is not Mob’s fight. 

He lets Mob run away. He lets Reigen take over. He doesn’t punish Mob for being vulnerable and young and scared. 

MP100 protects Mob.

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Hi! I have a headcanon request- how would Sincerely Three interact with their soulmates in the AU where whatever one person writes on themselves would show up on the other's skin? Thanks so much! <3

omg this is cute and u said soulmate au and im automatically in love

gonna put this under a readmore

also im assuming u mean x reader but if u want like, actual ship Sincerely Three (because i love them a lot tbh), just ask again and be like ‘tris ur dumb’

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the invader zim fandom alignment chart:

LAWFUL GOOD: people who ship canon characters (esp. zim and dib) knowing and accepting that it will never be canon, but having fun with it anyway

NEUTRAL GOOD: the edgy oc’s who are either insane (i.e, they have an ‘insane side’ and a ‘good side’. these oc’s are usually created by 12 year olds), or have 400 pounds of black eyeliner, antenna piercings, and an entire wardrobe bought at hot topic

CHAOTIC GOOD: people who are 100% convinced that their ships are canon or will be made canon in the upcoming movie, even though jhonen himself stated that everyone in the show basically hates one another

LAWFUL NEUTRAL: those people that draw invader zim characters, canon or otherwise, in an anime style. extra points if they give zim anime hair but leave everything else relatively similar to the style of the show

TRUE NEUTRAL: those girls who wear gir t-shirts and have never actually seen the show

CHAOTIC NEUTRAL: people who ship irken oc’s with other irken oc’s

LAWFUL EVIL: people who make irken ocs and ship them with canon characters (bonus mary sue points if its dib)

NEUTRAL EVIL: the kids in the fandom who have ‘totally randem!!!1!!’ personalities, use ‘rawr xD’ unironically and type in all caps with too many exclamation points at the end. (i.e: gir is my faavvvv character xD!!! WAFFLES!!1!!1!). these are usually 12 year old scene kids. absolutely horrifying.

CHAOTIC EVIL: people who draw irken oc’s (or tak) with boobs, plus anyone who has ever used this forsaken gif, ironically or unoronically:

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Lily Evans for the character writing meme?

Things I keep in mind when writing Lily Evans Potter:
1. She stayed friends with Severus Snape for years, which means she probably was genuinely fond of him, but she also walked away and didn’t look back, which means her boundaries were ace, damn kid.
2. Every time we hear of her within a half mile of a bully, she is running straight toward them, shouting.
3. She believed that people were, at their cores, good and that they could make themselves better.
4. She died at twenty-one years old, betrayed by a coward. We don’t know who she would have been.

As someone who has been watching this show since season 1, I am genuinely uncomfortable with the attention it gets from mainstream (straight) media. Yes, this show actually helped me be more confident and open with my sexuality. But, I really feel like every time it is mentioned on mainstream shows, it’s treated like a joke? Seeing 13 year old girls cry over queens on twitter makes me feel weird, y'know? Seeing memes of queens on “relatable post” twitter accounts and hearing people like John Green mention it is very alien to me. How do you all feel?