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Is there a limit on how many I can ask for? :D 9 for Branching Out, 11,12,5,2 for Balancing Act (This story had so much thought and care in the details which makes me love it despite barely being in the Blake fandom). 1, 14/15 for Agent Afloat Atlantis (in a fandom that focuses so much on Tony over Ziva (and tends to diss all the females ever) this fic is a astonishingly refreshing read ), 9, 14 Fragility Optional. THANKS FOR WRITING. <3 <3

Here we go:

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Branching Out (my Stargate/Criminal Minds crossover where JJ joins Homeworld Security while she’s at the Pentagon)

9: Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

Branching Out was the alternate version of this fic. I was trying to come up with ways to have Spencer involved in the Stargate world and nothing was gelling, so when the ep where JJ left aired, I finally found a hook to tie the Criminal Minds world to the Stargate world. I think Jack O’Neill would have been a better boss than what ended up happening in canon, honestly.

Balancing Act (My Stargate/Anita Blake crossover where Jack’s de-aged clone from Fragile Balance moved to St. Louis and got Involved In Shenanigans)

2: What scene did you first put down?

I started at the beginning…. and it was hard, honestly, getting through the first part where it’s introspective Jack. I can only ever write in chronological order, otherwise my narrative falters. And it sucks because there’s usually so much other stuff I’d rather be writing than to be stuck on the painful bits.

Anyway, the whole thing picked up when I got into the action of chapter 2, so that was good.

5: What part was hardest to write?

The action sequence in chapter 6;  i was far less comfortable about action back when I wrote this (not like i feel much better now, but I have better rhythm). I tried to imagine it like an old episode of MacGyver, only with less mullet. Eh, I tried.

11: What do you like best about this fic?

I really liked being able to explore Jack’s character - he was still Jack, still the save-the-world guy, only he was now sixteen and having to do it all over again. Looking at how he thought about Sarah, and Charlie, when he was surrounded by kids Charlie’s age, and also how he would think about his old team, and the Stargate people, and the Goa’uld, when he wasn’t going to get back there for years to come.

It was an interesting opportunity to explore the “de-aged” trope.

(Also the Jack and Jack banter in Chapter 7, that was fun)

12: What do you like least about this fic?

On review, the stuff about the rogue werewolves feels a bit forced. But I think that’s part of growing as an author; you look back and see how you’d do things differently. I can’t stop worrying things, ya know?

But all in all, as a writer, I’m still rather proud of Balancing Act. But not as proud as I am of….

Agent Afloat Atlantis (my NCIS/Stargate Atlantis story where Ziva is reassigned to Atlantis, etc) (@lincolnkw​ also ask about this one so I’ve blended the questions in this ask)

1: What inspired you to write the fic this way?

The NCIS season had just ended and I was cranky about what they did to Jenny, and also how in fic Ziva kept on getting mis-characterized all the time. So I plucked her out of the American-centric NCIS and gave her the universe.

Ziva’s story in this one felt more melancholy to me, and while I was writing in English, many of the characters did not speak English as their mother tounge. By stepping ‘back’ from English, as it were, it slowed my thought process down (as I speak only English), made me think about everything, how everything was perceived and understood by the characters, and that was a good place of introspection, I think. I like the melodic feeling of the narrative.

11: What do you like best about this fic?

Exploring Ziva’s character. She was so interesting in the show’s early seasons,  and I wanted to understand more about her motivations and reasoning, especially as the show is presented through the male gaze and that was keeping me away from her. This story helped me build up more of the character, and make her more real in my head.

Also, I liked writing the horror/action pieces in the later bit - that was just pure fun.

14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?

That we take our experiences with us, but they don’t have to control us. We have to make our own way, and sometimes that means making hard choices. Also, life’s hard but we have to keep trying.

These were all things I really needed to understand at the time I was writing this fic. Some days I’m not sure I’ve learned this lesson.

15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

that writing in one’s primary language can keep us from truly exploring what we mean, especially in an increasingly connected world such as fandom. I’m uni-lingual English Canadian, and when I write something, I might not be thinking about how much metaphor or cliche i’m using, and how those phrases might obfuscate my true meaning. (I’m encountering that now with the Yuri on Ice! stories I’m writing, where I am writing in English, my two main characters speak Russian and Japanese as their primary languages but communicate in English). But it’s not just about language; it’s about culture and perceptions and background. Language shapes what we perceive - there’s fascinating research on this topic.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that writing Agent Afloat Atlantis helped me to start thinking less insularly when writing fictional characters. I suppose that such awareness comes to us all in time; I”m glad this was mine.

(I’m going to pass on the  Fragility Optional questions as I was always disappointed I couldn’t get further into this story, and also how stereotypical my line of thought was getting on developing Spencer’s character. We can chat more in messages if you’d like)

thanks for the fun questions!

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Ginny, for the character writing meme, because you write her so beautifully.

Things I try to keep in mind when writing Ginny Weasley:
1. A ghost in a diary stole into her confidences, stole hours and her hands, and almost murdered her.
2. When she tried to tell people she trusted about what was happening to her, they told her to be quiet and not bother them.
3. She was eleven years old.
4. In the next seven years, she perfected her Bat Bogey Hex, befriended outcasts, kissed people who she wanted to kiss, got on the House team, became a general, and laughed a lot.
5. That she was one of the people hit worst when the dementors came.
6. That time when Harry was like “no one understands what it’s like to be possessed by Lord Voldemort and unable to trust what I see and feel and to have something this evil live inside me” and she went “excuse you.”


While waiting for the series, here are some BH6 Text Posts

that’s why you shouldn’t let me near a computer when i’m bored

BH6 Text Posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Lily Evans for the character writing meme?

Things I keep in mind when writing Lily Evans Potter:
1. She stayed friends with Severus Snape for years, which means she probably was genuinely fond of him, but she also walked away and didn’t look back, which means her boundaries were ace, damn kid.
2. Every time we hear of her within a half mile of a bully, she is running straight toward them, shouting.
3. She believed that people were, at their cores, good and that they could make themselves better.
4. She died at twenty-one years old, betrayed by a coward. We don’t know who she would have been.

The most important shit you should know about The Germany National Football Team™ (yes suck it  up americans, i'm callin’ it football not soccer)

[Warning: long long post]

○ Alright so the official title of the team is “deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft der Männer”, lit. “german national football team of men”. I guess. But that’s a tiny bit too long so there are several “nicknames” too, namely: “Die Mannschaft” (”the team”), “Nationalelf” (”national eleven”), DFB-Elf (”DFB eleven”), DFB-Auswahl (”DFB selection”) and DFB-Team (”DFB team”). [DFB is the “deutscher Fußballbund”, so the German Football Association btw]. {Yes, we’re very creative, I know}.

○ Head coach: Joachim Löw (since 2006) (or: Jogi Löw, that’s his nickname)

This is him. He has resting-bitchface syndrome but we still love him.

○ Captain: Bastian Schweinsteiger (since 2014) (nickname: Schweini)

Apparently it’s impossible to pronounce his name when you’re not German.

○ Top Scorer: Miroslav Klose (71) (nickname: Miro Klose)

Literal cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

○ Most caps: Lothar Matthäus (150) (nickname: Loddar)

Known for his like 300 ex-wifes lmao

○ current FIFA ranking: 4. (2nd June 2016)


Appearances: 18 (First in 1934)
Best result: Champions in 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014


Appearances: 12 (First in 1972)
Best result: Champions in 1972, 1980, 1996


Appearances: 2 (First in 1999)
Best result: Third place, 2005




○ Manuel Neuer (nickname: Die Wand = the wall)

- #1

- 30 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 69 ayyy B)

- an actual meme and probably proud of his meme status too

○ Bernd Leno

- #12

- 24 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 1

○ Marc-André ter Stegen

- #22

- 24 years old

- goals: 0

- caps:  6


○ Shkodran Mustafi

- #2

- 24 years old

- goals: 1

- caps: 11

- my bae

○ Jonas Hector

- #3

- 26 years old

- goals: 1

- caps: 18

- squishy

○ Benedikt Höwedes

- #4

- 28 years old

- goals: 2

- caps: 38

○ Mats Hummels

- #5

- 27 years old

- goals: 4

- caps: 49

- everybody’s crush probably

○ Emre Can

- #14

- 22 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 6

○ Jonathan Tah

- #16

- 20 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 1

○ Jérôme Boateng

- #17

- 27 years old

- goals: 1

- caps: 63

- i wanna be his neighbour


○ Sami Khedira

- #6

- 29 years old

- goals: 5

- caps: 64

- the fact about him that EVERY german knows: he dated Lena Gercke (a german model)

○ Bastian Schweinsteiger (nickname: Schweini)

- #7

- captain

- 31 years old

- goals: 24

- caps: 118

- can’t act to save his life

○ Mesut Özil

- #8

- 27 years old

- goals: 19

- caps: 77

- the fact about him that EVERY german knows: he dated Mandy Capristo (a german singer)

○ André Schürrle

- #9

- 25 years old

- goals: 20

- caps: 55

- everybody’s crush probably #2

○ Lukas Podolski (nickname: Poldi)

- #10

- 31 years old

- goals: 48

- caps: 129

- you either loveor hate him, there is no in between

○ Julian Draxler

- #11

- 22 years old

- goals: 2

- caps: 22

○ Thomas Müller

- #13

- 26 years old

- goals: 32

- caps: 75

- hilarious as fuck

○ Julian Weigl

- #15

- 20 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 1

○ Toni Kroos

- #18

- 26 years old

- goals: 11

- caps: 69 ayyy B)

○ Joshua Kimmich

- #21

- 21 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 3


○ Mario Götze

- #19

- 24 years old

- goals: 17

- caps: 55

- so pure, please love him

○ Leroy Sané

- #20

- 20 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 3

○ Mario Gómez (nickname: Super Mario)

- #23

- 30 years old

- goals: 29

- caps: 67

Recent call-ups:

(These players have also been called up to the Germany squad within the last 12 months and are still available for selection)

- Kevin Trapp, Ron-Robert Zieler (Goalkeepers)

- Antonio Rüdiger, Sebastian Rudy, Matthias Ginter (Defenders)

- Marco Reus, Karim Bellarabi, Julian Brandt, Christoph Kramer, İlkay Gündoğan (Midfielders)

- Kevin Volland, Max Kruse (Forwards)              

Not part of The Squad™ anymore but they deserve a place on this post:

○ Philipp Lahm

- former captain

- Defender

- smol

- left The Team after the last world cup together with Miroslav Klose and Per Mertesacker and now we suck

○ Miroslav Klose (again) shhh he’s my fave

- top scorer (71 goals) that’s my boy i’m so proud

- Forward

- tol

- famous for his “Klose-Salto” (Klose somersault) after scoring goals (LOOK AT HIM GOOOO)

- he once took a selfie with Rihanna

- received the italian “ethics prize” for fair play, allegiance and social commitment and dedicated it to Michael Schumacher ISN’T HE JUST PRECIOUS

○ Per Mertesacker

- Defender


- one of 140 celebs that promoted the UK’s EU membership with a “love letter” lmao cutie

- Arsenal fans call him “BFG” (Big Friendly - or Fucking - German)

○ Michael Ballack

- Midfielder

- former captain

- we all used to love him but now we don’t really anymore and I’m not entirely sure what happened tbh

- one of the top scorers even though he’s “only” a Midfielder (he’s currently #8 on the list)

○ Franz Beckenbauer

- nickname: “Der Kaiser” (the emperor)

- probably every dad’s fave

○ Gerd Müller

- nickname: “Bomber der Nation” (nation’s bomber)

- he got that nickname because of all the goals he scored, he dropped dem goals like bOMBS

- probably every dad’s fave #2

- he has Alzheimer’s :<


I just spent over 2 hours on this post so I guess that’s it for now~

HISTORY MEME | 1/10 moments: Jadwiga is Crowned King of Poland.

The coronation ceremony that took place in the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow on 16 October 1384 was truly a splendid event: Polish nobles spared no expenses and the grandeur of the coronation impressed everyone present. But the historical significance was even greater. For one thing, the young girl who was being crowned (only 11 years old at the time) was to go down in history as one of Poland’s greatest and most beloved Monarchs. And for another, the aforementioned lady was crowned not as Queen of Poland (as would be expected considering her gender) but as King.

There is no humorous tale of a mix-up: the decision was made for quite practical reasons. Polish law was very specific that the ruler had to be King – but it did not state the King had to be a male. And so instead of re-writing the law and to emphasise the fact Jadwiga was a ruler in her own right, it was decided she should be crowned as Hedvig Rex Poloniæ (Hedwig, King of Poland) and not Hedvig Regina Poloniæ (Hedwig, Queen of Poland).

Signs As Shit I’ve Heard At School

[source 1] [source 2] [source 3]

Aries: “I was hoping to get a dab out of that”

Taurus: “Is this actual footage of George Washington?”

Gemini: “Where are Danish people from? Danishland?”

Cancer: “I spelled my own name wrong”

Leo: “Fine, I’ll look up vaginas”

Virgo: ”At least we have memes to dull the pain of existence”

Libra: “Does A.D. stand for ‘after dinosaurs’?”

Scorpio: “I hate you, that’s why you’re my friend”

Sagittarius: “That sounds like an 80 year old having an orgasm“

Capricorn: “My back hurts from carrying this team”

Aquarius: “My word count on this paper isn’t very high but I certainly am“

Pisces: “I know how to fraction!”

ND Characters Ask Meme~
  • Nancy Drew: What happened to your mom?
  • Ned Nickerson: On a scale of 1 to 10, how worthless are you as a human being?
  • Frank Hardy: Have you ever been friend zoned?
  • Joe Hardy: What's the weirdest thing you own?
  • Bess Marvin: Who's your celebrity crush?
  • George Fayne: What's something that you are a complete nerd over?
  • Carson Drew: Do you ever wish that you could escape reality and become a golf ball?
  • Hannah Gruen: Do you have any "old person" tendencies?
MTG Old Memes and Protofandom Vol 1

Ok guys I notice that a lot of you have only been playing for a few years,and may not know about weird quirks or who was the magic fandom befor folks the likes of @flavoracle @sarkhan-volkswagen  and also visiting the Meme Museum is fun.
So here I am to dredge up some old as shit memes and ghost of Magic Fandom past. so lets Rickroll on over to

3G Wood Elemental
As Wood Elemental enters the battlefield, sacrifice any number of untapped Forests.Wood Elemental’s power and toughness are each equal to the number of Forests sacrificed as it entered the battlefield.

A lot of mtg Old Memes were about a card being WAYYYYYY too good (Psychotog, Jace TMS) or a card being WAYYYYY too bad and makes you think Maro and WOTC were asleep at the wheel.  this is in the 2nt category and the first of many cards that are just weird and bad that we will put a spotlight on, and people trying to make a deck about weird and bad cards was the thing to do. Now this card is basically, sac some untapped forest now those forest are its PT, so to get a 5/5 you need the mana to cast it, and untapped lands to sac to it. so like 9 lands.

Im not going to go on a whole rant about why this card is shit because deck building around becase….. going on Angry Videogame Nerd style rants about shit cards is also it itself a meme that still happens occasionally .
Here is a sample deck list of people struggling to make a bad card work using the most busted cards in the game and having the deck still be bad

Oh yeah. thats Zuran Orb, Fastbond, Gaias Touch, and Azusa but in a shit deck.

SO until next time… uhhh im not sure how to end it, so put your favorite old meme here

reasons why you should stan sehun

1. a cute whiny 23 year old boy
2. gets hurt because the other members greeted him after 11 minutes
3. reads a fan’s id “sehun’s anus” without hesitation
4. acknowledges the fact that he’s a living meme by commenting on fan’s posts, by wearing the ‘ohbey’ hoodie, etc..

another thing I noticed yesterday

lots of body-shaming Melania and criticizing her fashion choices.  don’t fucking do that? I don’t give a shit if she has had a nose job or wears bad dresses or not, that 1) is her business 2) has zero bearing on her political or social standing and 3) is completely irrelevant to everything wrong with the Trump administration  

also don’t pick on Barron or armchair diagnose him or make memes out of him, he’s a fucking ten year old and completely under the control of his parents.  He might grow up to be awful but he is currently still a child and we don’t know him and we shouldn’t know him because He Is A Child.

if you are truly against this human dumpster fire and what he stands for, you will not resort to the same bullying and misdirecting tactics of which he’s so fond


AU: The dangerous leader of the “Brotherhood of Mutants”, Magneto, is saved by a young and inexperienced mutant, Charles Xavier. PART 1 PART 2 PART 4

“Erik, that’s the worst compliment I’ve ever heard!”

“How strange, I thought that it would have been the perfect catchphrase for you.”

"What? Groovy? I’d never say that!”

Six Facts!

I was tagged by the always entertaining @tuckers-scribblings on this here meme so here I go!

1) I have four daughters. They are 26, 25, 18 and 16. Boy, am I getting old.

2) I have had only two jobs in the last twenty-five years. I’ve been extremely lucky. 

3) I am a genuine homebody. I love being home. 

4) I’ve lived alone for almost four years now. At 43, it was the first time I had ever lived alone. So far so good. Haven’t burn the place down. I also rarely cook.

5) Baseball is my game. I love watching it, following it, etc., etc. I used to play it but my back got weird and I couldn’t play it well anymore. So, without much fanfare, I retired. 

6) With the exception of @nomadic-egg and a few cats, I’m very much alone. I don’t mind it most times. In fact, I find it odd that I don’t have lots of friends to hang with or family nearby to visit. I used to have lots but life happens; people move or have families of their own, and interests have changed. Life. 

That’s about it! Nothin’ earth-shattering, I’m afraid.