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How do I know if I have too much exposition?

ex·po·si·tionˌekspəˈziSH(ə)n/ (noun)

a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory

As a basic rule of thumb: if your exposition distracts from the main narrative, then it’s too much.

That sounds a lot simpler than it actually is, though, doesn’t it? Because it’s difficult to tell when we’ve pulled the reader’s attention away and when we haven’t within our own work.

That’s why beta-readers are so helpful because getting a fresh eye can do wonders for helping see things in our work that we’re too close to notice. A good beta-reader (or two or seven) is an invaluable tool for a writer. Find a few friends or family whose opinion you trust and listen to them when they have feedback on your work. Their word isn’t gold–you don’t have to make every change they suggest–but it is still important for your development. 

But that’s not really the issue, right? This post is about what you can do to help your own work improve!

First, if you’re fretting over this and you have not written your novel yet…then stop reading this post and go write your book! In your first draft, you should write all the words. (Maybe not all, but lots.) It’s okay to write four pages of exposition in the middle of scene in your first draft because in this version, you’re just telling yourself this story. You’re organizing notes, thoughts, outlines, etc. into a narrative. It won’t be perfect, and that’s great. You can’t move onto the next stage of book-making until you’ve got a first draft, so through caution to the wind and write!

This post is mostly for those of you who have finished work and are going over it prepared to edit, rewrite, scramble it up, and starting making that mess-of-a-first draft into a finished, wonderful product.

So…it’s time to edit your book

Zoom in on a section of exposition and take every fact you’ve written about and ask: 

Does this advance the plot? Do we come to a deeper understanding of a main character because of this? 

If the answer to both of those is no, then cut it (in this draft. Don’t worry. You still have those words written in previous drafts!) Do this as you read through for any section of exposition you find.

Then, when you’ve shaved off the irrelevant bits, start asking yourself: Is there a more subtle way to weave this into the action or dialogue of the narrative? If no, but it’s still important, then leave it. If yes, then try to do some rewriting where you have these cultural tidbits revealed in the actions and speech of your characters.

For example:

Allendra was from the southern tribes. Their main diet consisted of crop, food produced from the land. Wildlife beyond the occasional crow or squirrel was rare, so the southern tribe had come to view their abundant crops as a gift from the gods. They were vegetarians as a matter of, not only happenstance, but religion. That religion had been instilled in her by her parents, primarily her mother, and even though she’d left her homeland and was wandering new, unfamiliar territories for the sake of her own people, her mother’s hypothetical approval still drove Allendra’s actions. When presented with meat, Allendra did not know what to do. She was out of her league here, in this strange culture. And she didn’t know how to turn away the offer without being rude.


“Street vendors?” Allendra said, lifting a brow. “But they’re all selling…bloody things.”

Randa laughed. “Oh, Ally, don’t betray yourself as such an alien. That’s meat! Everyone around here eats it. It’s good for you.”

“I haven’t…I don’t eat…It’s just…” Allendra stumbled over her words. She didn’t want to be rude. Her mother would slap the back of her head if she was rude to this new hostess. And yet…what would mother say if Allendra waltzed up to this vendor and took a bite of the meat? Allendra shuddered to think.

The gods wouldn’t be too thrilled, either, but it was the image of mother’s disappointed face that made Allendra turn away from the street vendors and keep walking. Homesickness filled her gut. “Sorry, Randa. I just can’t.”

See you can do to make cultural facts fit into the story or character development. Here are some ways to think about that, as you attempt to change flat exposition into engaging storytelling:

Could this worldbuilding exposition be used to:

  • Invoke an emotion in a character?
  • Create conflict between characters?
  • Create conflict within a character?
  • Add tension to the main plot?
  • Add tension to an important subplot?
  • Create a funny or awkward situation?
  • Motivate a character’s actions?
  • Prevent a character from taking necessary action?

Basically, ask yourself this main question: How can I show the importance of this cultural element, rather than telling the reader how important or relevant it is?

Sometimes, exposition is needed. It’s not evil and it has a lot of power to get bullet points of information to your reader quickly. However, you–the writer–always need to make sure you’re letting exposition have power by using it sparingly. There are always multiple options on how to present information to your reader. It’s your duty to make sure you consider them all and use the one that best fits your narrative.

And now that you’ve finished this draft of editing and rewriting, set your novel aside for a while. A week, a month, a year…whatever you need. Come back to it later with a fresher perspective and see how your edits fit together. If you find that some of the exposition that you cut needs to be put back, then you can always do that. You can see the flow better, and do more editing to help your new rewrites fit effortlessly into the narrative. You are the writer. YOU HAVE THE POWER.

Happy building!

Things I’ve Learned Since Going Vegan
  • You can slice someone’s throat and still love them. 
  • The word “need” can only also mean “could easily live without but do kinda want.”
  • The word “humane” can mean literally anything you want it to.
  • It’s okay to call people out for harmful behaviour unless that behaviour involves bacon.
  • Plants definitely feel pain and lawns scream when you mow them.
  • Crop workers are exploited but slaughterhouse workers definitely aren’t. No exploitation here, no sir. 
  • Meat is the only food that contains protein.
  • “Found the vegan” is still funny and original the millionth time. 
  • Before humans came along, cows were just wandering around with massive udders praying for someone to invent industrialised agriculture. 
  • Steak is cheaper than beans, rice, pasta and canned vegetables. 
  • While 99% of all meat comes from factory farms, no one eats that meat.
  • Everyone only buys local, organic, humane, Dalai Lama approved meat. 
  • Everyone has an uncle who owns a farm straight out of a 1950′s Americana magazine.
  • Everyone has a degree in nutrition and evolutionary biology. 
  • Everyone knows that one guy who went vegan and almost died.
  • Everyone is free to talk about their identity, beliefs and interests without being shamed for them. Unless they’re vegan. Vegans can fuck off.

Just in case you were wondering why I was at a tattoo parlor yet again today it was because the badass behind my Cubone and Marker tats ( could bestow upon me the ideal Borderlands tattoo 🍖🥓🔪💣💥🔥

(Bonus: approval from the Meat Man’s voice actor himself, nearly resulting in me shitting my internal organs out)

BTS Reaction - Their Gf Having A Very Protective Older Brother And Would Make Sure That They Were Suitable To Date His Sister

I’m so sorry for not posting, I have just been so busy with revision for exams and school in general, along with other person things that have been stopping me from working on my blogs. I’m so sorry but hopefully soon I’ll be able to catch up with anything missed and start doing some requests. Please stick with me! Saranghae <3

Thanks for the request! I hope you like it <3


J-Hope - *Inside, he’s crying in a dark corner, scared shitless of what your brother thinks, but covers it up perfectly by acting himself, and just by being himself, he prays that there’s no way of your brother saying no*

Rap Monster - *Wouldn’t really bother him, he knows that he’s right for you, that you’re happy with him and as long as your brother can see that, he shouldn’t really be worried about him hurting you*

Suga - *He wouldn’t really care what your brother thinks and would only care if you were happy with him*

Jimin - *He’d try to make it look like he wasn’t worried about your brother’s opinion of him, and that if he doesn’t approve, he’d be dead meat. He’d make gentle gestures to you when your brother is around to try and get more of a chance of being accepted*

Jin - *He would hope his cooking was good enough to show your brother he’s good enough as the way to a mans heart is through his stomach*

Jungkook - *He’d most likely be shit scared of your brother, but would try his best to make a good impression and to reach your brother’s standards. Just not to get his ass kicked for seeming unsuitable for you*

V - *He wouldn’t know what to do exactly apart from try to show himself as the person he is to be approved by not being a fake person, he’s try to show that he loves you with his whole life, and would do little things to show that he’s such a great boyfriend to you*

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Dabin; getting it right

“Dabin,” I called.

He raised up his head running both his hand by the side of his head and he smiled upon seeing the camera directed towards him. “What’re you drinking?” he asked looking back down at the menu. Dabin loves food and it had become a habit of his to read the menu from the first page till the last before he ordered. His eyes ran down the pages threading carefully before flipping to the next one.

“Americano.” You answered making him looked up once more from the menu.

“Oh, I want Americano as well.”

“Then order one.” He made you laughed as you adjusted the setting of your camera testing the lights and angle for your new video.

“But I want something else as well.” He hummed out loud, running both of his hands against the side of his head. A habit he had find made you felt butterflies in your stomach which only encouraged him to do it even more. “Would it be too much if I order two drinks?” he lifted his head, staring at you hopefully.

You only shrugged your shoulder and when he remained silence, you shifted your attention towards him. The pout on his lips made him look like a five years old being told no. “Go ahead Dabin.” The pout transformed into a grin in an instant at your consent. “Alright. I’ll call the waiter then.” He quickly lifted his head searching for a waiter.

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Ooh, I’m lovin’ all this rain (which isn’t very often in the city of Angels). It’s just an excuse to eat more warming foods. So today we’re having a vegan version of Hoppin’ John. I found this recipe in @EatingWell’s magazine last month. But instead of cooking with oil (because I don’t) I used vegetable broth, and I added more chopped collard greens and ½ cup more water. It turned out delicious. (Even my meat-eating roommate approved). Recipe on tumblr. Link in bio. And big-ups to for helping me decide which photo to post! If you’re not familiar with it’s a fun app that helps you with daily decisions from what dish to eat to what shirt to wear. Just post up a couple of items your undecided on and let your friends and the Swell community help you decide! So much fun.

Vegan Oil-free Hoppin’ John


¼ - ½ cup vegetable broth (for cooking)

2 medium orange bell peppers, chopped

4 cloves garlic, minced

2 tsp. ground cumin

1 tsp. smoked paprika

1 tsp. cayenne pepper

1 tsp. salt

4 collard green leaves, stemmed and chopped

1 14 oz. can chopped tomatoes

2 cans unsalted black-eyed peas

1 ½ cups water

Heat a large pot for a minute then add vegetable broth (broth should sizzle). Add bell peppers and garlic and cook for about 6 minutes. If pot begins to look and sound dry add a bit more broth but just enough to keep the vegetables from sticking to the pot. Add in spices and give the veggies a quick stir then add collard greens and cook until they soften (about 2 minutes). Next, add black-eyed peas, tomatoes and water. Bring to a boil, and then reduce heat and simmer covered for 15 minutes.

Six Dates And How To Fail At Them [Cullen-centric]

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Pairing: Cullen Rutherford/(??)

Metaverse: Dance Like No One Is Watching (modern AU/dance!fic)

Synopsis: Cullen Rutherford is not completely incapable of finding himself a date, but he just doesn’t have time to look. When his friends catch the wind of it, they volunteer to help him improve his love life. To various degrees of success, of course.

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Over the years Cullen had tried – really, he did - to find a woman who would put up with his particular set of peculiarities. That being said, he wasn’t exactly keen on approaching random women, perusing online sites, or putting himself at a bar on a Friday night. All of that sounded worse than spending a whole day calibrating a finicky trebuchet. So when some of his friends decided to help him find female companionship, he was almost relieved.

He should have known better than to trust Varric with these choices, but he learned that lesson a tad too late. As he sat at a booth of some disreputable dive, the dwarf in question sitting across from him, in came a woman that he could only have been described as ‘The Sex’. Her luscious brown body completely filled out her skimpy white dress and the overflow boldly spilled in all the right places. She immediately spotted him and he felt like prey pinned down by a hungry vulture.

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Kuroko no Basuke characters in a nutshell
  • Kuroko: now you see me *disappears* now you don’t
  • Nigou: come here and love me
  • Kagami: *grows invisible wings and jumps 7 feet in the air*
  • Hyuuga: hi i’m the captain and I’M HERE TO WIPE THE FLOOR WITH YOU
  • Izuki: if you shoot eagles, eagles will shoot back
  • Mitobe:
  • Koganei: he said you should stop before the captain hears you
  • Kiyoshi: *runs dramatically into the sunset* *clutches knee in agony*
  • Riko: she is beauty she is grace she’ll kill you if you say she’s flat to her face
  • Kagetora: that’s my girl
  • Tsuchida: i have a girlfriend
  • Furihata: i want a girlfriend
  • Kawahara: i’m bald
  • Fukuda: …who?
  • Kise: monkey see monkey do
  • Kasamatsu: *kicks kise* go practice or i’ll kick you
  • Moriyama: how many girls should i flirt with today
  • Hayakawa: *unintelligible speech*
  • Midorima: our signs are incompatible get away from me
  • Takao: *whispers* ...i can see yOU
  • Momoi: i know everything from your name to your underwear color
  • Aomine: the only one who can beat me is me
  • Sakurai: sorry i'm sorry really sorry but thE ONLY ONE WHO CAN APOLOGIZE MORE THAN ME IS ME
  • Wakamatsu: i want to drop aomine in a ditch that bastard
  • Imayoshi: nice shot i know ten year-olds who can do that too
  • Murasakibara: don’t like sweets? I’LL CRUSH YOU
  • Himuro: and all the girls say i’m pretty fly for an asian guy
  • Okamura: why won’t girls like me
  • Alex: if you’re good i’ll kiss you
  • Hanamiya: they see me cheatin’ they hatin’
  • Haizaki: *transforms from asshole hottie to cornrows thug*
  • Nijimura: my sons will go far
  • Ogiwara: *suddenly disappears, returns at the last minute*
  • Akashi: lowly peasants obey me or ELSE
  • Hayama: if i add one more finger you will cry in despair
  • Reo: that’s pretty suggestive. onee-san approves
  • Mayuzumi: hello prototype i am phantom player 5000
Take a moment to reflect honestly…
If you are still eating meat your journey to liberation will never be finished.
Reflect, how can one being organizing and condoning cruel and horrific treatment of another species be in a loving relationship with life?
However intellectually you may separate yourself from the inhuman ‘growing ’ of meat, without your consent, approval and custom, this barbaric practice could not continue.
Dhamma is not a game, it is a true commitment to life, to your life and the lives of all the beings we share this planet with.
The Buddha said, 'I do not kill, nor do I encourage others to kill’.
Again reflect, listen to your heart, be brave enough to go past supermarket convenience, and bring a gift to the lives of all beings. Be a Buddha in your own life.
The awakened heart spontaneously manifests love, compassion and joy. It is not a choice, it is the expression of oneness.
May all beings without exception be happy and peaceful…
—  Michael Kewley

So I made some delicious lazybutt taco dinner ;9

You need: (3-4 portions idk)
* ~500 g minced meat
* 2 onions
* You dont need corn, mine just happen to be there because .. I dont know, it didnt want to be alone i guess.
* Cheese, I used cream one :3c
* White beans in tomato sauce
* Tomato Puree
* Taco spice mix unless you know how to make one yourself
* Creame Cheese, i think its called??

Start the oven on 200c

Cut up the onion, fry it in RICHLY with butter!! No cheating c;
Once the onion get a slight with colour, add the meat, Arda approves

Mean time, prepare a oven-safe form or whatever. Add cream cheese to it~
Back to the meat n onion, add the spice mix, once that done, add ALL THE BEANS and give a squish of the tomato puree.
Lower the temperature for frying pan, when it start to bubble a little (cause then the tomato sauce is hottttt)

Put it all together, throw some cheese on it and in the oven for about 15-20 min till the cheese get some colour

Make some veggies meantime !!



(I’m tired and stuffed, sorry for a terrible made recipe)

Assuming that all pro-lifers want to ban abortion is like assuming that all vegans want to ban meat.

I mean, just because I don’t approve of something doesn’t mean I’m going to force someone to make the choice that I believe is morally right.

lilsherlockian1975  asked:

Congrats, sweetness! May I have a Sherlolly story, please? All the hugs and all the kisses, Lil

Aww, thank you, hun! This is going to be an explicit fic in part 2, but as I said, I can’t brain writing much more than foreplay right now, so hopefully it will come Friday. This part is suggestive but not too much so I’m not tagging it not safe for work.

An Overabundance Of Cherries (½) - When Sherlock Holmes thinks of Molly, he associates her with cherry-printed clothing.

Read Chapter 1 @ AO3 | Buy Me A Coffee? | Send Me A Prompt

He would never admit to snooping. Not that he needed to; he was a consulting detective, he was sure most people assumed he did so anyway.

But most people never let him use their bedroom as a bolthole, either.

He’d noticed Molly would almost always tidy it up before she let him in if he showed up while there was some semblance of her being awake enough to do so. He did try, at times, to be courteous of the hour. And there were times, of course, when he was gracious enough to share the sofa with the cat if it was too late in the hour, and lay awake and think. And it worked well for a time, this arrangement, even after her engagement to Meat Dagger, though he doubted the man himself approved. Molly never breathed a word, though.

Though…she didn’t let him stay the night. If she wanted to spend the night with her fiancee, he came to his bolthole finding a tidy bedroom and an empty flat.

And then, he would snoop.

He had wondered what the attraction was, beyond the physical. Beyond the rather pale resemblance. Was he a kind man? Did he treat her well? Was he gracious to her friends and kind to what little family she had left, scattered to the wind as it was? Had he even met he sister in Berwick-upon-Tweed or heard stories of her nieces who she only really knew through photographs?

To be honest, he wondered why he knew of them. Why she had told him. Why he had listened and cataloged the information and the pictures of Grace and Tabitha and settled it firmly in her room in his mind palace where all the pertinent information about her went. He and Molly weren’t friends, not really. They could have been, possibly, if things had been different. If he had allowed it.

Perhaps he should have.

No use for it now.

It was in one of those times where he was alone in the flat where he found something out of place. Something…intimate…out of place. Oh, her bedroom was always tidy, so clean he’d expect she could probably perform surgery in it with a low chance of patient infection. But sticking out of the hamper was a brassiere.

A cherry patterned brassiere.

He flashed back to the first time he saw her, in Stamford’s office. Not officially on duty, just hired, probably having just been warned against angering him. Hair pulled back in a sleek bun, slightly off center at the nape of her neck, simple black skirt that ended just above the knees, white button down blouse with no frills, and the cherry print cardigan he would soon come to associate with her. Even then he had been struck by the thought she was soft, and he could bend her to his will.

He should have known differently.

He fingered the brassiere and thought absently about doing more. It was true, he had those thoughts from time to time. He did his best to ignore them, as they held no place in his life. Carnal thoughts would simply slow the scientific process, do nothing more than complicate things. Complicate everything.

And she wasn’t his to have.

She was someone else’s.

Greedy bastard he might be, he wouldn’t hurt her by putting her in a position to make her break a vow she’d made. She promised herself to someone else, and they could be friends. Nothing more.

The brassiere went in the hamper, the lid closed, and he tried to forget about it.

Tried, being the operative word.

anonymous asked:

What do the Animals (Horses and Dust) think about those squishy things their masters suddenly call 'significant other'? :P

Dust is thrilled. You’re always spoiling him with scraps of meat and stroking his feathers. He definitely approves of you.

Despair finds you intriguing. So unlike his master, you are new and confusing, especially in the way you actually seem to like Death. The rider has so few friends that Despair is content in the fact that they’ve both found you. 

All Ruin knows is that his master is ferociously protective of you, therefore he is too. He takes his role as ‘guard horse’ very seriously, sometimes physically nudging you away from danger, as a horse would with a foal. And although War insists that you ‘Stop mollycoddling my horse’ Ruin certainly appreciates your soft hand at his muzzle. 

Strife’s horse is as smitten as his rider. Often leaving Strife’s side in favour of seeking attention from you. Which you happily give. The horseman accuses his mount of being a traitor, which makes the beast snort in confirmation and you laugh. 

Fury’s mount was soft with you, but cautious. It allowed you to fuss it, but keeps an eye on you all the while. You were after all, an anomaly, disrupting their usual duo with your presence. However, over time, the horse accepts you fully into the fold. 

What Don Juan Riberto REALLY doin in town:

I step out of my studio. The girl is still there. Having been coddled all her life, she is strong. This does not make sense, but I guess whatever. “Take me on as your apprentice,” she implores.

“What are three words that describe you?” I ask, proving I am kinder than you initially thought, and/or desperate to continue working.

“Comical, romantic, and gritty,” responds the girl.  I look at her furiously.

I walk down the street into town. The silver maples sway in the breeze, and I curse them for their slow growth rate. Such plants only absorb 3% - 6% percent of the suns energy, leaving the rest to beat down on my face like a laser. I sigh. I know there will be more lasers, t(b-h).

The market is but a short train ride away. I do not emotionally connect to the announcer, however, and miss my stop. I have to switch to a bus. THIS announcer whispers to me, sultry, “Northbound.” I died of pleasure right there at the sound of the voice’s impeccable voice acting training, but I will not include this line, as it is inappropriate here, only loosely related to the rest of the paragraph. The announcer breaks into a rap.

I get off the bus in the market place. I approach a vender, and ask for my usual $115 worth of meat and vegetables.

“No,” says the vender. “For we have had our approved organic seal revoked from our dairy products.”

“No,” I retort. “That sentence should go AFTER sentence 24.”

“Okay,” he says. “No, for we have had our approved organic seal revoked from our dairy products.”

“Damn…” I murmur. “Well, do you have any Gulf Toadfish in?”

“No, sorry,” the vender shakes his head. “No fish. Their population has been going down, do to excessive cockblocking by the bottle-nosed dolphins.”

“DAMN!” I (com)pound a fist against the table at an annual rate.

“Sorry,” the vender shrugged. “May I interest you in some artisanal sea sponges? They are the alive dominators and, why, I’d go so far as to say they are the organism in charge!”

My ears perk up. “Artisinal, you say?” I lean over to examine the experimental tray. I frown. “Did you…roll and boil these yourself?”

The vender is quiet a moment. “Welllllll….no. But they are heavenly over a bed of soybeans and 151 bushels of corn!”

“DDDDDAAAAMMMNNNN!!!!!” I scream up at the heavens, where I know the Stick Man hears me.

I run off into the; near-by, road. I plunge my hands 69 feet, nay, a mile, nay TEN MILES into my pockets. Why. Why me.

I sigh. Perhaps it is my ancestor’s fault…perhaps they used too many resources for me to be economically successful.  I hear a boat whistle far in the distance. I close my eyes. In the end…I know I have no one to blame but myself.

Niggas in Hollywood just do the drugs right in front of you and act like aint shit happened. Motherfuckers be gay in Hollywood when you never expect it. They be having these big mansion parties and the whole mansion is a party and its a separate party in the little rooms. You be looking in all the rooms and you look into the wrong room. Is that two niggas kissing? Shut the door. It’s time to stop believing bullshit. We too old, we too smart. We too good to believe shit that don’t make sense. You’re too old to be believing in evolution but you’re too stupid. Evolution says people came from monkeys and the question is why are there still monkeys you dumb. Money can’t solve what’s fucked up about you. They already have concentration camps in the United States of America that they’ve been building for 4 years now (FEMA) and the question is who in the f are they going to put in that. They got to hate and Jesus was perfect. They don’t give a f*ck about us. These motherfuckers don’t give a f*ck about the medicine, they’re out making their motherfucking money. They give you one medication supposed to fix up some shit and the side effect f*ck up your leg. These motherfuckers don’t give a f*ck. One month they say this is the best medicine ever, it’ll cure everything. Then three months later you hear this quiet-ass commercial Have you or one of your loved ones been killed using our medicine? Dial 1-800-OUR BAD. The USDA has approved the sale of cloned meat to the American public. We saw the movie ‘Multiplicity’ we know what cloned means, it means retarded. You’re gonna feed us the retarded-ass cloned cow meat? I though niggas was gonna ride and tear up the streets. Some of you same niggas gonna be eating the shit outta that cloned meat and talking shit this cloned meat is delicious. Some of us are against the Illuminati, and we are against the Illuminati at our own detriment. When people are against the Illuminati, then they get punched in the face all the time, the press hates them and nobody likes them. Dave Chappelle has never been a part of the Illuminati, they don’t want him or me or people like us. But now, it’s not necessarily for us to stir up that hornet’s nest, unless we intent to get stung a million times. I didn’t understand that, they had to sting me a million times. I’m still not going to join, but I respect it a little more. Illuminati want me dead, I walk around like I don’t care. Understand, even if they was gonna kill me for the shit I got to say, I don’t know why I’m still here in the first place. I know if your mouth is really really big and you like to tell the truth for a living and you like to air people out, hatred is coming your way. I didn’t know it was going to be this type of hatred, but I’m concrete in all things because of He who strengthens me. That doesn’t mean I always make the right decisions, but I’m going to stand by what I stand for. At some point you have to figure out what example are you trying to be. If it’s just gonna be you’re gonna make it and live happily ever after and go off into the sunset then that’s what that is, otherwise you’re on the frontline of this battle. And those of us who understand that understand that this is a part of what comes with it. Satan, all your people suck. Satan ain’t shit. Everything he try to do he uses it cause he ain’t shit. His people ain’t shit, nothing he likes is shit.
Fierce (A Bellamy Blake imagine)

► Requested by @blu3tid3s “ I was wondering if you could write a Bellamy x reader in which (Y/N) is a grounder and she’s been taught to hate both mountain people and sky people after living in fear of them. Things change when she encounters Bellamy and the two of them begin to fall for each other.”

► Pair: Bellamy Blake x reader 

►  Word Count: 2,039

► Warnings: experiments on humans, kind of bad language? Yeah, I’m not good at warnings…

► A/N: Hope you all like it and as I always say, sorry if there are grammar mistakes, english is not my first language but I do it as best as I can :3 Enjoy it!

The woods were your home. There you felt complete, comfortable and surrounded by what you really like and love, especially since your transformation.

Your dad didn’t like your custom of going to the woods by yourself, but you were completely safe there, even more than at home, you were sure no animal would hurt you; the only thing you should be worried about was people; the sky and the mountain ones.

You had grew up hating the mountain men, the ones who were a truly danger for you and the rest of the grounders. They have advanced technology, true, but you knew how to fight. Anyhow, the less fights you could have against each other, the better. For years, the grounders and the mountain people and the grounders have had a deal of leaving the other ones in peace, but that deal was broken the day the mountain men started to take and use the grounders as a guinea pigs, and you were one of them.

Then, when no one needed it, another problem appear, well, it literally felt. The sky people arrived, taking some of your territory. Obviously everyone had to hate them for obvious reasons and because they seemed to be another danger to consider.

When you went to the woods it has to be all covered, the mountain men though you were dead and that couldn’t change and the possibility of one of them prowling near your town was always there, so you couldn’t risk.

Sitting of one of the highest branches of your favorite three you could see your town and the camp of the sky people; they were far from each other, but not enough. You didn’t like the sky people, either the mountain men, but you also didn’t like the incessant battles between everyone.

Suddenly you heard a shot and you climb down the three even though you knew it could mean danger but you didn’t care. First you heard an animal running towards you, it had to be a panther or maybe a wild pig, something big. Two more shots were fired. Five seconds later you saw a panther approaching you when it jumped from a group of bushes. At first, you saw what the animal wanted to do to you, but you knew how to stop it. Staring into the animal’s eyes you raised your arm with the palm of your hand raised as well. The panther stopped sharply and you smiled. The animal was not the only one who appeared then, when you finally could touch and caress the black and soft short fur a boy showed up too. You didn’t need to look at him very properly to know he was from the sky people. He seemed pretty surprised when he saw how you were caressing the animal without him attacking you.

“How the hell…?” he started making some steps towards you. You put your hand over the knife you had on your belt at the same time that a squirrel threw a nut to him from the three where you were a minute ago. The nut hit his forehead.

“Stay there” you warned and the panther showed the teeth threateningly. He smirked jocularly and made another step, making the squirrel to throw another nut to him and the panther growl. “I said stay there, sky boy”

“Am I nuts or you’re controlling the panther and the squirrel?” You didn’t answered, just kept looking at him as seriously and fiercely you could. “Can you control the animals?”

“None of your business. You should go back to your little camp before I give her the order to dismember you”

“You wouldn’t do that” He assured, but you could feel the fear in his voice.

“Try me if you want” The black animal growled again.

“I can see you’re not friendly”

“You talk about being friendly? Funny”

“We were not the first ones to attack” He answered serious.

“We defend our territory”

“Yeah, sure” He laughed.

“What are you trying to say?” You started to walk towards him without even realize it

“We’re not the mean ones here. We could have had peace since the beginning but you shoot Jasper with a spear. We’re not stupid and we counterattacked, what do you want us to do? You are the monsters here” He was achieving exactly what he wanted and you didn’t realize it.

“Don’t talk about my people like that” Jaw and fists clenched

“But that’s what you are, accept it” That was enough for you, with your infallible knife on your hand you tried to attack him, but the sky boy were faster. With one swift movement, he grabbed your wrist tightly, making you drop the knife. He put your arm on your back, twisting it. There you felt stupid. “Make your lovely pet leave” He waited a few seconds for your reaction, but when he saw nothing he twisted your arm again. “Make the panther leave” he said authoritatively.

“I’ll kill you with my own hands” you whispered between teeth. You just needed to look again in the animal’s eyes and think what you wanted. He released you when he no longer saw the animal. Quickly you grabbed your knife from the floor and pointed him with it.

“You can try again, the only thing you’re going to achieve is your other arm twisted as well.” The only thing you could do was to look at him with rage on your eyes. “Let’s make a deal. You help me to hunt and I leave you in peace.” You laughed.

“You’re completely insane if you think I’m going to help you to achieve food to your people. We do not help each other. Now you should leave, I still can make the panther come back.” He looked at you angrily, but finally left making you sighed in relieve.


A few days passed after your meeting with the sky boy.

It was dark and late, you should be sleeping but the argument you had with your father didn’t let you rest. Since you got your gift from the mountain people you had refused to eat meat. You knew what the animals felt and thought when they got hunted and killed and that had removed your hunger for meat. It was a nonsense, but your father didn’t approve that, he said you couldn’t live eating only fruits and vegetables, but you weren’t disposed to keep eating meat.

Your thoughts were distracting you from everything else, and that was the cause why you felt on a trap that was there obviously for an animal, not a person.

“Damn sky people…” Luckily it was not one of those traps where your ankle gets tied and you hang face down. It was a net, a small one, making you stay in a uncomfortable position.

The hours passed and the first sun rays appeared. Your eyes were closed but you were not sleeping. The knife was prepared on your hand and your ears aware from even any noise. How much could it take until someone could get you down? You tried several times to move and cut the net, but even your breathing was making the net to mark your skin. Your body was going to hurt for a few days.

“I can’t believe it” With just those words you knew who was talking to you.

“Damn it. Not you again…”

“What are you doing up there?”

“Shut up and take me out of here!”

“I thought we didn’t help each other” He laughed, he was obviously having a good time. “None of your animal friends have could help you?” You rolled your eyes. “Okay, I’ll put you out of there if you ask it properly” You looked at him like you didn’t know what he was talking about. “Don’t you know the magic formula?”

“Okay…” You said after sighing. “Could you stop being a pain in the ass and tae me out of here? Please?” He took a few seconds before answering.

“I’ll accept that”

Although you couldn’t see him cutting the rope because your head couldn’t be moved you heard how he was doing it.

“You’ll need to swing a little to cut it completely” He said when he got down the three and place himself under your net again. Without saying a word you started to swing as he said to you and tried to push downwards with your body. Seconds later you could hear the rope breaking completely. Your eyes closed again, you being ready to feel the hard floor but it didn’t happened. He had caught you in his arms before you hit the floor.

“Thank you” You finally said with your eyes opened. You two were too close, making you feel uncomfortable, but it seemed he didn’t feel the same because he didn’t put you on the floor immediately.

“You owe me one, grounder”



“Don’t call me grounder. Y/N is my name” You weren’t looked at him, you were too busy taking off your jacket and looking for marks in your arms or shoulders.


“Okay Bellamy” You tied your jacket to your waist. “I owe you one, but… please… don’t make me help you to hunt any animal…”

“I wasn’t going to ask you that”

“What then?”

“Tell me about you” you smiled “How can you control animals?”

“I can’t control them, Bellamy. I can share mind and thought with them, I can give orders to them just by look at their eyes, and most of the times they obey”

“But… how?”

“The mountain men” You two started walking “I think you know something about them… They like to play the God game with their advanced technology and their chemistry stuff. When they need guinea pigs and they don’t have volunteers there… well… Who better than us to make their tests on? If someone has to die because of their experiments better if it’s us.”

“And… How do they…?”

“They know how we survive, the places where we hunt or collect some other food like fruits or vegetables. In my town I’m the only one who knows every fruit and vegetable around here. They saw that thanks to some spy, one of the dozens they could have around these woods. They must inject some of their strange liquids on one of the fruits I ate and… Well, I am half human half animal. We decided to make the mountain people believe their experiment killed me.”


“When someone dies because of the trials he or she gets poisoned and starts to bleeding from their mouth with horrible shaking all over the body so… I just needed a dead chicken and a little bit of acting skills…”

“That’s gross”

“I know, but thanks to that that disgusting mountain people does not have a dangerous and fierce army based on people like me.” You said sadly.

“You don’t seem very proud of your gift”

“I try to see it as a gift, it’s useful yes, but I hate how people look and reacts to me since that day. Some days I wish I were truly dead… I feel like a monster.”

“I don’t see you as a monster” You quickly looked at him.

“Don’t tease me” trying to escape from that situation you started to walk faster but Bellamy grabbed your wrist.

“I mean it” he said making you turn and look at him again. There was sincerity in his eyes. “I think it’s great and very useful”

“Thank you…” you said smiling.

“Who knows” his hand was still on your wrist and he approached you a little “I think I don’t see you as an enemy anymore. Maybe we don’t have to be enemies” He said emphasizing the pronoun.

“Maybe… Maybe not” You agreed

“Just one more thing. Don’t make the squirrels throw me nuts again, they have an incredible good aim.” You laughed.

“You have my word, Bellamy of the sky people” You said offering your hand.

“Thank you, Y/N from the grounders” he was truly smiling when he shakes your hand. You look into each other eyes sincerely for the first time, and it wasn’t that bad. Being completely sincere, you two liked pretty much.

In celebration of beating survival mode in Don’t Starve a little while back! I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore gamer (even though I make games!) but this would rank highly amongst Hard-Things-What-I-Finished-in-Games.

I discovered half way through that Wigfrid the carnivorous spear wielding Viking woman of wonders can survive almost indefinitely on eating spider meat, as she gets lovely little sanity boosts from defeating foes. I approve, vanquishing monsters is fine way to improve one’s mood.

Looking forward to sharks and pirates~

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Any last minute Father's Day ideas?


DIY Father’s Day Origami Gift Bags

Alright, maybe you already have something to put into these babies, maybe you don’t, but thank the gods I’m here, right?

DIY Bacon Koozies

Maybe your dad might like to keep his beer (or soda) cool or maybe he likes to keep his hands from going cold. In any case, this is easy and quick to do. You just need some felt, pair of scissors, hot glue gun, and velcro. DONE!

DIY Rocky Picture Frame

Hit up craft stores or dollar stores to get the materials for this set of matching decor.

DIY Father’s Day Typography Glasses

Goofy fun!

DIY Mailable Steak

From the creator: “Grilled to postal perfection, it’s sure to “meat” Dad’s approval and bring a smile to his face when he finds it in the mailbox.”

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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Hello~ I love your blog, your writing is so good! I was wondering if -wecanhavesomeHaizadick- you could do a cute Drabble with Haizaki and his s/o? Something cute and fluffy~ thank you!


Oh, hell no. He was not going in there. “You’ve got to be fucking with me.” He glared at the signboard upfront and you just grinned at him. When you had asked him out a couple of days ago, he already thought that you were a pretty cool girl so, why the hell not? Maybe he could get lucky too. But this? Fuck no. Nobody was worth this.

“Come on, chicken.” You taunted with a smirk. “Or are you too scared that I’m going to beat you?”

“Beat me? Fuck no. I can do this.” No, he really couldn’t.

“Alright then, I already signed both of us up for it yesterday.”

“What the fuck? I never agreed to it.”

“Well, you just did so come on.” You shoved his huge frame into the room filled with kids running around and there were a few adults here and there as well. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips when you saw him looking so out of place amongst the equipment. He scowled at most of them, wondering why the hell there were so many varieties. “It’s about to start. We’ll see who’ll make the better burger.”

Cooking classes weren’t his thing. Hell, cooking in general wasn’t his thing. But he wasn’t about to be challenged by you and let himself lose before giving it his all.

While you began to grill the hamburger meat perfectly, with the teacher’s approval, Haizaki was still beating up his patty to make it look his way. “Why is it a hexagon?” You peeked over.

“It’s a goddamn circle,” he snapped as he attempted to smooth out the sharp corners once more. Well, it was an oval. Good enough. He then turned on his own grill and plopped the patty on top.

After a few minutes, you took out your meat to check on its condition. Perfection. You weren’t very good at cooking but you kind of knew your way around the kitchen a bit. The meat was cooked medium and it tasted heavenly. Then you began to smell something burning. You looked over to Haizaki’s side to see that he hadn’t flipped his patty. “Haizaki, it’s getting burnt!” He was staring at the patty but he wasn’t doing anything about it.

His eyebrows drew together, “What? Isn’t it supposed to cook through?” Heaven forbid. You headed over to his station and flipped the now-black patty for him. “Oh, well, they should’ve given better instructions then just ‘grill to your liking’. How was I supposed to know I had to flip it?”

“Common sense, baby.” You smirked and he growled at you.

By the end of the lesson, you sat down across from Haizaki and presented your well-made burger. The meat was delicious and juicy; the sauce was mixed thoroughly and tasted amazing, the lettuce fresh and the cheese dripped down the meat so wonderfully. You gave it to Haizaki to try. He took a bite, “Huh, not bad.” But you couldn’t miss how his eyes lit up slightly. You then grabbed his, although he was totally against it, and took a bite.

You choked and coughed out the burnt patty, drinking the water provided. “What the—“

“It’s not that bad,” Haizaki frowned. For once, the fierce and ever-so-angry Haizaki seemed confused and lost.

With a comforting smile, you said, “Alright, I admit. It’s not that bad. It’s still edible.”

He smirked, “Told ya. I can totally do this.”

“Let’s just promise each other we’re never going to go on dates where you have to cook, okay?” You grinned and his hands shot out to grab your waist, yanking you towards him. You squealed as he smirked, letting your back press against his front as his chin settled on the crook of your neck.

“You better be cooking for me.”

“Sexist,” you stuck your tongue out at him and he shut you up with a kiss.