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Because I’m crazy about the Throne of Glass series and didn’t have time to do a full illustration of them… I created some buttons of each characters (but I think I must do Lysandra, Lochan and Abraxos too ? So much characters).

All the flowers have meanings! I tried to match the personality with the meaning of the flower. Here we go, in the order (left to right) :

Aelin (Red Camellia Japonica “Passion or Desire”) / Manon (Pomegranate Flower “Mature elegance”) / Aedion (Amaryllis “Pride, Splendid Beauty”)

Dorian (Saffron, Meadow “My happiest days are past”) / Chaol (Alstroemeria “Devotion, Loyalty”) / Rowan (Milkvetch “Your presence softens my pains”)

Elide (Almond, Flowering “Hope”) / Nehemia (Asphodel “My regrets follow you to the grave”) / Sorscha (Carnation, Pink “I will never forget you”)

The buttons and stickers are available on my Etsy store for preorders! I think I won’t sell them after that.


“Congratulations Serena on 23. I have been right there with you, some of them I lost right there against you. Your win has always been my win, I think you know that. All the times I couldn’t be there, wouldn’t be there, didn’t get there, you were there. I’m enormously proud of you, you mean the world to me.”

“Isn’t the fornication wonderful?”

After quite a lengthy pause, Moist ventured, “Is it?”

“Don’t you think so? There’s more here than anywhere else in the city, I’m told.”

“Really?” said Moist, looking around nervously. “Er… do you have to come down here at some special time?”

“Well, during banking hours usually, but we let groups in by appointment.”

“You know,” said Moist, “I think this conversation has somehow got away from me…”

Bent waved vaguely at the ceiling.

“I refer to the wonderful vaulting,” he said. “The word derives from fornix, meaning ‘arch’.”

“Ah! Yes? Right!” said Moist. “You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if not many people knew that.”



ayee would you look at that it’s a new update *gasp* 

anyway uh, yeah cool. um, oh I may start commissions? I mean i wanna get more comfortable with my style and not always mess up my time management like I tend to do but well, look forward? i have no idea what i’m doing lmao

oh also I may get a job. hopefully I can find one that doesn’t make me get dizzy so… yeah


and does like anyone know exactly when the new season for miraculous is supposed to start. I know netflix has said some things but the french releases are gonna be sooner right? anyway that’s like my deadline I wanna reach for this comic lol

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are we gonna talk at all about this video of brit discussing fan theories?!?!

FIRST OF ALL i just need to express how wonderful it is to hear brit talking about the show in depth. this is the first time that either her or zal have actually spoken in a video about the show and i am so eternally happy.

SECOND OF ALL let’s talk about how brit was wayyy too familiar with these “theories” for them to have been completely fan-made. i mean she sounded so comfortable talking about that painter and the five cracks in the glass…. there must be some truth in those theories then, right? i need opinions.

LASTLY i just need to thank jimmy fallon for inviting brit back on his show and blessing us with these videos thank you thank you thank you


these are a few, if not all of the times taylor swift has spoken about feminism on film since 1989 was released. her definition is basic, but it’s consistent, and she acknowledges that identifying as a feminist is a new thing for her but that she wishes she had been educated about what it means to be a feminist earlier on in her life. she says it’s important for ALL girls/women to know that it simply means asking for equality. i struggle to see what she’s done wrong here aside from provide a basic definition and not expand upon it. i also struggle to see where she has used it to ‘sell albums’ in any of these examples. 

here are some other quotes from 2014, basically the only period in time she has spoken about it…because she was asked.

this is a quote from an interview with the guardian

“As a teenager, I didn’t understand that saying you’re a feminist is just saying that you hope women and men will have equal rights and equal opportunities. What it seemed to me, the way it was phrased in culture, society, was that you hate men. And now, I think a lot of girls have had a feminist awakening because they understand what the word means. For so long it’s been made to seem like something where you’d picket against the opposite sex, whereas it’s not about that at all. Becoming friends with Lena – without her preaching to me, but just seeing why she believes what she believes, why she says what she says, why she stands for what she stands for – has made me realise that I’ve been taking a feminist stance without actually saying so.”

i know y’all don’t like lena dunham but i don’t think what she’s saying here is particularly offensive or damaging. it’s basic but not wrong. 

this is a quote from cosmopolitan

“My girlfriends and I talk a lot about feminism and the inequality between the way men and women are talked about. The kind of things we say are: ‘Why is it mischievous, fun and sexy if a guy has a string of lovers that he’s cast aside, loved and left? Yet if a woman dates three or four people in an eight-year period she is a serial dater and it gives some 12-year-old the idea to call her a slut on the internet?’ It’s not the same for boys, it just isn’t and that’s a fact.”

i don’t think this is a great quote but i don’t think there’s anything wrong with it either? she’s identifying how women are treated differently to men by mainstream media and the repercussions that can have for how woman are viewed by younger generations. 

it’s obvious that on the occasions that she has spoken about feminism it has either been in relation to her own experiences with the way the media portrays her songwriting and personal life, or the way the media portrays women in general. she can obviously expand upon her understanding, i’m not saying it’s perfect but what she’s saying here is not wrong or harmful and i don’t think she should be persecuted for not doing enough. and aside from her ‘feud’ with nicki minaj, which was followed by an extended and supposedly educational phone call with nicki herself she hasn’t really done anything that contradicts what she’s said about feminism.

Ok so…I know many people won’t care, but I have to say this:

I’m getting scared.
I live in México, and the government has recently increased the prices of oil/gasoline by 20% (which is a big big problem), and because of that, there have been riots, people are looting stores (there are many people who believe, me included, that some of these people are send by the government..I mean, it’s not the first time they would do something like that).
There are gas stations that were taken and closed so they can’t sell (some in a non-violent way), there are highways that were closed by protesters (or whatever they’re called) and right now stores are being closed because people are afraid, the grenadiers are fighting people in the streets, there are people being robbed in the streets (more than other times), media is censoring a lot of things happening here….
Right now, where I live, nothing has happened (and I’m grateful for that) but the gas station that is like, 15 minutes away from my house. was closed yesterday by these people protesting.
There’s a lot of violence here in Mexico right now, more than before, and we can’t trust anyone (the government, the police) to solve what is happening.

As I write this, the police are telling people not to get out of their houses…this is messed up.

choosing names for characters is seriously one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me getting started on a story. Like, I go in with this idea that I want A and B, and then C and probably D and E characters as well, and at least some of them should have nicknames for the sake of banter and embarrassing backstories and then I spend untold hours of time staring at lists of names and their meanings and variations and researching cultures of origin before I remember–oh right, at some point A and B were going to go on an adventure and kiss.

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I'm very interest in the gifs you're reblogging, what's the name of the show?

Hello, friend, you are just the sort of person I want to hear from right now.
The show is called Timeless, and here is the trailer:

There is also this other cool promo. You don’t have to watch it. I just think it’s really fun with all the effects and transitions:

I watched the trailer and sort of fell in love instantly……… with the villain antagonist character and his potential interactions and relationship with the heroine. (WHICH have not let me down, btw. They have, in fact, lifted me up and added five years to my life span.)

Timeless is airing now on NBC. There have been 11 episodes so far with 5 more left in the season. And the reason that inquiring people like you are a such a beautiful gem is because the show is a little on the fence right now. We’re really hoping for a second season and need as many people as possible on board to boost ratings. It’s a great show with amazing acting, sets, and writing that just gets better as it goes. Please don’t let a possible threat of cancellation deter you. It is my opinion, where Timeless in concerned, that it is truly better to have loved and lost.

The premise is super fun as they go to many different periods in time ranging (so far) from 1754 to an upcoming episode taking place in the 1980s. All of the actors and people involved go on about how much they love it because each episode is almost like its own movie with different events and environments. And it really is. You’ve got the Hindenburg, the Lincoln assassination, the Alamo, Watergate, the American Revolution. Not to mention historical figures like Bonnie and Clyde, Katherine Johnson, Houdini, Benedict Arnold, etc. Every episode it’s new and beautiful sets. It’s gorgeous, period costumes so the time traveling characters fit in. And it’s a little mystery trying to figure out what in the world they are doing there. lol. Plus, if you like three-dimensional villains, the villain antagonist from Timeless is the embodiment of the saying, “Every villain is the hero in his own mind.” He has such understandable motives and is not 100% bad. Always a plus to me.

But also the series is not afraid to address “unpleasant” issues. As shown in the trailer, one of the time traveling characters is black. Another is a woman. And quite often they do not have an easy time because of it. So it’s really great that Timeless not only has a diverse team but also takes the time to present a realistic image of what their experience would be like. And it’s also nice to look back and see how far we’ve come. A+

So! If you are interested, all episodes are on Hulu right now. And NBC’s website. (Some episodes on their site need a cable subscription to watch, BUT the first three episodes are FREE!) 

Anyone willing to give Timeless a try and help ratings will have my express gratitude and love. ♥

Why Johnlock is such a big deal

When Johnlock becomes canon in January there are probably going to be some people who say that it’s not that big of a deal because they’re just two cis white men and… I mean, they are but it really is so much more.

You could say that 2016 has not been a great year for LGBT representation because many of our favourite queer TV characters (a lot of whom were POC) were killed off, a lot of relationships ended and the word “bisexual” wasn’t said nearly enough times. Despite all this, we’ve been able to enjoy some amazing gay storylines in shows like Yuri on Ice, Supergirl or Skam and right now there’s more diversity than ever, but we still have a really long way to go.

Sherlock is not just a random TV show with a small number of fans. Over 100 million people watched Season 3 and it’s likely that the new series will have even more viewers. It is definitely an international phenomenon. So when the rug is finally pulled and it is revealed to have been a love story since the start, it will shock so many people because they didn’t see it coming. It will be a surprise that the two main male characters of one of the most watched TV shows ever have actually been in love all this time. This will be television history (thanks Amanda).

Something this mainstream almost never features gay couples and if it does it’s usually for like 5 seconds and Sherlock is going to be almost 20 hours of this (because let’s be real, the whole show is about John and Sherlock). This is gonna be a huge “fuck you” to queerbaiting and to anyone who still treats gay ships as a joke. Because even though this story has always been gay, it’s not just about being gay and that’s what’s so great about it. It shows that you can have amazing main characters who happen to be gay or bisexual in a really succesful TV show. It will open so many doors for all the media that’s yet to come.

So that’s already a pretty big deal on its own but we have to remember that this is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson we’re talking about. The most famous detective of all time and his loyal companion. The greatest fictional “friendship” to ever exist. Two of the most widely adapted characters in history will be able to kiss in public for the first time in 130 years! They finally get to be who they’ve always been because it’s not 1895 anymore and someone is finally getting this right.

It’s a fact that Sherlock wouldn’t have these many fans if people knew it’s gay so it’s obvious that this wouldn’t have the same effect if Sherlock had literally said he was gay in the first episode (even though he practically did) or if Mark and Steven had said that this is what they’re doing in any random interview ever, which is why they’ve lied so many times and why they’ll keep lying until the new series airs. This is a conspiracy. It’s real and we’re a part of it.

So yeah, Johnlock won’t end homophobia. It won’t end queerbaiting. It won’t end heteronormativity. But it’s a really big step forward and it’s definitely something that’s going to be talked about for decades. Things will never be the same.

And if that wasn’t already enough, just think about how this show and the TJLC community specifically have helped so many people figure out their sexual orientation or make friends or just feel less lonely. This video shows it a lot better than I ever could (thank you @quietlyprim ). And the best part of all this is that it will continue to help even more people when it’s happened. Because, like @marcelock said, queer people get to be people like Sherlock Holmes. We deserve this, all the LGBT people who came before us deserved this and we finally get to see it. This is for us, for them and for everyone who’s ever had to hide like Sherlock and John.

Three different people from three different places, but they always come together in the end.

Quickie Legend of Zelda piece so that I have more fan art stuff for a con that I’m tabling at this weekend. 

I planned this piece a long time ago, but for some reason I’ve been steadily putting off stuff that I’ve been meaning to do. It’s been a year of not feeling as motivated to try, but…well, do the things you need or want to do, right. 

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Hi I need some Milo receipts, my dad now supports him and thinks he's "doing great things for feminism and gay rights"

Holy fuck where do I even start 








I mean….. the list goes on and on but tbh it doesn’t even matter bc america loves ignorant racists like that and he’s just gonna keep getting more powerful and powerful. Opportunity after opportunity……. he has a LOT of supporters. 

I’m honestly really disappointed in the Sherlock fandom right now. I get if you didn’t like the episode, there were some things that upset me too… But just because your ship didn’t sail in the way you wanted it doesn’t mean you have the right to send death threats or act in harmful ways towards others. This was Gatiss and Moffat’s show, they have said many times they don’t want to cater to the fans and that it was their vision with the show. If you didn’t like it that’s fine. But don’t act as if they’ve done injustices towards you or that there was queerbaiting (which is completely untrue when they’ve said several times that it wasn’t gonna happen). This is exactly why I can only handle sites like Tumblr for short periods. Fandoms get so possessive and spoilt. If it really upset you that much, then go do what normal fans do when they don’t like the endings. Rewrite it for you. Do not I repeat DO NOT threaten people’s lives because you didn’t get your way. End of rant.

What does it mean to be mindful? 

Being mindful does not necessarily have to involve setting aside hours upon hours of time to sit and reflect. It does not require any special equipment, location, prayers or mantras. Being mindful simply means taking some time, any amount that feels right to you, and truly living in the moment. Looking at your life. Reflecting on yourself. 

Ask yourself, how am I genuinely feeling? Do I need anything at this current moment? How can I improve the lives’ of others as of right now? 

Being mindful cannot be defined as a single thing, and there is no one definite way of doing it. Do it in a way that feels right to you. And that, my friend, is all that matters. 

I love AUs because it’s like no matter what universe the people meet in or how they run into each other they’re destined to fall for each other every time;
even if it takes longer in some stories or if they have more rough patches, interruptions or if the AU just doesn’t play in their favour it’s nice to know that the author is writing the story for their personal interest too
and if it means making everyone suffer first so be it, at least they chose the people in it to be the characters knowing that; “they’ll do fine no matter what shit I put them through”

Sunflower Letter | Jungkook

Summary: This is just the Yule Ball, so Jungkook shouldn’t be that nervous, right? / In which Jungkook tries to ask you to the infamous Yule Ball and, well…
Genre: Fluff/Humor, Harry Potter!AU
Word Count: 6,223
Author’s Note: I’ve been meaning to write this for a super long time after finding some short drabbles in my drive, rereading @jungkxook’s Amortentia for the umpteenth time, and just having an everlasting love for Harry Potter. Also, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is coming out soon and I cannot handle it.


Jungkook’s relationship with you could be documented by a series of self-inflicted, awkward moments—courtesy of Jeon Jungkook himself. To be fair, it’s not exactly your fault he could never get through anything involving you without tripping over something, stumbling into something, crashing against something or just doing something in front of you that constantly contradicted the cool, smug, collected facade he had spent years trying to build and maintain.

The worst part of it all is that the nerves that gathered together at the mere thought of you is not something he could take out of his system by dating other girls—the gender isn’t the problem. It’s just you.

God, the journey of insanity and embarrassment he’s had to go through because of you—and you don’t have the slightest clue.

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My dear sisters, I have something important to share with you.
See, we as women, we love words. We can’t help it. But, with that love comes a weakness. A weakness for the power of words. Use the right combination of words, and it’s easy to have us charmed. But let me tell you something important. Not all words are the same. And not all people have the same respect for words. Some use words with no meaning behind them. Only empty shells. Like a lifeless body with no soul. See, words can lie. They can be meaningless. But I will tell you what cannot lie and cannot be meaningless: Action.
My sisters, before you give your heart away, watch for action. Only action will tell the whole truth. Every. Single. Time.
—  Yasmin Mogahed
Some useful DBT statements I thought I’d share
  • It is OK to want or need something from someone else.
  • The fact that someone says no to my request doesn’t mean I should not have asked in the first place.
  • I can insist upon my rights and still be a good person.
  • I can understand and validate another person, and still ask for what I want.
  • There is no law that says other people’s opinions are more valid than mine.
  • I may want to please people I care about, but I don’t have to please them all the time.
  • If I refuse to do a favor for people, that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. They will probably understand that, too.
  • I am under no obligation to say yes to people simply because they ask a favor of me.
  • The fact that I say no to someone does not make me a selfish person.
  • If I say no to people and they get angry, that does not mean that I should have said yes.
  • I can still feel good about myself, even though someone else is annoyed with me.

Killian doesn’t quite understand the significance or meaning behind the silly mouse hats or the matching red and gold scarves Emma drags him into the store to buy, but if it means to see her smile…

Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely valentine @iminwinnipegthatsincanada! I’m your CSSV-or at least this is my art blog- so don’t get confused at all. 

Killian and Emma need to have some downtime- you know a good old vacation. Why not go on vacation to Disney World or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Knowing their luck, there will be some legit magic and they need to go run off and save the day. But hey I’m sure there will be time for some quiet moments between the two anyway right?

(Not shown are all the dumb pictures Henry insisted Emma and Killian take with  the Disney characters for as he put it ‘the family tree album.’ All which I thought of after I was done with the scarves and halfway through the mouse ears.)