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Explain your opinions pls

Okay. I have a lot, and I mean A LOT of opinions about this new movie so let me give a non-spoiler review of all the things I liked about the movie, and all the things I don’t like.

(Also keep in mind that I am not going to be judging this like an episode of Ninjago. I’m going to be judging it as a full length movie that was shown in theaters. So obviously I’m going to be more critical than I would the show.)

Things I Enjoyed about The Lego Ninjago Movie:

  • Going all Out (not the song)

I don’t think I’m lying when I say that this movie.. definitely didn’t have to exist. Ninjago isn’t exactly a super well known show among most audiences and it’s already a pretty ballsy decision to make a movie about it. But you can tell they really did try to make something good. (For the most part.) In behind the scenes clips you can clearly see the people had fun making the movie, and despite what the movie is, you really have to appreciate that.

They threw A LOT of ideas and clear effort into this movie and its hard to be upset at anything that tries like that. Especially since there are movies out there that don’t try and focus on manipulating the audience. (I’m looking at you Lorax!!)

  • Lord Garmadon

Simply put, their enemy Lord Garmadon is the best thing in the movie. He has the best voice acting, the best jokes, the best writing, and he’s just very entertaining to watch and see him interact with the other characters. It’s very safe to assume that he steals the show. (Which actually kind of leads to another problem but we’ll get to that later.)

  • The Animation

I don’t know if this counts, since it’s still kind of the same animation as in the other movies, but I’m still going to mention it because the lego animation is still pretty damn impressive. A lot of the movement between things like how the characters move, how the mechs and machines move, the fight scenes, and all other sort of things like that work very well.

  • Unique and Surprisingly kind of Deep

This movie definitely puts some twists on some old kids movie cliches. I won’t go into detail on what things exact but lets just say there’s some very interesting conflict between Lloyd and his father near the sort of climax of the movie. Yeah there are some cliches that don’t change like the reveal of the Ninja’s powers. But it’s alright.

  • Some of the Jokes Work

Like said. Some of the jokes work very well. From inside jokes of the show, and other jokes that managed to make me actually laugh. Some of them visual, some of them dialogue based. But there are some good jokes Most of them involving Wu and Garmadon.

One of my favorite jokes is actually the one that contributes to the story, with Garmadon’s generals in the middle of the movie. For those who’ve seen the movie I think you know what I’m talking about.

  • The Movie Does get Better as it Progresses

I’m happy I did get something out of this movie. Most notably near the end where I did start getting happy and started feeling more involved in the movie.

Things I didn’t like about the The Lego Ninjago Movie:

  • The First 1/3rd of this Movie is Some of the Worst Piece of Film I’ve ever seen (and I wish I was exaggerating)

Everything before the scene where they go to the forest is just plain awful. Literally everything is wrong with the beginning of this movie. I can’t say specifics because this is a spoiler free answer, but I will say that every scene in the beginning is painfully flawed, when the film is available everywhere I’ll probably make a post analyzing the scenes and explaining why they suck.

But for now your just gonna have to listen to the other points I make after this point because the rest of these can completely describe the first couple of scenes.

  • Everything Moves too Damn Fast

Almost everything in this movie (especially the beginning) moves waaaaay to quickly. The pacing is so fast you can barely tell whats going on. Sometimes it takes no more than a blink for you to be completely lost in what’s going on in the movie. Most notably any scene that had the other ninja in it, would run by so fast you would think the director was ashamed of the characters and wanted to get them over with as soon as possible.

  • Too Much Focus on the Wrong Details

All the writing and scenes are focused on all the wrong things. Remember how I said Garmadon was the best thing in the movie? That’s because 70% percent of this movie is focused on him. Other things are focused on Lloyd which is fine, but also stupid scenes with background characters and much more other things I don’t even really remember. (And I just saw the movie a couple of hours ago.)

  • Horrible Writing and Story

If you haven’t seen the show, you will have absolutely no idea what is going on in this movie. The whole movie treats you like you already know who the characters are, what they’re like, and so forth. Even though we really don’t.

The beginning of the movie already starts out with the Ninja in action, as if it’s the beginning of Guardians of The Galaxy 2. But while that was fun and entertaining in that movie since well, we already know who the characters are in that movie and what we think about them. In this movie we don’t even know what they’re like before their fighting scenes is shoved in your face.

  • Some of the Jokes Physically Hurt

Just…. the joke about the ultimate weapons. No. No. No.

  • Important Main Characters are Horribly thrown to the Side.

The other Ninja: Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, and Nya, are all completely unnecessary to the story. They have a few cute moments but they only get about 2% of the focus of the movie. You could take them out of the movie and it wouldn’t make much of a difference which honestly really really sucks considering how much the marketing was centered around them, and just the fact I enjoy those characters a lot.

  • Strangely Bad Voice Acting

Most notably the voice acting of the other ninja are strangely underwhelming. Lloyd, Zane, and Garmadon are alright but everyone else felt like they were phoning in their lines. (There were actually multiple points in the movie where I couldn’t tell if Kai, Jay, or Cole were talking since they sound so monotone.)


This pissed me off the most in the entire movie. Literally all the time, scenes would be reused and reused over and over again. Most notably when the ninja are talking to each other with their masks on. Its painfully obvious and genuinely insulting to think they could just repeat the same scenes over and over again and think we wouldn’t notice. It is beyond stupid.

if yall wanna be mean about me selling those shirts.. just eat my ass. im selling them only because some dude tried selling them first and ripping me off. i also cant get a job cus im underage and i need a new phone so ill take whatever i can. i aint even making lots of money off them as i get 3 dollar per shirt. just keep your rude and negative ass opinion to yourself or youll get blocked

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Hey JM! This is killthenaughtyboy (darn sideblogs). I just wanted to say how excited I was when you followed me! You're one of the main reasons I decided to make this blog and start posting. Way back when, before I made any rhink friends, I always dropped by your blog after every new GMM episode because my heart craved shippy things but I had nobody to talk to! I've always been meaning to inbox you to say so, but I've been way too shy. Anyhow, hello and I think you rock :) <3 -killthenaughtyboy

Hello! :D Oh my! I saw you liking/reblogging lots of my stuff so I checked out your blog, it was cool and I like your little tags so I decided to follow you back. :) It makes me so happy to know my blog was worth checking after every GMM! Thank you! And… No need to be shy with me. I’m just an average person, loving our internet dads as much as anyone else here. Still, after these years I get ridiculously excited about rhinky stuff. (like seriously) And, you rock too! Feel free to hit me with a message whenever you want to. <3

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Hey! This isn’t a request so sorry to bother you but I was hoping to know if you have any advice on how to start here. I created a new blog where I’ll be uploading Tom/Peter fics and imagines. I already posted one and although I used plenty of tags it didn’t seem to get ANY attention. If you could give me some tips or advice it would mean so much, thank you!

hey sweets, honestly the best thing you can do is to continue posting and not give up!!!!!! just keep fuckin writing and putting your work out there and you will without a doubt receive the credit and recognition you deserve. ALSO WHAT’S YOUR BLOG NAME ILL FOLLOW YOU ILY

hey kids, call me li

i’ve posted here once before and met so many lovely people, so i’m coming back for round 2! however, this time i’d love to try snail mail (have you seen those gorgeous letters in the mail tag?? it’s damn impressive).

here is a bulleted list of facts about me:

- i’m 16 years old and from the northeastern USA. soccer moms prowl around like wolves up here, man.

- i love music. my favorite genres are probably classic rock, funk, and alternative (i’m still not really sure what that means, but i like the artists associated with it?) i’m always looking for new music, so feel free to drop some recommendations if you have any ^_^

- i like to read. my all-time favorite author is probably kurt vonnegut, on account of his biting wit and insight mixed in with the occasional butthole joke. properly timed crude humor is KEY.

- i have a soft spot for terrible memes.

- i’ve been learning french pretty intensely for about a month now, and i’d really love to be fluent. if any of you know french and would be willing to help me practice, please let me know!

i don’t really have any specific parameters for a pen pal; if you want to talk to me, go ahead!

tumblr: ubersmaench


since no one seems to be happy with lgbt, mogai, or any other acronym or umbrella term, i came up with a new one that i think is gonna cover all our bases:

mpreg = marginalized people of romantic, erotic and gender

well since PWR BTTM is cancelled. time to break out the good ol’ list of “”LGBT bands and artists you might have heard of but if you haven’t, definitely need to be listening to them””**  my favs are gonna be bolded

The Cliks - if you haven’t heard Lucas cover ‘take me to church’ then go the fuck home. also, dirty king is a jam

LEIF - AMAZING gay rapper. 

Angel Haze - they’re perfect

Ladyhawke - funky autistic lesbian synthpop 

Eli Lieb - i honestly only listen to his lana covers BUT he does have some good original music lol

SÄLEN  - gay as fuck synthpop 

Spoonboy - Linus and Me is good. anything that’s punk w/ trumpets is A+ to me

Beth O’Reiley - gay as fuck and acoustic. does a lot of covers but her original songs are pretty great. 

Radical Face - gay man, makes rly chill music. gives me death cab vibes. but gay

Dodie Clark - bi and a beautiful voice. her ‘teenage dream’ cover with tessa violet is v gay

Years And Years - funky gay beats and rly good vocals

Wasi - Gay synthpop and its fucking amazing

Mykki Blanco - Hip Hop/R&B and rly fucking good

MIKA - theatrical shit. a little too campy for me. but some ppl rly like him

Neon Trees - “songs i can’t listen to” is my favorite by them

Passion Pit - didn’t know the lead singer was gay until recently bc im lame. but i love their music

WoodKid - tbh idk how to describe woodkid. but he’s gay and makes good music

PVRIS - reminds me of troye sivan but lesbian and way more rock

Beatrice Eli - “girls” is the gayest song ive heard in a long time 

Ria Mae - “clothes off” comes as a close second to the gayest song ive heard in a long time

Adore Delano - was on americna idol, became a drag queen, katy perry meets ke$ha but also gay

Courtney Act - was on australian idol as a drag queen, is actually genderqueer and a pretty good singer

Shura - chill vibe, late night car rides, kinda sad, kinda not. very lesbian

Pansy Division - gay greenday 

Perfume Genius - my sad gay husband tbh

Tom Goss - a little bit country a little bit rock n’ roll. all gay

Mr. Twin Sister - ‘Blush’ makes me wanna kiss a boy in a smokey bar 

Rostam - used to be apart of vampire weekend and his music had a lot of the same sound. (also check out vampire weekend lol)

the XX - a gay man and a lesbian make some sad tunes my dudes. the song “angels” took on a whole new meaning when i found out they were gay

Superfruit - The two gays from pentatonix have some good disco-style jams

**honourable mentions bc you’ve probably already heard of them: Sia, Debbia Harry/Blondie, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Mary Lambert, Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, Frank Ocean, Hayley Kiyoko, Tegan and Sara, Todrick Hall, Willow Smith, Adam Lambert, The B-52s, 

new strategy for dealing with straight girls who jokingly refer to each other as girlfriends: take it seriously and watch them struggle to explain how they ‘didn’t mean it that way’ and blunder their way through a justification of why it’s funny to them

@thatsthat24 So I’ve been meaning to make this drawing for a while and I’ve also been meaning to test out a new art program for a while and I’m happy with both of them!


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This time the newly added ones are MERCY, SOLDIER:76, REAPER and ZARYA!!! Joining the previous 8, we’re up to 12 now ;u;. I’m very blessed that there has been enough support for me to continue adding to this collection! I hope i can do them all, but it’s a slow process.

Thank you so much if you reblog even if you can not purchase, your support means the world ❤️


  Hi angels! Kat is adorable, and Clary is finally getting an enkeli rune in season 3!

Bat-Kids React to BatCat Engagement
  • Dick: Super-excited, just wants his dad to be happy. Throws himself into wedding preparation. Lives for this. Takes cake-tasting far more seriously than either the bride or groom.
  • Jason: Passive-aggressive questioning in the fake voice of a 10-year-old, just to annoy Bruce. Is not actually worried about whether he'll have to share his room with the cats. Selina finds it hilarious. Bruce is unamused.
  • Tim: "...You know, I knew something ridiculous was going to happen while I was not-dead. This wasn't even in the top twenty worst-case scenarios, so...congrats?"
  • Cass: Quietly super-happy. Subtly works cat motifs into her costume. Tags along with Selina on patrol.
  • Steph: "About time. This house needs some more feminine energy. They're always ganging up on me."
  • "Stephanie, you don't even live here."
  • "New mommy, dad's being mean to me again."
  • Damian: Is mainly worried about Alfred the cat and how he'll react to his new step-cats.
  • Duke: Polite, welcoming, genuinely congratulatory. Also practical. Makes sure all the valuable Wayne Manor paintings are secured to the wall. Especially any with a cat in them.
  • Harper: Takes over bachelorette party planning. Has binders of blackmail material on Bruce to show Selina. This is her moment.
  • Barbara: Is just glad the tabloids will stop shipping her and Batman.

woah a new post :’)!! ✨

Sorry for not posting for a very long time, had a rough time + non-academic work has been piling up non-stop, but I sneaked in some study time!!

I’m very grateful for me bc I pushed myself to wakeup early (8am, in which i usually wake up @ 1pm). :’^)

I’ve been so inactive yet I’ve reached 350+ followers 😭😭 Thank you so much!! It means a lot to me, really.

@ everyone who has an accent that makes it impossible to pass as a native speaker: i love your accent and i’m so proud of you for learning a new language and being brave enough to use it. it’s difficult and requires a lot of effort. people might make fun of the way you speak but your accent is something that should be respected. it means that you have worked hard to learn something new and that’s beautiful. your accent is a mark of strength, courage, determination, and unwillingness to give up. don’t ever feel ashamed of your accent. be proud of it.


i’m glad that dizzy isn’t too freaked out by the candlelit shrine dedicated to him in my basement that i may or may not pray to for good luck every night before i go to sleep

(i mean, he’s wearing a shirt of himself so he must be into it lmao)

06-29-18 || hey everyone!! i haven’t even finished all my 1k blog rates yet and i’ve hit 2.2k! thank you all for tagging along on my study journey :)

i got a brand new bullet journal, which i am so excited to start on and it’ll mean lots and lots of new posts. i’m starting up my instagram and youtube channel shortly as well. i also have a post coming out soon about all the supplies i’ve been using requested by someone who sent me a kind message! 💓