this mean$ you a$ap rocky


Happy 45th Birthday William John Paul “Liam” Gallagher (b. September 21, 1972)

“My kids f***ing love grime music. Stormzy, Skepta - he seems pretty mad. I like him. They also like that bloke, WhatsApp Ricky. You know, the American geezer, stylish, funny gold teeth…” You mean A$AP Rocky? “Oh, yeah, that’s the fella. WhatsApp Ricky. That’s a better f***ing name anyway.”

Kimberly: Rocky, what are you doing?

Rocky: What do you mean?

Kimberly: The ape zord’s supposed to be the arm! Over there!

Rocky: What? No, nonono, I’m pretty sure that when we formed the Ninja Megazord last time I was the head, right?

Aisha: You yelled, “I’m an arm!”

Rocky: Yeah, I was yelling a lot of things.

Adam: Kimberly’s the head!

Rocky: All the time?

Kimberly: Let’s just try it my way for now.

Rocky: Okay… but next time I call head!