this may or may not have been done before but hey

“hey so like when we’re done getting off through this glass, on the off chance you die one day and have previously to that been embroiled in a weird good vs evil boss fight with my little brother that ruined his life and has left mycroft terrified of the idea of you, could you just…… record a brief little snippet asking if they’ve missed you? I might need to use it later to take over every single screen in London at the exact moment my little brother’s about to fly off somewhere inconvenient where he’ll die and won’t care if I wait a few months before making his best friend that he doesn’t have yet but who might at the time be married have an affair with me for no apparent reason, dragging him into some odd little case where he may or may not be killed, killing his bestie’s therapist so I can pretend to be her for the benefit of ultimately doing nothing harmful to him whatsoever. I need him around and alive for all that, you know? hm? why? oh because provided he survives that weird emotionally charged side case and I perform a dramatic reveal prior to not actually hurting a hair on his best friend’s head - because what’s better than a middle man as a messenger yeah? I mean by this point I’ll already have been in Sherlock’s house and left him a clue but he’s stupid and won’t have got it so I’ll just kill a woman and tranq his love interest instead - mycroft will freak out and completely ignore every rational thought and significant resource he as the supposed british government has to instead come up with some kind of a strange plan to break into this facility which he’s got full administrative control over, thus bringing me sherlock and himself and sherlock’s beau and allowing me to play out some weird fuckin kinks I’ve been storing up for the last couple years.”