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Arima Kishou | The White Reaper
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- If I missed a marking/accessory/etc that was on the provided reference I will add it in for free.
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I’m the princemarxfucker of Lon’qu-thirsters. Make no mistake. I will fight anyone who thinks of Lon’qu as anything less than thE BEST husband I will fight you regardless because I get embarrassingly jealous over Lon’qu  I   w i l l  f i g h t

MTG Color Wheel Tarot Spread

Purpose: Self-reflection, either in general or in regards to a specific situation.

1. Colorless: My core

This card represents who you are by yourself, with no external influence. For a specific situation, it represents your stance, how you truly feel. Is this consistent with the cards for the other colors? Is it consistent with how you act and present yourself?

2. White: My dreams

This card shows what you truly wish for, even if you know it’s not possible. This is your “best case scenario”, the outcome you most desire. Is this a realistic desire? How does it interact with your core and your ambition?

3. Blue: My thoughts

The third card is for what you think to yourself, not modified by what others tell you. You may share these thoughts with others, or you may not. If you don’t, why don’t you? If you do, how does that affect those around you?

4. Black: My ambition

This is your aim, the thing you work for when you have nothing else. This is what pulls you out of bed in the morning and keeps you going through the day. How is this related to your dream and your core? Is this ambition making you happy or dragging you down?

5. Red: My pride

This is the part of yourself you are most proud of; sometimes this might even be something you consider as part of your core. Is your pride something you show off to others, or do you hide it? How does it relate to your strength, ambition, and core? Is this something you’ve worked for, or something you naturally have?

6. Green: My strength

This is, put simply, your strength: what you’re best at, your specific aptitude. This might be a talent you have that sets you apart from others, or something you’ve worked to improve over time. How does this relate to your pride? Do you appreciate your own talents and work, or do you try to bury them? How can you utilize this to achieve your dream and your ambition?

This is the first tarot spread I’ve ever designed so feedback would be appreciated!! Feel free to let me know how it works for you or if you’d like it changed at all! ♥

What? That’s such a colorful hijab, that is so wrong.

She wears it with tight pants and loose top, that’s not hijab.

Hello, she should wear lesser make up when wearing the hijab.

Heard them a lot? From friends or family or even from random people, right?

It may not pertain to you but to someone you might know or probably you were once one who used to comment a lot about others’ way of hijab forgetting that you, yourself may have been lacking over it.

I recently came back from a trip in the Middle East, and one of my best things I could talk about would be the way I have appreciated the hijab a thousand more times than before.

Indeed, wearing the niqaab is such a struggle especially when living in a nonMuslim country, and when coming over such Muslim country which abides to the Shariah, makes you really feel safe. Alhamdulillah, and that is what I exactly felt in Sharjah, UAE.

During my whole trip, I kept being reminded of the way the Ansaari women were during the time of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam, specifically when the verse of the veil was revealed.

Even though before coming to this place, I heard a lot of things that was way unreal, total opposite of what I saw in the UAE. I saw every woman in places there where no much westerners were present to be properly covered and men kept lowering their gazes. Alhamdulillah, respect for women there was just at the top of their cakes. 

Even the heat of the weather, even though winter is about to come, reminded me exactly of same story and event that took place when Safiyah Bint Huyy a gathering where Aisha Radiyallahu Anha was mentioning of the virtues and merits of the Quraish women.

In this, Aisha Radiyallahu Anha, recognized their high status, standing, dignity and excellence, and remarked,

“The Quraish women are par excellence, but, I swear to Allah, I have never seen women superior than those of Ansaar in testifying the book of Allah and following His commands without wasting any time.

After the revelation of this verse from Surah An Nur— “The believing women should draw their veils over.’”

-if any Ansaar companion of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam would convey it to a relative woman, she would immediately pick up a thick sheet of cloth and draw it over her, and this she would do despite the fact that she need not to go out of her home. She would do it only to follow the book of Allah.”

Subhan’Allah, such a wonderful story right, such piety, such blessed people. Ma sha Allah.

You may ask, why am I sharing this particular issue.

It is because I want to remind sisters that everyone of us are going through struggles, stages and phases especially when the issue is about the hijab. We do ask Allah that He gives us such imaan and taqwa like the Ansaar that with just one boomerang of revelation we act upon it directly. 

But let us face it, most of the Muslims nowadays, love to go on the slow phase. It’s true, nowadays people like the Sahabah do not exist but people aiming to be like them, a lot. Alhamdulillah.

So for sisters who wear the hijab, I ask you to know more about it, learn more about it, study about it, because whenever you put that hijab on, it raises your status not only in the eyes of people but in the sight of Allah Azza Wa Jall.

Remember that hijab does not only pertain into the physical covering, but also on your modesty, on the way you walk, the way you talk, all these are covered with the hijab. So be careful, be strict on yourself with the hijab. Make the intention and believe me Allah will make it easy on you. in sha Allah.

So always go forward. 

For every sister, who is making an intention to wear the hijab, who wears the hijab, who wears the niqaab, who wears the burqa, I want to let you know that you are well appreciated. 

I want to encourage you to never give up with the hijab, no matter what happens, hold firmly with it because in this age where hijab is being sold and bought in less coverage, where hijab is becoming a fashion identity, where hijab is being a swag accessory, we all need each other’s backs. 

No one else can truly explain the honor and status the hijab brings to a woman than a Muslim woman who understands and wears it properly for the sake of Allah. 

And that is you. 

Every time you wear that hijab, you wear us in your heart as well. So no matter what happens, even thought we may never knew each other, our prayers will always bind us as sisters in Islam - a beauty that only Islam can bring to our hearts. Alhamdulillah.

I may not have really talked about the men on this post because I do not think it would be that proper, but I know there are points that can be reflected upon by brothers from this post, hijab doesn’t only pertain to women, but also to men. 


And I pray that Allah makes and keeps us all steadfast in this deen. Amin

Story was taken from

• Tafsir Ibn Kathir, 3/284 
• Fath Al-Bari, Hafiz Ibn Hajjar: 8/490

The Eldritch Mythos: An Informational Series

I will be making a collection of posts tackling some of the basic information I have compiled in my work with this mythos! The first few posts will be intended to fit a more 101/102 sort of format, but with time I may make more “advanced” posts regarding some magical techniques and possibilities for those interested!

This will be an ongoing project, I’ve put it off long enough. I just felt it worth saying prior that the majority of what I will be writing is UPG! I have a personal set of beliefs that may color some of my opinions and perceptions (as is the nature of occult work.) In my series, I will be mitigating that best as I can.

As of right now, here is its projected format:

Eldritch Mythos 101: Naming Conventions and Common Misconceptions
Eldritch Mythos 101: The Pop Culture Investigation (UPG)
Eldritch Mythos 101: Eldritch Practice (UPG af)

Eldritch Mythos 101: The Family Tree
Eldritch Mythos 101: Azathoth (UPG)
Eldritch Mythos 101: The Big 3 (UPG)
-May get broken up into their own articles depending on how things go.

Fanart Monday!

Oops, I almost forgot to do this xD I am having less time to do stuff because exams are a pain, but I do my best! So let’s do this!

Fanart of the week by goldendragonsflower!! [Tumblr fkd up the quality, but it’s good shit! look at it!! ITS GORGEOUS!!!

@deal-right wins this place too because I couldn’t just leave this out <3 <3 Like, really! <3 THOSE HANDS AND  THE SHADOWS AND SADKHFLAKSDFAJSDKFASDF!!!!

anon [anon, literallly] sent this!! It’s a wonderful fanart <3 <3 The colors, the lights…. I just couldn’t leave this out <3 <3

Now, really, more fanarts under the cut!!!

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From chapter 1 of Vanitas no Carte.

Yeah I colored it and it turned out to be my best coloring so far, and then after going back and looking at the page again I realized it would be really easy to sort of animate it. So I did. Yay! I had to compress it a lot though for tumblr so I may or may not upload the original un animated jpeg image as well. I haven’t decided yet….

Hi, my name is Andressa Luiiz. After listening to your music I fell in love. It was as if every sentence was referring directly to me as if you knew of my fears, my joys and my loves. You may not know me, may not know of my feelings, but it seems that their songs are made especially for me. You have the power to put the feelings in songs, in making his fans know to express themselves through their songs. Even without ever having spoken to you, I know all your tastes, your fears, your favorite color and I can see your heart through the compositions. For each letter, for each interview, for their love to the fans. I wrote 20 songs, I hope one day I can show them to you. I did an especially for you. It was the most joyful song I wrote. I hope someday to hear you sing one of my songs. I’m not much to sing, but I love writing songs. I hope one day I can be a great composer like you. My dream is to open a record company is able to help other people to follow dreams of being singers. I hope you can read this. Thanks. My best choice was to become a Swiftie. I love you so much. 💜✌ taylorswift

Hamato Movie Night!
Most likely they’re watching a Space Heroes movie (after a long lecture from Leo as to why it would be the greatest movie ever), so you’ve got Leo trying to show his bae his favorite series while in actuality he’s just super invested in watching, and Karai’s just wanting to make him happy, Donnie’s trying to be all smooth and Casey’s having none of it, Raph thinks it’s all ridiculous, April and Mikey are legit trying to watch, and Splinter’s just thankful to have 7 great kids.

I responded to the times how I know best- with art. Facing the future I know that there is little I can offer except a spot in my little corner of the world. Here there are appigles and whos- there are water colors and sculptures- there are silly things and pretty things- and hopefully there is a little bit of joy and happiness. And it may be small and it may be simple- but you are welcome here.

Any gender, sex, race, religion, sexuality, disability, nationality- you are welcome here.

If anyone else resonates with the logo I made, you’re welcome to use it as an icon or a badge or what have you. Maybe it speaks to some of you in the way it did when I was designing it. A person embraced- wrapped in blue skies and warm gold- kept safe in something between a hopeful sun and an open eye. Because we could use a few rays og hope and a few more open eyes right now.