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I can’t believe they literally want to coincide the date Iris is supposed to die with the upcoming break.

From what I hear, after this week, The Flash is on break until April 25th, which would land the 23rd episode (AKA the season finale) on May 23rd, 2017, the date in the future that Barry saw Iris die.


Fam, it’s gonna be one hell of a season finale.

To celebrate Venom reaching 150 issues in May, the return of Eddie Brock as Venom, and this blog reaching over 2,000 followers, I pieced together all 150 Venom titles into one image. Thanks for all the support guys and long live Venom!

anonymous asked:

May I ask for what Sidon would do to help an s/o overcome survivor's guilt? It can be as angsty as you are comfortable with!

I’ll admit, I feel like I don’t know a lot about the subject. So if anyone who does have survivor’s guilt sees something wrong with this post, bless don’ hesitate to say so so that I may correct it.

-Mod Pinks

S/o with Survivor’s Guilt (Sidon)

  • He didn’t know
    • For the longest time he didn’t know. How could he? They didn’t like to talk about the event or how they felt about it.
  • When he does, he has no words. What to say, what to say to a person who feels guilty for living?
  • So he holds them close. And stays. And listens. Let’s them cry on him, let everything out so long as they don’t bottle it in.
  • And when he’s finally had enough time to see them, how they feel, and understand the why and how of it, he comforts them as best he can.
  • What happened is a tragedy. But I am thankful that you are alive beside me today. Whatever you need me to say or do, I will gladly do so for you are the greatest gift in my life.”
May's LMD Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x15
May's LMD realizes her programming is much more similar to the original May, and therefore is able to take down Coulson's LMD to save Simmons and Daisy. (Fro...

I am so utterly obsessed with this scene - You can see so clearly how much LMD May is suffering, having to choose between Daisy and Jemma (girls she trained herself, who have proven themselves over and over again, who have been through too much grief already) and this man who looks so much like someone she’s loved for so long - how could anyone make a choice like that?

The way her voice cracks a little when she tells Coulson that they have never had a drink together (such a painful thought - that all of those memories you’ve treasured for so long belong to someone else; that you’re just an imposter, an intruder living in someone else’s mind, believing it to be your own) just kills me every damn time. The way she already has her thumb over the trigger switch - struggling through her grief, but knowing what she has to do. 

Then oh my - the soundtrack is so important here - when the cargo doors open, and the music builds to emphasise the pain and desperation of the scene - Daisy and Jemma stumbling along, Piper and the other crew members racing to help and get the Quinjet out of there before everything goes to hell.

And dear god - when the soundtrack is put behind the remainder of LMD May and Coulson’s conversation? My heart starts tearing itself into tiny little shreds.

“Are you afraid to die? Because I am.” 

She is so openly afraid of what’s about to follow, but so determined and resound in the knowledge of what she has to do.

“But that pain, that regret, that’s what made you a person. I person I love” 

woop there it is - the moment I would usually be fangirling my heart out… if I wasn’t so busy crying my eyes out instead.

“My impulse to keep Coulson safe and close, that desire? That came from me.”

I love this acknowledgement that May’s protectiveness and love for Coulson goes so deep, that even her robot had the same need to keep him safe. It makes me so damn emotional. Like?? Why can’t they just be happy together??

“And I’m sorry to say, you’re not him.”


Radcliffe’s whole “you are who you are speech” makes more sense to me now - like yeah, this is who May is. The woman who will do anything, wear any personal burden, blow herself up, to ensure that those she loves are safe. Finally, May (or the LMD version at least), gets her second chance to save the girl - to let the girls go - and sacrifice herself to keep them safe.


Since RIP Vine.

May it live long on Youtube. 


Battle Theme : The Final Song ~ Black Song, White Scales ~

Battle intro : “I beg of you… must there be no other way?”
Victory : “And so I am the victor… yet mine heart weighs greater than ever before.”
Defeat : “The end… how long have I wished for it? But now, when I desire to live… f-forgive them, beloved.”
Taunt : “You are tiring… let us end this charade without bloodshed!”
Reacting to Taunt : ”We needs not do this..”
Tie : “And so it is as this…”
Perfect Victory : “If this will end suffering, then so it shall be.”
Final Finisher : “May the Lifestream welcome you home.”


Assist : “Together we are stronger.”
Your muse down during Assist : “I-I’m sorry… I am not strong enough.”
Using item : “Needs must be met…”
Healing/Buffing : “My strength and will are yours!”
Tag Team Special : “Let no one stand before us; bloodshed can only end if we work together!”

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Drabble #77 "It's a Texas Thing"

I’m from the south and really enjoyed his one!!

Request: Can you do #77 with Jack plz

You couldn’t help the huge smile that spread across your face as you and your boyfriend Jack pulled up the long drive of your parents ranch house sitting on a hill surrounded by 10 acres of beauty. You may love living in London, but Texas would always be your home. Though he would never admit it, you could tell Jack wasn’t exactly exactly excited about staying here for a week but you were determined to make him see the beauty and fun of Texas. As soon as you open the car door your greeted by your mama running off the porch towards you and your dad slowly following “Y/N! Your early I thought I wasn’t going to see you until tonight! I’ve missed you so much baby” “I missed you too mama but I can’t breathe” you laugh as she lets you out of her death hug and smiles watching her walk to Jack whom is talking to your dad “you best not be badgering the boy now” your mom playfully hits you dad before taking Jack in an equally tight hug. “Come on now, I’ve just finished super I’m sure y'all are starving”
After a large supper finished with fresh pecan pie and vanilla ice cream you take Jacks hand leading him outside, “Babe….it’s dark what are we doing?” Jack asks a bit nervous not quit knowing what to expect but he follows you to the edge of the back porch and sits beside you on the swing “Just watch the sky” just as you get the words out green lightning splices through the sky and you laugh as Jack jumps. “It’s heat lightening babe, we’re fine. We call it the Southern lights” you grin at your boyfriend before laying your head on his shoulder and he watches the sky in awe “I never knew watching lightning could be so calming and beautiful…it’s not even raining. We could never do this in London” you just chuckle and kiss his cheek “no you couldn’t, it’s a Texas thing

A Yellow Rose in Box Five

A moodboard for my in-progress phanfic! (The aforementioned ‘ridiculously long phanfic,’ haha.)

In the year 1876, ten-year-old Suzette Poligny comes to Paris to live with her father, the manager of the Opera House. She’s expecting wonderful music, and beautiful sights, and plenty of new friends; she definitely isn’t expecting the Opera Ghost … 

AYRiBF updates weekly on Sundays–at least for now. It’s still in progress, so in the future there may be longer hiatuses. Hope you enjoy!

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You can come across a person who is very knowledgeable when it comes to the deen. But what they may lack is a general understanding that not everyone was blessed with the same opportunity as they were. Reading the stories about the companions of our beloved prophet (pbuh) should teach us to understand that our past does not define us and for some of us Islam may have entered our lives at a later stage, including some people who were born Muslims. And as Muslims we shouldn’t judge each other on how long we have been Muslims or “practising” for that matter.
You can be a person who has a lot of knowledge, but if you lack empathy, and have no manners or a common understanding that not everyone had the same upbringing as you then where has all that knowledge gone?
I realised that knowledge is something really special, it can open your mind and bring forth a new concept which you may have never thought of before. It can change you, if you allow it, and make you into a better person for yourself and for others. You are wasting the precious knowledge you have if you do not act upon it and just store it in your head for moments when you may need to make of list of things to tell people.
I read something a while back saying that you are wasting your time obtaining knowledge if you are lacking in your mannerism.
I just think that sometimes we have to be understanding and open minded. It’s not our place to judge anyone, we are growing at our own paces, we are all at different stages in our lives.

“Abolish the White Race – By Any Means Necessary”
“The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the White race.”
“so long as the White race exists, all movements against racism are doomed to fail.”
“Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity"

“We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”
“The goal of abolishing the White race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White

Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Professor.

Okay, I’ve been gone a long time

So maybe it’s time to update y’all on what’s been going on with my life. If you’d care to know. :) Otherwise scroll, it’s not that long. 

The reason I left Tumblr in the first place was because of my ex-bff. Many of you know who she is, or was, or may have followed her. I’m not naming names. I’m also not going to sit here and talk bad about her, because she’s not a bad person. We spent 15 years of our lives as best friends – that’s MOST of our lives. Obviously the end of that relationship would be raw for both sides. No one gets out of a relationship of any kind, platonic or otherwise, that has lasted so long and isn’t upset about it. i did my best to never talk any smack about her at all. She’s a wonderful person. She’s smart and she’s beautiful and she has such a good heart. It’s just that, sometimes, as people grow older they grow apart and trying to stay together becomes exhausting for both sides. You try to “fix” everything you don’t like about the friendship, hoping if you’re a little better or a little more enticing that you’ll get what you want out of it. We both were guilty of this. It exhausted us both. We were simply no longer compatible. It sucks, and it’s a very hurtful thing to realize, but like most things you just need to know when to walk away and never look back. I’d like to say we’re both better off for it. She’s been doing things like traveling and I really hope she’s happy. I do. I want to be friends again someday, but I don’t know if that’s a possibility especially with how I left things. Which I think was necessary, but I know it was hurtful. It hurt me too. And on Tumblr there were too many memories that I just needed to distance myself from. I tried to re-make my account and move on but it was just so hard. I felt like there was no way to guarantee the distance I needed, since blocking people doesn’t block them or anything. Or it didn’t at the time.

I bought a house two years ago now!! I’ll take you guys on a phototour sometime if you want. It’s a cute little place from the 1970s and the entire house is original. I mean the carpets, the wall panels, the light fixtures, the kitchen appliances… all original to the house from 1973. It’s ugly and it makes my dog’s allergies act up, but it’s mine so I love it. It just needs some TLC. The bedrooms are the first ones getting facelifts, and the living room is next.

I got a new job in an office. I hate it. I work for a third-party utility billing company and it’s basically my job to take apartment buildings’ bills, calculate what each resident should be charged (for things like water that wouldn’t be in their name or otherwise considered “part of rent”) and create statements to send them so the property can recover water charges and things like that. I know my job does nothing but make people unhappy. Like, okay, it makes the property managers happy but every resident in their buildings gets a bill because of me and ugh. No one wants more bills. If you live in an apartment complex and get a water bill from a third party company, there’s a chance it’s my company and it was I who created them. I’m sorry, LOL. If it makes you feel better I don’t get paid what I’m worth and can’t afford groceries most of the time. 

I got married!! I married my best friend in the entire world. We met on tumblr while I was in college and we’ve been together basically ever since. I couldn’t be happier. The whole wedding was great, I’ll have to show you guys pictures at some point!! 

I went back to school to try to get a master’s degree in biology. Ugh, and I’m dropping out this semester. It’s not that it’s too hard (it is), but the program was designed for teachers and sometimes classes are from 8am-4pm on a weekday and since I work in an office that won’t fly. It’s also a program with a very strict list of classes, and there’s not too many of them but you need to take them all, and when they have classes during the day I…can’t??? So I need to come up with a plan.

… I really wish there was more to this, I’ve been gone for two years. Oh well I’m boring i guess 

No one seems to know why there’s an orange alligator in a pond near Charleston. Residents joke the gator used too much self-tanning lotion. Residents living near the pond in Hanahan say they’ve seen the orange or rust-colored alligator a number of times. Photos show the 4- to 5-foot-long alligator on the banks of a retention pond at the Tanner Plantation neighborhood. Jay Butfiloski with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources says the color may come from where the animal spent the winter, perhaps in a rusty steel culvert pipe. Experts say the alligator will shed its skin and probably return to a normal shade soon. (Source)

The Signs Crying

*Check Sun/Moon Sign 

Aries:  They Whimper More Than Cry. They Will Go In The Shower, Curl Up, And Cry As Loudly As Their Heart Lets Them. When They Cry It’s Short-Lived, But May Feel Like Forever To Them. 

Taurus: They Almost Never Cry, They Wont Cry Over Silly Things. The Most Common Reason For Them To Cry Usually Has To Do With A Romantic Relationship. If It’s Not That Then Something Serious Happened. Gentle Tears.

Gemini: They Randomly Cry. Spontaneous Tears. Cries Over Little Things For A Long Time, But Will Cry Over Big Things For A Short Amount Of Time. They Can Go From Laughing To Crying In 0.5 seconds.

Cancer: They Cry With Disappointment. They Have So Much Hope And Love For Everyone, And No One Returns It. Little Things Affect Them So Much, Someone Might Not Like Their New Haircut And They Could OverThink It. They Want To Be Happy And Want Everyone Else To Be happy.They Feel So Much. 

Leo: They Cry With Ashamed Tears, They Wonder If They Aren’t Good Enough. If They Will One Day Fulfill All Their Dreams. They Cry Because They Want To Be The Best They Can. They See Their Flaws And Know They Wont Be As Perfect As They Dreamed. They Aren’t Happy With Who They Are Or Are Scared Of What They Have Become.

Virgo: Cries Quietly, When They Cry Its Terrible Because They Judge Themselves So Hard, And Are Hypercritical. Whatever the Situation Is They Will Blame Themselves. However, They Wont Admit It Out loud.They Will Ask Themselves What They Did Wrong. 

Libra: They Have Soft Cries, Sniffling Every Five Seconds  With Tissues Everywhere.They Will Apologize For Having You See Them Broken And Upset.. When They Cry You Know Their World Is Out Of Balance.

Scorpio: They Cry Fiercely, Putting All Of Their Energy Into It. Adding  A Sense of Anger And Sadness All Into Their Cries. If Crying During an Argument They Will Throw Things And Destroy Everything In Their Path.

Sagittarius: They Cry Passionately. They Aren’t Usually Emotional, But When They Cry Its Because They Actually Care For Once. These Tears Are Short Lived And May Even Be For Odd Reasons That May Not Make Sense To You. It Makes Sense To Them. Respect That.

Capricorn: They Cry In Secret. They Are Trying To Act Like Nothing Gets To Them. It Does Whether Or Not You Know It.Crying In Public Hurts Their Act Of Being Too Tough To Cry. If You See Them Cry It’s Heartbreaking, But Also Means They Trust You.

Aquarius: They Hardly Ever Cry. Usually,Cries Alone Making Sure No One Is Around To Hear Their Sorrows. Family May Be The Only Ones To Ever See Them Cry. Their Tears Are Cold, Full Of Every Emotion They Have Held Back From Themselves.

Pisces: They Cry Silently. Tears Could  Be Sliding Down Their Cheeks, But They Will Talk As If Its All Okay. Its Not Okay. They May Even Smile And Say Don’t Worry About It.  Worry About It Because They Honestly Don’t Do That For Attention, Its A Cry For Help.

There is someone for everyone. In fact, there is more than one someone for everyone. You don’t have to work so hard at it. You don’t have to change yourself. Time and fate will bring you exactly who is right for you at the exactly right moment. And fate will also dictate how long you’ll be in each other’s lives. So don’t be stressed. Lighten up. Total fulfillment awaits you. It may stay for one night. It may fill you with delight for the rest of your life. Don’t lose hope. Be yourself. And don’t stop believing that the future is bright.
—  Bruce Adler
2017's To Do List
  • Do not invest in temporary things.
  • Long drives and poetry.
  • Take the love that does not bruise.
  • Lose 30 pounds of sorrow.
  • Change the batteries.
    A dead clock may be right twice a day.
    But it’s time to stop living in the past.
  • Clean out the closet.
    Donate to charity.
    But throw away the coat that still clings to the smell of him.
  • This year, you asked for too much.
    You wanted to love
    And to be loved as ferociously in return.
    This time, strive to be the reason someone stayed.
    Want someone to be able to say
    Loudly and without hesitation:
    I didn’t jump because of her.
  • Repaint the gate.
  • Change the lightbulb.
  • Buy a welcome mat.
  • Unlock your heart.
  • Don’t choose who enters.
    This time,
    Choose who doesn’t.



She was one of the great female protagonists of the late-Renaissance art world. Forgotten in the 18th and 19th centuries, she was rediscovered in the 20th as a feminist icon.

Thirty paintings by Artemisia Gentileschi are on view at Rome’s Palazzo Braschi, in a major new exhibit running through May 7, 2017, that aims to showcase the female artist as a great painter — one of the most talented followers of Caravaggio.

The artist was born in Rome in 1593, daughter of the painter Orazio Gentileschi.

Orazio was a close friend and follower of the fiery Caravaggio — the inventor of the groundbreaking technique of chiaroscuro, light and darkness, that produced a new intensity and stark realism.

Long Seen As Victim, 17th Century Italian Painter Emerges As Feminist Icon

Images: Palazzo Braschi

I dreamed of living alone but fearless,

Secret longing to be courageous,

lonliness kept bottled up inside,

just reveal your brave face they’ll

never know you lied.

Country road may lead me home,

Know i belong there all on my own

destiny calls, motionless I stall,

no I can’t go,

Country road.

I watched Whisper of The Heart yesterday after the insistence of my sister. I should have listened her before. The movie was amazing. So oc croosover cause im trash xD

1. Let it hurt. Let it consume and devour you. Then let it go.
2. People will always have their side of the story and you can’t control which side the people you care about believe. But you can control how you let it affect you.
3. Be consumed by love, not controlled by it.
4. Never compromise on the way you want to be treated.
5. It may seem like you can’t imagine living life without them, but in a month, 2 months, a year, you won’t be able to imagine life still stuck in their rut.
6. You aren’t weak just because you feel so deeply.
7. Heartbreak, in the end, is life experience.
8. Someone can only love you as deeply as they love themselves.
9. Allow yourself to face your demons. Discover your darkest fears. Learn to love every single flaw you have.
10. Be alone long enough to learn how to give yourself the type of love you keep trying to give everyone else.