this may not be the best gifset ever


red velvet |  빨간 맛 red flavor 」

what i like most is the taste of summer
it tastes like slowly melting strawberry when i bite into it


COLLEGE / D&D GROUP AUCharles and his friends often meet afterclass in the college dorm to play D&D. Erik Lehnsherr is a very introvert and grumpy older student, and Charles has been keeping an eye on him for sometime. One day, eventually, he asks him if he wants to join them, but Erik is not entirely sure which kind of roleplay he’s being invited to play. In fact, he never would have guessed that Charles could be such a charming nerd…

“I’m not. You don’t scare me, Xavier. Not in the least.”

“We’ll see. You know where to find us. See you there.”

“No you won’t. Like, never. Ever.”


yearbook meme: best bromance + haikyuu!! → bokuto kōtarō and kuroo tetsurō
↳ requested by: @erehjaeger


happy birthday, harry

for my best friend @books-and-writing on her birthday ––
may all your magical birthday wishes comes true, too.


CS + Compliments

Dedicated to the lovely i–refuse–to–sink–xo

So I probably could have filled this gifset with Hook complimenting Emma. There are plenty of those to fill more then one gifset, but I wanted this gifset to be about both of them complimenting each other.

For Emma it’s harder to give a compliment, it may reveal her true emotions that she have been working so hard to hide. But ever since they came back from the EF past, she has been trying so hard to open up, to give Hook the credit he deserved. We are seeing this woman truly evolving and changing for the best and I think that every compliment that comes out of her mouth is just so significant because it took her so long to get there.  

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.     

Because we all need a bit of joy from all this angst...

Peace had finally befallen upon Storybrooke from the wrath of the Snow Queen and all was well between its citizens once the the Shattered Spell had come to an end. Emma stood with her loved ones in the station, discussing their next step with Belle. Regina was embracing Henry after they were reunited, and Elsa stood with her sister and Kristoff near the corner.

Activity was put to a halt in the room as Emma began directing orders. She approached Elsa. “You guys all okay?” They nodded, signalling Emma to continue. “Good, I’ve arranged a room for you all at Granny’s until we clean up the rest of this mess.” She took a hold of Killian’s arm, lovingly squeezing it to remind herself that he is still here, his heart back where it belonged - with her.  “This is Killian.” Kristoff greeted him with a handshake. “He’s going to help you adjust for the time being.”

“Hi there,” Anna then shook his hand. “Wow, you’re gorgeous!”

“Hey!” Kristoff rebuffed behind her. The entire room turned to stare at them with silent amusement.

“Oh God, did I say that out loud? I didn’t mean it!” she said to Killian’s raised brow. “I mean of course I did, it’s not like it’s not obvious-” she waved her free hand in front of his face, her other still greeting Killian’s, “-but I didn’t mean to actually say it, I mean it’s not like you don’t already know because you probably get it all the time-“

"Apologies for the interruption, Lass,” Killian said, physically having to refrain himself from chuckling. “But may I have my hand back, please?”

“Huh? OH!” Anna immediately pulled back her hand. “I’m so sorry! Of course you can have it back, especially since you’re going to need it because it’s your only hand-”

“OKAY!” Kristoff and Elsa said as they gently held Anna’s arms on either side, stopping her from digging herself a deeper hole and pulling her away from the pirate, Elsa visibly mouthing “I’m so sorry” at Killian and Emma as they directed Anna outside.

A second after the amusing introduction, David spoke up, “Maybe it’s best if I go instead?” he offered. This way he may at least save some of Anna’s dignity.

"Good idea!” Emma chuckled, David already halfway to the door. “Wow, that was beyond awkward,” she said to the rest of the group.

Killian shrugged. “I like her.”


When If the parallel ever comes I’m going to need that gifset.


annoying graphic made by me

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SasuSaku dream!

So….I just had the best dream ever and I am going to tell you about it. It has to do with the Naruto the Last movie and it concerns our dear OTP SasuSaku. That ish was so real, I forced myself to wake up LMAO and because I happen to be a writer, I will go a bit analytic with the details or I will at least try to. Also when I dream about something and it becomes so vivid, it means business and that I am very invested to it. I hope I didn’t start sleep talking, because my mom would find me screaming CANON.

Anyways, let’s get started.

It started simple enough. I was with Naruto (he was wearing the mission clothes) and he was protecting me because Nature seemed to be attacking me (an air bender also attacked me, don’t even ask why or how). Things are a bit hazy here, so let me get into the juicy part. I was walking down a road towards the beach along with Naruto, Hinata (in their mission clothes) and Kakashi (without the Hokage cape or hat). The sun was slowly setting down and the sky had this beautiful orange hue. When we reached the end of the small road, the beach started (which was small), and next to us there was a tavern. ((Note: I was kind of there, but at the same time I wasn’t. It is weird to explain, you know how dreams are LOL)) We didn’t get to walk onto the sand though, because two people were already there. Guess who??

Sasuke and Sakura.

Sakura was exactly like this:

Sasuke was exactly like this:

Sasuke was behind Sakura and was putting a necklace on her. He was fumbling and being a dork and he was blushing. Most lovely sight I have ever seen. Anyways, he managed to put it on her and now Sakura had two necklaces on. One with Uchiha emblem and another one with a shooting start. Then, Sasuke went to stand in front of her again, quite close.

So I think at this part, Naruto said something like that we should leave them alone, but I somehow stayed and watched with hawk-like eyes their interaction (even though the others left, I think). Surprise, Sasuke and Sakura spoke Japanese, so I didn’t get to understand what they were saying so I had to hang on the fact that I had watched enough anime and listened to enough Japanese to know where this is going LOL

I was close to them but had a certain distance at the same time, and they were quite close to the sea (the tiny waves almost reached their legs sometimes) and the water was really pretty and calm. It was sparkling blue and somehow a song was playing in the background. It was Sakura by Ikimono Gakari [x], another clear sign as to where this is going.

So, they were wearing these clothes and they were standing on the beach close to each other with the sunset in the background and I got to watch this. Perfect, I know.

They were silent and then Sakura started speaking and my mind started creating Japanese. The point of view changed and then I could see Sakura’s face.

She was ready to cry and she was half shouting emotional Japanese nonsense and I think she was holding the necklace with her hand. Sasuke was still blushing and he had this awkward expression on his face, because he was waiting for her outburst. Things get fuzzy again here, but then Sasuke said something, I think he was trying to explain himself; trying to find reason for something. He looked so cute with the poncho and his skin was tanner. Then, he kind of looked of down and had this defeated, sad expression on his face.

And then boom bitch! Sakura went forward and kissed him!

Then, Sasuke’s eyes widened slightly and he blushed once again. Sakura was also blushing, her eyes were closed and she had this determined expression. ((We all know who tops in the relationship))

Fireworks may have or may have not erupted in the sky. But it could have just been me LOL

Then, Sakura drew back and had this cute, guilty face that said ‘I kind of kissed you when you at least expected it, didn’t I?’ I don’t know how to explain it.

Then, Sasuke gave her that look. The ‘I love you’ look, and grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her back.

At this point I was dying (the music didn’t help) and then next thing I know, I was drowning in the sea with afterimages of Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Naruto.

Then, I was somewhere else, and I remember thinking: OMG I must tell everyone they became canon ((I completely forgot the fact that they had Salad-chan)) and I then I forced myself to wake up thinking I must tell m-mimima and then I thought that annalovesfiction must be making gifsets of that moment.

And I wanted to wake up so I can make up edits too.

And then I woke up for real and it was all a dream ;;3;;

P.S: For those who are wondering my hangover may have something to do with this.