this may not be a good thing!

  • America: guys, we need to renovate the building! It smells as bad as England's food!
  • England: cunt.
  • France: what should we do? I'm pretty sure none of us wants to lend their pocket money for the good of the building.
  • China: yep. But I do agree, this building is going to collapse on us like America did on the stock market.
  • Italy: we could do a charity service for us~
  • Japan: I don't think humanity wants to give money for politics.
  • Russia: why don't we do something fun? Like-
  • Germany: no.
  • Prussia: how about-
  • Austria and Germany: no.
  • Prussia: what, we didn't say anything!!
  • Austria: we can tell what stupid/illegal things you two will come up with.
  • Japan: well... I may have an idea that can effectively help us raise enough money...
  • Later...
  • England: I can't believe we raised so much money... from a musical!
  • Italy: veh, why is it called 'Hetalia the Musical'? What's Hetalia?
  • Germany: how did we become so popular??
  • Russia: I thought no one knew about us...
  • China: Japan... how did you already have scripts for this??
  • Japan: *nervous sweating*

Y’all aren’t making me feel anti-Tarantino.  You are, however, steadily squashing my cautious enthusiasm that maybe, just maybe, we will get another film made with the current cast. 

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its good to see harry kissing boys but why tf JAMES corden??? james literally kissed sean spicer at the emmys who has made insensitive remarks about the holocaust n james also joked bout the victims of harvey wenstein. good thing this scene was filmed in may coz i dont wanna see harry hanging about with ppl who support assault victims n white supremacists

yeah james has just been digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole and i’ve lost so much respect for him he’s been a good friend to the boys but that doesn’t erase his foul behaviour

Good Kid (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Alternatively titled, Good Deeds - Part 2

Summary: Steve drops you off at home after taking you home from a somewhat disastrous holiday party. Over a cup of hot chocolate, you come to the realization that he may be different from when you’d last known him.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1534

Author’s Note: Part 2 of Good Deeds is out and it kind of went in a different direction than I expected. Kind of like a transition chapter? Anyway, I have the next two parts planned and they are both cute and fluffy and exciting and will be out later this week!

Warnings: Language. 

So, Steve Harrington was in your house now.

That was a turn of events. Then again, your expectations for the night also hadn’t included all of your friends ditching you, Billy Hargrove hitting on you, and you running panicked from the party. So, all in all, this was one of the better surprises of tonight.

Still, you were finding it hard to think straight as you stirred the hot cocoa. You wanted to blame the cups of cheer that were really starting to catch up with you now, but if you were honest, the fact that Steve Harrington was currently sitting a few feet behind you at your kitchen table probably had something to do with it.

Which was stupid.

Because it wasn’t as if this was the first time he’d ever been in your house. Becky had brought him over plenty when they were “dating,” given that your house was the official hangout spot for your friends.

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By request I updated my wishlist tonight. As you can see it remains as eclectic as ever. 

I currently have a pile of unread books to go through and review for all of you starting in the New Year, so I haven’t really added anything to the list? But if you have any recs, good, bad, weird, whatever, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll add it in.

I also haven’t added in any food items because at present I am able to buy certain staple things in bulk from a reliable source and my pantry is FULL. I was like a bear stocking up for winter the last time I placed a grocery order. Plus amazon no longer seems to stock the gf oats I use for everything. Sad times :(

I may add more things to it when I start to redo my office and I let you guys pick and choose what kind of nightmare realm I end up working in. Cause, y’know, that worked out so well the last time

Lean On Me

First fanfic! Lol I don’t expect anyone to read this. 

Words 2.5k *unedited*

Summary: The shock of your boyfriend of three years may bring forth some goods things. Possibly better than you expected? 

You had expected this to be a good day, walking home from the last day of semester finals and finding a happy Yoongi waiting at the door for you. He would embrace you and kiss your forehead, asking you how finals went while you grabbed the nearest sugar cookies and a glass of milk. Then you both would cuddle on the couch and watch a movie before him taking you to bed, fucking you until you couldn’t walk the next day.

You thought it was going to be a typical day.

You thought.

A quick look around at the dark setting that was your living room made you frown in suspicion, he had said he would be at your house before you would. His clothes were strewn on the ground, and you found a blue lacy thong wrapped in the midst of his boxers.

You quietly tiptoed toward your guest room, where the sound of a girl’s moans and Yoongi’s dirty talk mixed in the air. They’d been there for a while, or it wouldn’t be this loud.

Your heart silently broke to pieces as you sat there, listening to Yoongi fuck the brains out of some gir-

You quickly turned back around, looking into the crack of the door. That brown hair, mischievous eyes, devilish smile.

That was no other than your best friend. 

A harsh laugh threatened to escape your lips, but you kept quiet. Oh, how you had seen this coming. You were no idiot, watching Yoongi give longing looks to Lina when he thought you weren’t looking. They both thought you stupid, goggling at each other like mindless ducks like there was no other tomorrow. Subtle.

You had been preparing for this very damn day.

You walked back to the couch and took out a book, you had homework to get done. You decided to wait until they walked out of the room smelling like fresh sex before you confronted them. You threw the textbook onto the couch and took out a binder, taking notes with one earbud in, listening to light jazz.

No less than 30 minutes passed, and you sat up. They were almost done.

You flicked on the light, looking for some snacks, “I know I had some sugar cookies here,” You murmured, rummaging through the cabinets. “Here we go,” You hissed, taking a big bite out of the first one, turning around at the sound of giggles.

Her eyes met yours first.

You smiled, “Hey, how ya doin?”

“It’s not what you th-”

“Cut the bullshit,” You interrupted, “You think I’m ‘stupid when I see exactly what’s happening right in front of me?” She looked down at the floor, unsure of what to say.

Yoongi, however, was unforgiving. His dark eyes pierced you, and you realized that he felt absolutely no guilt about this entire situation. “Pack your shit, you’re leaving tomorrow.” You said coldly, and he shrugged.

He never apologized, and always did what he thought best. If he thought cheating was going to get him somewhere, so be it.

Sometimes it takes a couple of hits to realize what a fucking idiot you are.

You finished your first cookie, and took out a second one, “I just don’t understand…why my best friend would go behind my back and fuck my boyfr-” You cut yourself off, “Ex boyfriend,”

She half heartedly shrugged a shoulder, “He said you were getting boring,” She flashed her famous smile, “If you know what I mean,”

You rolled your eyes and smiled icily, “Whatever,” You took the gun out of your waistband and pointed it at her, “You’re pissing me off,” She backed up, her eyes widening, “Get the fuck out of my house, both of you.”

They ran in the guest room and came back out with hastily dressed clothes, only Lina shuffled past in shame. Yoongi passed you and curled his lips in disgust. “Piece of shit,” You quietly whispered.

You reminded yourself that you had five more minutes before you could break the fuck down and cry for however long you wanted. Thank god you had winter break, you couldn’t bear it if you had to go to class every day and witness the two of them being together.

He didn’t say anything. He just walked past without another word.

The door slammed. You were alone.

You dropped the box of sugar cookies along with your gun and leaned against the door, sliding down to the floor and curling up into a ball.

How could the two most important people in your life do this to you? How could your boyfriend of 3 years just go behind your back like it was nothing?

It was so typical of him to be so heartless, but you’d seen sides of him that he’d never let anyone else witness. He saw and knew parts of you that you’d never let anyone else see. You told him everything. You trusted him.

“Maybe it is my fault,” You mumbled against your knee to no one in particular, “I was too busy with studying for finals so I couldn’t give him what he wanted, maybe that’s why he went behind my back, maybe that’s why he fucking left me.”

You wanted to cry, but you were so numb nothing came out. Everything and nothing hurt at the same time. You just didn’t know how to feel.

You hadn’t felt like this in such a long time.

It had been about 6 hours since you had caught your boyfriend fucking your best friend behind your back. It was 1 in the morning, and you were strewn across your bed, blankets tangled with your legs as you ate your third box of sugar cookies.

You were also, unfortunately, nearing the end of your second box of tissues. Your tear-stained face gleamed in the starlight. This was it. You were rock bottom.

It was probably another hour of you sobbing the shit out of your heart before a loud knock at the door made you jump.

Who the fuck was knocking at this ungodly hour?

You stumbled out of bed, wiping the tears and snot from your face and opened the door to a very concerned looking Jimin.

He dropped whatever he was holding in his bag and reached forward to grab you into a hug. “Hey…shhh, it’s okay”, He murmured, the both of you sliding to the floor as you cried into his chest, “I’m so sorry, I heard what happened,”

“How’d-” You hiccuped, “How’d you know?”

“He turned up at my house,” He said quietly. “He wanted you to know how sorry-”


He took your face into his cold palms, “He wanted me to explain to you.”

You looked up at him, “Why can’t his pussy ass come here and tell me himself?” You said angrily, “Every fucking time! Every time he does something, he can’t confront me or other people himself.”

You stood up and backed up a couple steps so you could stand properly, “You can come back once he’s ready to explain his actions. HImself.”

He nodded sadly, setting the bag of groceries on the counter. “See you later,” He gave you an apologetic look as he walked out the door, quietly closing it behind him, the sound of snow crunching gradually fading as Jimin walked back to his car.

It was a couple minutes before you could bring yourself to look into the contents of the bag. It was from him. No one but him knew your favorite flavor of ice cream, favorite brand of sugar cookies…your favorite everything.

You grabbed the bag and threw it in the trash, resisting the urge to punch the fucking window. You were sad, you were angry. You weren’t numb anymore.  You were undeniably heartbroken.

You walked back to your room, not bothering to lock the door as you threw yourself onto the bed, exhaustion taking over you as your eyes closed. “I’ll figure it out tomorrow,” You promised, for now, you just wanted to sleep.

A finger poked the bottom of your foot as you heard voices around you.

What the absolute fuck?

“Is she dead?”

“No, Jungkook,” You heard Jimin’s impatient sigh,

“Is she okay?” Taehyung asked, sitting on your bed and making the bed dip under his weight.

“Look at her, you can tell she’s been crying.” Hoseok’s voice harshly cut the air. “Yoongi, you fucking idiot.”

“Shut up,” His cold voice retorted, and you tensed up. “She pointed a gun at me.”

“She was never going to shoot you,” Taehyung scoffed, “But who fucks their girlfriend’s best friend and expects to get away with it?”


Without turning around, you said, “Each and every one of you has 10 seconds to get the fuck out of my room before I strangle your skinny necks.”

“Well geez,” You heard Taehyung mutter, along with the loud shuffle of 5 idiots move from your room.

The minute they closed the door, you ran to the bathroom. “Fuck,” Your face was puffy,  your eyes were swollen and red from crying. You looked like how you felt.

Like shit.

Deep breath.

You washed your face and walked out of the bathroom.  You slid on a pair of joggers and a simple, plain t-shirt before tying your hair up in a bathroom.

Today you looked like a bum and did not care.

Taking care to lock the door to your room and putting the key in your pocket, you slid on some sneakers and grabbed a hoodie before opening the window and hastily jumping out.

“You’re so predictable,” A voice said behind you and you spun around to see Hoseok behind you, smirking. He held out a cup, “Coffee? Thought you’d want some,”

You gave a small smile, “Bribing me with coffee will not want me to stay in the house with those imbeciles. Especially Yoongi.”

He shrugged, “Sure, they still think you’re in your room, crying your heart out, even Yoongi.” He smiled brightly. “I’ll drive you, where do you want to go?”

“Hoseok, I don’t even know you that well,” You began,

“I know you well enough to predict that you’d get out the house as fast as you could, no matter what,” He chuckled, “Besides, they were planning on making you stay in the house and express your feelings.”

You shuddered, “Not with Yoongi there.”

“I know, they were going to kick him out of the house for you to see. They’re probably giving him a verbal beating now.”

I shook my head, “You of all people should know that they care more about him than me, to them, I’m just this girl he dated for three years.” You stared at the floor, not wanting any tears to come out.

He coughed, “So do you just wanna stand outside and express your feelings or go around town for no reason?  I mean, you probably want to get as far away from Yoongi right now.”

You thought about it for a couple more seconds, “Why the fuck not.”

So that was how you ended up in a coffee shop with a box of sugar cookies at your side while Hoseok was downing another cup of coffee, “You’re going to get a caffeine high,” You warned, raising an eyebrow at the number of coffee cups on the table. Only two of them were yours.

He ignored you, downing the last cup before you asked, “How’d you meet Yoongi.”

“We met each other through the frat.” You nodded, of course.

“Did you just move here?” You guessed.

“Yeah about a month ago, but I’ve been friends with these guys for a while. Jimin and Tae are childhood friends.”

“They’ve never mentioned you.”

“Well, we didn’t get in touch until about 6 months ago. We were too busy what with college and such.” He waved it off. “S’all good though, I’m glad we’re all reunited again.” He rested his arm on the table, “What about you, how did you meet them?”

“I met them before I met Yoongi. It was at a party celebrating my 18th party, I’d been in college for a year. I met Jimin, Jungkook and Tae through my dance classes.” You smiled, remembering all the details, down to the very last one. “I woke up hungover as fuck with Yoongi in my bed, who I didn’t know at the time.”

“Let me guess, y’all fuckeeeed”, He said.

“Shh! You’re so loud,” You shushed him, your eyes crinkling up into the first smile of the day. “But yeah, we fucked.” You said quietly, “And then after finding out who each other was, it progressed into more…and now we’re here.”

“You loved him,” He breathed, “You know Yoongi doesn’t love anyone.”

“He loved me,” You said miserably, “And then he took my heart and broke it in 3 seconds.”

His hand reached for yours and his thumb caressed your palm. “I’m sorry,” He said quietly.

It a couple moments before you realized that he wouldn’t let go of your hand. You didn’t know whether or not to pull away.

It felt nice.

The both of you noticed and pulled away simultaneously, blushing.

“I’ll treat you to ramen?”

You smiled, “Sure.”

It had been a couple days since you had any sort of occurrence with Hoseok. You weren’t sure if it was normal to long for someone that wasn’t your ex, despite it only being a week since you two separated.

It’s not like anything had drastically changed throughout this week, you’d heard from a couple of sources that Yoongi was still fucking your best Lina, who hadn’t dropped by for a friendly chat. Too scared out of her wits, probably.

Jimin had texted you about an hour ago, asking if you wanted to go to the club that evening. You had sourly replied with a very blunt ‘No.’ He had left you on read.

You had planned to stay in, listen to very depressing music and eat ice cream cookies.

No one had prepared you for the loud turning of the door knob and about 6 boys dressed in slacks and dress shirts tumbled in, “Heyyy Y/N! Are you ready to get turnt?” Jin shouted, wrapping your surprised self in a warm hug.

“It’s been such a long time,” You breathed, “What are you doing here?”

“Well I heard my favorite little sister’s heart was broken and I decided to drop by for a surprise visit,” He grinned. You laughed and hugged him harder, happy that he was here.

“Well I’m happy to see you, but there’s no way in hell am I about to get ‘turnt’.” You turned around to Jimin, who pretended to look away innocently. “Jimin,” You sighed, “I’m not going to the damn club with you.”

“You’re not,” He gestured to the other boys, “You’re not just going with me, you’re going with all of us,” He smiled cheekily.

“Will Yoongi be there?” You gave him a pressing look.

“You won’t see him anywhere, he’s very good at avoiding people when he wants to,” Jimin said hastily.

“Owuuch,” You said. “No, I’m not going.”

“Please,” Jungkook begged, “We’re not allowed to leave until you say yes.

“It’ll be fun,” Hoseok said, smiling at you, and your heart did a little jump. Hoseok. It had only been a couple days since you’d seen him, but it had felt like forever.

“Whatever.” You muttered and turned on your heel to pick an outfit for the night.

Jimin turned around, smiling at the gang, “Get ready for a wild night.”

Merformer Swerve Fic

(This was originally going to be part of a request, however it quickly turned out to be much longer than I had originally planned so now it’s its own thing lol.  XD  I may or may not continue it as a mer Swerve/Reader series depending on how much time I have and if anyone is interested.  Please let me know what you think.)

You knew you had made a huge mistake the second you laid eyes on the ramshackle cabin that looked as though any moment it could slide into the frigid, grey waters of the lake beside it.  The wood was warped and weather beaten from what was possibly a hundred years worth of winter storms.  The stonework chimney leaned precariously to one side and was bent at an odd angle, making it look like something out of a cartoon than any functional appliance. And the vintage wooden blinds hanging in nearly all of the windows appeared to have numerous missing slats, like a grinning mouth with missing teeth.  

You grimaced as you set your travel worn suitcase inside and surveyed your surroundings.  You were slightly surprised at how clean the place looked, (despite the hideously retro décor) having expected nothing short of a century’s worth of cobwebs, and possibly even the grinning remains of the last poor soul that had been fed the same spiel about the idyllic lakeside retreat from a crumpled travel brochure.

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Underwater Animatronics

Hi! I saw that you guys had some underwater animatronics on your blog, and I figured that I’d send in one; the Maelstrom from Disney World. The entire thing has these trolls with giant light-up eyes that gently bob, but there’s this one that almost looks like a rock with eerily orange eyes that stare at you…

Here’s one of many videos you can find of it–This one in particular has nightvision, so you may not be able to find the one I speak of.


Oh my goodness, yes, Maelstrom! God, I’m still sad I never got to ride it before the Frozen ride took over. :( Also, this fella is definitely unsettling.

I wonder what became of the props and animatronics from this ride. Hopefully not a bad end, but knowing Disney, I’m not confident. :(

- Mod Rat

I found an old (before s2) article, and thought it was interesting given where we’re at now:

“For a long time, Archie was what Betty wanted,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “And I don’t think it’s like a switch being flipped, that just changes.”

But it’s not just Betty’s previous desires that could be the issue. With his father being shot causing Archie to have to really look at everything in his life, he may have finally begun to realize what he let get away when he turned Betty down.

“Now that he’s a little bit older, a little bit wiser, is he like, ‘Wow, I let this really good thing get away? And is it too late?'” Sacasa said.

Archie wondering what might have been with Betty doesn’t just cause a shakeup for 'B/ughead,’ though. With Archie and Veronica developing a relationship last season as well if Archie finds himself longing for the girl next door, despite Archie and Veronica being "pretty great together,” Sacassa warned that sometimes desire overwhelms.

“The heart wants what it wants.”

Birthday Boy (Sam Winchester x Reader fluff)

It was his birthday so you decided to give him something he had always wanted. Sammy didn’t like his birthdays or better to put it he treated that day like any other which annoyed you, because second of May was special and so was he. He gave so much to the world and yet got so little in return. He had saved your ass so many times you can’t even count, he was kind, good and the most important thing he truly did love you. It was the least you could do.

“Happy Birthday Sam! Meet Layla, Layla this is Sammy.” You said holding the leash while a golden retriever was sitting next to you, looking at her new friend.

“Who?” Sam asked confused. “Why?”

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pixie cut anon again! got told not to cut my hair because my boyfriend may not be fond of it. totally gonna chop it now! I’ll keep you posted !!! Lots of love !!!!

ok so my favourite person ive ever met is this hairdresser who asked her bf if he would date a girl with short hair and he said no so she went away and shaved it and he started asslicking and say she looked good and she told him to have his things out of her apartment by the next day. and now you are my favourite person im so proud you’re the person i want to be!!!

I’m back!

So good news:

  • I’m alive
  • I passed my classes
  • The worst of the worst semester is over
  • I graduate in May 😳
  • I am precepting (apprenticeship for nurses) at one of the best hospitals in the world next semester

What does this mean for you all lovelies:

  • I have TIME to create things
  • So you all will see more gifsets, recipes, and some writings here soon

I’m just going to lay and watch Netflix tonight, but I’ll do some stuff tomorrow.

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Here's another scary detail, the more closely you analyze the behavior of the funtime animatronics, the more you realize that Baby is the only one who ISN'T gleefully murderous. Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon both love toying with the player, Ballora was apparently scooped because of how transparently homicidal she was, the Minireenas giggle as they try to set off your Springlocks, and Baby's intervention is the one thing that stops the Bidybabs and Funtime Foxy from killing you. What happened?

I want to rewatch or replay sister location and come back to this, but if I remember correctly, the only reason Baby helped you is because she was ‘pretending to be good’ to lure you into the Scooper/SCUPer, to use your corpse to get outside. So it may not be that Circus Baby isn’t gleefully murderous, it might just be that she was the only one smart enough to hide it for her plan. And in fnaf 6, she doesn’t need to pretend anymore.

hey guys !! it’s the time of year when i begin to feel some positivity and appreciation for the good things in my life, and you guys / gals / nonbinary pals are definitely deserving of some of that love !! so here’s a little follow forever to show you all how much i love you. there may be duplicates of muns in here, just be aware !!

my baes,,,, those of you who i write with / desperately want to write with / love w all my heart


my tumblr crushes, the ones i want to write with but haven’t got the guts to approach yet bc i’m a l0ser


if i missed you, i’m so sorry, i love all of you so so much and i can’t even begin to express my gratefulness !!!!

When you see someone defending a character’s shitty actions and calling them “good”. Like, you realize they can be both good and bad right? I know that’s a weird concept here on but like, most characters are a mix. It’s rare, but it does happen that a character is pure and good with their actions, or downright evil stuck out of time, but most of the time, characters just aren’t that cut and dry.

Even Lawful Good characters do shitty things in the name of good. Their intentions may be Good but their methods are questionable. Think about the Hunger from The Adventure Zone. Good intentions, bad methods. 

Let your characters be gray. This website just needs to get its head out of its ass and admit that most characters and frankly, people, are Problematic ™ sometimes and that’s just how the world works. 

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so there’s this really great guy that i have a crush on and i told one of (who i thought was) my friends and now she likes him and he likes her too and they’re probably a thing or whatever. like woo good for her but she showed no interest in him at all before i told her that i like him. and she talks about cute shit he does all the time and always flirts when i’m around him and it hurts like hell

(anon that just ranted about crush and shitty friend) and like it may not seem like a big deal but my entire life i’ve been chosen second or not at all. i’m not the prettiest, or most popular, or hottest girl ever. no guy has ever looked at me and been like “wow” or done a double take. and my “friend” is gorgeous. she has a nice body, everything. she’s all anyone would want but her personality lowkey sucks but all the guys still go after her. that’s how it has always been no matter who i’m being compared to and it hurts so much. and i try to explain this to people but nobody gets it. i haven’t even had a boyfriend and nobody has liked me. and his guy i like is popular, super sweet, really attractive, shy, and i’m just weird and awkward and not pretty everything that nobody wants. even after people compliment me all the time, tell me i’m pretty and funny and hot but nope. i’m always chosen last or not at all. and it rlly fuckin hurts that my friend would do that yknow? like oh you like this guy? well to bad i’m better than you and i’m gonna go steal him. sorry this was so long i just needed to rant about it and nobody i know listens

Hey there. So I had an experience like this in high school, but I was your friend, and it was really shitty of me. She introduced us at a party because she was super into him and thought he was flirty back to her, and he and I hung out like that whole party and the whole time I was thinking “great! this guy’s great! they’ll be great together!” but then after that night he told her he was into me, and she told me, and I kinda became obsessed with the feeling of being wanted by this guy and sort of disregarded my friend’s feelings. She pretended it was fine for a long time and then it blew up in my face a couple months after the guy and me started being a thing and we sort of stopped being friends after that. 

i share that to say, people do stupid things and make dumb decisions in high school. It doesn’t mean your friend doesn’t care about you. She will likely look back on this and regret it. You totally have a right to be mad, so be mad. But she probably has something else going on in her head that’s keeping her from seeing the hurt she’s causing you (for me it was the feeling of being wanted overpowering everything else). I hope she comes around and you guys can still be friends - unless you don’t want to be, and that decision is valid too.

((i don’t think it’s fair to you to compare your looks to hers, just as it’s not fair to compare her personality to yours (it goes both ways there).))

Very few people feel like they have the full package, especially in high school. There is someone out there, probably lots of people, who will see you and be like “Damn. That girl is everything I want.” But, you are not gonna meet that guy in high school. You’re just not, almost all high school boys suck, they only want pretty girls who will have sex with them, and that’s a fact. It’s okay to not ever date in high school. I’m about to graduate college, and that boy I mentioned earlier is still the closest thing I’ve ever had to a boyfriend! Don’t stress about being in relationships with labels. Meet people and build friendships and one day an AWESOME guy will come around and sweep you off your feet, and it’s okay if that’s tomorrow or in six years. 

I’m sorry you’re feeling like you’re chosen last all the time. Odds are you’re not, and you just don’t realize it. High school doesn’t last forever and the world beyond is amazing. And YOU’RE amazing! Don’t stress too much. xoxo

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hey, i was looking into getting some snails.. do you have any general info or things i should know? can i catch diseases from them? are terrestrial or aquatic snails more fun/work/etc?

Hmm. I swear I had multiple people I follow that have snails, but I scrolled through my follow list & couldn’t recall who. I did double check & @hella-free-space has aquatic snails, so may be able to weigh in on them! Does anyone else know of good people for snails that might be able to help out here?

As far as terrestrial vs aquatic, the biggest difference I can think of is that terrestrial are probably more easily handled! For aquatic you would need to cycle a tank & maintain water changes, so I would guess a little more work for set up & upkeep there. I find it easier to do substrate changes, or you could set up terrestrial with bio-active bedding, perhaps. 

“You probably won’t get season three until sometime in 2019.“ David Harbour [Chief Hopper] from Stranger Things indicates that the next season of the beloved Netflix series may not release for a long time.

He explains that the wait will be worth it. And we agree. He says that the Duffer Brothers  pour long hours into making each episode into the best it can be. And it shows! Harbour states,

"Like any good thing, they need time. And those guys work so hard. I mean, they just sit in their apartment and write for 12, 14 hours a day.”