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Felt like redesigning my gemsona, so here’s Geuda Pink Sapphire! She’s a sapphire who emerged too early from her kindergarten, so she’s far too soft and floaty. She can’t even make ice, only bubbles. Also, while she possesses Future Sight, she can only foresee the best possible outcome of any event. Rather than shatter her, I suppose Pink Diamond kept her around as a novelty…Until she realized she could use the faulty sapphire to motivate her doomed troops to keep fighting. 

Geuda is rarely allowed to hear how events actually play out, however, so she remains flighty, upbeat, and relentlessly optimistic. She’s already foreseen that the rebels will come and apologize very soon, and she’s certain that everything is going to work out just fine. 


To celebrate the release of the Twin Peaks book, “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” by Mark Frost, here are the character designs I did for my portfolio project “Twin Peaks Animated”! I started this May 2016 but I never got to take this project to full completion like I wanted but I am still happy with these designs!

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AYH Tokyo Dome 26.12.2016 sakumoto~~~ SPOILERS

└ Spoiler warning for tonight’s concert (and my last for this trip).

A totally happy sakumoto shipper as…

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Ok but a Sportarobbie Hogwarts au

-Robbie is a Slytherin who doesn’t have many friends and hangs around a lot on his own

-Sportacus is a Hufflepuff who’s pretty popular because everyone sees him as this great sweet guy

-Sportacus starts to notice this lanky Slytherin who’s always alone and can’t help but wonder why

-He decides to try to befriend him because it seems that no one else has

-Robbie despises him at the beginning and isn’t entirely sure what is happening when he notices how nice this boy is to him

-It isn’t long before Robbie starts to notice his heart racing and his stomach churning every time Sportacus is nearby

-Sportacus can’t help but feel something similar every time he spots Robbie

-Robbie spends a lot of time alone in the dorm room, sketching out designs for inventions he may never even make. He starts spending a lot more time doing so when his feelings for Sportacus start

-Sportacus is captain of his house’s quidditch team. Robbie pretends to have no interest but always sits at the back of one the stands and hopes Sportacus doesn’t notice him

A Guide to Spoiler Season Etiquette

Spoiler season is more than right around the corner. In fact, by the time this goes up, it may have already started. Official spoiler times are never set in stone every year and can often be pushed forward. Because of this, there is a certain concern amongst MTG fans that their spoilers will be ruined.

To many fans of Magic the Gathering, spoiler season is like Christmas. It’s a several week long period where Wizards of the Coast, and various MTG and TCG related outlets are given the opportunity to ‘spoil’ a card in the upcoming set. This period is both fun for players who are excited about seeing, early, what is coming up in the new set and allows for WotC to preview and explain mechanics and story to come in a controlled environment. All in all, spoiler season builds suspense, excitement and allows for great clarity between creator and fans. 

However, nothing is ever quite so simple. With so many cards and so much excitement built up around this period of time, there are always things that feel through the cracks. That being leaks. Leaks are not unlike spoilers as, at the end of the day, they are still just hearing about the card early, however they are usually from unofficial sources and will often involve the breaking of contract and trust between various parties and WotC. As awful as this is, leaks are enabled by clambering fans, looking for a spoiler fix. Ultimately, they hurt the game and fans as it prevents the aforementioned clarity and excitement from happening. All of a sudden things are out of control. There was great confusion about colourless mana during the release of Oath of the Gatewatch that may have been avoided had cards not been leaked and this stands as a testament to the power than leaks can have as MTG evolves and crosses more exciting domains.

Right now, I’m not gonna call you a bad person for looking at leaks. That wouldn’t be right. Instead, I’m going to ask you not to spread leaks and provide a quick guide to avoid accidentally sharing unauthorised spoiler cards so that you know before you go. 

Identifying an early leak is relatively easy but they can sometimes get a little difficult. All in all there are two stages. Photos and unsourced.

Photos are the easiest to identify because they are literally just photos of the cards. Any and all photos of unspoilered cards are leaks and should either be avoided or, at the least, unshared. Additionally, these photos will more than often be either unsourced or link to unofficial sources. When in doubt, leave it be. 

Here is a photo of one of the only leaked cards from Kaladesh. Note that it is also not a regular version of the card. More often than not, leaks will be foils, pre-release promos or FNM foils.

Note: This is not a card from Aether Revolt so fear not

The second kind is much harder to identify and is more of an sceptical approach to run of the mill spoilers as opposed to way of identifying things that are clearly not kosher. That is just that if, when browsing reddit, tumblr or any news website, you find a spoiler that is unsourced, or links to an unofficial source, it should be assumed to be untrustworthy. All in all, this is for those who are very adamantly avoiding spoilers as any unsourced spoiler card could very well just be a regular spoiler, so I’ll leave whether you share it or not to your discretion.

Ultimately the spreading of leaks hurts magic as it takes control over the spoiler season from WotC, thus hurting the game and the fans. I can’t tell you not to share leaks, so I won’t. Instead I’ll give tools to identify leaks, for those genuinely concerned with avoiding leaks. I hope only that this will help to slow the spread of leaks.

—Max, @commandtower-solring-go

mhysaofdragons  asked:

Ok so I believe you ship bellarke too. So level with me. Is there still canon hope lol? I am starting to feel like it may never happen. Clexa made it seem impossible. When Lexa died and Clarke and Bellamy were being super extra this season I thought our time had finally come. But then Niylah in the last episode . . . I mean I know Clarke technically didn't make it official with Nylah but still. That MOMENT with Bellamy was interrupted. Will this ship ever sail?!?! Thoughts? Ty, bless you.

Of course there is! :) For starters, they are the canon pairing in the books to the best of my knowledge, and while television adaptations can stray from the source material, it does make it likely that they would at least be considering the possibility of the pairing in the show. And I feel like they’ve really been foreshadowing it from very early in the first season. Bellamy has been the only real constant in Clarke’s life on Earth, and a lot of the show is driven by their characters both individually and together. It has all the makings of an endgame pairing, particularly the slow burn development, and in a slow burn pairing you often see both characters exploring relationships with other people while slowly fostering the relationship they have with each other, so that if the day comes where they do realize there’s something romantic there, they already have all the foundation of a healthy relationship built and it’s usually one of those realizations where it’s like, ah, so that’s what this feeling was. And we’ve seen how they develop friendships and platonic partnerships on this show - Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship doesn’t really follow that and seems to be in a category all their own. 

Clarke’s past relationships have all represented something that she needed at the time. Finn initially felt kind of like a kindred spirit, someone who shared Clarke’s beliefs as well as her fears and who stood up for others. I think she also became attached to him because part of him reminded her of her dad in the beginning, because he also thought people deserved to know the truth and Clarke said it was the exact same thing her father had said. I also think that’s why it hurt so much to find out about Raven, because for Clarke, at that time, it felt like Finn could be the person meant for her. 

Lexa was a fellow leader, someone who could understand the weight Clarke felt on her shoulders, someone who knew how to separate emotion from what needed to be done, a lesson Clarke hadn’t learned yet because by nature she was a very emotional and compassionate person. That’s not to say Lexa wasn’t either, but she knew how to compartmentalize better, and Clarke looked up to her. When everything went wrong at Mount Weather, Clarke was in a really dark place with herself. She felt like she had done unforgivable things to try and protect her people and she couldn’t bear to see the judgement in their faces, so she left. When she finds her way back to Lexa and eventually forgives her for abandoning them at Mount Weather, she finds someone who does not look at her like Mount Weather was a mistake. She finds someone who looks at her and sees a warrior, a leader, and the decisions she made are something to be coveted in a person like that. Lexa has also only known Clarke as the leader, and not for who she was when the 100 first landed on Earth, and I think that’s part of why Clarke was running away too. She knew she had come a long way from the person she was at the beginning, and it was easier to pretend that person had never existed than to come to terms with what she had done. Lexa provided that escape for her.

Niylah was a little different than both of these love interests, because IMO Clarke’s relationship with Niylah has always been about finding comfort in the no-strings-attached physical intimacy that Niylah offered. Clarke is a person who I think is very grounded by touch, and she can’t live without it. Niylah is a free spirited compassionate person who lives day by day, who expects no promises or vows, who is simply content to live in the moment. And for Clarke, a girl constantly worrying about the future, I think that sort of personality is very appealing and provides a different sort of escape. Clarke has spent the entire series with a world of expectations placed on her shoulder and Niylah is someone who expects nothing from her but what she’s willing to offer. I think the same interpretation can be applied to their most recent encounter as well. Niylah tells Clarke she’s not asking for anything from her but today, and Clarke asks her to stay so she can find comfort in the knowledge that Niylah will be one of the first to become a Nightblood. While there’s definitely room to argue romantic attachment, I feel like part of why Niylah stressed to Clarke that she’s not asking for promises is because she knows Clarke isn’t ready to make them, because she is still mourning Lexa, because she has so many other things to worry about in that moment. And Clarke is thankful for that. Personally, I think that’s the extent of their relationship for right now.

When it comes to Bellamy, his relationship with Clarke provides a little bit of everything she was looking for in these other relationships. He started out as her enemy but he became her closest ally and friend, much like Finn and even Wells (who was the original second love interest in the books) tried to be. He shares a lot of the same burdens of leadership and in fact made many of the difficult choices with Clarke, and he is one of the few characters who mostly hasn’t judged her for them. I say “mostly” because he did lash out at her last season when they were on the outs, but I don’t think he legitimately was judging her so much as he was angry and looking to hurt her the way he had been hurt. I think Bellamy is one of the few characters who looks at Clarke and sees that she is still the same girl that she has always been, whereas many of the other characters seem to think that leadership has changed her. Part of this is because Clarke only allows herself to be vulnerable around certain people, and so most of them only see the facade Clarke puts on in order to try and convey confidence in her decisions that she doesn’t always actually feel. And as for physical touch grounding her, Bellamy has provided that at times as well, even before they were really friends. A comforting hand on the shoulder, a fleeting touch across her back or against her hand, an embrace. 

So the question I guess then becomes, if Bellamy embodies all of these components that Clarke has been looking for in her past relationships, why is she not looking for them in him? And I think a lot of that comes down to the fact that Clarke hasn’t actively been looking for love but rather responding (enthusiastically) to the love that has been offered to her. She didn’t pursue Finn, or Lexa, they pursued her, and she was happy to let them because she shared a connection with them. But I don’t think we’ve ever really seen Clarke do the pursuing herself, and a lot of that is probably because she’s just always felt like there were more important things to worry about than her love life. So far, Bellamy hasn’t really been offering that love in the same obvious way that Finn and Lexa did. His relationship with Clarke is firmly in the “other” category and I’m not saying that neither of them have an idea what that “other” might mean for them, but I do think that the connection they have is too important to either of them to risk without good reason and maybe, right now, they’re not sure they have that. I definitely feel like Bellamy was on the verge of something in 2x06 and that’s promising for future episodes, but I know my slow burn ships, and I know it’s not going to be as simple as finishing what he wanted to say before Clarke cut him off. 

And maybe this is just me but I feel like Clarke is kind of… oblivious, to when other people have feelings for her? Wells was in love with her and she didn’t seem to have any idea from what I recall, and I feel like Bellamy’s affection would probably be closer to Wells than anyone else’s. Clarke I think picked up on Finn’s feelings fairly quickly but he was a flirty kind of guy, it was a little easier with him. Things also weren’t quite as bleak as they became in later seasons, so even though Clarke had responsibilities, she still had a little more freedom to explore her own needs and desires. She was a bit slower with picking up on Lexa’s feelings, too, but to be fair the situation there was a very complicated one and she probably didn’t think Lexa would ever have reason to feel that way about her in the short time they knew each other. She was also still mourning Finn, and feeling the crushing weight of her decisions on her shoulders. 

But the one good thing about this radiation storyline is that the point of it all is to remind everyone to live in the moment, to appreciate what they have, to say the things that need to be said because you might not get to say them tomorrow. And with a clock counting down to doomsday, we start to think about how we want to spend our final moments, and with that realization things really get put into perspective. I think Bellamy’s realized that, but Clarke is still so focused on finding a solution that she hasn’t begun to consider what she’ll do if she can’t. I think once that changes, we’ll get our clarification on her feelings, but unfortunately that does mean things are probably going to have to get even worse. 

I have no idea if this adequately answered your question but I hope it helped somewhat, and feel free to send another ask or hit me up on chat if you want to talk about it more. :)


From 1984 to 1996, one of television’s best crime-solvers was a retired English teacher turned mystery writer. Angela Lansbury played best-selling novelist and amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote. A hugely popular series both then and now, Murder, She Wrote was an institution on Sunday nights for over a decade. Each week, Jessica encountered another murder - sometimes right in her home town of Cabot Cove, Maine and other times at points all across the country and around the world. Using her sharp eye and her steely resolve, Jessica never failed to identify the guilty party and wrap up the case for the local police.

Like other classic TV shows, Murder, She Wrote is leaving Netflix on January 1, 2017. With over 200 episodes over 12 seasons, you may not know where to start. While the format never changed that much from Episode 1 to Episode 264, here are a few suggestions for diving into the series.

Tough Guys Don’t Die (Season 1, Episode 15) – One of the treats of the show was watching Angela Lansbury work with other veterans of the Broadway stage, and this episode introduces Jerry Orbach as hard-boiled private eye Harry McGraw. Before he was Lennie Briscoe, Orbach recurred as McGraw, a tough shamus who frequently ran into Jessica and pulled her into his cases. In this first episode (peppered with homages to the private eye genre), Jessica had been working with his partner “Archie Miles” before Archie was bumped off. Despite a rocky start to their friendship, Jessica and Harry team up to bring the killer to justice.

Murder Takes the Bus (Season 1, Episode 18) – A variation on the “locked room mystery,” this episode finds Jessica and Cabot Cove Sherriff Amos Tupper (Tom Bosley) on a bus to Boston that has to stop at a roadside diner to wait out a storm. The wait turns into an investigation when it’s revealed one of the passengers was stabbed in his seat, and Jessica has to figure out when he was killed and identify the killer.

Sticks and Stones (Season 2, Episode 10) – This episode finds Amos on the eve of retirement with John “Gomez Addams” Astin all set to replace him. But a series of poison pen letters floods Cabot Cove and the ensuing feuds and misunderstandings result in two murders. The plot ties to a planned real estate development and ends with Jessica tearfully revealing that a longtime friend is a murderer.

The Corpse Flew First Class (Season 3, Episode 12) – Another “locked room” mystery, but this locked room is flying at 30,000 feet. On a flight from the US to London, Jessica has to contend with a murder and the theft of a priceless necklace. There’s no shortage of suspects on board, but how did the killer dispatch his victim and steal the jewels? Or are the two even connected? It’s a clever puzzle that doesn’t wrap up until customs.

Witness for the Defense (Season 4, Episode 3) – The old joke is that Jessica Fletcher would be the worst friend to have – everywhere she goes, murder follows. But it’s never articulated on the show as well as it is by Patrick McGoohan as a feisty attorney in this episode. Jessica’s in Canada to help her friend, a man who stands accused of killing his wife. Much of the show is set in the courtroom, giving ample opportunity for Angela Lansbury and McGoohan to square off.

If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Beverly (Season 4, Episode 7) – Jessica went all around the world, but for me the best episodes were the ones set in Cabot Cove. This one, one of the greatest of the small town stories, involves a deputy sheriff who goes the extra mile to protect and serve the ladies of Cabot Cove. When one of them turns up dead, Jessica has to decide if the local Romeo is innocent or guilty.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Parts 1 and 2) (Season 5, Episodes 21 and 22) – At one time, this was going to be the series finale. Ultimately a deal was worked out where Angela Lansbury would come back, but if the show had ended here, it would have been a great way to go out. Jean Simmons plays a rival mystery writer who is losing ground (and money) to Jessica, and she decides to steal a story rather than come up with one of her own. Plagiarism is the least of her worries when she winds up accused of murder. Not only is it a great mystery, but it features terrific acting and character development between Jessica and William Windom’s Dr. Seth Hazlitt.

Murder Among Friends (Season 12, Episode 16 – After eleven years at the top of the ratings on Sunday nights, CBS moved Murder, She Wrote to Thursdays at 8:00. Up against the second season of Friends, Jessica Fletcher’s audience collapsed, and the show was slated for cancellation. But before it signed off, Murder, She Wrote got its digs in as Jessica investigates a murder on the set of a hit sitcom about a group of twentysomethings. The show’s title? Buds.


Based on her canon dialogue Liara has always been open about her feelings and sense there may be a mutual connection from the start. But Messy Shep never truly acknowledge or deny. She continued that by-the-book CO approach, that is no infatuation with anyone under her command. Of course Shep just keep making a mess of herself throughout the years and Li’s suspicion would grow as time goes by. 

The tension is real in Messy’s story.


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New bullet journal spreads for December!! My monthly spread as usual, plus a new doodle challenge spread :) Never did one before so may as well start during my fave month🎄❄️

For those having final exams soon, I wish you all good luck!!! You got this:) Just stay positive and calm throughout this time, you will make it through this 😘

not to be salty, but I think it’s pretty shitty to run around calling kylux a “crackship” after the endless hours artists and authors and meta writers and fans of all stripes have put into analyzing these two characters and their relationship over the past 12 months. after the millions of words written about them, the aus created, the hard work that’s been dedicated to fleshing out their characterization in ways it hasn’t been and likely never will be in canon.

we may have started out as a “crackship,” but we are so much more than that by now - a year in - and we should be proud of ourselves. because who ever could have thought we’d do so much with so little?