this may get me unfollowed but i have a right

There is a lot of hate going around on a lot of blogs right now

I just have to say that it’s ridiculous and crazy amount of hate. And it’s childish and a little pathetic. And your hiding behind anon and being a chicken shit about it . If you don’t like it or the blog, un-follow and move along. If you want to send in a reason for unfollowing, you don’t have to be such an asshole in your wording. I may get hate for this myself but I rather have it on me for backing up friends then on people that don’t deserve a single drip of hate. Literally come at me hateful anon! 



Your blogs are beautiful and I love you guys and you’re great and do not deserve the mean words you’re receiving. 

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You know, if people who actually have cancer are telling you your url is harmful you should do them a favor and listen instead of deflecting. They're not stupid, they get the reference, and they still think it's harmful. Stop speaking over people. Jeez.

How am I speaking over anyone? I hear what they’re saying and respond. I get more people with cancer (and other chronic illnesses) messaging me who are okay with it than not okay. It’s commentary on the negative pervasive attitude able bodied people have on chronically ill and disabled people. If someone is uncomfortable with my url, they can unfollow and block me. I have no problem with that. I’m not forcing my name or blog on anyone nor would I speak over anyone.

I may come off short in responses about my name because I am so tired of explaining it, especially when the explanation is right on my blog. Like everyone else in the spoonie community, I don’t have a lot of energy and hate to use it on repeating myself or feeling guilty that I can’t please every person.

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Post sum fucking imagines

All right, since you’re being so kind let’s talk. I’ve posted up to four imagines a day for several days. Because I WANTED TO NOT BECAUSE I HAVE TO. This is not a job. I am not getting paid for this. I take time out of my day to do this because it’s fun for me. If you don’t like what’s going on then you are welcome to click the unfollow button, because I have had a horrible freaking day, and these questions are helping me to calm down, and who knows they may even help me sleep. I rarely lose my temper on here, but this makes me mad.

speaking of hate I received via this blue hell site in my 7 yrs of having blogs … once I unfollowed someone and immediately afterwards they posted some of my band fanart to this (thankfully now defunct) ‘terrible rock star art’ blog right afterwards. and now I’m like,,, binch u may have upset me at first but you also made me strive to get better at drawing so who’s the real winner here

life lessons: let go & walk away

When I was in my mid-20s, I was dating someone who was a BNF in a fandom. I was also pretty well-known in the fandom. She dumped me. Later, I found out she’d been falling in love with a man behind my back and 2 weeks after we broke up, she started dating him. 

I was so upset. I was heartbroken, and I was really angry. I kept going back to her Facebook, kept trawling the forums we frequented, for signs they’d broken up, or signs that she was unhappy. I was nice to her (of course), but secretly, I wanted her to hurt as much as she’d hurt me. It was kind of sick, really. 

Of course, I never found evidence of her being miserable, because she was happy without me. That knowledge made me cry all the time, and every time a message came up in my Facebook feed from her (we stayed friends), and every time she posted on LJ or on the forums, all the sorrow started again. I couldn’t deal with it. It was so unfair! She’d been effectively cheating on me behind my back!

One night, in one big impulsive knee-jerk reaction to my feelings, I just disabled and deleted all my accounts and made new ones. I blocked her. I unfriended her. I removed every possible way I could get any news about her life from my life. 

I expected to sink into some deep despair about how life was unfair and people never get what they deserve, yadda, yadda, but the opposite happened. 

Immediately, I started to feel better. Without that constant reminder of how she’d hurt me, I slowly, surely forgot to remember that she had. 

I didn’t actually leave the fandom; I just didn’t hang out in places that I knew she’d be. I made new friends. I wrote new things. And slowly, I started to get over her. 

This experience and my learning from it keeps being relevant in online stuff these days, and I’d like to share it with you:

If there is one piece of advice I can give you today, it’s don’t deliberately expose yourself to shit you know is going to make you angry and upset. It doesn’t matter how unfair it is. It doesn’t matter if you feel like the person is wrong or that they should be told they are wrong and suffer for it. The only person who suffers when you do this is yourself. 

Don’t read the comments section on contentious news articles or on Youtube.

Don’t go to alt-right blogs and expose yourself to that bullshit.

It doesn’t help, it just hurts you. 

I have people following me now, checking my blog regularly, for reasons to send me hate. For evidence my all followers are leaving me (they aren’t), for anything that justifies their hatred for me and ‘sets the universe right’ for the punishment they feel like I deserve. Who want to see me suffer.

Guys, you’re just hurting yourselves. Honestly, do yourself a favour, make the healthy, mature choice and unfollow me. Block me. Put aside all your feelings of righteous fury, accept you may not get to see me suffer like you think I should, and get on with your lives <3

I already have 300 followers in a week? Wow! I gotta do something for you all! So here’s the rules!

  • You must be following me. I will be checking! And don’t unfollow right after. That’s not fair for everyone and you will be disqualified. People who are already following who enter will get 1 extra entry.
  • You can reblog as much as you want and likes do count! Please don’t clog up your follower’s dashes with this.
  • No giveaway blogs! I will check!
  • I may write down all the names of the people who enter. I’ve had problems in the past where the notes wouldn’t fully show. XP
  • The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm Mountain Time February 7th, which gives you two weeks!
  • I will contact the winners and you have 24 hours to respond. If you do not, then I will pick another winner.
  • I do not do NSFW stuff, but I will do a bit of blood and violence if you want me to.
  • Everything will be digital, but I will sketch it in real life first. I will post progress photos and, if you want me to change anything, then tell me soon. Because within 24 hours they will be scanned into the computer and then digital.
  • Please give me time to complete all these. I have a busy schedule and may not be able to do everything until my March break.
  • You can give me your email so I can get you the personal copies of the pictures myself. They will be in a high-res JPEG format.
  • PLEASE do not repost the pictures and claim them as your own! If I see this I will ask you to take them down immediately. Please only reblog the original from my blog.



  • A full sized digital drawing (maybe 8.5x11 inches) of up to two characters. Done in either Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, or FireAlpaca, depending on how I feel. (example below)
  • One headshot of any character of your choosing. (example below)
  • Up to ten chibis of any characters you want. (example below)
  • One inked in black and white drawings. They will shaded in grey, with their eyes and background colored.


  • A full sized drawing of any one character.
  • One headshot of any character of your choosing.
  • Up to six chibis of any characters you want.


  • One full sized black and white drawing, with eyes and background colored with grey shade.
  • Up to four chibis of any characters you want.

I have included examples below, so you can see what you can get. I don’t have any black and white drawings yet, but I will get some up soon!

Full body with two people example ^

Headshot example ^

For the chibis, you get to decide on either you want the first or second kind. Be sure to specify! If you choose the first one, then it may take longer to get them to you.

Thank you all again for all this love this love this fast! I really appreciate it all! Have fun with this!

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i LOVE the concept of a blog bringing attention to all the fricken cute pocs and showing people that you dont have to be white to be super pretty. but i unfollowed because im really frustrated with all the posts blatantly demonizing white ppl. like yeah im PISSED bout shit theyve done, but i feel like that negativity is way less productive and empowering than talking about specific issues and how to improve them, and giving pocs the representation they deserve.

I’m so sick of people messaging me like I care about why you unfollowed. I’m glad you want to look at the “cute pocs” but you don’t want to hear them express their anger or pain. POC have the right to vent about whatever they want and get to determine what is empowering for themselves, that may not be “productive” to you, but a safe place to vocalize frustrations is productive to me. A voice is representation. Now unfollow me because I don’t need you.

lily's life update sort of. sigh.

if I didn’t have almost 32,000 people following me on here and the majority of them being for my fanfiction, I wouldn’t be making this post.

the cold, blunt truth is I am failing my degree.

writing fanfiction is the only thing I enjoy and this is my issue. I’m doing an English degree that I am paying over £9,000 a year to study and I’m failing because I care more about writing fanfiction.

To some, that may sound absolutely pathetic, and if so please fuck off of this post and go to someone who cares.

Writing is the only thing that I do that I feel I am actually GOOD at, that I feel I have a talent in and the only thing that makes me really stupidly happy.

I spend the majority of my time writing original pieces, fanfiction and proofreading other people’s work - not because I feel pressure to upload, but because I freaking LOVE it.

Writing is my passion and the one thing I care about most.

But it’s having a detrimental effect on my degree.

I am 21 and I have to graduate university next year and try to start a career and move out and figure out how the fuck I’m going to break into the publishing world and get myself out there and be a professional author. That is the only thing I want to do.

Needless to say, for a couple of months, you’ll probably see about one fic from me and I might not be as active on here.

The last thing I want to do is delete my account - this place is my sanctuary, I have friends on here, I’m happier than I’ve ever been on here, but my degree is suffering because I’m getting my priorities wrong.

I want to spend all of my time writing but, realistically, that can’t happen. At least, not until the end of April when I finish my degree for the summer and then have five months off to do as I please.

So, if you don’t see me on here every single day anymore, you know why.

This isn’t me saying OH MY GOD THE PRESSURE YOU GUYS I CAN’T KEEP POSTING FICS because A) as if and B) I fucking love posting fics.

But the sad truth is I am failing my degree and studying and working hard on my degree needs to be my number one priority right now.

You guys on here and this community of amazing writers we have keeps me going and makes me smile and feel appreciated and like I’m doing something right - so I thank you all for that immensely.

The real world sucks. I hate that it’s come to me having to even write this post, but I do get a lot of messages about my fanfiction and when I’ll be updating so I wanted to clear things up a bit.

I love every single person on here you’re all the best squad and only squad I need.

This isn’t goodbye, this is ‘I may not be on all the time for a while and no I haven’t given up writing fics as if’.

I understand if people unfollow me, but y'know, this isn’t me deleting at all and I’m still gonna be here, I just like sharing and keeping people who like to know in the loop!!!

- Lily.

I kept wondering if I should do my first blog of the month or not but I finally reached my follower goal (if anyone wants to know how many followers I have get off anon and ask me.) so I thought this would be fun since I don’t have time for doing promos right now this week is busy. This will be a May BOTM because I want there to be plenty of time for people to reblog.


You must be following me
Reblogs only, likers will be ignored for not following this rule
If you unfollow me after the month is done I will ignore you so please don’t do that only follow if you like my blog
Ends May 1st and will pick BOTM on the 2nd of May

Winner will get

To be on my BOTM (blog of the month) page forever (This is my first BOTM so I will create it later.)
Screenie promos whenever you want it for the month of May
A follow from me if not already
My friendship if you want it

Other information you need to know

I am against polls so there will be no poll the winner will be chosen by me
You can have any kind of blog but I will more than likely pick a blog that is like mine

The winner will be messaged on May 2nd and I will announce it on my blog

If you have any questions just send them to my ask box

~ Happy Reblogging! ~

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i looked up what ziam was after reading your three good things and seeing a text post about it that you reblogged, and i am appalled. i unfollowed, reported, and blocked. i can't support someone who blatantly approves of homosexuality, which is unnatural and against god's way, much in the way of rapists, sexual offenders, and terrorists. cleanse yourself. repent with god.

i had to read this twice, the first time i thought “this message is so over the top that it has to be a joke”, but now i’m pretty sure that this is serious, and that you truly believe everything you say. 

i have several issues with this message:

1. “i unfollowed, reported, and blocked”: don’t you that that’s a little bit of an overreaction to a mention of a gay couple that may or may not be real? if you can’t stand the thought of LGBTQ people being considered perfectly normal, then you might as well get off of tumblr. in fact, you might as well never go outside again because newsflash! gay rights are now more consistently and publicly rallied for and supported than they ever have been before!

2. you said that homosexuality was “unnatural”: let me break this down for you. being gay is not a choice. allow me to repeat this highly important phrase for you: being gay is not a choice. several scientific studies have done research that suggests that being gay is, in fact, in a persons genetic makeup! do you know what that means? that means that someone with that gene can control their sexuality no more than i can control me being straight, or brown-eyed, or short! if you’re having trouble believing this, then here are some links to articles with research supporting this argument: x, x, and x.

3. homosexuality is “against god’s way”: i’m not religious, but i thought that god was supposed to love everyone. however, since i’m not aware of anything said in the bible, I’m going to choose not to engage in this particular battle. if anyone has anything to say, feel free to message me.

4. homosexuality is “much in the way of rapists, sexual offenders, and terrorists”: i have a major. fucking. issue. with this one. how dare you suggest that being gay is anywhere near being in the same league as sexual offenders and terrorist. how dare you. first and foremost, as i have already stated, being gay is not a choice, whereas rape, sexual harassment, and acts of violence against civilians most definitely are. the three are actions performed specifically to reinforce or try to obtain/retain power and absolute control. and in fact, people who are being targeted for crimes like these and in the same league as these (shootings, hate crimes, etc) are often minorities,  which shockingly enough, includes gays! (see the recent coverage of Ferguson for other examples of unfair treatment of minorities. or, you could just take a look in an american history textbook.) being gay is not a crime, and no one should be punished for it. and yet sadly, a simple google search will yield thousands of results for “violence against gays”.

please, educate yourself.