this may get me unfollowed but i have a right

i’m honestly so disgusted right now by what’s happened w/ halsey and kehlani. when will ppl understand that mental illness/health is not a competition and shouldn’t be treated as so? esp. when it has to deal with suicidal themes. the treatment that kehlani has gotten from misogynistic and insensitive fans/ppl is not ok, but neither is comparing her to halsey, who’s also consistently been getting sexist insults and death threats thrown at her.

 yeah, you guys may not have pushed kehlani to deactivating, but you did so to halsey (who also supported kehlani??) which is just as bad. i’m getting sick and tired of the “i hate this girl but i dont want to look sexist so i’ll say that i like another girl better than her” tactic. even if you don’t like halsey’s music, disagree with her beliefs, or dislike her personality, it’s not ok to send somebody death threats, to bash on them and bully them, and to attack them when they point out that these things have been happening to them. halsey doens’t handle situations well all of the time, but that’s something that everybody does, and yall are way too harsh on her. 

it’s gross that people have been holding twitter parties for her deactivation, that it’s become popular to hate her (when just months ago everybody was hailing her as their queen.) halsey is a person, and she isn’t perfect, so it’s unfair and sickening that you’d all bully her to this point

I kept wondering if I should do my first blog of the month or not but I finally reached my follower goal (if anyone wants to know how many followers I have get off anon and ask me.) so I thought this would be fun since I don’t have time for doing promos right now this week is busy. This will be a May BOTM because I want there to be plenty of time for people to reblog.


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Ends May 1st and will pick BOTM on the 2nd of May

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Other information you need to know

I am against polls so there will be no poll the winner will be chosen by me
You can have any kind of blog but I will more than likely pick a blog that is like mine

The winner will be messaged on May 2nd and I will announce it on my blog

If you have any questions just send them to my ask box

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