this may constitute as a rant

*cough OH MY GOD THIS IS SO CS cough*


But how much does this apply to CS? I mean– how long did Hook follow Emma around and basically emotionally harass her until she gave in? Notice:

Canon line from Hook: “One of these days, I’m going to stop chasing this woman.” Chasing, as in chasing after because she is running the fuck away.

Canon line from Neal: “And if not, I’ll quit bugging you.“ (after asking Emma out). As in Hey, no pressure, up to you, your decision.

Let’s be fair: Hook does say to Neal: “I’m going to back off.” Which was a decent gesture in the ten seconds before he added, “I’m in this for the long haul. I don’t think she’s going to let you back in, do you?” 

Now–true, saying he’s in it for the long haul can be construed as “romantic” or “sweet” or “non-threatening” [if you’re high], but let’s take this in context: his claim to “back off”? He just admitted that was total bullshit, because he’s saying, “Well, if Emma doesn’t take you back, that gives me full permission to keep pursuing her and I’m gonna.” And Hook, he may be in for the long haul, but he doesn’t really think about whether or not Emma wants to be in the long haul. Kinda seems like he decided that limiting his STD-transferral to one woman is enough to constitute a relationship–oh, and if she’s not into it…well, she’ll come around, right? 

Wearing down a woman until she gives in is not “love”. And I’m fairly confident it qualifies as stalking and/or harassment. 

I won’t apologize for ranting because every time another bullshit CS post somehow ends up on my dash, I get pissed and apparently, chatty.


I find it kind of shocking to see just how quickly many people on the FNaF subreddit have just…straight up turned on Scott because he’s expressed disappointment at not being able to please them.

I mean, I get the frustration - it’s not fair to rope a single portion of the community into receiving the brunt of the blame.

But to act as if he’s betrayed everyone and did everything on purpose? I dunno, I feel as if it’s uncalled for.

Maybe I’m being uneducated on the matter, but it’s exactly why he’s blaming the sub - invaderzz’s permalink to his comment has a top comment stating he purposely said confusing stuff. As if that’s definitive? Unless I missed a post by him saying he was doing so, how can someone say that as if it’s fact?

Obviously things such as his want for a Foxy Fighters type game or a tycoon-style game are straight from the left-field, but he may have just enjoyed developing Foxy Fighters. It doesn’t have to constitute to why he hated FNaF World.

Maybe I just sympathise with Scott too much. I dunno. But it’s incredibly fucked up to see that random people on a glorified internet forum believe they know Scott better than fucking Scott does. It’s patronising, it’s rude, and it’s EXACTLY why Scott feels antagonised by the subreddit.

Can we just not scrutinise every fucking particle Scott exhales for a single day, please? Thank you, FNaF community. Let the guy rest.


Okay tumblr, it’s time to get schooled about my city’s mayor. Strap yourselves in and pick your not-so-friendly neighborhood bigot’s head out of their dickholes because you’re going to shit yourself when you see how great this woman is.

This woman here? Her name is Annise Danette Parker. Age 57, She is not only our second female mayor, but also our first openly gay mayor. Let me repeat that- Houston, The largest city in Texas, population 2.1 MILLION- has an openly lesbian mayor, making herself the FIRST openly non straight mayor in one of the most populous cities. (yeah, there are other out-of-the-closet mayors, but no one residing somewhere near as big as Houston is. Drive for 45 minutes here, you’re just in another section of Houston. We’re like the southern NYC. Except every once in a while you see cows.)

Lets give you some background- Born in Spring Beach (a section of Hou.), her family consisted of her mother who worked as a bookkeeper and her “adoptive father” who volunteered with Red Cross. She lived in Germany for two years working with the Red Cross alongside her family when she was 15. She attended college at Rice University on a National Merit Scholarship. NMS’s are fucking HARD AS FUCK to get. Houston has a pretty smart community, despite living in Texas. For evidence, my graduating class of 2016 has at least 20 people tied for the first spot, and the top ten percent of students here are all basically the same GPA. Schools here are pretty rigorous, so for her to be able to get into RICE, motherfucking RICE, as a woman back in fucking 1974, thats fucking amazing. I don’t know if she was openly lesbian around that time, but I can assure you that that could have been a MAJOR issue then as well. She graduated with a “bachelor’s in anthropology, psychology, and sociology. ”

After working various other jobs such as a software analysis, she grew into politics. in 1990, she met her partner, Kathy Hubbard. After 21 dedicated, cherished years, they got married in California on January 16 of this year. They have 2 adopted daughters and a foster son, who are all grown.

Now besides the fact that, yno, shes openly lesbian and has a secure position as our mayor, she is a fucking tough ass bitch. A lot of conservatives fucking hate her because they think she is trying to “turn Texas into California”. Literally. Look at some of the articles about her, it’s ridiculous. She doesnt take anyone’s shit though, in fact she fuckin slams them into the nth layer of hell for their ignorance. When she finally got married, may conservative talk-show hosts complained and stated that she was just doing it for publicity. She addressed this later and came back with a bountiful serving of “kiss my lesbian pussy ya dick jigglers”. She literally told them to “get over it”. 

Here’s my personal favorite- a “”“”“”“HIGHLY ACCLAIMED”“”“” priest confronted her (sent a pouty lil email) about trying to pass an ordinance giving equal rights to people and eliminating discrimination in the workplace- basically fucking making it illegal to deny someone service based on their sex,gender,sexuality, race, national origin, age, family status, marital status, military status, disabilities, and if they are pregnant AS WELL AS FINING THOSE WHO BREAK THIS LAW $5,000- he said it would “violate the Texas constitution” and that she should step down rather than ruin the MARVELOUS city we live in. 

He had the audacity to fuckin email her and say he basically thought she, her life choices, and beliefs were  "“”“"deeply disturbing”“”“” aka grossed him out what a fuckin ballsack of wet paper

She basically said she understands the constitution clearly, she took an oath to it, and that she’s just exercising her first amendment rights oH SMACK HE GETTIN TALKED DOWN TO LIKE A WORM DYIN IN THE SUMMER HEAT, ALL WIGGLIN AROUND HELPLESS N SHIT BAM

basically shes fucking perfect and you all should think “wow, Texas may actually start to not be shitty for once” because hey, if Houston’s got her, then a good portion of the rest of Texas has many more like her.

anonymous asked:

Ugh, Sasha. I'm concerned and a bit mortified at this apparent rebranding of Liam. I don't want a fuckboy, poser image imposed on him. I want him to have credibility. I'm praying they don't go too far. Sorry for my mini-rant.

No need to apologize nonnie. But is this about the big ass gold chain? I dunno if that alone constitutes rebranding. It may be a lowkey attempt at setting the stage for sabotage resulting in the poser thing you’re talking about. Because the chain was out, then it was tucked in (or vice versa). Why? Was it just a photo op prop?

Maybe not a big deal, but interesting. 

But the photo op prop gained steam once this happened.

Not only that but an “insider” anon has been trotting specifically to Larry blogs to tell them Liam will soon be wearing grills and sipping Lean. Gross and very white-people-be-like racist. And sadly, as expected, it’s not being called out as such by those blogs. Could be more attempts at sabotage.

Is a racially coded deadbeat babydaddy narrative coming as well? This obviously would be because Liam is doing an R&B influenced album. And we know what 1DHQ thinks about that. Look at the racist dogwhistles they employed with Zayn’s album. Weed, booze and sex. Imo it was designed to turn off the average 1D fan, which is a white girl.  

If 1DHQ won’t actually have a financial stake in Liam’s upcoming album, then the sabotage will happen. Even if they do, sabotage will eventually happen. No need to fret over the inevitable. But forewarned is forearmed. If you know what it is, don’t allow it to bother you.