this may cheer you up a little

this is terrible news and im honestly still in shock. for those who knew her, @corruptedseventh​ / @arcadiasilver (arcadia) passed away on December 29th.

no one in her family knew about her accounts so one made a post and after a month of trying to get in touch with her both @fractissomnium (star) and I started looking for means of reaching out to people who may have known her IRL. star got in touch with a family member of hers who told us the news.  details of what happened are very scarce but for those who would like the details please get in contact with myself or star.

arcadia was a wonderful friend who stood up for what she believed in and was always super supportive. she had been though a lot within the last year with her mom having passed months earlier. she was always there for you when you needed it and would do whatever she could to cheer you up. the world feels a little less bright without her. i love you arcadia.

i will miss you every day.  you are one of my best friends and i’m never gonna forget you.

↑ Rising Signs ↑

Aries: You’re bold, and tend to speak loudly. You usually stick out and make your presence unforgettable. You speak the truth, whether it’s good or bad. I admire how you’re not afraid to stand up to someone. You’re also very funny too.

Taurus: You’re seen as someone easy to approach. You have a calming aura around you, which tends to attract people to you. You also have this studious presence. At times, you may be awkward at socializing, but you warm up quickly. 

Gemini: It’s all about the talking to you. You’re very talkative, and able to adapt in the environment quickly. People love you because you have this ability to make it seem like you and the other person were old friends that just met. You also have a witty sense of humor. 

Cancer: You’re very quiet around strangers. You have a tendency to fade in the background and observe the people around you. Because of this, many people may not notice you. Once they get to actually know you, you’re very sweet and caring. 

Leo: Like Aries, you’re very bold, and you make people laugh. You stand out and shine brightly, which makes a lot of people attracted to you and envy you. You can hit up a conversation with anyone, and make them feel special. 

Virgo: Like Cancer, you tend to not speak and observe instead. You love helping people out, and try to make them realize their own potential. People flock to you when they need your assistance on something important because you always seem like you know what you’re doing.

Libra: People adore you because of your sweet and generous personality. You make everyone feel like they’re home, and that you’re always ready to take care of them. Libra risings attract a lot of people because their habit of giving. Though be careful because people will most likely try to take advantage of you!

Scorpio: You’re seen as someone eccentric. You can be super closed off at times, and maybe even mysterious. But beneath that cold exterior, you’re so kind and pleasant to be around with. People may find you a hassle at first, but in the end, it’s worth it when you get to warm up to them.

Sagittarius: You have such a charismatic personality. You’re funny, easy to socialize with, and most of all, such fun to be around with. You make everyone feel like they were originally friends with you. Because of this, a lot of people want to talk to you and hang out with you. Though you can be a tad annoying, you’re the best one to have around when everyone needs a little cheer up.

Capricorn: You give off such a mature aura to people. You know how to overcome your obstacles, and you don’t like it when things are in the way of achieving your goal. People see you as someone very logical and ready to accomplish anything.

Aquarius: Because of your hilarious and popular personality, you draw so much attention to you. People love you because of you’re ability to stand out without even trying to. You’re so amusing to talk to because you always have something to say. You’re also able to make a joke out of anything. 

Pisces: You have such a warm and delightful personality. Many people go to you because of you’re ability to make everything feel right. You’re like a cute animal that everyone wants to pet because you just make everything feel so dreamy and ideal. 

the signs as friends

aries: they will be direct about how they like you, but they’ll roast you to compensate. “i love you…. you dumbass.” when you first befriend them, their humor may come across as bold or inappropriate. the future of your friendship essentially depends on if you laugh or find it stupid. and if you do laugh, there will be plenty more where that came from. but when you need help, their serious, emotional side will emerge to support you.

taurus: taurus can be moderately social and gets along with many, but you will know if you are one of their close friends. they will find activities you both enjoy to spend time together. hell, they’ll even find activities only you like and take an interest to make you happy. they listen to your stories, even if they see pointless or silly and give sound advice any hour of the day.

gemini: gemini wants a friend who isn’t afraid to get in trouble or try new things. they’re the friend who always has something for the two of you to do, as long as you’re game. while they’re not much for staying in or having a quiet night, outings with gemini are often memorable and worth the trip. though at the end of the day, they’re willing to slow down and make sure you’re doing well. their advice may not be the most logical, but they know how to cater to your emotions and cheer you up.

cancer: you know you’re a cancer’s friend when you share a hoard of inside jokes. if they care about you, they tend to remember little details about you that you may not remember telling them. cancer and their friends will share sarcastic banter and teasing jokes. until the day you’re upset-then they’ll put their usual antics aside and be there for you. cancer is sensitive and will detect your true feelings, especially if you are close.

leo: leo loves a spontaneous friend, like gemini. friendship with a leo likely involves many fun outings. these probably include activities you would’ve never found had it not been for them. that being said, leo is often content to sit and talk for ages when you have a connection. just be sure to remind them of their importance to you, and they will be a generous, long term friend.

virgo: once you are close, virgo may take on the role of mom friend. they will joke with you, but also look out for you. whether you are hurt physically or emotionally, virgo will be there, often with verbal support. at times, they may seem like a lecturing elder, but it’s only because they care. you may have to encourage them to relax once in a while, but once they do, they are just as fun as anyone else.

libra: libra often take a liking to many people, though from afar. if you approach them first, you’re likely to get a friendly response. if you’re close friends, a libra will be grateful to have someone to open up to and laugh with. they can become someone to count on and share ideas with, no matter how silly your thoughts may seem. they are also genuine, kind listeners. as long as you give them the same in return, libra will be a sweet, caring best friend.

scorpio: scorpio needs a friend who probably likes them more than vice versa- at least at first. their sense of humor can be similar to that of aries, though they may continue to tell their brand of jokes even if you don’t like them. they are unabashedly themselves, and they need a friend who accepts that. and if you do, scorpio may view you as one of their closest companions. scorpio develops a deep love for their friends and would defend them in a heartbeat.

sagittarius: sagittarius often attracts friends rather than approaches them. potential friends may admire their sense of humor or independent spirit. though they seem independent, they always have room for friends in their life. they may not verbally communicate their appreciation often, but you will notice it through their texts or time spent together. if a sagittarius wants to befriend you, they may compliment you, or even seem jealous at first. (take this as a compliment too, and return the gesture. soon, you’ll get along just fine).

capricorn: this sign has two levels of friendship. you are either an acquaintance, or a treasure in their life. capricorn may seem to use friendliness as a means of social climbing, but when a friendship is real, they will give you all they have. this is why they usually only have a few close friends. if a capricorn shares a secret with you or looks to you for advice, it means you’re definitely doing something right. if you are a capricorn’s best friend, they may not say it, but rather show how deeply they care for you through gestures.

aquarius: aquarius probably considers anyone who hasn’t overtly offended them as their friend. that being said, there is a difference between their friends and the people they spend time thinking about. to be an aquarian’s close friend means being someone they may secretly admire. they love someone that can impress them in some way, but they are not superficial. their best friend must be able to support them in their vulnerable times, as rare as they may seem. in return, you will have an unconditional friend.

pisces: again, a sign that seems to love everyone. pisces is like a puppy that just wants some time with everyone around them. if you are on a deeper level with pisces, they will always be sure to let you know they love you, oftentimes verbally. they may be tactile and enjoy hugs/hand holding etc more than the other signs. a pisces friend is a friend for life, even if you do not speak for a while. they will remember your connection, though be sure not to take advantage of this and please remind them how you love them too.

I haven’t drawn a Christmas themed piece in years but, here we are. I wanted to draw something warm and mushy and… yeah. Also I whipped up a little drabble for the setup, you can read it under the cut.

Whatever you celebrate, happy holidays!!

Do not reupload/repost/edit.

It was late, and the friends found their Christmas party starting to wind down as the night drew on. Finally, Marinette let slip a yawn and Alya suggested that they call it. Marinette made sure everyone had their gifts and walked them out to the street. Alya and Nino hurried up ahead to the street corner at the store front of the bakery, whispering along the way as Marinette and Adrien followed along. “Come on, I want to see the bakery decorations!” Alya called, waving them along as Nino dug around in his coat pocket.

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ᑕǤᒪ ℓιттℓε sραcε αcтιvιтιεs


Whether you’re a single little looking for something to do… whether you’re a caregiver trying to figure out a way to cheer your little up or to keep them occupied… for whatever reason you may desire, here are some different things you can do! 

  • DRESS-UP! put on pretty clothes, dress up as a princess, try on new shoes!
  • HAIR! try new hairstyles, such as braids or pigtails.
  • SNACKS! your favourite little snacks served on your cutest plate.
  • CRAFTS! build a home out of sticks and glue for your small toys, make a card, or even follow along with a video to make origami!
  • COLOURING! draw your own pictures to colour, or use a colouring book.
  • GIGGLE! giggle lots, and act as if you’re just a dopey little one. prance around the house, dance!
  • MUSIC! listen to your favourite music, or music that makes you feel small, and dance to it! or listen to it while you do another activity.
  • TAKE A NAP! nap-time is always a must, especially if you’re prone to crankiness.
  • GO TO THE PARK! playgrounds are always fun, especially the swings.
  • TAKE A BATH! bubbles are important, and don’t forget your bath toys.
  • STUFFIES! play with your stuffies, snuggle them, or pretend they’re sick and nurse them back to health.
  • MAKE A FORT! the living room is always the best spot, but have you ever tried bringing the living room into your bedroom? :D
  • BAKE
  • WATCH MOVIES OR SHOWS! movies that make you feel little or your favourite cartoons and shows can help you feel extra tiny.

Hello, all you wonderful people! As you may know, I’ve been working with @kianamaiart on a new comics pitch that’s a combination of magical girls and cheerleading, called Sunshine Cheer Squad Go! I’ve already shared some of Kiana’s amazing concept art, and now I thought I’d give you a little info about our characters!

First up is Summer Watanabe, perpetually peppy go-getter girl and captain of the squad! Summer’s mission in life is to make people happy—not by ignoring or denying the bad things that happen to them, but by overcoming and accepting them. Summer is an optimist, but not a Pollyanna—she knows that being happy takes work, and time, and isn’t just a matter of smiling all the time. When Summer finds out that her high school doesn’t have a cheerleading team, she makes it her mission to start one—but she has no idea that her squad will also be Earth’s only defense against the Void Queen and her sinister minions! On the team, Summer is the cheer captain, coordinating and calling out their cheers. As a magical girl, she has sonic powers: she can shout loud enough to shatter glass, or disorient and topple monsters.

Follow @tedlyanderson and @kianamaiart for more info on this project!

HymnoftheValkyrie's Masterlist

Here’s my collection of stories that I’ve done so far :P I’m horrible at updating it, but I try! I do take requests, but they may be a while because I’ve had a mix of writer’s block and life kicking my ass lately. Anything NSFW is labelled, so no worries! Please enjoy. ❤


Steve x Reader

A Dire Need - (NSFW) After a mission, things get a little heated with Steve.

Happy Birthday?? - It’s Steve’s birthday, and you want to make it a special one

The Way You Look Tonight - Steve needs some cheering up, and you know just how to do it.

The Ghost (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5 ) (Part 6 ) (NSFW) A series where you lose your memory of being the villain, just to end up becoming the good guy (Its romantically Steve x Reader…. eventually ;) ) ((In Progress))

Letters From Home (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Final Part) A series where your grandmother sends letters to Steve while he’s in the military… and you continue the tradition. ((COMPLETE))

Take A Vacation (Part 1) (Part 2) (Final Part) (NSFW) Steve drags you out of your comfort zone by making you take a damn vacation. You work too hard! ((COMPLETE))

A Date To Remember (NSFW) Feeling down? Steve’s got it all taken care of.

Parkour Steve meets someone who teaches him everything he needs to know. Including how to fall in love again ((Possible multipart))

Walk With Me (Amongst The Leaves) Super duper fluffy Steve + the fall for a wonderful person’s birthday request!!!

Swing, Swing (NSFW) Steve and you have a relatively secret relationship until the other Avengers take notice and become a little too nosey.

Bucky x Reader

Admiration Bucky’s POV on, well, you.

Impossible Bucky needs you, and this shows just how much.

Bucky’s Hair (NSFW) Yeah, this title is self explanatory.

Cheering Him Up Sad Bucky needs some good old fluff.

Rollin’ Between The Sheets (NSFW) Bucky getting under your skin, and you love every moment of it.

My Stubborn Girl (NSFW) You get injured during training, and stubbornly won’t let Bucky take the blame for it.

Only Takes One Time (Part 1) (Part 2) (NSFW) Your life changes when Bucky Barnes comes crashing through your bedroom window. Oh lucky you! ((COMPLETE))

Leather Binds (NSFW) This is pure bondage smut. Read up and enjoy.

Snow Day (NSFW) A snowstorm + Bucky Barnes = a grand time. He certainly knows how to keep you busy!

Music Man Bucky overhears a conversation that has him learning something specifically to get your attentions.

Tony x Reader

Sex and Chaos (Part 1) (Part 2) (NSFW) Drunk Tony, oh for shame.

Death of a Bachelor (NSFW) (Part 1) The last person Tony expected to see was you, right when he needed you most. Question is: Is it good timing for you? And what happens when he finds out your deepest, darkest secret?

Loki x Reader

Did You Mean It? You overhear Loki talking to Thor, and you can hardly believe what was said.

Clint x Reader

Just Relax, Darlin’ When the going gets tough, Clint is right there to make it all better.

Silence is Suspicious Your kids with Clint are being rather quiet… what could they possibly be getting into now??

Pietro x Reader

Turning The Tables (NSFW) Pietro’s teasing of a short reader doesn’t end up the way he planned.

Hurting The anniversary, and all the emotions that come with it. (Angst warning in itself, but part 2 for happiness is in the plans)

Hurting No More Continuation of Hurting. What was turning out to be yet another bad anniversay, turns into the surprise you never expected.

добро дошла кући (NSFW) Pietro surprises you by coming home after a long mission, and you waste no time with him.

T’Challa x Reader

A Queen For Forever The King of Wakanda has a little surprise for you.


Castiel x Reader

I Didn’t Mean To Touch Your Butt - Poor Cas doesn’t understand what he’s getting himself into.

Dean x Reader

Well It Started With A Kiss… - (NSFW) Dean Winchester. A supply closet. What could go wrong?


Draco x Reader

What You Do To Me (Part 1) (Part 2) (Final) (NSFW) Draco Malfoy has a connection to you he doesn’t understand, and he annoys the shit out of you at first until he grows on you. ((COMPLETE))


Logan x Reader

Breaking and Entering (NSFW) A date with Logan takes an unexpected turn, and you’re not gonna complain one bit about it.

Logan Giving Oral (NSFW) Yeah, as titled (ask form so may not work on mobile)

Last update? 8/26/2017

Boys - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Boys

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: Imagine being Bill’s girlfriend and being casted to play Beverly’s older sister in the new IT movie. Even if you characters gets killed early you stick around for Bill and the kids who love nothing more than to tease him about your relationship because he is super sweet and cute with you.

“I wish I didn’t have to kill you.” Bill mumbled, almost pouting at you and you just chuckled at him, shaking your head.

“You can’t change the script, Bill!” you pointed out “But even as that, I promise I’m not holding a grudge on you. I’m sure if there is one man on this Earth whose arms I’d have to die in it would be you.” you said with a soft smile and for a moment he merely gazed back at you with a loving smile on his face.

“Die in my arms, not by them.” he said with an almost adorable frown as he looked down, swinging his long legs back and forth like a little child. Almost adorable because you couldn’t tell much of your boyfriend underneath all the crazy clown make up he had.

“Baby” you giggled how cute he was despite it all “It’s not your fault and you know that. Besides, come on Bill! I am very much alive and talking to you! It was just a scene, I’d love to have some on screen time with you but we couldn’t have that. Let’s just enjoy the time we have behind the scenes, yes?”

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The Makeup Artist

Writer - @harry-hook-me (myself)

Request - @notsoinnocent13

Disclaimer - I do not own any of the Descendants characters or scenes from the movies, all credits goes to the creators and producers of Disneys descendants.

Summary – The reader is the makeup artist for the three main pirates on the set of descendants 2, although the reader is older that Thomas he still consists to flirt with her none stop.

Warnings – none… I don’t think.

Word count - 1417

AN - PLEASE READ! there were supposed to be pictures to go with then Instagram part but they didn’t load properly and it wouldn’t let me post with them in, I will post with just this pictures after I post this so you can see what they would have been.

Originally posted by sinammon-rolls

“Okay, all done” I said to Dylan, just finishing his makeup for today’s filming. I’ve being working on the set of descendants 2 for about 4 months now, I was put in charge of the pirates make up, China, Thomas and Dylan, aka Uma, Harry and Gil. I’ve loved every minute of it and have really gained a close bond with the three cast members. “I’m exhausted” Dylan moaned flopping down of the chair next the one he was just sat in. “I can tell, I almost had to use an entire tube of concealer on you.” I chuckled back at him. China then walked in and I began her make up. “What scene are you filming today” I asked “the ‘what’s my name’ shoot” China replied excitedly, “awesome, I’m totally going to come to watch it” I said with a smile. “I’ve been rehearsing the dance non-stop” she added “you’re going to do awesome” I complemented. Once I finished her makeup China left to go do some last minute rehearsals with Louise. I looked over at Dylan who was half asleep in the chair, “god help the poor kid today” I chuckled to myself thinking about how he’s going to be dancing today.

“THOMAS DOHERTY TO MAKE UP” the speakers, placed around set called out. I smiled lightly to myself, Thomas was a great guy, but incredibly flirty. Moments later he walked into the trailer, “Morning!” his Scottish accent rang out full of energy and high spirits. “Someone’s in a good mood” I chirped, “ah, that’s because I get to see you this morning lass” he chuckled sitting down in the chair, again with the flirting. I rolled my eyes and began on his hair, putting in some jell and spiking it up. “Vuala, my masterpiece is complete” I chuckled at myself, applying the last smudge of eyeliner around Thomas’s eyes. “Your all done kid” I pronounce leaning on his shoulder, “why are you always calling me kid” he whined… just like a kid, “because to me, you are” I chuckled and started to put all the makeup into a travel bag ready to take down to the set ready for touch-ups later, “your only three years older” he winked. I giggled lightly as his flirtatious gaze. I nudged his shoulder a little “go on, go act” I ordered with a chuckle to the two boys in my trailer. They both left and I continued packing away.

Moments later I received a notification from Instagram:

@thomasadoherty mentioned you in a post


Thomasadoherty once again done up by the professional @y/n_beauty ❤

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Chinamcclain we’re rotten, true talent @y/n_beauty 👸

Thecameronboyce best in the business! 🙋

Dylanplayfair1 fixed up my terribly dark eye bags this morning #truelegend @y/n_beauty

y/n_beauty your all to kind! 😘❤

I smiled at the picture as comments before heading out of the trailer and off to set.

I arrived on the set, they had already begun filming so I had to be quiet, I tip-toed closer so I could see. Thomas, China and Dylan were dancing around and lip singing to ‘What’s My Name’. I smiled to myself and watched in awe at the pirates preforming there routine flawlessly. Soon after cut was called, Thomas plodded over and sat in a chair, I began touching up his make up, “well, what do you think” Thomas asked in a hyperactive tone. “It awesome” I replied with a grin. He smiled back, I have to admit, his smile is gorgeous, he’s all together gorgeous if I’m honest, but he can never know I think that.

Time skip to the next day

Today I was doing the three actors make up on set instead of in the trailer, it was an early morning and we were all tired, Thomas came over to the chair, all messy haired and clearly shattered, “morning sunshine” I smirked sarcastically, he smiled back softly and hugged me, he did this on the days he was tired, he always seemed more affectionate. I liked it secretly. As always I began going his hair, then his makeup, out of the corner of my eye I could see China, who was sat on the chair next to where Thomas and I were, she picked up my phone and snapped a picture. After finishing the Scottish boy’s makeup he left to get to wardrobe. I went on my phone to look at the picture China had taken. The picture was really cute and I decided to post it to Instagram.


Y/n_beauty Tired pirate @thomasadoherty ❤

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Thomasadoherty you sure put me in the best mood when I’m tired 😊❤

Chinamcclain my photography skills, to be honest… I ship it @dylanplayfair1

Sofiacarson cuties #descendantsfamily 💙

Dylanplayfair1 totally with you on that #otp 👀

As the months when on, Thomas and I became closer and closer, hanging out on and off set. This sparked rumours going around from not only fans but also the cast. Thomas and I were constantly flirting, and that was causing China and Dylan to teas the two of us constantly, we also became very close in a more physical way, hugging, holding hand or just leaning on each other. We had gone on a couple of dates together but didn’t tell anyone about it.

E! News: The Rundown

Are Descendants 2 start Thomas Doherty and makeup artist Y/f/n dating, the two have been spotted out on numerous occasions, holding hand and getting all close. Stay tuned for more information.

I scrolled through my twitter, my time line filled with posts about me and Thomas. My thoughts and concentration on my phone was cut short by the sound of the trailer door opening. All three actors stepped in, time for work. “Morning” I said to them all. Receiving ‘good mornings’ from them back, Thomas gave me a small and discreet side hug and smile. I began Chinas makeup, beginning with concealer. Will He by Joji playing softly in the background as I hummed along. Half way through finishing Chinas makeup my phone received a notification from Instagram. I looked over reading what it said just in time before my phone turned off. Thomas had tagged me in a post, I looked over at him and he smirked. After I had completed all China and Dylan’s makeup they both let to get to wardrobe. Thomas was left, after completing his makeup he kissed me on the cheek and then walking toward the door “see ya later love” he said before stepping out for trailer. I checked my phone to see what Thomas had posted.

@thomasadoherty tagged you in a post


Thomasadoherty She’s pretty great I guess 💋❤

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Dylanplayfair1 @chinamcclain it’s happened!!!

Thecameronboyce yessssss finally! #otp 🎉❤

Sofiacarson you two could not be more perfect for each other 💙

Chinamcclain the makeup artist and the pirate… match made in heaven 💜

Y/n_beauty not to bad yourself 💋

I smiled at the posts and the comments from the cast. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I stepped out of the trailer, leaving all my supplies in there. I quickly walked to the set they would be filming on right now. As I arrived all the actors were taken a break, I spotted Thomas and walked directly to him “Thomas” I simply said “yeh-“ I cut him off by crashing my lips onto his, I instantly felt fireworks, it just felt right. Out lips moved in sync with the other. His hand snaked their way around my waist, bringing me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck bringing him down to my height a little bit more, I may be older than him but he’s taller. The cast and crew around us stared cheering and applauding, I could feel Thomas smile into the kiss, we pulled away after what felt like an eternity. Breathless I looked up into his crystal eyes and smiled wide.

“I think I might be in love with you” he whispered, my smile grew wider, “that’s good, because I think I might have fallen in love with you too” I replied, his smile also growing wide as he pulled me in for a loving hug.

A couple days later


Y/n_beauty My whole heart ❤

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Thomasadoherty My love ❤

Chinamcclain ship, ship, ship @dylanplayfair1 @thecameronboyce @sofiacarson

Thecameronboyce the feels!

Kennyortegablog guess I can add match maker

The Secret (6)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

“Zoe, the movie’s about to start!” you shouted through your apartment, throwing a handful of popcorn into your mouth while the opening credits of another Disney film lit up your TV screen. This was how you spent your Sundays with Zoe, being lazy and watching movies while the weather grew colder outside. It was definitely colder in Seoul than what you were used to in your hometown.

Zoe came into the living room huffing and puffing with her lips pulled into a pout. “We can’t watch the movie. I can’t find Mr Snuggles,” she grumbled, climbing onto the sofa to check behind it.

“Have you checked the bathroom? You were giving Mr Snuggles a bath in the sink this morning,” you remembered, holding her hand so she could safely jump off the sofa and sprint out of the room again.

Five seconds later, Zoe’s voice echoed from the bathroom. “I found him!”

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Starting out at Nursing School: What you'll need!

Time management

  1. Planner - 1 page per day.
  2. Wall Calendar –for visualising what is coming up each month.
  3. Weekly to-do List – it feels great to be able to cross things off each week.
  4. Household Schedule – for keeping school in perspective with life.


  1. Paper -  pocket notebook for clinicals, loose leaf paper, printer paper and index cards 3x5 and 5x8.
  2. Folders - 3-ring binder, display folders with plastic sleeves.                    
  3. Misc. - 3 holed punch, calculator, small stapler, staples.
  4. Pens, highlighters and pencils– for note taking. Highlighting key ideas and for drawing diagrams for study aids.

Technology/ devices

  1. Recorder – great for recording lectures and classes. Also comes in handy for recording any notes you make to so that you can reinforce concepts. It is important to make sure that your teacher gives permission for you to record as they may have a strict policy. More often than not they allow it for personal use and ask that you do not distribute it.  
  2.  Laptop/Desktop computer – important for accessing online content, doing assessments and checking emails. It is important to have internet access while completing nursing school, however if you are unable to have it at home, most public libraries and educational institutes provide computer labs to their students
  3. Printer/Scanner – for printing assessments and lecture notes. This is also convenient but not necessary, so if you are prepared to pay small fee at public libraries and other educational institutes they always have many on hand to access.
  4. IPod/mp3 player – amazing for unwinding to your favourite music or even uploading recordings of notes and lectures for extra reinforcement while going for a run or walking the dog. I personally love listening while I’m cooking or washing up.  

Nurse Stuff!!!

  1. Water proof watch – must have a second hand
  2. Stethoscope – Your school may have a particular one that they want you to use that is fairly cheap. If they allow other brands, Littman is very good and reliable and will definitely take you all the way through nursing school. However, make sure you have it engraved or don’t let it out of your sight as I have heard sooooooo many stories of them being stolen out of bags etc.
  3. Comfortable shoes – this is a no brainer. Nurses are on their feet all day and night so it is important to splash out where comfort and support is needed. Klogs, despite being some of the ugliest shoes to exist, are wonderful. Dansko are also really comfortable, as well as the brand Sanita which offers cute prints and colours.
  4. Durable bag - this one is also really important! A lot of people have said that a bag with wheels comes in good use when you’re lugging heavy books across campus. Please don’t use shoulder bags! You will wind up with an immense amount of strain on your shoulder, and they just aren’t practical.
  5. Scrubs – Scrubs are a bit of a grey area as there will be variations in what is required of students from school to school. Mostly blue are used I believe, but I may be wrong.
  6. Student uniform - this will be something you purchase from your school. It is important for when you are on placement so that you are recognised as a student from your school.
  7. Long sleeve tops – nurses have early starts and finishes so it is important to stay warm. Hospitals often aren’t the warmest of environments so having a few long sleave tops to layer up with is definitely worth it. 
  8. Penlight – penlights are like pens, you’ll start off the shift with a few spares but by the end you’ll be trying to trace your steps back to find one! They aren’t too expensive so whenever you, replenish your hoard! Haha
  9. Bandage/Dressing scissors – these will be your best friend. There’s no need to go out and by a ridiculously expensive pair. Just the basics that do their job!


  1. Medical Dictionary – every student needs one. It is so handy for looking things up and often they have small diagram explanations. I actually picked up a seventh edition Oxford minidictionary for Nurses which is great and it is the perfect size.
  2. Latest Drug guide – this is an important friend to the nursing student as there are so many drugs that we come into contact with. Make sure that you get an up to date one as there are new drugs out all the time.
  3. Thesaurus – this is just a helpful one for writing essays. I find myself looking for new ways to say something all the time and having a thesaurus gives you lots of options for words. Most computers have one built into their document writing system if you decide not to get one.
  4. Referencing Guide ­– as soon as you find out what kind of referencing your course uses for assignments, make sure you get a guide on how to do it correctly. You may pick up on it right away without needing one, but if you’re like me, it’ll help to be able to look it up whenever you need to. Note: never leaving referencing til last. Do it as you go!
  5. NCLEX Q’s book – the earlier you get yourself acquainted with NCLEX questions, the better. There are so many of these books out there. My advice would be to ask someone at school in a higher year, or one of your instructors, whether they can suggest a good one to you and go by that.
  6. Required Textbooks – you will either get a list of these given to you or it will be in your course outline under core texts. Buying textbooks brand new can be super expensive so I suggest you try and get them second hand. There’s is absolutely no shame in this, in fact it is the smarter thing to do.  Check textbook exchange pages for your school on Facebook, look at noticeboards, gumtree. EBay, craigslist and advertise on these that you are looking to buy. If you know someone the year or semester ahead of you, contact them and offer to buy them for a reasonable price. Unless the course changes dramatically year to year, you will be able to get away with having books a few editions behind. If you have the money and you want to buy them all brand new, then do so! There is something satisfying about accumulating textbooks… I myself have many!

In your bag

  1. Wallet – make sure you carry your student ID card, bus pass, drivers licence, cash cards and loose change for printing. Keep a photo of someone or something you love or that motivates you to keep going.
  2. Keys – don’t forget your house keys, car keys and if your school has lockers, get one and don’t forget to bring the key with you to school!
  3. Hand sanitizer – at nursing school lots of people turn into crazy OCD hygiene gurus, and for good reason! Travel size hand sanitizer is perfect to carry around with you whether it’s at school or on the floor!
  4. Lip balm/Moisturiser – because hospitals are cold and dry areas it good to make sure you have a chap stick or some paw paw ointment on hand to stop any wind burn, chapping or cracking. Moisturiser is a must. You will be constantly washing your hands and using hand sanitiser upon entering a room so it is important to put some moisture and life back into your poor little hand. Any vitamin E creams or aloe Vera based moisturisers will do the trick!
  5. Headphones - make sure you have a spare pair of ordinary headphones. Preferably not the apple ones as they don’t always work on school computers. Some computer labs or libraries at schools will sell these or loan them to students for a few dollars. Sometimes you’ll find yourself at university with a few hour between classes and you might want to re watch a lecture, but you don’t want to disturb other students in their study. You may simply just want to watch silly things on YouTube to cheer yourself up after a terrible day so make sure you are prepared.
  6. Tissues – make sure you have a travel pack of tissues. There may be day where you just feel like crap or have had very little sleep and just have a little melt down so tissues or face wipes can save the day!
  7. Water bottle – stay hydrated!! Try to stay away from caffeine where you can. We all know that the caffeine high is fast in reacting, but when you crash you crash hard. Just starting your day with a big glass of water can set you up for feeling good all day so carry it on through the day too! My university has refill places where you can refill your bottle without having to buy it or go to a bathroom.
  8. Lunchbox – Always pack lunch!! You will go through so much money buying lunch every day. If you don’t have time in the morning, prepare the night before or even cook for the week on Sunday and pop something into a microwave safe container to heat up at school. Make sure you have a few pieces of fruit, a handful of mixed nuts and some form of carbs and protein. Make sure you have a few muesli bars for back-ups, and I often freeze a little tub of yogurt for later in the day.

I hope this has been helpful people! Special thanks to peacelovekoala and nursekanika for their contributions to this post. Please reblog this so that any future nursing students can have a look at this and get some ideas! Also if you would like me to cover any other topics let me know and feel free to ask anything you like xx ourloveandtrials



Blind Thistle, Trickster Thistle, and Albino Thistle!!!

-Wear gloves when handling all Thistle bitties! They are sharp!

-Do not feed them fruits or vegetables! Only meat will do or else they might get sick.

Blind Thistle:

-It’s hard to cheer this little guy up. Comfort him- make sure he feels safe and secure or else he might panic.

-Because he is blind, he must be watched at all times! He might accidentally walk off of something and hurt himself!

-Warn him before you try to pick him up or touch him, he may bite! 

-Be patient with him, he’s trying his best.

-Food usually helps to keep his mind off things.

-Give him a friend, he doesn’t like being alone.

Albino Thistle:

-He’s special and he knows it. Has the biggest ego of all the Thistles. 

-He might act tough but he’s actually quite fragile so be careful with him. He carries band-aids in his pockets just for this reason.

-Too much sunlight can harm this bitty.

-He may try to flirt with your other bitties- he thinks he’s hot stuff.

-This free-loader might try to order you around

-Sass master

Trickster Thistle:

-He’s so happy it’s almost creepy. Don’t turn your back on him.

-This bitty smells like bacon!

-This bitty will try to eat almost everything (Including himself) so keep hazardous items out of their reach.

-May try to rip the bacon thorns out of his eye and eat them- please- don’t let him do that.

-It’s not recommended to have him around other bitties- he might try to infect them with the trickster virus. 

-He’s quite a handful and never seems to run out of energy.


-Known to hide your own stuff from you.


It’s Caturday! And after seeing all these beautiful Pet Pictures on @apostatehobolife‘s blog I felt the urge to make a

Pixel - Appreciation Post

So here it goes:

This is Pixel.
She is 1 year and 3 months old now and since we took her into our lives in May 2016 she has been our little baby.
She loves climbing around, lying on her back, sleeping curled up in blankets in our arms, being curious, causing mischief and having her belly rubbed (and then pretending she doesn’t like it by attacking you).
She is an absolute blessing and really cheers up every day of our lives. It’s nice to come home and know someone is there waiting for you.

Nicknames include but are not limited to: Pixie, Pixel-Poo, Pooper, Poopie-Cat, Poopsie, (What can I say? She poops a lot), Monkey, Monster.

Get Pranked

Pairing: Clint x F!Reader


a clint x reader where everyone is having a prank war?

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has added Y/N.

Clint: babe

Clint: babe!

Clint: BABE

You: Did someone text me? Not sure.


You: Oh it’s my love. Hey.

Clint: loki managed to prank me

Clint: that means I’m losing the war I started. If I get pranked again, I’m defeated.

Clint: that makes me sad.

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INFJs and Relationships

INFJs: Some of the most interesting people, but few know this IRL because we are rarely given a chance to shine.

  • While we do have feelings for you, we experience great difficulty expressing it.

  • Subtlety is a double-edged sword. We’re usually too subtle, but when we get the amount of subtlety just right, you’d better watch out.

  • Yes, us INFJ guys do want to kick the living crap out of that jock that hit on you as if you were in the business of negotiable affection. But do we? No, because we’re afraid of making a scene and potentially coming off weird to you if you don’t know us yet.

  • We look for depth. Diving into a shallow pool never ends well, does it?

  • A little reciprocation would be lovely. We’re already hard on ourselves and we need to be reminded that we’re good enough. Maybe a few random acts of kindness?

  • Maybe we should actually introduce ourselves to you.

  • Lots of daydreams.

  • If we get a picture together, you bet we’ll look at it every day when we feel sad to help cheer us up.

  • “Umm… This may sound strange, but I like you.” debates adding “a lot” to the end of the sentence, but waits too long trying to figure out if that’d sound TOO weird / oh god i’m gonna die someone please help

  • We care about you. A lot. So much, in fact, that when you’re sad all we want to do is cuddle you until you feel better.

  • We have been known to buy you puppies, just because.

I’m Sorry (I Fell In Love Tonight)

( PROMPT: We’re making out on the couch when a member of your family - who doesn’t know we’re friends with benefits - walks in and what do you mean I have to be your pretend girlfriend? )

A/N: Ahahahaha, guess who’s back? The sin is not so strong in this chapter, but I’ll try to sin more in chapter 3. Things are really starting to heat up with the reader and fuckboi Peter!! If anyone has more prompts for me to do (fuckboi Peter or no), drop me an ask, and I’ll try to post it! Comments and reblogs are appreciated!

WARNINGS: Sin. But slight sin this time. 

Taglist (temporary, for this series only): @mashed-fandom-imagines | @gryffindoggo 

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runners!reddie headcanon

(based on my love of cross country)

AU: so richie and eddie are on the varsity cross country team for their high school and they’re both rivals but they love each other

- everyone knows it’s either richie then eddie or eddie then richie for 1st and 2nd place 
- “hey eddie, see this gold metal? jealous?”
- “if you say one more word it’s going up your ass”
- “kinky!!”
- all the loser’s come to the meets and cheer them on even though its 7:30 in the fucking morning (mike may or may not be the ultimate coach telling them to focus on breathing or to lengthen their strides)
- richie runs with his curls tied back in a neon red scrunchie he stole from bev monnnnnths ago but he claims it’s his secret weapon
- little ‘wheezy’ kaspbrak has enough medicated air in his lungs to run 3.1 miles and not die but the second he stops he’s gasping for air 
- richie gets nervous before each race and chugs about a gallon of red gatorade and then complains of a stomach ache the entire time
- they always try to trip or tackle each other during practice and chase one another around the course
- eddie has even shorter shorts than before and richie may or may not focus on just that if eddie just so happens to be in front of him
- they sit next to each other on the bus and share a pair of headphones
- super super sweaty hugs (“this is disgusting” “shut up, i’m really proud of you”)
- “dare you to stay in the ice bath for 10 minutes" 
- "i challenge you to do it with me”
- they’re both freezing and their legs are a slight shade of blue and their coach is screaming at them never to do that again
- richie asks eddie to homecoming during one of their practices
- he gets the poster out during a water break and its in the shape of a giant shoe and in bubbly (beverlys) handwriting it says 
- eddie says yes with a giant smile and has never laughed harder in his life
- richie gets 10th in states!!!!, eddie (who got 14th thank you very much) sprints over and kisses him while he’s lined up with all the other winners in maine
- richies falls in love covered in sweat and mud

(as always feel free to add on to this x)

Bad Girl: Chapter 1

SUMMARY: The much anticipated Tony Stark Sugar Daddy fanfic

Part 1/?

WARNINGS: Strong language

NOTE: My blog isn’t mainly marvel but I couldn’t pass the opportunity to write some Tony Stark. I love him too much. Also, this is the first part of a Tony Stark Sugar Daddy series called Bad Girl.

TAGS: @fearthedietcoke @fangirlf @nightowlss @stcrtrek @jaegers-and-kaijus @selenakaulitz @crocodilerocker @queenirisxx @melizzzabeth @time2pound @alexa040004 @angelicaxhouston @trustwillbeourtomb @iamthemaskhewears @live-and-let-bi


“Ladies, it’s time.” Your boss, Joe, grinned as he dragged back the curtains to reveal you and the other dancers. Luckily, none of you were getting changed so your pervert of a boss didn’t see much.

“Looking good girls.” He smirked at you especially.

Joe was a thirty-something year old single man with greying red hair and messed up stubble. He was slightly overweight but overall, not that bad looking… if only he stopped being so predatory over you girls. He was kind at times but most of the time, he was too kind.

It was almost midnight when you were ready in your black lingerie with matching black high heels. Your hair was curled up and one of your dancer friends did your smokey eye makeup.

You worked in a Burlesque club called St4rk, owned by Tony Stark himself, but you have never seen him in your two years of working there. You see, your parents died and they weren’t rich so their money didn’t really help. You were forced to drop college and stripping helped you live through another day.

God, if only I had a sugar daddy.” You heard your friends groan.

“A-fucking-men.” You sighed as you and the girls went into your positions behind the curtain on stage. You posed in the front and waited.

Suddenly Show me how to Burlesque by Christina Aguilera began and the curtain zipped open, revealing the sea of rich, influential and famous people. You were the crowd favourite and you actually loved this part of your job. What you didn’t see was Tony Stark watching you intently from afar.

“Now who is that?” Sam Wilson nudged Tony Stark, pointing at you.

Iron Man and his hand of merry Avengers headed to his burlesque club to celebrate Steve Roger’s engagement to Sharon Carter. Tony was sat down in the private balcony, which loomed in front of the stage, with Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton and Vision. The women with them were Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff, who turned 21 only a few days before hand so she came, much to Vision’s disapproval.

“Enjoy the show, Capsicle.” Tony groaned at Steve’s look of obvious awkwardness,“This is the last night of your life. Get laid.”

Bucky rolled his eyes,“Its not like he’s gonna die, Stark.”

“Whatever, Tin-Man.” Tony reciprocated before returning his attention back to you,“I made this club so people could have fun. Avengers, we may save the world countless times but do you guys ever have fun?”

Natasha led Wanda downstairs to get drinks whilst Vision accompanied them and the rest of the boys watched the show.

“And who is that?” Clint repeated Sam’s earlier question whilst pointing at you as you body-rolled on another dancer,“She is b-e-a-utiful.”

The men stared at him with shocked expressions. Clint snapped his head towards his friends, begging,“Don’t tell my wife.”

Tony chuckled,“Don’t worry, we won’t.”

The song finished and the time came for your solo dance.

One of the stage hands gave you and microphone and your sweet yet sultry voice announced,“We have celebrities in our midst. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the Avengers!”

There was a chorus of triumphant cheer and clapping before you continued,“We’ve just got confirmation that they are having a bachelor party. Can the lucky man step on stage so I could give them Club St4rk’s wedding present please?”

The boys stood up and tried to pull a reluctant Steve from his seat. Unfortunately, he was super strong and even with five men, two of them superhuman as well, they could not persuade him.

"You’re actually gonna disappoint a smoking hot girl?” Sam scoffed,“If I were to get married, I would do this.”

“I respect my fiancée.” Steve crossed his arms and gave them the eyebrow of disappointment. The boys decided to give up after a few more tries of lifting him from his seat.

"Come on, guys.” You sighed, starting to feel awkward as the men in the crowd gawked at you,“If the husband-to-be isn’t willing to get a lap dance from me, send another poor soul.”

"Oh, oh, me! Me!” Sam yelled, throwing his hands in the air and was ready to run when Tony stopped him.

"My club, my lap dance.” He stated before swaggering downstairs.

"Shit.” You muttered to yourself as you saw the club owner walking towards the stage. You suddenly began to feel small just as the crowd began whopping.

You were short as hell, shorter than Iron-Man but then again, everyone was taller than you. Another pair of stage hands grabbed a seat and placed it in the middle of the platform before grabbing the microphone. Tony Stark sat in the soft chair and faced the audience. There was now multiple men standing in front, their elbows on stage.

"Give us space, guys.” Tony ordered to which the strangers followed immediately, as if they didn’t want to disappoint the god-like figure.

You bit your lip, nervous. It was the first time you were meeting him and yet you were about to do one of the most intimate and sexual things a person could do to another person.

Well? Aren’t you gonna say hello to me?” Tony grinned at you.

“Sorry. Hi.” You muttered to him,“I’m just nervous.”

You felt him thread his fingers through yours and he smiled, looking up to you,“It’s only me. The billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Tony Stark… AKA Iron Man.”

You rolled your eyes at his playful arrogance and then the music played.

And of course, it just had to be this song.

Wicked Games by The Weeknd was playing and you slowly sauntered to the man. You threw one of your legs over his lap and made intimate eye contact with him. His eyes were dark with lust as you ground your hips to the slow, sensual beat of the song.

You gently peeled your hot body off the billionaire and swayed your hips as you paced around him. You slut dropped in front of him, showing off your curves to both Mr Stark and your more than happy audience of predominantly male humans. You stood in front of him and caressed his thighs before leaning into his face, cupping his cheeks delicately before giving him a kiss on the cheek. He closed his eyes when your lips left a subtle graze on his skin. He watched as you pulled away and began to move your body to the music, one hand sliding down in between your thighs whilst the other cupped your breasts. You laughed at his awed face and decided to allow him to touch you. You took his hands in yours and put them on your hips before straddling him yet again.

"Show us your fucking assets, little whore!” You heard someone shout in the distance, followed by cheering of approval. Immediately, Mr Stark stood up, pushing you off him before holding you to him protectively. He signalled to the back stage people to cut the music then asked for a microphone.

"Natasha, Wanda, please show an example of what may happen to you if that kind of behaviour is found in MY club.”

The women came out of nowhere. A scarlet aura surrounded a fit redhead and a pale younger girl, who was pulling and punching an older man. The three were floating in mid air, controlled by the younger Avenger whilst the experienced one did most of the beating. In the end, the man bled a lot and was kicked out the club.

Tony clapped and everyone looked back at him.

He announced,“If something like that happens, I don’t care how rich or famous you are, you are banned from this place. If a person says no and you don’t listen, you’re a sack of shit and you’re getting kicked out. If you’re just a plain douchebag and pain in my ass, you’re getting kicked out of my club. You are here to enjoy yourselves but don’t enjoy too much. Be responsible.” The audience cheered and agreed. You saw his friends, Captain America being one of them, clapping along and looking proud of the man.

"Thank you.” You breathed out when he was close enough to you.

“You’re very welcome, baby girl.” Tony winked at you, making your inner self swoon.

His back was turned to you as he walked off stage to join his group.

"Grab your fucking chance.” You heard a friend yell,“Sugar daddy alert, bitch!”

You laughed and grew confident. Just as Tony greeted his friends, you hollered back,“See you soon, daddy!”

Your fellow strippers cheered when you said so and pulled you backstage but not before you saw the wide grin on Stark’s ruggedly handsome face.


"Well done on the performance, babe.” Joe said as he packed away the glasses from the bar,“You sure you don’t want a lift?”

You put on a scarf and your jacket and replied,“I’m sure. It’s only a 20 minute walk from here.”

“Babe, it-”

“Call me (Y/N).” You said, uncomfortable under his watchful gaze.

"Sorry.” He blushed, embarrassed,“Anyways, its nearly 2am. A girl like you could-”

“A girl like me can handle herself just fine. Thanks for caring though, Joe.” You bent over the counter and kissed his cheek,“Goodnight, boss. See you tomorrow.”

With that, you walked out and welcomed the snowy weather of Manhattan.

"You’re a creep, Stark.” Sam whined at his friend.

Tony felt a pull to you and decided to act as your guardian, watching over you as you walked home. He wanted to get to know you so after he dropped Steve at Sharon’s place, he, along with Bucky and Sam (worst pair to be stuck with but everyone else wanted to sleep and were too busy) waited outside the club for you. The three of them stayed in their hiding spot for those days that followed, watching over you to make sure you were ok.

“Is that her?” Bucky questioned.

"Man, don’t breath in my bubble.” Sam complained when Bucky moved to get a better glimpse at you,“Dude, you’re stepping on my foot.”

Tony ignored the ever quarreling couple and stepped on the gas, the two men lurched forward just as Tony drove the car towards you. He trailed behind as you walked.

You had headphones on so you were too busy listening to some Lana Del Rey to even notice the three Avengers watching over you. You were about to curve into a shortcut alleyway when you came across two guys. They were dressed in lavish looking suits, smoking strong cigars and smelling like expensive alcohol.

"Hey (Y/L/N).” The taller one greeted,“Boss asked for you.”

You crossed your arms,“Leave me alone, Rudy.”

“You’re a pain in the ass.” He groaned,“Urgh, I really didn’t want to rearrange your pretty face.”

You gulped.

"But boss told me to… but don’t worry, I won’t be too rough."His other friend grabbed your arms and pulled you into the alley. The leader began rolling his sleeves up to reveal his silver knuckle dusters and you let out a scream, only to be slapped hard on the face by his other associate.

"Hey!” That familiar voice yelled.

You didn’t have the time to acknowledge who it was that saved you because the leader was blasted off 10 meters away just before his fist touched your skin. There were two large men who came into the scene and dragged the gangster away from you.

Mr Stark’s face illuminated out of the dark as the street lamp shone over him. He carefully helped you up and smiled sympathetically.

“Hey.” He greeted,“You ok?”

You gulped, intimidated yet again but you ignored the groans of the avengers beating the mobsters up. Oh no, you thought, you could feel a storm brewing.

"Sam, take James back to the compound once you’re done.” Tony said, assisting you to his car.

"What?” You heard him whine,“He’s heavy.”

"Not my problem.” Tony scoffed.

"You can’t leave us here!” You heard James snap just as he punched the monster again.

“I can.” Tony stated,“And I will.”

The pair of you hopped into his luxurious car and zoomed away to his house.

He drove in silence for a few moments before you asked him,“How come you knew where I was?”

He used one hand to nervously scratch the back of his neck, Tony stammered,“Well… we, I kinda watched… you.”

Your eyes widened alarmed slightly,“You could’ve asked for my number-”

"Well, I did save your ass there so…”

You blushed,“Y-yeah I guess… thanks by the way, Mr Stark.”

"Tony, please.” His sweet smile turned into a cheeky grin,“Or daddy.” Your cheeks burned,“As you mentioned earlier.”

You chose to ignore him and turned on the music. AC/DC played but Tony lowered the volume.

"So… what made you work in my club? I mean, you’re really young. Like kid, how old are you?”

You scoffed,“I’m 25, not a kid… Anyways, I needed the money. Your club pays me well so… and I enjoy it, of course. I love the costumes and the dancing. The occasional punching of super touchy-feeling clients- oh my God, I shouldn’t have said that. Mr Stark, I totally do not punch-”

He let out a chuckle,“Its ok. It’s cool to defend yourself if someone doesn’t respect your boundaries. After all, consent is everything.”

Tony swerved into Stark Tower’s amazing garage and parked the car.

“Do you plan on doing burlesque for your whole life?”

You shook your head. He leaped out his car to open your door then helped you out.

“Thanks Mr Stark.” You said,“And no, I plan on going back to college once I get enough money.”

He had an epiphany. Tony’s eyes filled with excitement.

“I-I can help you.” He started,“Like I could be like your benefactor. I’ll pay for your college fees in exchange for your company or something?”

You groaned,“You mean a sugar daddy?”

He made a sour look,“Not exactly. I mean, I don’t expect you to put out- put out. I respect you too much for that. I just need dates for events and your company and I’ll pay for your education. Seems fair?”

You gave it a though then said,“Ok. Why the fuck not?”

And that was how you got a sugar daddy…

But what he didn’t know was that you had an even darker secret of your own.

Part 2

Spill Your Guts

A/N: I really wanted to write an LGBT reader so I came up with this little one shot, enjoy! Reader is Bi (or Pan!)

Word Count: 962

Warnings: overall grossness if you’ve ever watched the Spill Your Guts segment on The Late Late Show.

Dedicate this to my bisexual queen and fellow Cara lover @harry-writings 🌈

“…And for the last two, we have bird saliva and bull penis.” You can hear the crowd around you making shocked and disgusted sounds. You cover your mouth with your hands trying to hide the growing smile but also disgusted look that crosses your face. You honestly have no idea how you ended up in this situation.

You were absolutely flabbergasted when your manager told you that James Corden wanted you on the show to help promote your new movie. It would be your first time on the hit talk show and to say you were nervous, would be an understatement.

It’d be fun, they said. It’s a great marketing experience, they said.

But now here you were, staring down at the lazy Susan that was littered with products that would make even the strongest stomach queasy.

The first question was given to James. You were relatively a new and up and coming actress and didn’t really have anything to hide or be embarrassed about but you’re stomach still flipped with nerves at what he might ask.

“Alright…let’s start off with…” James turned the table around trying to land on the most disgusting thing. If you were being honest with yourself, there wasn’t anything on the table you would ever want to eat or drink before answering a personal question.

“Ah yes, a salmon smoothie. My personal favorite.” You couldn’t help the way your face contorted as you looked at the chunky smoothie that radiated an overwhelming scent into your nostrils. You laugh along with James as you just shake your head and wait for his question.

“You have been connected to both Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne.” James pauses his reading as he looks up to see you reaction. You can feel your cheeks starting to heat up as the crowd woos around you.

You had met Cara while filming the movie you were currently promoting and things had sort of moved pretty quickly between the two of you. You weren’t expecting the media frenzy that came along with dating one of the world’s most beautiful woman. It was a fast romance that had ended along with filming. Luckily, there were no bad feelings between the two of you and promoting the film together had not been awkward at all, no matter how much interviewers try to choke you both up.

You placed your hands on the table and leaned forward as you waited for him to continue.

“So my question is…Who is better in bed?” You try to stop your eyes from widening because you know the camera is trying to get the best close up of your reaction. The crowd’s hollering is almost deafening as you rack your brain for some answer that will get you out of this without saying too much about you ex girlfriend and your current, and still new relationship with Harry.

You look down at the salmon smoothie, which had chunks floating around the top, then back at James who has a smirk on his face that you want so badly to slap off.

“Okay so we’re getting right into this.” You whisper to yourself which causes James and the audience to laugh. ”You know…I actually just became a vegan so…” Your voice gets lost in the sound of the crowds shouting.

“No, no, no, I asked you if this was okay and you said yes!” You mentally slapped your past self, who only thirty minutes ago, agreed to do this segment.

“Well, I don’t—They’re both—I don’t know!” You hid your face in your hands as you stumbled over your words. You didn’t want to reveal too much information about Cara or Harry but you also didn’t want to drink the smoothie. You were still trying to come up with a way out when you’re mouth opened and began spouting out words before you could second guess them.

“I mean, um, they’re both good at—they’re both good at different things and—“ You were caught off guard again by the sound of the crowd screaming.

“Good?! You describe sex with Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne as only good?” You see the producers in the corner of your eyes raising and lowering their hands in an effort to quiet down the crowd.

“No! They’re both great it’s just—I don’t know! Oh my god!” You wish you never opened your mouth because know you were just saying things you would regret.

“Answer the question or drink the smoothie.” James replies smugly.

“Okay, my answer is,” The studio is suddenly eerily quiet. “They are both great in bed but—“ You get cut off again by the sound of the audience.

“But!” You raise your voice to be heard over all the noise. “But, they are both good—amazing, in different areas.”

Again, it takes a few moments for the crowd to settle down. Worry washes over you as you wonder how Harry will react to your revelation about your sex life with him. You knew Cara well enough to know she would think this was all hilarious but you weren’t quite sure how Harry would respond given that he was always such a secretive person, especially when it came to relationships.

“That wasn’t the question, so I’ll have to repeat myself.” James tried to keep a straight face but you could see a smile peeking through. “Who is better in bed?” He repeated.

“Fuck it.” You say as you lift the glass up to your lips, holding your nose so you don’t accidentally inhale the scent.

Laughter fills the room as you fill the chunky content go down your throat. You quickly spit it back up into the bucket next to the table before chugging down a glass of water as the crowd cheers around you.

Thank you for reading! I may do a little snippet of Cara’s and Harry’s reactions so let me know if you’d be interested!