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dUDE. SUPERHERO AU. WHAT WOULD PEOPLE'S SUPER POWERS BE. I feel like daichi would have super strength. Maybe kageyama would have mind control???

There wasn’t a specific school stated so I’ll assume you want Karasuno since Daichi and Kageyama were mentioned! ^^


  • SAWAMURA would have atmokinesis (weather manipulation). He can sense, create, shape and wield weather; in other words, he has the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in a room or outside. Unfortunately, his power is based off of his emotions, so he may accidentally create a thunderstorm inside the gymnasium whenever Tanaka or Nishinoya are up to no good. What’s scarier than an angry Daichi? An angry Daichi with a thunderstorm brewing around him. The angrier he gets, the bigger it gets. 
  • Maybe it’s because of his hair color that I think SUGAWARA would have cryokinesis (ice manipulation). He is able to create, shape, and manipulate ice, causing temperatures to drop and freeze anyone and anything. Like Daichi, Suga’s abilities are based off of his emotions but he has better control over it. It’s rare to see him mad or upset, but when he is, the temperature of the room drops and there’s the sudden appearance of a snowstorm brewing.
  • KAGEYAMA definitely would have the power of pyrokinesis (fire manipulation). He can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products. He can control his ability quite well, but sometimes, he’ll end up being too excited or angry and setting himself on fire. Of course, he doesn’t get hurt but he does burn off his clothes by accident. 
  • Invisibility is such a useful ability for YACHI. Using her power of being unseen by the naked eye, this adorable baby would use her powers to get out of any embarrassing situation. She just accidentally walked in on the team undressing? She’s already out the door unseen. She has to present her paper to the class? She’s crawling her way out of the classroom. But sadly, she often forgets to make her clothes invisible too.


  • Ever wondered why SHIMIZU is soft spoken? It’s because if she attempts to be any louder, she may or may not accidentally cause your ears to bleed. She has the power to create, shape and manipulate sound (acoustokinesis - sound manipulation). The waves she produces are sometimes heard at low frequencies and is potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage, while high frequencies cannot be heard by normal humans but can be used for sonar-like effects.
  • YAMAGUCHI has a lot of regrets, and having chronokinesis (time manipulation) made it a lot easier. Of course, there are limits to him reversing time and fixing the mistakes that he could have avoided. He rarely uses his power, only using it when necessary. When he does use it, he often gains a migraine right after, maybe even going as far as puking his guts from using too much energy.


  • AZUMANE wouldn’t hurt a fly, and if he did, he’d use his ability to heal to make up for it. He loves helping out whenever he can, especially when it comes to his team. Hinata just got hit again in the face with a volleyball? He’s over there healing him. Kageyama accidentally burned the plant the team was taking care of? Asahi’s already flicking his wrist to give the plant life again. Most of the time, Asahi would be found in the park, healing anything and everything with animals crowding around him like Jesus. I’m sorry, I had to.
  • ENNOSHITA would have the power of animation. As a talented film maker, his ability to give life to inanimate objects proves to be useful. His film, House of Crows is living proof. He sometimes even uses his power to restrain Tanaka and Nishinoya by drawing chains and animating it whenever they go a little too far. He’d probably animate some tape to keep their mouths shut.
  • Summoning fits KINOSHITA’S personality. He’s so laidback and a little mischievous that sometimes, he’ll tag team with the idiot duo and play pranks on either Ennoshita or Daichi. Since summoning is sort of like teleportation, it does take a lot more energy to do so. Most of the time, Kinoshita likes to summon food when he’s too lazy to make some for himself or is too broke to even buy a happy meal.
  • You’ll need to have a babysitter with HINATA at all costs. He’s recently only been able to control his shapeshifting abilities, but he’s not trained enough to have a full grasp on them. When he’s a little too excited, he’ll accidentally shapeshift into the ace of the opponent team or even a puppy. It’s worse when he’s sick, however, and often changes into different animals and people when he sneezes. Hell, he’ll even transform into Tsukishima or Kageyama willingly to annoy them.
  • TSUKISHIMA would have telepathy and telekinesis. There’s no doubt about it. This fifteen-year-old would use it to his advantage when playing volleyball and he gets a kick out of it when he “accidentally” invades his opponent’s mind. He uses his power on his teammates too, but it’s not as frequent unless he’s starting to mock Hinata again. The telekinesis was just a free item to his telepathy.


  • If you put super speed and NISHINOYA together, you’d get this really hyperactive libero that’s able to receive the fastest spikes perfectly. His ability comes in handy, especially when he finds himself in a situation where it’s easy to get suspended. It’s also a no-brainer that he would also use his super speed to create the perfect pranks against the others with his partner in crime, Tanaka.
  • TANAKA would definitely have super strength. He gets really excited every time Hinata asks him to carry him with his biceps, even going as far as carrying the rest of the first years (except for Yacchan because she made herself invisible before he could catch her) and having them rest on his arms as he flexed. He carries the most load in the team, carrying the heaviest boxes so the others won’t hurt themselves in doing so.
  • NARITA is just like Mr. Fantastic (or Lastikman for my fellow Pinoys LOL). He can stretch, reshape, and transform into any shape or imaginable forms he desires. Often, he’s the one helping Ennoshita round up the idiot duo when they don’t listen. He’ll use his arms as ropes when Ennoshita can’t animate anything to restrain them, and it proved to be handy when Tanaka and Nishinoya tried to run away from studying.