this may be one of my favorite caps

  • On the 8th: I wore my Captain America shirt because I believed in freedom and equality in this land of the free. That I was proud to vote and that I'm proud to be in a country I call home that supports democracy and that citizens like me have a say in who governs us.
  • Today (9th): my fears and nightmares have not only come true but most dreams have been crushed. I wore my Firefly shirt because I needed a bit of solace and serenity and because I wanted to remind myself of my other favorite (fictional) Captain's words: "May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one."
  • Tomorrow: I will wear my Cap shirt again and I will remind myself the stories told to us both in (super)heroic fiction and the legendary and remarkable history of others before us who have fought back against oppression and injustice that we don't give up when we're pushed down. That we stand again and we push back. That bullies won't win. That love and compassion trumps hate. And that no matter what, you are never alone in this fight.
Cap-IM Exchange Fic: Think of This as Solving Problems (That Should Never Have Occurred)

Authors have been revealed for the @cap-ironman Holiday Exchange, and I may now dramatically reveal my secret identity! I did, in fact, write a very long early-canon 616 identity porn & amnesia story for @captainshellhead:

No one knows Tony is Iron Man. Then Tony gets amnesia, and literally no one knows Tony is Iron Man.

I wish to thank @beckydawolf and @kalashia for beta, and a large number of people (see story notes) for helping out in various other ways.

The story title was borrowed from They Might Be Giants’ Erase, my new favorite song about amnesia. Also it occurred to me after I posted it that these two panels from Deadpool vol 3 #7 are essentially a summary of this story. Ha.

Read Think of This as Solving Problems (That Should Never Have Occurred) on AO3 (35,216 words).

There is so much amazing artwork coming out now that we’ve all seen The Force Awakens! It definitely makes my job easier and a lot of fun!

However, to cap off 2015, I want to feature the two most recent images by my favorite artist, @philnoto, as he never fails to deliver fantastic artwork!

Cheers to all, it’s been an incredible 2015 and 2016 will only get better! We may even see trailers for both Rogue One AND Episode VIII!!!

The Force Awakens is here!

876 Days until Han Solo

512 Days until Episode VIII








Stitchers - Kirsten x Cameron - 1x11

my favorite difference between DC and Marvel is that DC, the most well known superheroes at least, are like “I must keep my identity a secret, nobody may know my ways or they will not understand and the people I love will be in danger” but Marvel, the most well known ones are just, “Yeah I’m Iron Man. and of course cap is Steve Rogers. That bird over there is Clint Barton, you know everyone else. This changes nothing.”

In some ways, it may ultimately seem obvious which character to place your trust in, but Feige assures that this will be a complex equation when all is said and done.

“There’s a great moment at the end of this movie [Avengers: Age of Ultron] that we won’t spoil, but it involves the notion of them realizing that the only way through all this is together,” Feige said. “And I love that. It’s one of my favorite moments in the film. And I do think that if it wasn’t for Tony then maybe none of this would have happened. And if it wasn’t for Tony then the day may not have been saved. But his intentions were good, and I think we cary that through in future films in a way that makes it very balanced in terms of who you might agree with in arguments to come.”


What even is this shit

Yeah, yeah, that’s what hey said about Civil War in the comics, too.

But let’s have some truth here

1. Fuck Tony. The day wouldn’t need to be saved if he wasn’t a self serving jackass who deserves to be in prison

2. It literally does not matter what you have Cap do. You can have him murder puppies, throw old ladies in front of oncoming traffic, and have him punch every single Young Avenger in the face while singing about how much Bucky is a villain

And you know what? 

I would still side with that jackass over Tony Stark.

And I wouldn’t trust anyone who would do otherwise, becuase IF YOU PICK TONY STARK OVER STEVE ROGERS, YOUR TASTE IS SHIT.

3. However, I absolutely do not put it past these wretched, RDJ-ass-licking wench bots to destroy everything Steve stands for in order to make Tony look good and to continue to prop up RDJ’s over inflated ego.