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Bellarke au, it's where clarke is a doctor at a prison and Bellamy is a guard. Multichapter and in one clarke went to a masked ball and reader knows she's dancing with Bellamy but she doesn't and it's cute cause her dress was designed by Octavia. 100% sure it was on ao3.

Edit: Thanks @dancingmcfly for finding Cliché!

Anonymous said: I’m looking for a fic (modern setting) where Clarke and Bellamy meet at a bar (I think) and Clarke’s mom is a mayor (not sure) but I’m sure they live in a big house and Bellamy starts working there (to clean and stuff) and Clarke really wants to study art but her mom is against and I think Clarke has panic attacks and she teaches Octavia to dance? I hope that helps thank you

I believe you’re looking for I’ll Be Chasing Angels All My Life!

whyclarke said: hello! i’m back again - this may be a weird request but do you know of any fics where clarke has to take care of bellamy when he’s sick/injured and he’s a bad patient because he’s too selfless and whatnot? thank you so much!! this blog is a godsend tbh 

Here are some suggestions that are similar:

Also check out this Hurt!Bellamy + Caretaking!Clarke Bellarke fic rec post by @bellamyblake!

Anonymous said: hey i’m looking for 2 fics. the first one is mordern day bellarke, they are married and pregnant and bellamy finds clarke’s test in the trash under and orange peel or something and then he says “i’m going to be a dad.” the second one is bellamy goes to the hospital and is drugged up and he says that he loves clarke and that he wants her to have his babies and he doesn’t realize that he is telling her. thanks so much i love this blog

For the first one I believe it’s chapter 5 of No Space Lies In Between. Could the second possibly be Anaesthesia is like an aphrodisiac?

Anonymous said:  do you know if there are any fics of clarke thirstin after bell??? Longing looks and all??? Like it could turn into sex for stress relief or whatever??? Just that she’s honestly just super attracted to him. bonus if it turns into sexy times but not necessary 

Here are some that might be what you’re looking for!

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I cannot wait to choose eep!!!!!

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Hi! So first I wanna apologize cause I sent an ask and sounded like a real jerk (it was about tarot cards is you don't remember me) I promise I didnt intend to sound so rude. Anywho, do you have any spells for someone who is sick? I am very sick at the moment and my little sister tends to get sick a lot (which is quite worrying) so anything could help!

I would of course always advise seeking medical advice from a doctor first and definitely seeing one when sick. Some mundane non-magical things you can do is to definitely have a healthy diet, do your best to eat veggies and fruit when you can. When you are feeling like you may be getting sick definitely try to get a lot of sleep, stay hydrated and try to make sure you are getting vitamins and minerals. Showers and baths can also help if you are coughing or have sore throats. But definitely always go to a doctor when ill. Magic is not a cure all.

Bring Me Good Health Spell

A spell to help promote good health.

You Will Need:

  • Hot Tea (green or black)
  • Half a lemon
  • Honey
  • Orange Peel


Once your tea is made add in your honey, orange peel and squeeze in your lemon juice. With a spoon or stirring stick stir it counterclockwise focusing on your intent to remove any illness you may be facing. If you can think or chant: “Sickness go away, I wish you not to stay.” Do this as many times as you desire. Drink your tea slowly once done. Afterwards take a bath or shower to cleanse yourself further and try to rest in bed.

yo fellow students, sufferers of neurological/cardiovascular issues, anxiety sufferers and generally any folks who get headaches easily
today i’ve got a neat little tip for ya
if you ever start to feel that meh feeling when you know a headache/migraine is approaching but you’re not in pain just yet, it’s just your head feels kinda weird and heavy and disgusting, you know what you should consider doing? 
of course, the staple rituals won’t hurt: have a break from whatever you’re doing, hydrate, get a fruit snack, wash your face but what i’m about to tell you is not a common thing to do and you may even think i’m a fucking weirdo but it helps me greatly and i hope it helps you
get some vicks vaporub and rub some on your face, focusing on the forehead, massaging the parts where it usually hurts the most, you’ll feel which ones. for me sometimes it’s temples, sometimes the middle of the forehead or areas above my eyebrows. just rub that shit in. be sure to avoid the eye area and not put too much too close to eyes as the vapour may bother your eyes. 
this provides a nice cooling sensation, it’s a bit tingly and really refreshing. the scent of eucaliptus, mint and whatever other shit that’s in there also energizes you a whole lot and it’s always nice to inhale some of that whether you’re sick with cold or not. for me it usually helps to avoid getting the headache, increases productivity and just generally feels nice. try it if you’re not allergic to and don’t hate the smell of vaporub.
hope this helps! your fellow 5th generation migraine sufferer and uni student exposed to insane levels of stress whose blood vessels are literal shit. 

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What are some of the reasons a character would faint and what would be the warning signs??

Hey there! Okay, so, fainting. It is a thing. It is a thing humans do. It is a thing humans do a lot. It is not as common as, say, pooping, but humans faint and it is a thing, and now we are going to talk about it!

Yaaaaay! \(^_________^)/   (sorry for the extra giddiness, I have pizza).

Hokay. So. Fainting. Fainting is also known as syncope. It is basically what happens when your body temporarily cannot get blood to your brain. When that happens, you lose consciousness, you fall down. It’s kind of like a bottlecap: with a soda bottle upright, blood cannot get to the cap without pumping. But if the bottle falls over, now the cap is touching soda. (Also, do not unscrew bottlecaps, when the bottlecaps in question are peoples’ brains.)

But why? Why blood no can reach brain, Aunt Scripty?!?  

It’s like this, Internet-fren. There are many, many reasons someone could pass out. This is a partial list, off the top of my head, but:

  • Heat exhaustion
  • Standing for too long, especially with knees locked (orthostatic syncope)
  • Sitting / standing up too quickly (orthostatic syncope)
  • Pain (nociceptive syncope)
  • Arrhythmia (irregular or too-rapid heartrate)
  • Fear, or extreme emotional response (psychogenic syncope)
  • Straining to poop and/or holding your breath (vasovagal syncope)
  • Rapid blood loss (can cause syncope, but the person should wake up quickly; if they do not, they are in deep doo-doo. This is actually vasovagal in nature.)

These things below are also not necessarily causes of syncope, but they can be contributing factors:

  • Malnourishment / dehydration
  • Exhaustion
  • Being on your period
  • Generally being a sickie
  • Etc.
  • Basically, if it makes you tired or feel like crap, it can contribute to a syncope.


As to what a character may feel just before passing out, they’ll probably feel nauseous, dizzy, and may see stars before they black out. They may get a sinking feeling in their chest, and/or palpitations. I know for me, when I get close to passing out, I get this strange feeling like there’s… like there’s a distance between myself and the world, this sort of hazy non-existence between us, like reality is at arm’s length away and I can’t quite touch it. (I also get that feeling when I just generally feel sick, though, so there’s that.)

I hope this helped!!! xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Hello, my friends, I’m sorry for my prolonged silence. I hope I didn’t worry anyone too much. A lot has been going on with me in the past few months, both medically and otherwise, its been an absolute whirlwind. Good news is I’m doing a lot better healthwise (knock on wood)! Personal life stuff-wise, its a bit rocky (its another reason I haven’t been able to be on that much)

For the time being, I’m a little more active on Twitter since its quick and easier to use on my phone. You can find me at: ArtemisPanthar

More wordy details on what’s been going on under the Read More

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Yuri on Ice Fandom!

I understand the concern we all have for Makkachin. Trust me, I’m worried too. But I wanted to offer a little reassurance that may help you feel more at ease with the situation. Yuri on Ice as a Sports anime, it is a given that there has to be some form of drama or suspense. To date, there really hasn’t been any of note so the fact that Makkachin is sick does make up for the quota of drama for the series. It is also a plot device to help support Victuri as a canon couple. Now, let me set your minds at ease, I doubt that Makkachin will actually die. Getting sick, that’s plausible for a dog that ate some steamed buns and got one stuck in his throat.

As a person who watches a ton of veterinarian shows, I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard a vet say, “It doesn’t look good.” In a situation like this, the main issue with Makkachin is his age. Putting the dog under anesthesia is a risk for an older dog, but afterward with the dog under, it really is a simple matter of removing the steamed bun from the dog’s throat. An x-ray may be taken just in case Makkachin may have swallowed any plastic, but from what I saw, he did a pretty good job eating around the plastic. A reversal shot to take him out of anesthesia and the wait to see if he comes around, and that’s all she wrote.

Victor going back to Japan to be with his dog is evidently Yuuri’s idea. Even though Victor visibly wants to go back, he is torn between wanting to be with his dog while he’s sick and staying with Yuuri when he’s so close to winning a spot at the Grand Prix championships. The fact that Yuuri wants Victor to leave is testament that he cares enough about Victor to want him to be there for his dog. That in my opinion is a beautiful depiction of his over for Victor.

Now, let me point something out. Yuuri started out skating with the idea that he was skating alone and he suffers from mental problems and emotional strain. The point of the show is to show Yuuri’s progress as a skater and as a person because of Victor’s influence. Now, remove Victor from Yuuri’s side and we get to see how much Yuuri has improved. With Victor returning to Japan, Yuuri has to skate again with without Victor being there with him and we get to see how that will effect Yuuri. He gets to step out from Victor’s shadow, in Victor’s home country, and allows others to see how well he can skate as the one being coached by Victor. He gets to show Victor’s influence, prove that he can hold his own in a competition without Victor there by his side, and that’s the whole point of this turn in events.

I’m almost positive that Makkachin will be fine. There is something to be said for a pet whose human comes to be by their side when they’re sick. Makkachin will pull through and Victor will return to Yuuri’s side in time for the Grand Prix championships. One fan also pointed out that Makkachin is featured in the photograph reel in the end credits during the summer post-canon.

So, I know it will be difficult but try to put your mind at ease. The show already had Vic-chan die at the start of the series. I don’t think the creators will pull the same stunt twice in one season. Especially after they took the time to have the audience become attached to this poodle.

sickness (Pietro x Reader)

Mobile update so no gif! I’m so sorry that I’ve hardly posted, I had exams and then I was ill and then I had so much on (School Awards, Alton towers trip, Taylor Swift concert, Color Run, Brass Band etc!!)

I’m going away to Florida tomorrow (love a good 9 hour flight #scottishproblems) so I may not post as often, but I’m hoping to write a few more tonight and get a short que sorted (probably wont happen).

I’m also looking for another writer to help me, just send me a sample of your work or something and I’ll get back to you when I’m back from holiday!

Anyway, this was requested by an anon, so here you go! (Sorry it’s short!)


Your boyfriend was ill. It was slightly ironic.

Pietro had come back from the dead, he could run faster than almost everything in the world, he was a part of the superhero team called the Avengers and he had saved thousands of lives.

But here he was tucked in his bed and wrapped with so many blankets he faintly resembled a burrito. Pietro was ill, and it wasn’t anything life threatening.

He had the flu. Everyone (including you, much to his annoyance) found it hilarious. His increased metabolism somehow couldn’t figure out how to ward off the flu and he was stuck inside with tissues and sick bowls while the rest of the team were out fighting the bad guys.

Despite you being a member on the team, you had been ordered by Steve to stay behind to look after him, but you knew it was more because he was your boyfriend than it was because you were probably the most sympathetic of the team.

You agreed with the sympathetic part. Wanda, found Pietro’s suffering hilarious as it was only a mere cold but he was acting like he was dying. Natasha and Clint have no patience for the flu, and would probably have ended up sending him on the mission anyways. Steve didn’t really care but was slightly sympathetic. Tony and Thor found it comedy gold, and the amount of jokes and puns they had thought up were getting to a ridiculous number.

So here you were, pressing a cold towel to his hot face as he lay surrounded in pillows, blankets and cushions. One minute he had a fever whereas the next he had a chill – and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

He started shaking again, his temperature having dropped again and you shushed him affectionately, tucking the blankets around him tighter as you stoked his head gently.

“Lay with me?” Pietro asked you, his voice quiet and you noticed how vulnerable he sounded compared to when he was in full health and running around all cockily while making Clint’s temper quickly rise.

You crawled under the covers, Pietro pulling your body against his constant changing heat one. He buried his head into the crook of your neck as you placed a soft kiss against his forehead, ignoring the sweat on it.

“I love you (Y/N),” he muttered, letting out a slight cough on your neck. You grimaced slightly before remembering his words.

“I love you too, Maximoff.”

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What do I do when everything I write starts to sound the same?

Take a break. Think about why it’s happening. Make room to explore your writing style, to let it change. Why does all your writing sound the same? Is it all about the same bad love, the same good love? The same experience? There’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe it’s time to put it away, if you’re not getting anything from it anymore.

Also, keep in mind that you, as a writer, have your own voice. You may just be getting sick of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad voice. Talk out loud more, if you can. Feel out your style. Believe that what you have to say is important. For me, I used to write about the same damn thing in the same damn way, and it helped me make it through the bad love. Maybe that’s what you’re doing, I don’t know.

Love you. Keep going.

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OK so I’m a little culturally out of the loop here because we don’t really have Summer camps here in Australia so I consulted US correspondent and my very own Grantaire @granteares  and she helped me so much! (Also stay tuned because they’re may be a camp Councillor AU fic coming your way as well.)

  • Feuilly has been helping out at Summer camps since he was 14. He’s seen everything that can happen and knows exactly what to do in every given situation. He’s the one the campers go to when they get too home-sick and he let’s them out of activities for the day and takes them to the kitchen where Chetta works to bake cookies 
  • Bahorel is in charge of all the sports activities whilst Courfeyrac mans the crafts table (”Glitter AND Macaroni? Ferre I’m in heaven!”). Bossuet is in charge of taking the kids into town for letter runs and sweets. He’s supposed to be making sure none of the kids get lost but usually gets lost himself
  • Joly is the on-site camp Nurse. He’s frequently freaking out about how unsafe the whole place is (”You let them swim in the lake?!? Do you know how much bacteria is in there?!”) and reprimands the others when a kid gets so much as a scraped knee
  • Combeferre makes all their itineraries during the day and at night takes the campers stargazing and teaches them all about the constellations and how to get your bearings just by using the night sky
  • Jehan is the trainee Councillor whose super chill and sings campfire songs to everybody and somehow always has marshmallows on them and takes a lot of photos. They always have an abundance of scrapbooks for the campers to take home to their parents
  • Eponine teaches everybody the most hardcore survival skills. She’s the campers favourite and the only one nobody tries to mess with cause she can teach you how to survive but they’re also pretty sure she can make you disappear without a trace
  • Montparnasse runs the corrupt camp across the lake. Somehow all of Les Amis’ chocolate supply goes missing the day his campers are making s’mores.
  • Marius has no idea how to control his campers. They walk all over him cause he’s too sweet. Cosette takes pity on him and wrangles them into shape, saving him from whoopee cushions, water buckets and a myriad of “Kick Me” signs. He’s actually secretly told the campers to do these things to him just so he can spend more time with her. She’s well aware but plays along anyway.
  • Grantaire is in charge of the green cabin campers and Enjolras is in charge of the red ones (I know so original, right?). One day Grantaire decides to start a prank war on the red cabin because “The Blonde makes the scrunchiest face when he’s angry. It’s adorable” . Things go about as well as expected.
  • Of course Enjolras doesn’t usually sink to such a level, but is infuriated when he finds his favourite Red Bandana has been dyed a lime green and slams his fists on the craft table demanding vengeance
  • Courf is so happy he almost cries
  • Things escalate from there, each following prank growing more and more elaborate and devastating. 
  • Eventually one night Enjolras is setting up a much too time-consuming prank when he comes across Montparnasse and Jehan making out by the lake
  • He gets the wrong idea and thinks Montparnasse is trying to steal his camp Councillors and begins ranting and raging
  • Of course R is beckoned by the sound of his voice like the Enjolras trash he is and comes out to see what the big deal is.
  • He finally separates Enjolras and Montparnasse away from each other and takes Enjolras aside to find out what’s going on. When Enjolras is done with his ranting Grantaire goes:
    “Look about this prank war-”
    “I know. What I’m saying is that we should be working together to bring down the real enemy here! With your skills in practically everything and my creative natural ability to be an asshole we can bring him down! Truce?”
  • Enjolras gets confusedly aroused inspired by his determination and passion and they decide to sabotage the other camp
  • Which is how an hour later Montparnasse and Jehan find Enjolras and Grantaire making out in Montparnasse’s quarters, halfway through booby trapping his clothes drawer
Oneshot: Compassion For A Queen

Just a quick SQ oneshot. Regina’s sick and Emma has a hunch that the Queen is too so she reaches out. Some Split Queen related angst. Some fluffy feels. I don’t own Once or its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma grimaces as she tiptoes stealthily into the crypt room that the Queen has been hiding out in. She had a hunch and wanted to follow it. Judging by the groans and coughing noises coming from the secret room her hunch was correct.

When Regina woke up sick this morning, Emma couldn’t help but wonder what it meant for her Evil half? Do they get sick at the same time? If one of them falls over does the other feel the pain? It’s an eternally confusing situation and like all of them, Emma’s just trying to muddle through it all the best she can.

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Double-D With ESP Chapter One: DARCY

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
FIC SUMMARY: Darcy Lewis was kind of psychic. Not in a see the future, talk to your dead father, tell you the winning lotto numbers kind of way, but it still came in handy from time to time.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Inspired by a “Sick Sad World” segment: “Psychic Centerfolds. What happens when Miss September can see November? She’s a Double-D with ESP! Coming up next on Sick, Sad World.” 

This is a GEN fic (no real mention of ships) and while it has a lot of MCU references, it’s not quite canon compliant. It’s has been collecting dust for a few months now and a recent reread reminded me that it’s ‘almost’ finished. Let me know what you think/if you want to read more as it may help me get this wrapped finished sooner rather than later :P And a shout out to @pedeka​, @blacksunmagick​, and @jewliesparks​ for helping me understand tarot cards a bit better.

My fics can also be found on AO3.


Darcy Lewis was kind of psychic. But not in a see the future, talk to your dead father, tell you the winning lotto numbers kind of way. She jokingly referred to it as her ‘spidey-sense’, this feeling that crept up her spine that told her to turn left instead of right, to not trust the drink (or the guy that gave it to her), to stop walking just as a door was being thrown open in front of her. She would admit, under duress, that it came in handy from time to time, but never put in any effort into honing it, lest she turn out like the other psychics in her family.

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