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Voltron Theory Part 2 Season 3: Lotor’s Parentage

So, we’ve now been introduced to Prince Lotor, and he’s a heck of a lot to un-package.

Smart and charismatic, but also manipulative and doesn’t suffer failure. It’s clear that there’s more to this man, he also seems to hold grudges and allows others to be harmed for his actions, such as in the case of Throk.

And yet, there is a nicer side to him. He’s protective of his generals, it’s clear that he respects them and their opinions. He’s also a man of action, showing that he can get into the thick of it, and yet knows how to pull back when there’s not much to gain.

It’s clear that he was trained hard in becoming very well versed in military strategy, but why? We also know for sure that he was exiled by the Galra for some reason, and has since been off doing something else. What’s interesting is that he picked up the Generals, all female too mind you, and have been using him as his elite squad of sorts.

Unlike Zarkon, there’s a clear equality that he sees in his team, something that…on the one hand is awesome, on the other hand, given his reaction to Acxa’s failure with the Teledav, one has to wonder how far his equal view of his men goes?

Physically he’s an interesting Specimen to the eye.

He’s tall, but smaller than a lot of Galra, meaning he’s roughly about the size of a Human or an Altean.

He has white hair, which again is unusual because there are only a few people that have that hair: Alfor, his wife, Allura, Keith apparently (as per Lauren’s comment about him dying it black was part of an idea they had for the series) and surprisingly Kolivan (the long end of his hair is white).

He also has a very narrow chin and features distinctive Altean ears, something that hints at his being half, and also, importantly, is something carried over from the main series in both the original Go lion and the American Voltron Defender of the Universe.

Lotor also has yellow eyes, but blueish irises, and a very sharp chin, unlike his father who has more of a square jaw. 

Again Altean features as far as we’ve seen in the show, save for some of the Galra, like Throck and Haxus who both have pointed chins but seem to lack some of the qualities that these two had.

There’s also the fact that he doesn’t wear the same sort of armor as the other members of the military, and that his helmet is distinctly Altean in design, much like Allura’s Paladin look.

What’s also interesting with Lotor is the fact that he bears no markings of the Altean people like his mother. Although there’s some question if that is his mother but more on that later. He also seems to have the smoother skin for the Galra rather than a more fuzzy aspect. Which is again rather different than other members of his species.

So this got me thinking, exactly who is Lotor. Or rather who is his parents? There are a few options, so let’s dive into them and hopefully we can come up with a good theory about where his blood line is coming from.

Let’s start by looking to the past to get an idea of who we can rule in and out of this versions heritage.

Lotor from the original series was born from King Zarkon and a young woman from Arus, who was taken as his slave. Haggar (Honerva in Go Lion), the former Queen of Planet Doom and Zarkon’s Mother, was Lotor’s grandmother, both of which Lotor didn’t know about. In the updated comic Lotor’s mother Lora, given an actual name, is the royal consort (although I don’t know if the marriage was an alliance deal or something that was a willing deal) of king Zarkon and actually does things in his name, and seems to have been there for Lotor as he grew up to a point. In both cases his mother seems to be Altean, and his father Zarkon.

We know for sure that we can rule out the idea of Haggar (points for using both aspects of the original series with that one guys) being his grandmother as we’ve seen that she came from Honerva, Zarkon’s wife. And we can probably rule out the idea of Zarkon enslaving someone to give him a child, since even Zombified Zarkon is somewhat honorable. So where does that leave us to figuring this out.

Well we know that Lotor claims that Zarkon’s his father so we can go with that as a Start and list all the ways that Zarkon can be Lotor’s father.

If Zarkon is Lotor’s dad Theories:

1.       Zarkon and Honerva had Lotor biologically

Now in Episode 7: The legend begings, we see the back story of how Zarkon met Honerva met and got married.

 During this time we also saw the birth of Princess Allura and, during none of the time while they were alive, did we see either of them mention having a child. 

This would be a big thing, as given how friendly the two men were before things went down, it wouldn’t have been that hard to believe that they could have arranged to have Lotor and Allura marry.

This doesn’t even touch on if Galra and Alteans can have kids together, however the show has been hinting at the fact that it’s a possibility with the hybrids and Keith’s existence.

As @radioactivesupersonic post pointed out, it seems really weird for the two to conceive a child after being Zombified. I’m going to go one further on this, I don’t just think they are Zombified, I think they are actively being controlled and possessed. So if that’s the case, why would they want to have a child? Given that Haggar couldn’t remember being married until she went into Zarkon’s mind, and he clearly wasn’t showing that he recalled her (even if they were still emotionally bonded) it would be hard to believe that they would want to have a child together.

Lotor clearly was born after Allura went into her sleep as she would have recalled him, and Coran indicated that they didn’t know he had a son. This means that Lotor wasn’t born before the Zombification of Zarkon and Honerva. So they had to have him after, but how? If they are dead, that would mean that they don’t have the living options in their body, as Haggar is shown to have gone from her normal brown color to a dark purple, which could be either from the thing that attached to them, or (like Transformer that turn gray) Altean’s bodies turn a darker color when they die. Thus making it clear that both are living on borrowed time.

Regardless, Haggred’s one track mind on experimentation and Zarkon’s desire for Voltron, indicate to me that neither of them would have the mind to, nor the inclination, to create a child though a union of their own. This also doesn’t explain why Lotor only sees Zarkon as his father and doesn’t mention Honerva, nor does it imply why he calls her his father’s witch. Unless Lotor has no clue of his mother at all, and this is going to be a situation where he wigs out and kills her like in the original Go Lion. But given the way they’re building up Lotor, I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen, as he’s more like the Devil’s Due version in that he’s a more honorable person…to a point.

So if that’s the case then…

2.       Lotor is an experiment by Haggar

This one is another thing brought up by @radioactivesupersonic, and I think it’s a good one. The idea is that Haggar created Lotor by building a child based on the DNA from herself and Zarkon, and possibly Alfor or his wife.

Now I can believe that. We know that Haggar can create things, and alter people (Shiro and the other cyborgs) and infuse people into the Robeasts (as we’ve seen with the first and second season) and we know that they’re creating clone technology (as per Kuro –fake Shiro). So the idea of her creating a child possibly from various bits of DNA and mixing them to give birth to him.

In that case, he would know that Zarkon is his father, but when was this done, and how long ago did this take? We have no info on that, and I would think that, if Lotor was going to be a test subject for Haggar, there would be more clues given.

On the other hand he could be from only one parent with add ons put in him. As in Lotor is a clone of Zarkon, the problem with that is that Lotor bears no significant traits with Zarkon, and only has the purple skin tone. And he certainly has more qualities with an Altean and has the white hair, which we now know is connected only two a hand full of people (Alfor, Allura, Allura’s mom, Kolivan and Keith). So did Haggar clone Alfor and alter him? There is that option since Lotor does have a similar eye color to the late King.

Then again, if Zarkon couldn’t remember her, could he have forced a child from another Altean?

3.       Zarkon’s the dad, but another woman is the mom

There is a chance that given Zarkon not recalling his past, he could have taken on an Altean woman to have Lotor and then left her behind.

However, this is less likely because people point out that Lauren Montgomery has noted that Lotor has a connection to Princess Allura. Something that being born from an unknown woman wouldn’t allow to happen.

The other option is that Zarkon and Allura’s mom had Lotor. We are told over and over that Alfor was killed by him and Altea was blown up. However I don’t fully believe that the Alteans are dead, due to the fact that Lotor had his ship built and the only ones that can do that are the Olkari, who probably wouldn’t do so, and the Altean’s since they built the first set of lions.

If Lotor is Allura’s brother through her mom and Zarkon, the issue is how has he stayed alive? Unlike Zarkon and Haggar, it’s clear that Lotor hasn’t imbibed in the Quintessense since his eyes still have irises, and we’ve seen other Galra not have glowing yellow eyes. These are Galra that look closer to the original form of the Galra (see the captain of the ship that the Blue Lion attacked in the first season) or seem to be halfs. So unless he’s being corrupted by the Quintessense I don’t think Lotor is that old, and can’t be Allura’s brother that way, unless he was frozen as part of his exile.

4.       Lotor is Zarkon’s son from another reality.

This one is weird but there is this option. We know that there are other realities and we’ve seen how things can pass through. So there is that option, but…and I say this hard, if Lotor did come through he would have had to have passed through via ship like Voltron and been picked up by the Galra. Now we know that he’s interested in building a teledev and that he seemed to have an idea of other realities, or at least that the meteorite can go between ala Voltron.

However the main problem also is that he was able to control the Altean ship, which means that he has to have some connection to the royal family to do anything to that ship. However he could very well be a descendent from both the Empress Allura and the Zarkon of another universe. We’ve only seen one so far, and the idea that there are more out there indicates that there’s a chance for that reality to have had some form of peace between the two forces.

The problem with this is, how do you prove he’s from another reality?

On the plus side, if he is from another reality and thus connected to Allura as a brother, then that could explain the whole issue of him moving the ship.

There is also a chance that Lotor is not the Son of Zarkon but may be another person’s child all together.

1.       Lotor could be the son of Empress Allura

While this is the least likely choice, there is a small hint that it could be. We know that Lotor has a very close look physically to Allura, and this isn’t just by design. If Lotor came from that world, how did he get to our known universe? The only way I can think of is due to a number of situations that allowed for him not to be affected by the rift.

However he clearly wants to travel between worlds as he purposely built that ship from that meteorite. He knows about the way it works, and the only way he could know that is if he was able to test that factor. He also wants a teleduv which means that he knows how to use that too.

If he is the son of Allura that could explain the whole idea of him being connected to her.  If he is from another universe, this might be a case of him wanting to go home, rather than continue Haggar’s tests. The issue is still how did he get across the rift without being vaporized.

2.       Lotor is Allura’s brother

Okay this one is one that keeps going around my head. There are still issues with it, but there’s some very interesting ways this could be.

While looking at Episode 7 I noticed that Lotor does bear a striking resemblance to Alfor. They share similar eyes, not only in color but in shape.

 Also chin and nose as well.

Alfor also has the same sort of side burns as Lotor, and there’s some similarity in their hair styles as well. Then there is the ears on Alfor and Lotor. They are practically the same.

They both seem to share even their smiles, and some of their personality traits in the smug department.

We also know again that he could turn on the Altean ship which is rather important since it’s been stated that only a royal family member can move Altean ships. Coran and others have said over and over that ships that are like the one that was between the rifts can only be moved or controlled by the royal family. Which means that previously the Commander of the ship would have had to have been a member of the royal family as well, or that there was something on the ship that allowed it to move.

Furthermore when you actually examine the options for who could be Lotor’s parents, with Honerva and Zarkon you run into a few problems.

For one thing their eye colors do not match their son’s. Like at all, in any way, shape or form. Not only that but there’s the fact that Lotor’s ears are closer in shape to Alfor’s then Honerva’s. Both Honerva and Zarkon have brown eyes, and yes I checked with a hexadecimal code to see the exact color that they used in the coloring of the eyes of the characters.

Lotor’s eyes match up with the range of Alfors as both Honerva and Zarkon’s eyes are brown. The only people that have blue eyes are Acxa, Allura, Alfor, her mom, Ezor, and oddly Coran.  Unless it turns out that Coran is his dad, which would match up with the idea of Coran having a missing son.

So how would Lotor end up being under Zarkon’s control? And why would Allura not know she has a brother?

Well if Allura’s mom was with child during the events of the fall of Altea, then there’s a strong chance that she could have, and would have given birth after the castle was taken. Assuming that the Alteans didn’t all die, it wouldn’t be that hard to believe that Zarkon would kill them all as they’re actually useful to them, and there are hints about the druids being Altean, then it could very well be that he’s placed them under his control.

If Allura’s mom did have a child, it wouldn’t be that far to believe that Zarkon and Haggar wouldn’t want a child to rise up and find his sister. They could have easily put him under experimentation, and frozen him for a time to carefully grow him in a controlled environment and make him believe he is the son of Zarkon.

The other option was that he was born from Alfor and Allura’s mom through a less conventional way and at a later time, then infused with aspects of the Galra to maybe create someone that could be used to control the Alteanas or Polluxians or other races in their stand. Unfortunately he’s too independent and was sent away due to his own nature to want to do his own thing.

It’s hard to tell for sure exactly where Lotor’s from, but a lot of signs point to the idea that he is at least connected to the royal family. So those are my theories, anyone have others?

One other funny note: 

Alfor’s sword….

Lotor’s sword. 

They’re very similar in design. 

A Hundred Lesser Faces: (Three)

Notes from Mod Bonnie

  • This story stems from the premise: what if Voyager!Claire had gone first to Lallybroch instead of directly to the print shop in Edinburgh?
  • Links to past installments:  (One) (Two)



I’d run upstairs the instant Claire was gone through the door—first to the bedchamber overlooking the road, then up still further to the upper floors, so I could see her for just a moment longer. For, damn me, but I couldna take my eyes off her…just kept—watchin’ her— until the last.

And even when the shape of her had long vanished over the horizon, I was still watchin’, staring into the spot where she’d been, the last place she’d inhabited before she’d gone away….just as she’d promised. 

The letter—God, Claire’s letter—was clutched tight in my hand and heavy on my heart. But it was also heavy in my hand, I realized. There was more than paper, therein, I’d swear to it; firm, whatever it was, but not rigid, exactly, for I could still bend it easily.  

I had the nail of my finger under the edge of the wax before somethin’….somethin’ stopped me—or could it be someone?—and I shivered. 


Claire was in the doorway of the kitchen, cloak on, the letter clutched to her breast. 

I stood, awkwardly. “You’ve finished?” 

She nodded, and her eyes closed, of a sudden, and she looked so very young, like one of the bairns in a thunderstorm, all scared and—small—So sad, and—

—and I wavered. 

But before I could say anythin’, Claire was there right before my face, pressin’ the envelope hard into my hands. She didna let go, just kept—holdin’ on to me, eyes boring into mine so I couldna even blink. 

 “Whatever hurt there is between you and me, Jenny—” Those whisky-colored eyes were shining wi’ feeling, ready to spill over wi’ it. “—I beg you to see that Jamie gets this.” She added her other hand and squeezed me so hard that own hands were shakin’ along wi’ hers. “Please don’t wait too long to give it to him.” 

My voice cracked, and I couldna look away. “Why’s that?” 

“There are things in here, that—” the paper crinkled, loud and violent, that bitty sound, “—that will give him peace….I hope.” A small, broken breath. 

Peace…Peace for Jamie…

“Please, Jenny—PLEASE—promise me that you’ll give it to him.” Those wildcat eyes begged, and I could do nothing but nod. She heaved an enormous sigh and closed them, nodding, herself. “Thank you.” 

She released me, then and made for the door, pulling her cloak tight about her. Her eyes were on the handle as she said, “Goodbye.” 

And then before I could blink, she’d come back again and thrown both her arms ‘round me. Unnaturally tall as she was, my arms were trapped down at my sides, so I couldna have hugged her back, even had I wished to. 

Her voice was a ragged sob of a whisper. “I do love you, Jenny.” She kissed my cheek.

And then she was out the door, gone. Forever.  

And it was only as she was far, far gone, a vanished speck through a frozen windowpane, that I realized….

I *had* wished to. 


I nearly leapt out of my skin as I whirled like a guilty bairn to the door behind, where Maggie stood wi’ her own babe on her hip. 

Ye’ve been up here for an age and a half, Mam. Did…” She gave me a significant look, “….something give ye a turn?” 

“I’m fine, mo chridhe,” I promised, flustered-like, bustling past her down the stairs to resume my work and hide my face. “Perfectly fine, nothin’ to—”

“But who was she, Mam?” Maggie’s voice, her footsteps, chased me down the stairs. “The dark-haired Englishwoman? Why was she here?” 

“She was a traveler. No one ye need be worrit about.” 

“Mam, I’m no’ a wee bairn. We all heard the great skelloch the two of ye were makin’. Clearly she was someone ye kent well, and it sounded as though she had come were wi’ a purpose, and  “ 

“Maggie, do not— ” 

“But what was it she wanted of ye, Mam? She stayed hardly an hour, and we  “

I dinna wish to DISCUSS it, Margaret.” 

From the look on her face, I’d shouted it, violently. She went all meek-like and left me standing alone on the stairs landing without another word. I started to go after her, but—I let my hands fall back to my side, clenching into shaking fists.  

What was it the Englishwoman had wanted of me, Maggie, love? The woman who saw ye delivered into this world? Only to come make peace and to mend your Uncle Jamie’s heart…and I… 


Hands of guilt seemed to shove me toward the door, toward the stables. 

Janet Murray, go after Claire. Go after her right this moment. There’s still time to catch her up! 

“Aye, and WHY should I?” I muttered under my breath, stormin’ to the pantry and busyin’ my hands, furiously flyin’ from task to task. 

WHY? Because it was doomed from the start! 

Dinna lay the troubles of their marriage at my feet. It was GOOD for Jamie to be marrit. He NEEDED a woman.

You saw her fetch at the wedding. Jesus God, woman, THAT was your warning. THIS is the test. 

I wasna going to see my brother die alone, and I couldna have dreamed that she’d saunter in one day after—

No one could have supposed Claire was alive; but now that you know, you MUST make this right. 

Go and stop her…GO!

She had no right —No RIGHT to just vanish as she did. God, the —the arrogance of it — I threw an old jar against the wall, the crash of the pottery against the stone some kind of satisfaction amid the storms of rage and of shame within me.  not to even CHECK !—And ‘complicated,’ she says…COMPLICATED! 

She said she’d be able to explain. 

All can be made right, Janet Murray. Go after her, beg her to  

I'll no’ beg that Sassenach witch for anythin’. The rage was boiling up within me, and suddenly even the promise of delivering her letter seemed like the vilest of insults. ‘Will bring him peace,’ she says…How could she POSSIBLY ken what can bring him peace, having been gone from him for twenty

YOU would know, just fine, if it were Ian. Separation couldn’t change your knowing of him, could it? 

I ignored that pleading, reasonable voice and stormed back up the stairs. The only sensible thing was to pretend as though the letter had never existed. 

Jamie need never know. If he wasna precisely at *peace,* now, he’d at least settled into a living, and found a certain

He hasn’t. 

NO sense at all in opening up old

And since when were love or mercy about *sense*?  

What he doesna know canna pain him, and that’s all there is to it.

I stormed upstairs and threw the letter resolutely into the back of the drawer, coverin’ it over wi’ old underthings and rags where Ian wouldna find it. 

But all the rest of the day, that stern voice haunted me, warred with me. 

Go after her. 

Leave me be. 

What’s done is done. 

No, it isn’t. 


Claire let him suffer. 

She stayed away for TWENTY—

She doesna DESERVE  

That was Jamie’s judgment to make, woman. Not yours. 

I told her only the bare facts. 

No. You lied to her. 

He DOES have a wife!

He DOES have two daughters that called him Da!

You told her all the difficult truths and made them as painful to her as you could. 

And you told one lie.

 That Jamie is happy.

Is he?  


The guilt shuddered through me, a fist wrapped around my throat. 

He’s broken…

He’s still hurting…still raw….

From want of Her. 

And you sent her away. 

The look on her face as she begged me to give him that letter—

But the THINGS she did to  —

What you’ve just done is worse, still For you did it from spite, Janet Murray; of your own pride and

Across the house a door CRASHED open and I reeled back from the spice cupboard as though shot, my blood poundin’ in my ears as footsteps came thunderin’ in from the front door. “What in GOD’s holy name—???” 

“I dinna need to WASH to see Mam,” a grumpy voice protested from the foyer. 

“Oh Mary, Michael, and Bride—IAN!!” I’d forgotten—completely FORGOTTEN to be sick with worry for my wee scoundrel who’d run away. Lord forgive me, what sort of mother FORGETS

I flew across the house, my guilt over Claire momentarily replaced by outrage at myself and fury at my son and RELIEF. “Ian!!” I sobbed as I threw my arms around his thin frame. “Ian you –YOU–oh—!” I swore violently, a great string of things, but all grateful, all emphatic with love as I squeezed him tight, wetting his shirtfront “—I’m so glad you’re safe, a chuisle.

“I’m fine, mam,” he said with a sigh, though he returned the hug. 

I pulled back and slapped his shoulder, hard. “Well ye WILLNA be by the time I’m done wi’ ye! What were ye THINKING, Ian Murray, runnin’ away like that wi’ no word???”

“I DID leave word, Mam!” 

“Oh, ye think a wee note is enough? Not in this house, Ian. God, I’m so fashed and so happy in one single moment—” True enough; I was panting with the rush of the relief and the fright of the last two weeks. I hugged him again, then pushed him toward the stairs. “Off wi’ ye—we’ll deal wi’ your punishment later.” 

I turned from one Ian (well, the back of one, as he sulked off) to sigh in relief at sight of the other. “There’s my sweet lass,” he said, grinnin’ that bright, warm smile that I loved so well and holding out his arms to me.

All but fell into them, I did. “Mo ghraidh, ye found him.” I pressed my head against his chest, so happy to have him close; so happy for the relief of havin’ him hold me. There, against his heart, all could be well; all the voices and the shame and the rage could be silent. 

He kissed me, touched my cheek, then turned for the study. “I didna do much.“ He thudded into an armchair and pulled me into his lap. “In fact, I didna even get to Edinburgh.” 

“No?” I grinned, kissin’ his dear face. “Was he making such puir time? Chasin’ after lost pups and rabbits, again, aye?” 

“Nay, he’d already been to Edinburgh. When I came upon him, it was head on, already on their way back to us.”

I jolted back. “Their?” 

“Aye, Ian and Jamie.” 


Go after her 

“Aye, who else?” Ian kissed me, blithe as ye please. “Said he didna trust Wee Ian to come back unescorted, and rightly so.”

Go after her

“Well, and — it’s good ye were able to meet Jamie on the way.” I brushed my hands nervously down my skirt, tryin’ not to give in to the feelings risin’ up in my gullet. “He’ll have needed to be back in his shop as soon as possible.”

“Oh, nay, he left Fergus in charge. Said he was past due for a visit. No sense in him making the journey twice, now, is there?” 

“Jamie’s — He’s — ?” I felt as though I were going to faint. 


What if he finds out? 

You MUST tell him. 

I canna — I CANNA —

I screamed it at my conscience, but it wasna like the rage of before: a scream of panic. The weight of what I’d done—it was fallin’ down all around me and over me, smashin’ apart my anger and my stubbornness and my pride only to reveal beneath all my darkest shame and regret and 

“Jamie’s gone to Balriggan, then?” 

“NO, a nighean,” came a grinnin’ voice that paralyzed me as surely as the bolt of a crossbow in my spine, “he’s behind ye.”

Lord, help me, 

I canna

anonymous asked:

can you guys recommend any fake relationship aus?? theyre my absolute fave after reading A Forged Wedding :)

Hello! I’m afraid there aren’t many long ones out there, but I’ll do my best to find a few that I think you’ll enjoy. 

I’m a Fool to Want You
Summary: It is a doomed marriage from the start. She knows she can only be his wife on paper, but never in his heart. She knows it all, and yet, she repeatedly lets him go back to the one he really wants. Years after their wedding, she smiles through it all—a love that will never be requited.

Summary: Eren invented himself a boyfriend for a dinner with his friends and his ex-boyfriend. Now he just has to find one, and fast.

Of Mistletoe and Shitty Fake Boyfriends
Summary: Eren wouldn’t say they were friends. Hell, he wouldn’t even say they were acquaintances. But he supposes that ‘Fake Boyfriend’ does have a ring to it.

Hey Lover
Summary: Fed up with being teased for not having a girlfriend, Eren joins a site that gives the perception of being taken. Little does he know that the sassy and crass girlfriend he asked for isn’t exactly what he had in mind.

An Unlikely Alliance
Summary: When Scouting Legions main trading partner, Wall Maria, is experiencing economic strain from constant attacks by the neighboring kingdom Titan, the leaders of the two nations come to an agreement: Scouting Legion will provide military protection in exchange for land and financial aid for the still growing nation.
     Their new alliance will be sealed with the union of King Jaegar’s son Eren to the Scouting legions strongest soldier, Lance Corporal Levi. But how will the cold, impassive soldier warm to his new husband, who is far from the weak, spoiled princess he was expecting?


jeveuxxvivre  asked:

It's been a while since I've sent you an unnecessary rambling ask... so, what did you think about (my mans) Desmond? I.e., did you think he was a compelling main character, do you think his death helped the story, do you approve of his semi-posthumous marriage to me, etc...?

As a forewarning, spoilers on Desmond Miles ahead. Also, long post.


I’ll admit, I didn’t get into AC early on. Think it was Brotherhood that was my first one – and that was around the time AC3 had come out.

To me, Desmond has always been a protagonist to root for in a “let that boy rest” kind of way. He grew up in his father’s constantly disapproving shadow, locked away in a compound with Assassins who, let’s face it, outwardly look like conspiracy theorist nutcases, until it broke him and he left at fucking 16. Uprooted, fleeing the Assassins who’d helped train him, and having to start a whole new life with the constant anxiety of being found.

And of course he was found. After 9ish years of freedom, he’s captured by Templars, poked and experimented on, escapes and makes new friends – both real and the digitized wisp of a former “experiment” like him that committed suicide from the stress of the fucking Animus Desmond uses constantly. And of course… stone cold murders his Templar friend who was out to betray him and others. Which he’d done unwillingly while some alien entity was controlling his body through the very item HE’D WORKED SO HARD TO GET. All of this is done while he’s reliving every tragic and furious memory of his ancestors, of course.

And then what happens? Back into it to save the world again. No time to grieve. No, no. The world dies in a few months. He meets up with his father again and isn’t that just the cherry on the shitcake because of course William has’t changed. Still disapproving and a horrible, demanding, cold reminder of everything Desmond had wanted to leave behind.

And that, finally, is where we see things turn around for Desmond after less than 4 months of countless deadly encounters. Amends are made with his father, there’s plans to see his mother, and a cautious hope that maybe when this is all over it will be okay.


He fries himself saving the world while being manipulated by the same alien entity that had him murder his friend, and even in his diddly darn death he doesn’t get any peace because there’s the Templars to pick up his corpse and put it to use because why wouldn’t they by harvesting his DNA and his genetic memories. Jfc, even his damn personal items, voicemails to his father, weren’t safe from examination.

And in the end, that child he’d unknowingly fathered at 18 is growing up, is a goddamn sage, and well-tracked on the Templar’s radar. :’)))

Everything Desmond did and does is only just enough. And more is always asked of him. Always. One of those “doomed from the start” characters. A happy ending would have been preferred, but since that wasn’t going to happen… again, I say: let that goddamn boy rest

But, hey. You asked for answers, not a rant.

Do I think Desmond is a compelling main character? Hell yeah.

Did his death help the story? It technically set the framework for later games and introductions of other beloved characters and their stories so… begrudgingly, I say yes. (Yes, yes, I’m well aware this all could have happened without his death. Note the ‘begrudgingly’ part.)

Do I approve of his semi-posthumous marriage to you? Of course. But you’ve got to do what you can to protect his baby from another lady. Or else Desmond Jr. is going to go through the same things his papa did.

There’s a tendency nowadays to depict their relationship [Edward II and Isabella of France] in the most one-dimensional manner imaginable, as though it was nothing but a unloving, unhappy disaster from start to finish, which is just silly if you ask me. Surely we all know as human beings that relationships which last for many years change and evolve over time, they’re not static, and for heaven’s sake, people feel much more than one emotion towards their partner of nearly two decades! There is much evidence that Edward and Isabella’s marriage was, for a long time, a successful and mutually affectionate, even loving, one. It ended spectacularly badly, of course, but that doesn’t mean it had always been bad or was doomed from the beginning, and much of Isabella’s behaviour in 1325/26 strongly suggests to me that she was deeply distressed at the breakdown of her marriage and the intrusion into it of Edward’s last and most powerful favourite, Hugh Despenser. There is no evidence at all that she disliked Edward’s previous favourites such as Piers Gaveston and Roger Damory, whose relationships with Edward she seemed to view as entirely separate from her own. Edward showed little interest in Isabella at the start of their marriage, but given that he was twenty-three and she only twelve it’s hard to blame him for that, and as she grew older, he grew to love her. Probably not in the same passionate all-consuming way he loved Piers Gaveston, but love nonetheless, as an eyewitness to Edward and Isabella’s visit to Paris in 1313 declared. For her part, Isabella addressed Edward in letters as ‘my very sweet heart’ and 'my very dear and very sweet lord and friend’, which is highly unconventional and hints at her strong feelings for him.
—  Kathryn Warner, author of Edward II: The Unconventional King
Crystal’s Top Ten BAMF Moments

10. Fantastic Fifth! (Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #81)

Crystal joins the ranks of the Fantastic Four and proves just how valuable an addition to the team she can be by single-handedly taking down the threat posed by the Wingless Wizard!  

9. Standing up to the hate (All New Inhumans #1)

A large group of neo nazi human supremacists have abducted a new Inhuman and parade her up the street of downtown Sydney threatening to publicly execute her.  Crystal intercedes and, though one of the evil supremacists has superpowers of his own, Crys is able to use her control over the elements of fire, water and air to defeat these villains and rescue the capture Inhuman.      

8. Skrull Smasher (Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1)

In the midst of the Skrull invasion of Attilan, a pair of Super Skrulls make the mistake of considering Crystal ‘just a female’ and not a warrior.  They pay for their folly when Crystal utilizes her elemental powers in a very novel and creative fashion, animating a stone statue of Black Bolt that crushes the Skrulls with its enormous hands.  So badass!

7. Wave of Mutilation (West Coast Avengers Vol. 1 #101)

During the Bloodies cross-over, Exodus has abducted Luna as part of an effort to unite Mutant-kind against the human world.  The conflict comes to the shores of Geonosha.  Desperate to find her daughter, Crystal has no time for a long, drawn out battle.  Instead, she uses her powers to summon a massive tidal wave that crashes over Hammer Bay, scattering the human and Mutant forces who had gathered there to fight.    

6. Playing the suckers for suckers (All New Inhumans #1)

Crystal shows that she is not above chicanery when it comes to the wellbeing of her people.  In an effort to gain permission from the United Nations to allow her ambassadorial team international access, Crys conspires with her Mutant alley, Frenzy, in order to demonstrate the Inhuman team’s utility and trustworthiness.  Frenzy attacks the UN inspectors and Crystal defeats her… yet it is all a show and succeeds in granting Crystal’s team official sanction from the United Nations.  It’s unscrupulous but nonetheless badass and shows that Crys is just as deft with statecraft as she is in wielding her elemental powers.  

5. A Most Difficult of Choice (FF vol. 1 #21)

In order to broker a peace treaty between The Earth and The Kree Empire, Crystal is asked to annul her marriage to Ronan The Accuser.  What had begun as merely a political marriage had blossomed into true love and both Crystal and Ronan were heart-broken over the matter.  Whereas Ronan wilts under the pressure and must be dragged away, Crystal stands firm, sacrificing her own happiness for the wellbeing of two worlds.    

4. Un-Diplomatic Relations (All New Inhumans #’s 3-5)

This story-arc sees Crystal’s Inhuman team travel to the fictional nation of Sin-Cong, a thinly-veiled stand-in for North Korea.  The evil Commissar had rounded up and executed all of his citizens who possessed the Inhuman gene and were transformed by exposure to the Terrigen Cloud.  The tale culminates in Crystal having to take on both the Sin-Cong military as well as her own base, The RIV, which had been taken over by a powerful new Inhuman.  When the smoke finally cleared, Crystal had brokered a treaty with the nation, the Commissar was deposed and an Inhuman was secretly positioned as the new leader of Sin-Cong… Nicely played!

3. Putting the ‘Power’ in ‘Power Couple’ (Inhumans: Realm of Kings)

The marriage between Crystal and Ronan started off as a political matter, something that helped to cement The Inhumans’ dominion over The Kree Empire.  As time went by, however, Crys and Ronan ended up falling very much in love.  Not only were the two absolutely adorable together, but they also kicked major butt as a tandem, taking on threats with the utmost in skill, power and efficiency.  Indeed it is likely that The Supreme Intelligence’s insistence that the two be separated was based upon the suspicion that, together, these two could very well rule the galaxy.  

2. Standing up to a bad husband (Vision and the Scarlet Witch vol. 2, #11)

Crystal’s romance and marriage to Quicksilver seemed doomed from the start and truly the only good to come of it has been their wonderful daughter, Luna.  Quicksilver was often angry and jealous toward Crystal and on one occasion even laid hands on her, twisting and hurting her arm.  In the end, it was up to Crystal to say enough is enough.  She finally stood up to her hot-tempered husband and left him.  Only people who have been there themselves can know just how much strength and resolve is needed to get out of an unhealthy and/or abusive relationship.  On the surface, Crys’ leaving Quicksilver may not look like a big time badass move, but trust me it is…

1. Healing the Earth (Inhumans: By Right of Birth)

Crystal had accompanied her sister, Medusa, to earth in order to escape the Genetic Council’s decree that Medusa terminate her pregnancy.  At the time, however, the earth’s atmosphere had become so polluted that the Inhumans could not survive there.  So to maintain the safety of her sister and nephew-to-be, Crystals used her awesome powers to temporarily heal the atmospheric environment of a large swath of rural Nevada.  An awesome feat.  

The PANEM Initiative, Chapter Twelve

Drawings and Chickens

I did already post this chapter, but I hated how it ended so I revamped it! Hope you like!

“This place doesn’t look so bad!” Henry slapped Peeta on the back, admiring his half of the dorm room.

“Yeah.” He smiled at his dad, hugging Katniss tighter to his side. “I was a little worried about getting all my art supplies in here.”

“When’s your roommate supposed to be here?”

“Not till tonight.”

Katniss wrapped her arms around Peeta’s waist as the reality of the situation started to settle in. They were just starting to get a handle on their relationship but now he was at school and as a freshman he wasn’t allowed to have a car. It didn’t matter anyways, between freshmen initiation and the art school’s beginning of the year events, it would be almost a month before Peeta could come home.

Peeta gave her a little shake, causing her to look up at them.

“Sorry?” she asked.

“You need to get going – dad promised Ryen that you guys would be home to help him prep for the Sunday morning madness.”

“Right.” She nodded as she let go of him.

“Have fun.” Henry gave Peeta a tight hug. “Call me if you need anything.” He pulled the keys out of his pocket and looked between the two. “You know, I really should go call Rye to make sure he doesn’t need anything…Katniss, take your time, I’ll be in the car.” He smiled at Peeta one last time before leaving them.

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no but you know what i would love to see in season 2 (even though i know it’ll probably never happen)? for joyce and hopper to have a heartfelt conversation about everything that happened in their lives up until the point where the show started.

they are sitting next to each other or across the other on the table, nursing their drinks and each left to their own thoughts and then somebody breaks the silence

hopper starts talking about sarah, things he never mentioned to anybody else, not even flo (bc lbh flo’s like a mother figure to him and she probably knows him better than himself most of the times), about how his marriage fell apart, about how he felt when his ex-wife got married again, and then got pregnant again, and he was there, stuck in this… limbo, just navigating through life not even trying to pick up the pieces because he felt everything he’s even been had just melted away, vaporized, gone, just gone forever.

and joyce listens, she really listens, not saying anything but giving him the comfort he needs, even if it’s silently, because they too are still testing the waters, they’re just back into this camaraderie but they trust each other anyway.

and joyce talks about lonnie, about her marriage, doomed from the start but how she believed she and lonnie could have made things works (she doesn’t know how she could’ve been so naive). how she used to feel worthless and never good enough for her sons and for her husband, even working her ass off to provide for them all, trying to make sure her boys knew she loved them, gathering all the strength inside her to finally let go of the hell she lived in, learning not to care when the whole town started talking about her behind her back (thick skin, joyce, you always had it) and how none of these matter anymore because she would go to the end of the world for jonathan and will (and he knows it, he whispers so softly he’s not sure she’s heard him - she has).

and it’s cathartic for them both, it’s all they truly needed to finally turn these pages, finish those chapters, start fresh with their strengths renewed.

(side by side, yes, but that’s a realization for another night.)

talk meta to me: CERSEI & LOVE

This meta is in response to a podcast I listened to where it was discussed how “Jamie serves as a replacement for Rhaegar”(found HERE). I don’t necessarily agree with this idea, but it did get me thinking about the similarities between their relationships with Cersei and how Cersei goes about loving people in general…And voila, I wrote this! So, let’s begin: 

“And she is greedy. Greedy for power, for honor, for love.”

– George R. R. Martin

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Why we may never meet Baby Watson

I’ve posted various theories on the pregnancy before, and I still don’t think we have enough clues to come up with one as the clear probable case. Mary’s faking it? Maybe. John’s not the father? Possibly. Stillborn? Parentlock? Baby is an alien? Sure, why not.

Then I started thinking about the few times from the end of TSo3 onward that the baby is actually mentioned. And from a writer’s perspective, one thing started to stick out. But that thing is…well, a bit not good.

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anonymous asked:

I only see people (mostly on Facebook) blaming Kail for their divorce. Like javi was crazy! He blamed Kail for a miscarriage. I would have divorced my husband too. He broke into her house while the kids were there and threw her clothes around her bedroom. Everyone is blaming Kail because she cheated but he fucked up in their marriage too. Their marriage was doomed from the start but it isn't only Kails fault for getting a divorce. She wasn't happy anymore.

Kailyn is awful but Javi is manipulative and emotionally abusive. I am not on his team either.

12 Classic Books That Will Change Your Life

Reading can become a serious but positive addiction once you indulge into it. Many studies and experiments have proved that books can have a huge impact on your mind. They cause biological changes; researchers have found that a powerful story can create ‘muscle memory’ in the brain in the same way as if the events and facts had actually happened to the reader. It is interesting that a good book is usually universal, it can affect people of all ages, social status, nationality etc.
Below you will find a list of 12 books that have changed lives of many bibliophiles; if you haven’t read them yet, do it now, because reading is one of the best pleasures of human being.

1.To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

The book published in 1960 gained popularity and success immediately. It has won the Pulitzer Prize, and has become classic of modern American Literature. The story and characters are based on the author’s observations of her family and neighbors. She also tells about the story that happened to her near her hometown at the age of 10. The novel deserved popularity due to its warmth and humor, even though it touches the serious issues of rape and racial inequality. Atticus Finch, the narrator’s father, has become a moral hero for many readers and a model of integrity for lawyers. One of the critics, describing the novel’s impact says that To Kill a Mockingbird is probably one of the most widely read books about race-related problems in America, and its protagonist, Atticus Finch is the most enduring fictional image of racial heroism.”

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@everybodyelsedying | x

“I figured that out the moment Pierre introduced me to them,” Ashildr admitted picking up the bottle of wine the three of them were sharing in her living room. Despite how terribly expensive it was, she poured it sloppily into their glasses. “To say nothing of the fact they endorsed both Pierre’s marriage and our little arrangement here,” She pretended to toast them and led to a series of giggles. “I can’t say they’ve handled anything terribly well at least since I was here.”

“They’re only doing what they think is right,” muttered Pierre to which Philippe scoffed. 

The younger brother reached for the two remaining glasses and shoved one of them into Pierre’s hand. “Well, clearly it’s not working, no?” he said, “We should have known it was all doomed when Maman’s poodles liked Sophia from the start. Those beasts don’t have a good judge of character.”

Remember when Topanga said she knew everything was going to turn out alright for her and Cory because they were like her parents, and she had always admired her parents’ relationship and wanted to have one just like theirs? Remember how her mom told Cory that just because she and her husband got married too young and their marriage was failing, it didn’t mean that he and Topanga couldn’t make it? Remember how Topanga lost all her faith in love when her parents got divorced? Remember how Cory kept trying to tell her that their relationship was different than her parents’ relationship? Remember how Topanga’s mom finally convinced her that just because she’d based all her hopes and expectations for what love should be like on her parents’ marriage, that didn’t mean she and Cory would turn out like them, and it didn’t mean their love wasn’t real, and that they could still end up together forever, happier and more in love than her parents ever were? And you wanna tell me that Shawn seeing his two best friends together and realizing he would like to find someone he loves as much as Cory loves Topanga, and finally finding that person in Angela, makes his relationship with her “falling for a concept” and “only loving her because he thought he was supposed to” and “doomed from the start”? Because envying his friends’ happiness makes him incapable of thinking and feeling and making rational decisions on his own? Even though he stopped falling in love with concepts after Dana, Libby, and Jennifer called him out for it, and he learned how to stop rushing things, and to wait until he understood his feelings before telling a girl he loved her? And Angela was the one girl he cared enough about to wait to tell her how he felt until he was absolutely sure he meant it?

But hey, having him settle for a woman he’s met all of four times because they’re both lonely and chasing the idea of a nuclear family is so much more ideal and healthy and ~realistic~.

But like, this line.

It’s not just Sherlock stating the obvious that they’re both about to die there.

It’s also Sherlock saying what we all know. That as long as he is around none of John’s relationships will ever work in the long run because John won’t want anybody else.

“If I hadn’t come back you’d still have a future with Mary.”

Whatever My Queen Desires

Title:  Whatever My Queen Desires

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Author:  ladiesloveloki

Which Tom:  AU SorcererTom

Genre:  Erotica

Fic Summary:  Thomas, the King’s Advisor/Sorcerer, services his Queen.

Rating: M

Length: 2,456 Words

Author’s Note: A little bit of Medieval Thomas smut <3 I had originally wrote this for another character some years ago, but I changed it up.  I think I made all the necessary changes…if anyone catches any discrepancies, let me know :-D


“Leave me”, she said softly to the maids that were attending her in her bathing pool.  "I wish to be alone.“

She waited until they were gone then slowly stood and stepped out of the pool, drying herself off.  She put on a robe of white silk, and wrapped it about her person, and grabbed her drying cloth, walking out of the bathing room and into her chambers.  The drapes to her balcony doors were open, revealing a clear night sky and a full moon.  The moon added more light along with the blazing fireplace.

Sitting at her vanity, she began to dry and brush her hair.

She was a vision to anyone who looked upon her.  Hair of dark mahogany waves that fell well past her bottom when it was loose, which was why she kept it up and/or braided most of the time.  Violet eyes looked back at her from her reflection, with a small beauty mark by the corner of her right eye, and full lips and a straight nose.  She was considered the most beautiful woman in her kingdom and beyond.  But that did nothing to cheer her.

It was unfair that she was doomed to live out her life in an unhappy, unsatisfied, and passionless marriage.  The man she’d been married off to was a buffoon, caring only about his own pleasure, then would roll over and go to sleep, finishing within two or three minutes of starting.  Thank the Gods, she did not actually have to share rooms with him….if she had, she’d have throttled him in his sleep.

During the first weeks of her marriage, she became desperate to spark SOME kind of passionate response.  In her desperation, she’d actually left the castle in disguise and requested to be taught by the girls of the brothel.  No matter which trick she’d tried on him, nothing worked; he had all the passion and longevity of a dead fish.

She sighed after brushing her now dry hair, and decided to leave it loose tonight.  She stood, putting her brush down, and walked over to her bed.  She crawled  upon it and lay down, shifting a bit to get comfortable.   After staring at the ceiling for a few moments, she slowly undid her robe and opened it, revealing her bare body to the room.  She closed her eyes, taking a few slow, deep breaths to relax.  Then, slowly, she let her hands start to drift over her body, using her own fingers to coax her nipples to harden.  One hand kept up the attention on her breast, as her legs seemed to spread of their own accord.

Thank the Gods that the brothel girls had taught her how to pleasure herself…because it seemed it was the only pleasure she’d receive.

Her fingers slid down her body, her legs spreading a bit wider.  When her fingers just barely brushed her center, that’s when she heard it.  A soft growl.

She gasped, sitting up, covering herself with her robe, clutching it tightly closed, her widened eyes scanning the shadows.

"Who’s there??” she demanded.  Her eyes widened further when the figure stepped into the light of the blazing fireplace.

He was a very tall man, standing head and shoulders above her.  His body was lithe, a fact that she’d found when she accidentally happened upon him one day whilst he was bathing near a creek whilst they made camp for the night during one of their diplomatic journeys; although one would not see it now because of the deep red robes he was wearing. The hood of said robes was up over his head, hiding his face from view.

“What are you doing in here??  How dare you enter my chambers unannounced and uninvited!!” she barked.

The tall man merely chuckled as he removed his hood, revealing copper hair that came to just below his ears, a moustache and beard, all the same color of his hair, and blue eyes that made her insides tremble every time they looked upon her.

His face was so painfully, unfairly handsome.  In addition to his eyes, he had high cheekbones, and thin lips which fit his face best.

The bastard looked like a chiseled marble statue granted life by the Gods.

And right now, that selfsame bastard was smirking at her in such a way that she wanted to bodily eject him from her rooms so she could work herself off to the image of him in her mind, to the fantasy of his touch pleasuring her instead of her own.

“G-get out!!” she ordered, pointing at the door.  "Get out before I have the guards throw you out!!“

She squeaked when he slowly began to walk up to the bed.  "I will not be intimidated, Thomas, now get out!!”

Thomas, the tall man, chuckled more as he came to a stop by the corner of the bed.  "Your Majesty misunderstands my intentions", he said, his voice a whispering purr.

She gripped her robe a bit more, looking up at him warily.  "Then why are you here?“ she asked, sounding braver than she felt.  As beautiful as he was, he was extraordinarily intimidating.

To her shock, he lifted a knee onto the bed, and slowly began to crawl over her.  She instinctively tried to back away, but something was preventing her from doing so; it was as if his gaze alone was pinning her to the spot.  All she could do was lean back on her elbows.

"I am here”, he purred, “Because you’ve summoned me.”

She raised an eyebrow.  "I do not recall summoning you", she said.

“But you have, My Queen, you have”, he purred.  His eyes very pointedly started to roam over her body.  She gasped, because it was so intense that she could feel it physically caressing her skin.  His hands lifted to her robe, and opened it, baring her body to him.  "You may not know it, but you have.“

She gasped, and went to close her robe, but his long fingered hands wrapped around her wrists, stopping her.

"You are in distress”, he continued.  She could hardly think, let alone move.  Which was probably why she barely had even a squeak of protest when she felt his hands on her calves, to open her body to him.  "And, as such, my services…“  He punctuated this with a kiss to the inside of her knee, "Are yours.”

“S-services?” was all she had the strength to squeak.

“Yes, ‘services’”, he replied.  He felt her thighs stiffen when he slowly began to kiss his way up her inner thigh.  "I exist", he said, pressing a kiss to her skin, “To serve”, another kiss, “My Queen.”  His lips curved into a smile against her flesh at her shiver.

His voice, his touch, his lips…all were working to wreak havoc on her, as she groaned softly, dropping back on the bed.  She cried out sharply when she finally felt his hot breath on her now dripping center.

He raised his head a bit, almost willing her to look into his eyes.  When she finally did, he purred again.  "Does My Queen wish me to serve her tonight?“

All she could do was nod.  Her body seemed to vibrate in tandem to his growl, and her head dropped back on the bed when she felt his hot mouth beginning to devour her.

Her head tossed about, her moans growing louder, not caring who heard her outside.  Her thighs spread wider of their own accord until they could go no further.  She felt his hands hold her thighs still, as his long, wet tongue slid into her, making her hips buck, a sharp gasp being pulled from her.  Her hands instinctively went to thread through his hair as his mouth and tongue pleasured her.

By the Gods….so this is what TRUE pleasure was!!

He teased and tormented her, alternating between her hot and wet sheath, and the throbbing little nub that was throbbing, begging for his attention.  He closed his lips around it, and suckled, making her hips buck again.

"P-please”, she groaned desperately.  "Please…“

"My Queen is impatient tonight”, he purred against her skin.

She cried out, and began whimpering as his tongue began to pleasure her again, and shrieked when he ruthlessly forced her release upon her, her body trembling hard as the waves crashed over her. He drank down every drop as a man dying of thirst drinks down water.

When her release subsided, she lay limp on the bed, panting hard, a thin sheen of sweat on her body.  Her mind was so fuzzy that she didn’t even notice when he’d crawled over her until he purred in her ear.

“There is much more yet, My Queen”, he said.

She moaned when she felt his lips on her throat.  Her body arched into his hands as they traveled over her skin to settle on her breasts, rolling the nipples just as she’d done to herself earlier.  She squeaked at the sparks that shot through her body as he spoke again.

“What does My Queen command of me?” he asked.

She opened her glazed eyes and looked up at him, blinking a bit to clear her head.  She looked up into his face, which was peering intently at her.  Her eyes then went to his robes, and fingered the deep red fabric.

“Off”, she said.  "All of it.“

He chuckled, making her whimper.

"As My Queen commands”, he said.  He then slowly crawled off the bed, deliberately letting his knee brush her center, making her shudder, and stood, slowly removing his robes.  Underneath, he was bare chested, wearing only a pair of brown leather breeches, and brown boots.  He continued to remove what he was wearing, until he stood, bare as the day he was born before her.

Her eyes were wide as she looked on him.  He was a GOD!!  She had only seen part of him that night when she’d happened upon him bathing, and even then she didn’t get a very clear look.  He was lithely muscled, with not an ounce of unseemly bulges…well…there was ONE bulge (and an enormous bulge at that), but that was nowhere near unseemly.  In fact, she unashamedly looked upon it with undisguised interest.

“INFINITELY bigger than Harold’s", she thought dazedly.

“Do I meet your approval?” he purred.

“Yes”, she breathed softly.

He slowly stepped up to the bed, and once again began crawling over her, pressing kisses on her skin as he went.

Her thighs spread a bit wider in invitation, whimpering as she felt his heated flesh prodding at her.

“Now”, she gasped breathlessly.

He didn’t need to be told twice.  He promptly slid inside, hissing through his teeth at how tightly her insides gripped him.  Oh, he’d been watching her very closely.  Harold, incompetent fool that he was, couldn’t even pleasure his beautiful, smart, lovely, desirable, succulent wife properly.

It was a service he was all too happy to perform.

Before he knew what happened, he found himself on his back, and the beautiful Queen was now unashamedly riding him desperately, her hands braced on his chest.

He gripped her hips, growling, and began thrusting upwards on her downstrokes, making her cry out.

“Gods”, she rasped, whimpering at how this man filled her so completely.  "H-harder….“

He growled again, and began slamming up into her harder and faster.  In a flash, the position changed again: This time, he was sitting up, and he lay her back until she was in the cradle of his hips.  He never slackened his pace and intensity, as she cried out with how hard he was slamming into her.

He watched her carefully as his hips rammed into her.  She was dazzling in her most uninhibited moments, her long hair loose and flowing.  He snarled lustfully as her hand went between them to massage the little nub there, making him ram even harder.

"R-right there”, she panted, “Gods…right there!!”  Her hands then came up to run over his chest, while one of his hands took over in massaging the little nub that was still throbbing.  He circled it with his thumb firmly before pressing down on it.  To this, her body reacted violently, her back bowing again as she shrieked, her sheath tightening even more against him as her release washed over her.

He continued to thrust, until he roared out his own release, slamming hard one last time as his seed emptied itself into her.

It seemed an eternity before he finally slumped, and looked at her.  Her body was covered in sweat, her hair fanned out around her head.  Her skin was beautifully flushed, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried to regain her breath.

He lifted her as if she weighed nothing, and lay her properly in the bed, tucking her in.  He went to get up, but then he growled a little upon feeling her little hand wrapping around his large manhood, and her teasing, purring voice.

“Your Queen is still in need of your services”, she said.

“Indeed” He growled roughly, before pouncing on her.

It went this way throughout the night.  The last time found her on her knees before him while he pounded into her viciously from behind.  "Yes", she rasped, bucking backwards into him.  "Gods…yes!!“

He bent over her, never slackening in his pace, as he growled into her ear.  "Does this”, he growled, emphasizing his words with a viciously hard thrust, “Pleasure my Queen??”

“Yes, by the gods, yes!!” she groaned desperately, bucking backwards to meet each thrust.

Thomas growled and rammed ever harder, making her shriek into her bedclothes.  By the Gods, he could go on forever like this…having this woman kneeling in front of him this way.

He kept going until he felt her clamp on him again, groaning as his own release came moments later.

Their bodies slumped, breathing hard, as they calmed.  Thomas swept up the now limp Queen, and lay her in bed.  He was about to leave again, when he felt her hand take his.

“Please stay”, she whispered.

He looked at her, tilting his head.

“I just…don’t want to be alone anymore.”

His usually black heart was moved by her soft plea.

But, then again, not that he’d admit it to anyone, but he was never able to deny her anything she asked of him.

So he crawled into bed next to her, and drew her into his arms, kissing the top of her head.  "Sleep", he murmured softly.  "I’ll be here when you wake.“

"Mmm”, she mumbled softly as she snuggled against him, falling asleep almost instantly.

He watched her sleep for a while, before sleep pulled him under as well.

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And I know I’m missing others…I’m sorry if I did ;.;


Anne and Henry’s Marriage: Doomed from the Start?

On 7 September 1533, Anne Boleyn gave birth to a daughter. According to most fictional interpretations, including The Tudors, this was the first nail in Anne’s coffin. Her relationship with Henry VIII never recovered after Elizabeth’s birth, and her later miscarriages merely continued the downward spiral. But is this an accurate description of Anne and Henry’s marriage between September 1533 and January 1536?

Certainly, both Anne and Henry must have felt some disappointment after Elizabeth’s birth, but neither expressed this disappointment publicly. Both the king and queen doted on their new princess. They were, no doubt, confident that the next child would be a boy.

Henry’s Possible Infidelities

The imperial ambassador and Anne’s implacable enemy, Eustace Chapuys, happily wrote to Emperor Charles V of Anne and Henry’s “marital troubles.” He wrote as early as August 1533 that while Henry was away from his new queen he had begun “to repent” marrying her. Shortly before Elizabeth’s birth, according to Chapuys, Anne was expressing her jealousy to Henry: “…being full of jealousy, and not without cause, she used some words to the King at which he was displeased, and told her that she must shut her eyes, and endure…” Henry was possibly following the example of many male monarchs by taking a mistress during Anne’s pregnancy. A year later, in September of 1534, Chapuys wrote that Anne wanted to send a beautiful lady away from court, for Henry had been paying her too much attention.

But does this mean that the king was “falling out of love” with his wife? Chapuys is one of the best sources we have for Henry VIII’s reign, but he is a notoriously biased observer, especially with regard to Anne Boleyn (whom he refers to as “the Lady.”) It’s very likely that Chapuys was looking for any and every sign that Anne and Henry’s marriage was crumbling. While Henry certainly may have been unfaithful to his wife, particularly during her pregnancies, this wasn’t uncommon and it didn’t mean that Anne’s place as queen was in any danger.

Against Chapuys’ negative reports, we also have many observers commenting on Anne and Henry’s happiness. Sir John Russell wrote in August 1533, the same month as the king and queen’s supposed quarrel, that “I never saw the King merrier than he is now.” Later that year, after Elizabeth’s birth, Anne’s ladies were heard to say that the king would beg for alms rather than give up his wife. Even Chapuys himself admitted that Anne and Henry’s quarrels were meaningless, “considering the changeable character of the said King and the craft of the said lady, who knows well how to manage him.”

It seems that Anne and Henry’s relationship was one in which, as Eric Ives writes, “storm followed sunshine, sunshine followed storm.” It’s likely that their arguments were merely “lovers’ quarrels” (Chapuys’ words!). Anne may have been angry once she lost her monopoly on the king’s romantic attentions, but she was certainly not in any danger from the very beginning. Their marriage was a romantic one, and they treated one another as lovers as well royal spouses.

So What Happened in 1536?

If their marriage was strong up until 1536, what caused such a quick deterioration? As late as April of 1536, Henry had demanded that Chapuys publicly recognize Anne as Queen of England. Catherine of Aragon had died in January and Anne had also miscarried a male fetus, but there wasn’t even a hint that Henry was planning to abandon Anne. A month later, however, she was dead.

In April and May of 1536, a “perfect storm” of factors combined to make Anne Boleyn’s downfall possible. While Anne’s jealousy of Henry’s extramarital affairs and her failure to give birth to a son certainly weakened her defenses, they were not the causes of her downfall. Here is, in my opinion, what did cause it:

* Anne broke her political ties with Thomas Cromwell, thereby losing his support and possibly even making him an enemy.

* Henry began to desire a renewed alliance with Emperor Charles V, and his marriage to Anne was an impediment to this.

* Although Anne was innocent of the charges against her, she didn’t act like an innocent woman. She reveled in attention from a small circle of men at court, and allowed these men to enter her chambers on a regular basis. Her actions made her seem guilty, and this was the basis for her enemies’ case against her.

* Henry became interested in Jane Seymour, and began to see her as a more preferable option to Anne.

If the final miscarriage and Catherine’s death were the causes of Anne’s downfall, Henry would have moved against her much sooner than May 1536. Certainly, her inability to give birth to a son planted seeds of doubt in Henry’s mind, but this doubt didn’t make him act until other factors came into play.

So, in conclusion, Henry and Anne’s relationship was strong up until 1536. When Anne miscarried a male fetus, Henry became less confident of his marriage. This lack of confidence made Anne vulnerable to the “perfect storm” in the spring of that year.

john almost cheating on mary was to show that he’s deeply unhappy and bored in this marriage. during s2 he gave up dating while he was with sherlock, but he doesn’t give a fuck even when he’s MARRIED to mary. their marriage was doomed from the start

Scandal Review, Episode 417, Put A Ring On It...

Guys, I loved this episode so much, even though it messed with all of my OTP fangirl feels.  

It was so good, and once again, we had a great episode that was made even greater by the absence of The Human Vibrator.  Next week seems to be all about him though, but we’ll tackle that later in predictions.

Anyway, let’s do this.

What I Hated

Cyrus’s wig.

Seriously guys, you couldn’t find a wig that at least looked like it belonged on his head?

What I Liked and Loved

1.  Olivia dreaming of her kidnapping interspersed with images of Fitz.

Ugh. Baby Girl is going through so much right now.

Did you all notice that her dreams had  a pattern to them? First we saw images of her kidnapping, specifically of her running towards the red door, running towards a perceived safety, then we saw when she first met Fitz, then back to the kidnapping and running, then back to her and Fitz in the Oval, then she dreamt of her throwing the ring at him, then she was running towards the red door, then other images of other key Olitz moments, including when Fitz ran out the clock for her, then lots of her running towards the red door, then throwing the ring at him.

I decided to slow-mo Liv’s  dream to see what order the images were coming in. Here’s what I got:

1.  When she first met Fitz (The Trail)
2.   Running towards the red door
3.   Her and Fitz making love in the Oval (Happy Birthday Mr President)
4.   Liv throwing the ring at Fitz
5.   Running towards the red door
6.   Fitz crying in her arms after his dad’s funeral (Episode 211)
7.   Ring throwing
8.   Running towards the door
9.   Fitz running out the clock with her (episode 220)
10. Running towards the red door
11. Them making love in the Oval
12.  Running towards the red door
13.  Throwing the ring
14.   Running towards the red door
15.   Throwing the ring
16.  Fitz crying in her arms after his dad died
17.  Fitz running out the clock with her
18.  Running towards the red door
19.  Throwing the ring
20.  Running towards the red door
21.  Throwing the ring
22.  Running towards the red door
23.  Throwing the ring
24.  Running towards the red door
25.  Throwing the ring
26.  Red door
27.  Throwing the ring
28.  Red door
29. Ring
30.  Red door

Now isn’t that interesting?  I found it fascinating that as the dream went on, the images that recurred the most were those of her trying to run to safety and her throwing the ring at Fitz. It was almost like she was equating the fact that she couldn’t reach the door, with her throwing the ring at him. I wish I could hear from the writers themselves about what the dream really symbolized.

2.   Olivia calling everybody but Jake to help with the Cyrus situation.

Yes, I’m petty, but that shit made me happy as fuck.

3.  Cyrus:  “I want that whore out of my house”

Cyrus about to give himself another heart attack.

4.   “Gentleman Johns

Great name for a gay bar.

5.   Cyrus:  "It sounds like a shotgun wedding"
Liv:        "It is, and you’re the pregnant bride"


6.   Cyrus:   “There hasn’t been a good time”
Liv:        "Of course not, it’s impossible to find time to do something that you don’t wanna do, funny how that works.“

There’s something quite delicious about this happening to Cyrus.  The person who never hesitates to make people do shit that they don’t want to do. I’m really happy that Liv called him out on his crap.  If anybody knows what it’s like to do something they don’t want to do, it’s Olivia Pope. Her entire relationship in one way or the other has been about doing the opposite of what she wants to do, in order to keep Fitz in the White House.

7.   Liv:  "We need the White House. There is no bigger stage, there is no bigger moment.”

I’m still puzzled as to why it wouldn’t have been a better option to simply call the wedding off, but I guess having a big splashy gay wedding at the White House would definitely change the conversation.

8.   Cyrus:  "We have bills to pass, we need the Teapartiers to pass them.  He has yet to publicly express his views on same sex marriage and he can’t rock the boat with Mellie’s senate campaign on the horizon. I can’t pile on and bother the president with my hooker problems.“

So Liv has to come up with a plan that doesn’t put Fitz in jeopardy, politically.

9.   Mellie: "A White House wedding? A gay Republican White House wedding?”

Olivia: “Hosted by the First Lady, and more importantly, the Republican candidate for senator of Virginia. Posting an historic White House wedding would be the perfect platform for a candidate who’s looking to transition from a social figurehead to someone who’s engaging at the forefront one of our most divisive issues of our time.  A leader, taking a bold step towards the right side of history. Breaking with her husband’s beliefs. Decisively. Unapologetically. Publicly. Never once considering asking the president’s permission, because this is something you feel.  In your heart. In your gut. Politics should never stand in the way of fundamental rights for an oppressed population of law-abiding Americans. That yours is the party of Lincoln, that love, is love. To be celebrated, never relegated or regulated.”

Man, Olivia played Mellie like a fiddle. She knows her so well. And she knows that Mellie’s ambition leaves little room for any kind of questioning or clarity of thought, when it comes to pushing up her presidential aspirations.
Bravo Liv!  This was such a great way of getting what she wanted without compromising Fitz.  She also didn’t do Mellie’s future potential run any harm. 

Did y'all peep that self-satisfied smile on Olivia’s face when Mellie was doing exactly what she asked her to do?

10.   Janet:  "I am Cyrus Beene and I would make a great controller

Oh man, I loved the flashbacks to Cyrus and his wife. She seemed like she was such a good person. Somebody who really loved him.

11.   Cyrus:  ”You know what, why don’t we get married?“

The fact that Cyrus didn’t have a ring prepared, and took his own ring off to propose to Janet tells you how spontaneous the whole marriage idea was. Especially as they’d only been dating a few months. Marry in haste repent at leisure Cyrus Beene.

12.  Janet:  ”You better not be joking. I am Catholic, I have been saving myself and I can’t just get divorced..“

Ooops. Talk about doomed from the start.

13.  Fitz:  ”I hear we’re running a quickie wedding service out of the White House now.“

All the lols.

14.  Fitz: "Who’s idea was this?”
Abby: “The First Lady just announced it.”
Fitz:    "Mellie did not think of this.“

Fitz knows that his wife ain’t shit.

15.  Abby:  "The president’s views remain unchanged.”

Even though publicly nobody really knows what his views are either way.  It was such a smart move by Olivia to use Mellie to get this done.

16.  Mellie:  "I am doing this for you.“
Cyrus:   "Are you? Are you Ma'am? How generous, how selfless. I cannot tell the difference between you and Mother Teresa.”

So much shade at Mellie from Cyrus here. We all know that Mellie isn’t doing this for anybody but Mellie.

17.  Michael: “Is there any way we can do this without my parents, Cyrus, please?”

The panic on his face though.

18.  Ronnie:  "Are we still in for racquetball next week?

So that’s what the kids are calling it these days? How does Cyrus manage to get all these pretty good looking dudes by the way?

19.  Sally Langston:  ”The spray-tanned former gigolo.

Yesssss, Sally’s back! Man I’ve missed that hypocritical bible-thumping bitch like she was my best friend!

20.  Lizzie:  ”Casting your lot with Olivia Pope, backing this terrible idea without checking with me, your campaign manager. What in the hell was that?“

21.  Mellie:  "We are not partners. We are not friends. You work for me. You fix for me. You don’t accuse me. You do not judge me. You most certainly do not lecture me. You are not me. You wish you were me, but you can’t be me. Remind yourself of that. Do you understand?”

Well that told Lizzie. Although, that speech seemed like something she’d have loved to say to Olivia Pope, but chose to say to a less powerful target.

22.  Liz scurrying away like the rat she is after Mellie gives her a tongue lashing.

Girl where’s your backbone?

23.  Abby:  "You played me.“

Even though Leo and Abby have way better chemistry than her and David, this is why I can’t get on board with them. Leo is a snake and a sleaze, and didn’t even a bat an eye-lid at Abby catching him betraying confidential conversations.  I know that she’d do the same, but once again, what’s healthy about mutual betrayals?

24.  Leo:   ”You poked the hole in the condom, not me. I kept it wrapped up.”.

So many lols.

25.  Cyrus:  “You need to stay on your side of my house.

Ugh. Cyrus stays being a hypocritical ass.

26.  Janet:  ”I definitely never knew it could be different….I am lonely here Cy, with you. It has been 16 years and I barely know you.  Being with you is a lonely experience.“

Poor Janet.

27.  Janet:  ”How about I will admit I’m not having an affair, if you will admit that you are gay?“


28.  James: "Cyrus, are you ok? Because if this is happening too fast, tell me.”

I love the fact that Cyrus literally walked out of the closet from the flashback about the end of his first marriage, into his bedroom with James on his bed.
If that was intentional, then bravo to the writers and Regina King for that great piece of direction.

29.  Olivia:  "No one is calling anything off. No one is quitting. Not until I’ve tried everything. Everything. Is that clear?

Lol at Mellie shutting the fuck up, then resentfully mimicking Olivia’s ”Ok then.“ Man she’s so salty that she can’t be Olivia.

30.  Olivia’s hair and dress in Cyrus’s flashback to his and James’ wedding.

I love how much softer she looked back in the day. I wish she’d wear dresses more often…

31.  James: "I want to be Cyrus Beene’s husband, and I wanna be a journalist, but I don’t want to be ‘Cyrus Beene’s husband, the journalist…”
Cyrus:  "I’m never gonna ask you to do that, compromise your principles, or to influence your work. I love you too much for that.“

Man, when I think of how badly Cyrus fucked up James just before Jake murdered him. 

32.  Olivia’s second dream sequence scene;

1.  Flashback to her and Fitz making love in the Oval.
2.  Throwing the ring at Fitz.
3.  The red door
4. Throwing the ring at Fitz.
5. the red door.
6. Fitz crying in her arms after his dad’s funeral.
7. The red door.
8.  Throwing the ring.
9.  The red door
10.The image of the clock that Fitz was running out with her.
11. The red door
12. Throwing the ring
13. Running towards the red door
14. Throwing the ring
15. The red door
16. Throwing the ring
17.  The red door
18.  Throwing the ring
19. The red door
20. Throwing the ring
21.  The red door.
22.  Throwing the ring.

Once again, Olivia seems to be equating the red door that she can’t reach to safety with throwing the ring at Fitz. Maybe the loss of that ring means that she can’t reach safety without it?

33.  Fitz:  ”Don’t you love Vermont?

Fitz wearing the Navy sweater that Olivia clutched while crying over him in the presidential closet, when he was shot was kind of everything. Shonda knows that Olitzers pay attention to those kinds of details.

34.  Fitz:  “It’s a ring.  Very old. Rare. One of a kind. It even has a name. Doux Bebe. It was my great-grandmother’s. Her father bought it for her at auction in Paris. She wore it at her Debutante ball. And I was supposed to give it to my wife and I didn’t. It just never felt right, so I kept it. And now I know why, because I was supposed to give it to you.” 

So many feels. So damned many.

35.  Fitz:  “You don’t have to love me. You don’t have to come back to me. But if you could wear this…if I could know that you were wearing this. Then even if you hate me, I’ll know we’ll be okay. I’ll know you’re out there.” 

I loved that Fitz said this. It wasn’t him being manipulative or possessive, or him trying to “rob her of her agency”, a charge that regularly gets aimed at him by Haters.  He just wanted a connection to her. One that told him that they were ok, regardless of what she was doing, or even who she was doing.

Dear God, my feels over this entire scene was off the charts. Yes I ugly cried, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Olivia was so torn.  We know why she left the White House, she’d left for his sake as well as for herself. She was protecting him like she always does. Protecting him from her treacherous mistake, trying to make sure that their association didn’t tarnish his reputation and his presidency. Trying to make sure that she didn’t ruin him.

I genuinely don’t see how anybody could watch that scene and not feel moved. Olakers don’t count because they generally tend to hate Fitz more than they love Jake.  For them, Jake not being Fitz is all they really give a shit about, because otherwise, they wouldn’t give two fifths of a fuck about him.

It’s funny, but I was terrified that they were going to have sex, and the relief I felt when it ended with Olivia just hugging him was immense.  We know how hot these two are together, but that scene would have been ruined if they’d got all hot and heavy. It just wouldn’t have been appropriate, and would have ruined a really beautiful moment between them. This was Olitz at their best to me.

36.  Olivia:   ”I could never hate you

All the tears. Dammit. Olitz for life, people.

Honestly, I just don’t see how Shonda isn’t going to have these two people end up together. I don’t see how the writers are going to have her choose The Human Vibrator over Fitz. Not after this episode. I think the choice to not have Jake in the episode was a very deliberate one.  They’re telling us that no matter what happens with Fitz, Jake is not the one, and he never will be. He’s not the one who keeps her awake at night. He’s not the one that makes her heart ache. He’s not the one that she wants to protect to her detriment.  He’s not even worthy of getting mad at.  He’s simply not the one that she truly wants. Some people might want to deny that she loves Fitz, but that’s their business. I think what’s on the screen is pretty clear.  Their back and forth is annoying, but the fact is, Fitz is who she wants, not the spy who choked her.

37.  Fitz:  ”I just want you to be happy.

I’m so back on board the Olitz ship. No half measures.

38.  Fitz seeing Liv’s ring-less finger.

I loved that he didn’t even mention it. You could see that it hurt him, but he just carried on and I loved that.  Back when the writers were trying to make him out to be the devil, they would have had him petulantly mention the fact that she wasn’t wearing the ring. This way, haters can’t say that he pressured Olivia. If and when she decides to put the ring back on, it will be entirely her choice, and I’m such a huge fan of that.

Also, I love that he didn’t even hesitate to sign off on offering Sally Langston the position of Secretary of State. The woman who’d double crossed him and tried to oust him from the White House. The woman who even now was trying to bring him and his administration down.  All he knew was that Olivia wanted it done, and that was that. Gah, I loved that he just calmly gave her what she wanted. But then I guess when you’ve taken the country to war to save this very woman, offering an arch enemy a job is a piece of cake, huh?

39.  Fitz:  "You went around my back to Mellie.”
Liv:    "I did.“
Fitz:   "Nice move.”

Ugh. Fitz had so much pride in her. I loved that he understood that she’d been trying to avoid compromising him politically, by fracturing his already tenuous relationship with the Teapartiers and members of his own party even more.

40.   Olivia:  "But to be clear, you’ll be throwing Michael to the wolves to save yourself.“

Olivia seemed surprised that Cyrus Beene would make such a choice. Has she not met him before?  The guy nearly had his husband killed, and was ready to nuke her black ass, when she was kidnapped. Cyrus ain’t loyal to anybody but Fitz.  

41.  ”You think we approve of this? Of you? Of what you are? You think we spent all those money sending you to camp to fix you, only to have you to end up like this?  You make me sick to my stomach. Both of you.“

Well Michael’s parents sure won’t win any Great Parenting awards any time soon.  The way that they spoke to him though.  I felt so much for Michael in this scene.  It totally reminded me of how Liv used to be with her dad. Head down, shoulders down, eyes down. Submissive and child-like.  You could see that he wanted to just curl up and cry his heart out.  My heart kinda broke for him.  Nobody deserves parents like his.  You could see that Cyrus even felt the same way, despite their differences.

42.  Cyrus taking the tie despite James asking him not to, and manipulating him into helping fix a political situation for him.

Man, he didn’t even wait until after the honeymoon to break his promise.  Cyrus Beene, you’re the worst.

43.  Olivia wearing white!

Yessss, I never thought I’d miss that overdone color so much!

44.  Olivia:  ”We’re not throwing Michael under the bus.

Oh thank God.

45.  Olivia;   ”If you go ahead with this, trying to take down Cyrus, I’ll tell the world about another sham marriage, the one between you and Daniel Douglas.“
Sally:   "You would defame a dead man.”
Olivia:  "Only because you’re defaming a live one.“

I don’t know why Sally Langston even thought for a moment that Liv wouldn’t attempt to blackmail her using what she knows about her and Daniel Douglas’ marriage.  I loved this scene so much. I love Liv being badass, and fixing shit, and I love Sally’s bible-thumping shady ass.

46.  Michael:  I’m one of those people who’s been picturing my wedding since I was a teenager. I believed. Even in my stupid hometown with my stupid parents and idiot guys who threw rocks at me every day, I believed. Even when I was working as a pro, my worst nights on the streets, I still believed. I believed that someone was gonna love me, care about me, that I wouldn’t be alone, and it is my wedding day, and you hate me. You would murder me with your bare hands if you thought you could get away with it and I have no one who would even miss me. I have nothing. It is the day I’ve been dreaming of and I have nothing.
Cyrus: You’re wrong, you know. I would never murder you myself. That’s a rookie move. I’d pay a professional to do it. 

Man this scene made me cry so hard.  I was so happy that Cyrus found his humanity for a minute. I really hope that they make it, even if Cyrus is an asshole.  After all, they had a genuine attraction even back when Michael was trying to play him.

47.  Cyrus:  “You’re wondering what this is going to look like, our life. And I could lie to you right now. That’s how both of my other marriages began, with lies, so I could lie to you right now. I could tell you there’s a chance we will warm to one another, maybe fall in love and live happily ever after. I could lie, but I won’t. We’re not going to fall in love, and that is a relief to me because I cannot disappoint you. I cannot hurt you anymore than I already have. I cannot destroy your image of me or break your heart or damage your soul. You don’t believe in me, so I have nothing in you to break. I am on no pedestals. You see me for what I am. A filthy monster desperately trying to hold on to the last shreds of its humanity. You are a good person. I know that. Ella could use a good personin her life. I’m not promising much, but I will promise this. I may not do it well, but I will do my best to be your someone so you’re not alone. Okay? You’re not alone.

This is literally the most honest that Cyrus has ever been, and I’m here for it. 

48.  Fitz seeing the ring back on Liv’s finger.

I love Olitz at their best. When the writers just let them do what they do best. Be in love, show their love in all the ways that count.  Can you imagine how great they could have been had the writers not done their level best to destroy them?

Random Rambling

Man, that was such a great episode, made even greater because Jake Ballard wasn’t there. It really felt like vintage Scandal.  The writing was good, the case of the week was excellent because it involved somebody that we cared about, or at least knew, and was invested in.

I’ve said it before, but I really think that Shonda meant to tell this story at some point.  We all knew there was a story, but Shonda was never going to tell it until she was ready.  Apparently folks have been going in on her for lying, but what’s the point?  She finally gave us what we wanted, even if it was a ratings ploy, I literally couldn’t give two shits. I’m just happy that we got a poignant and beautiful Olitz flashback moment, and that Olivia put the ring back on herself. At least the Fitz Haters have no way of spinning that Fitz made her do it. She did it of her own volition and it was a beautiful thing.  Suck it haters.

I’ve seen Olitzers bemoan the fact that next week she apparently sleeps with Russell even though she’s got the ring on, and honestly people questioning that, like she hadn’t already been sleeping with her very own portable vibrator, whilst wearing said ring, made me scratch my head.  Where have you people been?  She wore it the entire time she went away to Zanzibar with Jake.  We clearly saw the ring while Jake was fingering her on the beach.   Liv having sex with another guy while wearing the ring, means nothing. Fitz knows that it’s not a promise to be faithful, and he’s been mostly fine with it, and even if he isn’t, as long as he’s still attached to his particular ball and chain, he knows he has no right to expect celibacy or fidelity from her.  Olivia sleeping with Russell while wearing the ring doesn’t negate the importance of the ring, or the significance of her putting it back on. So yeah, pipe down whingers.


Having seen the promo, it seems clear that the show wants us to think that Jake is turning into a maniac.  As much as I’d like to believe that they’re finally ready to show us how crazy he  is, don’t know if I trust it completely. ABC promos lie. They lie blatantly.  I don’t see how anybody can spin "I’ll kill Liv” into anything positive, but I’m damned sure the powers that be will give it a go.   I’m more inclined to believe that Russell will turn out to be yet another person who was sent in to sleep with Olivia, and that will make me so damned mad.

If the episode doesn’t turn out to be quite so anti-Jake, then what does it mean that ABC have done a promo almost promising that Jake would be turning into a fully-fledged bad guy?  It means that they know that the Jake Ballard character aint shit, and that they’re aware that people are waiting for him to die.  I mean… that’s hardly a ringing endorsement is it?

By the way, if it does turn out that Jake is as crazy as we’ve always known that he was, I think it will have something to do with when he went to visit Rowan to ask for help with Olivia.  I’m thinking that Rowan said something to him, much in the same way that he did with Huck back in season 3, when he killed that guy who was threatening to expose what really went on with Operation Remington. Maybe he’s been given his orders by Rowan?

Either way, I’m bracing myself for way too much Jake on my screen. 

Watching Scott Foley make a hash out of his lines is not my favorite thing to do.

Anyway, seeing as the writers regained their senses this episode, here are some Jamie and Claire and Live and Fitz GIFs to end with.

Surfbort. Lol