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Corey La Barrie as a boyfriend would be like:


- “I cant understand Australian sorry.” “Shut the fuck up.”

- Him always taking off-guard pics of you

- “Booty’s looking good today.” 

- The fucking “You up?” texts even tho u live in the same house/neighborhood

- Him constantly commenting on your instas and being like, “Thats my babyyyyy”

- Always being pranked by him 

- tbh I’d love to see what Corey’s like when he’s genuinely sleepy and wanting some cuddles

- Wearing his clothes a lot

- Constant comments on ur ass tbh

- Legit you, him, and Kian would become the three musketeers 

- “I fucking love you.” “I love you more.”

- tbh stop me if this is weird but I can imagine him being lowkey into leaving hickeys but like, on weird places like ur hip of some shit

//i’m crying over how jealous i am over the certain lucky bastards who are able to participate the lottery, and even moreso on the fortunate ones who manage to win any of these :’)

King's Cage
  • <p> <b>Farley:</b> *holds Clara in her arms* Hello, little one. I'm your mommy...<p/><b>Mare:</b> Aaawwww. She's so cute... *tries to touch the baby's hand*<p/><b>Farley:</b> DO NOT TOUCH HER! IF YOU TOUCH HER, I WILL KILL YOU!<p/><b>Gisa:</b> Oh, look. She's smiling.<p/><b>Farley:</b> Do you wanna hold her, Gisa?<p/><b>Mare:</b> Really, man...<p/></p>
Norta Elementary Part 5!!

It’s time for the next chapter of the fanfic that follows the lives of 5th grade Mare and Cal!

Sorry that I haven’t updated for a long time, but I’m really excited for the next part. I’m going to introduce a lot of new things in Part 6 so look out for it!!

Part 1: https://didmavenkillyou–

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Part 4: https://didmavenkillyou–

Ships: Mare x Cal

Rating: lol G

Word Count: 1446

     We bustle out of the classroom when the bell rings. Everyone runs, excitedly, and I sort of just lay back. A lot of people, including Tibe, have stuff to do over Winter Break, unlike I. I wonder where he is. Probably on some cruise with his family or on a fishing trip with his half-brother.
     “Brother,” I remember him telling me.
     I don’t think I could ever feel the same way about a “sibling” from a different Mom as I do about Shade.
     And Gisa.
     And Bree and Tramy though they’re away.

     I look around, aimlessly, wishing that I hadn’t left my gum on the bottom of my seat, so I could still be chewing it. Then I glance down at my shoes, automatically stepping towards my cubby.
     Locker. That sounds cooler.

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Hello! I just started following you & I already love your blog! I ship mare & cal so much & all your fics are so cute & wonderful! I saw that you said you were taking requests & if you still are I was wondering if you can write about cal & mare being parents. Like maybe moments from the time the baby is born to when the baby's all grown. Just Cal holding his newborn would kill me honestly. Hope this isn't too much & obviously you can write whatever you want this is just a suggestion. Thank you!

Thank you Anon! I also ship marecal, as you can probably tell from my endless fics. That prompt is giving me breathing problems from all the feels. So ill be doing that. Also I am also always taking requests, so if you have any please send ‘em my way! Let’s get started.


Cal’s POV

It took years of convincing. She was sure she never wanted kids when we were married. Mare had made up her mind on that years ago. Things had changed though, and she finally gave in. I hadn’t pushed the subject, but I had brought it up only a couple of times. We had tried to have a child for months. After a few heartbreaks, we decided to call it quits. I didn’t want to put Mare through it any more. I had watched her cry too many times. 

A few weeks after we had decided enough was enough, she came bursting into my office. 

“Cal?” She said, lightly rapping on the door. I looked up from my documents and saw her standing there, her arms crossed over her chest and her light ivory sundress. Her hair was pulled back into a messy bun, and looked like she was going to burst with smiles. 

“What is it?” I said, standing up and going to her. I grabbed her hands and she smiled even brighter. “Close your eyes” she whispered and I did as I was told. I felt her warm hand grasp mine and shove something in it. “Open” she commanded and I looked down to see a pregnancy test in my hand. It was positive. I stood there and she beamed at me. “Are you sure?” I asked, trying to swallow correctly. She nodded and explained how Sara had sensed it when she was walking with her earlier. I tried to listen carefully to her but I found I could hardly hear anything. I held the sign of my son or daughter in my hand. I couldn’t hold it back, after all the trials that we went through, she was finally with child. I heard the sob escape my mouth and she immediately looked frightened. 

“I thought this is what you wanted?” she said and I wiped the tears from my eyes. 

“It is, god Mare, it is. I’m so- I’m so happy.” I cried. She looked cheerful again and reached to hug me. We both cried and laughed and I held her in my embrace. Lying on the floor of my office, rocking back and forth. I could only imagine what people walking past us thought. 

(Eight months later.)

We painted the baby’s room yellow and gold. Mare said it was for my mother, she had apparently read something she had written before she died. Her house, her colors. It took us all day too paint, and I set up a crib while she laughed at me, taking pictures of my accomplishment. 

“Have you thought of any names?” She asked me while I fiddled with the rocking chair. 

“No, have you?” I said and she looked at the ground, rubbing her large stomach. She could hardly stand being pregnant, saying how much her back hurt and how hard it was to breath when a child is sitting on your ribs. I would give her back rubs when she woke up in pain, trying to slow down her breathing as the kicks intensified. Sometimes I would heat my hands slightly, making it warm and comforting. Mare would sigh and lean into me. 

“What is it?” I asked, setting down the wrench and looking at her. I knew she had something on her mind. We had gotten to know each other like the back of our hands. Funny how it can go from hardly knowing someone to fighting with them, to loving them more than your own life. She was my earth now. I think she might have always been, I just didn’t know it. 

“It’s just, Farley had a girl and she didn’t get to name her after him. So I was thinking, If it is a boy, Shade.” She said and I nodded. Of course if I could take back his death and replace it with my own I would. She loved him so much, and it broke her. If bringing him back and me going could fix her completely, I would do it in a heartbeat. I felt such pain when I thought of my attitude towards her, how people treated her when he died. I didn’t even go to his funeral, and I should have. I should have been there for her, she needed me. 

“Of course. Of course we should name him after Shade.” I said and she smiled at me. “But what about a girl?” I asked and she smiled.

“Corinne, Corinne Sara Calore.” She said and I nodded, feeling my love for her soar. “And we could name a boy Shade Julian Barrow.” She said and I nodded. We continued painting and eventually ate. 

I held her hand while we walked back to our bedroom. She wobbled, not able to walk with the beach ball in front of her. As we approached she gasped, and I looked at her with wide eyes. A puddle soaked through her and she looked panicked. I knew this meant that the baby was coming, and we needed to get to Sara. I picked her up bridal style and raced her towards Julian and Sara’s room on the other side of the castle, telling the guards to get a bed ready asap. 

Sara and Julian came running and Julian yelled for things, being able to read Sara the best since she couldn’t talk. Mare contorted in pain and I could tell she wanted to scream. “Baby, just let it out.” I said, holding onto her hand. She was sweating bullets and let out a few groans and whimpers. I put a hand on her forehead to wipe out her brown locks from her face. She batted my hand away, whimpering.

“Tiberius, get your damn hand out of my face. You’re making me even hotter.” She said with gritted teeth. I stopped immediately and she let out a holler. Julian grabbed my shoulders and escorted me out. 

“Sara needs you to let her work. She says this is going to be a challenging birth, and she needs full concentration.” Julian said and i looked at him with a horrified expression. 

“Challenging?” I said, and he nodded. I started to freak out. He sat me down, and grabbed my hand. 

“You know, the last time I was present when a child was born, it was your birth.” He said, and I looked at him. 

“Yes, I can distinctly remember comforting your father. He was so worried. Corinne was not having an easy birth, and he was terrified. It was their first living child, and unfortunately, her only. And you came, a bouncing child who was full of smiles. Your father held you tight, and it was the only time he ever cried in front of me. He kept strong through her death, but your birth made him weep like a child. She held you in her arms, and smiled when you laughed. She used to say you smelt like honeysuckle and paradise. You were always loved, still are.” he finished and I felt a tear start to fall. 

“Thank you uncle Julian.” I said and he squeezed my hand. I heard a scream and footsteps and looked over to see Gisa and Mare’s mother running towards us. “Is she delivering?” Her mother asked and I nodded. She smiled at me and rushed in. Gisa looked at me and leaped into my arms. I held her close. 

“You’re going to be a dad. I’m going to have another niece. A princess or prince. Oh my. I never even guessed.” she said and looked at me. “I always thought I would have a child before her. Mare wanted nothing to do with babies.” She said and I laughed alittle. 

Her brothers followed with their wives and finally, her father. He smiled at me. “You got that right. Mare and Shade were the most difficult for her mother. I think it’s the ability’s they have.” He said and I nodded. Then I heard it. The cry.

Her mother emerged and motioned me to come inside. Julian and her father put a hand on my shoulder and I took a deep breath. Mare sat in the bed, tears running down her face and sweat dripping. “It’s a prince.” She said and I gasped. 

“Shade Julian Calore, meet your dad.” Mare cooed and I walked closer to her. I kissed her head and she placed my son in my arms. He had our dark hair (closer to my Mare’s). Light olive skin, and the smell of honeysuckle. I held him gently, too afraid of dropping him. My son, my son. He opened his eyes and stared at me. They were the same color as my own. 

“My son. My prince. Hello Shade. I love you.” I said and rocked him in my arms. Mare smiled at me and I went to sit on the bed with her. We both cooed over him, the feeling of complete and utter happiness rushing over me. “ I absolutely adore both of you. I said and Mare kissed my hand. Soon enough we were all asleep, the first of many nights with our sleeping boy.

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I hope you all enjoyed it! Ill probably write more soon. Please send in requests if you want something specific.


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