this mare is so cute

MDM: beautiful
  • Maven: whenever I look into your eyes, I see something beautiful
  • Mare: what?
  • Maven: my reflection

//i’m crying over how jealous i am over the certain lucky bastards who are able to participate the lottery, and even moreso on the fortunate ones who manage to win any of these :’)

King's Cage
  • <p> <b>Farley:</b> *holds Clara in her arms* Hello, little one. I'm your mommy...<p/><b>Mare:</b> Aaawwww. She's so cute... *tries to touch the baby's hand*<p/><b>Farley:</b> DO NOT TOUCH HER! IF YOU TOUCH HER, I WILL KILL YOU!<p/><b>Gisa:</b> Oh, look. She's smiling.<p/><b>Farley:</b> Do you wanna hold her, Gisa?<p/><b>Mare:</b> Really, man...<p/></p>