this mans face is gold

Captain Hera Syndulla of the USS Ghost. Boldly going where no one has gone before.


someone wanted me to do a frozen/yoi crossover but it ended up being a figure skating au… some thoughts under the cut

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Lucky Save | PKMN Trainer!Jungkook

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Summary: In which Jeon Jungkook is a scatterbrained Pokemon trainer who cannot catch a break and you are the saving grace he needed.

Genre: Fluff, Pokemon!AU

Words: 2K

A/N: uhhhh happy bday kook lmao this is dedicated to our hopeless dreams of becoming a pkmn master someday rip

You would think that after six months of travelling the Alola region by himself, Jungkook should have had at least 25% of his shit together.

He had thought that he had stocked up on hyper potions and revives when he had left Seafolk Village the previous morning. 

The keyword: thought. 

When in fact, he had left the center without a second thought, not noticing how his backpack wasn’t as full as he had imagined. Now that he was already halfway across the island and with no other Pokemon centers in sight, you could say without a shadow of a doubt that Jeon Jungkook was fucked.

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the start of something new

“Chuuya, since we were never lovers, nothing’s ending.”

The executive’s curls blew around his face. He held fast to his hat. 

“And nothing will ever start.”

Eyes that put jewels to shame lowered their gaze. 

“Isn’t that right Dazai.”

The brunet faced the shorter man. 

“Well Chuuya.”

Shades of gold lit brown hair as the setting sun painted the sky red and orange. Fondness and a flicker of hope sparkled in amber eyes.

“That’s up to us, isn’t it?”

Not One Of Us

Title: Not One Of Us-5



Summary: monachopsis -The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place

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All the men surrounding me laugh, staring down at me as I lay at their feet. I glance around at all the guys and before any of them have the chance to stop me, I stand and punch the male in front of me in the jaw. The laughter is suddenly replaced with growls and two of the smaller men jump on me, pinning me to the ground. The man in front of us rubbed his jaw before looking down at me, “you’re gonna regret that” he said before kicking dirt in my face. I coughed and sputtered, shaking my head trying to rid the dirt from my face. I glared up at the man above me his rose gold hair falling in his eyes as he glares back at me. “Jimin, Yoongi grab her we are heading back to the house to discuss some things” he speaks to the blue haired male and the blond man. They lift my body by my arms and begin to drag me down through the brush and dirt.

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