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Ye Old Man & Scythe Pub Ghost

Back in 2014, the CCTV Camera at the pub caught what appears to be an apparition moving in and out of sight. The Ye Old Man & Scythe Pub is the fourth oldest pub in Britain and it dates back to 1251. 

Ye Olde Man and Scythe has a long and interesting history. The ghost in the footage is considered to be that of The Earl of Derby who was executed outside the pub in 1651 after the Bolton Massacre. 

not to be dramatic but this titanic-era leo dicaprio kid appealing to the female audience not just with the aforementioned description but also with his sweet innocence and castiel-like qualities is so wild for a show in its THIRTEENTH season. two episodes in, and i’m already thinking how they’re going to incorporate jack as a main character for the next thirteen seasons. how they’ll try to kill him off but inevitably they can’t bc the fandom has fallen too hard in love with him. how they’ll have to reduce his power bc he’ll make everything too easy for the winchesters. jack, and the actor who plays him, is a game changer the likes of which we haven’t seen since season four. 

When you wait a little

Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: fingering, handjob

I gasped as his hand slid over the perfect spot. Tom kissed my neck, “it’s okay, I promise.” I nodded as his finger kept moving slowly. My heart beat faster and I held in a sound. Tom kept kissing my neck and down to my breasts. My hands were firmly planted on his shoulders, my fingers digging into his skin.

“Fuck.” I gasped when he brushed perfectly. My center was filled with heat and my brain was fogging. He sped up. His tongue was circling my nipple. My thighs were quaking, threatening to drop me into Tom’s lap.

My fingers grasped at his hair and neck as I panted. My body was on fire and as the feeling between my legs grew. His other hand was gripping my ass and he gently bit my other nipple. I gasped and wrenched Tom’s head away from my chest. He stopped moving his hand and looked at me.

My heart was beating too fast and all I could think about getting the good feeling back.

“Jesus, fuck, Tom,” I whimpered and pulled him into a sloppy kiss. One hand grabbed his forearm and slid down to his hand, “don’t stop,” I whispered.

Tom grinned and gave me a quick kiss and laughed, “of course.” His mouth was on mine in a second, his tongue prodding mine. I squeezed his wrist and his fingers gently pinched my bud. Pleasure shot through my body and I moaned into the kiss. My thighs finally gave out.

Tom parted his legs and wrapped his other arm around my waist to keep me against him.

“Don’t fucking stop,” I moaned. I slumped against him with my forehead on his shoulder as the pleasure increased. My skin was hot and my core was pulsing with desire. My hips were rutting against Tom’s fingers.

My fingers were digging into the skin on his arm and sliding down his chest.

“Damn babygirl,” he whispered hoarsely in my ear, “you look so good all fucked up on top of me.”

I moaned. The pleasure was increasing too fast, I felt like I was going to explode. I couldn’t help the ragged breaths and sounds that came out of my mouth. Soon the only thing leaving my mouth was a string of words sounding like, “don’t stop,” until I bit down on his shoulder.

I was almost there as Tom pulled his fingers away.

“What the fuck??” I groaned, I was up in an instant. He shushed me and gave me a quick kiss. “Feels better when you wait a little,” he said with a wink, brushing my hair out of my face. “For now….” I understood.

I sat up and quickly started undoing his belt. “That’s it…” he whispered and started kissing my neck. He pulled out his cock and my eyes widened a bit. He was bigger than I thought he would be. I spit in my hand and wrapped my hand around him, giving him a gentle tug.

His eyes closed and I could tell he was holding in a sound. I started pumping him slowly while the other ran up and down his chest. I kissed his neck, taking my time to let my nails rake over his skin. I gave him a squeeze and swiped the top of his head. He groaned.

I went to his ear, “you like that?” I whispered, tugging on his earlobe with my teeth. His hips started rocking and I immediately moved onto one of his thighs, dragging myself back and forth. He grabbed my hips pulled me down on his leg, causing my clit to rub deliciously against him.

I let out a choked moan and squeezed his length in response. My other hand moved to his shoulder, digging in hard. “Dammit, Tom,” I whimpered, “ make me cum.” My core ached for his hand again.

He let out a low chuckle and took my hand off his cock. He roughly dragged my hips up his thigh with a smirk. The low sound he made in the back of his throat made me gasp.

Suddenly his fingers were delicately yet quickly rubbing my clit. I gasped loudly at the feeling and my hips were immediately moving in motion with his fingers. He was going so fast my skin was so hot and my body felt like a fire, the hottest part at my core. I was whimpering and gasping curses as I clung desperately to Tom’s chest.

“C’mon baby,” Tom whispered in my ear, “you’re doing so well, fuck baby. You can get there.” The sounds from my throat grew louder and my panting breath was hot against Tom’s neck.

Everything was building and building, the hot pleasure moving through my body until it burst. My hips were moving like crazy against his fingers as wave after wave of pleasure shot through my veins. I bit down on Tom’s shoulder to quiet my borderline pornagraphic moan.

“That’s it baby,” he said as I started to come down from my high, “fuck that was hot, you look so fucking good.” He gave my lips a quick kiss and pulled my legs across his lap so I was situated sideways in his arms.

“You were right,” I said with a gulp of air, “about waiting a bit. Fuck, that felt amazing.”

stark / peter parker x stark!reader (introduction)

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he fell for her without even trying.


♡ dusk till dawn by zayn and sia

tumblr girls by g-eazy

slow hands by niall horan

fireproof by one direction

night changes by one direction

there’s nothing holdin’ me back by shawn mendes

kid in love by shawn mendes

part I is set to be published on October 20th, 2017 at 8:30 pm EST

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All your tf2 posts make me want to try it again, but I'm also apprehensive about diving back into tf2 because the last time I tried it, about a year ago, the community was not very new player friendly. Any tips on how to avoid getting yelled at for being new and not knowing what the heck I'm doing?

don’t wear a gibus, ignore the chat, and don’t take it too seriously.