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No offense to any fans but it really annoys me when so called tg fans wants nothing but blood & gore. It's been almost two decades I've been into anime and manga. Tg is not the best manga I've read but it has something special in it. I hate when fans (fakes) complain tht characters come randomly in it and it has too much of them. I think people who can't understand the intensity of the story r either kids or can't take manga seriously. I'm not into shipping & stuff (lmao I'm too old for it) (1)

But recent incidents r really saddening. Ishida is by far the best mangaka (in my opinion). There r many good mangakas but I’m certain no one can portray emotion in a manga as much as Ishida. There’s no good & evil in this one. I follow u & some other touken blogs bc they’re cannon & tbh u guys r really good w8 theories and understanding the plot. I’m not really good w8 words so I really cannot express how much I love tg. But really, u r awesome & thank you for running this beautiful blog (2)

Oh & another thing, do u write or something? Bc your writing skills r really impressive and beautiful! Well keep it up and thank u for contributing to this fandom in a positive way. Hope you have a great day!!!!!! (Last)

Wow, thank you anon! Yeah, authorhood is the end goal, I’ve written a novella and some fanfiction, but it’s only been in this last year that I’ve actually been typing stuff out rather than just having the ideas roll about in my brain. Running this blog has helped me learn to write (and more importantly, enjoy writing) on a daily basis, so hopefully that will speed along my efforts.

Totally agree that Ishida is the best mangaka. I find Isayama very impressive too, but Ishida’s skill with metafiction scores him the top place for me. 

The ‘too many characters’ mantra people repeat in a chorus is truly ear-piercing. There are a lot of characters in TG, yes - it’s a huge part of Ishida’s worldbuilding and makes massive organisations like the CCG feel very real. It’s like they just picked up some bogus article of “Writing Sins” and treat it like some kind of dogma. Truth is there’s no such thing as a Writing Sin. There is nothing that is “bad” to do in literature - anything can be good or bad depending on how you execute it. The reason people recoil at a multitude of characters is because in many cases the story fails to do justice to each of them while maintaining a suitable pace for plot progression. This is not true of Tokyo Ghoul or Ishida, who makes certain that each character gets appropriate screentime and their own character arc that contributes to the plot as well as the story’s thematic inquiry, allowing the host of characters to support a steady pace rather than obstruct it. 

As for antis…well, they’re antis.  Generally, people pick up stories because they feel that the author thinks the same way they do. But for some people, there are inevitably going to be blips in synchronicity because no two people think completely the same. These blips are where antis come from, and they exist for every story in existence, regardless of quality. Even Shakespeare has his antis. When it comes down to it, all art is a matter of individual taste and subjectivity. So you’ve just gotta write for people who think like you, is the way I see it, and stay true to the call of your muse no matter what. 

That said, I do not excuse this prevailing trend in fandom that the story somehow belongs to them. Fiction is a deeply personal experience that the author has generously decided to show the reader - criticise as you will, but don’t rant and rave and send the author friggin’ hate mail, cuz they don’t owe you shit. Especially when most of us watch or read online for free anyway.  But what I hate most of all is when they say something like “I’ve spent years of my life invested in X and this is what they do to me?” Like yeah have a fuckin medal for reading a comic book, I’m sure you’ve tried so hard at having fun. Honestly. 

Anyway, thanks for writing in anon! You’ve said very nice things about me and given me the opportunity to bitch about antis, which I can never pass up.