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Not all relationships are perfect. Their relationship is clearly NOT PERFECT, but is everything sunshine and rainbows in real life? No. It’s not. Bakugou Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku have a strained relationship. To quote All Might, “Both of them are actually pretty clever, but they fall apart in a second when it comes to each other:

Envy, Hate, Pursuit, Awe, Rejection, Pride: 

From what I’ve heard, they have so many different feelings about that they don’t know how to interact anymore.” -All Might (Toshinori Yagi)

They really don’t. Which is why, when you see that Katsuki actually lowered his pride by one 0.01% to actually team up with Izuku to plan, angry planning with scary af kabedon punch to the wall near Izuku’s head, but they still planned shit! They planned shit together to try and get a leg up over All Might:

They still have a LONGGGG way to go as heroes, growing teenagers, strained rivals and as the two main characters of this story. All Might has hope for them, I have hope for them, so these two are changing. Changing slowly, sooo slowly (in the anime-since the manga is further), but it’s change. These two are dynamic character with drastically different personalities, but overall similar motivations. They clash here and eventually team up at the end, enough to pass together.

And though Bakugou Katsuki probably won’t be happy this happened:

But this is what needs to happen. Katsuki needs to be humbled and this is a START. Only a start, but so satisfying, just like the deserved wake-up punch Izuku did to Katsuki:

This is Bakugou Katsuki’s Origin: Fighting along side the person he’s looked down upon, bullied and thought was just “the pebble on the side of the road.” 

Sooner or later down the line, Katsuki would probably look back fondly at this and reveal that to no one (especially Izuku, because come one, Katsuki wouldn’t want anyone to know that) and at that time he would have grown so much. I don’t know what chapter that will be…(chapter 500+ idk lik), but by then they’ll all have developed as characters. Midoriya Izuku would have grown alongside the boy who used to be his childhood idol turned asshole turned horrible rival turned healthy rival turned friend. That’s how well written characters are supposed to be, ever changing for the good and bad. Thank goodness that this happened, because this was a good change for them both.

I eagerly await for Izuku and Katsuki to evolve more as they already have here. This is now my favorite episode. Legit. Serious. 100% favorite episodes because, of all the emotions within this. They portrayed how it was in the manga perfectly, all the gut-wrenching and tears. Yep. 

This is the best…for now. Love you, Bakugou and Midoriya. Stay ever evolving budding heroes that you are:

the days when i think of the 2003 anime often are behind me but sometimes I remember the time Envy disguised as Winry randomly yelled “ALPHONSE YOU’RE THE ONE I ALWAYS LOVED” to distract Al AND IT WORKED! Al got kidnapped because of that even though Al already knew it was Envy! and I giggle.

Bc honestly I can see that happen in manga continuity only instead of being shocked Al’s reaction is  to break down into uncontrollable laughter and he’s so busy laughing he is successfully kidnapped for like five whole minutes.

He’s just armor convulsing on the ground and Envy just grabs his foot and starts dragging him away meanwhile Ed is screaming “AL PULL IT TOGETHER YOU’RE BEING KIDNAPPED” 





And once he calms down Al just basically spends the whole time giving Envy a speech on why his shipping preferences are WRONG and brother and winry are OTP BC REMEMBER AL IS THEIR BIGGEST SHIPPER and once Envy’s finally like “OKAY FINE THEY’RE CUTE TOGETHER NOW WILL YOU  SHUT THE FUCK UP” and Al ‘s like “cool OK bye” and immediately busts out.

Now I actually want a series where Envy imitates people and says things in an attempt to psychologically torment them and ends up cracking them the hell up instead

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I'm so confused, I keep seeing things saying kaneki is just a torso (he just a body with no arms or legs and head) so can you explain to me why everyone thinks this, or like when this happened, I mean I've read all of :re and I have no idea why or when this happened. And I have also seen many people saying he's using his kagune to walk around, I'm sorry I'm just very confused about all of that like when did this happen?I mean we've seen in the manga he has arms and legs, I'm just very confused

During what battle did kaneki lose his limbs?

Naw anon, when we see Kaneki in the manga nowadays his arms and legs are all dragony.

They’re dragony because he’s manipulating his kakuja to serve as his arms and legs as they take their time to regenerate (He does still have his head, though). It all started in Chapter 50 when Kanae cut off his hand.

When we see Kaneki again after the six-month timeskip, we assume his hand has grown back, but we only ever see him wearing gloves. His fight against Arima reveals that it has not, and his ‘hand’ is actually constructed from kakuja material growing out of his arm.

But in the fight against Arima, he doesn’t just lose his hand, but both his arms and legs.

From that point onwards, he supported himself with legs made from kakuja.

We haven’t seen Kaneki’s legs since, but as of Chapter 99 his arm was still scaly, and we haven’t seen him without gloves or shoes since. As there hasn’t been any dialogue to suggest his regular limbs have grown back, he seems to still have his kakuja limbs - his regeneration has possibly been stunted because the kakuja limbs gets in the way of regrowth, but Kaneki can’t afford to waste any time as an immobile torso at the moment.

Indefinite Hiatus

I’m not entirely sure if I should call this a hiatus or a semi-hiatus, but it’s basically what the title says.

For the past week, I’ve had a lot on my plate. Both things that concern me IRL as well as things mentally. It’s nothing negative or something to worry about, but to put it more simple: I need a break. Like right now.

I recently graduated from my school and I’ve been accepted into my next school of choice with grades among one of the best in all the new entries. I’m really proud of myself for getting this far, and as much as having free time and things to reward myself with, I feel like taking a break from this place is something that just needs to happen for me to do that.

I’m going on a vacation in around a week and a half, and after that I’ll make sure I use my summer in a way that’s both satisfying for me but also doesn’t feel wasted. What that means? I’m not entirely sure yet.

As for snk. I really love this manga. I do. I love making YouTube videos even though it takes a long time. But recently, I feel like my interest in the series has taken another direction. I don’t mean I lost it, or started to dislike the series, but it’s more or less different in feeling if you compare it to stuff before Chapter 91. I might be a whole year late, seeing as how Chapter 84 was almost a year ago at the time I’m writing this, but I’m glad I stuck with this series all this time.

No need to worry though, I still am. I just won’t be actively blogging or talking about it. YouTube videos may or may not continue for the time being, and if they do, the time gap in-between is going to heavily depend on my schedule and mood, as it always has.

As for the fandom itself, I feel like this is one of the reasons why I’m making this decision. Somehow I feel like everything slowly started to die off after Season 2 ended. And, to be completely fair, the majority of things I see on my dashboard are all the same. GIFs/graphics of the exact same scenes, ship hate, and hate in general. I’m not saying it’s like this everywhere, and I’m not “quitting” because I got anon hate or something. This is my own personal decision, but I feel like after a little over 3 years in the fandom I begin to start seeing the cancer that is hate. Even if it’s not directed towards me, it’s disgusting and makes every aspect of being here less enjoyable simply by knowing shitheads like this exist. No one deserves it. You have no right to attack anyone just because your opinion is different. 

It doesn’t matter.

Just shut the fuck up and enjoy this awesome manga.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about now. Asks, submissions and stuff are closed. I may check on some things regularly, but don’t expect me to reply or blog actively. I’m still over at @a-dank-on-titan, though. We’re keeping the blog going (still, no regular posting schedules) and it’s something I still find enjoyment in.

And if you didn’t catch it already… No, I’m NOT dropping snk lmfao. I’ll still keep up with it and may drop a few cents each chapter.. either that or just reblog, but being this community seems to feel like a chore now and honestly, it’s honestly not that enjoyable as a whole. Maybe I just need a break, like I already said. I may still reblog stuff from time to time so it’s not as if I’m deactivating or leaving… so yeah, I guess this is more of a semi-hiatus, but overall, you get the point.

Thanks to everyone who follows me and helps me have a good time around here. Stay extra dancc.

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Well, only the first episode for now but yeah!!! I can’t wait for my favs to show up aaahhhhhh!!!!!! 

Anon said: Omg, Kirishima, please teach me how to put on eyeliner, your eyeliner game is on point! (Seriously, tho, I love how you draw their eyes and how you draw Kiri in general. He seems so soft. Damn, Bakugou, I’m jealous that you can cuddle him)

THANK YOU!!!! And Kiri has really really pretty lashes in the manga too, doesn’t he? Bakugou too! They have seriously pretty eyes I spend a lot of time trying to get that right when drawing haha still not as good at Horikoshi tho after all, but what can we do~

Anon said: Every time I get a notification you posted something I get extremely happy! That’s what your drawings did to me. How can one be so talented.

SOB thank you so much!! You being happy makes me happy so it’s happiness all around!!! What a good!!!

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i think that Mutsuki (aside from beingparalleled to Kaneki) is being paralleled to Touka and/or Hinami.

Why do I think Touka (And Haise'sparallels to Arima) :

Because of this most recent chapter. He saves Mutsuki just as he saved Touka. He apologized to them both for being late, and had the urge to protect both of them, though none of what they went through was really his fault.

He blamed himself for what happened to Touka because he couldn’t protect her from Ayato.

He blames himself for Mutsuki being hurt because he’s Mutsuki’s mentor.

Now we see that Touka and Mutsuki are starting to mirror one another, and I’m not going to say there’s a love interest, because I don’t think that manga supports a ‘love interest’ between Touka and Kaneki, but that’s just me.

Now we see that Touka and Mutsuki are starting to mirror one another, and I’m not going to say there’s a love interest, because I don’t think that manga supports a 'love interest’ between Touka and Kaneki, but that’s just me.

However, due to Mutsuki’s feelings about men, and with the manga suggesting that he had a bad past with them, I can’t see a relationship between the two of them. However, if we’re going by the theory that something happened in Mutsuki’s past with a guy, then I can see a huge character shift in the way he looks at Haise.

Mutsuki sees Haise as a father, and I think Touka saw Kaneki as a placement for Arata too. If Mutsuki has a weariness of men, then Haise is certainly showing him other wise. This panel speaks to me, because it’s almost as if you can see the “shift” in his (Mutsuki’s) body language. It’s the same kind of realization Touka had in her eyes, after Kaneki saved her:

During this scene, with Mutsuki in a dress, and being saved by an knightly looking Haise, It made me think of a knight rescuing a princess.

This actually makes a lot of sense. Recall in TG Jack when Minami and Taishi were talking about Arima, they said he reminded them of a knight. So for Haise to be paralleled as a knight, in the act of saving doesn’t surprise me.

Just like Arima saved Minami, Kaneki saves Touka, and Haise saves Mutsuki. That’s certainly knight like to me.

Not to mention, Haise’s hair is getting a lot whiter. Look at the two pictures again, I just noticed this.

When Haise is saving Mutsuki, his hair is dark in the center.

When Kaneki is saving Touka, his hair is dark at the tips.

And with Kanea and Haise about to square off, perhaps he’ll remember soon. I think it’s clever how Ishida makes Kanea speak German, and not French, because a phrase in French could’ve certainly triggered Haise’s memory.

Mutsuki and Hinami:

I say Mutsuki is mirrored to Hinami because while she couldn’t do anything physically for Kaneki, she knew if he was uncomfortable, she knew if he was hurting, etc. No, she wasn’t the strongest one in the anti-aogiri team, but she didn’t necessarily have to be strong to help Kaneki.

She was there for Kaneki,  in the same way that Mutsuki, who’s not strong or outstanding or anything like that, is there for Haise. He keeps him company. He’s not necessarily his moral support, but he’s like his cheerleader. They relate more than anyone from the squad.

Just as Touka looks up to Kaneki, Hinami looked up to him too, as does Mutsuki.

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Is heterochromia too cliché for a character?

The trait of heterochromia (iridum, I assume) is kind of overused in character design, particularly in manga/anime, because it looks damn cool, and sets a character apart by making them a bit asymmetrical (and there’s nothing wrong with that- it just happens a lot). 

However! Whenever people ask me if something is too cliche to use, I start thinking about ways in which something a bit tired or overused could be fresh and useful to a story again. 

So, I’ll counter your question with another question: What is heterochromia doing for your character, if they do have it? What is it doing in terms of visual design? Does it have any useful symbolism? 

Also, though I’ve seen some real incredible examples of non-human eye colors for people with bicolored eyes, because that’s also a stylistic thing in many animes, I think it’d be good if you looked into the genetics, causes, and reality of heterochromia. For example, eyes can change color after an injury, but do so in somewhat predictable ways. It can also be genetic, and passed down as a dominant trait. There are also a few types of heterochromia, such as sectoral, or central heterochromia. (Read more). 

So! I say, if it’s something that you want to do, go for it! Just take some extra time and work to make your character design meaningful and interesting enough that it feels less tired, if you’re worried about a cliche. 


Edit: How could I forget, while we’re talking about anime: if you’ve seen Cowboy Bebop, the main character Spike has heterochromia- which isn’t super noticeable, but one eye is a freaking robot eye, and you can kind of tell the imperfect color match in certain lighting/when it’s plot relevant. And oh, is it plot relevant.