this manga is so cute in general

When you are looking for general “fluff” and “cute moments” fanfiction and you are so into it but then you open lemon fanfiction by mistake


この音とまれ!(Kono Oto Tomare!)  || Kudou Chika wallpapers [ 540 x 960 ]

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Kimi wa Natsu no Naka Extra Papers (Animate and General Bookstores)!

First time using my ancient scanner in over 3 years (lol) so I’m sorry if the quality is all over the place. And going from pink to black was a nightmare for Animate. Plus why is the text so tiny?! I had to guess at what was written.

Third extra paper happens after the events in the first press booklet that came with the manga volume, so I’ll do it together with that when I get back later this month.

These two are so cute. I can’t wait to get the book she released at JGarden.

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I feel bad for not supporting the authors by reading free English translations, so I’m trying to compensate with this small promotion ^ ^ ; 

ALERT: These two works are BL but they are 0% NSFW and have (at least right now) absolutely no sex in them. This, personally, is my preference as 1) I am ace af and 2) really dislike how sexualized homosexual relationships are in literature. SO if you want yaoi, it ain’t going be in these two works, BUT if you want a genuinely good love story (where the main characters happen to be two guys?) then you’re in the right place!


PLOT: Hasegawa Yuiji accidentally finds out that his classmate Yoshinaga Yamato is gay. Yoshinaga is struggling with his sexuality and with the support and friendship from Hasegawa, Yoshinaga is starting to slowly overcome his insecurities. 

GENERAL REVIEW: Koimonogatari is insanely realistic and the first volume doesn’t even touch on any romantic development. It’s all about the growing friendship between Hasegawa and Yoshinaga, and that platonic development is, personally, really touching. The setting is slice-of-life to the point of being incredibly refreshing. If I had to describe this work with one word, it would be “refreshing”. It’s such a breath of fresh air and so relatable (even to those not struggling with homosexuality).

CHARACTERS: I cannot tell you how much I love these characters. Yoshinaga Yamato is not that entirely creative of a character, but he’s very relatable. Also, it’s interesting to learn more of his flaws and layers as a character as you keep reading. Hasegawa Yuiji, on the other hand, I feel is a really unique character. On first glance, he’s actually not that interesting. He’s seemingly your typical dark-haired, apathetic, stoic character, but there’s so much more to him. He’s incredibly perceptive and has a really unique and interesting way of encouraging and comforting Yoshinaga.   

ART: OKAY THE ART. THE ART IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I love how Tagura Tohru draws hands, hair, lays out screentones, and storyboards. Her people are REALLY well-proportioned and she draws emotions AMAZINGLY well. Some of the scenes wouldn’t work with sub-par art because the emotions are depicted with such delicateness. If anything else, read this manga for the art. Honestly, it’s that good. (And can I say that Hasegawa’s expressions are life.) One of my favorite pages: 

STORY: The development is EXTREMELY slow and at this point (5 chapters), I can’t really say how well the story is written, but I’ve definitely enjoyed what I’ve read so far. (Also, Tagura Tohru does have some BL stories in her repertoire with sex, so Koimonogatari (as it only has a few chapters right now) might have sex later, but I really, really hope that it doesn’t. Not just for personal preference, I feel that it just wouldn’t fit with the story.)  



PLOT: Constantly hungry and trying to find a job, college student Sagawa Taichi accidentally crash lands (long story) next to a fellow student Sugihara Kouhei. Taichi later learns that Kouhei is hearing impaired. 

GENERAL REVIEW: Hidamari ga Kikoeru is also extremely, extremely realistic. One reason I love this manga so much is that even though it heavily focuses on Kouhei’s struggle with his hearing impairment, there is absolutely no romanticizing his disability. It really fleshes out his struggles with it. The story is really, really cute and touching. 

CHARACTERS: Sagawa Taichi is a character we’ve all seen before - bottomless stomach, outgoing, reckless, and oblivious. However, the reason I think his “stereotypical”ness is fine in this story is because HIS CHARACTER TOTALLY WORKS. In the context of the story, his character’s presence makes a lot of sense and it’s exactly his kind of personality that Kouhei needs to overcome his insecurities. Taichi, in my opinion, wasn’t made from lazy characterization, but out of necessity for this story to work. On the other hand, Sugihara Kouhei is, I feel, a really unique character. He’s sort of your typical ikemen - multi-talented, popular, attractive - but his hearing impairment has influenced him really strongly. It’s tough and spoiler-y to explain, SO READ IF YOU WANT TO KNOW. 

ART: Not exemplary, but it’s completely unproblematic. Everyone is well-proportioned, and even though there’s nothing that particularly stands out in the art, there’s nothing wrong with it either. And the art does get better as the story goes on, which is nice to see.

STORY: //cracks knuckles Let me tell you a thing about Hidamari ga Kikoeru. It means “I Hear the Sunspot”, or something like that, and the symbolism of light vs dark is carried throughout the story. The way the author depicts Kouhei initially in the dark and then finding his light through Taichi is, I feel, really well done. There are so many hints at this symbol that I missed out on my first read. The development for Hidamari is also REALLY slow, but I think it works with how cute the story is. It’s been a pretty fluffy story so far, but it has had little hints that it might turn really sad soon. (With how ridiculously fluffy it’s been so far, I’m about 99.99987% sure that Hidamari won’t have any sex. EDIT: It’s complete, and yup, no sex, and THE ENDING WAS BEAUTIFUL.)

IF YOU’VE GOTTEN THIS FAR: If you’ve read either of these, please message me. I’m desperate to talk about these characters with people. 

i’m on a serious horror kick right now, so now here’s a new OC !! his name is yuuto && his favorite thing to do is stalk cute girls ( or boys for that matter ). he will love you to bits, but also cut you into pieces. serious trigger warnings for heavy topics like: stalking, gore, abusive relationships, && general toxic interactions. he’s very active on the internet – running multiple accounts in different group chats. please love my horrible son.

My Yuri Manga List

It has been requested of me that I share a list of the Shoujo-ai/Yuri manga I have read. This will be a LONG list. I also should warn beforehand that some of the one-shots I list will be found in the anthologies I list (meaning they’ll technically be listed twice), but I’d rather be safe than sorry. 

Seeing as this list has been around a long time now, I have decided to open requests! If there is a manga you’d like me to review, or one currently on the list you’d like me to review in greater detail, feel free to submit a message and I will see what I can do! As a note however I will not review a doujinshi from an anime/manga that I have not seen/read. I have been considering starting a separate list for doujin reviews. So, yeah! Submit me requests!

.925 by Nishi Uko - [Very short, but enjoyable]

.Traeh by Hanatsu Yaya

A Cold and After That by Minase Ruruu

A Little Melody of Love by Uchimura Kaname

A Person Who Draws People by Hakamada Mera

A Secret on the Lips by Miman

A Special Person by Nawoko

A Water Balloon, a Goldfish, and Ramune by Takahashi Mako

A White White Dress by (unlisted)

Adrift by Morinaga Milk

After Life by Dowman Sayman

Afterschool Girl by Morinaga Milk

Akira to Hiyori by Kirihara Idumi

Akuma no Riddle by Kouga Yun - [Highly Recommended–especially if you loved the anime.]

Alien from Yuri by Manishi Mari

Ameiro Kouchaka Kandan by Fujieda Miyabi - [Highly Recommended]

Anemone by Otomo Megane

Anfang by Mizuno Moto - [Fun One-Shot, but darker than most are used to.]

Angel Dust by Nanase Aoi

Another Kiss by Yurihara Aki - [Cute and fun, but so far not a masterpiece.]

Aoi Hana by Shimura Takako - [Recommended. I really liked it, but others might not. Still, the mangaka is a wonderful lady doing great representation of the LGBT community.]

Aoi Honoo Kaoru Tsuchi by Naruko Hanaharu

Aoi Shiro - Aoi Shiro no Enbukyouku by Fumotogawa Tomoyuki

Apocalypse by Kurata Uso

Apple Daydream by Jounouchi Nene - [Interesting. It’s a collection. Some hits, some near misses.]

Asagao to Kase-san by Takashima Hiromi - [Highly Recommended. LOVE IT!]

At the Bottom of the Stairway to Adulthood by Amagakure Gido

Ayame 14 by Amano Shuninta - [Potential thus far.]

Azure Dream by Morishima Akiko - [I love this author!]

Baby You by Nishi Uko

Bashful Little Hime-chan by Mizuki Maya

Beyond the Feeling by Kuromasa Shisei

Beyond the Stars by Morishima Akiko - [Morishima again. Love her work!]

Black and White by Takemiya Jin - [Loved it. Recommend almost anything by this author.]

Black Eyed Witch by Hakamada Mera

Bloomer Blue Maniacs by Gouda Nagi

Blue Drop by Yoshitomi Akihito - [The anime is a prequel to this collection and its spinoffs. I recommend them all except the gender-bender one.] 

Blue Line by Neko Natsu

Body Warmth Communication by Fujimori Yuyukan

BOMBSHELLS by Amano Shuninta

Boundary Line by Tama Li

Bully by Sukoyaka

Bunny Cafe by (unlisted)

Butterfly 69 by Natsuneko

Candy by Suzuki Yufuko

Candy Boy by Touge Hiro - [The incest didn’t put me off at all, surprisingly. In fact I liked it so much I started to watch the anime. Highly Recommended]

Carbonard Crown by Shinonome Mizuo

Cassiopeia Dolce by Takagi Noboyuki

Cherish by Ootsuka Poteto

Cherry Lip by (unlisted)

Choir! by Tenpogensui

Chouchou Nannan by Takemiya Jin - [I do love Takemiya’s work!]

Cigarette Liar by Yamamoto Mamo

Citrus by Saburo Uta - [You all know this one! Love it, recommend it!]

Collectors by Nishi Uko - [Very different in a good way. LOVE IT!]

Concerto by Hattori Mitsuru

Conversation in the Language of Flowers by Ume Maru

Cotton by Konno Kita

Cotton Candy Love by Tendou Kirin

Don’t Say by Santo

Double House by Haruno Nanae - [This one is good, though a bit dated. Still would recommend, though. Especially because it’s a rare opportunity to see trans representation in Yuri.]

Dream Trip by Chi-Ran

Dream at Dawn by Amano Shuninta

Drumcan Hyakkei: 100 Famous Views of a Drum Can by Various

Earth Girls by Peachpulsar (Mira) - [This was fun. A stone-age fantasy about a village of girls. And though the harem concept exists, it’s a joke mostly and is not at all the point of the manga. I loved it, and it was cute. Highly Recommended. WARNING: NSFW!]

Ebisu-san to Hotei-san by Kizuki Akira - [This one was really nice. And the ending isn’t something you often see in manga or Japan in general.]

Epitaph by Shouoto Aya - [Very cute art.]

E.S. - Eternal Sisters by Kindaichi Renjuurou

Evening Rain Feeling by Yoshitomi Akihito

Fall in Love by Morinaga Milk - [I loved this short one! Really gets me for some reason, and I ALWAYS love Morinaga’s work <3] 

First Love by Suga Atsushi

Flower Flower by Iwami Shouko - [I’m caught up on this one. It’s actually REALLY fun so far. Can’t wait to see what happens next!]

Flowers Dwelling in a Forest Manor by Serio Yuzuha

Footprints in the Snow by Takahashi Mako

For You, My Beloved by Yoshizaki Nagi

Forever Girls by Amagakure Gido

Fragtime (sometimes called Flagtime) by Sato - [Cool concept, and sweet too]

Free Soul by Yamaji Ebine [Finished. It was enjoyable, but definitely unlike most other yuri. Recommended.]

Friends by Kamei Juri

Fu-Fu by Minamoto Hisanari - [I loved this one. Romantic and full of hope for a happy future with a girl you love]

Futari by Ootomo Megane

Futari Dake by Mountain Pukuichi

Futari to Futari by Yoshitomi Akihito - [I’m unsure how I feel about this one. It feels sort of “male gaze” but also shows polyamory in a positive light. Give it a read if you want to consider such things.]

Fuyu no Hanashi by Caramel Crunch

Game by Takemiya Jin - [I love this. It’s pretty short, but has a positive and sweet end. Takemiya has done it again.]

Girl Friends by Morinaga Milk - [THE QUINTESSENTIAL MANGA for Yuri fans. It wins my heart anew EVERY time I read it. If you haven’t, DO IT. NOW.]

Girl Satellite by Hami - [This one was quite cute. No proper romance, even if it’s labeled for it. But they hinted pretty heavily, and there’s a really flirty girl in the cast, so there’s plenty of shipping material. Highly Recommended!]

Girlish Sweet: Atashi no Kanojo by Takemiya Jin - [This was great! Really, go read this and Takemiya’s other works]

Girl’s Love by (Various) - [This is an anthology. WARNING! Hot content if you know what I mean!]

Girls Monochrome by Chico*

Girls’ Glasses by Sengoku Hiroko - [Quiet, but only hints at romance.]

Girls’ Lives by Fujio

Girls’ Love by (various) - [Apparently my app lists this separately due to a spelling mistake. Same as above, but for some reason has different one-shots. Be sure to check which provider you use so you can read the whole collection.]

Girls’ Planetarium by Amagakure Gido

Gokujou Drops by Mikuni Hazime - [Great author. Kinda steamy story in places but still WAY worth the read any day!]

Gurenki by Takewakamaru - [I’ve caught myself up. It’s fun, though I won’t say how it stacks up against anything else until it’s actually finished. A nice way to spend some time though. Recommended.]

Hajimete, Kanojo to by Morishima Akiko - [Repeating myself, but Morishima is great]

Hakoniwa Cosmos by Kuwata Noriko

Halloween Rhapsody by Hiiragi Kei

Hana no Yurina Gume by Koume Keito

Hana to Hoshi by Suzukin Kario

Hana Yamata  by Sou - [I’m behind on this, but I stand by it being super cute.]

Hanjuku Joshi by Morishima Akiko - [Morishima, so, yeah <3]

Happy Picture Diary by Morishima Akiko - [Ditto to above, though story here is not as serious and is more slice of life]

Happy Summer Dream by Uhm Jung Hyun

Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu by Eiki Eiki - [A fun collection. Definitely give it a read at some point.]

Haru Yo Koi by Saki Kaori - [I haven’t even started this yet because of my skepticism. But at some point I will get around to it.]

Hatsukoi Kouzousa by Amao Shuninta

Hatsukoi Shimai by Komao Mako

Hen by Oku Hiroya - [This is a real investment. Lots of (unfortunately hetero exclusively) sex, but still a story about a girl loving a girl. This one isn’t for everyone, but I think in the end I was still glad I read it]

Hidden Meaning by Itou Chika

Himawari Saita by Kuromasa Shisei

Himawari-san by Sugano Manami - [I love this one. Slow pacing and very relaxed, but totally fits the story. Highly Recommended!]

Hime Koibito by Katsura

Himitsu no Hanazono by Fujii Mihona - [This may start of oddly but hang in there]

Honey and Honey by Takeuchi Sachiko - [I love and appreciate Takeuchi’s work so much. The drawing is simplistic, but the content is great. This is an autobiographical and real look at lesbian life in Japan. Definitely a must. Takeuchi-sensei is definitely someone I’d be honored to meet]

Honey and Mustard by Morishima Akiko - [Once again, Morishima everyone]

Honey Crush by Tsubaki Asu - [This one is still on my list. When I read it, I will post about it.]

Honto no Kanojo by Imamura Yoko

Husky and Medley by (unlisted)

Hyakuoku Nengo no Kimi no Koe by Akiyama Maiko

I Girl by Nakahara Momota

I Say a Little Prayer by Minami Q-ta

I Want to Lock You Up by Rokuroichi

I Won’t Say I Love You Anymore by Sakamoto Mano

In Sickness by Shii Hirone

In the Afternoon by Konno Kita - [Sequel to “Nowhere to Go” so read that one first]

Indigo Blue by Yamaji Ebine - [Another Josei hit. Recommended.]

Infinite 20 Minutes by (unlisted)

Interface by Kurogane Ken

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san by Kuzushiro - [Anime was great, manga promises similar content]

Ipheion by Miman

Junsui Adolescence by Kazuma Kowo - [I liked this one. Everyone might not, but I really did]

Kashimashii: Girl Meets Girl by Akahori Satoru - [My first Yuri manga. This manga and its anime gave me hope that someday I too had a shot at happiness just like Hazumu. Hope that lesbian transgirls can find love. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!]

Kaichou to Fukukaichou by Hakamada Mera

Kakera by Kurata Uso

Kamuko by Inuburo

Katakoihime by Otsu Hiyori

Keep Your Heart Closed by Rokuroichi

Kila Kila by Takemiya Jin  - [Definitely a good read so far. I want to see how it concludes! Recommended!]

Kimi no Kishi by Kirihara Kotori

Kiniro Mosaic by Hara Yui - [Loving it so far! Plus still watching the anime and and disappointed in neither]

Knife Edge Girl - Furutsuji Kikka - [Great. Really liked it.]

Koiiro Etude by Oosawa Yayoi

Kono Negai ga Kanau by Hakamada Mera

Konohana Teikitan by Amano Sakuya

Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Mahou by Fujieda Miyabi - [Really sweet fantasy story. I loved both of the main characters. Totally recommend]

Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo (also known as Kisses,Sighs, and Cherryblossom Pink in english) by Morinaga Milk - [Morinaga is ALWAYS a good read in my mind. Highly Recommended]

Kusari wa mou Iranai - Kurata Uso

Kyoumei Suru Echo by Kigi Tatsumi

Laika, Pavlov, Pouchihachikou by Yotsuhara Furiko - [A nice collection. Worth the read if you like yuri anthology.]

Last 10 Millimeters by (unlisted) - [One-shot with a plot device you’d never think twice about. Kinda fun]

Lemonade by Shioya Teruko - [This one was kind of a struggle for me to read, but I think in the end it was still worth it, despite not being what I had initially hoped]

Lens no Mukou by Hisaka Mika 

Lesbian Solo by Morishima Akiko - [Do I even need to say it? Morishima. Read it.]

Like a Cinderella by Mizutani Fuuka

Like a Flower by Sakasaki Sara

Linkage by Kurata Uso - [This was good. If you like androids and thinking about what makes us “alive” then this is for you. Still unfinished though]

LisBlanc by Kishuu Yuuki

Little Little by Rokuko - [Haven’t finished, but first two chapters were nice]

Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep by Mizutani Fuuka - [short but quite enjoyable]

Love Aroma by Takemiya Jin - [Once again, totally recommend Takemiya’s works]

Love Flicker by Takemiya Jin - [Still. Recommended cause Takemiya]

Love My Life by Yamaji Ebine - [Read a while ago. Art style is different, and so is content, but I think was worth the read. Give it a shot]

Love My Poem by Araki Kanao

Love Pheromone No.5 by Iwasaki Tsubasa - [Really silly nonsensical stuff, but funny (for me at least)]

Love Strategy by Aoko

Magic of the Kiss by Usaki Hitomi

Magical Chocolate by Otsu Hiyori

Majo to Houki to Kurobuuchi Megane by Hebe - [Not taken too seriously, this one is quite funny. Not romantic at all though, just comedy]

Maka-Maka by Kishi Torajirou - [I read through this hoping to find some redeeming qualities. I did not. Bu if you want loads of sex with not much else, go for it. Can’t say I’m happy to have read it though.]

Mama Mama by Amano Shuninta[This is intriguing. It’s about two married women with kids who love each other. Why they’re married or the state of said marriages is not known. But it looks to me like a happy life.]

Manga no Tsukurikatta by Hirao Auri - [I am caught up on this so far and am dying for a new chapter. Recommended]

Mannequin by Nishi Uko - [I love Nishi’s work. It’s a one-shot, but I really liked it.]

Maria Holic by Endou Minari - [I watched the anime first. No real shoujo-ai OR yuri, but Kanako is one of the perviest and funniest lesbians you will ever meet. So still fun]

Maria-sama ga Miteru by Konno Oyuki - [Haven’t read yet, but am working through the anime]

Maze of Flowers by Ootsuka Poteto

Mermaid Line by Kindaichi Renjuurou - [I absolutely loved this!!! I could be biased of course, and you’ll see why if you read it, but I don’t care. It was still great. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]

Metoraba by Kazuto Izumi

Mette Sarete Kya by Tanaka Minoru

Midsumer Lovers by Morishima Akiko - [Morishima. Enough said]

Mio Post by Nishi Uko

Mine by Scarlet Beriko

Miyabi-chan Down from the Moon by (unlisted)

Mizuiro Cinema by Otsu Hiyori - [Very sweet. Loved it.]

Momo to Botan to Yuri no Hana by Mitsuboshi Megane

Momoiro Toiki by Matsuda98

Moon, World, and Stars by Takagami Yuriko

Moonlight Flowers by Tsukumo Mutsumi - [A super classic, and a tad grittier than you might think. GREAT read, highly recommended]

Motto Gyu to Shite Wanko by Amanagi Seiji - [Pretty typical, nothing special one-shot. Still fun enoughto read though.]

Mousou Honey by Mikuni Hajime - [I don’t see much of this author, but would like to see more]

Multiplying Lights by Nishi Uko

My Class Rep by Unlisted

My Little Sister is Too Cute by Urutsu

My Teddy Bear by Tanaka Minoru

Nana Yuri by Ponpon-o

Nanami to Misuzu by Minakata Sunao

Nanatsu Yuri by Mountain Pukuichi

Natsu no Ari by Yoshitomi Akihito

Next to You by (unlisted)

Nightmare Syndrome by Natsuneko

Nijipuri by Tachibana Ayun - [I thought this one was great! Definitely recommended]

Not for Sale by Amano Shurinta

Nowhere to Go by Konno Kita - [If you paid attention, this has a sequel]

Octave by Akiyama Haru - [Oh my god I LOVED this story! Highly, HIGHLY Recommended!]

Off Time by Morishima Akiko - [You don’t trust me already? Morishima. Read]

Omoi no Saki by Nonta

Omoino Kakera by Takemiya Jin - [Takemiya again, so, yeah. Go read it]

Onegai Kamisama! Moriki Takeshi

Oniyuri-san and Himeyuri-san by Hazuki Ryo

Onnanoko Awase by Morishima Akiko - [Morishima. Duh. Read]

Onnanoko no Sekkeizu by Konno Kita

Orange Yellow by Otsu Hiyori

Othello by Otsu Hiyori

Otome - Kikan Gretel by Sudoo Kaoru

Otome Cake by (various) - [This is definitely worth it for people who seriously love yuri. But I warn you: not all of the pieces of cake taste so sweet. Took me by surprise]

Otome Ouji by (unlisted)

Otome Saku by Asagi Ryuu

P=NP? by Amaguri Taroh

Parfum by Nishi Uko

Past Heaven by Hanatsu Yaya

Peach Taste by Morishima Akiko - [Morishima again.]

Philosophia by Amano Shuninta - [I liked this more than I thought I would. I will definitely see how it turns out.]

Phyrne Magazine by Nemoto Yue

Pierce by Iizuka Shuuko

Pink Rush by Tono

Pixy Gale by Miyashita Miki - [Interesting. And if memory serves, unfinished I think]

Plica by Amamiya Sae - [Very interesting. Another take on realistic lesbian life in Japan. Give it a read.]

Poolside End by (unlisted)

Poor Poor Lips by Goto Hayako - [This one turned out to be even more super cute than I thought. Funny and sweet, and quite long. I would say: Recommended!]

Present by Kurata Uso

Princess Academy by Oshida J-o

Princess and the Witch by (unlisted)

Prism by Higashiyama Shou

Pure Marionation by Takagi Noboyuki - [Another about artificial intelligence. I liked it, thought it was sweet.]

Qualia the Purple by Ueo Hisamitsu - [This one…like I don’t even know. Damn. This is a great read so far and I can’t wait to see it finished. This will blow your mind in a number of ways, fair warning. Highly Recommended]

Rakka Ryuusui by Sanda Ikki

Rakuen no Jouken by Morishima Akiko - [Read Morishima. Dooooo iiiiiitt]

Rapunzel by Komoda

Renai Joshi File by Morishima Akiko - [Morishima…etc]

Renai Joshika by Morishima Akiko - [I rave about Morishima, but this one is especially good I think because the characters are not what you normally see. Very refreshing change. Highly Recommended even for Morishima]

Renai Manga by Kodama Naoko - [I loved this short one. Not very heavy on the romance and girl love, but it’s there enough to read I would say.]

Riko to Haru to Onsen to Iruka by Hijiki - [No real romance at all, but comedic and cute. Still going, so still chance for romance. And they hinted at it.]

Rock it Girl by Tanaka Minoru - [Not much available, but promising so far]

Roomates by Tamamusi

Rui-Rui by Minatsu - [Still on my to-read list]

Saigo no Seifuku by Hakamada Mera - [Also still to-read]

Sakura no Sono by Yoshida Akimi - [Ditto to two above]

Sakura Trick by Tachi - [I ADORED the anime, and the manga is different and promises to be just as great. Plus oodles of yuri kisses. Who doesn’t love that?]

Sapphism no Gensou by Koume Keito

Sasameki Koto by Ikeda Takashi - [Currently taking my sweet time. I loved the anime so so much. I’m sure the manga will deliver. I want to savor this experience.]

Sayounara Folklore by Kazuma Kowo

Sayuri Hime by (various)

Seasons by Takemiya Jin - [Takemiya. Definitely Read it.]

Secret Garden by Egawa Hiromi

Secret Recipe by Morinaga Milk - [steamy AND sweet, I can’t wait to see the next chapter. Highly Recommended]

Seijun Shoujo Paradigm by Morishima Akiko - [So yeah, that Morishima…]

Seitokai no Himegoto by Minazuki Shinobu

She, i, and the Red Book by Kashimami

Shibuya District by Okazaki Mari - [I’m not sure what to make of this one. Give it a shot if you’re in the mood to take a bit of a risk]

Shinigami Alice by Izumiya Otoha

Shinozaki-san ki wo Ota Shika ni by Hikawa Shou - [This one is hilarious and fun, and still has enough romantic tension. I love it, I can’t wait for another chapter! Highly Recommended!]

Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama by Sanada Ikki - [This was cute and funny. A good read for casual fun and cuteness]

Shitsurakuen by Naomura Tooru - [I just started this one, which translates to “paradise lost,” but it’s intriguing so far]

Shoujo Bigaku by Chi-Ran

Shoujo Sect by Kurogame Ken - [On my list because it’s one of the legendary titles. Haven’t read yet though]

Sketch by Yoshitomi Akihito

Sleeping Beauty no Mita Yume by Yotsuhara Furkio

Snowflakes Fluttering Down Through the Clear Sky by Himawari Souya

Sorairo Girlfriend by Rikachi

Sore ga Kimi ni Naru by Hakamada Mera 

Sorry I’m Obsessed by Takemiya Jin - [Takemiya, so definitely read]

Soshite Kanojo wa Haisha e Iku no by Takenouchi Hitomi

Sound by Yamada Kanan

Spiderweb by Takahashi Mako

Spiral of Pleasure by Izumi Yuu

Story of Club Activities by Aoko - [It’s definitely more about sex than most of the others on this list, but not terrible. Still room for more love in the future though.

Straight to You by Mitou Kana

Strawberry Shake Sweet by Hayashiya Shizuru - [Oh my god! I loved this one! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]

Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry by Takahashi Mako

Sugar Spot by Matsuzaki Miyuki

Sugar wa Otoshigoro by Ninomiya Hikaru - [It’s on going still, but it’s not what I expected. I’m not entirely sure why it’s tagged the way it is.]

Surely, Always by Hirao Auri

Suzunari by Iwami Shouko

Swear by Muttri Moony

Sweet Guily Love Bites by Amano Shuninta - [Very steamy, but I really liked it. A good read, really] 

Sweet Temptation  by Takemiya Jin - [Takemiya again. Take my word for it and read]

Tear: 99 by Momono Moto

Tempted by the Flower Petals by (unlisted)

Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu by Unohana Tsukasa

Tender Night by Auri Hirao

That Sensation by Sakaki Nagako

The All Girls’ Mahjong Club is Doing Activities by Hakamada Mera

The Blue-Eye Material by Takishima Asaka - [It’s a shame this was cancelled. It was headed in such a direction with so much potential.]

The Cherry Tree Correspondence by Himawari Souya

The Female Body by Konno Kita

The Ocean Meets the Sky by Koume Keito

The Pace of Two by Matsuda98

The Promised Finger by Serio Yuzuha

The Proof of Her Love by Otsu Hiyori

The Secret Stream by Yoshitomi Akihito

The Structural Formula of First Love by Amano Shuninta - [Very interesting and cute.]

The Two of Us, Together Under the Sky by Kuromasa Shisei

This is a Great Hug Pillow by (unlisted)

Three-Second Rule by (unlisted)

Time by Hayase Hashiba

To Meet by Nishi Uko

Together With Master by Himawari Souya

Tomodachi Login by Itou Nanami - [Cute, Funny, totally relateable protagonist for some of us girls who are homebodies] 

Topaze by Nishi Uko

Touch by Hayase Hashiba

Traces of Snow by Takahashi Mako

Tried and True Cooking tools by Izumiya Otoha

Tsubomi by Kobayashi Shounen - [Yet to read, but looks cute]

Under One Roof by Fujio

Under the Rose by Konno Kita

Urbane by Fuji Tamaki

Vampire Girl by Tanaka Minoru

V Hunter by Hayashiya Shizuru - [Amusing, bu not much more.]

Visitor on a Moonlit Night by Kuramoto Kaya

Voiceful by Nawoko - [I loved this one. So cute. Do read it]

Watashi Baka by Amagakure Gido

Watashi no Taistetsu na Tomodachi by Hakamada Mera - [This is tagged as shoujo-ai, but there was really no romance at all. Seriously. Good read though]

Watashi Sekai o Kousei Suru by Amano Shuninta

Watch Out For Drunks by Minase Ruruu

When She Touches Me by Amaguri Taoru

Whispers Under The Roses by Sakurai Aya

White and Pink by (unlisted)

Wishing on a Star by Himawari Souya

Witch by Chi-Ran

Witch Meets Knight by Inumaru - [Some might not get it right away, but the joke is that their names sound like the English words Knight and Witch]

Wonderful Morning by Morishima Akiko - [I don’t even need to say it]

Yappari Idol by Akari Kanao

Yearning for Macarons b Rakuji Tarahi

Yellow Drops by (unlisted)

Your Color by Meiji Kanako

Your Cuteness by Otsu Hiyori

Yozora no Ouji to Asayake no Hime by Hakamada Mera

Yukemuri Sanctuary by Amano Shuninta - [Pretty cute. Not too serious. A very light-hearted read.]

Yume Mitaina Hoshi by Araki Kanao

Yuri Game by Chi-ran

Yuri Hime Collection by (various authors listed here) - [HIghly Recommended]

Yuri Hime Wildrose by (various) - [Highly Recmmended, but very steamy]

Yuri Kuma Arashi by Ikuhara Kunihiko

Yuri Mekuru Hibi by Mizuki Reona

Yuri ni Tanpopo by Yamaguchi Serika

Yuri Seijin Naoko-san by Kashmir

Yuri Tengoku Anthology by (various)

Yuri x Yuri Observation Diary by Morishima Akiko - [Do it.]

Zenryaku, Yuri no Sono yori (also known as Notes From the Garden of Lillies) by Suga Atsushi - [Highly Recommended!]

Zetta x Roman by Mucchiri Muunii

This list just keeps growing. I hope you all enjoy reading yuri as much as I do. If you have suggestions that you’d like me to review, send me a note or an ask. See you all next update!

Incorporating Fashion into Comics, An Analysis Part 3(Real Brands in Fake Worlds)

Part 1

Part 2

Well here we are to part 3 of my Incorporating series. In my last post we discussed how fashion has inspired mangaka’s to create more stylish character designs while also communicating plot details and character traits through their attire. Today ’s post will be going over how some of these stories try to break down the barrier that is the fourth wall slightly by using real life fashion brands, not just as inspiration but also as an actual part of the story.

As many of you may have realized by now, I’m a huge fan of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and more specifically, Rohan Kishibe.

After much binge reading researching, I’ve finally read the currently released Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe side stories. They were all very well written and drawn thanks to Hirohiko Araki, however the one we’ll be discussing today is the story Rohan Goes to Gucci

This short sees Rohan traveling to the Gucci factory in Florence, Italy in order to have them “repair” his grandmother’s bag that apparently will make anything of value that is placed in it disappear. While the story itself is very enjoyable and entertaining through the whole read, how this short came to be is more interesting to me. Rohan Goes to Gucci was a three-way collaboration between Araki, Gucci and the fashion magazine Spur, which is where the short had it’s run. Due to being a collaboration with a fashion designer and a fashion magazine, the outfits and accessories shown are all real.

The Gucci bag Rohan’s grandmother gave to him.

The outfits the interpreter wears along with her purses.

The story being centered around Rohan’s journey to get his grandmother’s bag fixed was eye opening in a way. It was the first time obvious product placement really felt like it was part of the story, not just shoehorned in to get a quick buck. Araki has spent much time working on his storytelling ability as he details in his book Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Crafting Manga. This isn’t Araki’s only time giving back to the fashion world for the inspiration it’s given JoJo’s, he collaborated with Gucci again two years after the first to give us Jolyne, Fly High With Gucci!

Another short Araki created that was published in Spur, this short story features Jolyne Kujo with an altered history, at an airport awaiting a flight to Tokyo. Ten days prior to the events of this story, her mother had passed away from an illness and she recounts how before she died, her mother had her old clothes tailored to fit Jolyne. While not as on the nose about it as Rohan’s story was, Jolyne is in a way more abrupt about it without you noticing it and you can tell here he’s mastered the art of product placement for clothes.

Every outfit in the seires is part of Frida Gianinni’s 2013 collection, and recreated perfectly in Araki’s style and look fantastic on his already beautiful characters.

Another series that incorporates fashion brands into the story rather well in my opinion but does so for very obvious reasons is a new manga that has recently begun circulation. Fuku o Kiru Nara Konna Fuu ni or If You’re Gonna Dress Up, Do it Like This does this through the use of updating a wardrobe as the main plot device of the series. The main character, Yusuke is a  27 year old salary-man that goes to a class reunion one day and realizes just how bad his fashion sense is. He then asks his sister for assistance in updating his wardrobe. The series chronicles their day to day lives as she guides him through the world of fashion!

This is a cute slice of life series that has been growing on me due to how much I can relate to the main protagonist. He’s a gamer who mostly wears nothing but hoodies and jeans until he realizes that the world of fashion has so much more to offer than just that.

It also uses real life brands and stores in order to not only give the story a sense of realism, but for the manga to also double as a guide for anyone interested in learning more about men’s fashion or fashion tips and guides in general. 

If you’re looking for something light hearted and easy to read I’d recommend it. I plan to do a full analysis post on this series to discuss all the things about it that really catch my eye, as a fashion lover and as a manga lover.

That about wraps this post up, if you guys notice any mistakes I’ve made don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll change it asap. I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing my next post on, however I have a good idea and I’ve been doing a lot of research in that general direction so be sure to look out for it!! Till next time, ciao~!

Ajin Live Action Movie --FULL SPOILERS-- (may also include spoilers for the Ajin manga and anime)

Table of Contents:

1. Overall verdict

2. Plot summary

3. Detailed plot (coming later)

4. Other thoughts

5. Thoughts about each character (long)

6. Final status of each character (summarized)

–under a cut because of spoilers and length–

Keep reading

cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga  asked:

Alright here is a top five for you, Top five hair accessories!

this’ll be hard to do because i’m either so general that it’s hard to even come up with 5 different hair accessories (Hair bands, hair ties, pins, and… um i guess that’s all?) or i’m so specific it’s hard to find examples (pearl hair clips, feather hair pins, oriental japanese comb, etc.) 

I’d prefer to go general i guess…  

1) Hair bands because I’m biased. 

Originally posted by pastadork

But really this is surprisingly rare. 

Of the top of my head:

Originally posted by aitoria


Originally posted by gurrenlagging

And i think that’s all? 

Oh and i guess

Originally posted by mylmyl

I like them because they have a good amount of possibility but occupies a good portion of the hair. It also still allows bangs or can remove them, so it is an accessory that can be added without actually affecting the hair. 

2) Single hair clips

In the same vein they can be added with or without interacting with the actual hair style, but they are much smaller so usually they’re minor eye catchers, examples:

Originally posted by mitachibana

Originally posted by nicorobin

I also like them in combination with another hair styling, like for example

Originally posted by shiintan

Because they’re minor you can add them without it getting too outlandish. 

3) relating to the picture above, I really like the big bow

I can only think of one other example and thats

Originally posted by kotoha

oh and i guess

Originally posted by twins12100

It’s really amusing because it’s like a little bit ridiculous but not so ridiculous that it breaks you out of the magic circle of w/e you’re watching. It also is a really easy way to draw the eye in a scene which could be important. 

4) I really like hats, this is super general but we need more girls in hats like seriously.

Originally posted by grimoirenier

This is like singlehandedly one of the reasons i like You from Sunshine!!

Originally posted by rikoxmaki

Originally posted by yousorotakami

Originally posted by nicopana

Originally posted by caterpie

I propose she share her hats with every other anime girl. 

5) usually unseen but hair ties enable ponytails which is critical.

Originally posted by gurrenlagging


Originally posted by tomatoes-and-idolus

very important

anonymous asked:

I forgot, have you listed what your favorite anime were before?

I think I have, back when Animutale was first starting off. But I don’t mind telling you guys again.

I don’t actually watch very much anime, I am actually much more likely to read manga. And since I get uncomfortable with certain kinds of things pretty easily, I don’t watch too many animes that aren’t…generally safe for most audiences.
I’ve watched a lot of the Ghibli movies and my current favorite anime is actually a (very dark and not suitable for small children in my opinion) kid’s anime… Digimon Tamers!!

Originally posted by freezingicekirby

I’m also a fan of Little Witch Academia, the art and animation style are so breathtaking and Sucy is the absolute best.

Originally posted by skunkandburningtires

Another notable anime that I sometimes bring up to friends is the rather…er…interesting anime adaptation of the Kagerou Project music (and music video) series: Mekakucity Actors. Like most of the fans of the project, I was a bit disgruntled by some of the aspects of the show, but the voice acting and theme song are pretty neat. I did enjoy some parts of it, and it was able to emotionally derail me for a bit, so it’s not the WORST. But it’s not the anime the series deserved.

Originally posted by sairenji

As far as magical girl anime goes… my top choice is actually not super deep or riveting or extraordinary in too many ways other than the fact that it’s incredibly corny. And also the characters are cute. That prize goes to Smile Precure.

Originally posted by xo-wildest-dreams-xo

However, the anime that got me so invested in magical girl anime and manga and stuff in general was Shugo Chara. I loved it when I was younger and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Originally posted by kuroneko-no-pose

And since I mentioned Ghibli movies… Studio Ghibli is one of my biggest artistic inspirations, and I am always in complete awe whenever I’m watching a Ghibli movie. My current favorite is Ponyo.

Originally posted by zechs

So uhm… yeah!! So that’s basically everything with me in regards to anime. I hope that was…educational.

Top 5 OTPs

Name 5 of your OTPs from 5 different fandoms and tag 10 people (or as many as you want) to pass it on!

Tagged by @maumauxmau​, thank you so much for tagging me!! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but I had no excuse to do it xD

1. Mikayuu (Mika x Yuu from Owari no Seraph)

Favorite quote:
Yuu: “I thought nobody would need me and that I was just foolishly living but after living and waiting I was able to meet you again. Live with me. That’s why Mika, it’s ok if you’ve become a vampire. If that’s painful I’ll do something about it so that you can return to being human again. That’s why don’t ever try to die again for me, please.”

Originally posted by hyakuyamikah

Commentary: They were the first M/M ship that I’ve ever shipped and they were the reason I joined Tumblr in the first place. Also, I was not much into shipping in general before I started shipping these two. So basically, they ruined my life (and I’m happy about it).

2. Sormik (Sorey x Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria)

Favorite quote:
Mikleo: “Knowing you, you probably just don’t want to pull me in and trouble me with your burden. But it’s already way too late for that. Our journey already begun long before this. This isn’t just your dream alone.”
Sorey: “…Right. This is our dream!”

Originally posted by fabelyn

Commentary: I cannot even express how much I love these two and their relationship… I love how they always geek over everything and how they are always there supporting each other. Also, they are two adorable dorks.

3. Nezushi (Nezumi x Shion from No. 6)

Favorite quote:
Shion: “If I could turn back time and go back to that night… If I could go back to before I met you… I’ve thought about about that time and time again. And there’s always only been one answer for me. No matter how many times I was offered the choice… I’d still do the same thing. I’d still open that window and wait for you.”

Originally posted by yo252yo

Commentary: Their relationship is really unique and beautiful.

4. Rin x Archer from Fate/Stay Night

Favorite quote:
Rin: “Archer… Make a pact with me again?”
Archer: “I can’t do that. I doubt I have that right. Besides, I no longer have a goal. My battle ends here.”
Rin: “But… But this means you’ll… No matter how much time passes, you’ll never be saved!”
Archer: “…Rin. Look after me. As you know, I’m a bit hopeless. Give me a shoulder to lean on.”

Commentary: They are technically not canon but I really don’t care, I love their dynamics and they are really awesome when fighting together.

5. Juhaku (Judar x Hakuryuu from Magi)

Favorite quote:
Judar: “The two of us will probably keep on fighting everything in this world that rejects us, even after there is no one left in the world. Because we’re that kind of human after all. And that’s fine with me. By doing that, you will become my king who will push forward no matter what, because we have to fucking break that shitty destiny of this world. We will fight to the death. Are you ready for that?”

Originally posted by kryota

Commentary: I love their interactions?? so much?? and I loved to see them fighting together and being evil together while still caring a lot for each other?? Seriously their arc in the manga was probably the most intense and interesting arc in Magi (and this is saying much, given how much I love Magi in general). I can’t wait for their reunion!

Oh my god, I made this too long I’m so sorry xD I’ll tag @neqtar, @murasakihime, @faeribling, @ghoulish-trash, @mickeyblades, @trainer-t0uko, @hakutsun, @blackchobits, @guildmarks, @elaedan

Looking for blogs to follow!!

If you post

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-Killing Stalking

-Stuff about BL (esp. BL manga, not so much anime)

-Anime in general (esp. moe/cutesy stuff)

-Manga stuff/manga screencaps/edits

-Vocaloid (esp. Miku)

-J-Fashion (esp. menhera, but any is fine!)

-Menhera, creepy-cute, etc. art

-Art in general!

-Aesthetic stuff/moodboards

like or reblog so I can follow you!!

If you guys don’t read the Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals manga, you absolutely should because it’s got a pretty interesting take on vigilantes, the characters are really cute, and also Tensei is in it and he’s so cute??

Like it’s funny that compared to Tenya he’s very laid-back and seems more chill in general (perhaps he loosened up from experience, or something along those lines so we’ll see a much less strict but still by the books Tenya in the future). He also had no cares in the world about a vigilante helping him out with a villain (when Aizawa was shown to be quite annoyed at the existence of them interfering and was 100% ready to turn them in and arrest them). 

But it’s been an interesting experience reading it and it’s not that long since it only gets released about once a month so I deff recommenced giving it a shot!

~Admin Flame Empress

In Defense for Mollo101

So I assume lots of you have heard of @mollo101, and his art. If you have, you will know that he loves to draw Star Wars art, and did a lot of free commissions and requests for people a while back.

When he first started his blog, he drew ALOT of Rexsoka. Throughout his time on Tumblr, he has done so continuously, in his love for the pairing. I loved a lot of his art, and had great respect for his skill and talent.

But as of recently I have been seeing posts like this drifting around-

I get why some people are furious, and I do understand your frustration. As a single woman, I do feel your anger when it comes to this sort of art. But, let me ask you this. Does that make it right for you to make a whole hate post about him, hating on his art and what he does? Saying that he’s a pedophile? In your eyes, that’s what he may be. But does that make it right to post something like that?

Also, what you call “Child Ahsoka” is not so in some cases. Being from Japan, the main art style there is Anime/Manga, whatever you want to call it. This art style portrays women much younger then they actually are, such as


or this.

These girls are probably in the older teen/adult years. The anime style has a way of making women in general, seem much younger. In Japan, it is a really big deal for women to look “cute”. So he’s drawing Ahsoka from when she’s 17/18 in lots of cases, and it makes her look like she’s 13/14. I assure you, that is just the way his art style makes it, he is not purposely trying to make it look like he is making her into a tiny child.

Now I know some art he has posted is from the first two seasons of Clone Wars, in which she is 14/15. These Rexsoka posts are pretty well kept, although there is one or two pieces of them kissing. Do I think this is appropriate? No. But neither is 12 year olds kissing in school. (At least in my opinion). An underage character paired with an older aged is inappropriate I know, but shall we get into the whole age difference of Star Wars?

In the beginning seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka was aged at 14. This would make Rex (get this) 12. He was twelve years old, two years younger than Ahsoka, and he remained that way for the rest of his life. He did look older, but that is not the point. He wasn’t older. In the later series of Star Wars, (the later seasons) He was 14-15, while Ahsoka was 16-17. Still, she’s older. The growth acceleration does not make him older than Ahsoka, which is still shown in Rebels. In rebels Rex is about an estimated age of 30, but how old does he look? 60.

In conclusion, I must agree with some of the haters in the part where drawing nudes and sex pictures of Rex and Ahsoka when she was at the age of 14 was not appropriate, and I can understand why it makes them mad. But he also draws them during the Rebels time period, which I know several people who ship them only in that time frame. I myself ship them in all time frames, but do not believe anything like that should be going on till at least after the later series.

Rexsoka is a great ship, and while I understand the reasons it makes some people mad, but in canon, is pretty innocent. It’s not even an actual pairing in canon. Blowing your top over someone’s fan art is not going to help. Instead, just ignore it and scroll past it, and if your that concerned about it appearing on your feed, block him. But don’t be making crappy posts against him, when other people like him. It’s one, not courteous or considerate, and two, just plain out rude. It’s not hard to click a button and block the person. I do the same thing for people who heavily ship things I don’t like and it all appears on my feed. It’s done silently, and without issue. Just take this into consideration please. 

And Mollo, I really do support you. I may not agree with you on a few things, but I support you. Have a nice day.









ID #34865

Name: Cyn
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hi, my name is Cyn and I am 20 years old. I am a Saggitirus. I live in Florida. I love video games: PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC all interest me. Anime, Wiccan, paranormal, art, animals, Disney, movies, books, manga, gothic or lolita fashion, and nature. I love going on adventures so expect videos/picture and plenty of links. My music taste include: punk, garage rock, indie, and jazz. I am happy to make you playlists! I am very interested in other countries as well to learn more about culture! In fact, I love to learn in general. Tell me about you and your experiences in life and I will tell you mine! I am happy to send gifts and my letters will always be cute.

Preferences: Man or Female is fine I prefer 18-25 if male but if girl 18-whatever.

anonymous asked:

thoughts on female and male corrin?

lmao are you here to throw more salt on my salt, anon?

I’ll probably make a character analysis post like I did for Rhajat, Caeldori and Tsubaki at some point when I’m free from my master’s thesis, so let’s it keep it short for now:

Personality: I’m usually not into “innocent” characters AT ALL but idk, this time I found it refreshing. Since their innocence/naivete is justified by their upbringing, they’re not just innocent for the sake of being innocent. I appreciate the fact that there’s a reason behind it. I also really like their more minor personality traits, like them being a bit childish/immature (they run away from Camilla instead of facing the situation and M!Kamui gives sweets to someone, hinting that he always has some on him), turning cold when realizing they’re taken advantage of (I live for how IRRITATED and COLD M!Kamui becomes right after he understands Laslow doesn’t really want to have tea/lunch/whatever with him but instead wants to use him to attract girls) or getting “no bullshit allowed” when their patience has reached its limit (supports with Odin…). Also M!Kamui doesn’t dare to say the word “bra” in the French version of his supports with Camilla (he says “brassiere” instead) and this is adorable beyond words.

(I have much more to say about Kamui’s personality but I’ll save that for when I’ll write a proper analysis)

Appearance: I strongly dislike several features/details in F!Kamui’s design, like her poofy sleeves, her headband or her unecessarily big “kawaii” eyes. I’ve already said that but in anime/manga, big eyes either indicate innocence or youth, so why are her eyes bigger than her male counterpart if they have the same personality? And WHY are they bigger than SAKURA’s who’s like 14? She looks YOUNGER THAN SAKURA. It’s like they just gave her “cute” eyes because she’s the female version and has to look cute. This bugs me SO MUCH. Every time I see her. Apart from that, I just don’t like her sleeves and headbands in general. Which is why my MU has much smaller/mature eyes, no headband and a sleeveless top, I just got rid of everything I don’t like. But I love EVERYTHING about M!Kamui’s design. He’s just so beautiful. His face is so pretty. I love the shape of his eyes, they kinda look like Mikoto’s (a similarity F!Kamui doesn’t have because of how big they are) and I have a lot of feels for this detail, it’s so touching.

Hope this answers your question! ^^