this manga is brilliant so far

Reasons 03 is a genuinely GOOD SHOW (without added critiques or comparison to BH): 

  • great commentary on racism and imperialism -realistic psychology of characters 
  • is really good with foreshadowing, thematic development, and ambiguity 
  • is extremely nuanced (one second of character content is worth a thousand episodes) 
  • the homunculi origins are damn brilliant -everything is so deep, you can write so much meta on pretty much anything. the symbolism of the homunculi’s sins? the way sloth and lust foil each other and manage to be super feminist and sympathetic villains? the degradation of al’s character until he ends the series with MORE flaws than LESS and how it’s actually BRILLIANT? the rule of entropy and how a pessimistic message becomes so freaking hopeful? 
  • the ending!!! im a sucker for hopeful, “the adventure continues” endings. obviously this is a taste thing, but the 03 ending made me so happy. cos was a satisfying conclusion to the characters 
  • there’s such a perfect balance between humor and drama, and the humor is so diverse and clever. 
  • ed is such a complex and realistic character, and he goes through such great development 
  • THE SYMBOLISM! like i said before. the plot is mini but because everything is so rich in life lessons, consistent themes, and metaphors, this tiny plot just THRIVES. 
  • despite it starring two brothers, it’s so feminist…for a shounen, but even in general it’s pretty dam great and underrated. it has amazingly developed female characters (AND THREE FEMALE VILLAINS WITH FANTASTIC MOTIVATIONS–well dante is arguable, but she’s absolutely a much more developed villain than she gets credit for) and the lead female character forms at LEAST six female friendships. the strongest female character (i will fight anyone on this claim), Rose, subverts what is commonly seen as “strong female” and is actually such a badass. 
  • is anything ever surface-level in this show? nope. tbh a lot of criticism ive seen can be refuted because it was made without taking the time to analyze. the writers take their audience seriously, and expect them to fill in the blanks, which makes the show interactive, fun, and timeless. 
  • the art style and animation is GORGEOUS. AND it’s from 2003. the animation at its best far surpasses tons of anime today. the characters are so expressive and it helps their emotions feel real. even its off model moments tend to add to the effect rather than distract you. it has FAR fewer fight scenes than BH, but the few major ones it has are SO beautifully done. 
  • the music is hella. Brothers is beautiful, and the lyrics are heartbreaking, giving us an explicit insight into the brothers’ states of mind. the music is varied, covering all spectrums of mood. they also included many classical pieces that were just so brilliant. 
  • i just find the difference in tone from the manga and BH so great? it’s a canon au that interprets the characters and presents its themes so uniquely that its almost unrecognizable. its fascinating and i respect all the people involved. 
  • the presentation/directing. cant count how many times that alone was what made a scene rise above and beyond. thats one thing i respect: making something exceed its potential. i feel from the series that the team had faith in what they were creating, and nurtured it from the start. it wasn’t just an adaptation with their own twist; it became their own story and it SHOWED

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How about top 5 Haikyuu!! pairings?

Hey, anon! Thanks for sending this in! Without further ado, my top 5 Haikyuu!! pairings are (in no particular order):

1. TsukkiKage: I like how they’re gradually realizing that yes, they could fight all the time, but that they could also be so much better if they coordinated on the court. As far as recent manga chapters go, they both do a brilliant job of bringing out the best in each other. Plus, this moment will always render me speechless. And yes, they argue, but anyone who has watched Season 3 cannot deny that they do care for and are mindful of each other.

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2. KageHina: I love ships in which the two characters constantly strive to become better, and in the process challenge each other to become better, too. And I love characters who don’t realize it themselves but make it obvious that they complement each other really well.

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3. TsukkiYama: While this ship is popular, this pairing is one of the most underappreciated power couples on the show. Both have found their own paths to become invaluable members of the team, while still unconditionally supporting one another all the time. And I feel like we’re going to see them develop a unique formidable weapon soon (*cough* serve and block *cough*).

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4. IwaOi: The amount of respect, trust, and care they show towards one another makes it difficult to not ship them. Plus, the silent understanding, the moments where the audience realizes just how well they know each other, and the advantages all this allows them on the court? Yes. 

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On the same note of unwavering trust and understanding, I also want to include BokuAka here: 

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5. KuroTsuki: While this ship hasn’t seen nearly as much development or interaction in recent chapters as I would like, I still ship them because I see the potential. The hours of witty banter they could engage in if given the chance, OMG. These are two other characters that complement one another really well. 

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Well, this time I actually stuck to the limit of top 5 (wait, actually, I didn’t because I have 6 ships here)! Have a wonderful day/night! ^_^

Send me asks about Haikyuu!!

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I took that brilliant idea by Aje and ran away with it. Apologies. ^^




Siren: Side Stories #1

So, I came up with this little snippet a couple of days ago and, originally, I wouldn’t have posted something like this so far in the story of ‘Siren’, but I loved the idea too much that I had to share.  There are a bit of spoilers in it so if you haven’t caught up completely with the BnHA manga, read at your own risk. Happy Easter!

“Alright, Juba-chan, truth or dare?”

Yoko hummed in thought, a slender hand stroking her chin in a mock display of contemplation. 

It was already evening time at the U.A dorms, the sun setting and setting fire to sky in a brilliant display before dimming down to allow the stars and moon to twinkle in its place. A few of their classmates had already retired for the night, but the rest of class 1-A were huddled together in the common room. Although it was getting pretty late, they still had an hour before curfew, plenty of time to play a couple of rounds of the dangerous, yet amusing, game of Truth or Dare.

It got especially interesting after making Kaminari eat an entire spoonful of wasabi, getting some juicy secrets from Tokoyami and asking him if he ever used his shadow to peep on girls (a question he skillfully avoided) and convincing Uraraka to ding dong ditch Aizawa-sensei’s room while using her Quirk. 

That last dare was a particular heart-attack inducing one when they managed to catch the rough man in a cranky mood. Ochako-chan was practically weeping as she floated on the ceiling, out of sight. 

A grin made its way on Yoko’s lips and she wasn’t sure if it was from the fun memories of everyone else’s turn before her or what she had decided upon for herself, “It has to be dare.”

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What I Want Before Gosho Aoyama Decides to End Detective Conan

Before the Detective Conan manga series ends, I want to see the following: 

Shinichi and Ran’s first kiss and engagement / marriage. 

Heiji and Kazuha’s love confession, first kiss, and engagement / marriage. 

Sato and Takagi’s marriage and first child. 

Sonoko and Makoto’s engagement and marriage. 

Everyone finding out that Conan and Shinichi were the same person all along. 

More Kudo family interactions. 

Eri and Kogoro getting back together and living together again. 

Sera and Shu reuniting. 

The Black Organization taken down once and for all. 

Skip Forward in Time to the Future where we see what they’re all doing in their adult years like the 10 years later OVA. 

If I can see all this shit happen before the end of the manga series, I will be content for the rest of my fuckin life. I will declare from the rooftop how brilliant and perfect this fuckin series is if Gosho Aoyama manages to produce all of this for the fans before he decides to end the series. 

Right now the series is 980 chapters long and we’re 20 chapters away from officially hitting the 1,000 chapter mark. It’s needless to say that I hope we’ll get some more progression in ALL of these fields and I appreciate Gosho Aoyama for everything that he’s given us so far of the series. 


Over-Analyzing “By My Side”


Because I was stuck at grandma’s house with no wifi/internet and over 50+ SNS AMVS (including Naruto Ending 20 By My Side), what better way to waste my time than make a post about my two favorite frickers and this ending.

I’ll be doing this by time frame. Please bear with me for this could possibly be a tedious process.

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Akabane Karma - Assassination Classroom

All right, so Karma’s introduction to Class-E came with episode 3 and I have to talk about him. Because I’m a teacher, and I have a classroom of students exactly like him.

See, in America, students who don’t preform are given alternatives courtesy of IDEA - The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This ensures that every child has access to a free, public education in America regardless of anything. So if your grades are poor, you could be retained or else tested for a disability and put into a different classroom to better serve your needs. That’s if you’re doing your best though, you're trying and just not making it.

Then there’s the kids who don’t preform because of behavior. They refuse to do their work or else rush through it and fail. Or, like Karma, they have exceptional grades, yet can’t express their emotions in a socially acceptable way and end up destroying things or hurting others. They’re seen as aggressive, angry, dangerous, or contrarily troubled, lonely, and stubborn…

I have 10 students as of January, all young men age 7-11, and not one of them is any of these things. The students I get tend to be brilliant children, bored silly with their “grade level” who are fed up with having to sit and work for hours in what amounts to a prison. Knowing what I do of Japan’s school system (and particularly this school within the manga), prison would be a relatively light term for a kid like Karma. He is exactly like my 5th grade students, so I’m amazed he didn’t actually murder his first teacher in such an establishment.

Karma’s far from insane. He’s also far from typical as well, yet for me, he’s the most normal student of Class-E for the very same reasons. A child with that kind of intellect wouldn’t react any other way when told he’s wrong or when given a seemingly impossible challenge.

His interactions with Koro-sensei - a teacher who understands what he needs and who can actually give it to him - are what I live for in this series. I never thought I’d get to see what amounts to a special needs classroom in my slice-of-life manga.

I know this blog is meant primarily for Hart’s Manga How-To-Draw books, but I was leafing through one of his books about western cartoons and was astounded by just how horribly he treats his female characters:

“You can take this type of character as far as you like.  You can cast him as a good student; a brilliant scholar; or, with the correct expression, a world-domination-desiring supergenius.”

“This one’s a tightly wrapped piece of work. She’s got hair braided in tight, unlovely pigtails that are knotted so tight they’re in danger of cutting off the blood supply to her scalp; oversized glasses; and teeth so big that at any moment she might mistakenly swallow her own chin. Her outfit should always be tidy, but embarrassingly square. Her know-it-all expression requires closed eyes and a smile.”

-Two descriptions of a “brainy child” stereotype in Chris Hart’s how-to-draw book about working in “the new retro style”.  Notice how open (and generally positive) his description of the smart boy is compared to the smart girl?  It should be noted that in the section of the book dealing specifically with character archetypes, the boys are given a variety of personalities and roles in the story (the rich kid, the nice younger brother, the nerd, the rebel, etc.), whereas the girls are all a variation of either the ‘annoying older sister’ stereotype (if the character is a prepubescent) and the ‘pretty teenager’ stereotype. The ladies that don’t fit into Hart’s ridiculously narrow view of beauty (even though they honestly still do- there’s not a big-nosed or not-thin lady to be seen in this entire book) are all painted in a morally negative and incredibly unlikeable light, whereas even the ‘stupid’ or devious guy characters are still generally treated as affable. 

Apparently it’s not just the style that’s stuck in the 1950s.

Too true. While he does often conflate ugliness with evil, it’s worth noting that he’s done’ the opposite well. I don’t remember the book but there was a section where he was showing how to draw some sort of evil ice witch and he encourages readers to make her more beautiful to get across the fact that she’s evil, even going so far as telling them to draw her in a short, ripped up skirt to show her “immorality” and “impurity”. If anyone can find the book this is from, I’d appreciate it because I’m 90% positive that was what it said but I want to make sure.

Mangaka-san to Editor-san

Think about Levi as a mangaka and Mikasa as his editor. His manga is something super gore, deep, existential and beautiful (Claymore meets Tokyo Ghoul style…and the MC are a super bad-ass duo with zero social skills and unresolved sexual tension).

Anyway, Hanji was his first editor, but now she has her own manga (a super cheesy but cool shoujo comedy) and the rookie but brilliant Mikasa takes her place. At the begging they fight a lot and she thinks he is overrated but actually she has never read his manga. She eats her own words when she finds Eren’s mega-super-complete-collection and reads Levi’s glorious manga and, of course, when she does her job. He thinks she is an annoying and opinionated brat (… with gorgeous eyes and she already has his last name so they should-be-already-married-and-living-happily-with-a-baby-two-dogs-an-cat far far away and dear Sina his female MC is exactly like her and now he hates his male MC and someone has to take his marker because all he can draw is her face and that stupid scarf… who the hell is Eren and why she wears that shitty thing everyday?!!!…)… yeah you know the drill. (if you read it without pause, you did it right)

Also, Eren is his super obsessive adorable fan, Sasha is Hanji’s editor, Erwin is the big guy, and Jean is his very talented assistant.

I love this ideas so much.

When I’m anxious I can’t stop thinking… and I’m really anxious, but that is not important…



I’ve watched the new reboot trailer. I REALLY try to be optimictic but the trailer was HORRIBLE. I literally wanted to take out my eyes and bleed to death. OK I know that Crystal is closer to Manga, but that is exactly the point. Naoko’s work was brilliant but that what it was, manga, pictures, non-moving arts! This is anime!The cartoon so to speak, so characters are supposed to be more or less alive not totally doll-like!I don’t care about proportions or art style. Proportions has always been unhuman in anime or manga but FACES IN TRALIER WERE ABSOLUTELY LIFELESS. Of course I’ll watch the first episode but I don’t give much hopes for it. I love manga, I absolutely adore old series. But new one so far is terrible. 

And yeah the song is kind of sucks to. 

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what would you say to people that criticize fairy tail as having a stale plot and reusing the whole "my friends give me strength" anime trope to win every battle

I’d say something like, “Not every story needs to appeal to everyone” and “Different strokes for different folks.”

It’s hard to address something like “stale plot” without hearing the actual arguments used to support the assertion. Yes, FT strikes me as a fairly conventional story for its genre, but so what? A lot of people love the tried-and-true stuff, and usually for a reason. It speaks to them in a way that more “edgy” stuff doesn’t.

There are parts of the FT plot that the fandom called out in advance: Silver being Gray’s father, Igneel’s death, and END standing for Etherious Natsu Dragneel. But that doesn’t mean that Mashima is always predictable. He surprised us by disbanding the guild and throwing in a timeskip right after Tartaros. Only one person that I know of guessed that Igneel had been hiding inside Natsu this whole time; the rest of us were flabbergasted when the massive dragon emerged from the itty-bitty human body.

Mashima also subverted several expectations last arc: Of all the people stripped naked, and Lucy wasn’t one of them; Erza (the one criticized for never losing) FAILED to keep Face from activating; and Natsu DIDN’T get to take down the last boss, even though he finally managed to go DF on his own.

Plot on its own doesn’t a story make. Ultimately, stories are all about emotional engagement, and that’s where Mashima shines. He’s able to create a ton of characters that people really like. Just see how popular minor characters like Meredy and Ichiya have become. Other stories may have more complex characters, FT has more lovable ones. Mashima is also great at depicting relationships. Fans are invested in his characters, their relationships, and their problems. That’s quite an achievement on his part, and one that matters far more to his fans than a brilliant plot.

I don’t know why FT should get flak for a trope that’s so popular that other anime and manga also use it? If you (generic you, not personal you, anon!) don’t like it, find something else you will like. I hate love triangles with the burning passion of a thousand suns, and yet there are still authors out there who refuse to kowtow to my wishes and excise those from their books. And there are fans who actually *like* love triangles. The nerve of them! ;)

I don’t think people need to justify or defend their *entertainment* choices. Aren’t we lucky that we live in a world where, for the first time in history, we have this massive buffet of entertainment options available to us any time we want it? Imagine living in some village centuries ago and having to make do with the third-tier playacting troupe that came through only once a year and ALWAYS did that one play you couldn’t stand. (Actually, that would be the least of our worries—war, famine, drought, sickness, etc. being higher on our list. But you get my point!).