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Hi I'm kinda new to this bnha fandom, I thought if you have time. Would you kindly explain me about Shouto's past? Was he abused or smth? I'm sorry it's just the volumes for the manga haven't arrived in my local manga store, so I've only seen gifs/edits on tumblr ^^"

HEY WELCOME !!!!! You won’t regret starting this series my friend.

So to answer your question: yes. Shouto was abused by his douchebag father who decided that Shouto was someone who would surpass All Might FOR HIM and he was born PURELY FOR THE SAKE OF fulfilling Endeavor’s wishes.

Shouto’s mother, unfortunately, was part of the abuse, and Endeavor had several children with his wife whom really was just tasked with giving birth. He wanted to see how their DNA would mix since Shouto’s mom had a powerful ice quirk that enticed Endeavor to no end.

Shouto won the genetic lottery in more ways than one, and owned a very potent quirk, the perfect combination of both fire from his father and ice from his mother.

Endeavor was even said to have ‘lured’ Shouto’s mother in by being very nice and approachable to Shouto’s mother’s family and so that’s how their ‘quirk marriage’ happened.

Shouto’s mother became so scared and utterly afraid and disgusted by her husband, which lead to her mental health going downhill. She threw boiling water at Shouto’s left side because it reminded her of that bastard of a husband.

That’s exactly why in the beginning, Shouto didn’t want to use his left side because he wanted to show his father how he can become a great hero without using any of the power he inherited from that shitbag. 

Though of course, the all mighty power of Midoriya influenced him to view the power as his own and don’t let the history of his father define who he is.

That’s basically the gist of it.

Sorry for all those vulgar words i used to describe Endeavor but he really is a scum.


Kaiba’s opening speech in his tournament in original Dark Side of Dimensions is flat out beautiful and I wanted to try and unpack what I think it means.  In one short speech, Kaiba renounces the beliefs he’d held onto and struggled with throughout the manga: that winning was everything, that war and games were equivalent and most of all that everyone is alone and meant to remain so… and then goes on to identify what has replaced them.  

At the beginning of his speech Kaiba talks how the soul is trapped inside the body until death releases it.  Kaiba has looked on death as the penalty for losing.  But I think it’s possible that he also looked on death, if not as a release, then at the very least, as an escape from failure.  At both Duelists Kingdom and Alcatraz he expresses a willingness to meet death halfway.

But Kaiba is doing more than refute his past and the values he once held or the war machine he was once a part of.  In the second half of his speech, Kaiba is trying to spell out what he has learned as well, staking out his new convictions with trademark fervour.

When he comes back to the theme of freeing the soul later in the speech, I don’t think he’s talking about death.  I think he’s talking about imagination and connection.  I think he’s saying that these are the things that protect our hearts against all the artificial barriers that divide us… that forming connections, that using our imaginations and our minds are the things that nourish us instead.

Kaiba has used the power of his mind – what he refers to in his duel with Isis as the power of the human soul – to escape the orphanage and to rise to power.  But he needed to find something deeper in his struggle to renounce Gozaburo’s legacy.  At Alcatraz, he tried anger and hatred and a stubborn self reliance that rejected all connections… and it wasn’t enough.  Throughout Battle City, Kaiba questions which is stronger, the power of unity or his own brand of extreme self-reliance and isolation.  It’s clear those questions didn’t vanish in the island’s destruction.  

The frames where he focuses on freedom and connection in this speech show Mokuba and Yugi’s friends, respectively.  His relationship with Mokuba freed him from falling irrevocably to Gozaburo’s brainwashing, their connection freed him from the penalty game that followed Death-T by empowering him to complete the puzzle of his heart.  Given that, it makes sense that Kaiba couples freedom and connection here and that visual shifts to Yugi’s friends.  While I’m not claiming that this means that Kaiba is now embracing them as friends, I think it does indicate what a strong example of friendship they are, possibly the first one he has seen outside of his own brotherly bond with Mokuba.  It’s an echo of this scene from the manga, where Kaiba starts to consider that the power of friendship and connection might be real, might be something to rely on.

If Kaiba was considering the question of friendship at Alcatraz, here he is giving his answer.


Thank you to Rakuei for translating the original version of DSoD.

Please feel free to use all screen captures and manga scans.


In the critically acclaimed manga “One Piece” the author and artist Eiichiro Oda often does a question-and answer-column where he answers fans queries and sometimes even dispenses detailed character information and drawings. One well he constantly comes back to is drawing what various cast members looked like back when they were kids. 

I thought this is a really fun and cute, yet useful exercise, so I decided to give that a spin with the main cast of my “WEST” story. So enjoy these little glimpses into the past of them all as children!

With these I was imagining it if you turned the clock back roughly the same amount of time on all of them (rather than what they all looked like at the same age). Because of this, Jodi looks slightly older because she’s the oldest of the group, and Running Elk is nearly a toddler since he’s much younger than the rest of them. 

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Sakura is trash shes just copycat of Tsunade. sp have reasons to put Hinata in the spotlight bc shes a good character who is strong and brave unlike sakura! oh an naruhina is main otp in naruto and thats a fucking fact

Sakura is trash shes just copycat

So basically you’re telling me that kakashi is also trash, since he is literally called the copy ninja?

Tsunade (綱手) is a descendant of the Senju clan and one of Konohagakure’s Sannin; famed as the world’s strongest kunoichi and its greatest medical-nin. 

And the one you call trash was actually a commoner,  whichwas  able with hard to surpasse her teacher at just 17, which should be enough to the shut the fuck up of your nonsense, but I’ll continue since shattering your illusions is just fun as fuck.

Oh and friendly reminder that making a student grow both in terms of skills and wisdom is a shishous’  duty. This also explains why tasunade was so proud of her best student achievements.

sp have reasons to put Hinata in the spotlight

Oh you mean this kind of spotlight?

who is strong and brave unlike sakura!

Oh brave cool you mean the moment when hinata was aknoweldged by one of the strongest akatsuki members? Or  when she punched a god??

Ah no baka watashi, that was the copycat, which happe

naruhina is main otp in naruto

Sure! I mean It’s obvious considering the fact that their first encounter happened in chapter 39 ( If you don’t count ofc the hours of stalking). or perhaps the fact that have 14 interactions in 710 chapter. Sure they are indeed main cople material.

Oh and let’s ignore the fact that naruto had a crush on sakura for 699 chapters. All e care is hinata anyway, who gives a fuck about naruto.


Sasusaku has always been the main romance in Naruto simply because they are both Main characters.

They character devolpment start is chapter 3, and continues with parallels that shows the growth of their feelings toward each-other. simply as that

And the fucking manga ends with their family portrait, since they always were the main romance.

thats a fucking fact

Now my answer has indeed what are communly called facts. I’m sorry to say that your delusional interpretations means shit in canon.

Have a fucking good day moron. Try reading the manga for once, since you have this much free time

*Taging the narusaku for naruto’s feelings towards sakura


Am definitely choosing cats! They are at times so quiet that you are not hearing them. Is only when they come to give you affection that you are noticing them at all sometimes. 

Though… dogs are nice also. 

Животные - хорошая компания~ (animals make nice company)

[[ AAA thank you anon!! ;; 💖 ]]

Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus

“There, call my name…“

  • Furukawa Yuta as Sebastian Michaelis
  • Uchikawa Reo as Ciel Phantomhive

I know I have GIFed this scene before but there are many reasons why only the video could do it justice, not just the way Yunbastian so gracefully exerts power over Ciel, but also the way he almost orders Ciel to give him an order.

And because the dialogues from such critical scenes are strictly canon, you can hear Ciel yelling “Save us!” during his panic attack. That’s one reason why despite only ever having one actor play Ciel on stage, by sticking to the manga canon, Kuromyu never explicitly disproves 2CT either. I once had people asking me if this particular Kuromyu implicates 2CT (long before the manga explicitly makes it canon), my answer was that it was just as indicative as the manga because the lines are the same (and also I don’t care about 2CT at all)

Anyway Yunbastian is a sex god end of story.


Leave it Min Hyuk to turn the stereotypical (and sometimes downright offensive) drama/manga trope of kabedon into something tender and beautifully poignant as he physically illustrates to Bong Soon how he intends to protect her - WITH HIS OWN BODY. What makes it so special is that he has already done that when he took that knife for her even though he wasn’t bound by any obligation or promise to do that, nor did he know that she liked him. When he promises to protect her, it sounds like a solemn vow. It makes you wonder how far he would go to protect this woman.

When MH asks BS to give him her answer, he is so nervous, vulnerable and unsure in that moment to the point where even BS can notice from the way he is biting his lip, clicking his finger on the door and being afraid to look in her eyes for a moment. But then he does, and there he finds the answer he wanted to hear so much and suddenly no words are needed any more because HE REALIZES WHAT SHE FEELS FOR HIM EVEN WITHOUT HEARING IT. It’s so significant and apt that he does, because MH could recognize GD’s love for BS even before the man realized it himself, but what’s more, MH saw too many times the way BS looked at GD in that infatuated way. He must see the difference in the way she is looking at him now, how much more she feels for him.

There is another reason why MH doesn’t have to hear the actual words - how could he control himself if he can barely contain himself now. It looks like he will combust with happiness every moment or his heart will literally burst.

The way he can’t stop himself from constantly touching her and that gentle forehead kiss and the way he is tenderly holding her face! He treasures and cherishes her so much!

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Help!! I draw a lot and I really want to pick up a style and perfect it, but I can't figure out which one. I draw Anime but I also want to get into semi- cartoonistic/realistic drawings. Do you have any style master lists or advice? Thanks

Hi there, @theoverobserver, thank you for the excellent question!

I would say you should draw whatever you like, and in whatever style you like. However, I really think it’s essential to keep practicing all kinds of styles until you find your own niche. 

 Experimentation is truly key to developing your own, signature style. In fact, it may be fun to draw one character in multiple styles, trying to create multiple iterations with varying levels of realism. 

For instance, I started drawing manga style, but then slowly tried increasing my realism, and found out that while I like manga at times, I mostly love to draw realistic/semi realistic characters. 

You could go search through sites like deviantart/behance and try to find artists you like, and then see if that’s what you’d like your art to be influenced by. This can be a useful exercise, but I do think it’s important to try and create your own style, not copy someone else’s. 

I don’t think style is something you can perfect quickly, and I think being flexible and dynamic will help your art improve in the long run. 

Hopefully this helped you somewhat!

Handpicked Further Reading/Resources: 

  • Stunning artist on dA, FOERVRAENGD / @foervraengd [ follow them!! ] has the greatest series of tutorials ever, and seems to be what you’re looking for: 

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More Helpful links: Ask a Question/Request a Tut |Submit a Tutorial | Promote Your Art Commissions to +15 K Dashes | Support my art on DeviantArt / Tumblr ( @astrikos )

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im sorry but who are watanuki and doumeki?? i am drawn to all of your sufferong and want to be part of it :0c

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re two of xxxHolic’s protagonists!!!! Look something like this

I’d tell you to give the series a go if you’re into magic and spirits and life lessons and crying and suffering and soft gays that never become canon in full CLAMP style, and you could just watch the anime and leave it at that if you wish (minimal suffering in that one), but if you actually want to understand something out of the story not only it’s better if you read the manga, but you also need to read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (another CLAMP manga) since the resolution of the two stories is deeply tied

it’s your choice! Just know that I highly recommend both series 👍

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ladrien + manga

The moment Adrien learned that someone in Japan wrote a manga about him and Ladybug, he had to have it.

In less than 48 hours, there was a copy of Miraculous Defender Ladybug Volume 1 in his hands.

…Not that he could read Japanese. But he could follow along with the Chinese scanlations and write a French translation of that on sticky notes, carefully cutting and covering the word balloons with them.

It was worth it to see the look of absolute joy on Alya’s face when he showed her the next day.

“Please let me take pictures for the Ladyblog, please, please, please, PLEEEEEEASE!!!” she begged, her phone already in hand.

“Alright, alright!” Adrien said, laughing. “But only the first chapter, okay? There’s an official version coming out next month and I won’t ruin it for anyone else.”

“You are ruining nothing,” Alya insisted. She gleefully flipped through the pages, Nino and Marinette both reading over her shoulder.

Lunch in the park with his friends went much quicker with the manga to talk about. Too soon, they were headed back to school, still stuck on the cliffhanger.

“If Félix doesn’t kiss Ladybug in the next book, I’m going to scream,” said Alya, manga open in her hands.

“Preach it!” said Nino. He high-fived Alya while Marinette flailed.

“I—Ladybug wouldn’t let—th-there’s probably rules or, um…” she mumbled.

Adrien kept quiet, ignoring his growing blush. ‘Félix’ was Chat’s secret identity in the manga; Ladybug saved him from muggers and the volume ended with Félix determined to give her a thank-you kiss.

Félix was a very different person, but…

“You’ve been quiet, bro. What do you think?” Nino asked.

“I think I would kiss her,” Adrien answered absently, not realizing he’d fumbled his pronouns until Marinette walked into a pole.

Yup! I was right that the Alvarez arc in Fairy Tail is the last arc when Acnologia showed up in chapter 523… Plus, the story is starting to get back on it’s tracks since the last chapters were a bit meh -.- But I’m still here waiting for the Gruvia reunion cause Gray, you still need to give Juvia your answer god damn it!! Anyway, it’s also possible that the 2nd movie will be a bit canon from the manga since Hiro Mashima did co-produce it.

And that’s why I love Hiro Mashima cause he always end his series if it’s the right time than making it more longer and lose it’s nice content like how other shounen series does -.- To be honest, I’m a bit sad that Fairy Tail is going to end but every series will always have an end!

How Ochako Learned to Stop Worrying and Try Kicking His Butt (IzuOcha one-shot)

“You know, you really have to watch how hard you push yourself.”

Ochako furrowed her eyebrows, her muscles still aching as she vomited out onto the grass, her stomach churned in agitation. She recovered after a couple of heaving breaths, swallowing the swell of sickness as she wiped the remaining bile off her mouth with her sleeve. Despite the awkwardness of the unflattering retching, she managed to form a sunny smirk as she heaved herself back upright and shifted her gaze from the ground.

Deku stood tall, adorned in costume as she was, his eyes creased in worry as he watched her compose herself. His doting concern was touching, but she quirked an eyebrow at his hypocrisy. Her eyes ran over his body (while definitely not appreciating his physique) to see a mixture of nicks and bruises. The wounds seemed to migrate across his skin through the weeks of hero training.

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some shitty advice and old art

First of all a MASSIVE thank you to you guys, it means a lot! :) <3 I´ve gotten a couple of art-related questions lately, and whilst I´ve already answered some of you in private I really felt like making one big post about it!
There´s also a really funny timeline of my art from 2007 - today if you´re interested in that, because I myself always find it super fascinating to see other people do this! :)

to the nonny asking for help: I feel like this is some really shitty advice literally EVERYBODY will give you, but it´s so so so annoyingly true it hurts.

  • Practice. Practice. Practice! Draw as much and as often as you can!
  • Surround yourself with art, may that be on tumblr, instagram or with pictures all around your room. The more art I see the more tempted I am to create some myself!
  • Find a style that you like, but also try to venture away from it completely from time to time! Your style will feel sometimes so it´s fun to switch things up every once in a while :)
  • Draw those hands and feet. I repeat: DRAW THOSE HANDS AND FEET. (also: draw the other eye. I´m serious.)
  • Draw from reference, try to get an idea of basic anatomy and look for life drawing classes. If there aren´t any in your area, you feel uncomfortable going there or they are simply too expensive, there are lots of great sites on the internet as well! :)
  • Ask other artists! Don´t be shy to reach out for help from other artist, I for myself am always super happy to help out, although I´m obviously no professional! :D
  • There is not a single artist I know who doesn´t doodle “the single eye” from time to time. You´re good :D

to the second nonny: dear, believe me when I say that I get those moments of jealousy too! But in the end we have to understand that every artist has their own learning journey, and that there is no “better” in all of it. We will always be our own worst critic (that´s actually not true, our mums will probably be - or is this just me? :D). The artist you´re admiring will have an artist THEY admire, and so on. Art is HARD, and it´s okay to feel sad about it from time to time. But you should always be able to turn that down into a high by using that energy to concentrate on learning and improving, not shutting yourself down and giving up. To answer your question: I´m 22 and I´ve been drawing all my life, however I´ve gotten more into it at around 2007, when I was 12/13! Back then I was super into anime and manga and wanted to become a mangaka and move to Japan. Oh, how things have changed! :D
Being an animator is HARD, but you can totally do it! Keep up your work and go on making art! :) <3

Now please enjoy some of my old art as it is simply hilarious

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i don't have time to read the whole manga but i'm so curious about todoroki. please tell me about them

( my computer crashed while i tried to post the answer but im noT giving uP )

IM SO GLAD YOU ASKED let me scream a lil about my precious boy tododorky

  • please look at him. he’s beautiful clenches chesT ///////
  • he might look like the cliche Cool Character but no!!!!!!!!!!! no
  • he’s super well written. i love how sensei gave him depth & actually dedicates a few chapters to explore it. his character development arc is definitely one of the best in the series, probably what got me hooked in the first place
  • angst GHHHHHHHH
  • im weak for hurt because if theres hurt theres also the possibility of comfort and im all for that
  • i refuse to speak of the devil that is his father. his asshole!!!! of a dad!!!!
  • enuogh pls look at these pictures they lift my heart
  • look at him

look at this dork

this, DORk


precious child

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • i just want him to be happy he deserves all the hugs and love in the world. protect him from all the evil he’s had enough
  • i hope this is coherent im sorry thank u for asking i love him

tl;dr i love him

I’m so happy that Lucy got her novel out though, like all i keep seeing is about the pairings and cannon which trust me its all i’ve been able to talk about as well but Lucy is an accomplished author. That is so hard in any world. I’m so proud of her, being a writer myself i know how hard it is. And i have so many questions like was levy the first on to read it? Did levy edit it? How long did it take Natsu to read it before he was overly congratulating her for just finishing and making her go beet red? Did Gray and Juvia read it together? Do they sell copies of it at the guild? THESE ARE THINGS I WANT TO KNOW Was it age appropriate for wendy to read? Did Elfman read it and go on about how manly it was? Probably yes did Natsu secretly buy loads? Or did he openly buy them? DID LUCY GET COPIES FOR HER SPIRITS AND SUMMON THEM TO GIVE THEM EACH ONE THEN THANK THEM FOR THEIR HELP?! Guys my brain is running amok If you can think of anymore questions please add on Let me know And if anyone and i do mean anyone wants to write a fanfiction answering any of these questions then i would more than encourage it and i would highly appreciate it if i got sent a link

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Chapters 58 & 117

I love the contrast between these two covers.

On the first, we have Lizzy sitting demurely, like a proper lady, and cradling her Phantomhive Bunny. The background is cluttered; Lizzy is surrounded by flowers and cute decorations, and the swords are pinning her down, piercing her pretty dress. She is facing us, because in this chapter we got our clearest insight into her heart.

59 chapters later, we get the direct opposite.

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Manga Character! Jihoon [4]

A/N: So I’m coming close to the conclusion of this series because tbh I feel like i could drag this out for so much longer BUT I’m sure both you and me would get tired of it at this point DFLDSJ

So in turn this chapter might slightly shorter than the rest since this is the beginning to the end :)

If this if your first time coming across this series here are the links for the other parts!

Manga 1 | Manga 2 | Manga 3 

yeah…this one is super short HFJSDHLF 


  • Daehwi and Jinyoung just gave both you and Jihoon innocent/lost looks. 
  • “oh woah! How did we get here?!” 
  • Daehwi said in an over exaggerated voice while also slightly hitting Jinyoung 
  • “Y-Yeah! Is this your house? We didn’t even notice!” 
  • you kind of laugh it off and walk more into your room,
  • “We both kind of over heard your conversation before we opened the door,”
  • you lean in close towards them
  • “you guys are kinda loud” 
  • jinyoung just looks down to the ground while daehwi starts awkwardly laughing. 
  • you walk out of the room and they all kind of silently follow you like lost puppies. 
  • you needed to talk to them a little first because they came here with a reason 
  • and yes that reason was probably to get jihoon back but you needed to know why. 
  • -  time skip - 
  • “wait”

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Karin is so precious he stabbed right through her to achieve his "GOAL". And when he was sane again he gave her a halfassed sorry. But shes soooo precious to him right?!!

Are we reading the same manga?

The “stab” was a sacrifice and what does a sacrifice usually mean? The offer of giving up something important and what was the main catalyst for Sasuke going into darkness, not Naruto, Sakura or even Kakashi but it was Karin. The manga highly supports this

And the “half-assed apology” argument again? Karin is a sensor shinobi with the ability to sense chakra and even more importantly lies

And if the apology was so “half-assed” why was Karin so happy?

If you can answer that you get a cookie! 

How long until I come across a logical argument from you Anti-SasuKarin guys? I guess forever.