this man will kill me eventually

Imagine if John was a woman and Sherlock’s roommate with that much chemistry going on between them, who gets married to a man(Not just any man,an assassin who tries to kill Sherlock later) eventually during Sherlock’s apparent death.

Believe me, 

THEN  every human being under the sun would ship Johnlock. 

THEN there would be no question of infidelity. 

THEN they would instantly recognize the “happy family” portrait for what it really means.

THEN it would be true love. 

THEN people would sympathize so much and would call John’s spouse toxic.Not cute.

THEN John would have been mentioned in the news as Sherlock’s love interest.

This is not just casual viewing okay. This is homophobia.

The Bear Heart Incident

(Some background, our 5e group consists of myself(inferno sorcerer), my friend Q(blood hunter), my friend C(also blood Hunter), my friend Is(monk) and my friend’s mom (cleric). We’re in a redwood forest hunting for a backpack and have just killed a large dire bear.

Q: DM I want to cut out the heart

DM: ok? Roll for it?

Q: 19

DM: ok you cut out the heart

Q: hey (my sorcerer) think fast!

Me: if you throw that at me I’ll shoot you

Q: *throws 20 pound heart*

Me: *dice roll* 23 to hit

DM: That’s a hit

Me: 14 points force damage

Q: Ow! What the f*** man!?

This is followed by about half an hour of Q cutting up the bear heart and throwing smaller chunks at me followed by me attempting to murder him. Eventually the stress almost kills me with a heart attack and the DM declares that the trauma of this experience makes me go insane.

Overwatch Chatroom: Y/n will be missed

I’m on Mobil so it won’t look pretty.
- Forest


Y/n has started a chatroom.

McCree, Genji, Tiddy Man, D.Va, Junkrat, and Mercy have logged in.

Tiddy Man: Is there something you need, Y/n?

Tiddy Man: ….



Y/n: that is not important right now.

Y/n: reaper is out to kill me over a simple mistake. I just wanted to say my goodbyes before he finds me.

Genji: What did you do exactly?

Mercy: He’ll get over it eventually. It’s not like he’ll actually kill you.

McCree: whatever you did, he’ll get over it.

Junkrat: Reaper just broke down a door. What did you do, missy?

Y/n: I may have accidentally dropped paint on his cloak while painting..

Mercy: does he realize it will wash off, right?

McCree: wash his cloak, darlin

Y/n: the paint I use doesn’t wash off..

D.Va: rip. You’ll be missed

Genji: But will he really hurt you over something so simple.

Tiddy Man: Doesn’t he have other cloaks?


Reaper has logged on.

Junkrat: rip Y/n



D.Va: Chill???

Tiddy Man: Hana, this is Gabriel Reyes you’re talking to.

Genji: typing*

Reaper: ..Tiddy man??

Tiddy Man: Please change my name.

McCree: dont

D.Va: dont

Mercy: Gabe, leave y/n alone. She’ll buy you a new cloak.

Reaper: her death will be quick and painless, I promise.

Y/n has changed Tiddy Man’s name to Hanzo.

Hanzo: Thank you.

Hanzo: Tell me where you are so I can come help you.


D.Va: I see why he wants to kill you.

Junkrat: oh hey, I found her.

Reaper: WHERE IS SHE!?


Mercy: I’m actually worried now, don’t tell him.

Mercy: Someone restrain Gabe



Genji: Reaper don’t hurt her.

Reaper has logged out.


D.Va: rip you’ll be missed.

Y/n has logged out.

Mercy: Genji make sure he doesn’t get to her! I’ll be there in a bit.

Genji: I’ll protect her for as long as I can.

Genji has logged out.
Mercy has logged out.

Junkrat: how cute.

D.Va: omg otp

McCree: should we help?

Hanzo: we probably should

Hanzo has logged out.
Junkrat has logged out.
McCree has logged out.
D.Va has logged out.


Kill mE

  • the courier: Man, sometimes it all just gets to me... how we're all stuck in this unforgiving wasteland full of terrible, horrifying things. And sometimes it just feels like it's never going to end, ya know? like humans... we're just going to devolve entirely into brutality and eventually, into nothingness. It's not like I'm not above it, I've killed so many people, cheated and lied. I want to just live my life, but I just feel so paralyzed by the inevitability of these things sometimes.
  • Death Grips, the lore-friendly companion: FUCK WHERE YOU'RE FROM
  • Death Grips, the lore-friendly companion: FUCK WHERE YOU'RE GOIN
  • Death Grips, the lore-friendly companion: IT'S ALL ABOUT WHERE YOU'RE AT
  • the courier *tearing up*: D-Death Grips...
A 7 year old goes to a brothel...

and slaps a $10 dollar bill on the counter and says, “Give me a hooker!”

The madame, looked amused and says, “Get lost kid.”

The kid then slaps a $50 on the counter and says, “Give me a hooker!!”

The madame raises an eyebrow, but before she could say anything the kid slaps a $1,000 bill on table and says, “Give me a hooker with herpes!!!”

The madame, says, “What? Why would you want that?”

The kid says, “Because, I would screw her and get herpes, then I would go home and screw the baby sitter and she would get herpes. When my dad comes home, he’ll screw the baby sitter and he’ll get herpes. Eventually when my dad screws my mom she’ll get herpes and on Wednesday when the pool man comes over she’ll screw him and that’s the MOTHERFUCKER that killed my frog!!!

PCT Day 145: Walking Home

This is my last night on trail. This is my last night on trail. This is my last night on trail. At last, and too soon. 

The single thought that tomorrow will bring me to Canada and the end of my journey got me through some tough hiking today. I was cold, tired, weary–the miles rolled by so slowly, and so many of them were uphill. 

It began to rain, because why would the weather bother changing now? I was now wet on top of those other adjectives, and my hand was still giving me trouble. Not my favorite morning on trail so far, but like all mornings it passed by eventually. (Among the things slowing me down: trying to filter water from a thin barely-there trickle of stream that took 10 minutes of off-trail tramping to find. Water, water, everywhere, etc.)

When I got to Hart’s Pass, I encountered what will almost certainly be my final trail magic. A man named Walking Home was set up there with fruit, jam, soda, and (as I walked up) hot buttered rum. I killed an hour there talking to him, along with Salty (the only other Syracusan I’ve met on trail) and Dairy Queen, who I met all those miles ago back at the trail magic cabin in southern Oregon. Walking Home made coffee for us after the hot buttered rums, and for those few minutes I got a glimpse of what wonders my life will hold when I return to Seattle. 

My brain yo-yoing from the alcohol and caffeine, I set out again, the sun finally beginning to make an effort against the gray, almost solid-looking layer of fog hanging over everything. To the west I could see blue peaks disappearing into the mass of cloud; the lighting this produced on the yellow brush surrounding the ridge trail was strange and beautiful. 

Still, I was just so tired. My thinking was that it was worth doing one last really hard day in order to make tomorrow easier, so I kept pushing, one heavy step after another. Around 6 pm I finally made it to camp at a spring. Eventually, I always get there–it’s pretty amazing and ridiculous that I still stress about that this close to end of the journey. You’d think I’d’ve figured it out by now. 

Across the way from me were three Canadians, down from Vancouver to camp here for a few days. They’d come to this place last year around this time and had seen such beauty that they decided to come back. Too bad, really–around here you can’t see much of anything thanks to the aforementioned fog. They didn’t seem too disappointed, though. They invited me to come join them by their fire, and we talked hiking and life and politics as we all ate. The three–John, Norman, and Margaret–were all so welcoming and kind. This made it even easier to answer, when they asked what the best part of the experience had been, to say “people” without hesitation. 

Eventually I retreated back to my tent, and made hot chocolate with whiskey, courtesy of my old hiking buddy SoHard, who did a rebellious thing and mailed me booze to Stehekin. Delicious. This is my last night on trail. I hardly believe it.


Overwatch - Vintage Travel Posters

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I KEPT GETTING HOOKED AND KILLED BY ROADHOG AND AND NO-ONE HELPED ME OUT. I WAS ABLE TO EVENTUALLY KILL HIM AND THEN GET A THREE MAN REZ. and then at the end of the game no one up voted me even though I had 20K healing. We won the game tho. Not to mention the lag in my game is terrible. I'm like %100 sure I avoided some of those hooks and still I died. .-.


“How long have you known?”

Sherlock answered the question received through his phone aloud. “I’ve always known.”



He smirked. “Since I got off the plane.” His voice echoed off of the tiled walls, reflections of passed events at the same location danced off of the chlorinated water.

His phone chimed again.

“Prove it.”

“Emilia Riccolletti. Committed suicide in a very similar fashion. She didn’t. Well, she did eventually, but that’s where you differ.” He picked up his tone. “She faked her death. As did you. And I, for that matter. But instead of faking your own death, you killed your puppet’s. Your pseudonym. You were working behind the scenes the whole time. No one knew. Poor man really was Richard Brooke. He tried to tell me, the night at Kitty Riley’s apartment. He tried to tell me without saying it. But I admit, I didn’t hear him. So, just as you had planned, he shot himself. To save his family. And thus- James Moriarty was dead.”


“Good. Very good, Holmes. But that’s not why you’re here.”

“No,” he smiled darkly, “I know who you are.” His words bounced around the empty room. “Wasn’t hard. Should’ve known earlier, honestly. It was always you, wasn’t it? Sebastian Moran.” He lifted up his gun in the direction of the open door across from him. It was too dark to see down the corridor it led down.

There was a footstep. Someone had started walking toward the door.

“Oh, Sherlock.”

He felt all of the color disappear from his face. His hand quivered and he nearly dropped the gun. A wave of pure dread overtook him, something that rarely happened to the stoic Sherlock Holmes.

“I really hoped you would have figured it out.”

Any tenderness that had been present in that voice in the years prior was gone without a trace. This voice was much more in control. More confident. Nothing of the mousy pathologist was left behind.

“Molly Hooper.” He said, his voice weak and laced with panicked confusion.

“Oh put the gun down, Sherlock, we’re not children. You’re surrounded anyway.”

“H- How-”

“Of course you would have overlooked me. I was nothing but an infatuated little girl to you.”


“Why do you think I wasn’t in your little list of friends that would die if you didn’t jump off of Bart’s? I was right under your nose the whole time, involved with everything, and you never had a clue. You failed to notice me.”

“I noticed you, Molly. I told you that you mattered, I-”

“Well I mattered a lot more than you thought I did.”


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When I first heard about this episode, I, like others, figured that they would make Killian David’s father’s killer. But then it just seemed too obvious. So I became convinced it was someone else, likely King George. And they had me going until the end.

The only hope Killian has with Emma and David is to tell them both the truth as soon as possible. David can see that he has changed. He witnessed it over and over again in this episode. The man who killed his father is not the same man his daughter fell in love with. That man was greedy and selfish and did not value human life. Killian does. If he tells David and Emma the truth, it will be difficult to hear and accept, but they could both forgive him eventually. But if he hides it and it’s revealed later somehow, then he may never be able to get them to forgive him.

I hope they have him do the right thing and confess as soon as possible. This will show true growth and prove how far he really has come. I definitely don’t want him proposing to Emma until this is out in the open. That would ruin the proposal for me.


Patrick never likes to be serious, so it took me a while to get what happened. When he was a junior, Patrick started seeing Brad on the weekends in secret. I guess it was hard, too, because Brad had to get drunk every time they fooled around. Then Monday in school Brad would say, ‘Man, I was so wasted. I don’t remember a thing.’ This went on for seven months. When they finally did it Brad said he loved Patrick and then he started to cry. No matter what Patrick did, Brad kept saying that his dad would kill him and saying he was going to hell. Patrick was eventually able to help Brad get sober. I asked Patrick if he felt sad that he still had to keep it a secret, and he said no. Because at least now Brad doesn’t have to get drunk to love him.

The perks of being a wallflower (2012), for @codinome–aurora.

the one where 10k finally gets to drink

requested by @stawmay12 (ive made you wait so long im deplorable pls love me)

theres no smut just btw in case anyone was worried but eventually ill write smut maybe maybe maybe

“He was in that airshaft.” Addy says.

“And Y/N?” 10k asks softly. She shakes her head. He sinks into the truck bed, hitting his back against it, but not feeling it.

This can’t be possible. He can’t lose you and Doc in the same day.

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god but when people are “lol you just like ten because he’s hot” like have you met me, do you want me to rant for 6 years on what this man is and who he turns into in his era, do you want me to explain in excruciating detail how he was an adrenaline junkie and the highs had to be higher and more and more people got left behind and eventually he was so reckless he got himself killed 

do you want me to start 

Abortion and Autonomy

     Imagine the following scenario.  a man abducts a person and confines  them to a basement or attic within his home. Now rather than providing  this new involuntary house guest with food from his own pantry, he allows them to go unfed indefinitely.  Eventually the person dies. The police discover the incident, arrest the man, and charge him with kidnapping and murder.  The man accepts the first charge but violently objects to the second one. “On what grounds do  you charge  me with murder?” he demands, “all I did was kidnap someone”.  “No”, the police argue,  “You killed someone”.  “Exactly how did I kill  anyone?” the man asks. “You  allowed them to starve to death“,  the police answer.  ” How does this equal murder" he asks?  "Is the food in my pantry not my own rightful property? If it is, I may do with it as I will.  You may charge me with kidnapping, but I am no murderer.“

      Now Is the man in this illustration correct? He is obviously incorrect, and the reason for it is quite simple. Every person indeed has power over that which is rightfully their own, but if any person acts in a manner that involuntarily renders  the life of another human being wholly dependent upon the things within their power, then their right to those things is no longer exclusive. This is why the claim of the kidnapper is incorrect, and it is why the argument for the right  of abortion on the basis of  bodily autonomy is invalid. But, someone will say, there is a difference between this case and abortion. The kidnapper apparently desires the presence of his hostage whereas the presence of the child was not desired by the mother. 

     In law, responsibility is not simply determined by the presence or absence of a direct desire for a particular outcome.  For example, various actions are classified in the law as “negligent”  meaning that if there is a known probability of a particular outcome the individual is accountable regardless of their intentions. In the case of sexual intercourse the mechanics of the very act itself consist of the fertilization of an egg for pregnancy.    

 If I act in a manner that involuntarily renders the life of another dependent upon a thing which I possess, I may not use my right of possession to withdraw that thing. If I do, then I am accountable for that life.

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38, 39, 42, 48 for Caia and Zenith?

OH MAN. Yesssssss.

38. Who likes to star gaze?

I think that it’s something they have in common. Caia is awed by nature and space quite frequently and I think she has a habit of going somewhere secluded and just staring up at the stars for hours on end. Eventually, Zenith caught on and he brings a jacket, blanket, and something warm for them to drink and they just lay in silence and stare at the stars.

39. Who buys cereal for the prize inside?

I think Zenith buys the cereal and gives her the prize tbh. Cause her little heart would swell up bigger than the Grinch’s on Christmas if he gave her anything.

42. Who is the neat freak?

Huh. I think they both are but have different views of the term neat freak. Zenith has a way of putting his things in the room so that it’s efficient if someone breaks in or something happens. I guess you could blame it on years being at war or whatever. Caia likes her spaces neat and tidy and she’s got her own way of putting things up. Half the time she really wants to reorganize Zenith’s things but she doesn’t out of respect for him.

48. Who loses stuff?

Hmm, I think Caia does. She has a tendency to set something down in one place and she tries to come back and she finds it moved. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that there’s a toddler running around. Nope.

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Ah, thanks for the tips! My mom was an orphan (she got adopted eventually though) but she never cries so I'm fresh out of orphan tears. I tried to shower but someone took all the damn hot water so I will try again in a little bit here. Fuck. The oldest guy in my family here is like 66.🤔Guess I'll just have to lure some old man over and kill him to harvest his blood.✨(Did I mention I have a blood fetish?😸💕✨) Good thing I've got 10 acres here to hide the body. Lol Wish me luck! -Becca

😂😂😂 Good luck!

I’m pretty sure no one who follows me plays “Don’t Starve” let alone “Don’t Starve Together” but

I was poking around public servers and one was called “Come if you dare”

So of course I was like “…I dare.” (well really I was like “‘WHO DARE’ haha airplane dog” but I eventually got to the “I dare”) so I pop in and just as expected there was a massive camp set up to kill people right over the spawn point

except they were just in the middle of killing someone else so I high-tailed it out of there with them soon hot on my heels. They say shit like “stop, new guy!” and “come back here or you will be punished” n shit but like naw man they were going to kill me it was day five in game and they were all fully armored and kitted and shit and their base was monsterous so you know they just console-commanded in all the best items so they can dick around jumping random players.

So I fire back a “hunt me, wolves” (wolves are really super aggressive mobs in game that come and fuck your shit up occasionally for no real reason) and they’re chasing me and chasing me but I don’t stop running and I end up hiding in some mobs they accidentally agro. Unable to catch me and unwilling to fight all the mobs, they zap me with a teleport staff and I’m across the map now, and they set the season to winter. (for those who don’t play, winter is mean as fuck and there is a freezing mechanic and you die really quick. It’s supposed to take 20 days IG to become winter and you spend that time preparing so you don’t freeze or… yeah… starve, but these little muffins roll the clock forward so the cold will kill me)

“Winter is coming” they say, probably refering to the wolves thing and Game of Thrones.

“Fire can’t kill a dragon, and neither can snow” I shoot back, mostly because that’s all I can really remember from game of thrones and also because I’m too busy trying not to freeze to death and whispering “oh shit oh shit oh shit” under my breath to think of anything more clever.

“Starvation kills all,” they say, because they know I have no fucking berries and if I stop to pick any my ass is freezing off.

“Man that’s so dumb. Is that a quote from the book? That’s so dumb. Whatever.” Is what I’m thinking. “Then you’ll make fine carrion.” is what I type. Because I’m a fucking dweeb that’s like a step up from “I attack the darkness”

So I’m going to die, but I probably have just a liiiittle bit of time before the elements fully take me out. I jump from resource to resource, burning through nodes willy nilly cos I have to be literally right next to a fire to stop bleeding health, making my way slowly but surely to their initial base camp, making sure to have a few sticks and grass clumps in my inventory as I do so.

I’ve made myself a dragon, and I’m gonna deliver.

Quick as a wink I craft a torch when I get about ten seconds from their camp, they see me, but they can’t get to me before I set one of their drying racks on fire. They built their entire camp too closely clustered, the fools. The whole thing goes up in flames soon enough, and they’re chasing me away again, still not able to actually catch me, but eventually kick me from the server.

The kicker? I found one of the unique world items before they kicked me, and now it’s locked in my inventory. Say goodbye to Chester, assholes.

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Okay so Taekwoon and Ravi these days are??? At some point around BL promotions and chained up, I feel like Ravi realized it's fun to tease and dote on Taekwoon even more (as did the other members) and eventually he realized that oh, Taekwoon is hella cuter than he thought. And tbh, bless that little hamster, the man who ranked him fifth cutest member is constantly calling him cute and petting him. Finally.

2nd part:

Also, Taekwoon is so soft and cuddly nowadays. That potential inside of him has been awakened (and exploited a little by his members)

ugh yes YES YES! There’s definitely a before and after BL in their dynamics and by extension, Leo’s dynamics with the other members. Leo’s always been fun when teased, but everything was coated with the fright he used to inspire in the rest, now they all discovered that he’s much ado about nothing 

But the times he does get violent, there’s always Ravi to hug it out and tame the lion

Originally posted by jongtaekwoon

he’s just a big pinkeu pinkeu tsundere teddy bear hamster so soft and all cuddly ekfjqnelkjf

I’m just really happy we got to see this side of him and that he’s becoming more and more confident in himself on camera

I just wanna see him doing all sorts of cute things adkhfgqhgwr I’m so sure the members and us starlights will be very pleased lol