this man will kill me eventually


Ezra Miller in: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Patrick never likes to be serious… so it took me a while to get what happened. When he was a junior, Patrick started seeing Brad on the weekends in secret. I guess it was hard, too… because Brad had to get drunk every time they fooled around. Then Monday in school, Brad would say… “Man, I was so wasted I don’t remember a thing.” This went on for seven months. When they finally did it, Brad said he loved Patrick. Then he started to cry. No matter what Patrick did… Brad kept saying that his dad would kill him. And saying that he was going to hell. Patrick was eventually able to help Brad get sober. I asked Patrick if he felt sad… that he still had to keep it a secret. And he said “No,” because at least now… Brad doesn’t have to get drunk to love him.

Chaos and Mayhem || Closed

Jason slowly strolled through the night and over the rooftops of Gotham, looking for his next victim. He wanted to kill something, and he didn’t care who or what it was. No one would stop him from getting from what he wanted.

He heard a small sound from the alley down him and he looked down to see a kid being followed by a man. He tilted his head when he felt the fear creep off the small girl. The old Jason absolutely hated rapists, especially child rapists.

A dark smirk formed itself on his face before you jumped down, landing gracefully like a cat. He didn’t even sneak up on the man and simple walked to him, giving the girl a nod to quickly run. The man began to protest and tried to kill him. He eventually just grew bored and stabbed him in the heart.

“You must have a good reason to interrupt me.” He said coldly as he turned around to look at the stranger who he’d heard approach a while before.


Overwatch - Vintage Travel Posters

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June 14  9:18 am
  • the courier: Man, sometimes it all just gets to me... how we're all stuck in this unforgiving wasteland full of terrible, horrifying things. And sometimes it just feels like it's never going to end, ya know? like humans... we're just going to devolve entirely into brutality and eventually, into nothingness. It's not like I'm not above it, I've killed so many people, cheated and lied. I want to just live my life, but I just feel so paralyzed by the inevitability of these things sometimes.
  • Death Grips, the lore-friendly companion: FUCK WHERE YOU'RE FROM
  • Death Grips, the lore-friendly companion: FUCK WHERE YOU'RE GOIN
  • Death Grips, the lore-friendly companion: IT'S ALL ABOUT WHERE YOU'RE AT
  • the courier *tearing up*: D-Death Grips...

So I’ve been rereading the Brick, and I’d like to remind everyone of a few important things:

  • When Enjolras says, “Grantaire, do you want to do me a service?” Grantaire replies, “Anything. Polish your boots.”
  • Marius leaves this note for Cosette underneath a stone: “I met in the street a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat was threadbare–there were holes at his elbows; the water passed through his shoes and the stars through his soul.”
  • Joly, severely congested, in the middle of a revolution that will eventually kill all of Les Amis, says this: “Courfeyrac, you bust take ad ubbrella. You will catch cold.”
  • M. Myriel is the sassiest character in this entire book.

That is all. Have a lovely day.
Ohio Cop Pulls Black Man Over for "Making Direct Eye Contact"
Former Ohio resident John Felton was pulled over by Dayton police in front of his mom’s house after he allegedly activated his turn signal less than 100 feet before making a right turn. Unable to believe an officer would stop him on such a piddling technicality, Felton asked the officer why he was really followed for several blocks and eventually pulled over.
By Jay Hathaway

Former Ohio resident John Felton was pulled over by Dayton police in front of his mom’s house after he allegedly activated his turn signal less than 100 feet before making a right turn. Unable to believe an officer would stop him on such a piddling technicality, Felton asked the officer why he was reallyfollowed for several blocks and eventually pulled over.

“Because you made direct eye contact with me and held onto it when I was passing you,” the officer responded.

When Felton attempted to protest, the officer told him to end the discussion or face a citation for the not-quite-missed turn signal.

Felton is black.

Felton provided video of the stop, showing the officer’s ridiculous excuse for pulling him over, to theDavid Pakman Show. (The “direct eye contact” excuse is especially ridiculous considering that police have also stopped people for “suspiciously” avoiding eye contact in the past. It is impossible to win.)

And furthermore, Felton claims he didn’t even make the alleged eye contact with the cop.

“What?! I didn’t even see you,” you can hear him say in the video.

Felton believes he was stopped for being a black man with out-of-state plates—he now lives in Michigan:

“I got a nice car. I don’t know if he seen I was a black male. I feel like I was targeted, the Michigan car and it was about 11 o’clock at night,” he told ABC 22.

Dayton Police wrote on Twitter that they’re reviewing the tape, and Felton says a sergeant emailed him Thursday to get his side of the story.

“I had control when I killed the women. I got my rage out for the time. I did cry, yes I did, and that was the good part of me. I cried, but I still killed them and didn’t care anything about them.”

To those around him, Gary Ridgway seemed like your average family man. His own wife called him “a dream come true”. Nobody had any idea that he was one of the most prolific serial killers in the world - The Green River Killer. Ridgway strangled at least four dozen women throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He would dump their bodies in or around Washington State’s Green River, hence the name. DNA evidence eventually led to his arrest and conviction. To avoid the death penalty, he confessed to murdering 48 women.

From Jensen Ackles M&G in TorCon 2014: 

Jensen said that Sam is Dean’s support system, he is being there for Dean. There’s a question as to what is the influence of the Mark of Cain, even if Dean eventually isn’t a demon anymore. Sam is the one keeping an eye on him, constantly asking, is this my brother, or is this the influence of the Mark? Dean’s saying ‘oh no man, that’s all me’ even when he just killed twenty zombies.  [x]

I’ve already said that imo, the things demon!Dean said in 10x03 sneak peek are a part of Dean. dark parts, hidden parts, not what makes him who he is, but it’s there, somewhere. This makes me even more anxious, because it will take so long for Dean to really come back, and for Sam to get over the things Dean has said, and for them to start the healing process, and this will be damn painful. 

Jasico au where Jason doesn’t know that he’s a demigod but he does know that he likes a boy in his school called, Nico. But Nico, who knows he’s a demigod, always comes back to school everyday with new scars and bruises. So Jason makes his move and tries to talk to him about it but Nico is like “Dafuq brah, leave me alone.” So Jason follows him home one night (friggin’ stalker) and sees Nico suddenly start fighting an old man or something. So superman jumps in like “Dafuq Nico?” And suddenly that old mans glitches into some sort of monster. Then the monster punches Jason, who flies backwards and smacks the ground. Nico, then has it all somewhat under control but the monster gets him too eventually. So just as the monster is about to kill Nico, Jason goes “NO!!!” And boom, lighting burns the monster to a crisp. And there you have it, son of Zues/Jupiter.

Booker Goes To Therapy
  • <p> <b>Therapist:</b> So tell me again. Whats your story<p/><b>Booker:</b> I just couldnt find a job so I joined the Pinkertons, my wife died giving birth to my daughter who I eventually sold off because thug life, then some crazy interdimensional British people came and told me to go find this girl and after killing several hundred people, a giant robotic man-bird, and an interdimensional version of myself that took a baptism and became a super religous nut, I found out the girl was my daughter and I had to be killed to stop her never-ending pain and sorrow.<p/><b>Therapist:</b> ooookkkiieeeee<p/></p>
John Frusciante about his addiction (Kerrang! 2002)
  • Interviewer: Did you ever run out of money?
  • John: Eventually I ran out of money, yes. There was a lot of starving and a lot of convincing dealers to front me drugs. There were all kinds of problems that went with that. It was pretty rough. There were times when I would have to be bailed out because I owed someone $30,000 and they were going to kill me. But the worst thing is having to be sick all the time, that’s the worst. I didn’t care so much about my personal safety so much as being sick.
  • Interviewer: When you look back to those days, does it terrify you?
  • John: No, it doesn’t terrify me at all. I’m really proud to have gone through it, actually.
  • Interviewer: Proud? That’s an interesting word to use.
  • John: Well, I’m proud to have come through it. I’m not so much proud to have done it, but I am proud to have emerged from it. I don’t see drugs as my enemy because I know there’s no way I will ever go back to them. And because of that I’m very happy with who I am as a person right now.
  • Interviewer: A lot of conversation here has centered around the theme of pain. What was the cause of that pain?
  • John: That’s too personal a question. I’m sorry, I can’t answer that.

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by Hydra and finds out that she is Tony Stark’s daughter. She is taken under the wing of the Avengers with Bucky and Steve acting as her protectors. The reader discovers the truth about her family while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she be able to forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she survive the danger that has fallowed her all her life?

Bucky X Reader X Steve (eventually)

Words: 1581 (yikes)

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That Click and Drag Spiel with SPN

So, I was checking out this thing called “Supernatural Click and Drag Game” while scrolling through my dash, and This is what I got stuck with:

So, I’m a human who’s best friends with Gabriel aka Loki aka the Trickster, who’s lover is going to eventually leave me for my partner like some sad and cheesy soap opera, who’s first kiss is with satan himself, and who will eventually be killed by my partner’s brother, Sam.

Either that or I’m a demon who’s besties with a wayward angel, still dating an angel who will eventually leave me for Dean Winchester, will hopefully have my first kiss as a crossroads kiss with the man who received worst dad of the year trophy over twenty years in a row, will be partners in crime to the brother of the man who will take my man away, and will eventually be killed by the best father figure to my partner.

Or I’m an angel who’s besties with the angel who will eventually kill me, have a Romeo-Juliet Spiel with Ruby as she transfers her I-Slept-With-Death-Master-Sam Curse to me as I have a buddy cop relationship with the devil himself.

Or I’m a human who’s best friends with a really old guy I don’t like, macking it with the Fallen Angel who hates my kind until ze eventually stabby rip stabs me, and have my first kiss with my partner’s soon-to-be boyfriend, which would be major awkward until I die.

Or I’m an angel who’s best friend and partner is a demon like some strange urban fantasy romcom, sleeping with a guy who will eventually leave me for my brother, kiss some old dude first, though, I guess I’d be older than him so he’d just be a kiddo in my eyes, and eventually die from the man who first kissed me.

Or maybe I’m an angel who’s best friend and partner is the best freaking angel of the lord I know, have my first kiss and date secret angel Gabe which would be majorly awkward and WEIRD because I’m an angel and that makes us siblings (sort of an EW factor there), and get killed by me older brother.

Or I’m an angel who’s best friend is a smart old dude who knows Japanese and makes supernatural proof panic rooms when he’s bored, am sleeping and had my first kiss with a man who will most likely kill me because of the Sleeping With Sam Curse, who’s partners with an angel who pretended to be a norse god for several millennia, and will be killed by the most righteous of men.

And you know what I thought?

Choose one of these, and I’ll see what I can do. Perhaps a oneshot ficlet or something.

Can’t wait to see which one y'all like. Or, if you get a spiel from the link above, comment on this if you want something on it and I could see what I can do with it.

I’m just so tired of all the depressing stuff I’ve been writing about lately and I want to do something, well, not as depressing.

Let me learn you some plague

A History lesson, yo!

So, first of all, the plague is still around today. Yep! Still around. Don’t believe me? 

BAM! China locks down city of 30k people after man dies of bubonic plague.

The plague never left, it just became less of a terrible, terrible, well plague because everyone either died or lived and thus became immune to said plague. 

“The first documented plague, the “Justinian Plague,” began in 541 AD and continued for around 200 years, eventually killing over 100 million people. The most famous is the “Black Death” that occurred in the 14th Century, wiping out 60% of the European population. The last pandemic to occur began in China in the 1860s and killed around 10 million people.”

So, it’s STILL around today. But, don’t freak out on me just yet. it’s widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics and is commonly found in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. It also still occurs in the US; between 1900 and 2010, 999 confirmed cases were recorded here. It’s highly contagious and serious if medical help is not given, but commonly available antibiotics can effectively treat the disease. 

Also, there are THREE different types of THE PLAGUE, did you know that? There is the infamous bubonic plague, the septicemic plague and the pneumonic plague.

What are the differences between these? It’s in their name. 

Bubonic plague originates in the bubos, in the lymph nodes. So after the patient is infected, the disease (the plague) makes its way to your lymph nodes (at your neck, under your arms, at your groin) and just stays there and festers. When this happens, the lymph nodes swell and then bruise. Sometimes the bubos would burst, dispelling lymph fluid, blood and disease, other times these bubos would be lanced.

Note: This is from a Discovery History show and is a recreation:

The plague was most commonly spread when people came into contact with infected fluid (these burst bubos or coughed up fluid).

The bubonic plague, without treatment, will kill it’s patient within 4 days and has about a 30%-40% chance (In the medieval time frame, it is better in a modern setting, closer to a 40-60% survivability without treatment). Cleanliness is key when dealing with ANY illness.

The OTHER kinds of plague, pneumonic and septicemic, were FAR more deadly though. These two forms of plague (though this is much different now) had a 100% or nearly 100% mortality rate in the Middle Ages. 

Pneumonic is plague that gets into your lungs, it is inhaled and then infects all the various parts of the lungs. This is still a very deadly form of plague today, even with treatment.

Septicemic is plague that crosses the blood barrier in your body and causes your very blood to be infected. It’s a slower, likely more painful, form of Sepsis. (Sepsis is what happens when your blood is infected and your organs start shutting down.) This is the rarest of the three forms of plague. 


What more about the plague?

Ever heard of the nursery rhyme, Ring Around The Rosey? 

It’s from the Middle Ages Plague! 

“Ring around the Rosey”

-A dark ring of dead, necrotic flesh would form around open wounds, flea bites and the bubos.

“Pocket Full of Posey”

-The dead would be given flowers to try and mask the smell of dead, rotting bodies after they died. People would also carry wildflowers with them because the smell of dead and death would be so amazingly overwhelming when 75% of your town died.

“Ashes to Ashes”

-The bodies of those that died from the plague would be piled into mass graves and burned

“We All Fall Down”

-Everyone Dies


Still with me?

Recognize this lovely fellow?

Plague doctors!

Admittedly, they did the best that they could under the circumstances. (Note: Most Muslim and Jewish doctors were banned or outlawed from Europe shortly after the plague started because they were thought to be causing it. The places that HAD these doctors, usually fared the best because these doctors were the best trained (ESPECIALLY Muslim doctors) and had the best knowledge of the time period. This began to change/even out during the end of the Renaissance/Reformation)

Now, back to the plague doctors.

The uniform that would be worn was literally head to toe covering. They would wear oiled cloth and leather clothing that covered up every space of skin that could possibly be exposed and they would divest themselves of this clothing as soon as they left the infected home. Again, cleanliness!

BUT, THE MASK! We must go over the mask. If you see, there is the long nose of the plague mask. This would be stuffed full of various mosses, herbs, flowers and generally smelly good stuff (dead people smell bad afterall). What did this ultimately DO though? It created a FILTER, much like modern doctor’s masks. 

So even though the plague doctors went around and saw so many of the infected plague persons during the Middle Ages plague, very few of them actually became ill FROM one of their patients (there was certainly the chance that they could get ill from a flea bite themselves afterall, sadly Raid and flea collars were a few centuries away from being invented.)


What ELSE happened during the plague?

Well, funny you should ask that. Baptisms started being done for babies! No really, this was really when it started happening. Because the mortality rate was so incredibly high, people didn’t want to wait until they were on their death bed to be baptized and be cleansed of their sins at that point (death usually happened REALLY fast with the plague, and you couldn’t risk dying without having your baptism done. Remember! Protestantism hasn’t been invented yet, so everyone is Catholic. Except for those other major religions that I mentioned earlier.)

So people started baptizing babies AS SOON AS THEY WERE BORN because they didn’t want to risk a poor little baby dying from plague and thus being sent to hell, because you hadn’t been baptized.

This wasn’t the ONLY thing that caused the change from baptisms being done at the end of life to the beginning, but it was certainly a very, very strong factor. 


If you see any medieval art that features skeletons, it’s likely plague art.

See the armies of skeletons at the right hand side?


Want more history mini-lectures like this? Let me know!


“How long have you known?”

Sherlock answered the question received through his phone aloud. “I’ve always known.”



He smirked. “Since I got off the plane.” His voice echoed off of the tiled walls, reflections of passed events at the same location danced off of the chlorinated water.

His phone chimed again.

“Prove it.”

“Emilia Riccolletti. Committed suicide in a very similar fashion. She didn’t. Well, she did eventually, but that’s where you differ.” He picked up his tone. “She faked her death. As did you. And I, for that matter. But instead of faking your own death, you killed your puppet’s. Your pseudonym. You were working behind the scenes the whole time. No one knew. Poor man really was Richard Brooke. He tried to tell me, the night at Kitty Riley’s apartment. He tried to tell me without saying it. But I admit, I didn’t hear him. So, just as you had planned, he shot himself. To save his family. And thus- James Moriarty was dead.”


“Good. Very good, Holmes. But that’s not why you’re here.”

“No,” he smiled darkly, “I know who you are.” His words bounced around the empty room. “Wasn’t hard. Should’ve known earlier, honestly. It was always you, wasn’t it? Sebastian Moran.” He lifted up his gun in the direction of the open door across from him. It was too dark to see down the corridor it led down.

There was a footstep. Someone had started walking toward the door.

“Oh, Sherlock.”

He felt all of the color disappear from his face. His hand quivered and he nearly dropped the gun. A wave of pure dread overtook him, something that rarely happened to the stoic Sherlock Holmes.

“I really hoped you would have figured it out.”

Any tenderness that had been present in that voice in the years prior was gone without a trace. This voice was much more in control. More confident. Nothing of the mousy pathologist was left behind.

“Molly Hooper.” He said, his voice weak and laced with panicked confusion.

“Oh put the gun down, Sherlock, we’re not children. You’re surrounded anyway.”

“H- How-”

“Of course you would have overlooked me. I was nothing but an infatuated little girl to you.”


“Why do you think I wasn’t in your little list of friends that would die if you didn’t jump off of Bart’s? I was right under your nose the whole time, involved with everything, and you never had a clue. You failed to notice me.”

“I noticed you, Molly. I told you that you mattered, I-”

“Well I mattered a lot more than you thought I did.”

Prompts #23 The Last Kiss. & #26. Them Finding Your Body.

(I already did prompt #28 with Peter Parker, So I didn’t include that)

Requested: Yes! (Hi can you do 23,26 and 28 with Peter or Harry?)

Warnings: Angst, Death, Fluff, Mention Of Blood, Kidnapping. 

Word Count: 2,563


Listen to this song!!

“Pete, if I don’t leave now, my parents are gonna kill me.”

Peter sighed as he watched you get up from his living room couch, you guys were having a Star Wars movie marathon day, that eventually turned into night, well, now technically morning. It was now 2AM, and you received a text from your mom that simply said.

‘I know it’s Friday, but it’s time to come home. Now please.’

You had never stayed out this late, and the walk to your flat was about 2 minutes from Peter’s.

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“I, uh, didn’t actually think you’d, uh, come.”

The man in black sat down next to the man in faded colors, saying nothing.

Of Unstoppable Forces and Immovable Objects

I’m not quite sure what exactly inspired me to envision this, but I kept thinking about how these two guys were destined to oppose each other forever. Since they were unwilling to kill each other they would eventually grow old and tired. How long could they go on, even with their singular brands of madness?

Anyway, here’s how I picture them.

Yhwach tries to guess which Stern Ritter will betray him

As requested by anon. :)

Of course, since Yhwach can see everything or whatever, he ought to know who will betray him. But let’s say that just to be fair, Yhwach turned off his foreseeing abilities. So since it’s basically a given that at least one of the Stern Ritter will eventually betray him (because who doesn’t like that trope?), who does Yhwach think is the most likely to eventually betray him?

1. Possibility #1: Ishida

“Yes, everybody thinks that Uryu will betray me. But for that very reason, I think this one to be extremely unlikely. Is Tite Kubo so predictable a writer that he would choose as my betrayer the man whose mother I killed? The man whose father is in the world of the living, and hence will be killed in this attack? The man whose friends are all begging him to return to their side? If Ishida Uryu betrayed me, that would be far, far too obvious of an ending. Far more shocking would be if Uryu stayed loyal to me…until the very end.”

Ishida: But if you’re not expecting me to betray you because it’s too obvious….then if I DO betray you, it becomes a surprise, right??

Yhwach: It super doesn’t work that way.

2. Possibility #2: Bazz-B

“I suppose that Bazz -B is currently quite angry with me, given that I left him behind. And tried to suck out his life force. Also, he appears to be quite happily bonding with the shinigami. Plus he appears to be modeled on Grimmjow, and Grimmjow was never one of Aizen’s more loyal followers. For all these reasons and more, one might suspect that Bazz-B intends to betray me and start fighting for the shinigami. But I doubt it. I don’t think the shinigami would have him.”

Bazz-B: Clearly you underestimate my bonding skills!

Liltotto: Hey, Bazz-B, I think the shinigami all took off for the Royal Realm and left you behind.


3. Possibility #3: Liltotto

“Like Bazz-B, Liltotto is one of the followers whom I deemed…unnecessary. She seemed bitter about it. She dodged my light and saved Giselle too, indicating that perhaps she knew somehow that it was coming. Or at least, she wasn’t surprised. So perhaps Liltotto will try to betray me. Or perhaps she is too smart for that sort of thing.”

Liltotto: Not to mention I ate most of Squad 11, so I don’t think the shinigami would welcome me with open arms.

4. Possibility #4: Giselle

“I just doubt that Giselle has any concept of loyalty. Except insofar as she expects her zombies to be loyal to her.”

Giselle: What? Sorry, I was thinking about zombies.

5. Possibility #5: Pernida

“People who wear hooded cloaks all the time are highly suspicious. What face is Pernida hiding from the world? Is it the face of a…..betrayer?”

Pernida: Actually I just sunburn really easily.

Komamura: Awwww, I was hoping you’re a puppy!

6. Possibility #6: Askin

“I asked Askin to come with me, even though Askin is not traditionally part of my royal vanguard. That might strike some as suspicious. And why do Bleach villains keep their subordinates close by? Well, traditionally because said subordinate is aiming to murder the villain. Perhaps, like Aizen, I like to keep the people who are planning to murder me close.”

Aizen: First you say you planned everything, and now this?

Aizen: You’re such a copycat.

Askin: Um I think I was supposed to respond….oh, whatever.

7. Possibility #7: Nianzol

“People are called “double-tongued” when they are liars. Nianzol literally has two tongues. That is symbolism if I ever saw it.”

Nianzol: Or I just really love lollipops.

8. Possibility #8: Lille

“Lille has shown no obvious signs of betrayal. He seems to be modeled on Starrk, who was never anything but loyal. Plus he just fired directly at Kurosaki Ichigo. But then, isn’t it always the ones who you suspect the least who betray you in the end?”

Lille: ….no?

9. Possibility #9: Gerard

“He certainly looks like Thor. And Thor is a paragon of goodness. I don’t think Thor would ever try to destroy the world. Perhaps Gerard is secretly Thor. Or perhaps I ran out of likely candidates for betrayal.”

Gerard: Okay but seriously who is Thor and why does he keep ruining my reputation??

10. Possibility #10: Haschwalth

“Ah, Haschwalth. Everybody’s second favorite candidate for betrayal. Sad, really. Simply because you are my second-in-command, and so parallel to Gin. Just because you broke Kurosaki Ichigo’s sword instead of killing him. Just because you don’t appear to be around right now, as if you have snuck off for some nefarious purpose. Just because your hair gleams with goodness and light.”

Haschwalth: Actually I am incredibly loyal.

Yhwach: I know, man. I know.