this man will kill me eventually


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hey char, i read your post about your friend ashley. i am so sorry you had to go through that pain. just remember you saved my life. you were the only reason i didnt kill myself all those times. you always told me it would get better and i gave you the last of my trust and you were right. she would be so fucking proud of you, you have come so far, youre in college and youre such a good person. you saved me. i cant ever repay you, but i would like to meet you eventually all the love, kinder kid

This literally made me cry, thank you so much for staying alive ❤️ meeting you would be fuckin lit and I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come. I can’t wait to hear what life has in store for you! I love you so much!!

me *sees a Nathan prescott kin* *sweating*: do i contact them and try to heal old wounds by maybe becoming friends with someone who tormented me and killed my friend but eventually split on them because the knowledge of what they did to my closest friends is to overwhelming or do i not and maybe never find peace with what nathan did to me 👀🔪

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Spider-Man (it's one word because it's hyphenated don't argue I'm a doctor)

Spider-Man was, and still is, my favorite superhero. I was really sad when Peter was killed in the Ultimate comics because it felt like a part of my childhood was being killed off with him, then that whole deal with Doc Oc was pretty squicky for me, but eventually he came back and everything became right with the world.

a cis man is rude or mean to me:

me internally, when I first came out: oh no I’m so ugly and pass so horribly this is bound to happen forever, they’re eventually gonna kill me, i should just die.

me internally now: huh, I guess this jerkoff wants to see if he can get a tranny to kick his ass…*cracks knuckles*

me, on one hand: capitalism is going to kill the world eventually; it’s killing millions of people presently; it, and the whole edifice of economics and finance that quantify human suffering, needs to be dismantled

also me: hey, didja see that the ECB is starting a regimen of QE? only eight years to late mates lmao……anyways im so hype for the BLS’s employment data, can’t wait to see those numbers!! did u read that new paper on liquidity bias on Liberty Street Economics… many times can i tweet @ thomas pikkety before it starts getting creepy

I had a dream last night that i almost died.
A group of people came as a firing squad and I was caught in the front, and I moved to shield someone behind me because I had accepted it.
I remember getting shot like 4 times and it fucking huRT
I remember my friends carrying me to a building on the side to check me out, i remember them crying as more people got killed.
I remember them leaving when they thought I was dead.

But i didn’t die? I crawled up some stairs (tryna be stealthy) and eventually got on my feet and walked around, and I found this guard shooting a door because lights were on the other side, meaning someone was in there. I talked to him like “oh man, these people are just assholes who dont believe what you’re doing is right!” And i touched his arm and he was like “!!!” And left like “YOURE RIGHT!! HAVE A NICE DAY!!” Like we just had a fuckin luncheon. I opened the door and no one was inside #bless

The rest of the dream was me trying to get as many people into hiding as I could while influencing the shooters and manipulating the fuck outta them

It was interesting
But i think it changed me?

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hello! so i had this dream that i was running through a jungle and this lion was running after me. i thought it was going to hunt me down and kill me so i just faintly cried for help (i can never scream in my dreams). eventually, i reach the brim of a valley where there were 2 stone pillars and i jump on one and hope the lion won't follow me. i finally turn around and i see that the lion turned into a smiling indian man waving calmly at me :/ thank you for listening :3

Interesting dream!

To dream of a lion signifies that a great force is driving you. If a young woman dreams of a lion it means that she will be approached by male lovers or has the attention of them. The lion is also a symbol of leadership and strength.

A jungle may represent a wild and/or passionate side of your personality. In folklore, if you dream of a chase or are participating in it, it foretells that you will live to a comfortable old age. However, it may also hint that you are running away from your fears or emotions.

To see pillars in your dream symbolises strength and work. You may be feeling burdened from having to work hard to support others.

The man who is smiling may anticipate that you will receive a reward from a long forgotten favour. It is a good omen in general. The man who is waving at you may also be a message that a friend of yours need support or advice from you.