this man will kill me eventually

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What do you think about Stan Lee saying Spider-Man should stay white, just like you wouldn't make Black Panther Swiss, and people should just make their own characters. He seems to be forgetting that Miles Morales is black and no one said that all Spider-Man movies have to be about Peter Parker

As much as I like Stan Lee, he is still an old white man so I’m not surprised he would say something like this.

Either way, there’s really no reason Spider-Man has to be white. Whiteness is not intrinsic to the story of a nerdy teenager who lives with his aunt and uncle, is into photography and has superpowers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Spider-Man and Peter Parker, but he’s already had two franchises; let’s see something else. A Miles Morales Spider-Man film would have been amazing. Personally, I hope they kill this Peter Parker eventually just so we can get a Miles Morales movie.

And about Black Panther being Swiss… Wow. JFC. If he was Swiss, there would be no superhero because Switzerland ain’t got jack to do with Afro-futurism.


  • the courier:Man, sometimes it all just gets to me... how we're all stuck in this unforgiving wasteland full of terrible, horrifying things. And sometimes it just feels like it's never going to end, ya know? like humans... we're just going to devolve entirely into brutality and eventually, into nothingness. It's not like I'm not above it, I've killed so many people, cheated and lied. I want to just live my life, but I just feel so paralyzed by the inevitability of these things sometimes.
  • Death Grips, the lore-friendly companion:FUCK WHERE YOU'RE FROM
  • Death Grips, the lore-friendly companion:FUCK WHERE YOU'RE GOIN
  • Death Grips, the lore-friendly companion:IT'S ALL ABOUT WHERE YOU'RE AT
  • the courier *tearing up*:D-Death Grips...

a thing i want so so much

like way more than i realized 

is a teen punk!Bucky and punk!Steve au where bucky is a few years older and has a few piercings and tattoos and steve is just a wee baby punk and pierces his ear himself and bucky gets mad because he doesn’t clean it properly (”Soap? Soap? Jesus, Rogers, you’re killing me. No! Put that down. Sterile saline solution. Chamomile tea bags to bring the swelling down. Some bacteria is good, y’know.”) and eventually gives up telling him what to do and just crowds up in his space and cleans it himself (”Bucky?! What the fuck, man! I got- I can do this myself!” “Yeah, yeah, Rogers, whatever you say. Just let that sit there a while. And stop twisting your damn earring!”) 

mother hen punk!Bucky is my favorite 

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Genelle, what did you think of Graham? I think he was a good man and I felt he got a raw deal, but it bothers me when people compare the crush/friendship Emma had for him, for the TL she feels for Hook. It's totally not the same thing, and honestly, never would have been. I did however like the black wolf appearance in 4x19, that helped Emma find Lily. I'd like to think that was Graham helping his her out when he can.

Graham was actually my favorite before he was killed off. I really liked his relationship with Emma and was sad about his death, but eventually realized that he was never meant to last very long. And what Emma had with Graham—while lovely and meaningful—will never compare to what she has with Hook. No one will ever compare.

i’m sure there’s a good reason to kill myself but i haven’t been able to think of it yet

i move through this city like a ghost
who no longer belongs but has no place else
to go
i move through this city on a bike hoping
to eventually get hit by a bus

last night went to bar and spent more
time talking with my roommate
about how to cook beans
than doing anything else

think an old man wanted to fight me
that’s alright bc sometimes i want to fight
myself .

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4 - Sebastian, Alec, and Raphael

4. adopt, be adopted by, marry

This is a very hard one because Im pretty bitter toward Sebastian so…

Lets see… I suppose I’d adopt Sebastian to maybe try to raise his ass right (I can always give him back.. he probably kills puppies and shit and i am not all for that), be adopted by Alec because he would protect me forever and probably be an awesome parent (plus I’d also likely get Magnus as a father and who wouldn’t want that.) and marry Raphael, because he is also asexual and I feel his sass would amuse me. As much as I’d rather choose Alec to marry he is totally taken and I also respect his sexuality as I am not a man. (and I mean considering Raphael dies eventually I’m sure I’d get some insurance money out of thaattt… omg I’m just kidding dont kill me. do vampires even have life insurance.) 

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AU where everyone has a mark on their body and it shines brightly when they meet/touch the person who will eventually murder them.

 Send me “Shine” to see my muse’s reaction when their mark starts to shine.

           E ver since he first laid eyes on Sei as a young adult he knew, the scar on
                 his chest ached as he looked at the pure specimen of science and man.
                 Raven locks falling about that face and the sickeningly porcelain skin.
                True to any regard he’d do his job even if it meant one day Sei was to
                snap and kill him somehow. 

               Though he didn’t care about the details honestly. Sei was near perfect.
               They had the gift to crush someone and rebuild them in their own ideas.
               Something Virus was interested in, Sei was only two of a kind, and this one
               side of the coin was his. What Virus had done for the chance to be his guardian.
              Somethings he’ll never mention to others, but it was worth it in the end.
              The little doll Sei was his. Even if he would be the one to kill him. It was
              rather fun– every day could be the final snap. A most deadly game– how fun.

              Virus was morbidly curious as to how this weakling would be the end of
              his life. After all Sei was already almost dead from all the examinations
              and surgeries done to the frail frame. 


Between the confederate flag debate,gay marriages official and Obamacare being here to stay.None of this brings unity.All of it is always debatable but here is how I see it.The confederate flag to me is called Dixie and she didn’t do the killing in South Carolina.While many racists hid behind it should not be controversial to keep in stores or museums.Whether we seek it or not it’s part of history and what it teaches don’t hide behind a flag or any symbol to describe your hatred for another especially when the symbol you steal is truly meant for something else like the spirit of independence.Gay marriages were eventually going to come although I think its meant for man and woman.But who am I to argue someone elses pursuit of happiness.And Obamacare never needed the Supreme Court what it needed was some changes for it does have some good things in it.But the one thing needed is eliminate the penalty,let people decide on their own health insurance.Thank you to our soldiers,police officers and fire fighters for all they do.

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hc: after nomi gets over the whole 'I'm going crazy thing' she's the one who really embraces them all as a family because she knows truly how being tied by blood doesn't always mean family and it's the people you find and the connections you make that can be the most meaningful of all.

Aw man this is so sweet :’) Nomi definitely knows this from her life experience, I mean look at the shit hand of cards she was dealt with for biological relatives, and then having the gloriousness of Amanita come into her life. I mean, eventually I think that all of them would embrace each other as family, because IMO that’s just who they are in their nature, but I think Nomi would be among the first. 

Happy sense8 family is all I want :’) Kill me before I start writing fics of them all living together in a domestic AU.

Has weird dream about illuminati + Avengers crossed with feel of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Sam Wilson working tagging people on Fury’s orders, he paralyzes both people to keep them from killing someone one person insults him by comparing him to Captain America in a “I know you’re not brave NC I’ve met the bravest man alive” thing, Sam has an “the fuck you say to me? Oh HELL no” moment then has to fight Brock Brumlo who has somehow fused with Juggernaut. Fight eventually involves iron man and black widow on which iron man gets his ass kicked multiple times and keeps getting knocked into the atmosphere.

Brumlo kidnaps black widow and drags her to England, Illuminati start chasing Brumlo, clusterfuck of people all fighting and causing shit for each other, Sam is so done with everything, Green Arrow/Hook crossover appears as a faction to arrest widow sent by the English Crown teams up with awesome Spanish lady pirate who has clearly slept with him before. Strange people enter the mix with weird women leaders: One Brumlo’s mom obsessed with death and in possession of “the pearls”, lady who plays Dayas mother in OITNB plays a rival of pearls lady who is some chemical fighting backstabbing lady whose daughter was just busted out of prison and who looks like she did twenty years before she was arrested, hairy person with dubious gender identity and a pair of breasts in their hair steals something and tries swimming away then an alarm clock fake sounded in dream and I woke up very, VERY confused.

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“Mun play” //let's go Pasha lol

Send me “Mun play” and I will play as myself for a thread with your muse.

 |♰|—–The high school student was, in a word, lost. Her class was long gone, possibly already on the bus heading back to the school. Pasha normally wouldn’t mind, but this place wasn’t exactly within walking distance of the shitty high school or even the shitty loft she shared with a man who killed people for a living. It was a hard knock life indeed, but it was better than her old one from pre-runaway days.
            She was wandering aimlessly now, hoping to run into someone that didn’t look intimidating that could help her. Eventually, she came across a tall figure, blond. Her instincts were silent, which the girl took as a go ahead. Cautiously, she approached the man.
             ❝'Scuse me,❞ she said, tapping him on the shoulder, ❝I was with the high school tour, but I stopped to look at some of the tech and long story short, I’m pretty sure they left without me. Uh, any chance you’d be able to help me?❞

Did I ever tell you guys about the first time I saw Les Mis?

I was…18? Maybe 17 and it was the version with Nick Jonas as Marius. I started watching close to the end when all the barricade shit was going down and like I already kinda knew the story because mum was and still is obsessed with it. But I didn’t know who Javert was. So after all the business of Valjean saving Marius and whatever, Javert’s Suicide comes on.

So he starts singing like ‘how can I now allow this man to hold dominion over me?’ And ‘I should have perished by his hand. It was his right. It was my right to die as well. Instead I live but live in hell,’ etc etc.

I’m watching him kinda like ’????’ And I eventually go 'If he wants to die so badly why doesn’t he just kill himself?’

And mum looks over at me and says: 'he’S, TRYING TO AMY’

That’s how I fell in love with Javert don’t look at me.

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Shadow of true self

“I-I’m scared…”

Scout curled up to himself and he looked down to the ground. He seemed to be crying, and in a whole lot of pain. He opened and closed his fists a few times and eventually hid his face in them, shaking. He was terrified of something, but there seemed to be much more. He fell over eventually and cried, his face into the floor.

“My dad’s in this freakin’ company with me, and I’m afraid he’s goin’ to kill me for good… He’s gunna burn me, and that’s worse than what Pyro does… H-He hates me! ….I…. I just wanted him to be proud of me… I wanted him to see how I can stand up for myself and be my own man… Whether I like men too or not, it…. It doesn’t matter… All I know is that… I want him to actually look at me and go, “There goes my son. I am proud he’s out there and doin’ his own thing.” ….But he ain’t gunna do that… Not even my ma did that…”

The scariest Part about all this

We need to be marching. We need to be speaking loudly. We need to Unite all of us. But too many of us live in fear. We fear being killed for voicing our opinions. We fear speaking out against a system which aims to kill us all. Well, I’m starting to not be afraid anymore. I am starting to not give a damn cause eventually it looks like I’m gonna die either way.

So While I am Alive I will speak. The system is broken. I have shed too many tears for those we have lost so far. I will not shed any more. I will speak out. So if your with me, Stay strong, Stay vigilant, Stay Woke. Brothers and Sisters it is time to start defining the new sensibilities of Man. It is time to start SCREAMING. If that is all we do, then we have done enough. Let’s go!

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"I'm sure /he/ can!" Ikkaku protested. "But the recruits are seriously gonna kill one another if we're not there." Even while sick, Ikkaku was still impressively strong, and he pushed against Yumichika's hands to fight to stay seated. His face was flushed when he directed his scowl towards Yumichika. "I ain't got no time t'be sick. Let me up."

          “So help me Ikkaku, i will sit on you.” Yumichika shot back, applying more pressure to push the man back down onto the futon. They did this little dance every single time Ikkaku fell ill- you’d think he’d have learned by now that eventually, no matter what, Yumichika got his way. 

          “This will be good training for the sixth seat, you know. He hasn’t worked with the new recruits yet. They’ll walk all over him if we don’t give him a chance to boss them around.”

today my classmate(male) laughed at me when i told him i was a feminist. our teacher was saying sexist things for over half an hour, every girl (19, compared to 2 guys and the teacher who was male) wanted to kill him, shushed him and spoke up about his sexist remarks and he just laughed in our faces. he said women belong in the kitchen, on a chain just long enough for them to serve their man his meal in the living room. he said, women have no intelligence. he said, women are only there to clean a man’s house and to cook a man’s food and to do a man’s laundry. eventually me and my neighbour left the classroom and told him to call us back in once he’s done. he didn’t call us in until the last five minutes of the lesson. and my classmate asked me why i was so pissed.

Watch Free Running Man News

Watch Free Running Man News

Watch Free Running Man News “Then They Lit A Roman Candle”: Your Best Fireworks Horror Stories Being too stupid to use the hose in the front of the house, me and my friend were running out fucking saucepans full of water and throwing it on like a fucking bucket brigade. It eventually stops … My mom took me inside and put a wet rag on my eye … Read more on Deadspin gigi Witness: Man killed by…

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I find the futility of my struggle slightly amusing, the way i fight tooth and nail kicking and screaming all the way, guns blazing, like some kind of a hero.

A hero. Thats what people used to call me, no, thats not quite right, what I am now, this, monstrosity i have been cursed to be is nothing close to the hero everyone once believed in, that man died, of unknown causes but I know what killed the hero of this story. Love, love killed him. A thousand times over, it never let him go, and he was a fool for believing each time could be different but love ends the same for all, love is a 99% occurrence of eventually one sidedness and betrayel, and someone is always hurt, and almost never the one who ends things. I remember every relationship ive ever had. The number is, many, regrettably. I can count how many i had been the one to actually end things, that number is 3. In my, 5? Years of dating, i have ended things 3 times. Yet, what of the others? Its simple really, they left. And not one who has ever ended things with me has had the common courtesy of a phone call or an honest reason. After the last person who left me, i just stopped believing in people, in the promises they made i began expecting that everyone will leave me behind the way she did, and its that that scares me, its how easy she made it look, if its that easy for her and everyone else why wouldn’t it be hard for someone i trust most? What do i do then? Its futile for me to struggle anymore it truly is, why fight a war you know you’ve already lost.