this man will end me

The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!

never forget when the king of china snatched everyones wig

three things that still bug me about ‘avatar: the last airbender’;

- they are all so young like these K I D S need protecting

- katara and zuko didnt become a couple how fking rude 

- we never got to see zuko’s journey to find his mother honestly we were robbed


I’ve been ready to return Flint to the sea for a long time.

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I just wanted to let you know I love following your blog. Your art is absolutely gorgeous. You made me low key ship bakudeku which is impressive seeing as my OTP is kiribaku!! The way you draw Bakugou takes my breath away. He is so so good. I also really enjoy your kirikami pieces! Thank you so much for sharing your art with us. You truly are a wonderful person!

!! ; ; omgh really?? thank you so mUCH Aaahh it’s kindda really an honor to hear–! To bridge my love for boom boom and Bakudeku/Kirikami to another fellow boom boom fan (and a Kiribaku shipper nonetheless–!) makes feels like an accomplishment lmao hjnfjkdfjk  feels bad I havnt really drawn these two together so as a kinda apology/thank you…

here this just for you anon–! and any of my followers who are quiet kiribaku shippers lu


“So stop acting like… someone who’s given up on life.”

Traffic: Part 2

I really liked writing the Traffic fic, so I had to write another for it. You guys have been so sweet, thank you! :3 Agh, @strongenoughfoundation i gotta tag you one more time, this is the last Ignition fic XD

By the time the traffic let up enough for the car to inch forward, you were so fed up with Lin’s rapping, you practically cheered when you began to move. That was nothing compared to the way you actually cheered when the car pulled into a gas station.

“Thank god!” you exclaimed, tossing your arms up. Lin chuckled at you as he drove the car to a free parking space toward the end of the lot. “Thank GOD!” Okay, I need water, and a Snickers bar, and earbuds!“

Lin lifted his hand in a what-the-hell gesture. “Why do you need earbuds?”

“To drown you out if another song you know comes on,” you returned, and he shot you a wide-eyed look, hand splayed at his chest in mock outrage. You stuck your tongue out in reply, then slid your feet off the seat to work them back into the sandals you’d abandoned earlier. As you slipped them on, you snuck a quick glance up at Lin, then down again. You could feel another blush starting to creep up into your face.

Truthfully, even with all of the joking, you were having a hard time concentrating. And it was all his fault, of course. Why did he have to go and kiss you like that, take you so off-guard? Not that you’d minded. Damn, you could hardly think straight when Lin kissed you and you certainly didn’t have a problem with it. It was just…you two were best friends. What if this didn’t mean as much to him as it did to you? You weren’t sure if you could handle a halfway relationship, not with him.

That was why you waited until he parked and shut the car off to take a quick breath. “Hey, listen,” you began, pausing to lick your lips nervously. “Earlier, uh…was that your way of….confessing or something?”

Lin stilled with his door halfway open. You could feel his eyes on you, but you didn’t dare look up. You would only blush harder and then make a complete fool of yourself. “Do you mean when I kissed you?” he asked, a tinge of warmth in his words.

Oh yeah, you definitely blushed harder then, and nodded silently. You set your hand on your door’s handle, about to get out because his attention on you like this was too much. Then he spoke again. “Listen, um. I’m sorry if that made things weird. I just… Shit.” He let out a rough breath and you glanced up quickly. “I just thought you felt the same, but…maybe you don’t. So you can forget about it, if you want.”

The sadness in his voice made your heart ache. Then he was getting up out of the car and shutting the door behind him, motions slowed. Panic crashed over you and you fumbled to get your door open. “Lin, wait!” you stammered. “Wait a minute!” You kicked the door open, wincing because it was Lin’s car you just attacked, then scrambled out.

He watched you with wide eyes as you hurried around the car and halted in front of him. “I—I do,” you managed, slightly breathless. “Feel the same, I mean.”

He blinked at you, taken aback. “Really?” he half-laughed, sounding so innocent, and so happy, and so damn LIN, that you honestly couldn’t handle it.

“Just c'mere already,” you snapped, grabbing him by the collar and yanking your mouths together. There was a muffled noise of shock from him and he tensed. Then you angled your head, caught his lower lip between your teeth, and he wrapped his arms around you. And wow, you should’ve kissed Lin for a lot longer the first time, because this was like fire under your skin. His fingers curled in the fabric of your tank top, knuckles grazing your back. When he pressed his lips to yours harder, kissing you like he couldn’t get enough, you let out a little whine. His mouth curved up smugly and you wanted to punch him.

Instead, you planted your hands on his chest and shoved him up against the side of his car. You heard him gasp, and now it was you smirking into the kiss, sliding your hands up to the back of his neck. You kept going, wanting to see him unravel; your fingers threaded up into his hair and you leaned into him, bodies flush together. He made a sound that was dangerously close to a moan and only then did you break the kiss.

Inches apart, you stared at each other. Neither of you were really breathing at this point and you were now very aware of the fact that you were in a parking lot. Clearing your throat, you dropped your hands back down to his shoulders. “So um. Yeah. I definitely feel the same.”

Lin grinned back at you, eyes flicking down to his shoes in a show of adorable bashfulness. “Yeah. I figured.” And then, because he couldn’t resist: “It was the Ignition thing that won you over, right?”

“If you mention that again, I will break up with you.”

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