this man will be the reason of my death


I’m offering you the opportunity to confront the man implicated in the deaths of your family. Yes, I benefit from your actions, but the tide raises all ships, Mr. Castle. If, for some reason, my involvement diminishes your passion for answers for revenge, well, that’s your choice. But the war you waged on New York City, it got you nowhere. I’m offering you something no one else could. If you don’t want my help, fine. By all means, enjoy prison.

Things I love about Clone Wars

Ahsoka being an arrogant little shit

Anakin getting annoyed with Ahsoka for being an arrogant little shit

Anakin looking over at Obi-Wan and VISIBLY dropping it bc he knows he was 100x worse

the droids’ squeaky little “roger-roger”

the droids being REALLY FUCKING FUNNY like I cannot believe how entertaining they are

seriously though Ahsoka being such a good contrast to Anakin and his growing affection for her and how her very personality forces him to face his own flaws through her

Anakin being likeable while still having it make sense he went to the dark side; he’s brave and wild, reckless, brutal and scared.

the clones all having the same voice actor, they must have worked that man to death

the clones all having the same face, armor, and voice actor, and still being endearing, heroic, and individual




Anakin getting to be all Vader-y while the Imperial March plays I LOVE THE FOREGONE CONCLUSION EVEN WHILE IT BREAKS MY HEART

yoda not being as fucking freaky-looking as he was in the movies

yoda being genuinely inspirational

PADME MY LOVE she’s a magical charm person who can smile at someone and get them to adore her it’s beautiful and you can really see where Luke’s compassion and charisma came from

Padme and Anakin having ACTUAL CHEMISTRY by the GRACE OF GOD

ohhhh my god Barriss and Ahsoka are so gay for each other I love it and I’ll ship it forever

Things I Don’t Love About Clone Wars

im getting a little tired of yelling “HE’S EVIL WOULD YOU JUST KILL HIM ALREADY” every time Palpatine comes onscreen


In which I totally was Alya. 


I only wanted a bad excuse to show you guys this photo I took last summer :D An old man found this little fellow and as we stopped he told me and my friend that it’s a “death’s head hawk moth”. Sooo yeah.

(or an Akuma taking a break lol)

(PS: I didn’t touch it haha ♥)

  • Hook:If my brother could see me now, he'd be so ashamed.
  • Emma:What do you mean?
  • Hook:Of the pirate I became after his death.
  • Emma:*laughs*
  • Hook:Are you laughing at me Swan?
  • Emma:Yes. Because if your brother could see you now, he'd be so proud of the man you are today.
  • Hook:*looks away*
  • Emma:*makes him look at her* Of the man I fell in love with.

To all of my Jewish followers living or currently staying in a country that celebrates Easter, please be careful. There’re religious extremists and anti-semites who use Easter as an excuse to commit hate crimes against Jewish communities.

A Jewish man was murdered in Germany yesterday for such a reason, so please be careful.


idk if anyone has noticed this before (they probably have) but just LOOK how Roxanne is looking as Megamind I honestly can’t really describe it but it’s like “this fucking idiot” “my fucking idiot” “bless him for trying” “he is kinda cute in a dorky way”

and then in the second screenshot Metro Man realises how she’s looking at Megs and sure the main reason for him faking his death was bc he wanted freedom but he also wanted his OTP (Megs and Roxanne) to get together and you can’t convince me otherwise

i love reading these so i thought id write some :)

marrying michael would include:

  • ‘no we aren’t having nickleback as our first dance’
  • stressing out
  • ‘Calum! Where’s my tie?!’
  • michael’s hair being the ‘something blue’
  • all three boys being his best man to avoid them fighting over it
  • giving calum a death glare as he giggles when the priest says ‘if you know any reasons they should not be married, speak now’
  • having a three tier cake; two tiers for the guests, one for michael
  • feeding each other the first slice of cake and shoving it into each other faces
  • ‘michael its in my hair you little shit!’
  • slow dancing
  • crying happy tears
  • pushing back a loose strand of hair behind michael ear
  • smiling from ear to ear
  • so many ‘i love you’s and ‘I’m so happy’
  • him changing your name in his phone to ‘my sexy wife’
  • ‘hey babe, this time tomorrow we’ll be skinny dipping in the Mediterranean’ 
  • getting drunk
  • moshing and head banging to the ‘wedding playlist’ the boys put together
  • ‘this is the best day of my fucking life’
If you liked this and want me to do the other boys, let me knooooow.


Oh spirits that guide a man through the dark halls at death, guide me safely in life, past sorrow and depression, steer me from fear and anger and hopelessness. Let me always know the reason for my becoming. Let me hear what gods hear, see what gods see. When the sun is blotted from the sky, let even a small light shine to steer a man’s feet. Let me stand in light, bathe in light, clothe myself in light. Let me sit in the lap of gods and hear words of comfort. Oh offerers of cake and bearers of beer, let me not also starve for love, thirst for wisdom. Let my spirit be stronger today than it was yesterday, my heart more peaceful, my mind more fertile, my hands more gentle. Let gods touch my face. Let me go forth shining. Let my feet know the way. Let me walk and pass through fire. Let wild beasts and thieves by the roadside go on sleeping pleasant dreams. Let me pass undeterred into heaven.

Normandi Ellis. Awakening Osiris: A New Translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  Correctly translated as the Book of Coming into the Light

The more I read this version of the Egyptian Book of the Dead” aka the Book of Coming into the Light, is the more I realize that it really has nothing to do with death as we tend to think of it. It is about overcoming in this life and walking in light in this life and being filled by the forces/energy of the universe in this life.  Even the passage above is an extraordinarily powerful prayer/intention which applies to everyone.

just a few heartbreaking lines from Hamilton, act 1

“I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.”

“Nice going, Angelica- he was right, you will never be satisfied.”

“And if there’s a reason that I’m still alive, when everyone who loves me has died, I’m willing to wait for it.”

“I knew you’d fight until the war was won, but you deserve a chance to meet your son.”

“Will you relish being a poor man’s wife, unable to provide for your life?”

“I led my men straight into a massacre, I witnessed their death firsthand.”

“My father wasn’t around. I swear that I’ll be around for you.”

If the other captains witnessed Aizen's evolution...

As requested by anon. :)

If the other captains saw Aizen transform into his famous butterfly form, what would they think?

Gin: I knew I never liked butterflies.

Soi Fon: HEY



Komamura: Aizen is ruining butterflies?

Komamura: I can’t believe Aizen is ruining butterflies.

Komamura: What kind of man ruins butterflies?

Hitsugaya: I knew there was a reason I always distrusted the hell butterflies.


Kyoraku: Perhaps me and my brightly colored flower kimono will back off for a while.

Kyoraku: I don’t want Aizen to perch on me.

Byakuya: Everyone knows that the scariest insect is the spider.

Byakuya: I am surprised that Aizen did not try that.

Shutara: Um excuse you spiders are cool.

Kensei:  Well at least we visored can take comfort that literally all of our evolutions were cooler than this crap.

Urahara: Ohhhhh….so that condom thing Aizen was wearing before was a COCOON!

Urahara: It all makes sense now!

Yoruichi: And yet I’m not going to stop calling him ‘Gimp Aizen.’

Ukitake: Hm. “The Butterfly vs. The Strawberry”?

Ukitake: Sounds more like a children’s book than a final boss battle!

Tosen: Aizen-sama, I was a hollow cricket and you are a hollow butterfly.

Tosen: Time to start a 'hollow insect’ club!

Kenpachi: Hey Ichigo! I beat a hollow preying mantis and you’re about to beat a hollow butterfly!

Kenpachi: Time to start a 'killed a hollow insect’ club!

Tosen: …you are such a jerk.

Unohana: Sosuke Aizen, you have an illusion sword that controls vision.

Unohana: Surely you can do better than this.

Kurotsuchi: Yes, everyone knows that caterpillars are way more intimidating than butterflies!

Shinji: A butterfly?

Shinji: Gotta admit - I expected more from Aizen!

Rose: Yes. Surely he realizes that butterflies are scary to exactly no one.

Shinji: What is a butterfly going to do? Flap gently at you?

Rose: Perhaps perch on a flower in an intimidating fashion?

Shinji: What a silly evolution!

Yamamoto: [screaming]





Yamamoto: [screaming]



Shinji: Huh.

I wasn’t even thinking about Lestat when I wrote interview with the vampire I was thinking about Louis. Louis was the hero, everything revolved around Louis. Lestat just sprang to life in the corner of my eye. This character took on all this ferocity. I never sat down and thought “Well, this is based on my husband, Stan,” or “This is what Stan would do.” I had an idea of Lestat as the man of action, the man who could do things that I couldn’t do, that man who could make the decision that I never had the nerve to make; and the person who could go through life joyfully in spite of the questions that torment me — the doubts that torment me, the horror of death that torments me. Of course, that was tied up with the idea that he was an 18th century personality; he was from the age of reason, he was much more rational, much more cynical in some ways than Louis. Louis was more a naïve romantic character, much more I think 19th century. All of that was working in my mind. Not that the Romantic period is limited to the 19th century, certainly not; it starts in the 18th. But still, Lestat represented the Enlightenment. He represented a different view on things. He’s also inherently a comic character, in the sense of always triumphing and always coming back and never being really destroyed. He never really absorbs a tragic definition of himself for very long. He always comes back laughing at everything and just rebounding. It may take him a few years, but he always does it. I really wanted to explore a personality different from my own. He became a kind of dream version of what I’d like to be; he was the man I wanted to be; he was the person I wanted to be. I wanted his strength. And once he became a living character I never had to consciously steer him in any direction. It was just a matter of getting into Lestat and then he’d go, and he’d take me where he wanted in the novel. I never had to worry about his dialogue. My knowledge of him was so complete, and so instinctive, that I could just write. The other characters I might have to think about — where they were coming from, what they had to say. But not him. I know exactly what he thinks about everything. If I walk into a theater and see a play, I know whether he likes it or not. If I watch an opera, I know whether he loves that opera. If I go visit a city, I know what he thinks of that city. I’ll never be away from him; he’ll always be apart of me.
—  Anne Rice
Sasuke is a special young man, he needs to be handled with care.

Ok so i am not saying that he suffers from some ailment/disability. However Sasuke has emotional and psychological problems. He is not crazy but he still is in need of love, care and guidance. I cannot imagine the pain in his heart and this is one major reason why i ship Sasusaku. Aside from the fact that Sakura is in love with him, she has been shown to have a positive impact on this troubled young man (ref to forest of death hug/ curse seal subsiding and team 7’s bonds).

Sakura is a caring, loving and nurturing person. (She is also a doctor  see what i did there?). As such she can give Sasuke the love he needs; take care of him; teach him and guide him with respect to love, friendship, morality and sociability. It is my firm belief that Sakura’s love can and will save sasuke and heal his heart. 

Sakura also brings a sense of normality to team 7 and sasuke’s life. She has had everything Sasuke was deprived of. She has a family that loves her and no cursed blood line or psychological issues. Her only problem, really, his the pain experienced as a part of team 7. However generally, as a normal girl, she is different from the rest of team 7. Sasuke needs this.

Sakura is everything he is not; she completes him.

‘Opposites attract’:

Ppl who are different from us often possess qualities we wished we had; qualities we need; qualities they can use to help us. Therefore I believe that being with Sakura, her family and sharing a life with her can help sasuke tremendously. She is his chance at a family (both through their kids and her parents as in-laws). 

People like to say that she likes the bad boy but i think Sasusaku is about a girl in love who will never give up on saving and healing the man of her dreams. She is in love with him and he treasures her in his life.

It is not that opposites attract but that people with opposite but complementary personalities/qualities/pasts guide, nurture and depend one another and through their love and cohesion create a beautiful life together.

On a side note:

Based on what I believe Sasuke needs, I cannot see Karin as his true love. If he wanted sex then she would be right for him but it is obvious that sasuke wants and needs so much more.

Sakura’s strength as a woman:

Unlike Karin Sakura is also a strong enough woman and lover to not let her love overwhelm her and cloud her judgement. If sasuke does something wrong and destructive she will oppose him. A loner and rebel like Sasuke needs a strong woman to keep him in check and we all know what Sakura Haruno brings to the table: strength, determination, courage and her will of fire. Shout out to Tsunade, Naruto and Sasuke himself for helping her become this woman.

Karin is not bad, but she lacks the fortitude to oppose sasuke. Basically she would just let him do whatever he wants and not be able to stop him. Someone like Sasuke needs a pillar of strength; a rock in his life. He needs her strength in addition to her care.

Between both girls i believe sakura is the better choice. Not to mention she is closer to him. Supported by manga facts and databook entries. ;)

I will not hide my Destiel kink from Misha Collins

Let’s face it… Misha Collins ships Destiel. He ships it for his own reasons, even if it’s only to aggrevate the fans. But regardless of that he has seen plenty of pics/writing/videos etc and it doesn’t seem to phase him at all.

How can someone who encourages us to be our authentic selves daily and who is fairly open about himself, possibly kink shame anyone? He won’t, never would. He’s too caring.

This is the man who cries death to normalcy, regularly tries to incorporate Destiel and Cockles into ANYTHING he possibly can, and loves every one of us. He champions LGBTQIA rights, and has openly said he has no problem with Destiel becoming canon.

So I will NOT hide my kinks from you Misha, as they are a part of who I am. Rummage through my Tumblr, I look forward to you reading my graphic RP with Winchestifer. (I write Cas btw) it is pure porn and deliciously hot.

I have met you, groped you (thanks Richard Speight Jr) and eye sexed with you at dinner in Melbourne.


❤Hael xxx

Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.
—  Louise edrich

Grantaire is so precious
I feel he’d be into hipster music for the ironic reasons but actually love it

And secretly like pop music

Like so secretly he renamed all the songs on his phone so no one would find out


“Existential crisis”
“Blood on broken chairs”

“R what the fuck does blood on broken chairs mean”

“I dunno man it’s a metaphor for abandonment and the government or something”

“Oh that sounds interesting I’ll play-”


*welcome to New York starts playing*

“R, what is ‘Heavy metal shit with death screams of my enemies’ supposed to sound like?”

“I don’t know? Probably like… Really hardcore though..”

*teenage dream starts playing*

“Makes your ears bleed but in a good way. Like you wanted them to bleed”

*up town funk*

//contributions to headcanon: mynameissteverogers //


Is everyone watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? Because if you’re not, you need to stop whatever it is your doing and start watching it. What? You need reasons? You won’t just blindly accept my TV show recommendations despite my impeccable taste and the fact that I’ve NEVER led you astray before?

Ok. Fine. Here all the reasons you should commit yourself to a life of solitude until you’ve gotten through all the episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

1.     ESSIE DAVIS. Essie Davis. This broad is THE SHIT. She is in her forties and she will look better in death than I do in the prime of my life. These are the facts people. Essie Davis.

2.     Phryne Fisher is an icon. Like seriously. She has the best taste in clothes, men and weapons. In nearly every episode she has sex with some gorgeous man she just met…she used to pose nude for some French artist…when she was kid she was in the carnival…she keeps a dagger in her garter and a gun in her purse…she’s the best. Phryne Fisher. Know her. Love her. Emulate her.

3.     Her best friend is a gay doctor that wears the best looking suits around and is wicked smart.

4.     All the men on the show are super loyal to her and think she’s the shit as opposed to being intimidated by her or waste their time trying to belittle her.

5.     Speaking of men on the show…have we gotten to Nathan Page aka Detective Inspector Jack Robinson? Because break me off a piece of the Aussie honey…dude is F I N E

6.     And his chemistry with Essie Davis is out of this world. Like seriously, two seconds of them on screen together will definitely heat up your hard drive (AY OOOH)

7.     She’s got a wicked smart and loyal companion in Dot, her sidekick and house helper. Besides the plethora of other awesome ladies on the show…Dot and Phryne’s general musings on life, death and murder ensure that every episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries passes the Bechdel Test. EVERY DAMN EPISODE.

8.     Professor Sprout plays Miss Fisher’s aunt.

9.     The show is set in the twenties and shows women having sex, taking birth control, doing drugs and other generally human things that women have been doing for a long time, even though the patriarchy would like you to believe that for the majority of history we’ve sat demurely in dens cross stitching, or standing in kitchens cooking.

10.   SPOILER: There’s an episode where a girl that Phryne teaches manners and etiquette to shows up dead on a beach and so Phryne is all like FUCK THIS SHIT and teaches the rest of the girls self defense and its awesome

11.   The mysteries are predictable but entertaining, which means you are engaged enough to care about what is happening but still able to enjoy all the other fun stuff they do on the show. Like Miss Fisher having sex with a lot of gorgeous dudes.

12.   Seriously…the dudes on the show! In one episode she has sex with Russian ballet dancer. In another one she has sex with a Chinese aristocrat. In another a communist revolutionary. Like…it’s awesome. Phryne Fisher is having more sex than you and you should care. 

Ok. You should have stopped reading the list by now. I’m hoping by like #6 you were like…dude this show sounds fucking awesome…and you stopped reading and went to go watch it because all the current episodes are on Netflix. If you did keep reading I hope you realize how silly that was because it just took time away from you watching this show. GO WATCH IT NOW. Beautiful people, lots of sex, and MURDER…what more do you need?

Sasuke got off lightly for all the shit he’s pulled.

Imo, Sasuke deserved to be imprisoned with both Sharingan and Rinnegan sealed. Even without his arm and even while completely exhausted, he’d be a problem and now Naruto is the only person alive able to defeat him (at this point in the manga/anime).

He became a rogue-nin and teamed up with a man who’s an s-classed criminal, a man who caused the death of Sarutobi Hiruzen and countless other Konoha shinobi (not mentioning his experiments and whatnot, too). Granted, in the beginning, he never actually killed anyone and even said that they weren’t the ones he wished to kill, however, after Itachi’s death and learning the truth about the clan massacre, all that flew out the window and he stopped caring, even going as far as attempting to kill both former and current teammates.

That brings me to my next point: stop with the whole “Konoha didn’t care about him” and “Konoha was the reason why his clan was massacred” bullshit. As much as I love Itachi, he and Obito were the ones to kill the Uchiha Clan, after Itachi was ordered to do so by Danzo. Konoha did not order it and Hiruzen (Third Hokage) was disgusted by what had happened, saying he wished it hadn’t resorted to that. Konoha and everyone in Konoha was totally oblivious to it all. Haven’t you all been watching the flashbacks that are played over and over and over and over and over and over?

Going back to learning the truth about what happened: Sasuke stopped giving a fuck. All he wanted was revenge. He joined a criminal organisation, crashed the Kage Summit, killed countless samurai, attacked the Kage, killed the soon-to-be Sixth Hokage (Danzo had it coming, but the village didn’t and doesn’t know about Itachi’s orders), tried to kill Karin, Sakura, Kakashi and Naruto - several times, in some cases - and made it painfully obvious he wanted to destroy Konoha.

While he helped out in the war, he once again made it clear that he would become Hokage after killing all the other Kage and tailed beasts (and Naruto - shocker).

Sorry, but to me, that kind of sounds like a criminal. Had that been any other character, they would have locked them up and thrown away the key, or worse, executed them. But because he’s Naruto’s friend and a former student of the Sixth Hokage (Kakashi), he was pardoned. Sure, helping out in the war may have helped his case, but to that extent? Hell no!

I don’t even care if I get hate for this, because I’m only saying what everyone else (who aren’t huge Sasuke fans) is thinking! Sasuke deserved to be locked up and he deserved to be stripped over his most powerful asset (temporarily, obvs). What Itachi did, order or not, was unforgivable and there was absolutely no coming back from it. Why is it different for Sasuke?

“I was and am still so upset to see Scooter die in TFTBL; although he died a hero he was, in my opinion, one of the humerus characters that made Borderlands well…Borderlands. I’m sad to see him go. R.I.P Scooter - We’ll miss you. Catch a Riiiiiiiiide!”

“The voice actor may have his reasons, but GOD DAMN why did Scooter have to die!?
Catch-A-Ride Yall.”

“Scooter’s death is the thing that’s affected me most in…hell, any medium, not just video games.
Catch-a-ride, man. catch a ride.”

“If you think I’m not upset about Scooter’s death then you’re dead wrong. Why did Janey even add those doors over the button? What was the point?”

“[sobbing profusely while typing this]CATCH A RIIIIIIIIIIIII—*BOOM*… Scooter went out in a way that will piss me off if they don’t make a quest in the next borderlands with Mr. Torgue, Moxxi, and Ellie involved.”

“I miss Scooter already.”

“Scooter’s death hit me really hard. I had to pause episode 4 for like an hour because I couldn’t stop crying. He’s by far my favorite Borderlands character and I’m really gonna miss hearing his silly lines… See you space cowboy. ಥ_ಥ”

“You guys seriously don’t think that Scooter is [SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEER], right? Either way, I had launched his sattelite on TFTBL ^_^” 

I think that was one of the most well done deaths in TWD history. Gets right up there with Jim's. Why? I shall list you the reasons:

1) A man as psychically strong as Tyreese got snuck up on by one walker, it shows how dangerous they are and how in this world you truly “Can never let your guard down”

2) The hallucinations. When I die, that’s what I would want, to be surrounded by my friends and family passed and not passed; and be told “Its all going to be okay.”

3) It kept you on your toes, one second you thought he was a goner the next he might have a chance.

4) Raises the question, can someone like Tyreese, a person that this new world didn’t change, survive in this world?

5) At the end its shown just how good of a man Tyreese was, and how many lives he affected for the good.

If just once you were depressed for no reason, you have been so all your life without knowing it. Becoming: an agony without an ending.The older I grow, the less I enjoy performing my little Hamlet. The desire to die was my one and only concern; to it I have sacrificed everything, even death. If History had a goal, how lamentable would be the fate of those of us who have accomplished nothing! On the frontiers of the self: ‘What I have suffered, what I am suffering, no one will ever know, not even I’. Events - tumors of time. Man secretes disaster. The secret of my adaptation to life? - I’ve changed despairs the way I’ve changed shirts. Each day is a Rubicon in which I aspire to be drowned.
—  Emil Cioran