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Namjoon went SO DEEP, straight philosopher (AGAIN):

Themes of fate and destiny run through this album. Have you always believed you have a set path?

RM: Nietzsche… one of his famous phrases was amor fati, or ‘love your fate’. Let’s say, me who is born in Korea, and you, Taylor who is born Australia, we can’t change that, we cannot have the same life. Amor fati isn’t just saying leave everything to fate, but to first accept things we can’t change. Love our fate, and our environment, then (think) we could do something with fate and turn directions. We’re on some path that’s set since we’re born, but I still believe we can change some things. So I believe in my faith but I still don’t believe in my fate (laughs).


RM x Overalls💛✨💛✨ a concept that needs more appreciation!! i love kim namjoon bts’ resident fashionista can you believe how moe he is in overalls ungg

please click to full view!! the dashboard previews arent great > <

imagine steve trying to control richie tozier; as if the stranger kids were a fucking handful, now he has to deal with mike constantly fighting his body double because richie says he’s the handsome one of the two, richie constantly flirting with max, and steve having to hold lucas back from throttling him every 5 minutes, and richie and dustin would basically become bffs and make jokes and hype the other up during battle and steve is just running around trying to control his new, ADHD ridden son that can’t stop FUCKING SWEARING

I have some thoughts, on insect monster boyfriends, so please consider….

  • really sweet insect boyfriends who are so used to worrying about AN ENTIRE HIVE that they really want to do everything around the house. You try really hard to help, but he’s very insistent that you focus on your hobbies or work and let him do the housework. And it’s not just because he’s used to it, he genuinely LOVES doing stuff around the house. It’s kind of weird actually. You talk to him about how it’s only fair to share duties around the house and then when you try to split up chores he’s like “I can’t decide, i like doing all these things.” and you’re like????
  • Insect boyfriends who turn your entire house into a nest and it’s like silk so it’s super soft and keeps the house so much warmer. And he’s constantly worrying about you while you’re gone from the house because what if you get attacked??? or catch a cold??? WHY ARE HUMANS SO FRAGILE??? And then you finally get home and he’s all over you for like 2 hours, fretting like a mother hen and touching you with his antenna to check your vitals and mood.
  • Three bee monster boyfriends who make you lots of literally the best honey you’ve ever had and they treat you like top dog.They’re way more eager than any human to be at your beck and call. All three of them heavily devoted to you, but perhaps a little too aggressive towards other people who come in the house. They’re especially agitated by others of (your sex/gender) because they feel like they might be a threat to your authority.
  • A super cute but slightly nervous preying mantis boyfriend who really likes you but isn’t too keen on the idea of maybe getting his head bit off. You’re constantly reassuring him that humans don’t eat the heads off their mates. So of course he’s confused by certain sexual slang. Despite being skittish around you he’s pretty chill with other people, which was really confusing early on in the relationship. But he assures you he’s only nervous because he’s genuinely interested in you.
  • Centipede boyfriends with lots of arms who like to completely curl around you because they’re honestly really protective and they want to make sure nothing comes and gets you while you’re resting. At least he has hard plating but you’re all squishy and soft. He loves that though, he loves how pliable you are and sometimes when he’s bored he’ll nibble on you idly because he likes how your skin molds under his mandibles and tongue.

I love me some insect boys.


I literally love the head cannons of Reigen having a big fat crush on his fav hero, so new au where Reigen and Saitama are married and raise Mob together, affectionately dubbed Two Monsters and a Con Man, were Reigen just fucking tries to keep his weirdly powerful family from destroying the house.