this man this monster

Absolutely one of the most powerful pieces of art I’ve ever seen by that amazingly talented KickAir8P

When I seen this I started to cry, it said so many wonderful things all at once about Hulk. First that Hulk isn’t some mindless monster, that just like Bruce he has feelings and gets scared. That when he does come out it’s to protect Bruce and those Bruce cares about and loves. I adore that he is snuggling a teddy bear, cause I’m a grown ass woman and to this day I sleep with my teddy bear and snuggle him when I’m upset. Also that Hulk’s teddy looks like someone we all know Hulk loves, which is Iron Man. 

I ship Science Bros’ hard and this to is perfect.
Cause my head canon is that Tony gave his favorite Huge Green Jelly Bean the bear because he thought Hulk would like to have something to hug and snuggle when he get scared or is waiting for the team and/or Tony to find him. Also for when Bruce transforms back from being Hulk. Cause sorry not sorry Tony loves Bruce and would do something like this for him. Cause when it comes to Bruce and Hulk, Tony is all heart. 


I seriously miss my beautiful crispy boy so much! I honestly don’t know what I was expecting from Honest Hearts when I first played it, but it is still definitely one of my most favorite game DLC’s of all time!

I don’t even know how many years it’s been, but I’m still recovering from it not being canon to take him with me as a permanent companion. Graham, how could you hurt me?? D: 

(Had to reupload. Something went wrong last time.)