this man really loved this planet

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Can I request a Coran imagine where he's just spouting out random facts about altea and the s/o is just staring at him lovingly, and he stops cuz he thinks he's annoying the , but there like "no, don't stop keep going"? I just love how you write coran. 💝❤️💜

“And that’s why we can change our height when we get really nervous!” Coran spouted.

You stared at him in fascination as he dove into explaining how the castle moves from planet to planet. Coran noticed the way you were staring at him and stopped talking.

“I’m sorry. I guess I shouldn’t explain too much,” Coran said modestly.

“What! Why?” You said, confused as to why the orange haired man had stopped talking. 

“I thought you didn’t want to to tell you all this,” Coran explained.

“No, no, don’t stop! Keep going!” You urged, moving closer to Coran.

hey uh... psa about pearlgreg

Ok imma be really blunt about the lesbian thing ok stay with me.

I personally believe that gems don’t/can’t have a sexual preference, meaning that pearl isn’t technically gay.

Like I think that all gems are just pan or something or at least panromantic.

Otherwise how could it make sense that Rose, who came from a planet with only female-identifying and coded (as far as canon goes) people, falls in love with a masculine, probably cis man?

Like pls don’t take offense if you don’t agree with this I just don’t think that gems really care about gender even if it’s the opposite one.

Hunk headcanons because this boy needs more love

He’s like Pidge’s right-hand man. He may not do all the modifications to his lion as she does to hers, but he helps her out with all of hers.

He performs engineering duties around the castle and is really familiar with Altean technology now. He helps fix the particle barrier and helps with castle flight issues.

Lance goes to him whenever he needs to talk and Hunk just listens to Lance vent. He helps him talk through his issues and whatever is bringing him down.

He keeps little alien plants in his room from different planets they’ve visited. He once had to literally eject a plant from the castle because it was setting random things on fire. (“You can’t keep this plant Hunk.” “But it’s so little!” “Hunk it set Keith on fire it’s leAVING!”

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More than one person asked for Hunk so he’s first!
Here goes:
• I made a post a while ago about Hunk stress baking/cooking, I do it sometimes and can totally see him doing it too
• Always being available to talk to. Feeling homesick? Need motherly advice? Hunk is THERE, man.
• Building off that, he gives KILLER advice. Hunk is wise beyond his years.
• Hunk mediates the arguing between Keith and Lance, and also helps resolve all other issues between the paladins with his Insightful Advice™
• Totally willing for his suit and his lion to be the subject of Pidge’s experiments and tinkerings
• I believe that he’s a really fast learner. I don’t have very much to back this up, I just feel like he is.
• Animals on foreign planets are drawn to him and they all love him and he loves them
•I need more Hunk appreciation team Hunk ftw

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Hiii ^u^ I stopped reading d gray man like... 5 years ago I think. I loved the characters, the story kinda... idk, but it never updated, and I forgot and then stopped completely. In your opinion, should I continue reading? :3

Well, uh… you’re kind of asking one of the most biased people on the planet here, so…. yes……………

But honestly, it really depends on you? People’s experiences of fiction are very personal. No two people get the exact same things out of any given story. No matter how well-written something is, if one particular reader gets nothing out of it, it’s still a bad story for them. And vice versa: no matter how technically abysmal, if one particular reader gets something out of it, it’s a good story for them.

DGM is just about the perfect story for me, but it doesn’t play well with everyone, and I can’t even begin to guess at what it would or wouldn’t do for  you.

If you just want to know if the quality has declined at all, or if it’s jumped the shark: in my opinion, no, it absolutely has not. So if you liked everything up to where you left off, you’ll probably like what comes after too.

If you do come back, I’m sure you’d be welcome in fandom, and I personally would be happy to answer any questions you might have. ♥

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Sheesh, you seem to dislike Freedom Planet. Is there a reason for that?

Because the only reason it ever got popular is because it claimed to play like Sonic and Mega Man X, two things I really do love, and it plays like neither of them . It doesn’t have the fun mometum based platforming of the classic Sonic games, and it doesn’t have the frantic, fun, and tight gameplay of Mega Man X. It’s a decidedly average platformer that plays more like Rocket Knight than the former two games I mentioned.

And yet I’ve seen people claim this is on par with, if not better than the Genesis Sonic games, and I have to wonder if the internet’s hateboner for Sonic was a big part as to why it briefly got a lot of love.

So, I don’t really hate the game itself, it’s pretty goddamn average all things considered putting aside the Sonic comparisons for a second . I hate how overhyped this game got and it baffles me that people think it’s really THAT great. At least the game looks good, so I’ll give it that I guess.