this man is why i got a writing degree

anonymous asked:

Hey, i read that you've a degree in creative writing and I wanted to ask if you recommend it. Because I'm thinking about studying it but my sister always mocks me

I highly recommend it! 

When I first began my English degree, they brought us all into a room and said, “I know not a single one of you has a parent that’s happy you are here.” We laughed, but it was true; no one takes an English degree seriously. The man in charge of this “seminar” for lack of a better word, went on to say that most majors have a job associated with them: psychology majors become psychologists, biology majors become biologists, etc. But there’s no English-ologist. 

Being an English major is not a training course for a job: it’s a way of thinking. And that scares a lot of people. What are you going to do with that job, they ask. 

The answer? A heck of a lot. 

English, and especially creative writing, is part a psychology degree, part a sociology degree, part a hospitality degree, and part an arts degree. It teaches you to understand people, to communicate effectively, to problem solve, to think ahead, to juggle large groups, to think outside of the box, etc. All of these traits necessary to form a plot and create characters out of thin air are also vital in any company, and that’s what’s making English degrees one of the most sought after in business. HR departments need you, law firms need you, even science departments need you!

In a Huffington Post article entitled “Why I Hire English Majors” a business man wrote: 

I think what I appreciate most about English majors is that they are taught to think critically, and that is exactly what I want in my business.

And he’s not the only one! Humanity degrees are not the point-fun-at “mistake” our parents all told us they were, not anymore! Whether or not you continue the arts path (I just got admitted into an MFA grad program at the University of Hawaii where I will be continuing my education in creative writing and taking on a teaching apprenticeship to teach creative writing as well–a way to stay on the “creative” path with this major), there are other jobs you will be qualified for after a four year degree. 

I’ve included the original packet I received on my very first day in college here. This helped me four years ago, and it’s still helping me now.