this man is too awesome for words

she was a queen
with neither crown nor kingdom,
the most powerful piece on the board
with no moves left to make,
so she overturned the table.
—  l.s.CHRYSALIS © 2016

Inspired by today’s eclipse and for @sterekwritingroom‘s flash event.


The first group of weres pass through Beacon Hills on a Thursday. Stiles probably wouldn’t notice except that he’s spent the past year and a half hanging out almost exclusively with supernatural beings and that… well, ok, these guys aren’t exactly subtle. They tilt their heads almost in sync as he passes by them –– heading in to pay cash at the gas station while they pile back into their packed SUV. Noses flare, stances shift, and Stiles has about point five seconds to plan a bolt back to the Jeep before one of them’s announcing “Don’t trouble your Alpha; we’re just passing north for the event.” And then they’re back in the SUV and gone.

So… yeah, not to diminish Stiles’ awesome deductive skills here but… not subtle.

The second sighting happens before school on Friday, when Stiles ducks into the Dunkin’ Donuts for some much needed coffee and practically trips over a trio of sugar-high toddlers. One of them, wearing what looks like a home-painted t-shirt, decorated with a slightly uneven yellow circle, is midway through whining “Momma, we’re gonna miss the––“ when she stops in her tracks to stare up at him.

Stiles blinks down at her, the door perched against his elbow.

“Say ‘scuse me,” the boy next to her murmurs. It’s too early for this, brain crawling the sludge-slow of non-coffee through his system, and Stiles isn’t sure which of them he’s talking to.

“Excuse me,” he says and all three immediately shuffle, staring wide enough it makes Stiles’ eyes ache for them. He starts past, scrubbing a hand across his jaw self-consciously, wondering if he’d missed sleep drool or a sock in his hair or something on his mad rush out the door but, two steps past, the youngest kid snuffles and speaks up, soft: “Are you gonna come see the moon with us?”

It takes another step for Stiles to register that she’s talking to him, but by the time he blinks back the boy’s already tutting at her.

“No Lucy. He’ll go with his own pack.”

The little girl’s mouth opens in a wide, understanding O, while her older sister tugs proudly on her yellow circle shirt. It’s painted a messy black in the middle, inside the bright golden edge, and Stiles kind of forgets coffee for a minute in the face of actual werewolf children and then there’s a woman stepping up behind them, coffee and a box of munchkins in hand, dropping a fond hand to ruffle the boy’s hair as she gives Stiles an apologetic smile.

“Sorry about that, they’ve never been through another pack’s territory before. We’ve been driving since Arizona –– long trip for the little ones. But I couldn’t miss the chance for them to experience this. Best sighting until totality in 2017!”

“I’ll be ten,” says the boy, in the tone of one who’s done the math very carefully a dozen times over.

Stiles nods, a little lost because werewolf toddlers, and manages “well that’s… good.”

“I’m two,” the youngest puts in proudly, vaguely missing the thread of the conversation but eager to take part, and Stiles smiles back, wishing he had a little more coffee in his system because it’s not like he’s oblivious about what’s going on in the world this weekend, but he’s starting to feel a little dense for not connecting all kinds of dots sooner.

Then again, there’s another person who probably could’ve connected them for him.

“They don’t know how lucky they are,” the woman adds, beaming down. “I had to wait years for my first one and I’ll never forget the experience. Of course, you won’t feel it the same way as us,” her tone going apologetic, “but I’m sure your pack can’t wait to take part.”

And then she’s ushering the kids out the door with promises of donuts in the car, and Stiles is tugging out his phone, pulling up Derek Hale’s number.


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“You look good in red.”

A Peter Parker x Reader Fic 

Summary: You know Peter’s secret, you know he’s Spider-Man. But where’s the fun in letting him know that outright? It’s more fun to tease him about it…until you end up in between him and the Green Goblin. 

Warnings: fluff, some minor angst, I wrote the reader shorter than Peter so I apologize to those who’re taller than him ( :/ ), it’s long

A/N: I’d like to give a ginormous thank you to @riseofthehufflepuffs for always being there to help me with my Peter Parker fics and reading them for me no matter how shitty they are. Thank you, Mrs. Parker, you’re the freaking best friend a person could ask for and I’m so excited to see FOB live with you in Novemeber!

“So, Parker.” You poked at your food leisurely. “Do anything fun last night?”

“N-No.” He ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Just worked on some homework, yah know.” 

“Did you see the news?” You dropped your head into your hands, narrowing your eyes at your friend. “That robbery downtown seemed intense.”

“Yeah.” Peter nodded. 

“Thank the heavens Spider-Man swooped in and took them down.” You continued on. “It was crazy, I can’t even begin to fathom living a life like that. Living half as a well-known superhero and the other as, well, some random person. I wonder who they are…”

“Probably just some random person, like you said.” Peter sipped on his drink. “I doubt we know them.”

“Yeah.” You mentally scoffed. “You’re probably right.”

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I think you’re putting me on a pedestal, and putting yourself way too down– That’s why you’d call me the sun. But I know you, dude. I know you’re actually awesomely talented. And I know that you’re actually a super fun, super sunny kid!

So, to put it using your words you’re even more amazing than any sun. The sun’d get outshone by you, man!! Guess what I’m trying to say is… Just be confident, Tamaki!!

Your name is… Suneater.

*banging pots and pans* BOY IS NOT A BAD WORD

If you’re trans and you identify in whole or part as a boy, good for you!!! You’re not contributing to the infantilization of trans men by being yourself. Boys can be soft and sensitive, and they can also be incredibly strong and creative and awesome in ways too numerous to list! 

The word “boy” carries a different connotation from the word “man,” and that’s okay! Just use whichever word makes you feel most comfortable. Personally, being a boy to me means that I retain my ties to softness and childhood and I find that liberating. Other guys get euphoric when they’re referred to as men. Everybody’s different and both of these things are totally okay! 

Why Spideypool NEEDS to be Canon

Okay, I’m just going on a rant here, but this is something I feel needs to be said. Deadpool is easily the most well-known super-hero to be included as part of the LGBT+ community. For those who don’t know, he is pansexual. I too am pansexual, and to have a hero as awesome and crazy as Deadpool out there spreading awareness of what is one of the least known and acknowledged sexualities out there is really important to me. I’m proud of my sexuality, and quite frankly, I don’t care whether you think Deadpool is a morally sound character or not (he isn’t), because he has now surpassed Spider-man as the most popular Marvel character. (Sorry Petey.) Deadpool could raise awareness of a group of people who are grossly underrepresented in media, so, in a few words, I am done with this “no homo” bullshit that the comics are putting out. Honestly, thank Chuck for Ryan Reynolds, who actually gives a shiznip about portraying the character honestly. (A little peeved that they didn’t include the boxes, speaking as a diagnosed schizoaffective, but whatevs.) The point is, Deadpool IS pansexual. The writers can’t take that back. It’s out there in all its full-frontal-nudity canonical glory. 

Now, Marvel Comics started a Spider-man/Deadpool comic series, that is ongoing, not because they thought, oh, this would probably sell, or hey, these two have had some pretty cool team-ups in the past, but because the SHIPPERS campaigned for it. Yeah, you heard me right. This comic series was started because the fans asked for it, and then an email was given out so fans could let the writers know that they would buy a comic about Spider-man and Deadpool in a relationship. And, in case there was any confusion, the relationship the shippers want is not platonic. We’re talking gay-ass face fucking while totally naked in San Francisco kind of homosexuality.

Now, Deadpool has a crush on Spider-man. Also a canonical fact. I can’t exactly blame him; that costume is tight in ALL the right places. So, all we need is to get Spidey on board. Let’s take a look at the arguments, shall we?

“But Peter’s too young!”

Okay, Deadpool did fall in love with a teenager once. Wow, Marvel Comics. Your past canon is really fucking you up the ass without lube right now, huh? Granted, he left her because he didn’t want to ruin her life, but I think it’s fair to say Deadpool doesn’t really care about the age of his lovers, as opposed to the mental maturity (or immaturity, as the case may be). I think he really needs someone to click with, and yeah, Deadpool would never, EVER get it on with a minor, but Peter has been portrayed at any number of ages, from high school into college. The minute Petey-pie turns 18, he’s fair game as far as Deadpool is concerned.

“But Peter’s straight!”

Wow, imaginary person in my head that I’m using exclusively to make my argument stronger, have you forgotten what you just said? Peter IS YOUNG. I had some difficulty figuring out my sexuality. I thought I was gay, then I thought I was bi, and then I thought I was gay again (turns out I just really enjoy taking it up the ass) so it’s not like Peter’s sexuality is set in stone.

Now, if Peter was a real person, I would never say that he had to be gay for social justice reasons. You can’t force a real person to change their sexuality just because it might help your cause. However, Peter Parker is a fictional character who still has every potential in the canonical universe the comics have set up to come out as bi, or whatever.

So, there you go, make it canon, Ryan Reynolds is awesome, go Canada, Spideypool for the win!


Happy accidents

This is written for Kim AKA @ilostmyshoe-79 and her sweet emotions challenge for hitting 27k followers  (woo!) I picked ‘coping’. Not 100% certain if this works but hopefully you all enjoy it anyway :)

Word count: 837

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared and Gen

Warnings: mentions of injury to reader

A/N: this is a work of fiction and in no way is hatred towards the Ackles! They’re awesome! Just pretend Danneel is happily loved up with another hunky man for this

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Cross My Heart

1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “Hell no! You’re not leaving the house like that.“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @iwantthedean

“Damn, Y/N! You look fucking delicious.” Dean lets out a low growl from the back of his throat as he closes the gap between you. 

“Thanks, love.” You giggle giving him a kiss on the cheek as he admires your wardrobe up close.

“You did all of this for me?” Your boyfriend licks his lips, sliding his rough hands up your thighs with the intention of landing under your skirt. 

“Huh?” You step back from his grasp, all shades of confused and he’s now mirroring your perplexed expression.

“This!” He gestures to your sexy costume.

“You’re kidding right, Winchester?” You sass with your hands on your hips.

“Sweetheart, I would never kid about a naughty school girl outfit.” His lust blown hazel eyes scan your form like he’s about to devour you. 

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Meet Sarah Manning (2nd pic, resident badass) and Allison Hendrix (4th pic, Typical Suburban Soccer Mom). The other two, of course, are Alex Drake.

The bangs, sweater and the ponytail. The British accent, bar, troubled childhood, and even the same hairstyle (on the same side, no less). They’re very similar, don’t you think?

Well, Sarah and Allison are from a show called Orphan Black, an indie tv show about clones from Canada. Oh, and fun fact! Patrick, Troian’s husband! Has been on that show!! Hilarious, right!!

So I have a theory.

Obviously, most actors watch at least a little of the show they act on to get a feel for their role. So naturally, we can assume that Patrick watched Orphan Black before appearing on it, and Troian most likely did too.

So word gets around, and Marlene begins watching this (awesome!) show. And Marlene likes it. And Marlene has an idea. And we all know what happens when she gets those…

Lucky Day || Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by hoseokxx

Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Fluff

“It’s just a little sprain. As long as you keep him off it and keep it wrapped it should get better in no time. If he starts to show a serious amount of pain, give him a few of the pills I gave you and he should be fine.” The words left your mouth with ease, barely thinking about the sentence.

You had said it so many times before to worried owners that it was almost like a habit now. The woman gave you a thankful smile before quickly leaving the room.

It was just like any other day to you. A little bit slower than usual but it was nice as you had just come back from a holiday. Your skin had become darker over your holiday and it was showcased as you walked around the facility. Everyone had complimented you, saying you looked better and healthier than ever.

There were sounds of dogs barking out in the front of the clinic, and you couldn’t help the urge but to poke your head outside. You absolutely loved animals, which was why you were working here. Seeing all of them everyday seemed more like a dream to you than a job.

Never once had you felt bad about going to work or gotten annoyed while you were there. You were able to treat them and make them better when they were sick or injured, and it was the most rewarding thing to you.

You had your own dog at home whom you took care of. She was your pride and joy, and most of the time your friends joked about you acting more like a mother than an owner. You would talk to her just like normal parents would talk to a baby.

There was no way you would admit it to your friends, but your dog was your best friend. She was always there for you and never once did she let you down. She may have had a habit of chewing up your things once in a while but it was never something that wasn’t easily replaceable.

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Insecurity (Roman Godfrey x reader imagine)

Originally posted by kitapgibikokanduygular

Fandom: Hemlock Grove

Chapters: One shot

Warning: None

Summary: Imagine being pregnant with Roman

A/N: Seems like I magically did something with original post, so I repost it. Enjoy!  

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anonymous asked:

I haven't been on Tumblr for a while,and when i finally wanted to come back,it was your comic that made me excited.While i read through all the stuff i missed i got a case of the feels in some parts,other parts made me sit at the end of my seat!The part that really got me was when Sans turned into Chara! You've improved so much and i just want to say how proud i am to be part of this fanbase!Also when you need to take a break, DONT BE SORRY!You've worked really hard you earned it! Love ya! ^///^

Oh man thank you so much!! ;///; I’m so happy you enjoy reading my comic and liked that part so much ;; thank you for your kind words! I’m very happy to be in the fandom too since there are so many awesome and kind people like you ;; I’m having so much fun being here thank you


Unknown messages // Jungkook - 01 I 02 I 03 I 04 I 05 I 06I 07 I 08

Phone conversation

 - “Y/N?" 

 "Six year old coming through,”


 "You there?" 


 "So, what do I sound like?”

 "My ideal type,“

 "G-go away,”

 "So my voice does make you nervous!“ 


 "You stuttered,“

 "I always stutter,”

 "I’m sure you do,“

 "Whatever, are you satisfied with my voice, can I hang up now and we can go back to texting?”

 "Now where’s the fun in that?“

 "You can’t hear me?" 

 "You sound fine," 

 "Right but I’m barely capable of holding my phone,”

 "Are you nervous?“ 

 "Nervous is not the word to use." 

 "You’re not socially stable, are you?”

 "That obvious?“

 "I think you’re doing really fine!”

 "I am?“



 "So are you alone today too?”

 "Like always. Just listening to some acoustic songs,“

 "What’s your favorite?" 

 "Acoustic song?" 


 "One in a million cover,”

 "She’s really good,“ 

 "She is, I wish I could play the guitar,”

 "I could teach you one day,“ 

 "You play guitar?”


 "Awesome, I’ll be waiting," 

 "You can’t stop thinking about me can you?”

 "What is your problem?“ 

 "My problem is not being able to speak Spanish, man I wish I knew espanol”

 "Why are you laughing?“

 "You’re so weird,”

 "I’m sorry. You’re just so weird it’s making me crack up, and consider this a good thing cause I don’t laugh at things easily. Also, I know I sound like a dying octopus when I laugh,“

 "Your laugh is cute.”

Cappuccino | Doctor Strange One Shot

requested by: @tsukuyomi011
“Hello! Just read your Stephen strange imagine… loved it. Since there seems to be an appalling shortage of Strange imagines… might I request for one too? Where Pre-crash Strange’s subordinates are adamant to set him up with the newly appointed hot cardiosurgeon if only to see him make a fool of himself but their plan backfires when they hit it off instantly? Something light and comedic?? Your blog’s awesome btw. Keep it up! :)”
word count: 1133 words
warnings: sprains, burns, hot drinks, hot man.

Not a sound was made as you made the last suture on the pulmonary valve, but once you set down the surgical tools, cheers erupted throughout the operating room. You had just done a surgical ventricular restoration, arguably one of the most risky heart surgeries someone could do. But for you it was just another Tuesday, being the top cardio surgeon in Western world sometimes took the fun out things. All most immediately as you walked out of the operating room you were hounded by the doctors and nurses of New York Hospital, a small group of residents asked if you knew Doctor Strange. You shook your head and excused yourself.

The chief of the hospital had managed to keep you around for the next couple of months, so you could mentor some of the hospital’s doctors. You had just finished a skills lab and had a headache that could split a boulder in half. The next thing you knew you were on the floor, with a scalding hot sensation in your chest, along with a large weight on top of you. Groaning, you tried to sit up, but knocked heads with whoever was on top of you.

“Oh my, I’m sorry, miss,“ a voice apologised, the weight lifting off you.

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Summary: Aviophobia (the fear of flying in an aeroplane) had plagued you for as long as you could remember. Then one day on a flight from Las Vegas to Washington, you end up seated next to Dr Spencer Reid, and suddenly air travel doesn’t seem so bad anymore. 

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader

Warnings: none!! Just our favourite federal agent being a big sweetheart.

Check out some of my other work over at my Masterlist !

Originally posted by accio-fan-fiction

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Trans* Positivity & Advice

Advice for trans* guys and male-aligned non-binaries!

-use men’s deodorant and cleaning products

-bind! Buy a binder. If unable to, use sports bras. (One normal. One backwards.)

- pack! Buy a packer. If unable to, use socks. (Make sure it doesn’t look like you have an erection.)

-if comfortable with, don’t shave (legs, underarms, etc.)

-try shaving your face.

-wear clothes that you feel masculine in

-wear boxers! If unable to, wear women’s boy shorts.

-get a haircut. If unable to, beanies or pin your hair. 

- try naturally deepening your voice. (Humming as low as you can moving you head up, etc.)

- you can even try using makeup to make your face have more masculine features!

I hope this helped my trans guy and male-aligned non-binary peeps!

Advice for trans women or female-aligned  non-binaries!

-use feminine deodorant or cleaning products.

-wear more feminine clothing. If unable to, wear clothes that you are comfortable with but won’t out you.

-shave your legs or underarms if that is feminine to you.

- let your hair grow out. 

-try make-up, if you want.

-maybe try feminine underwear. If you are unable to, get boxer briefs and cut them to your preferred length.

-bras. Try maybe using fake breasts if you want and wearing bras.

I hope this helps my trans* women or female-aligned non-binary peeps!

Some positivity!:

Dear trans* men or male-aligned non-binary people, 

You look absolutely handsome! You are rocking those clothes and you are awesome! If dysphoria is getting you down, then relax and try to drink a warm beverage. You are many/a man. No matter what others may think. If you’re a little more feminine, then you are fucking awesome, too! You rock those clothes or that make-up. You look amazing and are no less of a man/masculine person.

Dear trans* women and female-aligned people, 

You look beautiful! I love your hair. You are rocking those clothes. You are an amazing person! If dysphoria is getting you down, then relax. Try to drink a warm drink and calm yourself. You are a women/feminine person. No matter the words of others. If you are a bit more masculine, you look fucking awesome! I love that on you. 

Androgynous peeps, 

You look amazing! You are no less of whatever gender you identify with. You are perfect the way you are. You are absolutely fabulous!

I hope all of you are doing well! You guys are awesome! You are valid! I hope you have a great day. 

(Share to, maybe, help someone out.)

Klaine one-shot - “The Gourd You Give” (Rated PG)

It’s just another day at work for Kurt when a handsome man bursts through the door and begs Kurt for a pumpkin. (1577 words)

A/N: This is a re-write. Warning for mention of illness. Meet cute.

Read on AO3.

“Help me! Quick! I need a pumpkin!”

The words fire out so quickly from the man’s mouth that his request is finished before the bells over the door stop jingling. Kurt looks up from the issue of Vogue open on the counter he’s sitting behind and straight into the eyes of the most desperate man he’s ever seen – harried for certain, curls that have been gelled down within an inch of their life breaking free around his hairline, hazel eyes shimmering from the cold, his cheeks flushed from running (Kurt assumes, since he’s panting like a tired dog). Plus, the door has a brand new dent from where the man slammed into it before he realized it was a pull door and not a push.

“Uh … okay.” Kurt puts a worn business card into the binding of his magazine to mark his spot, then closes it to handle his manic customer. “You do realize you’ve just entered a costume shop, though. Not a supermarket.”

“I know.” The man nods vigorously, taking a deep breath. “I need a pumpkin costume.”

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10 Movies This Child of the ‘80s Wants Her Kids to Learn Fromsource (Huffington Post)

1. Each of us is a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. (The Breakfast Club)

2. The world is full of guys. Don’t be a guy; be a man. (Say Anything)

3. Your mom and dad were young and clueless and angst-ridden once, too. (Back to the Future)

4. Sometimes awesome people might “live to like you,” and you might not feel the same way. That’s OK. (Pretty in Pink)

5. No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world. (Dead Poets Society)

6. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

7. Say “bless you” when someone sneezes. (Singles)

8. We are all Goonies. (The Goonies)

9. I’ll be right here. (E.T.: The Extraterrestrial)

10. Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line. (The Princess Bride)

malec4everr  asked:

New writer ask meme... how about You've got mail Coldflash AU with tons of angst and tons of smut and fluff towards the end??

(WHAT are you doing to me!)

Barry Allen owns and runs his mother’s bookshop, which he practically grew up in and has worked at all his life. His mother died from a B&E when he was 10, but that just makes the shop more special to him. His father passed away last year after a heart-attack, and ever since, Barry has been even more obsessed with staying in the shop rather than going out with friends or dating or anything outside of work.

Iris, his best friend since school days, keeps trying to get him to just DATE and live his life, but Barry never confessed that his first love was HER, and now she’s married and pregnant with her first child, and that just makes it harder even though Barry knows he needs to move on.

His employees are great friends too, though they’re a little subtler about how they try to get him out of the shop. Cisco will ask Barry over for video game nights, and Caitlin will invite Barry along to theater excursions, but Barry hates being a third wheel with her husband, as nice as Ronnie is. HR is great too, he’s just a little…difficult to handle in large doses. Plus, the guy seems far too obsessed with this popular romance author, E.B. Thawne, which Barry accused Iris’s husband of being once, but Eddie swears it’s just a coincidence that their names are so similar.

“Besides, my middle name is Richard, Barr.”

(The romance novelist is HR, using the pseudonym of Eobard Thawne but changing it to EB to be more like HR. He totally got the idea of using Thawne after meeting Eddie and Iris. He works at Barry’s shop for fun, since he makes A LOT of money from his writing.)

Cisco and Caitlin have started reading those romance novels too, which is highly inappropriate to be pouring over during shop hours. Barry’s bookstore is for CHILDREN.

Or at least it should be, if they can survive the corporate giant moving in around the corner, Rogue Books. Lisa Snart is the face of the company, “A really nice face too,” Cisco has said on more than one occasion, but her partner and brother Leonard Snart is known as the real shark behind the business. He’s so ruthless, they call him Captain Cold. It’s terrible the way this powerhouse is ruining family owned businesses like Barry’s. The Scarlet Reader is everything a little book store should be.

At least Barry has his secret pen pal, who he met one night on a message board support group for people who’ve lost their parents. No real names or details are given, it’s just the chance for people with similar experiences to connect and vent – like group therapy for busy people (or in Barry’s case, people who don’t get out much.)

WynterNights72 is just so easy to talk to. He lost his mother when he was young too, and his father passed away a few years ago, just like Barry’s passed away last year. Of course Wynter didn’t have a good relationship with his father like Barry did, but it’s still a similar tale of woe.

They don’t even chat about their folks much anymore, just random things. They created their own private board so they can leave each other messages whenever they want and keep it between them. It’s nice to have someone to talk to who doesn’t know Barry’s real name, someone whose face Barry has never seen.

Of course he likes to imagine the guy is attractive and successful and totally smitten with Barry like Barry is with him, but he could never actually do anything about it. They’re just pen pals. The only thing Barry knows is that the man also lives in Central City. It would be insane to ever be more than friends.

Meanwhile, Leonard Snart runs Rogue Books as joint CEO with his sister and their childhood friend, Mick Rory, who handles the logistics when it comes to demolition and construction of new stores. Len has a great team who handles financials, staffing, marketing, allowing Lisa to be the spokesperson and Len to stick to the shadows.

Len has learned to be cold because he has to be, that’s what has made Rogue Books so successful. It certainly wasn’t his father’s efforts when he was still alive running the company. The only thing Lewis was ever good for was giving Len the best sister he could ask for…and the best little brother.

Michael is only seven. He was two when Lewis died, so he barely remembers him, and thinks more of Len as his father figure. Michael’s mother has full custody but she lets Len and Lisa take Michael and spend time with him whenever they want.

Outside of Lisa, Mick, and a few close coworkers, Len doesn’t really have friends. He’s odd friends with a few of his exes, but he figures what’s the point in dating when he always loses in love? Lisa tried to convince him to go to counseling, that maybe if he had someone else to talk to it’d be easier to open up to a potential partner someday.

So Len found his way to that message board, because he doesn’t DO therapy, and met Runner_in_Red. He can tell by the occasional reference that this guy is a few years younger than he is, but he’s just so easy to talk to. Len’s never had a friend quite like Red, and he likes having him all to himself, like a secret. Sometimes, he wishes he had the courage to ask for them to meet, but he doesn’t want to ruin what they have. So he pines in private, wondering what Red might look like on the other side of that screen.

It’s one day when Len is spending the afternoon with Michael that his little brother insists on going into the bookshop they pass along the street. Len feels a little awkward about the whole thing, because this place is the competition he’s currently running into the ground with his new megastore around the block, but he wants to encourage Michael’s love of reading.

They stumble upon a children’s circle, where a young man is doing an impressive and adorably engaging reading from The Runaway Dinosaur, which was always one of Len’s favorite children’s books too. Len is instantly charmed—until he realizes that the young man is Barry Allen, the shop’s owner. Shit. Len cannot let this kid know that the enemy walked through his door, so he introduces himself as Len.

“Just Len.”

Of course, Michael thinks that Len’s nickname as Captain Cold is awesome, “Like a superhero!” So when Len and Barry are talking, and Barry mentions that they’re trying to stay afloat against the evil Captain Cold around the corner, Michael spouts off his newest spelling word.

“C-O-L-D. Just like—”

“Well, we need to be going,” Len says and quickly makes scarce, pushing Michael out the door.

His getaway doesn’t save him for long though as he runs into Barry at a party later that week and the cat is out of the bag about who Len really is.

This devolves into their very intense rivalry as bookstore owner nemeses, while privately at home Len and Barry are each asking Wynter and Red for advice…as they slowly fall more and more in love with the pen pal they’ve never met.

anonymous asked:

Or or ORRRR, you could write about Ethan coming out as gay and his reaction when for the first time in his life he wasn't shuned or told he was wrong bc the team is chill 🎶

when you’re right you’re right

[warnings: homophobia, panic attack, vomit]


Ethan felt his heart beat sync to the sound of water dripping from the faucet.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. 

He felt his face go hot; the water he’d just splashed on himself didn’t seem to be helping at all.

He forbid himself to begin crying again, but the anxious feelings building up inside him were hard to endure. 

Memories of kids in high school were racing through his mind faster than he could help. Don’t even think about what happened that night. Don’t. Don’t.

Except evidently, trying not to think about something makes it more difficult to not think about it.

He found it harder to breathe as he practically relived sprinting into the bathroom in the middle of a party at the end of his junior year. He felt the same hot tears streaming down his face as he did then, after being laughed at by his best friend and hundreds of other people.

He felt just as sick as he had when he’d quietly confessed his feelings to his best friend in the corner, then shoved and called “a disgusting f**got”.

Ethan gasped for air and harshly wiped his wet face off with a hand towel, though he was sobbing now.

Nauseated, he sat down on the closed toilet seat and shut his eyes tightly.

He remembered sobbing in the bathroom just like now at that party, his friend drunkenly telling everyone else about it loud enough to be heard through the door. 

Nobody’s laughs hurt him as much as his best friend’s did that night.

He didn’t go to another party for a year after that, but the taunting was relentless no matter how much time passed. Though most of the school had attended the party anyways, high school rumors spread like wildfire.

He’d occasionally find notes in his locker from jocks mockingly asking him out, or get disgusted looks from people passing by, not to mention the big red spray paint on his locker the following Monday, which simply read “HOMO”.

It definitely didn’t help that the school decided it could wait a whole week to be cleaned off of his locker, and that his parents just had why Jason didn’t come over for dinner anymore.

Not like Ethan could tell them the reason. Not like he could say that he’d been in love with Jason. Not like he could say nobody, let alone his best friend, would even talk to him anymore unless it was unavoidable.

As it would turn out, though, it didn’t matter that Ethan didn’t tell them.

It didn’t matter that Ethan hid everything about himself from his parents for two years after that, because his mother would end up directly asking him anyways.

She would end up yelling at him for hours to just answer, insisting she didn’t care either way. Insisting she just wished Ethan would tell the truth.

Ethan sat locked in his bathroom for hours, forced to listen to his mother’s begging for the truth.

She never mentioned that the “truth”, once it came out, would end up getting Ethan kicked out and forced to go live with his dad.

“Please mom,” Ethan had begged, “Don’t tell him why.”

He knew for a fact his father wouldn’t take him either if he knew.

His mother was gracious enough to agree, but Ethan would never forget the pain he felt seeing his brother’s face as he said goodbye.

His brother had been looking at him like a stranger.

The brief hug they shared before Ethan left was stiff and one-sided.

Then, once he was finally settled and living with his dad, there was the confused remark his dad made after Ethan dyed his hair bright blue.

“Ain’t that stuff for queers, kiddo?”

Ethan hadn’t noticed that now, in the office bathroom, his lip had begun bleeding.

He hadn’t even known he was biting it.

He opened his eyes slowly, the taste of snot, tears, and blood sour on his tongue.

Fifteen minutes, two boxes of tissues, and countless attempts at regulating his breathing later, Ethan heard a knock on the door.

“Jesus, Ethan, you done yet?” Mark called from a distance, “We’ve been out for half an hour.”

Tyler was the one at the door, though, and he knocked once more. “We got Subway, are you gonna be out soon?”

“Yeah,” Ethan’s voice was ironically cool, “One second.”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The faucet was still dripping. Ethan stood, satisfied with how he looked overall fine now, then turned the faucet knob tighter to stop the dripping.

His panic attack had made him feel like he was hit by a truck, but nonetheless, he exited the bathroom with the most confident stride he could manage.

“Can the Subway wait for a second?” Ethan asked the team, watching Amy and Kathryn look up from the still-wrapped sandwiches.

Mark began to say, “Fuck no” but stopped himself halfway through. Ethan must’ve looked as hopeless and broken as he felt.

“Yeah,” Kathryn answered softly for all of them, “What’s up?”

Tyler had turned around in his office chair, intently listening, and Mark was slowly setting down a wrapped foot-long on the table.

No going back now. 

Even if Ethan backed out and said “nevermind”, he clearly looked like shit and those kinds of friends don’t leave you alone until you tell them what’s wrong.

Ethan took his six-hundredth deep breath that day and shakily said, “I need to tell you guys something.”

His voice broke a little, but he’d already cried every tear his body could produce. No need to worry about breaking down once you’ve already completely broke.

He wished somebody would respond and say that whatever he needed to tell them, he could, but they were probably all too worried to talk now.

One more deep breath.

He’d get it out as quickly as possible, like downing horrible tasting medicine.

“I’m gay.”

He said it as clear as he could, because he felt he’d explode if he ever had to repeat those words again.

Or face the consequences.

Except, oh god, nobody had heard him.

Everyone’s expressions were just confused or the same as before. He had to repeat himself anyways.

“I,” Ethan choked back tears he hadn’t thought possible, “I said I’m gay!’ He snapped. He wanted the consequences already, he’d never had to wait this long before.

“You don’t have to yell, Ethan,” Tyler said softly, smiling just slightly, “We heard you the first time.

“I’m pretty sure the office next door did too,” Kathryn laughed lightly. 

And then all four of them were smiling and Ethan collapsed to the floor, no longer trying to hold back his tears.

Shocked by his crying, the team was immediately knelt down beside him floor.

“Ethan,” Amy tried softly, rubbing his back, “What’s wrong? You know we still think you’re awesome, right? Ethan?”

Ethan was crying too hard to answer.

Mark was trying to get their blue haired friend to look up at them. “Ethan, it’s okay,” he insisted, almost argumentatively, “This doesn’t change anything, okay?”

Ethan finally looked up, face wet and flushed red. “But I’m gay,” he croaked, saying the last word like it was a synonym for rapist or murderer or something heinous.

“Yeah, you are,” Tyler was tearing up a bit, hating to see Ethan cry so hard. He pulled the younger man into a hug and rubbed his blue hair, “And we love you. So cut it out, okay?”

Ethan said nothing, and he was still crying, but he had obviously realized the team wasn’t lying. He relaxed into Tyler’s embrace, giggling through his tears as Mark, Amy, and Kathryn wrapped around him as well in a group hug.

They stayed like that until Ethan could breathe again, then slowly pulled away. Mark patted Ethan on the back reassuringly, “Ready for Subway?”

Ethan looked down and blushed with a smile. “Actually, I have to go pee really quick,” he admitted sheepishly.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Kathryn said and groaned in unison with the rest of the team.

Ethan just laughed and insisted he’d only be a second, before disappearing into the bathroom.

He didn’t need to mention that the half hour he’d spent in there before was having a panic attack, not peeing. He didn’t need to tell them why he’d been terrified of coming out since he’d moved to LA or contemplated killing himself multiple times.

He didn’t need to tell them any of that, because all of that was behind him. He was with Tyler, Mark, Kathryn, and Amy now, and they loved him for who he was.

And he was absolutely, completely, really fucking gay.