this man is too awesome for words

she was a queen
with neither crown nor kingdom,
the most powerful piece on the board
with no moves left to make,
so she overturned the table.
—  l.s.CHRYSALIS © 2016
What's your WORST experience as a Sugar Baby?

Let’s all share our worst experience ever since we entered the bowl. Why? Because people need to be aware that sugaring is NOT glamorous. It’s not what the photos and media depicts it as. It’s difficult, it’s draining, and perhaps even more challenging than a conventional 9-5 job.

I’ll start… I met this man off SA (March 2015), and I just turned 20 not too long ago. In other words, young and naive. He’s still on SA (I believe he’s 64/65 now, and resides in Guelph). He offered me $3000 to meet twice a month, I thought this was fucking awesome. I suggested we meet at Starbucks (Yorkdale) for our meet and greet, and he was late. This fucking man was late. He offered me $200 but upon meeting, he said he forgot it, and that he will just transfer it into my account. He legit transferred me $1 the next day, and said that’s all he could transfer. He brought me a cheque for $3000, no surprises, it got declined when I went to cash it! THE TELLER TOLD ME HIS ACCOUNT HAD INSUFFICIENT FUNDS!! He asked me to meet him at Red Lobster because he wanted biscuits… his fucking card got declined, and I had to pay for dinner! He also did not bring me cash, and said he forgot. He tried to contact me after, and said he wanted to meet for coffee, but that was it, I fucking had it. I should have dropped this man after the first meeting.

I am cringing while writing this. I was so young and stupid. This is both embarrassing and a waste of time.

Hello. I thought about something.

Am I the only to think that this man

is litteraly like this man ?

I mean. Viktor is spiritual brother of Ayame :

  • * Perfect until he opens his mouth
  • * Quite beautiful
  • * Long hair (remember that Viktor used to wear long hair)
  • * Grey hair
  • * Awesome and priceless
  • * Comic relief
  • * Subtext in every word
  • * They are both spontaneous 
  • * Talentuous in an artistic field (dressmaking and ice skating)
  • * Love being the center of the attention
  • * Wants to sleep with men that don’t want them
  • * Can be savage. Really savage.
  • * Can be really sweet too, really lovely

Yes. Really they’re the same and I love both of them.

anonymous asked:

do you mean your squidbob post? yeah bro, fuck assholes reblogging for the sake of being mean. i liked that post because it's literally me lmao, and i've never been of the mindset to knock any ship anyways. don't stress about it too much, bro. you're not responsible for what idiots do. i took your post as a joke and people who go further legit have nothing better to do with their lives

aw shucks man, thanks for the kind words. They have definitely made me feel a lot better!!

Like, I can understand people being confused or shocked ya kno, but outright saying it shouldn’t exist or bashing the people who ship it is so wrong. Especially when there are so many lovely people in this community, who just want to ship the spange and squid in peace. If people are really offended about seeing it, then I feel sorry for them.

Yoongi Scenario: First Meeting - Part 2.

Request: Loved the WGM scenario with yoongi~~ would love a 2nd part  ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Much Love.

Genre: Romance

Part 1. / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

The recording had started early on saturday and that meant the cameras were following Yoongi since he arrived at the company. The members were there too, all of them excited at some level to appear on the reality show and make comments about the new love life of their hyung.

-I told hyung I would have been better for this show, but he didn’t agree, so I’m looking forward to see him. Be romantic hyung! - Hoseok said when he got asked first.

-Yoongi hyung is awesome, I’m sure he is going to impress her- was the comment of Jimin, ever so kind towards Yoongi.

-Our Yoongi hyung is a man of his word, he’s the kind of man that would make his girl see the real things in life, you know what I mean? He’s a very deep kind of person that would make her see how much there is in life to be appreciated and to live for today, and besides…- Namjoon of course gave an extensive monologue about Yoongi and the meaning of life.

-Girls… hyung is not the best with them but… is this going to be in the broadcast? I mean, hyung is a genius he’ll be great, he’s awesome, the best- Taehyung started all sincere and panicked at the end.

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rindemption  asked:

Heya, Pop! I know you're not feeling too hot right now, but I just wanna let you know I still think you're pretty awesome; if that counts for anything. How's the writing going, btw? Your "bitching" posts have been fun to read, and it looks like you're chugging through the hard part.

If my mood could be compared to a degree, it would be the North Pole smack dab in the winter during the first Ice Age. Frigid enough to burn, man. Hot ice level. Aka mega-duper-ultra-extreme shit mood. I slept 16 hours yesterday! If that doesn’t scream ‘You are in a low, you silly bitch’ I don’t know what does.

But, happens. Gotta live with it. Eventually I’ll swing back up, always do. (Either that or I’ll be swinging somewhere by my neck! Hahaha, ah… not funny. Anyway)

It does count for something, dude, even if I don’t show it. It counts for a lot to know I mean anything to peeps out there, so thank you, from the deepest part of my bosom, for telling me so. You’re sweet.

Writing has simultaneously been my biggest catharsis as well as my biggest headache lately. I’ve decided to just scream my way through the rest of Pulsion so that I can say 'Here it’s done!’ and have an actual posting schedule for the remaining, uhhhh, 15 chapters or so. I have a feeling that if I can get through this hard part, I’ll feel a lot better, you know, generally. It always feels good to finish something.

I’ll need to break all my bones about five more times before I’m done, though. Hopefully, finishing things gets easier with time and practice, right? Fingers crossed, man.

(And dammit I will get at least one fic to 1000 kudos even if it’s the last thing I do. *harrumph* Pulsion has the potential, I know it. Here’s hoping it’s the first of many!)

orbatheimpalor  asked:

That's so awesome and so are you!! I'm personally a fan of Sidon but man, you got the freaking skills, what an honor to voice such characters from an equally awesome game! Congrats dude!

Sidon is actually one of the best-performed characters in terms of personality, and he sounds so familiar to me for some reason.

Honestly Daruk is great too, EXTREMELY fitting as a “Goron King” voice.

Thank you for the kind words!

I used to check the lesbophobia tag every so often just to reassure myself that I wasn’t bad for being a lesbian and to feed my victim complex (already unhealthy tbh), but now it’s turning into a compulsive time-wasting nigh self-harmy thing

Yeah, if transmisogynists would stop hiding behind my orientation and a mangled understanding of my chosen field as an excuse to be transmisogynistic, that’d be great. And also if they just stopped dehumanizing trans women by making straw-man arguments and scapegoating them for every instance of actual lesbophobia, that would be awesome too.

As a cis(-ish) lesbian aspiring biologist I always feel like it’s up to me to debunk these nonsense arguments, but honestly this isn’t even the realm of biology. This isn’t about regular animals, this is about people, who are so complex that we comprise multiple fields of study all on our own, and even then academia’s understanding is biased.

Plus, a lot of words in science and in life just plain mean different things depending on context. Ask a scientist what a “theory” is sometime

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Interesting how a "Team Megs" Gossip Cop now appears. Right after we discussed that article that had a quote saying that most of the stuff written about PH/MM are NOT true. Too much of a happy coincidence. *vomit* She and that IG cutie are publicly more "loved-up/besotted/smitten" than she and PH are. :-)

I’m glad you bought this up, trying to figure away how to fit it in our discussion. We are being paid attention to, we can see that in printed word now,  freaking awesome, we are all pulling together all of our super snooper skills to research and turn over stones to find some truth. Loved up smitten young man and she looked pretty happy returning the favor, more then we have seen from her official royal boyfriend, now that’s truth my friends.

Happy morning NU, it’s still dark here at 4:32 am est US. 

Keep em coming!

Oh mAN this took me a while. It didn’t quite reach my goal of 2k, coming in at 1,818 words, but aYY I FINISHED. This is for @thelostmoongazer and is based entirely on their awesome comic, which you should definitely go check out. Anyway, on to the fic. Enjoy!

The first thing Sans felt upon regaining awareness was an uncomfortable feeling in his leg bones, a stiffness that told him he’d been in a certain position for far too long. He opened his eyes, realizing he was crouching with his hands over his head. He got up slowly, looking around the room, or lack thereof, he was in. Darkness surrounded him, shadows knipping at his heels.

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The signs as quotes by John Egbert

Aries: I just feel kind of bad I fell asleep, I don’t know what came over me. Maybe I ate too much lasagna.

Taurus: I just wanted to take a break from telling you how much your gay butt stinks all the time and say what an awesome friend you are.

Gemini: Oh gosh. so rad.

Cancer: Oh man, look at this outburst of little human words I’m saying!

Leo: Oh man, let me drop everything and go there, because I’m in such a huge hurry to take your advice!

Virgo: it’s kind of weird kissing a dead body, but I didn’t mind.

Libra: I guess the lesson is that science and aliens teach us that ghosts and religions are fake?

Scorpio: are you getting aggravated that I am talking to you kind of like you are a dog?


Capricorn: oh. well that was quite a ruse then. That son of a bitch!

Aquarius: laaaaaaaame.

Pisces: maybe you got what you deserved, you stupid fuckass!

Happy 4/13!

#blurb night with bri

football player!luke would be such a bruit and jerk but he’d melt at the sight of you. around his teammates and friends, he would be the biggest and most obnoxious douche known to man kind and he would lose all words and train of thought just from you sitting across the cafeteria. slowly but surely, his friends would begin to notice and tease him, but he’d shoo them away and say “guys, she’s too good for an asshole like me.” which was true. you were the sweetest and most lovely girl in the whole school. a couple grades below luke, but everyone loved you. especially luke. team player’s were good at making plans, so when they devised their plan to get you two together, it was pretty awesome. they had tricked both of you into going into the same classroom and locked the door. “no one’s coming out until luke stops being a pussy and tells y/n how he feels!” one of his teammates snickered. upon hearing this, you smiled shyly while luke blushed like crazy. “so you do have a heart?” you teased, smiling. “only for you,” he muttered. your teasing ended there because you were at a loss of words. from your flushed reaction, he was able to tell you at least felt something towards him so he’d run up to you, capture you in is arms and kiss your lips so happily, with some nervousness and hesitation. you’d quickly respond to the kiss. “ahhh, luke can be something more than a football player,” you’d giggle, smiling warmly. ”shut up,” he’d blush before kissing you again. from that day on, luke hemmings became the most likable guy because of his infatuation with you.

Request: Touch

Request: absolutely love your writing! I was hoping that you could maybe write an imagine based on the song Touch by Shura with DeanxReader. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Word Count: 938

Thank you so much! This is an awesome song, too – I hope you like it!<3

You stare at the man in front of you as the memories rise and flood through your mind. You look him up and down – he hasn’t changed at all. He hasn’t seen you, thankfully – or so you think. Your hood manages to conceal your face and you turn sharply, nearly running straight back down the icy path. Your boots shatter the sheets of ice beneath you but you keep going – slipping isn’t an option.

There’s no way you’re going to talk to Dean Winchester. Not today, not tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that. No, you’re just going to walk and walk and walk and pretend you never say the man who-

“Y/N! Wait!” There’s a yell from behind you and you swear so violently you could have made a child faint if the park wasn’t so deserted at this hour. You keep going, pretending to not have heard, but a set of footsteps follow you quickly and Dean catches up to you in a matter of seconds. He pauses as you stop, closing your eyes and sighing out a breath of white cloud.

“Evening.” You greet shortly, trying to ignore the tearing pain screaming through your gut at his presence, “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Y/N, come on.” He says tightly, going to place a hand on your shoulder – he freezes, however, hand hovering a couple of inches above your coat. Me mumbles an apology and lets his hand drop, clenching it a few times as if it could protect him against the cold.

“Come on, what, exactly?” You whisper, “Dean, I need to go.”

“But… the case…?”

“You’re here now. I need to get the hell out of here.” You say. You take a step away as if to break the bubble between you, turn on your heel, and begin walking.

“You’re scared.” Dean accuses suddenly – you’ve made it all of three metres and he already has you stopping, whirling around in defence of yourself. You refuse to get angry – not with him; not right now.

“I’m not scared,” You say clearly, speaking your words into the night between you, “I’m just not willing to repeat last time again.”

“It’s been three years.”

And the way you look at me still hasn’t changed.

“And things have changed.” You say instead, “What do you want to do, Dean? Go for coffee at three in the morning and relive the past three years?”

“No, I-“

You smile sadly, shaking your head. You clench your gloved hands in your pockets, trying not to look like you’re about to burst into tears.

You and Dean had known each other for as long as either of you could remember – you’d often ended up being shifted around together, from babysitter to babysitter and then from motel to motel. You’d skipped class to go and make out in the parking lot, and dropped out of high school on the same day after an incident with the headteacher, which you’ll never forget until the day you die. You’d been together since then – that was, until that one particularly messy day three years ago.

You’d been on a hunt – werewolves. You remember it as clear as day – two men and a woman. You’d dispatched them quickly enough, but not before they’d managed to chomp their way through a whole family. You’d gotten in a serious argument after that, a flame only fuelled by guilt and anger and resentment more towards yourselves than each other. You’d both said some things that were equal parts untrue and unforgivable, but you’d left and not looked back. You haven’t seen or had contact with either brother since, and what was once a burning hatred has softened to an icy apathy – ironic, you consider, taking into account tonight’s weather.

You’ve been on a stakeout all night, you ran out of coffee two hours ago, and you’re just done.

“I think it’s best if I go.” You whisper, trying to blink away the tears but instead allowing one to roll down you cheek, hot and wet. You shudder, before curling your shoulders in on yourself and walking away from him.

“Y/N, please.” You’d have to be deaf to not hear the tears threatening Dean’s voice. You stop but don’t turn, poising yourself to really walk away this time.

“Dean, I have to-“

“You don’t!” He says suddenly, desperation piercing the frozen air, “You’re only leaving because you’re scared. I don’t know why everything changed. I don’t know what happened that night, but…”

“I hate it.” You whisper, turning your head to look at him. He nods minutely.


“You know it’s too late for us.”

“It doesn’t have to be!” He insists, “Please, Y/N. Just let me be your friend.” He begs, stepping towards you, “We have history. You can’t cover that up.”

“I can damn well try.”

“Friends,” He repeats, “You need to stop lying to yourself. Please, chipmunk.” He employs his own affectionate nickname for you and your resolve shatters into a million tiny, icy shards. You look up at him with wide, injured eyes and he steps closer; close enough that you can feel his warmth radiating towards you. The bittersweetness of the moment; the memories that tug at your heart when you look at him flood you through with warmth and you find a smile for him somewhere within you.

“Friends, okay?” You whisper. He smiles brightly as if he’s about to go out of his mind with glee.

“Friends.” He agrees, opening his arms. You fall into him, relishing his familiarity as the last three years fade from your mind like melting ice.

Wildest Dreams

For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories;
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Enjoy my lovelies.
Wildest Dreams

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

I am not sure if you do these, but I just heard a song by Taylor Swift, Wildest Dreams, and thought want an awesome discription of the Guys! Can take a listen and be inspired? My first thought was Dean but Sam would work too!!


   I looked at the man in front of me.

  ‘You can’t be serious?’

   ‘Yup, let’s just go. Leave, get out of here. Go find a place in the country somewhere,’ Dean said, hopeful.

   ‘You’re willing to give it all up? The hunting? Helping your Dad, all of it?’ I was struggling to comprehend what Dean had just said.

   ‘I want to be with you Y/N, and we can’t do that hunting.’

   I grinned at him and nodded. He crashed into me and kissed me, his hand moving through my hair. We had been seeing each other secretly for a while. My parents are “retired” hunters and didn’t want me being involved in the life. Dean’s Dad had already had Sam leave because he couldn’t handle it, he didn’t want to risk Dean leaving too so he banned him from seeing me.

   Dean helped me grab me gear and threw it in the back of his car, driving off into the sunset. We found a small town about seven hours away. We both got normal job, Dean as a mechanic and me as a secretary.

   I was home cooking dinner one night, when I watched Dean pull up in the driveway. He climbed out the impala, I took in his appearance. God he was hot as hell. The whole package. His green eyes suckered me in every time. I fought back the sick feeling in my stomach. Our parent’s had no idea where we were. Dean had tried to talk me into calling them but I convinced him not too, no one needed to know. We can just enjoy our life, without a care in the world. Just us in our little bubble. Unfortunately, I knew the bubble wasn’t going to last. It was only a matter of time until it was over. I just hoped he never forgot me when it was over. That he remembered the happy times. The sunset picnics in summer, in that dress of mine I knew he loved, the red lipstick that makes him weak at the knees when it leaves kiss marks on his chest and stomach.

    ‘Hey Sweetheart,’ Dean greeted kissing me.

   ‘Hey yourself,’ I smiled kissing him.

   ‘God, I need that,’ Dean mumbled into my neck.

   I kissed him deeper and wrapped my legs around him as he lifted me up so I was sitting on the bench. Dinner forgotten, we lay tangled up in limbs and sheets, my kiss marks covering his body.

   ‘How did I get so lucky?’ he asked, burying himself into my neck.

   ‘You asked for pie?’ I grinned.

   ‘Speaking of…?’

   ‘In the fridge.’

  I came down stairs later that evening and heard him arguing with someone on the phone, from the sound of it, it was his Dad. I turned around and went back to the bedroom. It was going to come to an end soon. He as going to leave. I looked at his clothes across our room, evidence of our life together showing me what I was going to lose. I heard his voice calling up the stairs, the familiarity of the sound.

   I walked down the stairs to be greeted by him passionately and desperately. I knew then our time was over.

   I lay in his arms after wards, he hadn’t said a thing.

   ‘Promise me something?’

   ‘What’s that baby?’

  ‘That you’ll remember the good times, the sunsets in that dress you like, the way my lip stick claims your body. Me.’

  Dean pulled me in tight and kissed me again. ‘There’s no way I will forget Y/N. I’ll be back. I just need to help Dad. He thinks he’s found him.’

  I nodded my head by knew better it was over.

  Dean left that night, I watched as he struggled to climb in his car, as he kept kissing me. The pain on his face as he tried to say goodbye but couldn’t.

   Three years later I knew he wasn’t coming back. I also knew he was alive somewhere, the hunter rumor mill was strong. I moved towns to start fresh.

   Walking into the bar to meet some friends, I stopped in my tracks. There at the bar was Dean making out with some blonde. I felt my heartbreak, he had forgotten me. I felt my chest get tight and I struggled with what to do. I decided eventually to go. But I made my choice to late. Dean came up for air and his eyes caught mine. I watched as they grew wide with shock and recognition. I watched as a million memories resurfaced and crossed his mind. I turned and left, jumping into my car. I was pulling out the car park when he came out the bar yelling for me. I floored it, leaving him behind me along with my own memories.  

008: You help him deal with Zayn leaving (OT4)

So, this was an awesome request by 5sos1dsex, and I think it’s a brilliant idea – so thank you!
Also, I love a man that cries, sorry not sorry!

Please don’t be too shy to drop me any kind of message! My inbox is always open, for anything – I’d love to get to know you guys. And thank you so much for all the likes, reblogs and follows.

There is some swearing (curse words) in Louis’s preference.

Your body gives an involuntary jump as the apartment door is swung open and then slammed shut. You weren’t expecting to see Louis for another few hours, as he was out at a rehearsal. “Lou?” You call out nervously before moving from the sofa to go and see him. He just storms past you and slumps himself down on the sofa. “Louis, is everything okay?” You ask him tentatively.
“Every thing’s just fucking fine.” He spits out venomously and you start to worry what could have possibly gone wrong during the rehearsal. Louis had an incredibly short temper and you often worried that one day this would come back to bite him, perhaps today was that day. You aren’t sure what to say next so you just go and sit beside him, attempting to put an arm around his shoulders but he shrugs you off.
“Louis, sweetheart, you’re scaring me now.” You speak softly making sure that he doesn’t see you as confrontational.
“He’s gone and done it, hasn’t he! He’s only gone and fucking done it!” He snaps angrily, his elbows leaning on his knees and his head in his hands.
“Who’s done what?” You ask, still feeling in the dark as to what has wound Louis up so much.
“Zayn.” He spits out with contempt. “Zayn has left us.” He says, knotting his fingers through his hair and tugging on it. Your heart drops at his words and suddenly this horrid mood makes sense. He was upset and emotional, but mostly he was hurt. Louis was never very good at dealing with his emotions, and so instead he gets angry. This, however, was the worst you’d ever seen him and you knew why. The band meant everything to him, this would be hurting him a lot. You knew that you had to get him to open up properly and let his true emotions out.
“Louis.” You whisper quietly. “It’s okay to feel hurt by this, you’re allowed to be sad.” You remind him gently and you watch as his hands relax from their tight grip in his hair. He slowly moves his head up to look at you and you see his eyes already filled with tears.
“Why would he do this to us, Y/N?” He asks you, and you can hear the lump in his throat. “After every thing we’ve been through together.” He chokes out as the tears actually splash down his cheeks now.
“Oh, Lou.” You say, pulling him in to your chest and holding him close. You start to gently rock him as you feel his body shake from his crying. You want to say something to make him feel better, but you know there isn’t anything that can be said, so you just hold him instead. You don’t know how long it takes, but you wait patiently until you feel the shaking subside and the sniffling become less frequent. Louis slowly peels his body away from you and sits back up before looking into your eyes.
“I always kind of knew this day would come. But I… I just never really believed it actually would. I’m not ready for it.” He says, letting out a large sigh.
“I know, Lou. But Zayn is ready for this, sweetheart. It’s his time to go… And the rest of you are going to be okay, I just know it.” You assure him, taking a hold of his hand and squeezing it gently.
“Thanks, love.” He says, in barely more than a whisper, as he grips your hand in his.
“Anytime.” You say with a weak smile. “But you’re not to bottle any of these feelings up, okay?” You tell him. “When you’re with me, you don’t have to try and hide how you feel.” You add and he nods before snuggling back into your chest for you to hold him again.

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Better Man

Request: Hello there! I just got done reading you Sammy Oneshot and it was awesome! I love how you write your stories? I was wondering if I could request a one shot where the reader and Castiel have feelings for each other but it’s nothing too serious. One day she gets captured by demons and crowley saves her from his minions. And Cas gets all jealous because he didn’t get there first? in the end he shows the reader who the “best man” is that leads to hot dom!cas smut? Sorry for the specifics! Love you! 

Reader gender: Female 

Word count: 1772 

Warnings: Smut, Mild description of torture, (Kinda) Dom!Cas, Oral, Unprotected sex 

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Help a man in need!

Hey Dragon Age fans!

So this guy:

A.K.A the voice of this guy:

needs your help!

You can find the details on Adam Howden’s twitter: @A_HOWDZ or by going directly to the kickstarter page:

If you can donate - that’s awesome. If you can’t - please reblog and spread the word, that will be brilliant too.

Pledge monies and have Mr. Howden call you on Skype, or simply help actors bring this play to life!  

Awww, look at our cute college selves! 😍 I may not use Facebook too often, but I am a sucker for those memory reminders. This guy’s birthday is Wednesday, and this picture was from back when we were in college and my parents watched Conner for us so we could spend the weekend together in College Station (we went to different colleges and did long distance for those years).

Well, I won’t say quite how long it’s been since then 😉, but it’s been a while, and I’m every bit as thrilled to get to spend time with this man. We went out twice this past weekend and have a special date planned for Saturday. Always, when his birthday comes around, I get a bit emotional because this man has given me everything (and Conner, too), and how do you give any kind of gift that’s equivalent to that? But, the crazy thing is, is that he feels the same!?!?

There just aren’t words to express how awesome it is to be married to your very best friend, and to have someone who knows everything about you–yet still finds you lovable, special, and attractive. I freakin love this man.